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i i ti . :
Vi VOL VII., NO. 19
WHOLE RUMte,9r ;
i . M I I I I
'HIED lii
' ' . ' ', ' ' ; S
Administration Is ;
Grilled For Policy,
; in the Philippines
Mr. and Mrs; E. D. Tenney Celebrate
Federal Force Meet and Defeats
: Three Thousand Constitutional
ists Who Are Making Advance
on Huerta Stronghold at Tor
reon Preparatory for Big Fight.
Senators Will
Discuss Mexico
Carranza Committee Begins In
, Yestigation Into Benton and
Bauch Cases But Shroud Move
. ments and Findings in Secrecy;
; Felix Dias Will Be Given Hear
. ing. . . '. " ' ; - ': '-'
. C1TT OF MEXICO, Mrch 6. (As
sociated Press toy Federal WImImi)
According to report received here,
three thousand rebels moving on Tor-
reon. tinder command of General Or
teg.' were met by rederei force yes-
terday between Conejos tad Escalon,
nd signally defeated In the battle
which followed, row hundred of the
refcela were reported" to' have been
killed.'"'"- : v ,
. , i-. - ,'.(
' MUST PAY $500,000 OR vi
V. Jvl PASO, Texas, March . :(Awo
'elated Pre-ts by Federal iWireleaa) ;
Oen. Auis "'ri-i.an hf., V. appealed
Representative Miller of Minne
sota' Condemns Wholesale Dis
yi charge of Americans. '
'-'-. , ' ; , ...-..-
. " -.'
.' WASHINGTON, March 8. (Ars'oei
afed Press by Federal Wireless) Cr tl
clam of the administration in iti con
duct of Philippine affairs was rolred on have male the Isradlse of the Purine
the floor of the house yesterday by Be;-1 their pome. Not in tunny year has
resenlatU'e Mider ef Minnesota la the I there been a' more successful social
course of an impsssioned addrese the evet than that of last night. Tha l.ala
Minnenotu glared ti1 1 tial Ten.ey home at Pen.arola and I.u-
deplorable, and the entire administm- "'0 ha been handsomely dee
tive organization has been destroyed by I ornted for the orranion. The Tenney
Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary
mnniwiYm, man imi mo .umiui.u.imn ot lbt valley, maidenhair fern and other
is maamg a miiae id removing Auirr.-1 flowers and foliaea.
It was through this bower of floral
" Ri hundred persons lost night joinel
with Mr. and Mm. K. I). Tenney In aid-
Ing in the celebration of the anniver
sary of the silver wedding of that well
known eouple. Twenty-five years go
yesterday Mr. tu Mrs. K. D. Tenney
were marriif .itt.IIiioliliJ and through
. -i.".t,, ' i . ....
u in venrs uiai nave pnimeu tney
tha bn i iirhtrn nr American I A.k: J ... - j n . ..
- ' " n""ru, vue ui kN iiiipHi in me
offielflls and the awhetituting of t ill- world, wae drawn upon extensively for
pinoa in their atead. . Kereaentative the floral Perorations, these rare flowers
Millp 1iilKril it kla belief that the k-:. ...v. k . .
rera and the blar'k. and white evening , v
dress of the civilians. The soft, Silvery I
light of a full moon - which shone
through the canopy of flowers, foliage j
nd ferns produced an effect that will :
not aoon je forgotten by those who
were fortunate enough to be present atj
whnt was by far one of the most elabo-1
rate well a siieressful and enioyal.le '
social affairs that has been held in He- j
nolulu in many Veara. . . ,
It was Impossible to get the names of
all those who attended, hut the follow
ing la a partial lint of the sis hundred
to whom invitations were extended,
' Amon These' Invited. ' '
Mr. Geo. Ahlbonvj Mr. Andrew Adams,
Mr. .and Mrs. IX Adams, Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Afong, Mrs. Julia Afong,
Mr. and Mrs.; IL. Afong, Miss Helen
Alexander, Mr. David W. Anderson. Dr,
and Mrs. K. W. Anderson; Miss -Ruth
Anderson, Mr. and Mra. P. If. Arm
an offirial and placing the balance of
power , with the islanders.
