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i v ,'c ; a i' C y vv 7,i. ' c.- .
1 - 11 'I I ,- (-11 ' II I Vi Y&YA I, h i II I! I tT.
Tidings of Battle Com A Sur
prise,1 An General Belief Wat.
That Federal Would Evacuate
' at Fint Approach of Attacking
Force i- Fighting . Reported
" Heavy. ;v- '
Reports of Heavy
Losses Confirmed
General Carranta Senda Letter to
, . Member of International Peace
.' Forum Expresses Admiration
For Americans .and High , Be
gan! for President Wilson."
5A CRUZ, Maalro, April 7. (Ae
. id Prcse by Federal Wireles)
( Canada received' "wireles' re-
. .yesterday that .heavy fighting be
. ' I besieging rebel and the defend
. federal force began yesterday in
' . jutaklrta of Tampieo.
. . . ' m message were in the nature of
a anrpriae aa it wa generally believed
here that the Iluerta . force holding
the' city would not give battle to the
overwhelming rebel army and would
of the attacking force. In fact, word
to tale effect Dad been sent to tax city
- by the federal leader. - . 1
' That Tampieo ia certain to fall in
the hand of the rebel without a ureal
truggle i the consensu' of opinion
here. iseeiUea being' greatly- outnum
bered and having few heavy gun to
put ap t defepiie, the federal have
been greatly weakened '"'by ii-kue
. brotttfhfoa by uTtan'lu'yTem!rtlom
"ultiBg front frequent euttins off (
the water vupply by the rebel.
JTTABKZ, Mexico, April 7. (Aw
elated Preaa by Federal Wirele.a)
America Consul Caretber ' returned
here yetterday with General . Villa to
asaiit in : negotiation looklna to the
welfare of the eight hundred Sp-ia'arJ
whom Viiia ha ordered deported from
Mexico and who will be compelled to
eek reCuge in the United State, croe-
ingthe-hne from here iuto i'.l Pao. .'
Carother declare that in the light
ing at Torreon the rebel loa waa 600
killed and 1400 wounded. -The federal
loa ia unknown with any degree of ac
curacy, becauM of hundred of bodice
having been turned during the progress
of the siege, but it la stated the 1 axes
will ran into many hundreda. Eight
hundred wounded were found ia hos
pital when the city was taken.
EL PASO, Texas, April 7. (Asso
ciated Press by Federal VVirolcss)
General Carranza, directing head of the
Constitutionalists, In a carefully word
ed communication to Dr. Henry Tupper
of the International Peace Forum, said
yesterday that be possessed the deep
est adqiiration for Americans and that
be held President Wilxon )n great per
sonal esteem. lie declared his policy
ia to strengthen relations wiih all for-
, elgn government.
FORT WORTH, TexaaJ April 9M
(Aasoeiated Press Cable)-r-The Unitsd
Htstes district court today refuse I to
allow hake corpus action brought for
the liberation of 30(H) Mexican who
fled from the Presidio here,
ciated Press Cable) John D. Kocktifel
' ler, Jr., today stated before the bouse
mines committee that his father owns
about 40 per cent of the Colorado Fuel
& Iron Company, which i the central
figur in the present Cplorado indus
trial strife. He denied the contention
that be 1 a dummy director of the
corporation, although admitting that be
delegated all iuvrstigatiou ' to stibor
ordi nates. ' He nfliruied the contention
of the striker that the employes have
a sacred right to . determine whether
they shall belong to union and esti-
mated that in the neighborhood of DO
per cent of the employe of the coin
pany were uuafliliatod with any labor
' . Ar
Diaaratn Bi
C.vii.iA' ADvaMcr'
KvMtia, w HACK Ml
Hawaiian Sugar Men Expect to
; Panama Canal Opening,-; ' '
z''-'. .' -;' i, .. , '' ?.aj" .
