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. -5 v.-
Representative Meeting - Agrees That
Honolulu Never: Can AgVee Jand
Pledges Itself to 'Let Washington Clit
Gordian Knot. V ' ' ' - v -v",v'';;v
Honolulu, represented by ma
jority of the chamber of commerce and
. tb representatives of flrml in the mer
t Chants' association, agreed 'to disagroe
. yesterday over tbe question of a- site
for the federal baildiug, bn( made one
-. long forward step Jn reaching onani-
tflOut Hgfeemeut eJtceptlng for olio vote
tw atop fighting over it and leave the
matter of the; location of the proposed
federal building wholly in the bands
of whatever representative of the treue
' ury deuartmeut mat he acnt to Honols-
. )u or whomever in Honolulu might be
.delegated by tbe treasury department
to fi ttpon a site.
. The meeting . was . representative of
. the business interests of the' it in
very way. Out of a total combined
' membership of the. chamber and the
"association of 187, one hundred and four
answered to the roll ealt Kixty-nve per
' cept of , the membera of the chamber
istenea to me various addresses and
voted on the resolution. Forty-seven
membership , voted. In addition there
were ieKent some thirty or forty rep
resentative or, me . professions . ana
others in Honolulu not allied with the
. strictly commercial interests. ' r . i i
Two Sites DiscnsSed.
!' Although there are five proposed sites
Suggested, only two were considered by
yesterday speaiters tiie original Ala
huka ait and the Civie Center site fac
ing oil Palace' Square, , There. Waa uo
division called for, but from the ap
'plfloee heard it ii probable that a ma
jority of those present, would have f av
,ored the Mahuka. site in a vote. . The
i S.liVftfltu ttt f ha lmiii mitm ttra tnkn
. however, and were repreaented by sev
eral influential and practical speaker.
W. B, Farrington, president of the
merchants ' association, was nominated
forth chair, with J. T. Warren a see
retsry., United States Attorney McCarn
waa called upon first to explain the sit-
,',.'. Mr, MeCera disclaimed any idea 'of
either recommending a particular site
or of advising Honolnlans as to which
site they should prefer. His connection
with the matter, ha said, had been to
v iaform Washington regarding his own
opinion of the values of the sites to
' the government. He had been asked
;' especially to investigate and report on
the condemnation awards for the Fort
. wrovb . riKTurius iu tne JuauuKS sue.
His report,, ha said, was that the land
, was not worth to tbe government what
had been allowed for it by the courts.
k. , I. , t I -
' ably never take the eondeinued property
, over and that it was practically useless
' to cover the differences between the
.. money in sight and the total of tbe
awards.. V . . ,.,:;, , ; .. r
i Anxious Tor s Battlement.
aav ""HUH Ui iHQ , UVf SUIUI
moral responsibility to repay to tbe
property owners tbe cost of the defense
of the condemnation suits and the
amounts they had expended to make
the Mahuka site possible, relying on
the ffood faith of the government, was
another question, he Raid. He believed
the government would be found willing
to do full justice. '
The department is ahxions to have
the matter Of a. site definitely conclu
ded, said Mr. McCarn, and this anxiety
'had hurried him to. Honoluln. "If the
question of the site could be concluded,
I believe that everjthlng else would be
piit tifedef way Within a few weeks, and
work upon the federal building starr
ed," he said. He-Agreed With the rest
., of the citizens that Honolulu requires
an Impressive; hnudsortie federal build,
; hjf, erected where it Will make the
' best appearance and b reasonably ad-
jaeent to the business district. He be
lieved that.cougress could be induced
to, Vote an" additional amount for a
building, but nothing mord lit a site,
l , Want Oottrt Cost feepald. ;
Judge Wilder stated that the Fort
street owners hia Urjii bad represented
" (u ihecdndetniistioa suit would sue .the
Rovvrtiuieut.fof the costs they had had
'. to puy, if they followod his udvice, be
euiiKo they hud beeh forced into the
, CdUrt kriOWtuA that there were not
limits appropriated sufficient to meet
' the awards. ..Personally he bad always
bhon ah advocate of the Civie Center
site, but now he was for the osiglnal
Mahuka site as the obe way. to get
Judge Wilder referred to ft. W. Shin
plo's mlssios to Washihgtea aad stated,
that h hud Riven Mr. Hhingle a letter
to a senatorial schoolmate oa the under
standing that he would stay with tl9
' Mahuka site proposal and do "no fliny
'. flumming'.'J. , . . ,
. Beveuth Anniversary.
L. Teimey Peck drew attention to the
' fact that the meeting was being held
practically on the Seventh anniversary
of the first federal site meeting, at
; which the vonimunity had endorsed the
Mahuka site aud as a result of which
t bo. treasury department agent, It. A.
Taylor, had recommended the site an
tho government had lonffht it. after
some thirty thexisaud dgllnra bad been
' expeuded by private citiaens to open
n cot n l
d U U
Iff DEUffill
': t i- 'i-i fki I
... . , , L
, (
up Hlshop street extension. tff. PSck
dwelt on the' morsl obligation of the
government to proceed with the rrrctio
of the federal building on the orlgiual
plans, based iipon Which and relying
noa which end telyln upon the good
lulth f (tie govermiienl, adjacent prop
erty had been purchmwd as! building
sites by business men. The First Na
tional flank had purchased such a site,
and ihere had lxon others. He stated
that the Idea of the government want
ing to Uleplaee'tlie 'rt street property
uwnora had never been . dreamed . of
when the ((iiestloif flrxt chine Up, end
that phase of the question hss never
yet been eonnlJerod la any pnblie meet
ing or bf any rcprc'suntrttive orgnslzai
tion of Honolulu., i ..' i . :
. ' - .-I . f'.: '.
. Lcok to the Future.