NEW TOUR,' March . (Assoeiatel
Press by Federal Wireless) Retatives
of the trio of gunmen Lefty Louis,
Gyp the Blood and DagO Prank who
are under sentence or death in tne eiee-
trie chair for complicity in the mnrder
of Morris Rosenthal, tha gambler, who
was shot to death in the street in front
of the Hotel Metrwole. appeared
fore District Attorney Whitman today
with a request that he intercede in be
half of the convicted men. .Whitman
reidied to the committee that only Gov
ernor Glynn eould act on their pie by
exercising executive clemency. , Police
Lieut. Charles Becker, who was . con
victed of murder in connection - with
Rosenthal 'a death and sentenced to
death, wns recently granted a new trial.
Hevker, it was anown tn ana trial, in
cited the gunmen to do the actual kill
ing of the gambler, - ,
Miss Laura Athcrton, iMiss K. M. Ath
erton, in. and aire. tTius. Adams, A; l.
Atkinson, Mi M. Allen. Mr. and
beauty in the spacious drawing room of Mra. Harry Baldwin, Sister Albe'rtina,
1 .
Letcher t .Chiliuahua te intervene an
save the life of his son. Louis Terrazas
.Jr.. held by General Villa as a prisoner
and threatened with death unless $500,:
000 ransom money I paid by tonight,
baa received word from Consul Letcher
. that the latter cannot, be of any help
if Villa should destren to carry out his
threat and execute ywlny Terrams.
' The young man wan taken into cus
tody by Villa 'a men at the time of tha
. evacuation of Chihuahua by -the Fed
erals, who retreated befoia the Villa
forces to Ojinaga and finally were driv
en over the line. The elder Terratas
fled with the. fleeing Federals but the
younger elected to remain and guard
the immense family holdings.. - -:
He was immediately placed under ar
rest and the vast Terratas properties
declared confiscated by Villa on the
' ground that the Terrazas 'were in sym
pathy With lloerta and had given aid
to hie eause.. At that time the Ter-
i rasas family was conceded the riche
in Mexico and the elder Terrazas was
accredited to be the largest individual
land owner ia tha worM. -
.Wednesday morning General Villa
nent word to the elder Terrazas here
that if he did not deliver oU0,000 to
the rebel leader by nightfall that his
on would die. The elder Terrazas has
a far failed to raise the amount de
manded by Villa and so communicated
' lust night to Villa with the expressed
' hope that he would be able to procure
..' the amount today.. On this representa
tion Villa sent back word that he would
irrant voune Terrazas a reprieve until
tonioht when he declared the half mil-
lion dollars must be forthcoming or
the young man will die.
t 111 , . it .
EL PASO, Texas, March 0. (Asso
ciated Press bV Federal Wireless) -r-Jn
i vtiffitinn Into the rases of William H,
Benton and Oustave Baueh. British and
American subjerU respectively who
. lost their live across the border, was
; begun today in Wudad, Juarez, by the
- Mexicau eouimiiou appointed by Gen
eral Carranza. '.directing head of . the
Constitutionnlista. The coniiuisaion is
urrouniling its' operatlous . with the
' greatest secrecy and will not ! make
; known any of their findings except to
- Governor Carranza,
It is generally believed here ' that
the Anglo-American eoinmUsion ap
.. pointed to make a similar investigation
will, disband because of the : barriers
planed in their way bv Villa,- despite
oflieial advices from .Waithluptoil that
the delay of the eoiiiiiiieaiou in exam
iuing Bnton 's body U ouly temporary,
WA 8HINGTO.V, March B.( Associ
ated Press by Federal Wirefusa) Sen
ator Hhively, arting chairman of the
enate committee on foreign relations,
veaterday stated that Felix IMua wouli
.. lie given a bearing hy the coinmittoe
(Continued on I'age Two.)
1 - .arJmtcr-i.r..ittt
"vwfc-vn'v-.'.'--. "ei ;-.'
i- ' 1 -
WA8IIINOTCW March 6.--(Aso-
riatcd Press by Federal Wireless
The opinion was expressed in official
rrrcles here yesterday that tne revoi
ution in Brazil which broke ont
eral weeks ago, but which did not aa
sume serious proportions Until yester
day, will be short lived. According to
meager ' censored dispatcnes coming
rink Prevailing Color.
A dancing platform had been' erected
in the gardens immediately adjoining
the bouse, This was eoverel, Pink
as also the principal decorative color
here, pink shaded electric lights gleam-
from Bio de Janeiro through Buenos ' through boughs of cherry blossoms
Ayres, it hj reported that a aUte of h-- r.
