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VOL. VII.. 5 V
United States Called Upon to Se
cure Information Relative to
R e p or t e d Imprisonment of
French Clergyman in Mexico;
" ' Carranra Insists Upon Uncondi
tional , Surrender of City of
Mexico. , V '
WASHINGTON, July CI. - (Associ
ated Prs by Federal Wireless) Am'
baasador Jueserand, on behalf of the
.French government, yesterday request
. : ed Secretary oi state Bryaa for Informa
tion aa to the reported imprisonment i
Mexico of a French clergyman, Hecre
. tary Bryan replied that the rasa is be
' ing investigated, and that urgent rep
- reaentationa have been made to Gen
, ersJ Carranra asking for information
on the aubject. - ':.
General Carranza hat notified Wash
ington that he is ready to suspend hos
. tilities in Mexico, pending negotiations
. . xor me transfer pr government author-
ity. He would provide safe conduct
for President Carbajnl' commissioners
through Constitutionalist territory. The
Constitutionalist leader, however, is in
sistent upon his demand for the uncon
ditional surrender . of the City of
' Mexico.,' . .-
MONTF.KEY, Mexico July 21. (A.
' soeiated Free by Federal,' yVireless)
'.' It is officially reported here that Gen
' ersl Torres st the head of a force of
.Constitutionalists lias dispersed a force
of fifty 4b ree hundred Federals on the
outskirtsf fian Luis Tot osi after a
. brilliant combat, '-,,'
HERM68ILLO, Mexico,1 July 21
(Associated .Press by Federal Wire
I) Major Plank, a spcein.1 rnenan-
. . .i r 'thtt ;presldot or tne"Nu-
Commission to consult with
reyon with a view of reach
. ' lement on the land question
was arrested here today by
' daytorena. . It la said that
' Uened with exeoution as. a
WASHINGTON, July 21. (Associat
ad Press, by Federal Wireless) -r-lt in
announced here that. Attorney Genera)
. McKeynold will bring suit ' within a
few days to separata the New Haven
Hailroad from the subsidiary trolley
companies and steamship -'lines with
. which, it is now connected. ' Strong re
sistance to the plan is aot expected.
President Wilson and members of the
cabinet are to hold conference and
consider the case today.
" SAN FRANCISCO. July 21. (Asso-
, cisted Press by Federal Wireless)
The. German eruiser Nurnberg sailed
yesterday for Honolulu, en route to the
: ' Orient for station duty. The Nuruberg
. was ordered to Mexico several month
ago and has been on duty along the
west coast. It recently was relieved by
the cruiser Leipzig from the China sta
tion. .
VANCOUVER, British Columbia,
July l.-r-(Aesooiated Press by Fed
eral Wireless) The Japanese govern
ment has cabled its consul here thnt in
the event that the British cruiser
Dainbow forcibly seizes the Komagata
Warn, aboard which there In large
number of Hindus, that all .Tupaiietu
rnhieets shall previously leave the
NEW ORLEANS, July 21. (A s.ei-
nted Press by Federal Wireless) The cruisers West Virginia and Mouth Da
eighth death from bubonic plugne in kota, each towing a eubmarine, have
the present epidemic and the Hrst deuth
of a whit man occurred yesterday,
The victim was Charle Lraman.
The women' eleau-up - eoiumittu i
industriously at work assisting the citv
aanitatiou tquada and th inspectors of
la fdnU health. rvlc.
v 7
Nothing Inconsistent in Announce
ment With Re-entering Repub- ,i
lican Party as Leader.. .
' Theodore Roosevelt has resigned from
the .editorial staff , of the Outlook, in
order to devote himself to active politi
cal work. His resignation and the scope
of his proposed political activity are
set forth in the Outlook of July 31.
The following are extracts therefrom.
After referring to hi appreciation
of the connection with the magazine
for the past five years, he continue i: '
"If 1 had been able to he, as 1 ex
pected to be, a man entirely removed
from all participation in active p litic,
nothing would give me keener pleasure
than to keep on in the future exaitly
as in the past
"Hut the developments of the latt
three or four years have rendered it
imperative that I should tike a more or
lees active part In tryiug to secure in
the Nation and in the several States
the triumph of those principles em
bodied in the Progressive platform of
- "Whatever I can do, for instance,
to aid In the el:mination of , men Ik
Mr. penfose,j Mr.. Murphy .. ind Mr.
Ilnrnes " from aontrol' vf 'oxiry political
life, 1 must di. ' ' ,' , ' -
... Wir'-adrtrtfeii,-?! Jiewt ft'elUM Taro
in honor bound to stand in. strong nji
position to the administration. . .
