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ITAWAifAM rtAfct-TTE, FRIDAY, JUNK 12, 1914. pr.Ml-WEKKLY..
- : -in nr ; 'i.u.J 'lli.ULii rlllt
u...n u ur
Chief Executive Declares That
Question Is Too Important , to
Bring. Up When Supervisors
Wolter, Hardesty and Cox Are
'. Absent."'' ' ' ; '
,' " (From, Wednesday Advortiser.) '.
Although there was a quorum present,
. Mayor Fern decided last night at the
' meeting of the board of supervisors
that no important a question an the
appointment of a city and county en
". gineer should be deferred until a full
-.'. membership of the board wm present.
' Following thia line of reasoning ills
Honor deferred naming a successor to
fill the position male vacant by the
. dismissal ,of Count Engineer h. M,
, ,; Whitehouse..- .
"'. Those present at the meeting Just
.'" night tn addition to Mayor Fern and
! Secretary Milca -were Supervisors
, ' Markham, Pctrie, MeClellan and Pa
''. -eheco. .Supervisors Wolter, llardeety
' . and Cox were absent. ''... ,
A communication from County En
gineer 1 M. Whitehouse was read in
which a request wan mado for a raise
In salary of the stenographer in that
"office from $75 to $100 a month. -.''
A eommunie'ation was read front Gov
ernor Pinkharn asking- that the board
defer action on taking over the sewer
I and waterworks until June' 80. . '.
Kennedy Claim Itejected.
Thomas K. Kennedy's claim for a
month's salary was turned down by
the committee on ways and means.
An invitation from Honolulu Lodge
( B. P. O. K. No. 819 to attend the flag
day exercises of the order a the Opera
House on June 14 was accepted by
! the board. ' 't .
The indiscriminate gathering of ke
" awe beans in Kapiolani Park will be
.'"stopped according to a resolution in
' troduced by Supervisor Petrie. In the
future tenJerg will have to be made
to the board for this privilege. ,'
- The traffic ordinance with its many
' amendments which has . caused muc h
. merriment passed second reading. It
.. iwaa whispered around the eity hall last
,v night that this ordinance would even
' ,' tually become a law.
" A protest was filed by J. I Tonng
signed by property holders in-Manoa
' against the carrying out of the front-.-age
tax. law on lower Manoa road. '"'
A lengthy discussion in which K. It.
' Beidford, U. O. Guild, J. T. Warren and
. other resnliihts of tho district were
' , divided over the protest, took up much
of the attention of the board last night
and little or no headway was made to
ward a settlement Although Young's
petition is signed by property holders
:. J-representing lifty-six, and seven-tenths
of the, district to be assessed it is
claimed by those who are desirous .to
have the frontage tax 'put into effect
in the district that eighteen out. of tle
- twenty-one - property holders on . the
..'-street are, being held up by abseutee
property . holders who are opposed to
. ; tbo ..movement and . hay e no personal
' .Interest in. the iftricV. .ty'. Kiidford,
Who has been making a strong tight to
, .' bavethe new law put into ellert in
'-'.- Msnpa, stated last night that although
.-, '.'.the protest agHiustihe carryibg. out ot
thia law was signed by 'property hoUJera
l" representing fifty six and seves-tenths
"',; 'df the property, more than' forty' per
; cent of tpesii were non-residents; ana
. were not cognisant of tti full intent
; ... of the luW or the supervisors' policy in
' carrying it out. It was finally decided
to defer final action on tho question
. until June 17. . , . . . . ' ,
,-. . .'.i... j '
: - Improved Mail Service foy Islands
: Is in fros'pect as Result i,
Better mail .service' for the Islands
'" la promised s the result of a, revlaion
of steamer schedules, ' whii n, accord
'.'ing to informatloir received here' .yes-'
terdayj is soon to be announced from
the headinarters of the pacitlo Mail
and Toyo Kiscu RaUha In Sun Fran
;;.' cisco. ,-'- -i 1 -. ''' ''-'
''. John Drew, head of the shipping .Ic-
,jartnent of Castle k Cooke, iii(ittw lr
'...tho vral'au0!'e """t saiil retoi'-ip that
- ofliyial notice of tho change had not
' been received by his firm liut that it
was expectod. , k ' i
-' l'i)iler the jifesent .schedule steamers
of the two lines occasionally sail from
, ban Francisco . the same day, aa! wns
the case recently , with the Jijppou
' Maru and the Mongolia, both of, which
' not only left on the same day but at
", the same hour and were only an.ho'ir
- or so apart all the way.' across' the
' I'acifln. Naturally both eompaoles have
i ' sutfered by these clabhea ia the schud-
'ule arid their decision' to; rearrange sail
;' iug dates was expected. '
- , Date to Afternate. : . )'',
V -The plan as outlined byThe Adver
tiser's correspondent at San Franciaco
'Is, for. the coinpetiug companies to a
' teruate in the dispatching .of 4vohc1s,
; the 1'miHo Mill to date, the sailing of
. a vessel for one rjaturday "d the Toyo
Kitten Keislia, for the, next Saturday. -'
Not only will such a schedule improve
the uiail. service westbound but H
, will operate 'to eqi)al advantage east
i : boUnd for utcaiucrs which heretofore on
both the outwRrd and inward voyages
, will b separated.. ,..., ..f , ;; ; ,
'' po1 ligt sufi'er from 'cramp ' collo - or
I'Cii it in the ktouiHdli when 'hamber-
' Initj'a Ctjic, . Cholurn ' a)ix) Diarrhoea
Kemeilv govs to tho right spot ami gives
iiuniciliiitu relief.. Vou, mil0t all'tud tJ
1 - be without it if yon ore Bulijnct to at
tacks of thia kind. Forwtale by all deal
eis, Kenson, Hiulth & Co.,' Ltd., ageiitH
for Hawaii. .