' . n. 1 rAaAA Mil art ananii in fnimrlahii
siege has been prociaimea at mo oe - -' '. k--i
a cam ( weaaai buuiihi uunm rt v 1 w
shelter.. Chairs and tables sufficient to
rare for the immense crowd were pro
vided and it was froui here that the
feast was served.
Music was furnished by the Hawai
ian band in ; the garden. - A Hawaiian
in tha house sang Hawaiian airs anU
the Tenney homeAhat the six honored'' Mri end Mrn. H. P' Ageo, Mr. H. AriU,
tuests wended their way' last pight.. Mr. NedAdama, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
l'ink, silver and grVn were the color Atkinson. Rev. and Mrs. Ault. .'
schemes, the soft pink glow from thf . Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Babbit, Mr, and
myriads of incandescents, adding beau- Mrs. W. H. Balrd, Mr. and Mrs. tam
ty to the scene which could, not. be Biildwin, Mrs. H. P. Baldwin, Mra. Mary
leseribed. f .' r( Bieklev, Mr. and Mra. II. P. Benson,
Janeiro and that a race revolution is
In progress in the Brazilian states Of
reruanibueo and Cera rare in tne nortn
eastern part of the country. In these
states negroes are largely predominant,
Martial Law Is Declared.
LONDON, March 5. (Associated
Press Cable) Brief reports from Hie
- .... , v.. .
Drawiug room , of the Tenney
home (npjer) where rweption waa
held last night Ilnshlight photo
graph taken during reception, show
ing E. D. Tenney (1), Mrs. K. D.
Tenney (2), K. Faxon Bishop (S),
and Mrs. Klttio Brodero (4). Mr.
Hinhop was best , man and Mrs.
Brodero was bridesmaid at the wed
ding of Mr. and Mrs. , Tenney
twenty Ive years ago. ' '
de Janeiro' today tell of a revolution ln ulve4 aweet Hawaiian music.
Hliortly after nine o'clock the recep-
Uon started and for two hours it con
tinued. ,'1
luetn .LUittokalani in Beceiring Line,
Mr. and. Mrs. & V. Tenney were at
he head of the receiving line, gracious
ly acceptiag the congratulations of the
hundreds who passed. With them was
R. Faxon Bishop, who was best man at
lllkTC MnnOr nrPIPlI the weddlngof Mr. and Mrs., tenney
lyiflMa Ulllint litblbl. irvt: "azztlel b hJ.u:
" W" , " - " I .. .
brldeamald twenty-five years ago. .
: Addinir a eracious charm to the occa-.
WASHINGTON", D. a, March 6. I lion was iueen Uliuokalani, a lifo-long
BraziL : Martial law has been declared
at Nichtheroy, live miles east , of Rio
de Janeiro,' and at Petropolis, capital
01 the state or it 10 de Janeiro. ,
It is persistently rumored In official
rirclo and among those who have been
following the situation that Dr. John
Unssett . Moore 'a resignation ' as coun
sellor of the state department is due
very largely to friction with Secretary
uryaa on the Mexican policies and other
matters.' It ia known that Doctor Moore
first learned of the plan to send John
Lind to Mexico when he read it in the
newspapers. The atorr goes that Bryan-
declined to consult Moore on other mat
ters as importaut as the Lind mission.
CHher snubs are matters of common
knowledge in Washington.
f I If 1 M tL.' 1 ..9 utl..n n'.fiy
TOKIO. Japan. March 5.fS.eeial UT',V 1" "
V., -. ..... .. - . I wnicn nau l-eil uromruiiTU ir. ami juii.
, a ... xe inn .pPu jiji,raron f Tenney. These ranged from roffe.1
spoons to masaive silver services of al
hiuh was
friend of the Tenney family. With
Mrs. Curtis 1. lti&kea and Mrs. Julia
Macfarlane, the Queen waa one of th
first to extend congratulations to Mr,
and Mm. Tennev last nicht and ro-
mainod until late in the evening, Ma
Helen JSoonan wae among tuoae. in ihj
receiving line. Miss Wilhelmina Ten
uey and Vernon, the 'two children of
the nappy couple, ajao aiaea in ruceiv
inir the iniests. . . . '
As the reception progresses last nivnt
a number 01 eauiegraina irom inemis
in different portions of . the, United
States extending rongrnt,u,latiiiis were
received by Mr. and lrs. E. D. Teniieyi
, Boom Filled With Gifts.
