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tss-l Profit Viw Vaff av1
Wh-eIess)The genera expectation here is that wo.wfil fol.'
low Japan's ultimatum to Germany. Because of the doubtful
communication facilities, now afforded as a result of the Euro-"
pean .wsur, Japan's ultimatum has been .fprwarded.to Berlin i
through six channels, including Washington, London, and Stock
holm. It Is understood that hope is held thai America will be
able to deliver the ultimatum through its ambassador at Berlin.
This government is also notified that the German ambassador
is likewise retarded in communicating with his government
Therefore the time limit for replying to the ultimatum has been
set for August 23. ' ' ,
, Premier Okuma today gave out the t?xt of Japan's ultimatum
to Germany as follows;. ' .. ,
"Considering that it is highly important and necessary to
take measures to remove the cause of disturbances in the Far .
East and to safeguard the general interests as contemplated un
der the Anglo-Japanese Alliance and in order to secure the en
during peace of Asia it is believed to be the duty of the Japa
nese government to advise Germany to at once carry put the
three following propositions: . '
"First The immediate withdrawal or disarmament of sJJ
German warships in Chinese or Japanese waters., ,
"Second The delivery of Kiau Chan pot later than Septem
bar 15 next to the Japanese government, with a view of event
ual restoration of the place to China; by. the Japanese govern
Rent. '. i . -
"Third It these terms are not unconditionally accepted by
Germany by August'23 next,, Japan will be compelled to take
such action as she may deem necessary to meet the situation. "
- The inspired utterances of Premier Oktrina express regret at
the Inability to maintain neutrality in the Far East but he says
that England, who is Japan 't ally,' has been compelled to de
fend herself against Germany' aggressions. '
The Premier of Japan points out that Germany is now en
gaged in storing provisions at Kiau Chan and is interfering
with eastern Asiatic commerce. ; '' - .'
WASHINGTON, August 17. (Associated Press by' Federal Wire
less) Ambassador Chinda today delivered to Secretary of 'State
Bryan a 'written announcement of Japan's ultimatum to Germany
. in relation Xo the situation in the Far East, A the same time Am
bassador Chinda assured the secretary of state that the utmost en
deavor will be made by Japan, in the interests of America and all
other nations not immediately concerned, to prevent a war.
' America, it became known, considers'Jaban's" assurances xA "'th
eventual restoration", of Kiau Chan to China' as highly satisfactory
and that this country does not intend to, be drawn into the contro
versy. Ambassador Chinda 'l conference with the secretary of state
was held at Secretary Bryan's home. ' ; ' ' " 1 ; ' r
The Japanese ultimatum is received officially as one of the gravest
developments in the present war situation,- bringing, as it does for
the first time, a great military power of the Far East into a range of
conflict heretofore held to be only within Europe. 7 ,
Great Britain's proposal in the present situation was made only
after ill conferences which resulted in the determination that 5ie
terms of the Anglo Japanese treaty should "be applied in the present
.situation.-'' . ''" . '
While Japan's ultimatum to Germany is the first instance "of the
fulfillment of the terms of this alliance, it is also designed to termi
nate Germany's control of Kiau Chan, which. Japan holds, endangers
the integrity of China and the peace of the Orient. ' . ' ' '
This action is the result of a number of diplomatic' moves in whfcn
America was consulted, and in which she has endeavored to main,
tain the integrity of China. ' '
Government officials here believe 'that America will assume the
attitude of a passive observer should Japan declare war against Ger
many. In Ambassador Guthrie's frequent conversations with members ofr
the Japanese government at ToWo since the outbreak of the Euro,
pean war, the intimation was constantly given that whatever steps
Japan took in the present situation, the integrity of China would be
maintained. -y ' " '
Ambassador China and his full embassy staff were in their offici
yesterday and late into last night. They were in frequent table com
munication with Tokio. - -.--' ;:
Kiau Chan, according to a Far Eastern diplomat now here, fa dfr
many's greatest stronghold in the Orient, and Is considered as fornix
idable aa Port Arthur. Germany is practically alone mong, the Eul
ropean Powers in Northern China, her occupancy being thorn inihe
side of Japan since Japan's relinquishment of port Jirthur at Ger
many's request and the seizure of Kiau Chan soon; afterward by Gar
many as indemnity for attacks upon German missionaries.