George fj 4)fcvies speke s in advo
cate o( the Irwin site, lie said that
what hud gone before was not the ques
tion, which was what Is td Come. The
government has appateatly ' tnrWd
agaiast the Mnhuxi site and it is Hono
lulu 's part now to forget the past. arid
move up to dnte. He referred to the
wastefulnesa of piilllng Uowrt the splen
did Fort street building to mnke. 4
suitable site and the folly of disrup
ting established institutions when a
Site was available that woald coat less,
be better and advance the city nearer
to. the Honolulu Beautiful: so much de
sired. , The Irwin site is cheaper, bet
ter, easier 'acquired, prac tically as con
venient atid admitting of a more artis
tic building than the Mabuka .' site.
" Now Is te time' to make er mar the
Civie Center Idea, if. there te anything
la that ldei,i'lhB said. ' the- ptrlQ. site
will not always e available, nor; will
there be again the opportunity to, ntilU
it ao advantageonsly, ; i..;.- ; rj; , , tv
Keferring to the. Allen site, as.', a
'betwixt and between- eortipromlse,"
Mr. Davles said , that it had hbUb it
the. disadvantages ef te Mahiikh,slte
and none, of the advantagea of the It
win site. The ' 6prckcl site he Con
sideretl the worst 'of all, ha Via all
diaadtanttgeslfctd taj.axlaalitages.
' Jti wUning. revjewed the' legal
aspect. df the nntttef; pdihtiag out that
there is no available appropriation for
any new site and no authority, for tbe
treasury department to either dispose of
the site acquired or purchase a fee one.
The whole matter would have te go to
congress and under the oirctlmstanees
that was a dangerous proceeding td ad
vocate. Honolulu had only two coarse
to pursue either go after aa appropria
tion to sceuro the eXtensidn to the Mi
huko site or stick to the site in head.
IV II. Olnen, of Holmes, Stanley A
Olson, Who had represented a .majority
of the owners in the .condemnation
suits, referred to the less-thbti-value
price at which the Mahuka site' had
been sold to the government ht those
whose adjoining property would bene
fit by tbe use of the, site. ' s He stated
that the' government. was in honor
bound to sell back the property to the
origlhul vendors; at the original priee,
provid! tho. site- were,, abandoned.
''Morals have a verV' jmportant jear
'ng Iq this matter, he said, ' , ,.f '
, , . two ButldiAg Wan. ' ''
Mr. Peek at this time-, presented a
new idea to the meetijijj, snggestihg
that the Mubuka site be used fur' the
.'ustoins house and post omee ' aiid that
he amount of the awards for the Ma
huka exteusion "bo Osed" to. buy"" the
ll'win site and th erect on t the fsuV
eral court house Tin's would. 'oblige
the . business men, prove ' agreeable te
Clie lawyer and the judge, play fair
pith thoso who hud bought property
around tbe Mahuka site and aluo satis
fy the aesthetlo desire of tbe elty bean
tillers. This suggestion- wa applauded.
. For Convenience and eauty, 4 .
' Judge demons, speaking -as an ad
vocate at the Invln iSitei pointed, out
tbe fact, that 'Honolulu baa changed
considerably since the question . of a
federal building had first been mooted
and already the original .. plans ' Wese
Vinsumrient.. More room was .demanded.
'in postoflice had been planued la the
new bulldlmved a basis of IS.OuO
square feet. . .Already the business
doti demand acconunodation Of
000 square feety and that,: makes no
provision ; for future growth. th
courts demand better aeeommhdatidns
than the Mabuka site can provide.
The noise in the temporary qdarters is
sucn teat valuable time is. lost repeat
ing questions and instruction. . The
Irwin site also offers the, opportunity
of combining the law (ibrarie of the
federal' and territorial courts and thus
giving au adequate library.. , -'
The tpedker said that he had looked
into prices find found that while th
extension to tho Mahuka site called
for (450,000 jind the preckcls site of
held at $300,000, the irwtn alte caa
be obtaiue today fox 1200,000, ing
thus cheaner'aa well ht. than
hnny other.,.,. ,,:;,; ;.: :
Vt Into the Air.
John A., MeCandlesa then presented
a resolution, advocating the immediate
use of the origiual Mahuka 'site. aud.
the dropping of the extension plans.
"I believe in going up into-the air,"
sum jur. Aiciwiuiiess, nis meaning bo
lug literal aud not figurative. What
be wuuted is a skyscraper, because tbe
HAWAIIAN: GAZETTE,: TlT..'lUt MAHTftI -2i,- lf)14.
;i'!.'. I'..'. ' ' i
hIgttFrTOrtn'liaiiig- th-e' thtter- the air
and ..the temperature on the .upper
,fio6rs. flis, resolution, after reviewing
tbe proyres of. the site- controversy,
concluded With: , ......
."Resolved.. That this meeting re
quest the secretary of the, treasury to'
proceed tinner n.l appropriation with
the erection) ef a building on the lite
already acquired." '
Vf H. Castle seconded the ' resolu
tion, , , :. .' . v. . .
. A aoidefi dppdtianit.
Oedrge- ft,- Carter; .speekinjf to the
reaohttion, arged the tarrying: out of
tbe Mnlford Kobihson plan fer the sr
ation of a Civis Center bf-acquiring
the Irwin site for the proosel fyiiild-
inn, , ne pointed out tbe fact tht
Honolnlii bad new the enbartuultv of
eeqnjrine; fbr', little Whst other cities
sre willing to pay millions Jor and
nrged that thjs opportunity, be, not
thrown away.. Nothing eh a be set
tled that Is not settle.) right," he ssi(l,
"4nd the fact that we have haa seven
years, of agitation, ever, tbe vquvstion
hf a site is. beeaqse it was started on"
Wrong." . ; . . ,
, - A PraeticrJ sToluUen. ' '
Mr. I'srteraJd he 'W opposed te
the resolution because it waa la op
position to what Washington wanted
and Would getj lis. nothing. ,He moved
in amendment the following:!
'Whereas-, F.v.-y citizen and resi
dent t this Territory desire the eon
striretioa of a federaLbnildlng cornmeh
Siirate With the culture and dignity ef
the United States of America; located
la Honolaln tha, wetero butpost ef
our common eountrf,, r i , .