A large room on the second floor of
the Tenney home was given over to a
suda, for the baat several years minis
.rl,i. K ".l,wiMtin,ont priceless value, all token, of tl,
!..Pi'.l.tir?i.!,Si ?:! vh'.' "?.? lD fhlKh esteem in which Mr. and Mr
this city last night after a brief Illness.
'I ia expected that his successor will
be appoluted by the 'end of this week.
. 1 1 . . 1 1
Tonney are held. One gift
nroudiy shown waa a inax.iive s Ivcr
service from the employes of Cnktlo Ic
(coke, A coincidence waa that yeater
day also murked th twenty fifth auni
TWO ARMY COMMANDERS versury of the date when Mr, Tenuey
. , .n. .. I became a member of the firm of Cnatlu
HAN FRANCISCO, March 1 (Asso- Cooke,
ia ted Press Cable) The trananort Doncintf bcsrftn soon after the receii-
Thomas sailed today for Hawaii andltion started, Mr. and Mra. Tonney Inter
he Philippines, Major-GeneraJ Carter in the evening joining with the throng
is a passenger, en bis way to take com- in the merry making.
maud of the Hawaiian department, and
Major-General Hurry alao ia on board.
He goea to the Philippines to take com
It wns a beautiful niooiil'ght night,
the handsome gowns und sparki ng jew
els of the women blending with thu
uniforms of the Army and Navy olli-
Mr. and Mra. Arthur Berz. Vtot. and
Mr. H. Berger. Mr. and Mra. F. Berry,
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Berry, Mrs. Bicker
ton, Mr. and Mrs. Hpencer Bickerton,
Mr. and Mrs.' R. J; Bishop, Mrs. !. L.
Iiodrero, Mrs. ("has. W. Booth. Mr. and
Mrs. W. 8. Bowen, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
BoWen, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. H. Boyd, Misi
Irene Hovd, . Miss Aby Buchanan.-Mr.
B. K. Bull, (Mr. and Mra. C. Billson,
Winter Beatrice, Mr, , and Mrs. E. A.
Brune, Mr and Mra. K . Ballentyne.
Mr.' and Mra. Bvron Baird, Mr. and
Mrs. A. W. T. Bottomley, Mr. and Mrs.
Fllucitnian, Min Bottomley, Mr. ami
Mrs. A. M. Brown, .Mr. Cecil Brown,
Mr. and 'Mrs. O. A. Brown, Mr. and
Mrs. J. F.. Brown, the Misaes Brown
Mr. and Mrs. K. F. Brown, Mrs. Alice
Brown, Mrs. Lena Brown, Mr.' and Mrs.
vtillara Urown, Mrs. C. K.; Bueklnnd,
Mr. Guv It. Btittolith Mr .'and Mrs.
P. H. Burnetta. . . v
Lieut. N.. ampanble.' Mr. ' and Mrs.
A. J. Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. A. N.
Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Carter,
Rtr. ami Mrs. Ueo. it. Carter. Mr. J. ().
rter, Mr. C'uahmiin T'arter. Mr. and
Mra. Harold Cattle, Miss Kate Corn
well, Mrs. F. J, Auto, Misa Anto, Mr.
Reginald (iarter, 8enor Canavarra. MIhs
Margaret Cnpeland, Major Coe, Mrs. J.
W. Beane, Mrs. B. Buc-hannn, Mr. and
Mrs. Bruce Cartwrlirht. Mr. B. Cart-
wright, Alr.'and Mra. A. L. Osstle, Mr.
ana Mrs. -u. r. las tie. "Mr. and Mrs.
. H. Castle, Mr. and Mra, W. H. Castle,
.uiks (louirice t ustie, miss Uorotby I as-
,1.. - 1 11 . .
.ui-, nr, niiu iriri. jioierc . i.arrnn Mr
and Mrs. Robert fatten Jr., the Miaa?a
Cntton, Mr. Richard Catton,, Mr. J. Cat
ion, Major and Mrs. Cheatham,' Mr,
and. Mra, Charles F. Cbilllugwqrtb
Mr. snd Mrs. John- F.- Colburn,
mra. it. 1;, l oieman, 'Misa Cross, Mr
A. L. Coney, Mrs. H. M. Castle Mr. and
Mra. A. V. Cooke, Mra C M, Cooke,
aims Alice ooke, Mr, and Mrs, (!. M,
Cooke Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P. Cooke,
Mr, and Mrs.. J. P. Cooke, Mr. and
Mrs. R. A. Cooke. l)r. and Mrs.' O. B.