-T'. t
WfulukU Attorney Tiles Copies 6f
Records; witli C.A:i Justice
' . for Investigation.
Nct Irt line or art Invent igatjon,' t
rrportg current In' Icyiil circles are to
I'O credit is Jmlgo Sclilcn O- Kitigs-
bury of Maui, . aHHtt wlinirt specille
i li a !' have been, fi I tt witu Chief Jus
tici Itobertson and in complaint of
whom I'cputy (.'ouuty At'rncy Vjment
of Maui Is now in the city. Mi. -Vim
cent'a complaint is that thn Mini jtn'gl
has usurped the pardoning power, vest
ed only in the Governor, and had kept
out of jail a Mary Ann Peters, who he
had sentenced a year ago to serve six
ty days in tne pen. The other com
plaint, considerably more aerinns, i
now before the rhlcr justice, bcKcii
by various certified copies of ollicial
records, one in the form of a bill eer-
Willed to as a charge against, thn S''C
ond circuit court by Judge Kingsbury,
but which is declared bv others to be
a private bill of the judge chargeable
only to himself, and others in tho form
of two aitidavita, one made by the
judge anil one mado by Sister ilolone
of the Malulani hospital, diatiuctly dif
ferent in the statements sworn to. The
affidavit of Sister Helene is bactted up
by a eopy of a bill against the county,
certified a correct, by Judge . Kings
bury himself, , L
The latter documents have been filed
with the chief justice by Eugene Mur
phy of Wailukn.
Vincent' Quick Betrults. ' '
.' Deputy County. Attorney Vincent
came to Honolulu te secure front the
supreme court a writ of mandamus di
rection Juilire Kingsbury to issue a
minimus consigning Mary Ann peters
to jail, to serve out her sentence, pssv
ed upon her nearly a year airo. , The
matter was here referred to the nttor
ney general, who .wirelessed to Judge
Kingsoury asking why tbe minimis nu.i
i.ot been issued, Vincent having ex
plained that tho Maul jndire had do
clared that he had become convince!
that the sentence was too severe and
that be did not propose to have the
woman serve it out. Tbe reply of the
judge was that the mittiinns desired
had idst been issued. , 8 hat end-d
that part of tho matter and Vincent wi'.l
return to Wailuku satisfied.
The other charges will probably be
gone into, at ' length. ". They eoucern a
demand made ulon the judiciary de
partment fund of the County or Mam
for ' flftv dollars, in favor of Holmes,
Stanley & )lson, who represented J Ige
Kingsbury betore tne supreme court iu
a habeas corpus matter. The demand
is certified to by Edmund H Hart,
court clerk, and Approved by Judge
Kincsburr. oflicially-'as judge ' of th
second circuit The warrant was' mail
ed to Holmes. Htanlcy . & UiKon, as
noted orf the warrant, and the amount
of the claim receipted for liy -the Mo
nolnlil firm on Hentomber 10. 1913.
. Now the claim of : Mr. Murphy Is
that this account is a poreonai one of
Judge Krugsbury,-coutracteci py, nim
in connection witn ale, appearance pe
fore the supreme eaurt. when, the at
torney general, as by law tequired, rep.
resented him. His retaining of a prj
vate firm was. aocordinir to . the com
plaint, his own atTair and tU w"
hi own bil and not proierIy charge
able against the court appropriation,
f ? 1 'i- nnnfllct'fns-'Affliia.vItaL '
The second part of the charges! filed
hv Mr. Murnhv are backed bv coidea of
aifidayits and liy eo(.y of auotUer
aemuud Upon toe COliri appropnanon
One affidavit was made by Judge Kings
bury in the supreme court, in connection
With petition for a writ oT babeas cor
iiua for Lucy Akiona Ah 8a.m. then de
tainfld jn the Malulani Jloapital, In
which he. sweera that he wa oo '.'jn
any 'manner concerned in Any renioval
of the said Lucy Aikona Ah Jfam front
her home and denies that he had any
thing whatever to do with her lclviug
or being removed from tt going away
from the home of said Ah Ham." The
affidavit, which - denies that Judge
Kingsbury as -Judge (had anything
whatever to do with the Ah Bam ease,
furthei denies that,. "this respondent
(Judge Kingsbury) as said judge ever
made any order or. took . any action
whatever regarding tbe .aeparatidn of
the said Lucy Akiona Ah Pra from
her alleged husband." This affidavit
was sworn to before Florence Lee In
Honolulu , on. August 12, 1913. , , ... ;
; The contrary affidavit by Bister Hp!
