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VOL VII , no. 27
C I '
11 i I
Wife of; General Yja
Streets of Battered City Arc Choked Willi
Bodies of Slain and Wounded; No Facilities
; to Care for Suffering Injured; Remains, of
Thousand Federals Arc Burned.
JUAREZ. Mexico, April 3. (Associated Press by Federal Wire
leu) After ten days of terriflo and almost continual fighting, the
beleaguered city of Torreon fell completely into the hands, of Gen
eral Villa and his rebel-armies at 10:20 o ciock last nignt, was tne
announcement made here shortly after that hour by General Car-
ranxa, directing head of the Constitutionalist party.
According to Carranza, the end came after exceptionally heavy
battling in which the rebels captured the three remaining barracks
in the city held by the federals.
The rebels poured. a veritable hail of shslls and bullets from their
entrenchments against -the doomed barracks and the slaughter was
.terrific.- '. :,".'. ' ' - VU
'' The rebels also sustained tremendous losses in killed and wounded
when, in making their final rush, the advancing column became en
tangled in barb wire barriers thrown by the federals in the Canyon
del Guarache.' ; ' ' , ' ':' ; . ' '.,.. i -.'' ' .
The rebels, thrown into disorder by contact with the wire, were
open to the direct fire of the federals and were mowed down, cover
ing the ground in heaps. ., v ;.'-' ' ' '
According to dispatches from Villa lo Carranza, the rebel chief
tain who directed the successful siege reported that his losses wer
: live hundred killed and fifteen hundred wounded. ' '
He added that the federal casualties were enormous and that mojrt
than one thousand bodies had been burned by the federals during
the course of the siege to get ridv
; of . the bodies,
' .. '"". r r V'lNV. .....
.... i:
' ,:AV --- oO- V-
Death-Dealing Storm Sweeps New-
. foundland ' and Claims
." . 8ailor Victims.
Villa declared that last night it
was impossible to even estimate
. the number of ' federal ' wounded
i "but that the figures would reach
an enormous total : ; ., ! ;
; y ." Generals Robles and Contreras of
. . tW federal forces are among the
.wounded. Gen. Refugio Velasco,
.' commander-in-chief of ; the ; fed.
; erals, escaped with a small escort
; and is being pursued into the
mountains by rebel cavalry. ;.T '.
: No mention is made in the des
patches of . General Orozco or
others of the federal forces whom
v ; Villa has marked for execution as
'. traitors to the rebel cause it they
are captured and this is indicated
. . to mean that Orozco and others
upon' whom Villa declared he
would wreak vengeance were tak
en prisoners and immediately exe
. ' cuted.' v.'C.
, Though the rebels, under com
Y mand of Generals Villa and Felipe
Angeles, are in full control- of
' Torreon, the city presents ter-
rible sight , tonight.- Dead and
wounded are lying in, the streets
, and the facilities are far from
being adequate to attend to the
injured. Thousands are suffering
., from lack of attention. : , : .;. ' ,
; Though it is a complete victory
of Villa it was a costly one and
t . the superb army with which he
' - advanced upon Torreon is literal
- ly cut to pieces. Though the tak
,,' ing of Torreon was necessary be-
fore Villa could. ; entirely wipe
Huerta out of control in the nortii
ern part of the republic, his forces
are so badly Shattered that it will
require some time for the chieftain
to again build up his forces so that
' he can begin an advance on the
City of Mexico. V.
J During the latter part of the
'. fight and when the shelling was
the heaviest the non-combatants
took advantage of the neutral zone
; which had been agreed upon by
Villa and Huerta before the en
- gagement at the request of the
' United States and fled to safety.
Few . non-combatants are among
. the wounded. ,. ;
Torreon, although founded less
than thirty years ago, ha a nor
mal population of 26,000 persons.
.It has great soap, cotton, flour and
iron manufactures, and a great
smelter receives ores from the
mines. ITine months of the year
the landscape is a picture of deso
lation, as it is now, but the un-
, nual rains bring with them color
and bloom. The important adja
': . Contiuu4 9;Pge Three.)