Cooper, Judge hod Mra. II.-K. Cooper,
Mr, and Mrs. Geo. M. Collins, Mr. and
Mrs. K. H. Ciiiiha, Mr. Theo. Cooke,
Cnptain and Mrs. Carpenter, Mr. and
Mrs. W. II. Campbell, .Mr.-and "Mra.
Ci.lluru, Mr. ani Mrs. C, II. Cooke
Mr. mid Mrs, A. K Davidson, Mr. L.
11. Coun. .
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. IMniou, Misa
Daphne - Damon, Mr. and Mrs. F. B.
I'nnuin, Mr. and Mm. IL . F. Damon
Mr. and Mrs. 8. M. Damon. Misa Mav
Hainon, Xfr. Douglas lViuion. Mr. and
Mrs. (1. F. DaviuH. Mr. and Mrs, Clive
invies, air. ami Mrs. it. r. irillingham.
.Mr and Mra. W. F. Dillingham, Mr
mm .lira, 11, 11. iniiiiignam, Mr, ami
mra, a, iiougneny, Mr. and Mrs.
H. II. Dole, Mr. and Mrs, John Dominls,
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander ('. Dowaett
Mihh (harlutte Dowaett, Mi as I re 11 u
Dickann, Mrs. 8. II. Dowsett, Mr. C,
DuukhuHO, Mr. and -Mrs. II. M. Dow
sett, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Dowsett, Mr
and Mrs. 3 H. Drew, Mr' Geo, Dunoon,
Mr. aud M,ra. llias. Irew, . :
Mr. and Mra. N. W. Cmory, Mi. ami
Mrs. .1. P. Krdmnn, Mr. J. , ' Evans,
Mi Einily Farley, Rev. and MraErd
man. ' 1 . . ;,' .
Mr. and Mrs. W' Fall, Mr.' ami Mrs.
Wallace It, larrington, Mr. and ' Mrs.
H. Foeke, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. V. Fors
ter, Mr. and Mra. W. F. Frear, Mra.
Eliznbeth Fi JcthMiiw Mariory Freth,
Mr. A. Fuller, Mr. Geo. Fuller, Mrs.
F. F. Folaotn, IJeuteniint Futon, llich
ard M. Fairbanks.
Mr. and Mrs. O. R, Oalt, Mr.' and
Mrs. A. Gartley, Mr. and Mrs. Frnncis
Gay, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. fliffard, Mr.
and Mrs. W. M. Uiffard, Mr. and Mrs.
J. A. Oilman, Mr. and Mrs.' W. W.
Goodale, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Graham,
Dr. and Mrs. M. E. Oroaemaa, Mr. and
Mrs. J. 13. Guard, Mrs. 8. A, Gulick,
Mrs. Mary Gunn, - Miss Marjory Gil-
man, Mrs. Adam Grant, Mrs. Garden,
Mr. Gaylard, Miss Gillet, Mr. aud Mrs.
onrade Ulude, Mr. snd Mrs. Wj A
.runwal, Mr. snd Mrs. H. E. Gedue
Mra. John 8. Graham.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Haunna. ' Mi
W .... 11... L- I. 1 ( ... , . . . ...
rvTinic, jr. w . u, ilall. MlSS
cnariotte Hall, Mr. ayd Mrs. Frank
lialstead, Mr. and Mra Arnim liariM-
herg, Mr. F. M. lUtch, Miss Harriette
naicn, Mr. and Mrs. Q HeI..h..n
Dr. F. Hedaman. Kdmund HediiMAn
Mr. and Mra. Goo. Hedonian, M. an.1
Mr Kdgnr Henriuues. Dr. and Mm.
Geow-; Herbert, Charles' Herbert, Rose
jierDeri, ir. ami Mrf. C. B. Hioh lr
and. Mrs. I). Howard Hitchcock. Mra.
11 , 1 ti - 1 ..... '
luwBii, iuiaa jane Jiotailrg, . Lacjv
Heron, Mr. A. U. I la wen. Mra.. Hal.
ktesd, Mrs, Lanklund, Dr. and Mrs. C.
w. ijobily, Mr. nod Mra. A. lWklmr
Miaa Florence ' Huffman. Dr. and Mrs.