The openiog of the Panama Canal to
Commercial use should , reduce', freight
rates on Hawaiian augar to Atlantic
port. Manager A. M. NoWell of the
Sugar Factor Company stated yester
day that by warf Panama, there will
ba an increase of only three day la
the steamiag, time. Direct , shipment
will also obviate the delaya due to. the
laying up of steamers at &.lina Croa
and Puerto, Mexico,' while trans-shipping,
virtually reducing the time to
New York.
The last number of Shipping Illus
trated .treats editorially of the pro
posed plan of the International Ship
ping Federation to lay up all its steam
er for thirty days from April 1. This
steamship trust owns or control hun
dred of tramp boata and liner of
foreign register. The allegation ia
made that tne shipping trust And it
elf compelled to withdraw their ven
els because of unsatisfactory business
and paucity of capital for operating
: Coastwise lines operating vessels
from Pacific Coast to New York have
already announced a cut' in freight
rate on salmon and canned fruits via
Panama . CaaaL Alienee, . Mr. Nowell
suid, better freight ratea on Hawaiian
sugar may be anticipated.
'A-, , .
WASHINGTON, April 7. (Associ
ated Press by Federal Wireless) The
senate committee en luteroceauie canals
decided yesterday to invito publicity
of the deliberation of tho committee
in regard to the bill for tha repeat of
the clause of the Panama Canal Act
exempting American coastwise sliipp uj
irom pacing ions xor passing through
the raual. Tha bi t favorinir the reieal
of the clause recently panted the houe
and it is now up lo tha senate for de
cision,; . - , . .
TOKIO, Japan, April 7. (Associated
Lounced vesterdav that Viscount Ki.
your a, recently uamed premier by the
Emperor, failing to And auitablo men
to accept the portfolio of the new
ministry, will resign tbe premiership.
' oV - ,;.M i ...i- 1 ' , V iWt; -P.
tiwitig Movements 6 f " :
nor to Battle at Torreon
'. -- '.7 7-' '
y " '-. kJ,'.-'; '''' - '
7. (Asi'istl. Press by Federal
WiroJees) Th first scattered re-
ttirn from tha primary .election
held today by tbe Democrats to
nominate a candidate for - tbe
United Mate' senate, the eontes-
taat being Oscar W. Underwood
.and Richard Pearson Hobaon, gave
Underwood substantial lead over
Hobsea., Each of tbe contestants
ia now 1 member of . the, lower
house and the .campaign was one
of tha hi out acrlmonioua Sin the
history of tbe Bute. ,
:'". f i ... ;. , ; v
Aa unnamed 6ight-montbtoll child,
son of Mr. I to, a Japanese woman
living at the corner of Wilder and Met
calf street, waa strangled to death
yesterday afternoon while asleep In a
hammock. Tbe mother found It neces
sary to make a purchase in a store near
Dy and before leaving tied the child in
the hammock. .
Upon ber return ten minutes later.
the child was found hanging half out of
tne nammocK with the sash with which
b bad been tied In the hammock tight
ly pulled about bis neck.
MEMPHIS, Tennessee, April fl.
(Associate Press Cable) Nine caisson
worker were killed here today while
working ninety feet below tbe surface
of the Mississippi river. An explosion
of gas wss responsible for the accident
causing the deaths. Tbe men were em
ployed in layiug the foundation for a
new bridge, to span the big river,
suFfiiliioN: ,
WASHINOTON, April 7.' --(Associated
Press by Federal Wireless) Repre
sentative Palmer of Pennsylvania in
troduced In the house yesterday a. joint
resolution proposing woman suffrage
aa a constitutional amendment similar
to the resolution npw peuding ia tbe
Proposed JJn V.riU Serve BancV
.fttH Hifii ia-Vkdnity-i
't '"'- .Cit Par1 fStwil ":
h -.VVV PeWl Clty -5 '
By building a branch fryjn it Wabi
iwa 'line up ,Waikakalau gtikb, the
Oahu Railway and Land Company plan
to furnfsh. transportation facilities
which have loug been., sought by pine
apple producer and canners o the
high land in the vicinity vt Pearl City.