. i.. .-, Yt.y'C --IV.-. .;i ;rr:
Mexican JecferaSs cTefen&ng -T'orreox. - &JM$8' '
ST. JOHNS, NwfonndUnd, A;rtV S
(AnocUtcd PreM rdral Wtr
1ms) -An ppUiuf toll of Ufa U tMlni
taken b7 tht bllrrd which U TMlng
ions tht Nanfoocdltnd cort and Uit
nlxht hd : lncrtiMd In lntiiltr
Blzt fonr nwmtxri of ih crtw of
th scaler Newfoundland are known to
hire perched.' Thirty t-ven other mem.
ben wore reectied by the enwa of eth
tealers. The Newf oncdland wma crashed
between ice Boos end tfie arw was com
polled to abandon the wreck. All the
dead perlahod from the bl ter cold and
exporaro. ;. ', '
The- coaler Southern Crosa, for which
foan had been felt, waa reported aaft
laet night. Thirty of the crew who had
left the chip were picked up by the seal
or Bella ventora In badly frost-bitten
condition nd declared that If ' auccor
had hot com when It Aid they would
also re perished. ' ;
Because of the Increasing fury and
scTsrlty of the bUssard and cold It Is
believed that the death list will con
ttnne to gtow and that appalling figures
will bo reached.. ".
Well-known Civil Engineer to Be
H6ad of fublio Works Deparu:
V ment, Accordinjf toVepprt:
Applicant for Position of Chair-
man of Publio Utilities Commis
sion Confers with Governor and
Declares His Ideas .Would Be
Entirely Constructive and Not
Former Heads of Honolulu Lodge
of Red Men Speed Popular '
! Member on Travels. ',
' A large munlier of fast sachem of
tho Honolulu lodge of tbe Improved
Order of Red Men 'last night at the
Union Grill gave a delightful farewell
dinner to Past 8achem Johannes F.
Ecksrdt, sujx-rlnteudcnt of the Queen's Imanship of the commission Is
Hospital.'' '-J' .' " ; v " v , , .
Mr. Ecksrdt Waves tomorrow by the
steamer Sierra for a Francisco on a
six months '. vacation' trip" which will
carry hhn to German, his native land.
He first arrived 1 Honolulu September
29, 1H71, SS "suiicrrargo" of the bark
If "hs1deM foliticsl nforiuatlou js
corrcet. OoA crnor Pinkbuih; tbw , we
John .-'ldwell as suporlnt'n
. ST. Al'Ol'STlNE, Florida, April 2.
(Aniiociatod l'rr Cable) Five of the
tourist hotels at this, one of the prem
ier -winter resorts of Florida, were burn
ed to the ground last, uitfht, monetary
dsmune resulting being estimated at
. o,(HK). !Tho gueKts of the various ho
tl were forced' to flee in their night
garmrnU, many being forred to jump
from- the, upper story , windows. One
woman, received fatal injuries through
jumping. . - -. ,' ' .; ,
., ,; .
SAN I BAXCIWO,' April 3. (Asso
eiated . Prens .by Federal Wirele)
Thomas Ureeu will be nged tomor
row, niilb' Governor i JohnaoQ com
unites bis ' soiiteuu,' for the murder of
Willi Howies, rathior of . the Palo
Verde Valley bauk at Hlythe, whom
Croon ?bot anil killed when the bauk
orticiul resisted his attempt to rob the
iut itution in broad daylight at the
point of a revolver. . . ':
HAOhXmKNTO, California,1 April 2.
(Associated Press Cable)' General
Kellcy, formerly eommandtr io ehlef
of the- army of unemployed, met with
an Igiioblit finish here today, when he
was convicted on charge of vagrancy.