fne, in the. same ease, says that she,
as matron of the hospital where Lucy
Aikona Ah Ham .was confined, . 'is now
and always has been under the belief
that, said , Lucy Aikona Ah bam was
placed in aald hospital for. care and pro
taction under tho direction 'of . the' said
Honorable Kelden II. Kingsbury. That
said respondent (Sister llidune) admits
that she has allowed no visitors to co
vtrse with .said Lucy Akiopa Ah fcui
unless given permission by the Honor
able 8. B.. Kincsburv." and that had
Lucy Akiona Ah 8am "attempted to
leave the premises "of the aald, hospi
tal, tne said respondent would nave re
strained her until communicating with
tbe said Honorable 8. I Kingsbury.'
As . shpwlug further that , Judge
Kingsbury had something to do .with,
confining Lucy Akiona Ah Bam ia the
hospital, which he denies, Mr, Murphy
has filed a certified copy of a- demand
against the county, in favor of Hala
fune (auto driver, for six dollars, to
be charged against the appropriation
ror "Court expenses, Juvenile court,
the particulars of the itom being;
", ' "In re Lucy Ah Bam, delinquent-
child. To auto hire, Lucy Ah Sam ;
and Deputy plioriff C', It. Lindsay,
Lahaina to Wailukir and return."
The demand was certified to, by tlio
clerk of the court and approved by
Judge Kingsbury, the warrant being
paui on .luiy is, mis, . , ,
Mr.' Murphy wants the supreme court
tq order uu inyastlgstion based pu the
contradictory aflidavits and records on
file and into tbe legality of the . pay
ment of the anion at drawn fro in the
court approprintiou to pay. Holmes,
Stanley & Olson on what Mr. Murphy
claims is a private matter of the jutlge
gun uuij n puunu ivuui,
Washington Correspondent Says
' Beet Industry ' Is
.Doomed. .
" Here, write staff eorrospodent of
the Detroit Free Press from Washing
ton, under date of May 2S, is the ad
ministration attitude toward the Mi
chigan beet sugar industry
I "11 It Is a 'hot house industry and
can't exist without artificial tarilt pro
tection, then we don't want it..
f Anything so artificial, so unnatural,
o larking in innate strength that ev
erybody has to be taxed to support it
Lad better lie lot die. Better substi
tute something that we won't have to
tax everybody for.", i, ,
This attitude is held by tbe depart
ment of commerce todav. , Bearing this
in mind It la easy to forecast tho re
port that will be made by the secret
investigators of the department of com
merce now scrutinizing the Michigan
sugar beet industry. - . , v . :
The bureau of corporations, part of
the department of commerce, aont out
soino of its "smelling" experts to as
certain how, the Michigan beet sugar
business is faring under tbe Under
wood Simmons tariff.' :
'Smelling" Has Seen Enough.'
If was figured that ! "artificial de
pression" might be found and that a
great political soup might be made on
the eve of the fall elections by catch
ing some Republican business man to
bang higher than Haman' to quoto
the words of Secretary Bedflold, tor
many years vice president Of the Amer
ican blower works in Detroit.'-.,-'.
But the department of commerce has
lust reiterated the above dnoted atti
tude regarding "bot house industries. '
This, is significant. It means simply
this: - The "smelling'' squad out in
Michigan has wen enough; it has learn
ed that the Michigan sugar beet in
dustry is actually on its last legs and
will be wiped out whon.free sugar be
comes effective in the spring of JtMu.
In other words, the. Michigan eot
sugar industry will bo dead in 1016
and the . Democratic . tariff, will ' have
killed it. Just as the Louisiana cane
rugar business is dead already at a
loss that will reach (10,00(1,000.
. That's why tbo department pf com
meree ia so.-emphatic right now in
shouting,,) We don't want-, any hot
house industry." ' They are trying to
make people bolieve that what, they
are killing ought to be killed. .
In the Democratie platform of 191 3
it is stated, regarding the Kcpurltcan
tariff: "Under its operations the Amer
ican farmer and laboring man aro the
chief sufferers."-' ' .''..' ' ,
' : Congressman Interested- , ,
There are. a Jot of farmers who have
found beot vulture profitable in.Michi-
2tt in' a Kood nmny years plst. They
axe au'eadv. finding that the words o(
the Baltimore plat I or m apply in veriest
truth to the operations of the porno-
cratiu tariff, aud that V under its oper
atious the Amorican farmer and Jubor
inir man aro the chief snITcrers.":
, l ongrcssman psepn y ,, rorqney, ei
Michiuan, ilccllnca to charge the Demo
cratic party jn advance with bad, faith,
lie views the secret investigation now
being prosecuted in tho. Michigan beet
country wifli much intercut, and he
says, assuming that the investigation
is honostj that thoro is just one possible
outcome:., .-,. . '',.' r- f ' .''
"The .investiuation, eise. it is aia-
houestf. must .ehow,., that,, tho boot
sugar .industry, Is ,npw dolnsi , its best
to continue, that it probably .will on
tinue throughout bqt that it can
not exist after the aprm? or, auio, -
In Congressman, I'prdney 'a opinion if
the. Democrats , are honest, there win
follow a nipvemeut to revite the Us
derwopcl-Biiumoiis tariff 'so as to swve
industries imperiled by the, act as .it
bow stands, ...... , .