Survey for the proposed 'branch have
been made and President Dillingham
saia iasi mgnt tbat tbe company, ex
pected to begin construction work aoon.
Tbe cost of the brsnch will be Wweeo
f,UUO and 50,000.
Leaving the Wahiawa, lrn where
Waikakalaua and Kipapa gulches con
verge tbe route a surveyed runs up tbe
latter gulch four miles to a point about
n half niile above tbe government road
to Wahiawa.
The railway would serve a number
of adjacent ranches, including the lands
of the John li estate and other smaller
tracts whose development- has been
retarded by lack of transportation
facilities. : , .
Products from these tract are now
hauled by wagon miveral miles over
heavy grade and at prevailing low
price, the cost of marketing is a seri
ous handicap to the rancher.
For sometime, it is said, tbe railway
company has been urged - to build a
branch line into the district but, on ac
count of an apparent overproduction
of pineapples and the consequent un
certain future of the industry, refused
to approve the expenditure that would
be required. . , . . ,
WASHINGTON, April 6. (Arsoel
ted Press Cable j Navy officers gen
erally are hostile- to the announcement
made by Secretary of the Navy Daniels
abolishing the wirte mess. Daniels de
fend hi action and back it up with
tha statement that it ia aimply apply
ing the same regulution to the officers
which at present govern the enliMted
men. , ...
Army Burgeon Upholds Order.
WAHHINCITON, April 8. (Associ
ated Pres .Cable) lirig, Oen. , William
C. Oorgaa; aurgedn general of the
United Htatea Army, who assumed the
duties of the blHce today, stated that
he is In entire sympathy with tbe order
for the extension of prohibition ti the
United States Navy. Ha stated that
he believed a similar order would do
much good in the Army. II was re
ferring to bis personal opinion, not die
cussing the subject officially, .
Private B. F. Guntert of tha Second
Infantry, at Fort Hhafter, was taken
to the (Queen's Hosita lust night at
tea Ave o'clock by Policeman Samuels,
House of Commons
Defeats Amendment
to Reject Home Rale
Speeches' Are More Conciliatory
'. : On Subject Than In
t , Former Years.
LONDON, April 7. (A.scinted
Ites by Federal Wirelcsn) Hy a m
jority of eighty, tbn house of common
last nigbt defeated tli amendment for
the rejection of the home rule Lil).
Without division the hill was given
readlug for the thlnf 'time. At the
second reading the sioechen were more
cpneil atory in . tone than in former
year. . ; . . t
John E. Redmond again held out the
olive branch t Ulster,! but insisted
that it waa Impossible for him and his
colleagues to ap,ree to the permanent
exclusion ol Ulster and to aLandon in
principle ."Ireland as a nation."
nirew XKinar li, the opposition
ieacierr. taough prd!ct:i that a lil
war waa certain if the Home Rule Bill
was pusned tnrough, asserted that the
unionists would, gladly accept a pro
posai rer. tne renewal of conversation
wita government leaders.
:' I 'II .
Conference Held With Governor;
Investigation to Be Made By
Territorial Secretary.
"wrB iji conneriien witn a rro-
nA.a.l 1 m .... . .
'vu ir jiiiuue improvements to
be made by the County of Maui were
oader discussion yesterday afternoon
betwesa representatives of the county
and. Governor Pinkhaai. ', Tbe confer
ence, lasted twa hours' and whoa all
ibiug bad ben. considered Coventor
mnaaam instructed Attorney General
mayor to proceed to haul to go over
the actuation with the 'olnsials timrn
"to (keck up the proposition." a be
. Between 1109,000 and, l0,000 i the
smoaai wauteu by the county, most 6i
4ir44iiitf tk .!itrietriMiaii.' The
VyMm- r in such .condition
tB V -i ly matter ) of a
if ii jtum w oo. uuea ia iMitiihutr www
short time beiore all traUle will have
to lie stopped in tbe liana part of the
aney jsiaud nniess the aeeded work
is attended to immediately. J '
Some of th money to . be p raised
through the proHised loan la Wanted
for a reservoir at Olinda, which is to
form an auxiliary to the Kula: pipe
system and for a new road to Kihei.