President Wallnce B." Fnrrin'gtou an
nounced at the mreting of th iner
chant ' asKoeiation yesterday 'afternoon
tbo receipt of the following' cablegram
from tlio Delegate's secretary in Wush-
illgtOOi ; ,' -j ' ' . ;
"J. VV. lioberts leaves oa Korea. to
review the whole .federal site situation
and report back to the treasury depart
ment. . . kaLanianaou:'
J. A . Boberts,' who is employed in
the supervising architect's ollice of thu
treasury department, 4ias been a fre
quent visitor to Honolulu and is well
verged In local afl'uirs, - lie was here
in October, 1HI.3, to work out' tbe pliius
for the additions to tho Honolulu post
otiice and has drawn the plans tor the
Hilo jfeileral building. ,. ;Vlrv Kot.erts'
hoadipjarters are in Hun Franciscu. Ho
lias had general supervision of all public
building construction on tbu I'uciile
Coast lor about twenty years and. is
kuuwu as an expert potsu8o-L of eon
servative judgment and nterling quali
At the meeting yestordny it wa gen
erally declared that Honolulu is fortu
uate.in having an expert aent here to
settle onci) and for ull the long dis
CUHsed locatioji of the federal building
site and especially one who in so well
verned in Hawaiian conditions.
Henides settling te Mabuka site
problem, Mr. Kobertx will jiropare pluns
for further eteuii)ii of- the quarters
now occupied by the postal department,
The phenomenal Increnso in poxtotlice
business which hus followed tho extab
lishinont of parrel post and the postal
savings bank, have already proved the
preeu( o races too smau.
IX)XPON', April !J. '(Associated
Press Cable) Tho Unionists have de
tided, after many meetiugs and heated
debate, and argument, not' to oppose
llorbert Asqmth, n-tired premier ami at
of war, rn nig ngot
present secretary
for reelection,
WAHHINOTO.V,' April 3. i-' (Associ
ated Press by Federal Vflrelees)8ec-
retary of Btate liryan yesterday pro
posed to the senate committee on for
s;Kn relations that in the future arbi
tration treaties be draws to run in
deiluitely, instead of being negotiated
for IHiriods of live years, as now.
170,000 MINERS STRIKE ; .
inlcnt; pf
bl'n or'.t.'t This decision was reach
ed, it is said, only after a conference
bctwVeir,';ht- Oovernor and 'what has
coma to be known ns th 'Democratic
"Hiih'Flve"'of Honolulu, lod by Link
McCmu.llesS. Caldwell 'a succersor hj to
bo William A, Wall, It Is said, and he
prolably will begin his duties as head
of the publiu works department some
tihie during the present mouth, and not
later than May 1. - !
Mr. WU is well known'ln Honolulu,
lie lit a Democrat ss well as being an
exiierirnt-cd civil engiuoer. He direct
ed the. laying put of the Waiaho'e proj
ect. He has received the endorsement
of the Democratic Territorial Commit
toe and his selection will probably be
the first Governor Pinkharu will make
on the recommendation of tost politi
cal organization.
J. H. Craig was mentioned also as n
promunnu candidate for tbe position.
but it is claimed by Wall's supporters
thst Craig will not be seriously con
sidered. . . " . - '
Action is also soon cxprrted in I
number of federal appointments. The
friends of William P. Fenndl, license
inspector, are redoubling their efforts
i.i behalf of his candidacy for United
Htates marshal. Fennell has tbe back'
in ir of some of the best known Demo
rratic leaders hi Hawaii arid bis friends
are confident he will land the prize.
Customs Collector ' Stackable, too.
must look to his laurels, say the Bour
bon office chasers, for tucy have
"dark horse" whom they claim will
land Stackable's position. With the
news from Washington that 8oapbox
Harron and United Htatos Henator Var
daman are backing the appointment of
a successor. to internal Revenue Colls
tor Cottrill, naturally the fi lends of C.
D. Pringle also feel hopsfr., but those
who have been aUndrng ty -watching
the play, of the wire pullers say that
when the real "slate" la known there
will be n number of aurprit-es wh'ch
even the most conservative eould . not
figure. -. .. ..- ;
Priscilla, Thich brought at that time
the first PoVtaguts; LmuiigrtnH to Ha-
Uoka Vhort aoiedv as toftwasior
at ihe'dinoer last night and called ,on
alfwien't vfuf a ren!aisl . Kerloily
cTierfnrtr "resj.iojidud. Tbn olrpj ni-
sentee at. the effiur was Judge Willlara
Robinsoa, Who is also a past sit'ham.