,' ' Now Therefore lie It Hesoi ved,
Thkt wj here present .. request . those
official. of the present administration
id Washington; la cbtrgd ef this matter
to hnild us such a building forthwith,
and. that In the interest of the com
Irion good w will gladly, Welcome anjr
site, tfiey may select " . . ,
"That Is the only irnetlcal way in
which, we iay, proee(," he ald.
General applause followed the read
ing of this amendiavnt, which was sec
onded by E. hkxoa llishop, who said
that from the' looks of I'didgs the com
munity was facing, another serven weary
vears of, dispute if the settlement of
the s'lte question tie left to local deci
sion. " Write td Washington,' be said,
"and tell them to send out man to
select their wn site. , (We cett.V' ,
t)MlMlk. W. . at. '
Robert Cation auoke. briefly as an
vocate of the Irwin dikv He had grad
ttany been movlflg awa from (he post
oflie and failed ,t find any Jnioaven-
leaee to nis buainesa in aot being close
tq hit letter bot, whil the Irwin site
wks.vefjf convenient 'o shippers using
the euktomi house. . , , ,
. v.. , ... ..r 8bert tptech. ,
"I hv enfi.:,wor4, ttr- say," said
Jane WJder ;,a4iidl J,t fa 'JUeuuty.'
aV. - Three to, jne. Vote.
Before the .Vote Wda1 sailed on the
thrter amendmedt, 1). L. Withlngtoh
asked if .Mt. Mtcan.tfess ' would aot
withdraw hi erigibal resolution, 'soiasj-
,mm latter ueciineu to io iht
vote was then, taken, tbe amendment
panel tig with sixty-nil kye td twntyf
thre noes. A second rail, to' make the
matter Unahtmoos; fduhd UiHiCsal Uoaw'
aldne-In'tfce eVnority, ': ' " (
,yiV - ..Taoea JProsent. , . ; .. '
. tncldded aiveng .te eo nundred and
fifty odd present at the meeting Were,:
W. It.' Fkrrlhgton,' Oenerul Hoper, John
Watt, E, Faxon llishop, Hi lvers, UajT
mond CV llrown, Jeff McCarn, Kobert
Lewcrs, F J. Lorey; J,sJt. Ualt, fleorg
Kodiek, J4.F H:keldr,Harol,PU1flrard,
Albert Afong, J., Pratt, Harry Wild
er, Judge Weaver, (Writ P. Wilder, F.
M. Posser, J. T. W acred, R. CX M at he
son. C. L.AVlee, II, Jj.. Wlthingten, A.
N, Campbell II., M von. Holt, Uoorge
Smithies, Quo. F. He'iishatl, W. M. MA-
tuernyi ft W. Mafarlane Charles
ajo, Biley Alleiy Kobert Cfct(on, Jos,
w inier, x. curamnis, uusnman Carter,
L. Vetleeen, Arch. A. Young, C. C.
von Hamm, (leorge P. ChBtle, J. Love,
M, W.'W. Gilbert, V. tllson, Johir Flem
ing, E. V. Tenney, ,E., Weiti, A t
( hinpbell, ft. J. fiuehly, J. U McUad,
Z. K, Meyers, A. Lewis Jr., J. V. Vol
burn Wlllard t. Brown, W. O. Achi,
W. Ashfdrd, F. th McStoeker, Dr, A. 1 .
Clark, T, H.. l etrle, Ceejl Urown,' V .
R (Jostle, A. F. liriffitha, K. A. Derndi,
J. D. Metnerhy; R, .It. Reidrord, L.
Tenbey Peek, CV H. Ather'teq, K (,.
Ataerr" T. B. Tnicle, C I. .riiwuldlnd,
W. II. Iloogs, Judge demons, Oeorge H.
i'krief, John A. McCandlcas, , A.
Oreewell, W. A, Plyan, H. terr, J.
Hehwartx, O. K. Jdtley, J. A, Konnod?,
Oovernor Pinkham, Oeorge F. Daviet,
H,"l. Fetiell,,K, A. Ross, Jndire Stan
lev. .Imloo Wil.l.r . v v. r'K,.:ii o ri
Booth, A, WVJ. Dottoifiby, F..(). lloyet,
!. 11 Preest, I(. Focke, X Pnrref,
W. Lrtna. Pf Marques, F. (,'. Mrllet,
ueorge. w. wmitn.i ared O. Smith;,
James SUiner, W. . H. Thomas, - H. P.
Wic.hmau, Hv. W. D. Oleson. i
', ' . ' ; . .'
fable adVlees received fy C'iirlos' A.
Long fcnnodnCed the death from brt
dtsease-yesterdsy morning in 8:in Freer
ciaco of Mrs. Leihulu Knjiena Cljrk,
formerly of lionoluhi, but who lu re
rent, yers has mad her home id the
t; . I .1. . ' ', . .
vsiuurnm cuv. ne remains whj as
cremated; id Han " Fditciecn t and the
ashes brought to Honolulu on the
stcamef Matsonla'for interment in tho
fanjiily plt ia Kawainhno cemetery.
Mrs. (lark wss forty-six years old and
I, survived bv two nephews. The es
tate is considered consideratlo one,
M, Mrs,' Clark is known to, have p-S
spssctf'prtijierty hero and on, the main
land. Prior to ber.Minrrin.iie td Henry
(lark, (Wessed was the' divorced wlfs
of Morr's Keohokalole of MatuC . t
Mc;. Leihulu Clark waa the daughter
6t Jfon, John Kapena, who was iroy
ernor of Maul during the reign iif King
Kaluluiin., ' Oovernor Kapouu was ajsp
Hawaiiea ambassador to Jama during
nianarclileal ,timr. Hhe w'a the graml
daughter of .David Male, the f nuoi
native historian, and U the last of h i
line. . ' -, ; i ,;'('- '
s. (rlo' A. I-ong Wss' Inwlness Sgelit
for, Mrs.; Clark in Hawaii. ... (
. The territorial vrand jury, J. A. Oil
man foreman, will meet tomorrow aft
ernoon at two o'clock at the Judict rv
ItuildiiKf to take up auch work as ha
acorfmulated since last week's sttiug.