A. G. Hoilgins, Mr. and Mrs. O. 8. Hol
lo way, Mr. ami Mrs. w. U Hopper, the
Miaaes Hopper, Allan Herbert. Judirn
and Mra. A. b'. Humphreys, Mrs, Kleauor
iiyoe-piiniiii, Mr. anil Mra. Albert Horn
er, J. F. llnckfeld, the Misses Hsrtwell,
rtiice jiuatmgs, Mrs. I'bailcs Walwitt
Hubbard, Captain HondUtte.
U. f. K. jBenberc, Mr. and Mxs..RIohj
ard I vers, Mr." an I Mrs, W, O., Irwin,
1 1 - j r , nr . ' V. . T '
mr. nun in ra. i Kinpieion l.rQeKer, Mrs.
Klleu lvers, W. B, lzzurd, Colonel Wd
sirs, i, istiKea, ' -
1'. C. .lone, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Jflr-
dan, Mr. and Mra. K. A. Jordan, the
Miksch Jordan 'Acnes H. It. Judd. Dr.
aud Mrs. J. R. Judd, Miss Agnes Judd,
i-riuce 11 nu i rinccm rvaliuiiunuole, Prin
cess Kawunnnakoa, Mr. and Mrs. Frei
Knight, Mr. ami Mra. Walter Jones,
Doctor Jelllniis, Mies Annie Jaeger, Mr
and Mrs. J. Jaeger, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
K. King. - .
Mr. aud Mrs. J. A. Kennedy, Minn
JeMNie Kennedy, Htnnley Kennedy, Mr.
ami Mrs. F.' J, King, 1 ,011 in Kiug, Mr.
nnd Mra. Tom Kinu, Mr. and Mrs. F.
W. Kleliahn, Mr. and Mra. Kopke, the
MiHHCK Kopke, Rev, l.eoHld Kroll, Miss
Claire Kelley, Mr, und Mrs. Clifford
Kiinhiill, Admiral and Mrs. Geo. Kuti,
Mrs. Kipling.
The Mikaes I.add, Oliver Laiixing, Mr.
anil Mrs. Win, Liiuk, Mr. anil Mrx. Rob
ert l.ewers, Mr. and Mra. A. Lewis, Mr.
and Mra. Harry l-ewia, (jueen Liliuo
kuluui, Mr. - aud Mrs. Alux Lludaay4
Capt. and Mrs. J. Ixirenzen, Mr. and
Mra, Kbfn Low,' Miss Low, Mr. and
Mrs. F. D. Lowrey, Mr. and Mra. F. J.
Iowrey, Mr" and Mrs. 8. M. Lowrey,
Mr. Alan Lowrey Mrs, lowrey, W.
R. Cnstle, Mr. snl Mrs, ' ('baa, Lucas,
.tha Mimes Lucas, . Mrs, La Follette,
Charles Lucas, Mr. and Mrs. John
Lucas, Misa Harsh Lucas, Mr. and Mrs.
Kugene Lint,' Miaa Mary Low, Dave
Larren, Mrs. Locke. Mrs. Lombard.
- Mr.' and Mrs.' F. W. McFsrlane, Miss
Alice McFarlnna, GiIt McFarlaae, Mr.
and Mrs. F, W MaFaiinue, Mr. and
Mrs. JI. P. Mcl'arlanA Miaa Lady Me
Fatlsne, MK. S"d MrS '., A, Mackin
tih. General and Mrs. M. M, Macomb,
.Mr. nnd, Mrs, J. AlfreVs Mgoon, Mr.
MuTMliall, Mr. ail Mrs. Bi L. darxi
Cnpl. Jinj Mrs. WilliaSLJitUutWJiliC'a
LJLiy-J mo klatxtti, iir. l.ow-Mr, and Mrs.
K. u. Mead, Mr. and 'Mrs J. !',
laapliy, Mr. and Mra. Theo. Melanphy,
Mrs. J. Mist. Misa Edith Mist, Mr. aad
Mrs. Monsnrrat, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Ma
kee, Miss Violt Makes, Alexander Me
Kiben, Mies '. Elizabeth Monsarratt, E.
Ij., Marshall, Mra. Julia Mcfarlane, Rob
ert Mist, Mr. and Mrs, T. W, Monsxr
rst; Mrs. Elizabeth Monsarrat, Admiral
and Mrs. C, B. T. Moore and daughter,
Dr. and Mrs. W. L. Moore, Mr. and Mrs.