He was uual Is to attund on aceouat of
illness, but scut his regreis la en inter
esting letter which was , read at the
dinner.,'-' - ." ' : ' : "
Those' proaent last uiubt availed
themselves , of the opportunity ' to or
ganize in n preliminary mauner a' past
sachems' association, , John W, Short
being ekcted eoairn.ait and L. A. Perry
secretary. .
Thoe who attended tbe dinner, be
sides the guest of honor, were Julius
Ah. John W. r-'hort. F. C. Betters.
T, I). Hlroi p, E'. V. Todd, A. D. Custro,
l. w. Aeli, U A. Peny, 1'eter Higg ns,
. U Ea kin,. Harry O. Foster. J. 8.
Azevedo, Ii. A. Ash, J. C. Houza, H.
A. .Frauaon and Auton tk-hi miner, past
sachems; H. A. Parker, sachem; M. F.
Peter, senior sau-amore. and H. K. A.
Buothing, junior sagamore
' LEF.Pfli, "England, April 2i ( Asso
ciated Press Cable) Demanding a
minimum wage scale, Yorkshire miners
to the number pf 1711,000 have declared
a strike, : Almost every -cqal mine in
this section of h'tiland Is affected by
the walk-out. t. ,
. i ,' .m. - :
' . WASHINGTON, April 8. Associated
Press Cable) John I.i nd, ' President
Wilson's smcIiiI envoy to Mexico, will
again journey abroad in tbe Mayflower,
following a brief vacation in tbe I'ui
ted states.
II. pooling Field, who is an aHdicant
for the position of cbarrmnh of the pub-'
lie utilities commission, was closeted
with Governor Pinkham for some time
yesterday 1 morning. It Is understood
thnt Governor linkham is inteut upon
securing from all applicants for this
position their views on the Public Util
ities Act.' , v
Though the Governor would make, no
announcement yesterdsy it is believed
tnat the next spointment he will make
will be to fill this important position.
Mr. Goodlng-Kielit emerged from bis
conference with the Chief Executive
yesterday morning determined to eou-
tinue his csndidary for the position.
"I have what I believe is a construc
tive and not a destructive plan for the
operation of tho Public Utilities Act,"
be said.
. In support of this the following copy
of his letter to Governor Pinkham in
support of his application for the cbarr-
Kiven .
herewith: ' ...'..
Answers Request of Governor. , '
' Honolulu, T. IU April 2, 1914.
"Honorable U K. Pinkham, Governor '
,' os? Hawaii, Honolulu, T. H.
''8ir; la reply' to your coinmunlca.
tlou of the twenty-third ultimo, request-,
lug my ideas as to the scope and pos- ,
sible steps , to be taken to efiiciontly
administer the office of chairman of the
public utilities commissiqa, I beg to
state, as follows; ' ,
The general legal Slid sdministra-
e principles whieh underlie the law
which created 'our injldio utilities ooni-
mmMf-rt .awo.4i.laiJie-i similar -statates
u the mainlaiMl. rAct of tho s-sMion
Laws of 191 imposes upon the manage
oient of private plants the duty of es
tablishing reasonable rates nnd regulat
ing reasonably adequate servh-e la the
trst instance. The initial responsibil
ity lies with the managements - who
mnst select the agencies, material and
methods through which .the service is
provided. ' ' .. .
Explain Theory of Law.
"All ratos, rules and regulations may
be rhalleuned, at any time, and revised
nd .modified b the commission. The
theory of, the law and Its administra
tion Is to place the reseetive manage
ments on the defensive, throwing the
burden upon tneui to justify their rates
and service whenever the issue is raised
sic fore the commission. The commission
may act both upon complaint and upon
its own initiative with respect to all
matters relating to -public utilities.