The answer to tl" the department
of commerce 'a declaration that we
want the death of. hot. house indue
f PlAu
' f
The Democratic party laid down it;
platform of "rule or ruin" at Haiti
more and the administration is going
to bull its way through to- the finish,
no matter what hapiiens, and wheu IU
free trade'., method kills, an industry
here and another- there, the only com
ment it going to be, "Wo want fie
death at. hot house lndustfiod. " . .
borne .very, interesting developments
are taking place those days, showing
what roiuht be called a .rather close
connection between the Democratie par
ty and at least one great trust, which
wUl be directly benoutod by free trade.
, It ia such au, interesting affair as
to, have been made the subject, of com
ment on tqe npor of the aeuate, aud
C'ougressmau I'ordnny is planuing to
air it a little further, some of theso
days, in the' house of representatives,
' . Bprockela Heavy Contributor.
. IndeedU is an interesting eltuatloa
when a trust . magnate contributes
heavily to the Wilson campaign and
then hue hi,, right hand man go in
and write that portion of the Demo
cratic campaign "dope" book bearing
on, the magnate's., particular - line of
business. ' .'; . ' ' - .'.
.Bprevkels, the sugar, trust refiner, is
credited with having boe;i a heavy con
tributor to tho. Wilson campaign tuuu
This ia not deiiiud. ;
Kpreckels' "man Friday "Vr Jnk
0. Lowrey lobbyist admitted 1 it' ore
the lobby investigation comniitteo that
lie wrote mnch of the "silga dope"
in the Democratic:, campaign boon -Qf
01S. Tbe. "dop.',i a mass ofiniis
lead inc. inaccurate and, in som lii
ktanees, actuallv falne statenienV, the
purpose of the whole thiug boi-ig tp
discredit the doincstie, cane and beet.
suira r ; industries. .,- It is found in the
lU'iporratie fxt. book, under the rap
tion,' "The Family Sugar Bowl..'.' .
Uf course every honest persoii -kuows
that tbe sugu,r rcliuers,. iiicud'u-j rlprec
ke.ls, will have absolutely uq rlieck on
the prices thi'V tuny churge tiio , t on-
sumer, cuce tlie dumestiu pro ti'ction of
sugar is. cuded. r ' . 1 ' '
With dutv romoved from augar the
consumer win Keep ou paying tne oiu
.... . . . .
Seymour Hall
Flic s At r os s S ah
one c. i;it'mif to makA tin mairt Xno tiie vEay
The fart that a hvdro aeroplane ferry ply did not took upon the trip as -dan-sirvlcn
has feceatly been established I Fpro,m hl'1 'omplete eonfidence in
between Si, Francisco and Oakland
has been reported in the bress, but tbe
following letter from T. Beytnour II all,
formerly of Honobibi,.' now scrotnry
nd treasurer of tho Oakland Ptrett Im
provement bond fompany, brines borne
tho fact to Honolulu people that flying
s no longer ronnned to Mrds and ex
perts, The every-day citizen Can in-
nfge at slight expense and with very
little danger.
Mr. Hall's tettef. , .
ITn.t V.ln,l. io 0,1 1 nf
three o'clock p. m., t left Osklmd at
he foot of Webster street, in the hy
dro-aeroplane Airmsid," anil at 3:u7
m., ai rived nt the foot of Misnon
street in Han rrancisco, seven milei
war, having risen (o a height of 3"0
feet. .. , -'.'
'As a matter of fact I had no mora
sensation about the whole performance
than I would to drive an automobile
or ride in a fast train.' This would in
dicate on the face that I am nnimagina
ive, but 1 believe that yon can testify
that the contrary ia the case. 1 s'tni-
PROCEEDINGS. ';'?'.'' V'"
i (Froin Tuesday Advertiser.) .
"Judge, give me badi my child,"
sobbed Mrs. Tcrys Roberts on tho wit
ness stand yesterday afternoon before
Judgo William I Whitney in the cir
cuit court. Twice she made tiie tear
ful request. ...
Mrs. Kol'orta, as related in The Sun
day Advertiser, ou Saturday moiliing
Sled a suit fr divorce against tier hus
band, John l. Huberts, from whom she
had beeu divorced cine bete re and re
married bim. , She also sought an or
der of court restraining ' her husband
from taking custody ot their child. ,
The proceedings yesterday ' were on
a plea to jurisdiction on a motion filed
by Attorney E. L. J'oters, representing
lioberts On . the staud, Mrs. Kobcrts
teetiflcd that. .some time ago saa and
her husband left Hawaii for the I 'oast,
Intending to make their residence there.