YL A. MoU Hmith. Mr. and Mrs. A. E.
Murphy, Miss Thelma Murphy, Dr. and
Mrs. li. V. Murray, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
MrCatidless. Mr. Snd Mrs. Reynold Me-
Grew, Will Mr! nerny, James kclnerny,
Miss Agnes Mclaerny, the Misses Mo-
Intvre, Frank Mrlntyre, Mrs. MeWsyne,
Mrs. Allen. Psul Muhlendorf, Msjor snd
Mrs. F, Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Me
Btorker. Mire Julia McStocker, Lieu
tenant and Mrs. Matthews. Mrs. C
Miuich. Mr. and Mrs. J. 8. McCandless,
Mr. Tarn McGrew, Mr. and Mrs. M v
Clellan, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Murray.
Mra. Edward Neuman, Mr.' and Mrs.
A. M. Nowell.- ' ' . -' ',
Mr. (X H. Olsen. Miss O'Brien.
Governor L. E, llnkham. Mr. and
Mrs. L. A. C. Parish. Mr. Will Parke,
the Mil sea Parke, Col, Satntlel Parker,
Mr. Ernest Parker, Mr. and Mrs. L. T.
Peek, Mrs..Lck, Mr. and Mrs. F. H,
Petrie. Mr. and Mrs. M. Phillipis, Mr.
und Mrs. P. M. Pond. Mr. asd Mrs.
Goo; I Potter, Mrs. H. Palmer, Miss
Lucy Peatody, Mr. Robert Purvis, Lieu
tenant Pratt, Mrs. Ira Puree, Mr. and
Mrs. E. E. Paxton, Dr. and Mrs. F. L.
i'ntiiani, Miaa furvis, - .
Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Rsymond, Mrs,
Rveroft, Mr. Walter Rycroft, Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. F. Benton, Mr, AUan Ronton,
Mr, snd Mrs. George Benton, Rev. and
Mrs. Henry Resta rich, Col. and Mrs.
F. P, Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs.' A. IL
Rico, Mr. and Mrs. Theo. RicharMs, Mr,
and Mrs. J, M. Biggs, Chief Justice
and Mrs. A. O. M. Robnrtson, Mr. Oeo.
H. . Rol ertson, Miss Sybil Robertson,
) Mrs. Robert McEldownev, Mr, M. P.
Rmbinson Mr. and Mra. Geo. 'Rodiek,
Mrs. Ros. Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Ross,
Mr. snd Mrs. W. II. R;ce, Mr. and Mrs.
( has, Rice, Mr. snd Mrs. Harold Rice,
Mra.' C. J. . Robinson, Lieut. William
','. Miss Catherine Reynolds, Mrs.
M.i Roth, Mr. William Roth, Ma jtr
Kaferty, Ernest Ross.' ' ..'..-,.
Mr. ami Mrs. u. JI. wmart. Mr. and
Mrs. James Bpencer, Mr. : Btockman,
Mra. G. Hmith. Mr. and Mrs. F. A.
Mi haefer, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. eVhsefcr,
Miiia Pauline 8chsefer, Brof. and Mrs.
M, M. Keott, M'ss Marion Scott, Mr.
Uihlie Heott, .Mr. and Mrs. Rasney
Meott, Mr. and Mrs.' Roliert Hhingle,
Madam Hliingln, Mr. and Mrs- W G.
Hiniilohurat, Mr. and Mrs.' Geo, W.
Hmith. Mr and Mrs. W, O. Smith, Mr.
ami Mrs. G. K. Hmithies, Mr, and Mrs.
T'. H. Hnier, the Misses Sorer, Mr. John
loer, Mr. snd Mrs. W. H. Hoper. Mr.
mid Mr. E. R. Btacksble, ?ol.. Z. 8,
Hoaliling, Mr. Julia Lenui, Mr. and
Mrs. K. J. Spalding, Miaa Helen Raid
ing, Mra. Belle Strong, Mr., and Mrs.
.Semple. Mra. Sheidisni, Mr. and Mrs.
It. 1". Spalding, Mr. and Mrs. Fred C.