; '. '. ",nil )', A. .,. :-'
- PEnSflOHliD BEf.riS
.! .i' : ii "
t)oclarlng they were tooortv fed and
mistreaUdoh their round-trip voyage
to Fabnlng Isli.sd the Yankee crew of
the little slather Kestrel. Captain Tln-
flell, quit the vessel yesterday morning
when It dm-HrtwiB i-ti ... '
"Too miicli pea sottb. Iieiins in.l t.i.
too much work ami not enough real
food,'' we the way' a member of the
crew summarised the grievance which
reused him and hi shipmates to leave
the vensel, " . ri -. y -, .
Ciptnia Tihdell filled the place bf
th strikers with Asiatics who were Set
ta Work ilischsruinff i.U.ik . t
----- n i, m . .. i .wri, ui
copra bronKht from the . Islnmt. The
crKo is sni'i im ne worth ahout $12,000.
On the. homeward run the Kestrel
passed the rower schooner l.uks!, which,
witn Judge Henry E. Cooper end party
nh board, left Honolulu ftntnfdsy tioflnd
for Palmyra. . The Litka was abont Ifill
miles smith of this oft. ;
A. fetters, who is returning from the
cable station on Panning Island, was
tbe only passenger on th Kestrel.
According to an American whd left
the vessel with the striking crew there
is a promising outlook for Fannin Is
land as a nroducer at i,Iia.i,i.i,i.,. tli.
tcc.ii miles qt railway U being construct
ed from the Islflhd harbor to the phos
phate deposit,. and a plant for hand
lin the llroiluct is In t,a fn.n,i tv.
work Js being done by about fdrty .(ill.
oen jsianuers woo were landeil by the
Kestrel, ',. ' v
- Shipping Hot. "
The ' thlee.tslnn.1 illui. -Kuiu
. 1,1 -nil,- ..Vliuun
Company's steamer Mkelika Has been
taken ofT Its riirt tA T.u..i
i'ej place has been taken by the Helene,
opium moiiii nnving neeti Urifcrred
from the Likellke to the latter vessel;
Tnstenil tit ihm A In.k. i.i..k
-- ......-..,,,, nun a . wnn
scheduled, the next American-Hawaiian
rreignter to arrive here Will be the Co
Inmb'an.' 'It U Hi
west-houhd New- Tork cargoes 32 Sl)3,
In addition te freight from Heattle and
Tkeoma. The Columbian Will be feljoiv
eti bv the Alaskan. AnMl A out. .l
lAu'nd eargoe.3W4-afl.'l abd freight from
..... y
(Contimved front- Page One! ' 1
to gc into,. hidig, te aap enforced
mnrringp witti ,. FeJcral csotain who
wa kmrng thevioldiere that laid wssts
her father.' estate. , ., . (.,'. .
. "Figuere, . hia .wife and their the
diildawbf) vded the. Newport .at. Mtn-
xoniiio, . nftciuiluly ,Jad. JoudjI ,teilo
niri yttruicJ at, the American eousalate
in Guadnlaiara,r Their elothin In ran
their fllcea hhlnrhs.1 wifV a... I
tioir nppeaiance gmiierally .reflecting the
distress from which.- they hjul Just
emerged,, the," memberi ef the family
excitod th sympathy, of .the) passenger
oty the .Newport. ,, , , , . - , ... . .
; ynrae diren Them,
, "Ui by Mrs. Ii a. Child end Mrs.
Oeorgq W, . Keed, ;the passengers got
together a purse and presented H to
FigBcro. .Clottting . -waa, also 'contri
buted, and the refugees arrived here
greatly transformed, ia.'ibe appearand
they presented . When they boarded
the Jwpe.-t..;, Mra, Child wis accom
panied; by- her hUsbanl wha .was for
raeriy , niauaitery ;o( , ,the Orpheurti
theater here. Mrs, Koed Is the wife
Of a coffee planter of Guatemala and
makea her home for part of the year
ins Berkeley. . , j
"I..WB a suppor'er'"of tne itfadero'
ndmlnittatian,' sai4 FlgneroJ in. tell
ing his atory, "apd. was: siagled out
for persecution by the Huerta ,.abal
RS soon, us it caine Into- power. Although-
I am a Amerlt-aa pltlxch I
was shown no consideration, '.After
sulTering many .' abuses.,' J . ; finally
learned that a , price, had been , laid
Upopmy head nd, tbat,I,Was. to be
assassinated. " ,r ' '
.".Mr eon, Mlgnel; Was it'urej by
Federal soldiom, and 1 bad to pay'
ak ransom to recover him,, although he
i oply JT year-old and never took
part. In the hostilities, 1 Finally I
learned that a regiment of soldiers was
on the, way to sue k my home adjoin
ing the silver mine I owned at Jalisco,
and tfflit I was te be killed of captured.
44 1 Hod with my 'family overnight,
and when the soldiers arrived they
burned my home and left my mining
property a waste, destroying machin
ery and everything they could lay
Bunas on. .
. fried to Steal Sauahter.
;A brutal captaih , ia command of
one company tried to make a captive
of niy daughter .Uuadalupa,. and force
her into-a mock marriage.' 8he es
caped falling iiito the bauds ' of the
soldiers pursuing as by a narrow mat
gin,, as w subsequently. learned they
were tlistuised a .civilians and pre
tenuea to ,oe jriequ trying to aid us.
. ' 1 For days e were :. compelled to
hide ia woods and sleep by roadsides.
We were. obliged td flee en a moment'
notice anil hud ao time te take any
luggage to speak or, .My wife had a
baby In arms, and we all. suffered
cruelly. .. .,
"By following a' roundabout course
we finally reached Guadalajara, where
we were Deirienilea by, the America"
Consul and aeut te Manxinill to board
the Newport.
"I have been stripped of everything
in the way of property and eee no hope
of regalnjngjt unless the Huerta forces
are overthrown and a stable govern
moot is established. Like other Amef
icans in Mexico, I am strongly la fa
Vor of American Intervention."