Several thinga will have to b done
before the loan can be floated. The
approval of Governor Pinkham will
V. - . - L. . . n . ...
iu us nerurea nrsi. un this. score
the Maui oflicials fed safe and certain
already aa the Governor stated yester
day that if everything waa all riuht
he would without question approve the
loau. roiiowing tbe approval of the
project by the Governor a plebiscite
win ue taaen in tne county to decide
whether or not the voters desire to
burden the county with the loan.
The Maul people who conferred yes
terday with the Governor on thia ques
tion were Supervisors William Henning
and Raymond A. Drummond, Senator
II. A. Baldwin, County Attorney Dv U.
Case, Dr. J. 11. Raymond ami Hugh
Howell. Attorney General Thayer wa
also present at the conference. . ',
(By Mutual Wirele.) ' ;
HILO, Hawaii, April 6. (Special to
The Advertiser) Julian Wells of Phil
adelphia, -who arrived here" recently
from Honolulu, representing the ' true,
tee In bankruptcy in the ease of tha
Breakwater Company of Philadelphia,
today sold here the plant of the com
pany in question, which ha been used
in the partial construction of the Hilo
I reakwater, to the Coast t Lakes Con
tracting Corporation.
Unless arrangement are made where
by future contractor on tb Him
breakwater may take ' the property
over, it is expected that the plant, of
as much of it as can be taken away,
will he shipped from Hilo and the Isl
ands to the Pacific Coast.
Since the Breakwater Company of
Philadelphia was forced into bank,
ruptcy consSdoraUe litigation over the
receivership was carried on in Hono
lulu over tho question of the former
Philadelphia receivers' authority to
delegate their power to a substitute
receiver in Honolulu. The litigation
ended finally when the new ' receivers
were appointed some week ago in
Philadelphia, and Welln was sent out
to Hawaii to )iersouully take ch4rge
of affairs. ' ,
who found the mau lying proue at King
ami Fort street. .
Witnesses stated that Guntert was
standing on the edge of the curb, vl
dentlyfwaitiug for a car, when he sud
denly placed. his hand to his heart and
fell to the sidewalk. At tbe hospital
the cane wis pronounced one of heart
Emmit Fisher and W. V. Parker, Missing From
Fort Kamehameha for More Than Week; Found
; to Ha?Q Met With Tragedy iri Wildness of
Koolau Range Soldiers Go to Aid of Victim
Who Signals From Cliff Side. u
Far down on the prenpitous
Kwlnu range of mountains, only
- " ----- i - ....u.,..o..u auu a ouiuici inuip HI lliO UlDDy, Ale
Neill & lubby pHckino; plant, yet almoKt 1nccesjMb1e to mankind, a
inother chapter to a trajfedy in Fort Kamehnmeha aoldier life which
has been enacting for more than a week. . . , ' . ' ,,:,
The waving hand and handkerchief, though only dimly seen be .
caUHe (f dintflnep and innrnnnhim ilo.Ln.. .-.1 l: i .
, , -
been fiignaU from Private W. V.
rany, Fort Kamehameha, who has
niu ttrttf an1 wlit lvK.....l a 1
... n,, ls uciiru vu oe
on a ledge of the mountain slope.