The Anglo Japanese Alliance, which is of an offensive and defensive
character was originally eonflned to evenU occurring in the Far Eajt
Later it was enlarged to include India, where Japanese and British
interests are involved. In 1911, the time of the Alliance ws,s exud
ed for ten years and its provisions greatly enlarged, including a pro
viso that neither party would be obliged to go. to war with a Power
with whom a treaty of arbitration was in foroe.
f :' 1 " -m
Ultimatum Creates Deep
Sensation in Japan
S 1 "
TOKIO, Japan, August 17. (Associated Press by Federal Wire
less) The text of Japan's ultimatum t Germany as given out by
Premier Okuma haj created a profound impression throughout vthe
Empire-. Premier Okuma and Baron Kato, in addressing meetings
of merchants, parliamentarians and others today, counselled calm
ness on the part of the people. They declared Japan is not ambitious
for;terrjt?n(aj!fiiiement. . Baron Kato in answev to, a question
idvJed' that America'nas entered Into the jntuatioa' in' any way, add
ing that the United State i nc likely Wdome' Involved. v .
Later, he said, MERICA'TO EjB' INFORMED.'' JI" '. puMtfon
! ' Vt,i")'UrXnje p Jpan,',pwiti9n
prejent.cTisia.in theT ar.East. (r ; V1, t,,iU
!( Copies, of Japan's .nltOTatum.w.ere handed to , the Chinese govern
ment and,,fore,ign legation , today,', 'r tt Is not'i considered kely.thaj
qemany;wiqT comply,: With ft termf W.W-'A',,' iwt b.,,, y,
, ltJn, th mean, time pre paratipns f or, n armed campaign -e proceed
na racidlv and smoothlv. Britirh recrimtnti in China nave been in
structed to hold themselves in Veadraess for transp'ortation.
1'h Ch'r',o rrfTfWA 'fiTfiteWCTTTTTTCJl 'roitoctfj't Chink realize-
i ,,Tne Chinese. ToreignJJoard, announced tomght. that, China tealwes
that) she wlUbe" .Vst.thfprgiWf.twwress) of her tr;
rftorr. , However It is a'nnouncea sha is' ctrenrthenin?. her, forces
with, a view of,re7ulaunsr aa far as noaslbla Chinese affairs. A Dro-
if ihm lltiei land
limit owe4 dermaps otaneuy,ers in Cwe,,(
i. Acpordjng to, Japanese. figures th Cerman,, troops n9w(jat -Tsing;,
!fan numbcfn thirtve bnndred, with , several huhaijed reservists
located at various treaty ports' in China. The position of the Ger
man fleets in the far East at the' present time is unknown.
i 1 apa'n to Stand '-MtltA
Japan to otand With
I Amepca ih Far East
TOKIO, August 16 (Assoratea Press by Fodwdl Wirilf,as) -
Aftfra.cotif erf nee. with. Amer.iftTr Arn?,ar P V. f!j:tj-io.. last
Ate nrene wft Aroefan qj W. Cuthpe Jatf, I
todyy gave it to be nnderstooa that the United Etates can be aisured
T9S?r the tS'iance of Jf.P'in' uHjm Ui'Tn ,ta Grmnv ta vtt'hc v "its
!-,ThS jConJerpnett w,(tn. the American ambassador was followed toon
gWMmWWW fff jRJJlrmA
Ulfomr'rYcniTitfT .P?WPifyT.fi!Wln P"fcTess nere
for several days It u believed that as aTesult it has been agreed
that the integrity Of China shall be strictly observed.
... . .
Supreme Court Rules That Sheriff
Rose ' ' Robust Pet W Not
Entitled to His Position.
r i tarn lnsit
merit o
t 'I
uuiaana unaar meae
" ...... - , . J ,
'LONDON, August 16. (Associated Press by Federal WireleSs)i
A state of siege has been declared in Bnlgaria, according tO' des
patches received here today. It is explained that this action was
taken simply as a precautionary measure.
: - , , , "
Five Hundred Germans i
Are Captured by French
PARIS, August 18 (Associated Press" by FederaWieMyilThe,
French forces captured more than five hundred German prisoners in
the fighting around Dinant on the German frontier last Friday. The
French have occupied several strong positions in the vicinity of
Donon. . ;. ,
&oc)atftd .Press. by Federal Wire
Uiat Vae recentiRlcraftunMChanrcf. between
oi me situation in me rar tw was tnat ner special tnteresu- tn
the Orient have been endangered by the recent German activities-
there. ) fjj . . ;
,,For thi'dn. Great Britain pointed out, she insisted upon the
"maintenance of the territorial rights of the high contracting parties
in the regions of Eastern Asia and India" in the defense of these
"special interests", as stipulated under the Anglo Japanese treaty.