While on the Coast, Huberts registered
as a votor, thereby estaPiisiuug bis
residence. A month after. Mrs. Rob
erts arrived on the (,'ast, wane , she
had gone on nocount of Iter health, she
decided' to return to Hawaii. ,
Attornov ' refers' '. contention ... was
that on tnis s'liowlng ltoberts and
wife had becomo' legal, resideiils . -of
California hm) thereby had lost their
former residetu-o in Hawaii.. Henco,
thpir, pew . . residence" here dated from
the timo of their return, claimed Pe
ters, and that two years had - not
elapsed aince then. ' '
Attorney Juuaph Lightfoot muue an
addrers to the court touching op the
cruelty... of having the . child , taken
from its niother. Throughout , Light
foot's addrens, ' Mrs.. Roberts, petite
and extremoly attractive In appear
ance, sobbed, audibly and tears
streamed from her eyo. - '
f'l am of. the opinion," said Judge
Whitney in deciding the motion and
plea to jurisdiction, "both from the
pleadings and front the evidence on
the motion the sworn pleadings show
ing that, after tho first uivorce, which
is within the two yearn, this libellant
went to reside In San Frauelseo and
changed her. -mind- after a niqnth't
residence there and came' uaca-r-inni
she has not resided in the .Territory
the two years reiiuireiU The plea to
jurisdiction Is, .therefore, sustainod.
Attpmey Lightfoot pa ted an. exeep-
tioa to the ruliuii of the amirt. pop
arts and his attorney rose from their
scats aud proceeded to leave tho court
room. .Mrs. .Roberts, arose, looked at
J ml ire Whitnev us he loft his seal and
entered his . chambers; then she faced
her attorney, wbe atood before her
without a word. Tho little woman
tMiivercd. Then she seemed to realise
what th(? judgu'a decision, meant.:
(She broke into hysterical sous again
and her,,ctioe wore pitiful, V Turning
la her husband aud Attorney Peters, as
they made their way to the door, she
'jck, on jsck, give mp pacK my
buby," cried the .little
inutner. n
woman friend, who had ant
An . the
prices or evon,hi:h!,r; tH" rofincr wili
pocket' what uW goes into Jha public
revenues a duty ou the impjrtod raw
sugar, and the roiiHumer, without bav
ing benefited by. the fraction ofj a ef't..
will be compelled to make up tne o"
licit in. federal revenue .through soma
other form of taxation. .,; ..'
, T' L. . . . ,. a ., ., U .. . .1,.1.. wu i, t .
ed free trade on sugjir. They havo
been clamoring for it for years.. They
know it wUl benefit them in two ways,
T.1 1 ', A. A will Al . n. . A. sv I. ,niHialI.I
production of ...gara thing that has,'ioul Lo. game, were a. follow.
always sorted as ,a check, on. increase
of prices by the rljueis. . , Ja nist
ter of fact the domestio sugar produc
tion has resulted In a, steady decrease
of auifar prices. With thu domestic
can noon pru-o. lP suit n.insr,.
UO Will Hft'U vvunillMl f ,puw.'J
l. , ' .i ... 1 ' 1 '
his mere v.
,, rBecpuil; with the duty removed from
fqrign raw sugar, the refiuer will be
able to put into bis own pockets what
heretofore has gone to the government
in customs eharges. '- , ' v
. Jhe sugar barons, bavo good reaaou
for, loving Wilson and his administra
tion. .Congressman Pordiiey is plan
ning to tell the" house about it. , . '
I''10 Bishop Trust Opiupanv yesterday
filed a bond of $tWW us administrator
of the estate of A. de rl, I'nnavnrro,
doreased. lute I'mtuvuesn consul geu
eral in Hawaii. The Fidelity & Deposit
Company of Maryland aiuued Us snty
. . . . .
; ou the bona. -., , . '
, pf Honolulu
a ri c is cd Bay
t- t I- f 1 , -,
I"""- .
Speed of MUe Minute,
'."There were however certain sensa
tions which struck me, such as the lack
of vibration, end because of , tbe dis
tahce-front other objects the absence
of a sense of speed, although we were
making better than a mile a minute
during most of the time. - . .
"The moment I turned my bead to
look about I was immediately aware of
speed by the fact that it seemed t ac
tually blow the air out and past my
nostrils 1 could not breathe with my
bead tinned, for "besides our own sliced,
there was a twenty knot broer.e which
made a wfbd pressure of over eighty
miles an hour.
"We seemed to crawl above the bay,
with the tugs and ferries below us, but
Snn Franrisce eame towards as very
fast, and we glided down to the water
u ml up onto the float all too loon.
"That trin brings me within th
first twenty-five people who have ever
flown across Ssn. Francisco Bay, ami 1
guess it Is safe to claim the first ka
naka." ,,...,
body of the courtroom, hastened to
the side of Mrs. Roberts, who appeared
to be on the verge of a nervous eol
lapao. , Uveryboily in court looked at
everybody else. Then, mute, but with
aa unspokon question in ber eyes ahe
again faced her attorney. He under
stood what bis client would ask.
"Don't ask your husband for-'the
chilil," roarud . Attorney Lightfoot,
standing erect. . With a majestic wave
of the hand and pointing n finger to
ward the door through - which Judge
Whitney had disappeared, Attorney
Lightfoot said: i . ' ".