Smith, Mrs. Carl Behiiita, MIhs Eva Hte-
vena, Mr. and Mra. W. L, Stanley, Mr
Hint Mra. It. O. Htevens, Mr. Oswald
President Asks . CongTess to Re
consider Granting Exemption
of Tolls to American Snipping;
Declares Action Discriminatory
Against Other Nations; Quick
Action Follows in Senate.
WASHINGTON, March 0. (Associ
ated Press by Federal Wireless) Fol
lowing his 'precedent of dealing with '
congress direct, President' Wilson yea- .
terday appeared before a Joint assembly
of the senate and house of represent .
tives tn the hall of representatives and
personally delivered a message urging
congress to repent the Psnsma Canal
tolls bill, on Abe ground that the meas
ure unfairly "discriminated In favor f
American shipping, . The message was
the shortest )pntsidsotlal message ever '
recorded,' containing only 425 words,
but waa pithy and to tne point.
, Ten minutes after tne rresiaent
concluded his argument, and after the
two houses had reconvened separately,
Senator W. E. Chilton of Weet Virginia
Introduced in the senate a bill empow
ering the President to suspend the pre- -
visions ef the (anal Tolls Art in ac
cordance with tha line indicated . in
his measage. ' '
Official Washington lkst night tacitly
admitted that the President will carry
his point, inasmuch'aa Senator John W. '
Kern, leader of the upper house, is
supporting the chief executive In that
bony, and Kepresentaujfe oecar unner
wood, leader - ef the lower noose, aae
said he Would not eppoae the repeal
3f the bill, Other Influential Demo
crats, both in Iha'seaate, and 'hoose, .
have openly declared themselves as be
ing" in support of the President's stand.
la his mesHage ryesidout .Wilson said '
ia. parti 'A i ,' ,v , .":,' ,-''
"In niy judgmera?, the matter being
'ullv, ennHijerv.d irk my ' ded-jo' ma-
tsri-l.v formed, thu xuiiiption"f Ameri
can ahiiHiing from- the . canal Chsu'e
constitutes mistaken economic poll, y.
it is a plain contravention of tha
treaty of 1901. But I do not eome here
to urge my personal viewa, I come to
tate the facts and the situation. What
ever our differences of opinion, every
where else the 'treaty is gives bat one
interpretation,' asd that interpretation
nrecludes exemption. - The large thing
is the only thing we esn afford to do.
We ought to reverse our action without
raising the question whether it is right
or wrong. .. , . . , .
"I shall not kaow how to deal with
other mattors of cvsn greater delicacy
tnd of noarer consequence if yon do not
? rant it me in ungrudging measure." '
, ' -, .
(Continued on Pago Four)
; Daniel J. Keefe, former. United States ,
commissioner of immigration was a
through passenger on tha Shinyo Mara
yesterday,' en route to the mainland ,'
sftsr passing thirteen weeks in Clilna,
lapsn and the Philippine Islands. Mrs.
Keefe accompanies Mr. Bteefe. '
Although the trip wss taken mainly
for pleasure, Mr. Keefe has mads a,
close study of conditions In the differ- -ent
countries he has viaited. .
He Is stronirly opnoaed to Filiiuno in
dependence., He believes that tha Fili
pinos are far from Ibeing rapable of
goveralng themselves,' and believes thst
if independence wss granted at this
time business conditions in the Islsnds
would be completely demoralized.
Mr. and Mrs. Keefe devoted yester
day to sightseeing hbout Honolulu as
the guests of Richard Halaey, local in
spector of immigration ' at this port.
When asked why his report on Hawa
'ian conditions had not received as much
publicity aa expected, or if it had been
suppressed,. Mr. Keefe said:
."I made a full and complete report
un Hawaiian labor conditions ss T found
them after making a close investigation .
into conditions here. Certain sections 1
of this report were modified. In the :
early part of 1011 congress called for a
full reort on the labor conditions here
without these modifications.. I beljave
there were nearly five thoaasnd conies
of this report printed. ' Where they were
distributed I do not know, but I think
that Mr. Hatsey has several of them in
111a omee, " ,. ( .1
Mr. Keefe would make 01 statsraeot
as to Whether he wonld make a report
on conditions as he found them in the
rniiippiues when ha returned to Wash
ington. , ' . ,
' . . L '
WASHINGTON, Msreh t,(ktl
ated Ies by Federal Wireless) De
bate on the woman suffrse question
was continued iti tha senste today with
out coming to the final vote. Many of
the senators were missing from their
, . - - . . ,

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