,.! -'" ' I lUi :
The Natiento! Uuard, company at Hllo
ia leinp' inaptx-tod by.ioloiiul A. Coyne,
N. (). H . ami by Lieutenant Bump, U.
H. A. It will be a mutter . of many
months before the onteial rxrt tueie
op. ia given out froiu Washington.
IVMetehati' Kxdbaasr
"- " -
'V '' i , Friday, March 20..
Han Francisco Soiled, March 20,
schr. Defender,. or Han. ...
Han Francisco Arrived, Msrch 0, fe.
H. Ililonian, from II Uo, March 12. ,
. Ban FransjiseoHniled, March 20,
ach. Halvator fur .Honolnln- Libby,
McNeill A I,ibby.) . , ,-. ,
Han FrancMvo Hailed, March 0, I:fio
p. 8, 8.. Persia, for Honolulu.
. ' Haturday, March 21.'
. Mnhiikona Arrived, March ll, sehr.
Annie .Johnson, from Hnn Frnncisco.
Kati Francisco Sailed, Mafch 21,
Ii8r p. ft. ; Vlhinyo Merit, Joi
Honolulu. - ( i ; ;
Ban Francisco Rni'ied,' M"arcfi ,21,
sehr, Muriel, for MshuHona. . '
C Monday, March 23.'
Ililo Arrived, March "22, 12:3D v.
m.t. K , 8. . Enterprise, from fcen Frarf
cisco. . ', , , .. . ., v
( 8nn FruncIsco--Arrived, March 2S, 7
. Ax 8. Korea, bnhre Maeh 17.;
'.; - . a reived. :
Friday, March 20."
S'tr. Venture, from Svdnev, 8 a. iri.
- . Hatnrd'ny, March 21.
- Str. Matina Ken, from Manl ports, ,T
. m. . t . .,' . ,..
.' Str. Helene. from Hawaii. 8 a. m..
I Str. Noeau, from Kauai ports, 0 a.m.
'-. ' ' ' . . Sunday, March 22.,
. Btf, (lauainei from Maui ports, 12:03
p. nu; , r .'.. r. . .. ' : . t
Str. , Mikahala, from Maul ports, 2
p in. - ' i
Str, Kinan, from Kanal ports, 2:30 p.
m. . - , - ,v ., .,-,' ..
. Bchr. Ida May, from Oahu ports, 2:40
I trtrr Wilholnilnai from Hilo, S:20 a.m.
f 8tn ftibetia, frera Orient, 8 p. m. j
8tr. Wailele, fronrHawaii ports, 9:30
i . '.,- i'. ....' '
Str. Santa Marlri, from Port Harford,
:B0 a. m. ... . . r .i,
, Hchr. Ksmoi, from Hawaii, 12:03.
...,..'..'.'-.:'. Monday, March 23. i
: 8tr, Kestrel, from . Fanning Island,
S;lrVW Jm, A. .-', V;.- ."- ru
Utr. Hongkong Mam, from San Fran
cisco, 8-p., m. i -,.-.. k , .
, fc - .'. SBPASSBsi. .' '
Str: Ventnra,.7(!r : 8a Francisco, 5
P' ; ".', ' ; ' . .'"'.'. - ' " j' . , ; '
. . Str. Clandine, for Maul ports, 6 p. m.
Maun Ke, for Hilo, 3 p. m. ' .
8'Ierfa,, for. Ban Fraaolsco, 10
'8ti'.'W:rCf;,nall, for Kauai . ports,
5:05 p. nt. ... : .. . ., , . , .
btr. Cloudlne, for Maul "ports, 5:13
p. m." -. ' ,,- : : . , ) . :
Str, Hongkong Mnru, for Orient, 8
p; n. ( ; . . ,. ,. ' . j .. . , ;
. v . . . PASSENQESa. , . ,
Per str. Ventura euvatite from Svdnev
and Pago Pago to Han Francisco V-
Arnold, r;. it. Bootli, A. .Urown, 'Alex
ander 'errierArthur Huabar, Mrs. Due
bar, Miss-A. (J. Fairfax, Miss .1). Fair
man, -1L Fratikol, U. Greene, Mra.
Green, J. W. Holbrook, (K A. Hmlm.h,
Mrs.. Hudson, C. C, . Irwiq, .Mrs, M
r r i..i c...i
(J. Knex, Alfred Iivey, It. K. Lavr,
Mrs. H. .L.aogiey, Miss Jaue Miloe,
K. Milbnirne, C; -.l. Onkeshott. Mrs.
Oakeshoi and Infant, Ashley: Herbert,
(i; Bennett, M. t. Hlrd, Mlsa II. HrunJ,
W. H.. iliuaaaanrH. (.'oilier, H. Collins,
lfr. W. If. Critiae, 0, F. Cranwoll, Mis
K. Clupp, W. Culvert Miss P, Calloway,
H. Dbrnill, Miss I. Dnrnill, , V. Davis,
Mra, Hatis, W. C-. Dicker, Mrs. Dicker,
11. U Driver Ii, T. Haag, -Mrs, Huag,
Mrs. M., L. Ilin.'Ulev, Miss -O. K. A,
lUactley, V': UL Hubinik, ' J..Vr. Kings
borough, Mr. Kingshoroiigh, Moutagiie
)e Lissa. Mrs, Jo Lirsa, Miss H, He
Lulsa, J. H. Kvaus, Mr. KvunS, Miss A.
Kairtux Mis M. Onkeshott, Miss Joyce
Oakeshott, Master J. Oakeshott, J. M
O'Brien, Mrs. O'Brien, Wlss Gniue
O'Brien, Uisa C. O'Usieri, Andrew Phil
lips, Mrs. Phillips, Miss - M. Phillips,
Miss Mary Phillip, Master J. Phillips,
(luster Kolfe, Miss At K. Smith, Mrs.
K. 8tewart. O, btraiuht. Miss ' Isobel
Hlrong, J. C, Thompson, Mrs. Thompsob,
Mlsa Thompson, M. Lynch, Mrs, Lynch,
Miss H. Laurie, W. Mothhrwell, Miss t.