Dead Body Is round, O
The fiutial of distress Were fir t seen
hy a party from the Marfarlane place
who had- previously- discorernil ami
located in! that part of f alahole gulch
anowr as, the "Bishop'a Garden" the
dead and badly mutilated body of Pri-
vato Kmmet Fisher, also of the Beven.
ty-fiftb Ckinipany. Fort' KameLameha. '
wno had duuppeared witH Tarker. 't
, - - - - - . Ml
uopmg that tha man on the slope;
and who I- firmly believed to be I'ar-
ser ty oittrer and enlisted men at
Fort kamehhmeh. m. K--..;n "i.A
two thousand feei of heavy rope and
uiuen man sRie waieii will be rigged
from the ton of th rhl
t A tha 1tM lASba nSi . 1 ' l
aibla nositlnn. - In l,i. ,iL
taehmont leaving thia morning -will be
! . ., . . -
Joined by tha troop, now csmped noar
tne. scene. ,
The discverv nf tha ,1a,1 ,i
- J -- J W.HI
tbe man aiirnallinir m th. in..
made quite by accident. On Thursday,
aiiraciett to watorfall in Ahuimiuu
gulch which runs oulv after narimla nt
heavy rainfall, Mr. and Mra. Macfar-
lane went ap the gulch to watch the
fall of water. '. . ..
Haw Body la Creek Bod.
rf w. w.j . . Kswsaa a,u V
creek bottom they made out the form
i ..,.. . , . .
ui m Human uouy tying xar uown Delow
in the creek be.l. ' Thav ntnma.1 in
their bom with the news. Tbey told
of their discovery to Miss Lady Mac
farlana, who quickly organised a dozen
Korean laborers, into a taiu na.tv
and headed them to the acene.
Under diractian a Mi.. Afa.tn.
the boily waa removed from the ereek
.a, 1 . 1 . . t m m
uuiiuui inu rurnea io i lie Mftcrariune
nlHPA ailll tint.if1fBttnn f whaa A Mill n . i
waa va. b w; silMU V I
the body waa sent to tho Honolulu au-
.-:.: .i i . . ....
murium unu miso vo me mnu&ry ao-
tainrit iai Thia iuai ttssn,!... .A.nAn
. w. - a. saaa n saw aruJtai 1 IC HVUUi
The body was kept at the Macfarlane
piaee mai nigni ana yesterqay was re
moved to Koolaupoko where aq inquest
wss coouuciea Dy ueputy Hherlir k. w.
Davla and a verdiet of accidental death
returned. The body waa so badly muti
lated that it was unrecognizable, only
by tattoo mark on th arms which
Wara rrno n i il hv a uMI. .nim...
ion who had . seen the tattooing psr
formed. :
Sevaral Theories Advanced.
It is the theory that Fisher, while
staling a precipitous cliff, lost hi foot
bold and fell down the slope several
hundred feet to instant death. Uotu
shoulder were broken, a were an arm
and leg, and the features were almost
uurecogniaaoie oecause or bruises., it
is beliavait thafc tha aerMnn ' .mh.
several day before and that the body
uau urou swejii uown ne gulcn Dy the
heaw rain waters ami ha.l
over the waterfall, to flud lodging te
iuw, . ;;,
It ia believed that Parker. 1 i.
tempting to rescue hi Companion.
either also fell and' ia seriously in
jured, or lowered himnalf n
tion from which he cannot escape. In
asmuch aa neither of tha man nrr(.ul
food when thav laff tha u 1.1
appear that Parker baa been eight davs
u,:kn... i . . . . :
nl'' iuou, sua apparently would be
in greatly weakeued condition.
Bignals Been by Beyernl.
The siuual iriven bv tha ma a m. il.
slope waa not only seen by Mix Mac
farlane but waa pointed out to. Cap
tain Jones and several Of his mea yea
terday afternoon when they jisited
tne scene after being apprised of the
ttillhtintf of the siinala t,v tha nr.....
farlunes. At that time, however.
Ittrkuess was eonnnir nn an.l It u...,i.
w - - ' " w m
have been futile to hsve mada an at
tempt at rescue.
