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; ' ( ,'i t.v vv v;; n n a a a a. n Jf vtk . a a it v i .1 11 1 u 1 jttm n u aa. a b v -
pninriPRq ,..css: IFROfJS PRFPIlliF T(l ;
anF OllR'SiMii 1' ,. ! : LEAVE ZOfJE OF DA0CEI1
W I M s SS a , in Europe. Tne objacUons in ; .. j . , x . 1 1 . v ; v
based upon the ground that such I , j I I ' " ." .
' .... r T' . ; ' action would Iuctms tha ar- I I ' . 1 1 I ' - .' ..
BoBsiani Buffer Severely In East
prnssla; Germany Call Two
: Million Volunteeri' to Colon
St. Petersbunr News Contra
dicts That From Berlin. r
; ' WASHINGTON, September 1.
r (AsBociated PreBg by Federal
Wireless) Germany is assuming
the offensive againHt the Russian
invaders Of bust rr-URSia, accord-
ing to an official announcement
irom Berlin yesterday, and are at
tempting to cut th lines of the
enemy investing Konigsburg. The
' Germans have attacked the Rns-
, aiana At lTrhnutin . an1 Ort(1a.
" burgr The Russians lost thirty
j thousand prisoners, ' according to
the official renort. amone the oris-
oners being i a number, of high
ran King omcers, v
J Fresh German troops are pour-
. ing into East Prbasia .-' Ai .
. . v in TPT Drr ti,r jjiuj million
y volunteers' Ka've'T)ef'addeJi to the
' a rray, the call for reinforcements
. : being enthusiastically . responded
Bussian Despatches Deny This,
Despatches from St. Petersburg
and London-report quite a differ
ent state of affairs. The St. Pet
ersburgh ' correspondent of the
London Times teleerapha his pa
per that Germany is short of
' trained men to withstand the
Kussiaa invaders. lie states that
. - 1 1 . . 1
, ut..u.u.. uao iv. v 14 tururu vJ wean
'. en her garrisons ' to place the
; troops in the field and has also
t it 1 . . .
. naa 10 ran scnooiDoys to the col
From Russian sources des-
' .paicnes 10 Ltonuon state mat there
has been no check to the advance
of the Russians in East Prussia.
while many Polish-German sol
diers are reported to be deserting
of the Russians.
ROME, September I. (Asso
ciated Press by Federal Wireless)
-A despatch ..to the Hassagero
from Sofia, Bulgaria, says that the
Austrian force which invaded Rus
sian Poland, and which had been
operating east of Krasnik, suffer
ed an irreparable defeat in an en
gagement Sunday near Zamowt
The invaders ; were, routed and
their organization destroyed, those
' who were not killed, wounded or
captured being in flight towards
the Austrian border, pursued by
, the Russians..
on Previously.
JTKIt, New llamp
V st 31. (A'ssociated
1 ' federal Wireless)
evaf, the Austrian am
nho is here at the em
amer headquarters, says
kUHtrians won a signal
.yer the Russians on
. They followed the vie
. Krasnik, he says, with a
of ten RussianAdivisions'
ig forty-nve officers and
en. When the ambassador
id liia despatch the Aus-
were I advanciug against
1. ... ' ''
man gold reaarra ud would be
! tantamount to loan to Oar-
many, aa tha itaamahin oompanlea
are cloaalj affiliated to tha Oar-
man government. 41 1
Tha protest also points ant that
tha registration now of German-
owned ships would be In violation
of international law aa laid down
at tha London Convention, and
further that to permit tna hoist-
lug af tha American flag now on 4
German shipping would be a rio-
f latlon of the strict neutrality
promised In tha President's proo-
41 tarnation on tha outbreak of the I
I Si . TV. vmrrtiftM fir fnjivoliAjit atilna Si
41 equal numbers from German,
w mucu ana snwi vwnni, pru-
ably would not be seriously op-
posed..-' " . . -...
,. . ,;
TARTS, September l.Ase!ate4
PreHS by Federal Wireless) Harvettt
(gJiMS pbiy;--'-'vitri ? thraughottt
France under 'favorable ton'diviont, ae
cording to an announcement 'yesterday
by the agricultural commiaflion, ' The
wbeat crop is average, and other crops
promise well. . . : ji-
. LOKDON, August 81. Arno Desch,
the noud magazine writer, and corres
pondent, who has Just returned from
Belgium, where ha saw soma of tha
fighting, describes the German auto
trucks used for war purposes as marvels
of effective ingenuity. Equipped with
huge scythes extending from th sides,
they travel across country at tha rate
of forty miles a day. Only artillery
can disable them.
. r : ' ' !'
WA8IHKQT0N, September 1. (As
soclated Press by Federal Wireless)
Ambassador Gerard has ! notified the
state department that the German unl
veralties will open this fall aa usual
and that foreign students who are
citizens of neutral nations will be able
to attend. All other foreign students
ere barred. ' ' '. ; .