, r,,'Tqo,, D4;,?JiVx9.. KUkifla wa
efUrJ", ilnnw.koi ,Kit if,i.Uin, sulnt;
ring .hf . S o1nr iih-xu lrtir lDlivored
l )) mifJrriitfl tonrti- l?ntef..tlM) tlcoi
Mon.' Knlnklnln ImntTiath pwtition i
lHty." .ft wgt ptoiiW by heriXf ,
:hln It. Ur oil June 1 lu elerk
t& lryity MiMirr Jnliti W. Ach at a
mmtbl4 Mlary mt on' humlri 'arid
twenty .flv dollar. J Thin,' Klnkicla
labored' tw .aid ' a half mouths . for
nottiing 1 wfcirh i s, in Jack' own cx
IlrtMi4va lti)f((, "to liail."'
' Th'''poli' (irvil-fcervke rmnmimiou
refue ! )iirv f KalaklPla't !
jXotAtiHOqt by ih heriff, a it S i'l alno
itt th 'cl IJnarol Kumlm,' wh bad
linr pjmnt-d a captain ot pphr. i la
th rww nfi Kamahu thw awpromc fourt j
rirrly rulil that th appointment
waa prpf. bfcaug Kamaha was, , al
ready a qaltfid einployr of .the po
lir (Inpartaiant and tkat Roao 'had the
right ta pMntota 4im. Kalakicla was.
not an -rrflplnvf f the departaipnt at
tba'time of hit appointments His ap
poinimrat was not proper, therefore,
and th disapproval of the rivil service 1
eommissien svaa pvnprr.i' '
- AHboif(h th: boartl of aapprvisors
apnrovel Kalakiala'g pay, CHy Auditor
.lamp llbrkaoll-rofastvi to iuo war
raatu for the same. In the suit da-'
cidrd yesterday the rity auditor was
made the defendant. The supreme court
upholds Auditor JBirknell. .
The 4iepi(e.ver Kalaktehi'a appoint
ment u brought before the supreme
ronrt' ow a aiitinisaion upon ahi agreed
tat(tmcilt"Of facta.n The opiaion of the
-'nir aa written) by tliief Justice A.
(!. Robcrtsotf anil eonirred in 'by
.(he balaiye of the court, Associate .In.
tfua Kalpli . I. Quarlits -amt Judfce Wil
Imm '..' Whitney, the latter aihtinir in
Tilace'ttf AswM-iat Juaticd E. M. Wat-
sDHi'who t bow oa the mainland, .i '
ti"W bold, however, that thn ur
mrtod appniatmpnt 'of the nlnintiff,
mvinr Iteen made without the appro
val 'of the commission, wras in coutra
ventMa of section two of the statote,
and voill,'. says the supreme court da-
04lon, ! com'limioB.. ;. " It - was toe
hty"of tha'sberiff to aotifr the com-
iniHaUn 4hat the YarsnrT exixtrd and
TMnweal that an'sxatninatiaa for appli-
icawta ft' thai fMwifion' be. held. . the
MMttift, wae without the authority to
mas tae' npaotatment iaubort i to the
etlbanniiflMt pas)nir'byke appointee of
Mk aaiwiuMtiom as h would ho ro-
iniei t4a1c. f Frcsuraabiv the com-
miNiinn.fmld hit eonjollad, in a proper
pponedtitffw! that jarpowi, to liol.l an
mamtnalion foriiplti'ant! far the va-
ati'cnrVahis; (tatiha- attemiHed ap
ltintnMnt af tb"pbinti f beian voul
le' Is ant' nt ifli.l -itu fttmt comiionra-
tiou") iera rfaimed. I'Jodjrmnnt may
ba antarel fa the, defendant. '.' i
:ihaniiiea, Wilileev-Viirerton'. & Tr'
mer for plaintiff p( I Weaver, first
deputy county attorney, tor defendant,
.. ; - .
