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vol. vu.r r J'. ;: , : Honolulu, hawah territory, Tuesday, auoust h, i914;semi-vekklv, - whole umbeii 3929 "v '
SHIP FIRHTiriR I1! Wl : Cruisers May Clash in Pacific PflPIFKl MAII THRFATFP1!
I 1111111 I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 kj II III lyilLJ -German Cruiser Leipzig (upper) and Japanese Cruiser Ickumo (lowerV. Rival Cruisers Which I 1 1 1 1 1 1 III I if 1 1 1 1 1 I Mill III LIllJ
wmiili I lUIIIIIIU IU HUM! ,. y . ; May Meet in Battle Ott pan Francisco. ' y , ' , , H ' . '
' :' : '.' J'
:. -
Germans Tenaciously Advancing To
', ward the Battleground at Waterloo
and Events of Greatest Importance
are in Progress, says Correspondent.
LONDON, August 18. (Associated Press by Federal Wireless)-.
, A special to the Daily Mail from Brussels says that sharp fighting
has been in. progress along the Belgium-French frontier since Mon
day morning, ' . :-' : ,. '. .
Another despatch lo the London Express says that there is little
doubt but what a great battle is now occurring in Belgium. - A cor
respondent from Ghent says that the Germans are now advancing to
ward the Waterloo battlefield and that events of the greatest im
portance are in progress. Another special to the Exchange Tele
graph says that the French and Russian ministers and the Belgian
: cabinet officers have left Brussels for Antwerp.
Belgian Capital Has -
Been Moved to Antwerp
' ': '.'.' :''.-. : '.'.' " :
LONDON, August 18. (Associated Press by Federal Wireless)
Brussels is being put into a position to withstand sv possible attack
and the seat of Belgian government has been moved north to Ant
werp, which is regarded as beyond the lines of the Gennan invasion.
A Renter's despatch from Brussels says that German cavalry, in
force, has been swung around the left wing of the Belgian 'defenses
at Tirlemont and that a dash upon Brussels, sonn twenty-five miles
distant from Tirlemont, is feared. .- . ' . . J ;', '
S-'-; ,r: ALL ALONG THE LINE. W.':"
Fighting has been in progress along the battle line, from Tirlemont
to Dinaht, all day,' the Franco-Belgian trbops,h!olding their positions.
Tne cercest engagement in tne south has been the-reported battle
at Dinant, almost oji the' French border. The Germans attacked in
force on Sunday evening, the attack being supported by artillery.
The French suffered greatly and for a time appeared to be about to
break and fall back. At the critical moment, someone started to
sing the Marseillaise, the song being taken up along the, line. Then
the French made a sortie from their entrenchments, charged the ad
vancing Germans and drove them back, taking a number of prisoners.
Reports from Brussels to the local press say that the standard of
the Death Head Hussars, the regiment of which the Kaiser is honor
ary colonel, has been captured and now adorns the town hall at Liest
Other German standards have been sent to Paris, and one German
eagle, captured in Lower Alsace, has been set up over the door of
tne minister pi war.
BELFORT, France, August 17. The French forces are working
their way into Upper Alsace, along the River Schirmeck and are
approaching within striking distance of Strassburg. From Saales. a
border town, from which the invaders drove the garrison, the French
nave followed the railroad to Shirmeck, on the river of the same
name, where another engagement took place. , .
The French shelled the defenders from their entrenchments, the
fire of the artillery being most effective. In the fighting at Schirmeck
the French captured a thousand prisoners, twelve guns with their
caissons and a number or macmne guns.
k :
Tourists From Europe
NEW YORK; August 18. (Associated Press by Federal Wireless)
The Holland-American steamer Neu Amsterdam arrived here last
night carrying three thousand and thirty-nine American .refugees.
The steamer was stopped three times during its voyage a'cross the
Atlantic. " v ,; ,: '; ,
There was much rejoicing at the dock upon the. arrival of the
. steamer, relatives and friends of the arriving tourists being present
to greet tne returning voyagers.
. .-.4 . i . ; ;
Japan A fter Tsing Tau
TOKIO, Japan, August 18. (Associated Press by Federal Wire
less) Following a meeting of the leaders of the Seiyukai party held
last night to discuss the Japanese-German situation, one of those
present quoted Premier Okuma as saying that Japan will not touch
any German oolony except Kiau Chau, the harbor of Tsingtau.
y . .