'."I feel that s regards our Inter
national . relations' the policy of. the
present administration has meant the
abandonment of the Interest and honor
of America. i '
"Furthermore,. I feel that within our
own boundaries the coursa fit sue.l Dy
the adminiBtrat'on hss mennt the aban
donment 'of every aane effort' to secure
the abatement of social. and IndmtriHl
evils. Its legislative '.' and executive
program has brought about irave ,in
drstiial depression and. flittering to
luminous man. farmer and' wage-worker
alike, although perhaps most of all to
the wnge-worker.
"Having to do tha rol t'cal wor'
it has-become impossible for me to
give the time necessary to carry out
mv duties as a member of tha edito-ial
staff of the Outlook. Accordingly, with
the deepest regret, I hereby resign from
teat position.
PANAMA. July 21. (Associated
Press by Federal Wireless) The pre
mature explosion of a quantity of dyua
mite in the Cucahaca alide here yester
day caused the death of five persous
and the injury of eighteen others.
, r . .
WASHINGTON, July 21. (Aa
soeiated Pres by Federal Wireless)
Efforts of the navy department failed
to ps an amendment to th Oil Lands
Hill, in the bouse yesterday provtdiug
for the setting aside of the proceeds
from the sale of oil land to be used
in the development of the ; naval pe
troleum reserves.
SAN FRANCISCO, July 81.-r-(Aso.
dated Press by Federal Wireless) The
neeu ueiayea in sailing ior nonoiuiu
until next Thursday, The cruisere ara
i to return soon to take the two other
vessel of the Fgroup of submarine
to Oahu. It is the plan of the gov.
eminent to seud four mor submarine
I to Honolulu la 1815.
Plan to Establish Colony of 400
; Pacific Coast Japanese Truck
Gardeners Meets Opposition.
CALUMET, Michigan, July. 21-(As
soeiated Press by Federal Wireless)
l Preparation are well under way for
'establishing a', settlement of Pacini
Coast Japanese truck gardeners from
alifornia in ' Alger county. The cul
only will number about four hundred.
lans for bringing the Japanese hero
ave been under discussion for several
days.' ' Vv
The plan is meeting with opposition
Farmers and union organizations are
isenssing methods of stopping the pro
posed Inllux, urging the enactment of a
aw excluding Japanese from the mate.
.A. M. Brown, secretary of the board
of agriculture, says that he acea great
danger to Michigan farmers in tha Jap
alien movement, ami he will lead a
light foT a measure to bar them from
the Ktat. .
J. J. Sidney, president of the Michi
gan Agricultural College,' ' expressed
similar views. Stanley Anderson, presl
dent of the Detroit Federation of J-a
bor, said that the unions most certain
ly would join With the farmers to, pr
vent Japanese labor being brought into
the Htate.
:.,'. s
ilailroad Commiation Auditor Sayi
United Railroads' Booki Show
; ed Shortage of $4,880,471,
SAN FRANCIKCO, July 2l-(Asi!0
elated lresa by. Federal Wireless) An
actual deficit of 4,8HO,471 existed at
the time1; of the last annual report of
the United Railroad of San Francisco,
aerorSiug . to the testimony of R
f'e'jei'd'tot or Hi ratfroad 'ni
miixTon at "the hearing of the United
Kuitroads ease her yesterday. Of this
amount,' the sum of $3fiWS09 is un
accounted for in the books of the cor
poration available' for the' commis
sion' perusal. ),;i,' '',''.'','.
Hocretsry LiUientbal, signifying hi
lllingnesa to produce the book of the
Solano farm enterprise in which Pat
rick Calhoun la interested, said that to
the best of bis knowledge only 1300,000
or the United ; Katlroad money went
nto the project. He stated that be
did not know what became of the bal
ance of ll.ODfl.Ooo which Calhoua took.
Tbornwall Mullally. chief eounsel for
the United Railroads for many years
testified before the- eommiasion that
luring the . years from 1911 to 1913
Calhoun as president of the' company
drew more than one million dollars
from . ita funds, which aa far as he
knew .went to Calhoun's personal ac
5 ,, ' ' V . ,
PARIS, July 20. (Associated Press
by Federal Wireless) The trial of
Mme. Joseph. Caillaux, for the murder
of Uaston Caltnette commenced today.
The prisoner appeared greatly excited
and was exceedingly pale wheu . she
faced the tribunal
There ia a large popular Interest in
the outcome of .the trial and newspaper
from around the world are represented,
There are 147 reporters and twenty art
lata in attendance.