From t he steep slope Captain Jones
o decided that it would be Impossible
deseenil ii thu rm.lK..,,
. " ' v '"I""
ami he drove to the city to procure the
equipment aad additional meu. He-
iuus tne men nom town who left at I
alope of Wjnahole Gulch in the
a' short distance from the Harry
iiuiAuvm, am uciieveu io uave
Parker of the Seventy-fifth Com:
been missing since March 29 from
i ...
lying injureu ana heipleu down
... ;, :.
)' '"'
three o'clock, tbe men ia camp on the
other side of the ridge will go te the
scene this morning aad approach will
lie made from. -both aide
Fisher and Parker left Fort Kama,
hamclia. with two other companions oa
March 29 on a hunting trin acta.
several hours' outing two of the party
"""""i vw mrn Daea, but rister ana
rer aeritiea to explore another gulrh
which annealed tn tham i '
leay. '
mir ineir companions neither of the
two men waa aan aatll Vi.k.. l i
waa found and the signals of the Mae
.Uni.o t L . t ..Z " " " --
.KU',',0ul to. w Irker . were noted on
I is reacued , alive tod
hi in can only ba tnM it p..l..
Teacued alive todky and Is able' to
tell the story. t
had Wen made by
I M. " . "
? ' "P-rted mi,.-
inff.'' it hn haan .,1 kn . L . .
- ' ". ua uir, m i
met with accident in tbe mountain an t
Bcriueni in tne mounts us n 1
scouting, parties wrr .. .
ti. v . -
... irur i.Mt.eouia bo fonnd;
hoWerer, waa a hiwitliigt Jtnlfe, and last
riday Captain Winn, commander ' at
tho fort, sent out an ambulance, bat
. .-iui tmi-e waaionna until Sunday.
(By Mutual .Wireless.) ' ''.
HILO, Hawaii, April .-f8Dcial ta
The Advertiser)-Freeman Sylvester of
this eity, for whose arrest Deputy Mar
hal David K. Hherwood arrived vaatae.
day morning from Honoluln, with a
warrant wmcb charges Freemsa with
a Statutory 'ofTenaa. na .... ittT
Htatea Diatrlct Attoraey Jeff MoCara
for false arrest, it wa stated here
today. ...... , , ,, . . "
Sylvester leaves IKI0 tomorrow
ins by the steumnr . Hf v.. i-
charge of Deputy Marshal eherw'pod. ;
.... ...vrurj, LlttlMIUS 11. UcHride, SS
already In TTnnntMin 7 .
charge of hi defeuae on Bylveeter'e
arrival ih.u
Sylvester waa i tt.,
ng January on a - .. .l .
Which wa drennarl , k. !
torney', department. He wa. rea?..
ed later on a kindred charge, was sen
tenced to a mnnth'. lm.:".r.?T . .
eryed his sentence. Attorney MeBride
ciamiB that L. .k-rr.. . rt.
l. J. Which hie
ctient has been arrested by the federal
suthoritiea 1. the ..... Ulli
'J"""1 la'ui the reatr, snd that
therefore he is imnni... 2.
prosecution. , . " ,u''
A large attendance U look4 for by
Major f. W. Ziegler st the ln.n-atl.
of ('onipanv H. Nntinnat n.....i tt
' v wea it VA
", t0 '' the armory tonight,
lhis is tbe Chinee company, woke has
already made suck a good showing ia
the national guafd organisation
j u. insMrviou will be carried oa by
Major Ziuulnr an. I T.l...
hump, the latter of th United States
,v wui nan promtttly at sev
en thirty o 'clock. .. 7.
Captaia Koddimrtnn im n.,.1. ..t-...
1 with the mauiier iu which his company
i- has already arquittod itself snd is eon-
bers can arrange, a now being plaoeed.
to Jitteud the Fsnama-raclna Eml!
.. . o.. .. ia ,
rrauciBeo la WIS tht the
t hiuese-American soldiers will arauit
tlein-lvee in a mauuer that will brine-
credit ta Hawaii. ......

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