Kaiser at Battle front
, . to Cheer His Troops
LONDON, August 18. (Associated Press by Federal Wire
less) A despatch to the Exchange Telegraph from Paris
states that Kaiser Wilhelm, Crown Prince Frederich, Prince
William Eitel and Prince Adalbert have arrived at Mains, now
the Headquarters from which the general staff is directing
both the invasion of Belgium and the defense of Alsace-Lor-raine.
. ' '
It is predicted in Paris that the Kaiser will go forward to
some point nearer one or the other battlefront, to encourage
nis men by nu presence.
New Restrictions on Coastwise Shipping
May Cause Pioneer Company to
Withdraw Its Vessels From Asiatic
Run. , . ' .
WASHINGTON. August 18. (Associated Press by Federal Wire
less) President Schwerin of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company
last night told Commissioner Hall that unless the Pacific Mail Steam-'
ship Company is allowed to continue its Mexican service, tne racino
Mail will be compelled to suspend its oriental line, operating steam-..
era between San Francisco, Honolulu and the Orient. '
He pointed out that the Southern and West coast trade is unpro
fitable without the company being allowed the privilege of stopping
at Mazatlan, which the company petitions it be allowed to do de
spite the fact that the Southern Pacific Railroad company has con
nections there. . .
President Schwerin stated that the continuance of the service by
the Pacific Mail Steamship Company is largely a matter of sentiment,
for the company is not paying any dividends. -
Importers and exporters testified in behalf of the company, stat
ing that the Southern and West coast service are needed in order
to permit San Francisco to compete with the East, as well as Eu
ropean tnd Central America porta, i -.;
The case has been taken under advisement by the Interstate Com
merce Commission. .
With the opening of the Panama Canal certain restrictions have
been placed on the Pacific Mail Company because of the fact that
it is a subsidiary of the Southern Pacifio Company, - - v ,
t, : '.
' . '''-ml"' ' ''' ' '''''' V .; "
Terms Are Offered to w J
. V
Leipzig and ; Idzumo Getting Together For a Fight
' o :. o - o. "o . o o' o' o- -o- o o
Captains Huan and Morlyama Issue Statements
SAN FRANCISCO, August 18 (Associated Press by Commercial Pacifio Cable) "I shall en
gage the enemy whenever and wherever we meet, regardless of the size of his ship or the number
of bis guns," said Captain Haun, of Uie German cruiser Leipzig, before leaving this port.
Before the Leipzig sailed the cruiser took on meat, provisions, water, lubricating oil and coal;
Captain Haun this afternoon visited Mayor Rolph and presented to him for the Golden Gate
Park soo the ship's mascots, the two Japanese bears which have been with the cruiser for some
Captain Moriyama, of he Japanese cruiser Idzumo, which left San Diego this evening, said
just before sailing that he would make for San Francisco and that, "if the Leipzig is found out
side the Golden Gate, we will remain there, too. We will follow her wherever she goes. ' '
The Idzumo was preceded out of the San Diejo harbor by the United States destroyer Hull,
wmcn Slackened speed on Point Loma and allowed tbe Japanese cruiser to pass uer.. It is be
lieved that the Hull is under orders to watch the Idzumo to see that the neutrality of American
waters are protected.
Russia Will Grant Full
Liberty and Equality to
All Jews in the Empire
LONDON, August 18. (Associated Press by Federal Wireless)
An announcement, as momentous in its expected effect as was the
one made last week regarding the restoration of Poland, was made
today at St. Petersburg, according to an Exchange Telegraph des
patch which came by way of Paris.
According, to the despatch, the Czar has pledged his word that he
will gives to the Jews within the Russian Empire equal civil and,
political rights with his other subjects, this ukase to be put into
effect in the near future.
- As the announcement regarding the restoration of Poland is ex
pected to wean away from Germany and Austria the sympathies of
many millions of their subjects, the announcement regarding the
Jews is expected to bring to Russia support from that people all
over the world and to bring Russia into favor should the time come
when it is necessary for her to float any great war loan.
. r .