. Mme, Caillaux la the wife of the for
mer French minister of finance and shot
Calmette, editor of the Figaro, for a
bitter attack upon the integrity of hei
husband and the publishing of a prl
vat letter written by Minister Caillaui
to hi wife before they were married, in
which certain political secret wer re
vealed. . ;' ,.
LONDON, July 20. (Associate 1
Press by Federal Wireless) Premier
Aaquith aunouncea that King George
V,' "in view of the grave political situ
ation, haa considered it right to sum
mon a conference of representative of
all political parties."
At the Initial gathering Rt. Hon.
James William Lowther, speaker of the
house of commons siuce 1905, presided.
Two representatives each of Ulster
Unionists, Jrish Nationalists, govern
ment and opposition have already ac
cepted invitations to the meetings, and
it is anticipated that actual business
session will begin tomorrow.
It ) hoped that an amicable settle
ment of th Horn Rule question will
be mchd.
Mcrd-r and Suicide in Moiliili-
Man Twenty-One and Oirl
Just Nineteen.
t'rsred with jealousy, Ah Tim Akan,
hines Hawsiiaa yeath, aged twen
ty-one years, shot and killed Miss Kio-
oke Duncan, Chlneae-Hawaiisn'. ased
ineteert, in Moiliill yesterday after
noon about half-past three o'clock.
When the girl fell, shot through the
bead, her murderer turned his gun upon
imself, hi body fftlliag beside that of
victim, . Although ni sui idal bnl
et had pierced his brain, life was nor
extinct wheu the two bodies were pick
ed up. On the way' to the hospital,
however, the murderer, died.
Tb double crime took (dace in. the
ane near the pumping station on Ka-
al.ii la road and 'was wttael by Kan,-
Naholohulo. Hi atatement to the no
ee was that while he was on his wav
ome he passed the couple lu the lane
at the spot where the-shooting took
place. They were about twenty flv
yards from him oa the- right hand side
of the road when he beard a shot and
wheeled around te ee th girl lying
on her back on the ground. A second
later Ah Tun raised the pistol to his
right temple and fired. The examiua
tion showed that the girt had died in
itantly, the bullet striking bar in the
back of the head.
. Planned tlie.Deea.
A letter was found 1n tlfe nocket nf
the dead youth, the contents showing
m ids crime wa premeditated. It
Uear Hister Klsie T am getting
tired, of living in thi. world. I
guess I might a well die because
the girl bothers me so much. I bid
yon folks goodbye Your loving
brother; AIT TIM. AKAII. ,
Very little could be ,' learned from
datives or friends a t the cni.se nf
the shooting. The young piple lived
In Uoining house in Moiliill district
n the rear of the Kamollii'Ji Church.
but the girl'a father, Thomas Duncan,
an, out ami trusted employe of tlie.ln-
ter-Island Steamship Company hop
snrw norning or any intimsi'y btwr-n
them'. . The first news be of the
tranedy -wit.jMime Sfitk' eu 'Ci;:tr' tar'
while h was going home tastr evening,
and when be" arrived home he learned
for the first ttmn . that It . was hi
laughter who had been killed. " .
Mother Knew No Motive. ' '
Odlcer William ,'lAvau ' investigated
the case, fully, immediately efter .the
shooting, He Interroynted the girl's
mother, who wns nnable to.ahed-any
light on any Jove affair between her
daughter and Ah Tim that could pos
sibly account for the deed. The In
vestigat'on developed, however, that
Akan told his brother on Saturday
nialit that he had bought a revolver
and - was going to shoot someone, but
he did not state , who the person was.
Th revolver' is now In possession of
the sheriff. It la a thirty-eight caliber
weapon of cheap make, and contained
two empty cartridge casea and three
loaded cartridges. ,
The police officer' investigation te-
veloiied the fact that the couple were
on their way to the girl's grandmoth
er's house at the time of the shootinB.
Ah Tim had been formerly employed
on construction work under the quarter
master at Caatner.
. V- .
BAN FRANCISCO, July, 21.' (Asso
ciated Press by Federal Wirelea) The
United State revenue cutter Theti
will sail Thursday for Honolulu. The
Thetia baa been here for several weeks
fcnderpo:ng repairs. Her boilers and en'
laee have been riven a thorough over
hauling. She will proceed from Hono
lulu to Midway Islands. '
PORTSMOUTH, Englandi July 21.
(Aasociated Presa by Federal Wireless)
Lieutenant Hardern of the Aviation
Corpa was killed yesterday..' He was
maneuvering in a test flight, when his
machine collapsed end fell from a con
aiderable height.
. -r.