"Don't ask your husband for the
child. , Aak the judge ask Peters,"
Attorney lightfoot left the Court
room exhibiting some temper. Shortly
Afterward be filed a sun .in equity
with , reterence to ,tho cnalody or the
Roberta' child,, the papers being Im
mediately sent out fof service, , Judge
Whitney's ruling in. sustaining the
plea to jurisdiction s tantamount ' to
nn indefinite postponement of Mrs..
Roberts' suit for divorce. The case
msy be carried to the supreme court
on exceptions. Under the territorial
law, two years ' continuous residence is
required before a divorce may be
sought,-.", ."-. , j,,... , ; ,
(From Wednesday Advertiser.)
' A hew angle1 was given the Roberts'
divorce suit yesterday . when . Judge
William J. Kabipson made an' order
citing John Edward Roberta to appear
before him - this afternoon at two
o'clock to show cause why Roberts
should not be fined for contempt of
court. When Mrs. Terys Roberts In
stituted a divorce suit ngdinst Roberta,
Judge Robinson issued an order re
straining the lattor from taking away
the child bf the couple frqm its moth
er. - Thia order has, apparently, . been
On the ground of hoh-auport, Judge
William L. Whitney yesterday granted
a decree, of diyorun to Mrs. Mill io A.
Woodward from Roy A. . Woodward,
former rosidopts of Wailuku, MhoL
The decree h to take effoct on Juoo 13.
Including tbe suits mentioned belqw,
up to yesterday eleven divorce acetous
have been filed since June 1 last and
113 aince January 1 past. .The latest
suits filed were those of Louisa Keahi
'against Charles Keahi and of, hjlizabeth
Lililehun against David Li'ib'hua,t,; .
The papers in the action for divorce,
filed on tyqnday, 'pf Aloxaqdrliia' SuD
likov against lieorge Hiislikov were re
turned yesterday to the circuit .court
clerk's office as having ben properly
served on the libel lee. The ftuslikovs
were married in Russia on November
10, 1900, but have no children. Non
support and extreme 'cruelty are - the
grounds for divorce alleged in the com
plaint. ,-:-'v- V -f
-lu the divorce ., case if William II.
Hindle agaliut, Nfinuie May lliudle, a
motion was filed ywtelday requoa,(iug
that service of the papers in the rasa
be . made on the libelee by mall, Oak-
lunu, . v-ail' ornia, ueiug (iirn as- tne
present address of Mrs. Hindle. .
t'HICAfib, 'June 1). (Associated
pruts by Federal WireleasV ' Y ester-
y, tn- uforiean and Na-
" .
tmsHplil Tab rrn
At :hicago -Now York 4, Chicago 7.
At Detroit Philadelphia T, Detroit 3.
At (;ioveland iioston 0, Cleveland 6.
k i. .) . t I.. nr ,-t . . t.. .
Katlonal league.
At Brooklyn Chicago 1, Brooklyn 2.
At Philadelphia,-Pittsburgh 1, pbtl
adelphia 3, ... ',' '. ' . ., , ;
At Boston -.Cincinnati 2,' Boston 'ft.
. At New York BU Louis'. 5, Now
York 2. .-.'.
Detective M. J. MeXaues) f Heattle
arrived yesterday with extradition pa
per. empowering bim tu take back to
the Ktate pf - Washington A. Derm tor
and R. J. Ritchie. Both defendants in
tho action have been held in the county
jail for the past thnie. weeks, accused
of defrauding Creditors iu Healtlo by
removing a quantity . of merchandise
; from that city under suspicious circuin-
. i . , - .
nto'TICS BHT ' '
' Oil TfiAD
Despite Which' Union Press lias
Celebrated' Seoond Birthday
. in St. Petersburg.'
(Associated Frees Mail Special.) ;
IJT. PETERSBURG," June 2. But.
sian trade unionists nave neen cele
brating the socond anniversary of .the
establishment of a labor press in the
country. Notwithstanding the most
elaborate precautions' taken-by, the po
lice, meetings have beea hold in almost
all factories, collections made, and res
olutions adopted in support of the prcea.
In many factories workmen have re
ofved to devote to the press fnnd a
whole day's wages and to try their best
td increase the number of subscribers,
Hiuce it was established. Truth, the
organ of the trade unions, has had
thirty-six issues confiscated and it has
had to chaage its name naif a dor.ea
times. Besides, fines ' totaling 4000
have boon paid; eixtcen of its editors
have been imprisoned, and tneir sen
tences totaled forty-seven months.
In fact, throughout Russia, labor or
gavizations, through the interference of
thn police, are unable to exist openly.
This, ia the opinion of many of .the
employes, is the cause of the frequoat
strikes, and lack of understanding be
tween them anil their men, nhould
dispute arise and the men ajipoint the
delegates to meet the employers, those
delegates are immediately arrested as
the ringleaders of some imaginary rev
olution, and as a- consequence, to hold
thoir meetings ia secret and are prae
ticallr ruled by secret committees. No
man dare disobey the orders of thes
committees. . ... ..... .
' Tbe perfect control exercised 1
shown by an incident freftly- quoted
here. It wts intimated that no work
would be permitted on a casting re
quired for a certain battleship. ,- The
casting traveled from one dockyard to
another, and wherever it appeared the
men refusod to work on it. finally the
boycott was mysteriously removed and
the work was speedily completed.