Marshal Holt Leaves with Q. E,
, Sanddrion, Chafged 1 with '
Neglecting Family;
HriX, August 14. Sheriff Pna re
tarae fratu Keapu oa Tuesday -last aad
brought with him as a frisener Kalei
kuaiwa, an Hawaiian youth of twenty
four years, who is alleged to !iava snot
and killed his mother on the evening
of Aufrurt 3, . The youth appears to be
of a weak mind,' say the polite, and
this added tt the fact that be 1 was
drunk at"th tira of' -the shooting
woald aeem to make the caaa either one
of manslaughter or purely aa asaidea
tat one. ' The man claims ' that be
thought he saw a Filipino prowling
around his mother's home, among th.i
coffee trees, and that he had up inten
tion of killing Ills mother.' , ' ' '
What makes the case more 'pathetic,
say the poiipe, ia the fact tnttt now
that the motboa far deui an the ssa in
prison, an aged sister of the dead wo
ma i lef ,abaoutoly hfljles, as aTlic
ia atone bljn4. .. . , ( i ,v
Aeaordinir to the police story, the
youth, who was employed as night
watchman at Hackfeld & Company 'a
a poo poo warehouse, rod evor the
twt'oty-f iVe miles road to visit bis no
ther -aad annt, Other frionda-' wre
prneeBS.aad caaMidarable .ilrinkinit wiu
ladulged in by the-whoie eompaay..1,ln
evaainf was ntven- op to a regular feast,
andj toward morning, everybody la the
place was "ginned up."- Tho oext day
waa -also a lively eaer and, when the
time earae- for Kaleikuaiwa t start on
his return journey te Napoo poo, be was
in a bad way. ., . , v. . . .. .c it i
After bidding goodhya ta his f si so. is
the youth laoiisted his nole apl roiht
toward the gute. Just as he (tasMMl
through the jjreup;, of coffee trees be
kaddearfy pullnd hia revolver and firad
at a f ignre he saw. There waa one
scream and the pet instant some
friends picked up the body of the
man's mother. She waa shot through
the heart and bad evidently 4'e bt
stantly. .1. . i. : , . ---n
friend ttt tha family aatified .-th
doputy sheriff aad ha arrsHtsJ Kalai
kuaiwa at OD-e. Sheriff I'tia was In
formed nf the tragedy, and he proceed
ed' ta Ksiam and toeh. charge, of the
prisoner., Tkj ywith la. artw eonfinrd
in the local jail aad will have a iiruHin
inary aearWjf n tha'course-of fw
Ha vi.'i-1 -?.' 1 . ' t .. - 1
-i -
AZO.PINTMfiNT ta ffuarantaed
10 nre anjr ease of ItcMng, Blind.
Bleeding or Protruding Tifce'i.-i ff to
14 elaya or money refunded. Made i j
i'ARI3 MEDICINE C0..8aJut Louia
U. Of A. :
Hawaii Herald "I do not believe In
try to busk the administration,':' de
clared hi L. Mri'andlesa, Democratic
'Hndidate for Delegate to ('ongrcMa,
"and the way to got favofi not tn
go alter them with a clnb, but to act
decently and in a courteous manner.4'
When asked if be in in favor of free,
sugar, ir. McC.'andleHS declared that
he is not but that it was no tiro trying
to club the admuiintratiaa into making
a change just now. . . ,..
The candidate for Ike dulcgatevhip
in currying out a strenuous campaign
on tins islund, and is traveling to ev
cry part of Huwaii. 11a spout some
time in Kohalii and then proceeded to
Wflinica and from, thnt town to lloun
kaa. . Meetings- were addressed is .all
the at-ttledl districts and VI . MctMml
less appears to be yery well satisfied
with his prospect all along the line.
Kven in Koliala, Palmer Woods' strong
hold, the AlfC'audloss party feel fairly
safe. . . .: ' '1
On T iies-lay last there 'was a confer
ence held by tho Democratic, onlcrs of
H1I0, and at it Archer Irwin, O. frSbip
nmn, U l Mcl'andless and otiiers wc.re
present. . . A whirlwind campalga was
planned, ' and steps will be taken , at
once to have speakers take the stump
in inuair or Met aaaiess camiiiluture.
I'ndcr th anspieea of the -; Kichth
Hreeiart Rapublican ''luh tbive will be
1 uiuiis iuoet4iig tomorrow evening in
Emma Hiniare at which all the Kopulili-
gn candidates, with the .stteptioa of.
tuose for Ieiegnte to ( vngreas, are n
vited to speak. It is expected that the
uieetinu will be a large one as there are
coiihiilcrubly over 4f)0 -voters in thin
preiiinrt. h .
l-orrin Andrs,.' prenidunt of the
precinct club, will be the presiding, of
ficer, which la guuraatea. that the
meeting will lie aueoessf ully conducted.