"The most importaut provisions at
6ur public utilities law may be grouped
about four brndiug heads, namely, val
uation, accounting, rates and service;
these provltions, however, are not so
specific on Such matters, for instance,
as the appraisal and valuation, and ra
tion, br ' the eOlliniiasinn tit 1k
hysical property of miMic ,.t;i;t;a..
the extension of facilities; and the pro
viding for a uniform system of account-
in IT. with stm., in I .
8AV FRANCISCO, April Z. (Asso- preciation and 4-onstrurtinn '
ciated Press Cablo)-Aceording to ad- M wl" be found in tho Publia Utility
vices received from WashiugtoU today notaoiy the Wise on.
the only region., reserve bank that will Z - iSJLTaiSSiVa
come to the Pacific Coast will be lo- 1911. " 7 '
cated in this city. Others will be dis- , Importaot Beonlrameot.
tributed around the country as follows: "In Section S of Act 89, before re
Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Clove- 'erred to, the commission is empowered
mi, nicnuioou, Atlanta, Uallus, Chr-ll examine tne valuation of the nhvai
ew .
as City,
Louis, Minneaiolis and Kan
v i iuuv sucn valuation,
II 1 1 II I II 1.1 I this class of leuislat
According to a cablegram received
from WaKbinktou yesterday, by. the
Star-Bulletin the eoutract for the con
struction of the federal building at Hilo
was awarded yesterday to the Camp
bell Construction Company of Halt
Lake City. The- company's lild was
$IH.1,622. The bids were opened in
Washington on January IS, The esti
mated cost was -'0,000.
An unusually large and brilliant
meteor passed over lower Manoa Valley
last night at about seven-fifty o'clock.
A. ,T. Gignoux, who reported the occur
rence, stated that it resembeld a gigan
tic skyrocket and was traveling due
SAX FKANCISCO, April 2, (Asso
ciated Press Cable) pavfd Williams, a
messboy aboard the Ventura, was ar
rested here today and Is charged with
having stolen a mail pouch during the
last voyage of that vessel. It is stated
that young Williams, an Australian, ob
tained $4(H)0 in drafts and money orders
but was unable to secure any rash for
the reason that he could Dot couvert the
paper iuto money. ,
. i . . , , .....
WASHINGTON, April a.-(AssoA-ist
ed Press by Federal Wireless) Huu
Francisco, which was recently doelg
nated as one of the points for the es
tablishment of a regional reserve bank,
has been placed in district twelve
which will comprise California, Wash
ington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah
and a large part of Arlsoua.
are 514 national banks In the
nnd the capital of tbe Han Francisco
reserve bank will be $8,113,521.
cal property of each public utility -do.
lug business in the Territory. I con
sider this retpiiroaieut of the utmost
importance, in fart, the very starting
point In the K'neral supervision over
our public utilities. It will 1 fnn.l
that such valuation, apart from carry
ing the idea of publicity to iu logical
the - ultima thule of
legislation, will form tha
working basis for. t .' , .
"1. Negotiations for ' purchase by
the municipality ;,
"2. Kate regulationsf ' , - '
"3. Taxation; and i
"4. Regulations of stock and bond
issues. ;
"Public utility corjiorations are en
titled to a reasonable return or divid
end on their investment in the capital
stock of the company, The rate of re
turn, if the proiwrty will earn It, should
not be less than the legal rate of in
terest. Court decisions . la rate rases
have universally bebl that every plant
is entitled to earn an amount suflioieut
t i'y:- ' ' '' "t". ' , .,
"1. Operating Expenses) '
"2. Kxpenses of Msintensnre ant
liuuning Hoair; k .' . . ,
"S. Taxas; ", '": ; ' '.' ' - - ' .
"4. A Hiuking Fund' to cover Do
prenistion and Obsolescence; and
"5. A reasonable profit on the lair ,
valjie of the property..
"This ruling brings tbe question,
therefore, of detenuinins the fair value
There of the property' squarely .before' the
district I public as well as the owners, in order
that proper rates may ba determined.
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