PHILADELPHIA, July 21. (Aesoct
ated Press by Federal Wirelea) Tb
destroyer O'Brien was aucceaafnlly
launched here yesterdav. She baa a de
signed speed, specified iu th contract,
of twenty-nine 'knots.
1 '
' WASHINGTON, July 81. As
sociated I'rese by Federal Wireless)
The war department yesterday approved
the bid of a Cbiuese firm of contractors
at Honolulu for the finixtructton of a
new hospital at Fort bhaftar, Th
contract price is 1119,01)0.
Col., J. W. Jon?., Adjutant Oners!, N. O. II., Who Think War
Department Wishen Should be Met.
J . . I.
Raymer Sharp
Deputy Collector by FranH i n
Raymer Rharp, uutil recently acting
collector of the port, a member of the
local custom service for many. ya,
waa yesterday appointed sjioriul de
oty collector by Malcolm A. Franklin,
th new collector of customs. He re
lievea Deputy Collector B.. 0. Htsck
able, aa jecial 'deputy,. Mr.' fctair l;ule
reverting to his former l,ntrr..
rineipal position on the staff Of the
collector of the port has been hailed
with a good deal of pleasure along the
waterfront, both by business men and
by. customs employes.. It ia generally
ajtreed that Mr. (sharp, by reason Of
hi loug experience, and proven eflicl-
Oahu Ice A Electric Comnanv
rg J
Plant Placed Out of Commia -sion
Result of Accident.
A boiler explosiou in the plaut of
the Oahu Ice and Electric Company at
HuHtnce and Oreler streets about half ;
punt live last evening, put the ice plant
entirely nut of eommixsiou. Mauager
Mamuel T. Hill was painfully burned
and sculded by the explosion. The
damage to the plant is estimated at
$250, and it will require at least two
day to get the plant running agaiu
and able to supply ice.
Mr. Mill states that some of the
tubes of a new Ileiua boiler which bail
been iu use about aix weeka blew out,
blowing open the Are doors and tearing
off the top of the furnace, which is an
oilburner. The boiler carried 143
pounds of steain and as the safety
valve was set at i-'o pounus anu urn
not pop off, the officials of the com
pany were at a loss to account, for tb
explosion. They do not believe that
it was caused by excessive pressure.
On ccount of some repair and i'h-
nrovementa which were being mad
the uluut had been running at re
duced capacity for. a few days. The
manager states that no expense will be
spared to effect repairs and resume tha
supply of iee at the earliest possible
Kobayashl, a Japanese chauffeur, b
Came possessor of a brand new Hulck
machine yesterduy and waa obliging
enough to take several of hia friend
for a joyride. Speeding the car up
to a twenty-mile-per hour clip, Koba
yashl drove down Kiug toward River,
l'assiug River street, Kobayashi en
deavored to make a short turn into
Aala lune, but being unfamiliar with
the manner iu which to handle an auto
mobile, gracefully skidded into a near
by telegraph pole.
After Kobayashl bud been booked at
the police statiou fur fust and furious
driving, an examination was mad of
the car. A badly damaged top, a
broken mudguard and a badly dcntel
frame ou the left side was the damage
. ,: '
i . . . "
Made Speciail
ency, will make a most eeeen
toe the position. Ha will. t
to assume full charge of tj
ment during th absence ot;
l-'ranklia while the latter i)
York attendtug the customs I
tticvrntlnH which take pls
btt i to rVptemher 19. Mj
ill I av Honolulu about the
r J eiateif y8ter4ay
that he would continue ia-t
of chief appraiser at-the eut. . :c
the present and during the absence of
Mr. Franklin. He i especially capa
ble In tbi work, being considered one
of 'the leading expert ia the i whole
custom service, ,,-.
vVell-Known Resident of Honolulu,
After Long Illness,' Is Called
to Reward.
After an illnea covering a period of
more than a year, Gerhard JJietx, a well-
known resident of Honolulu, beloved by
every one, died at the home of hii
daughter, Mr. W. E. Wall, at twelve
o'clock last night. : -Locomotor ataxia
was the cause of death. .
Mr. Dietz for a number of veer was
engaged in the jewelry business la Ho
nolulu, anu enjoyea excellent neann
until he waa stricken about a year ago.
Though everything that medical silence
could do waa at the command of the
sufferer, be could not eambat th mat
ady which finally cauaed hi death.
Mr, Diets waa a native of Frankfort
on the Main, Germany, aged aixty-eight
years. He came here with hie family
in 1897. His wife died fifteen year
ago. Mr. Ihett i anrvived by a ton
and two daughter. The oa Is Henry
Werner Dietz, who resides in Bait Lak
City, Utah. Tb daughter are Mr.