Miller, C. J. McCarthy, 8. H. Neal, John
I'reece, F. B... price, J. Percy, W, t.
Ritib, A. Ramero, A, II. Heurle, K.
Kchroff, James Seott, Mrs, 'Scott, A. T.
Helmau, II. Holomon, Mr. Solomon. Miss
D, bouthem, A. P. Bwines, . K, A. L.
Thomas. W. C. Tlngey, C, W, Watson,
F. I). Wilson. W.' Wlun.
Per str, Manna Kea, from Maul and
Hawaii ports, March 2'.. From llilo
F, 8, McKenna and wife, Miss M. Me.
Kenna, T.aM. , McKeana, Mrs. Janes
Miss M. E. O. Lewis, A. J. Wlrtx, A.
J. Perphyres, E. T. . Parsons, P. C.
lteamer, R. I. Lillle and wife, J. Mia
mot, W, H. C. 'Campbell. Dr. J. 8. IV
Pratt,. F. llebweisner and wife, Miss
11. llohwoisner, Mist A. von Hageu, J
W. Waldion. If. Focke. W. W. Chaui
berlln, F. J. Lluderipan, K. C. Bchultste,
WilUam Purdy, B, Kelekuliu, Charles
bang, li. 8. Kubo, Mia E. Costa, Liu
erui Kanosn, A. l'ascua.. From Kswal
hae Rev.'A. Akana,' James Wakefield,
Miss D, Hurtwell, Mr. O. Ho re n so a,
Bev.,J. P. Erdinaii, A.' I. Greenwell,
K. E. Hartmsn, 8Km pnrker, Jr., Mis
A. Jsrrctt, Mrs. M. King, Miss V.
Hommers, Miss M. Hoinmers, H. M. P.
Rose. From Muhukon W. it, Mooily,
C. H, Allen, A. H. Lawrence, J. F,
Robrti. FVorit" ; McOfegor'ft-K. 3.
Nell, A. Weill. From'Lahaina-J. F.
Haekfeld, OeOTg Rodlek, Mra. N Ito,
F. J. Cressy, a K. Kaha, T. Mitsuda.
Per str. ClHudine, from Maul ports,
March 22. E. Norton, Mrs. E. Kortoa
and two children, Mrs. Bush and child,
T. Humidn, Helen Ogan, F. Strange J.
Garcia, F. O. Hummel, J. A. Hulch, F,
C. (leghorn, F. M. Correa, F, H, Par
tridge, .Mrs. J. K. Walwaiole and tw
children, Fiigimetd, Euomotn, Mr. 8.
Knwshara, : Mr. Kod, M. Nskayama,
Mr. Kama, K. K. KobayasliL
' Pet- str.- Klnaii, from Kanal ports,
March 22, Oeorge Humphries, ; II.
Lim, Miss Lam, Master Urn, K. Horve,
V. Marikowa, A." Murata, E. Ha,
M. A. Nlci.ll, V. Ulth, (U. A,.Akl, Mr.
Murray. W. H. (Irote, : W.( Zeri 11.
Mrusa, Aliss Thompsailr Mis Bnakban,
Ir. ly.Viniin, F. C Iloyer. Mrs. Che rmen,
Jose . Cfirvalho, , Mrs, L. Akin, J. . P,
Cooke, H. HaAebivgp E Kafikex, U,
Harrison, (; A. Itrowa, F. P. Iteace,
Miss, Mne Brown, j .,. . ' , . , .
l'er str. Siberia, from Yokohama,
March 22. For Hdtloluln. Mr M. C
Aldrirh. U T. A. Clement, Choi Sang
Ito, (.' W. Hnrvel, Mrs. (;,W. Harvey,
Miss F. E Harvey, Master P. Harvey,
H. KaufToiann, F. E... Mucty, Mis A.
F. Seavey, Mrs, A. P, Adam, For 8s n
r'raui iHcw ), o. Atkinson, Mrs t. V.
Bants. U. II. Banta. .Miss .A. M. Bedln.
ger, Mrs. E. II. Benjamin, Dr. A. Hare,
Miss J. Hysart, Connt K. I)es Fours,
Miss I). Fistler. Mr. M. W. Oill, Kev.
II. Otis. MM. 11. fins. . J, llelneberi
.A. M. Hooper, Miss I). M.. Hoojx-r, M.
.icnwn, m. JOi.lin, Mrs. M. Joblin,
Mrs. L, M. Joblin, Mist A. fk Kelly, V.
Moroni. J. T. Montgomery, Mrs. J. T.
MoBtgomery, Mis Ruth Montgomery,
Master U Mnntgotnory, Wv,Moos, I.t.
I), R'Nicol, W. E, Parsoes, Mrs. W.
E. Parsons', Mis A. Patton, Mrs, A. J.
Pollock. R, Rice, W. (X Sexton, Mr.
W. O. Snxton, R. T, Saxton, Miss L.
Terrell, G. A; Walker.
Per str. Hongkong Mnru, tot Orient,
March 23. For Honolulu. T. R. Ho
del, G, O, Kinney. For Yokohama.
Miss Edith Hullia, II. K. Dietrich,
Mrs. II. K. Wheat, Miss M. Wheat.
For Kobe J. Tatfaka. For Shanghai
O. F. Armstrong, J, i). Keeler Jr.Bev
C. C Van Deimen, For Hengkeng
A. I Beckert A. pumaresq, Master N.
Horley and servant, Mrs. J. 3. Jolley,
A. Kesblt, Mrs. A. Kesbit, Mise V. es
hit, Miss A. C. Pareons, Mrs. 'E. E.
Hhellabcar, E. E. Tull, Mrs. E. E. Tull,
Rev. C. H. Zimmerman, Mrs. C. R Zim
merman, Miss A. R, Zimmerman, K.
Furnya, T. Horita, -T. Kawamoto Mr.
M.. Stabewitch, I. Umeki and infant,
Y: Watanabe. ; .' , f : . ; j ,
: Departed,
Per tr. Ventura, for. 8a n Francisco,
Mafch 20. Isaiah Baker, Jr., Mrs. Bak
er, James T. Belchtr; C. Bilstad, Mrs.'