. ' . Beady for Eclipse. '
. Russia is looking forward to an in
ternational astronomical invasion for
the purpose of observing ' the aolar
eclipse on August 21. ... -
In the west of Europe the eclipse will
bo visiblo only partially, but Russia
will be favored by a vision of total
eclipse. It will begin in Norway, pass
through Sweden and the Baltic, and
then travel through Russia from north
went' to southeast, retreating to Asia
Minor and Persia, The duration of the
total eclipse will vary from a few sec
onds to a few minutes, and it will be
longest at Minsk, where it will last two
and a quarter minutes.
. British Astronomers will be WelJ rep
resented.. Frank Watson Dyson, at the
head of a large staff, will make obser
vations kt Minsk on-behalf of Green
wich ' )bsorYatory; H. F. Newall will
head an expedition from the Cambridge
Astroiibysicat " Observatory to Thco
dosla; while Professor A. -Fowler of
the Rovnl Astronomical Society will
make his headquarters , at Kieff. No
fewer thari eleven scientific societies of
Western Enropo have already staked
opt their claims on Russian soil, and
iq addition many individual men of
science will be present, on their own
initiative. '
h i ii . 11 V 'i.v j it Y;, '
Nearly Wild With' Fainful, Burning
" Erufltion-rUainicr Hair Fell Out
," and Combihg It Y'zt Tdiiure
Feared She WotilJ be Bald.
T'-:?;' " i 7; '
If ,. "'. ,. -. . -1 . 1 1 '
J Juet about two yearn agol, me I orrt
humor mppoarorl on my ralp. :Tbe
beglnninir wus a. lillght itt buiK.but.lt
grow sUaily worm until, wlienloimljnit
ny, hair, tbo ftrnlp lioramo raw sn tbe
ends 4 the arrhb-looth vopid be ml
with blood. Mv.t rf tUo tlmo llicro was
an intlopiblo - itrblng, in a painful,
Lurninr wn7 very much e a bad, row
burn, u dpi will Itch and smart when
Oust lT,l(uins; to heel. Combing my
bairwai f-sitivo trt"ro. My hair wm
long and tanr.lotl torrililjr borauae ..f ll
blood and aoa!e. .This pf-ritlnued rrow.
in woroq arul over ha'.f my hair full
out, I wai In drr-air, really afraid of
becorrdnR totiJl? bald. ' '
1 ".tiornotirars thn pain wo. r grenl
hnt, wlnia part la awclio, I wouki
orateh tla worat pKioas so tbnt my fiik
antvtiiai would I o blocdr. . .1 onuid tiol
sletsp Weill and) nf ter Wing aslwp a shert
Airuo. tlutt nnful etin"ing pain wou'.d
oornmon arl than I would wak up
nearly wild with tit torture. A O"'r.btor
said it must bo salt rheum, lUviog
used Out inir Uoap merrjy as' a U.ili-I
oap before, I now dc-i(l(l to order a
ot of the Cutioura Reniedlee- Cutlcura
. Hoap, Ointment and Tills. I usod tbera
aroordinn to directions for pwhape six
i wonka, then left off, as thscUseaso scorned
to be aradicatod. .But toward spring,
eighteen months ago, tbnre was, a slight
return of the scalp- burner. . I eunt
mencod the Cutioura troatnvot at an ,
i so had vnrv litlio trouhlo. On m v aralo
. 1 usod about one half a rake of Cutlnura,
Boap end half a bx C utleura Oint-
i merit In all. The first tltna I tixik six
-or swan bottle .( CutU-iu- Pills and
the last time throo uttle-nfithor aa
, irxinslvsi or trdinus tmatmrnt. Kic
then 1 have had no scalp trouble of any
kind. W andi ng up, with my hair un
bound, it tmr to nay knee and bad
(t not been for C'lticura I should doubt
Im 1 e wbolly bald, ' , -
: " This U a voluntary, unsolicited testl
snonlal and.l take 4loaUr In writing
it. hoping m vxrcrleiHo muf bolp mmo. ,
oneels. Miss Lillian Brown. II. V. D. t,
VilMirty, ala., Uot. m, iwj
Cullturm Rwn diss set sold ttimntiiaul Iks 1
fyIM Ini 111. Ml Corn., SuK ITv.., BoUw,
Mws. W-l Fl rii' I 1 " I "' w "
Convention Now On in Pari II .in
Delegates from Thirty- , .
' Seven Nations. i
rARI8 June 2. (Associated Cress
Mai Special)-Many thousands of mil
lions of dollars engaged in industry
and commerce In the leading nation
of the world are' represented at tho
Sixth International Congress of Clmm
bere of Commerce and Commercial and
Industrial Association, which will be
called together here. Ite business ses
sions are to last from June e to Juii
10 and during that period are down
for discussion many questions of prime
interest and paramount importance, t"
the trade and commercial relations
the entire globe.