Willi a lair Ji"li and no tavors tor uli
tue Hpcakf ri. Arrungemeuts are being
made or the ninety ami- altogether th
ofhVers of ,the qlub propose to make the
uflnip one well worth utlHiidiiig.
The eighth precinct of the fourth
diHtri.'t ia a strong Hepublicau lireciuct
ami the Kepublican club has always
had the repututiou of being a fighting
organization. . .-"""nvy.
'tiOITDON. Ammst' lt.tAsiOciated Presl bv Tcrlerat Wire.
laslJ-r-DeFpte repuHEi, the fjerfaanjorcei ar steddiiy advanc
ing toward, a decisive encounter ,vript tho ioinbined Trench,
Belgian and British forces oa the French frontier.' While there
ist lull Jn the northern portion of Belgium, the German lnvad.
ers are sweeping lhe vo-lley of the Meue,ij the south, in the
province Of Nfnur.t , ; , ; , . ' 1 - .
The Germans in a stubborn battle met defeat at the hands of
the entrenched Belgians and French today at Dinant, a town
of nearly seven thousand inhabitants, located, fifteen miles
i south of the city of Namur and within three miles of the French
F frontier. ' - '''' ' ' 1
Advance guards of the opposing forces are now in contact all
along the Alsace-Lorraine frontier. The French forces control
tho pass 38 in the Vosges mountains east to Colmar, in Upper
French and Austrian '
: Ships Clash-in-Adriatic
Among, tho pnsseiigers who left. Inst
night by tho steamer Honoina far Hnn
Pranclsco were United Htates MarahuJ
Harry II. Holt aud Quince F.arly. San
derson, who are on their way to
V aHhington, I. C. Sam'crKon goes in
custody -af MsnAal Holt. ;
Kurlr this week tba Marshal received
from Clarence R. Wilson,- district at
ttrrnev of the District of rolnmljiai a
eepy of, an fndictment fonnd by tho
WsHbiautna federal, grand jury aganiM.
MSHdersen, under which be is charged
with non-support of his wife and fhil-
Iron. A bench warrant accompanied
the copy of the indictment.
I' rev i one to this Marshal Holt bad
received a sable from tho Washington
authorities hi which enquiVtea were
mado far Sainlersnn. lis saw thoi lat
ter,-Wh informed tho marshal that he
intended retnrning to Washtngtoa at
the earliest possible date. , ,
While I am' traveling to vvashiaa-
tnn entirely in the line of oltlcial
duty," sail Marshal Holt yesterday,
I shall presa my candidacy fur Oio
position of marxhal, as a side issue.- I
am glad of the opportunity whichi has
been accorded ma ta thus get la oa
the ground floor. At Vine same timo I
ul take-up with tba department or
justice many sqbjects , of importance
to the marshal s oflieo - in Honolulu,
matters which ran best be explained
through personal rontact with the oi.i-
eials of the department right at Wash
ington." '.. , ,(. .
Judge W. H. Kdinga resigned, as a
m hiii I Kir of the rivil service comaiisaien,
of which commission be was chairman,
oa Friday. His resignation waa accept
ed by Mayer r era. . ..
The mayor has not . made any drf
initn annouueemeut aa to who will sac
ced Judge. Kilings ou the board, lut
in the city hall it was rumored thnt
Attorney Joseph Iightfoot was the man
slated for the, appiituiest. ,
.. .. ' : .
pit that was in barrels iu tho pre
room floated on top of the water whoa
a Milwaukee newspaper plant was part
ly bwnad and coatwd the. aiaehinery so
tkat 1t escaped rorrosion. , ;
abb you QOIWO ON A journeV?
(Iismherlsia .. ('olie, .('hnleta 4m l
Diarrhoea I!me.ly should be packixl
your . hand luggage, when going ou; u
jourirey. Change of Water, diet, and
temperature all tend tn produce bowel
tinuliln, and this niodivina enmmt I "J
secured ou bourd the train or Htimm
ship. It may save much suffering and
inconvenience' if you have' It liuudy,
Kor sale by all dealers. Bciikoii, Hinitb
1 Co., Ltd., agents for Hawaii.
VTCTT Canrla Aumiof 17 J f AsnneintoH Preaa hw f!al1a 'L
i MWU, .T, MMW . "J -r t
Special to Renter's News Afency.ay$ that two Austrian iwar.
shins were sunk, that another was burned and that a fourth fled
after an hour's battle with the French squadron today in the '
Adriatic Sea, off Budua.' . Budua is a port in Dalmatia In th
southeastern portion of the Adriatic Sea. No details of the en
gagement have been reeeiyed. ',; ,
Great Socialist Leader .