WASHINGTON, September 1. ,
(Associated . Press by Ted ral
Wireless) The American Bed
3rosi Society has chartered a Ham
burg-American steamship and re
christened it the "Red Cross.'
The steamer is beinff fitted up as a
hospital ship and will sail . for
Europe on Saturday, . with a full
corps of doctors and nurses.:
CAPETOWN, September. I-
(Associated Press by Federal
Wirelers) -German and Austrian
reservists to the number of 8000
in the British South African col
onies have been rounded up and
are confined in a camp at Johan
nesburg at prisoners of war.
,. I Li 1 - '.. .' - V. xl.ij.fta 'Vi...V!aW. -i -..I. if fc il 1 a .- ..i n 1 ' ' I
Chapel Chimney Will B Watched
" Today For Smoke That Indi- V
cates Agreement.
v ' v --r. .v. .... . . .,
' ROME, September ' 1. (Asaoeiatecl
Press by, Federal Wireless) With all
communication with tbe outside world
completely f severed, the. doors of the
building being seeurely bolted and the
telephone , wires . cut, the eon clave of
cardinals which will elect, a successor
to Pope Plus X eonvenei yesterday in
the Sintine Chapel, there: to remain
until a deciding ballot is cant. . ,
. At eleven o'clock today, the earliest
hour ' at which an agreement can be
expected, crowds will watch the chim
ney of the chapel,' If smoke is seen
arising therefrom, it will indicate that
a choice has been made, and the ballota
mixed with straw, are being burned,
as is the custom.
Workmen will then break in the
doors of the chapel, ami the cardinals,
appearing soon thereafter on an upper
gallery of St. Peter's, wilt announce
the name of the new rope.
; '
State Department Says Bellig
erents May Be Taken Off
t- Neutral Vessels.
According to advices brought on tha
Pacific Mail liner China, which arrived
from the.. Orient yenterday ' mornlug,
sixty Gernisn residents of the Philip
pines whe were passengers aboard the
Bteairittr ' Manohfrrja, en route to the
United States", were taken off that
steamer upon her arrival at Hougkoug
and Imprisoned at stonecutters' Island
under a strong guard of British
rines. These passengers were German
reservists on their way to Europe In
answer to a cull to tbe colors. 1 As the
Manchuria flies the American flag, the
right to take belligereuts off the ves
sel, even though it be in a ' British
port, was questioned by the Germans.
However, the incident was brought
to the atteution of the state depart
ment at Washington, which held that
the British authorities acted eutirely
within their rights. The opluion of
the department is announced through
the Associated Prexs iu the following
"WASHINGTON, August SI. Croat
Britain has the right to remove bel
ligerent subjects from neutral vessels,
according to Robert Lanning, counsellor
for the state department."
The China brought a lurge cargo of
Oriental merehaudise. She will be dis
patched for Han Francisco from pier .7
this morning at eight o'clock.
x Save His Countrymen.' . r v 4
BelgidrisEn Route to
Washington to Protest
Agdirist Acts of Enemy
LONDON, September 1p-( Associated Press by Federal Wire- '
. v m a. a. l i i a M a ii ' ?j 1 " I
less; protest against moiegea uerman airociues in tna wax
tone, a Belgian commission which has arrived from Antwerp
I v will leave in a few djrys for Washlrigton.. Tha oonainistion will )
- -. m : ji tAl. Mfak Jsv j a
iooruer xcaay wiia oir. &awara
ment of their grievances. - r - k .
Amony their complaints they state that the Germans are car
rying off captured Belgians in bondage and sending them back
to Germany, where they are compelled to perform manual la
bor for their captors. :
Canadian Produce
Empire hy People
. LONDON. September l; (Associated Press by Federal Wireless)
Fodder for the cavalry .horses and provisions for the men in the
leld, in large quantities, have been offered to the Imperial govern
ment aa gifts by two of the Canadian provinces and it was announced
officially yesterday that these- gifts will be accepted. Tbe Province
of Alberta will send to England half a million bushels of oats, for
armjr use, while the citizens of Quebec are preparing to forward four
million pounds of Canadian cheese.
Biplane Drops Shell in
Paris; It Fails to Burst
PARIS, September 1. (Associated Press by Federal Wireless)
Another German aeroplane passed over this city yesterday. At half
past four o'clock in the afternoon a biplane dropped a projectile in
the city, but the bomb failed to explode.
Administration Decides Measures
Are Necessary to Offset Loss
Of Revenues. .".
WASHINGTON, September As
sociated Press by Federal Wireless)
Decreasing revenues, due to the falling
off of import caused by th war In
Earope, has made it evident to the
administration that some extraordinary
taxation must be resorted to, Tha
secretary of tbe treasury, the chair
men of the house and senate commit
tees on finance and ways and means
and other Democratic leaders have
been consulting with the President In
tbe matter. . ,
The suggestion now is that a spe
cial revenue tax be imposed on soft
drinks as well as beer and patent medi
cines, and a bill embodying this sug.
gestlon is now being considered by the
Democratic members of the house com
mittee on ways and means..