The widespread range of the activ
itiea of the congress is shown in t;""
fact that delegates from no fewer Hi '
thirty-seven nations answered the r U
call, while S0!t associations, incln.ln'i;
ninety-one In the United rtates, rep
resenting nearly every etate ami ter
ritory in the Union, are alhliatid to
tha congress, ' a
, . Many Coantriea.
i The countries from which delegat i
were announced are Argentina, Aim
tralia, Austria, the Bahama, llcl ,nn",
ltcrmoda, Krazil, British - India, th"
British Isles, Bulgaria,-Canada. ( bile,
China, Cuba, Denmark, Kcnador, Franco,
Germany, Oreece, Hungary, Italy,
Japan, Luxemburg, Mexico, thu Jsctli
erlanda, New Zealand, Norway, Porn,
Portugal, Kouniaoia, ' Russia, - Hp,-,i.i
Hweden, Bwitserland, Turkey, the Unit
ed Htates and Uruguay. .
Among American members of the
riermanent committee are Kdward A.
Filene, Boston, Maf sachusetts; It-rnar l
J. Bhoninger, president of the American
Chamber of Commerce in Paris; llarty
A. Wheeler, of Chicago, presiilenf ,t
the Chamber of Commerce of the I'nit
ed States; John II. Kahey, of Hiooklinc,
Massachusetts, and Georo M. Atwond,
secretary of the American 'Association
of Commerce and Trade, Berlin.
Canada is also strongly represent'' I
with delegates from Montreal, Mom k
ton, Ottawa, Belleville., M. I'atrierine s,
8t. John, Hlierhrooke and Tnrouto.
Wide Bango of Topics.
Tbe subjects on the agenda and on
which reports are to be mado and n -,
lutions to bo presented to the con i -
include: '
Fixed Easter; Calendar reform; l'n
fair competition proposed interna
tional action; Customs staiihtii .4; 1 n
ny . postage; Unification of laws c n
cerning checks; Postal transters an I
clearing; Vnincatiop of laws couo 1 1
ing arbitration procedure for regulat
ing litigation between citir.rns ot till
fcrout iiaUu,ll Cuiflcntion of laws r"
biting to warehon.se certificates w,;
the view pf facilitating, extendni:; I
better guaranteeing credit on men h
disc; gold reserve to prevent I ' '
ciaf panics; Advancement of time 1 1
summer; twenty-four-hour-day; hm
stumps fqr allixing to postal mi
nients; Projected uniform t.vpo of I
of lading, ns far as repaid i"
conditions, for subsidized or ' r ,:
steamship Jines, in order to avoi 1
tradictioiis.'surpr'as's or uncertain t
and a study Of assurance policies
international trade in order to n", i -
their drafting
Charles L. lieriibviuier, iluurman
the committee oil Arbitration of t -Chamber
of Commerce of the H.nte !
New York, will submit a plan for in
ternational commercial arbitration m l
Dr. lfoberto 1'or.il, of Milan, Italv, w, l
move a resolution approving of 1 r. 1
ereuce to arlutiators or cont rover-iei
between citizens of diB'erent count riei,
and adding that thn various leei..! i
turea should clothea foreign arbittatun
With powers to fulfill their fnnetion-'
Hud should .provide for them the pro-
taction Ot tho. law and give eve-ntie
force to tho judgments pronounced by
thorn. .'.,.. ,
1 - 1 '.. Unfair Competition.
Unfair competition was a subject t
which tho attention of emigre yu-
failed in a report by Max Leclerc, nf
the Chamber pf Commerce of Pnria. He
(aid on the table an exhaustive report
on legislation on the subject i.i .inun
CQiiutries. .
. rraudulont Ads.
Mr. Leclerc is t bo fnllo -e l 1 v
Eugen liSiidvai, of Temesar, ll-m aiy.
wbn will move tha lullowing iVmiihiioh
4The congress calls on the vi.ih.i .
legislatures vo ileal with the pulls. .
tion of fraudulent advortiHuuieuts, 1
wropgful use of.' exhibition awai l-.
false etatcmeota of origin, and im-l, ., 1
jug names, quantities and prices .1
goods. They are also called ou t
stamp out illicit selling off sales h- I
the system of giving irimHiiiiiN to 1 .
tooiers, the publication of trade he. 1, : .
sud the bribing of employe."
Another , subject tbut creates y r . t
interest ia a piujiOHul for the unifieai mn
pf laws relating to eiit.toin wsichnn .
eertificates with tbe view of.facilit I
jpg, extending and better nminuiluv -credit
on mert bauiliice. This i. I. 1
before the congress by Henry . b in,
of the lclgian Chanil cr of Coinnn iee.
in Paris. , -
Unjformrty (if bills of lading w M
also be appealed for in a report I v
Henri A, Kan, of the Belgian CliaiiiUi
of Commerce in Paris.
- Raymond Poincnre, President nf the
French Kepublie, is to .'preside or a
banquet in honor of the delegates on
June 13 at tho Bourse do Couiiucn e ol
Paris. '
A lengthy program has been ilunn
for tbo cutertaiurpont of the foreign
visitors. i . , ,
' .. ; ..
. , , -. ' .,
NFW YORK, May SO The ( hi-
pese-University of Hawaii base-
ball team, which has lost, fewer
41 than ten , games of nearly lour
wore against American universi.
tie from roast tn roust, dcfe.ite I 4
Columbia bore, 4 to 2, today.

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