; Is Executed in Germany
LONDON, August 16. (Associated Press by Federal Wireless)
The Socialists of Germany are rising in revolt as & result of the exe
cution of Dr. William Liehknect, the great Socialist leader in Ger
many. Despatches to this effect were received hire Irons Borne to
day. Announcement of the uprising was brought to Rome by ref
ugees from Berlin, v. "
' Germany is looked upon as the Socialist stronghold of the' world.
Starting with a membership of 30,000 in 18C7 the number has increas
ed rapidly since, until in 1910 the party claimed a membership of
3,258,968. France was second with 1,106,047. ,
Of the 397 members of the. Reichstag in 1910 fifty-two; were Social
ists.' This number .was increased Jtfst year and hy reason of coalitions
formed with other minority wings tho Socialist were enabled to
forpe a compromise with Kaiser, Wilhelm before agreeing to the pass
ing of his war budget.' , , I f ;'; " ; -v.. ' ' , "
Dr. William Liehknect was the leader1 of the Social Democrats in
Germany and as such led the Socialist .party in the Reichstag.. ? Ho
was associated with Karl Marx, the leader and founder of German
Socialism, and a follower of Ferdinand Lassalle, the founder of the
German Social Democratic movement. ', ' ; yV " ' '.'
. Doctor Liebkneet was a- world's character, known throughout civ
ilization for his writings. ?or a long time he was associated with
the editorial staff of VprwaeJtf,. he Marxian organ and a powerful
force in moulding Gerraa.n public, opinion, , ' 1 "
Sinoe the death of August Rebel, .Liebkneet had been regarded as
the greatest Socialistic thinker of the day, .
Japanese .Cruiser WiW
Remain on West Coast
(ioorge Kauon, who was buriiod in
the destruction of his homo by fire. Hat
n id ay night, wu reported to bo In a
serious condition at tho tjiieen 's JIoKpi
tal lasf night.
It was stated Bt tlie IiohjiIIhI ut
night ly thu iittetidjng physician that
the pi u ii was badly Inirned and that it
would not' he kuown before, touight
whether lie will'. reeoyer or not. Tho
physicinn stated that in tho event the
patient's condition shows improvement
tonight, it will probably be a couple of
weeks before he is fully recovered from
his burns. . :
The iuipiest on the body of the boy
who lost his life iu the flames will be
huld today. .'
SAN DIEGO, California, August 17. (Associated Press l)y Cliblo
Captain Moriyama Of ' the Japanese cruiser Idzumo A today
announced that he will not remain, in port longer than twenty
four hours after tonight! He had originally Obtained permission.1 to
take on five' hundred tons of cpaL - He obtained permission today to
fill the bunkers of his vecsol ' ' ' '
Captain Moriyama admitted today that he docs not expect to r
turn to Japan for some time.
"pur mission is not yet completed," he said.
Germans t to De jfsnd Kiau:r
Chau From Land Side
WASHINGTON, August 17. Associated Press by Cable
As Germany is without battleships at Kiau Chau, it is expect
ed that the operations there will be of a military rather than a naval
nature:- Japanese strategists believe that in the' event 'of a clash,
Germany would withdraw what ships it has within the harbdr, mine
the harbor 'entrance and depend upon the strength of the fortress to
protect it against the land movement. It is expected that the Japa
nese fleet would Btation itself at the entrance to the harbor and lay
siege to the land. '
Joel (". Cohen, caniidate for the
nomination as mayor on the Republican
ticket at (he approaching piimuries,
will renume his whirlwind campaign to
night with a meeting at' M oil i ill. dur
ing the week ho will spuuk every night.
As during the pant week of hla ('aui
paign, lie will eHi-h night aupplornetit his
uireting with a moving picturo niul
luusieul eutertniiiineut. Cohen's inner
ary for tho coining week Is as follows:.
August 17 Moiliili.
Augnt 1H -AtkinsuM Tnrk. '
August 111 Kalihiwaeim Park, Tenth
Precinct, .Fifth 'District. -
August U0 Punchbowl..
August VI Upper Nuuauu.
August 2- Asia Park.

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