W. E. Wall end Mis Anna Margaret
Diets, who reside in Honolulu
Mr. Dietz was a veteran of the Civil
War and a member of the Grand Army
of the Kepubiie. He also was a mem
ber of the Odd Fellow aud Masons.
The funeral is to be held this afternoon
at three o'clock from St. Clement
-1 L T . . , . . L
rnurrn. miorinm is , to ve n - tr
Grand Army plot.
', '' i
norm mi
Otto J. P. Keetx, assistant engineer
of the Kosmoa freighter Herapia, fell
several reet Between deck , whin
searching the coal bunker-for stow
aways aa the steamer waa leaving port
a no ut nve o clock last evening, anu
was badly injured.
The Herapia anchored outside the
harbor, and the pilot, coming ashore
aent word to V. W. Klebann of tb
llackfeld Company, ageuta for the line.
Mr. Klebahn hurriedly secured Dr.
b. Wood and went out in a launch to
where tha Berapia lay at anchor and
brought the injured man back to th
city, lie waa taken to th (Jueeu
Husiiital. where it waa found that hi
left shoulder blade wa broken.
Must Give Employe! Time) Off to
Attend National Guard Duties,
or Corporal and a File of Men
Will Call Around and Put the
Men Under Arrest. , - j ,
' .... .; ' j
Order Issued Bv
......... . , ,
Governor Pinkham
'We do Not Want to Be Arbi
trary" Says Adjutant General,
"But Employers Must Do Their
Duty By the Guard" Only a
Few Employers Bucking. ' ,
Aa official order, feigned by th Gov
ernor and eonutersigoed and Issued by
the Adjutant General of tha National
Ouarda, give to the commanding offi
cer of the First Regiment, N. G. H.,
the aole rig'ht to excuse any inembet
of the guard from attendance at th
instruction camp, Into which the regi
ment will move next Saturday. . Any
officer or enlisted man of the guard
who ia not excused and who faila to
respond when th first .rwll of
1 ,
just' at present, CoJOnel JTone dee
tot think It necessary to make public
De list or those employers who are
bncking the guard,'.' saying .that
her will be plenty of publieity wbea
irrest are made. . - The order of the
lovernor on the aubject is:
" . '
Adjutant General' Offlc, Hono
lulu, July, 20, 1914. '
General Order No. 29. '
1. The commanding . .officer, ,
First Infantry, ia authorized to,
excuse for such reasons as he may
deem satisfactory uch member
of hia command a desire to re- .-.'
main away from the camp of ia
struction to be held in pursuance '
of Gejieral Orders No. 20, C. 8., .'
Hawaiian Department, commencing'
July 25, 1914. Those desiring to be '
excused from attending may pre-; .' "
aent their reason to th command
ing officer, First Infantry, at regl- '
mental headquarter on Thursday, '."
July 63, 1914, between the hour .
of 7:30 p. m. and B p. m., and
Friday, July 4, 1914, between the
hours of 7:30 p. m. and 9 p. m.
2. All member of the national
guard affected by thia order who
absent themselves from th eainp
of instruction on or after July 5,
1914, without ' permission of the .'
commanding officer of th First In
fantry will be deemed to be absent '. -without
leave, and immediate step ' '
will be taken for their arrest, de : . '
tention and trial, should th fact ..
so warrant, during the' time of aid '
encampment. ' - " '
By order of the Governor.'
john ,w. jones, . ; ;
The Adjutant General.
Men Cannot Get Off. ' '
"In apite of all the promlae mad
few months ago, we are having ex
treme difficulty in aome eases ia get
ting employed men off for their attea-'
lance at the ramp of instruction," ax-
plained Colouel Jones last night, "and
t ia .about tune that employer began .
to awaken to their duty and to their
wa interest in the matter of encour
aging th guard.
The war department Which ' ia
lpending its good money on, the na-
lonal guard, desire that there (hall
i twelve companies in the regiment
to go into ramp, each company to have
'wo officers and at least thirty-eight
nen .who have bad a certain number
if progressive military Instruction. '
W have fifty men to a company and ,
t' should be easy euough for u to
let the minimum required by th war-,
department, lu aome companies it is,
n others we are being hampered new
because of the disinclination of em
ployers to let their - men' off. From,
the report coming iu, some companies
will fare badly, and there 1 danger,
in less we are firm, that the showing
will be a disappointment. Thia would
be unfair to the war department and
unfair to the regular army here, the
leading officers of which have taken
so much interest in the guard.
No Dealr te Be Unfair.
"There are cases where several
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'. '
'.'.' '

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