Bilstad, Mrs. Sherman Brady,. D. F.
Carter, Miss P, Cunningham,. Mrf. W
Be Braal, Miss A. Dunbar, Oeorge W,
Evans, Mrs. W, J. Finn. F. Orondy,
Master M. Grundy, C, E, Hovt, Mrs,
Hoyt, Mrs. E. Jackman, M... W.. Joost,
Mrs. Joost, McClure Kellcy, Mrs. Me
C'lure Kelley,, Mrs. A. J". Keogh. Miss
Ruth Keogb, J..B. Pinkham, Mr. E.
Popllir, Miiui P. Poplin, E. E. Potter had
rturse, Mrs. E. Schmidt, , Master E.
Schmidt, W, L, Steele,. Miss H. Steele,
f fmit M- a xr ' w-n. ' ti
Wels, Mr? H. 0. Winsley, A'. It. Viuk
ley, Geo, Wuest. '-' - : i ', '',
; Per str. Mauhat Lea. for West. Ha
waii ports, March 20, .lohn.Macaulay,
Col. Blanche B, CoX, Mis Mry E.
uuncan, vase uranam, 4; , u. j'aria,
Mrs. . Paris, Mist Mary i Cox, Ernest
Bortgeld. -i . ' . ' ,,
Per .str, Ventura, for baa Francisco,
March 20. Mr. and Mrs. ,M.' W. Joost,
Mr. ana Mr. i,v niistaj, w. c. Mc-
Kcan, E. H. Marshull, Miss E Marshall,
O. p. Wells, B. F. f arter, Mr. aad Mrs.
Thompson Mrs. E. rkhmidt: anil son, F.
(Irundy aud son, MUs A. Thompson,
Mrs. bhermaa llrady, Jt I. Haker, Mrs.
A. J. Keogh, Miss Ruth Keogh,. Mrs.
It. L, O'Urien, Mis O'Brioti, Mr.' and
Mrs., Arthur George Wuest, J. B Pink
ham, MUs P. Cunningham, (',. E. Hoyt
ami wife, Rev, C, P, Hong, Mrs.- W.
DeBrnnl, A, N. Ilarrotin and Wife, Miee
M. Gil hard, Mis E. Jackman, Mr. and
Mrs. McClure Kelly, George ,W. Evans,
W. L. Steele, Miss H. Steele, Mrs. H,0.
Winkley and son,: Miss fl. Olbhard, -l'er
str. Clnudiue. for. Maui ports,
March 20i Mrs. H. p. Baldwin, Mrs. H,
A. Jaeger, Mis M. Jaeger, J. N. Mn
conel, A. Pall, Miss F. 8ommer, Miss
M.' Hvminer, H. M, P. Bosei F. (l. lluin
mell, . J. A, Baleh, lylwia Farmer,
chock niy. , , .' . '. -
, Per str, Mauna Ken, for llilo, Mafen
81 : John. Pino, A. Ahren. Mrs. Beirti
8i(ta Miss Ahrehs.'Mr. and Mr, D.
Harney, Mrs, Viofhous, Mia Vierbno
Vr. and Mrs. Jl. W, Gregg, ,Kdi Far
mer, Chock Hsy Mr. knd Mrs: A., J.
Beham, Mr. and Mra. G. It.'Ceilrtaft. -
lr str. Siberia,: for San Franeisee,
March 23. 1Q a. in. J. B Brvan. Mrs.
J, B. Bryan, ,M, 8, WiIkiuson,.Mrs. M.
n. wiiKinson, r.. U staples, Mrs. E. U
Staples, Stephen Child, , Mrs btenhea
Child. Miss D. J. Ketlfteld. Miss Ijiura
Butbir, C, B. Johnson, Wilbur 8. Ray
mond, Mrs. Wilbur 8. Rayniopd. Dr. A.
Kruman, Mrs. A. Erdman, Mxj. T.
Aheara, Miss T. Darling, A. If. Lund In,
Mrs. A. H. Lundin. Mss L, Deweese,
M. II. Widoman, William 3. I'blein,
Mrs. WllPnm.J. Uhleia, Mrs. George
Carter, K. P. Arthur. Mrs. K. F. Arthur,
H. M. Greeae, Mrs. II. M. Greeny Miss
Olive Greene, Mis Eden Greene, H. B.
nooertsen, airs. , tf. Robertson, Thos.
J. V eir. Mrs. L. M. Jones. H. Blom-
field, Theodore Wolft. J. II, Neustedt,
Miss O. Neustedt, Mrs. li L. Hmith
"d son. Rev. C. P. Kong, Yang Moon
Kantf, C. II, Schlick, Mrs. C. If, Schl-
'ck, William K. Maeomber, J. II, An
derson, Mrs. J. It. Anderson. G. M. Car
ter, Thomas McFarland, John Fielding,
William Hush, A, Fifldiaa. ,J H S4.
livan, Walter Ogden, Mrs, Walter Og
dea, Miss Ethel Ogden. ,...'- - '
Ctiutraetor John Boliuenberg has r
turued to Hilo after havlnu consultwl
with Attorney General Thayer in- re
gard, to having steps taken to prevent
the closing of an obi alley mak Hi rf
the eld Volcano Htaldes buildinu. Hilo.
Thayer lias notified Brewer & 'Co. e
agents of tho PpwkeU Intoresta, that
any further work Which they do 00 the
building they are erect I uu where the
alley was would be done at their own
?eril. He also told Hohaenberir that
County Attorney. Beers should attend
to this piatter, and that he would t&ke
it up anon, he went to Hilo in a week
or two. lie has writteu the county at
3 '
llonolulu Stock Exchcr-:
... . . . , . r j
t ' Mondsy, March J.1,,1914.
McrrseflU '
Xt.V A I lit
i s,(Wi.ono'
C Brewer a Ce
Haw. Krlculturaf ..,.
I ne-'
Z.om.ii oi
10 !'.
Horn kl
I uul
Hulrtimto Sotsr r-
isnort u
Khl 1....'. 4....IW.