Will Treat Prisoners as Friends
PARIS, AuKUKt 1H (Associated 1Ykh by Federal Wireless)
Believing that many of tlio I'oIcn and Alsatians in t hi (icnnan ranks
have been forced into the service and have taken up arms unwilling
ly against both Russia and France, the governments of the last two
Powers have issued ordcra to the co.ninandTs in the field to treat
with especial consideration any Poles and Alsatians anions the pris
oners they may make.
LONDON, England, August 17.
(Associated Fress by Federal Wireless)
-Greece has formally notified Turkey
that If the Ottoman troops continue to
riosg Bulgaria toward Greece, the lat
ter country will take retaliatory meas
ures, The Greek forces are being ko-
blUzid ready to take the field.
. i . .
I'Slltt'cl. I'l'I'MK 1'V
Tllo Hi'lintr tu-iiiv
of tin1 ctuifVrt'iH't
AnjjiiMt 17. (Asbo
rt'jocti'il th roort
roiiiinitt" which
iiUrri'.l ui'on tin1 rhimii'ter nf tho bill
to ailiiiil Atiii'ririiu owiicil tint foreign
built ;lni f fon'ijrn ri'jfihtry to Amer
ican rofiidtry in the wtir crinU. The
vote HjriiiuM tlic ciint'eri'iice report wan
forty to twenty ami nhortly afterward,
by the Minie vote, the tidiate liintead
ailoptcl the nriiiiiil lioiiKfl measure
I lie tiii'iiHiire now exteiulx
Belgians by Getmqny
vBERUN, Germany, August 18. (Associated Press by Federal
Wireless) Germany -has sent a note to felgiunviirjhich it intimates ,
Uutv becauseof -the1 brilliant conduct of the Belgian army in the '
present campaign, that after the capture of, Brussels by the German
forces, Germany will be willing to conclude any arrangement .with .
Belgium compatible with the Franco-German conflict, wherein Ger
many would evacuate Belgium whenever war conditions permitted.
The offer was refused by Belgium". . , , '"
' ' ' , I; '. , ... : '.. ..-' :': .; ,'" '' -' '"- -
President Reticent as
to Japanese Situation
WASHINGTON, August 18. (Associated Press by Federal Wire. .
less) President Wilson and Secretary Bryan are studiously reti
cent regarding the official receipt of news from Tokio that Japan if
to engage actively in the War of Europe.
: The President today . instructed his private secretary,' Joseph ;
Tumulty, to officially contradict the recent published announcement
that he had expressed satisfaction with the course taken by Japan,
Japanese May Seize All
Pacific German Lands
WASHINGTON, August 18. (Associated Press by Federal Wire.:
less) Japan's entry into the European situation has commanded
wide attention' here from diplomats and officials and various views
are being privately expressed. President Wilson and Secretary of
State Bryan are studiously reticent and refuse to discuss the matter
in any way. ... ' ...i.;:.!
In reply to direct questions put by the representatives of the press,
the President said that he saw no reason to question the good faith
of Japan, but Secretary Tumulty, at the direction of the President,
has issued a statement denying the published report that the Presi
dent had expressed satisfaction at Japan's course. ' . - . ' ; ;
"The President," said Mr. Tumulty, "feels it incumbent upon him.
self as the head of a neutral nation to express no opinions whatever.'1
No diplomatio information as to Japan's probable actions is to be
had, nor is anything known as to the probable course Japan may
take against Germany in the Pacific. ' -
Army strategists, amongst themselves have discussed the possible
seizure by Japan of German Samoa and the Caroline Islands, and
the probable effect such action might have upon the American in
terests in the Pacific.
The Japanese here believe that Germany, before she Unequivo
cally refuses to meet the terms of the Japanese ultimatum, will tajce
advantage of the week's grace to strengthen her defenses in the
.. - : 1 . ': -
Four Battleships and a
Cruiser Lost to Austria
ROME, August 18. (Associated Press by Federal Wireless)
.' ' Ofrii'inl cmiriririHtion whs rfifiviil vimtcvilav ,t Ilia mnnrt unt Sun.
reisti v to all foreign built nhir.ii. it I day from Nish, Servia, that the French fleet in the Adriatic had, de
ih belie .l the l'r5i.leut will sign it.' (Continued ou Page Three)

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