Another suggestion is to Impose a
five or ten per cent tax on railroad
tickets and on tickets of admission to
theaters, baseball parks and other li
censed places of wnuseiasui,
0 . t . - ns t . a
urey, nuuang&n omciai sutie
as Gift to the
of Two Provinces
It is estimated that from fifty to
eighty million dollars will be required
to make up the loss in customs reve
nue, and that It be raised as above,
: : '
SAN FRANCISCO, August 31 (As
soclated Frt ss by Commercial Pacific
Cable) An unknown cruiser chased
tha Japanese liner Chlyo Mara, last
Saturday night for four hours. : Tha
captain crowded on steam and the big
liner escaped.
WASHINGTON, September 1.
(Associated Press by Federal Wire
less) Provisional President Carran
ca yesterday issued an order declar
ing the port of Vera Crux closed to
commerce. The customs house and
City of Vera Crus are held by Ameri
can troops under General Funston
and there may be complications,
Ambassador For United States Declares
He Will Sacrifice
LONDON September 1. (Associated Press by Federal Wireless)
A Renter's despatch from ' Antwerp yesterday reports that the -
French,' on the left wing,' have gained a brilliant victory over the ;
opposing Germans. The despatch reads: "It is reported here that
General Pau has won a brilliant victory over an army of fifty thou
sand Germans, with whom his forces
ing near peronnes, in the Province
.: ' , ; ' -GERMANS LOSE
A wounded French officer brought
is no exaggeration 1o state that
have been in the ratio of twenty
the Allies. , He attributes tbisvto
massed formation... i :' v '
The French war department officially reported a general battle In
proffress On, the .lef yesterday, . statin j alsovthat tha French- rijrht,
uLijorraine, had again resumed the onensive. The official statement .
from Paris said: 1"J . f
."Our right, after partial checks, has taken the offensive agalnit
the Germans. The enemy is retiring. In the center the French com
batants are meeting alternate checks and successes.' The general
action now is being fought on the left, owing 16 a series of circum
stances .favoring the Germans. ' ;;-. ; ','....,.; v .1; .'7, '
-"Notwithstanding a few incontestable checks, our armies remain
intact, and the morale is excellent. ;
-'.'Considerable losses are being rapidly filled from regimental
depots." . .
Paris is being rapidly placed into position to withstand a siege.
The order of the military governor that the fortification zont be
cleared of buildings is being carried out and hundreds of houses and
small shops are being rased. v The city is fast becoming a great armed .
camp, troops from the south being concentrated in parks and boule
vards, while the outgoing trains are crowded with civilians, seeking .
points of safety. ,
American Ambassador Herrick says he will remain in Paris even in
the event the city is invested by the German forces, to aid and pro
tect Americans. He adds that perhaps there will be great danger,
but that after all he has only one life and asks how better can that
life be given than in the faithful discharge of duty.' '
,The cruiser Tennessee is expected to arrive today at Havre, whither
it was ordered at Ambassador Herrick 's request, to be used as a ferry
between Havre and Falmouth, removing Americans from the danger '
zone.- ' .
If it is seen that the city Is to be subjected to a siege, the seat of
government will be transferred to Bordeaux, near the Bay of Biscay
coast..:.' '-v: " .
'Sunday's call upon the class of 1914 and the territorials will add
six hundred thousand men to the line. In the territorials are thirty
six divisions and garrison troops. - .
LONDON, August 31 Premier Herbert Asquith today publicly re
buked the London Times for yesterday's pessimistic comments, which
elicited irom lutcnener tne statement that the British forces, alter
four days' fighting, were rested and ready for tbe next battle, and
that they fought brilliantly against overwhelming numbers. .
PEKING, August 31 (Associated Press by Federal Wireless)
Japanese forces have occupied the
of Kiao Chau Bay. . ,
LONDON, August 31. (Associated Press by Federal Wireless)
Cargo insurance has been reduced
WASHINGTON, August 31 Diplomats of neutral nations who
are stationed here have learned that 70,000 British held in check 200
000 Germans for three, days until French reinforcements arrived.
Where the stand was made is not specified in the despatches.
Belgian Queen Takes Her Three
Babes to England and Safety
LONDON, September 1. (Associated Press by Federal Wireless)'
Queen Elizabeth of Belgium, with her children, Prince Leopold,
Prince Charles and Prinoess Marie-Jose, arrived here yesterday from
Antwerp and -will make her home in England until the end of tha
war. The Queen and her children were given a warm welcome by
tbe people. They will be the guests of King George and Queen Mary.
Life If Need Be to
came into, touch yesterday morn
of Sommes." : , j t
bacic from the front declares it
the German losses" in the' fighting
to one as compared with those of
the German infantry , charges in
. . ; i, -o- i ; ':
small island of Tachien, outside
, ;
from three to two guineas. ; ;

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