Kkti tear Ce it...
Mriwrtt km. C4 Ud.
OshnSwssr Co
Otsa Rusr Co. Ltd . .-.
)nom .........1..
'iihsH tug. piaa. Ce.
' .....m.
'us.., i
rrc ,..u
'kmccr Mill Co..
Wanliik Alt. Co ......
Wsiiuka Susar Co,....
' 1.01! IM
. r '.(
, ', ' ' '
NAMBOPSTOCIt tiwjjj ... A.k
' iHY'i-4
ii:,i u
m i v
to te;-,
so luo
id" tti
46 f.-",
. 7 J.
i'i .(
Wsssms Suast Mt.,...
I (Ml
' ''e1i
rttikurtPCe. U...
Hsw. f lectrtc Ce
Hw. Irr. Co. (......
Hsw: PlsrtH pic Co ... .
Hllo R. R. Co. Pld...,.
Mik H. ft Co. Oinf....
Ilofoliihi Brcwifii st
MsltlniC ttd.i.i.
oUsCo. P1l,.,..,
Hon.nsU. Co.!,!l
Imw-w5i!rs5fi. Eo'
Plhsns ftib. Co......
TsasMic Ulok Rub Co
Boaoe '.:'
IX. (Ml
ID' IB' 17
?'.l4 ,tM4
Ami. te;
Hsrak.ua Ditch Ce ft,.
Haw. Com. Susar Co.
. . k. 1 ... ... V.V wm v. . .
Haw. Ter. 4 p (Re-
. tno.flno
Haw. Icr. 4 at Pub In
Haw. Ter. 4 e Pue lot
Mc.lMIZ-ll j,,
Mawi f rtk 4i .
Haw. ter.4'J
Haw. ler. JH e....,
H1I1 R.H.isUeM
fcstn. Con. (
Hnok 9uf Co. I t
Hnn. Co., Lid M..
H.Mi ft.T. LCe.ei
1, 000.000
i 49 Mm
Mcllrvds f.i
Muliful f ct.
urar cea
Ns'DMii Con. a
4.01 .
O. kiL Co. ip t....
OalMitHitaf Co. Is
OliaSuaarCo. IK..
Psroic Guna ttrtMMt
C.s ........
Pacific Susr Mill Co.
PionccV'ejl'iil't'o'.'B p.'t.
Ban Carlo. Mill Co. a s.
tot .....
iro ''.'..'.'.'.
L L-,..
Waial.is Arr. C. 5 s.g.)
Btwn Board.
McBrvde. 2(1. . 15. 150, amon n o
k I 8s, 100.50. , .
, Beeslo Baiok.
. 14 Pioneer; 16.23. . ...
atngav Quotation.'
88 Beg. Analysis Beets, iy,d; par
ity. J.4U: Oa Detr. Cent, rfnr IU.
Sugar), C.fl8.
Perlev Ll Horne.'winciLl of the Ka-
mthameha HchooU, tondoreul bis rei r
nation to tbe .tionrd of trustee of th
lliHtitntinn lmtt Prid nr. In tjUa fT,.,.
at the ftnd of tins School year, Ahum st.
I. ite nas oeen at the tievfl or Kami
ameha School for ten years. .
(Mr. Horue'a resiimntion was voinn-
tary bn hi part Ho will return to
new bntdaud at the close ef hi t-r u
of service-and will probably engage in
edicat!ounl work there.
The board ef trustees, at the time
of nrceptance of his tesignation, ex.
pressed theis-'regret 'thut he should di-
sir 10 leaye, a.unler bis'siiperviiou
the work of the schools has
but fend the. Institution bub, shown
steady v aad , uniform
growth. ,' ... ,
. The .question of Securing a aikccesor
ti Pfineipal Hdrn ha, aot aa yet been
eunsideml. by tha trustee. ,
1 ' " ,
.; (Contiaued from, Fase One)
School strwet. where Its new home has
recenwy constructed , ami oui-
iieteit Tee, there will be a Insu aud
it Will be irtand affidr- tan. n v
l'lolals eaected to attend and bring
uia. ujicuvo ,wim nipi. ";- v ,.
,... 'Kepeats Order for Band,
' FVlderttlv cat ful iliat T.iu.t. c...
tary ,Mles snigit forgot the .order to
K n niu.lni.tiuf a lid.A. ....i - t-l .
niexoner repeated hi coiiitimud:
"Toll him cautaia thut A mnt h;.
and' his bandnmeu to report for duty at
ysu o cioca ouiKiay morning and ttsit
I want them to ulav fllP till, Iwtimlif ..f
thh Hut I'oola from ten In tbe morning
until four o'clock la the afternoon."
noverting to the cluim of tho mayor
that onlV Ilawatrnns im i.nt;ii.,.i ,
Jobs ef delegate, mayor and sheriff, the
reporter timidly asked, jf Ji&,,i'iniderod
"Well, no," rallied . Uir.noner with
a broad smile, while ho absently fin
gered hi "grandmother tooth" watch
charm. "My friend, fcfaingle he be good
faaolo but he ao Hpwuliaiu . But it will
be a grand luau and the Maud will plav
from teii to four."
" .',. i',.,.'- '.
Bugar quotations received yesterday
by the Hawaiian 8m:ar I'taatcrs' Asso
ciation front the California and Uawsi
lan. Sugar Retlninv Company aret 00
degree teat centrifugal, 8 nt)S, 5! no
88 deg. analysis beets, 9s. 2i,d., Ts.-l7!
Hawaiian, etignre sold during February
subject te proposed reduction of duty
on Cuban sugars. 114.
, btjb rr.iK.:
A good many people think rheums
tlsm caa not be Cured without taking
nauseoua mutliciue. Chamberlain's IVin
Balm massaged thoroughly into the.
skia . hae cured far tn.,t rh,,u.t,
'thee any .Internal remedy in existence
enu gives reucr quicKer. 'or sale by
all Dealers, Bemum, Biuith t Co., Ltd.,
agents for Hawaii,
PE'GiPiL i;.::E
5 , 1 i i t 'i

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