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the Great German ShipWentMmWiili
BVZttOS AlCRkS, January l6-Accordini t6 'fa report which has been published
Sn La' Pterittu the first big ship duel of the WtiJifas Been, fought ; off the) coast
of Rio Grande do Norte province, near the Equator, When the British battle crtiis
or Invincible, t'.s fl&tfthta of ; Vice-Ad jiirU Sir Charles Sturdce. the Victor of the
Falkland tslahd fc&Ute, f otlght it out, ship to ship; WttK'lhe German battle crtmferl
w ti , -THS StUUc? erided When tHt grfeat German ship foundered and sank, hammered
"'' ' into a wreck by the gunnery of the British turret menP :'.''.' .S'V .''
-'j.Jhe Victor Iii tHii fettle between almost equally matched flbatln fortresses is
' her adversary, but she carried heavier guns. The In
vincible is armed with eight 12-inch rifles: the Von
Der Tann had eight ll-inchers, v ';''; .-'V )
;';,The.crew-6f the British ihip numbered Seven hun
.; dre4 arid fifty men; iKe Von Der Tarin "carried idown
with her, alive arid dead, faihe hundred arid ten men.
') The . German battle cruiser, was known to hayiS
broken through the British naval cordon in November
arid it was thought by the British ships hunting her
' that iHa had Joined Vke-Adriiiral.Couht vott Sp'ee'i
squadron, until the Joining of the squadrons off Falk
tarid Islirid plbyea, btlierwise, THeri H was thought
that Shfe had joined the Karlsruhe, which has not been
heard frbiri for Several wee;' '; '
The invincible took a prominent part in the sink
ing of the Scharihbrst arid Grieisriati bri December 7.
Advance North , of Sofsson and
. 4" Hold Gains at Perthes ; ;
V? ; - r r Lose iri Alsace '.V
' :.i .' "V" ; ,'''.
, ( AMvctatod taw kr rdmt WtnlM.) .
. JARIS, . Jnury .. 10, Th offlciil
emnianiqM f Urt night reports' a
; contlnod.drnc of th french aartH
pt Soisaop, where all the ground bat
Ue orKanlaei and freak territory hit
; aeca taken, deajplta flerca afll continued
conntar attacks. : . ' '.. A-;:.. ; Vi' V
'., ? The conntar attack of tU Oermans
poa the bmchas captured between
". Pertbea and Hill 200-taTe Ilkewlaa
been repnlaed, . the Oennaaa losing
kenvtlj beforo falling back. '
The early statement of tba flgbtlag
' sald:' ,;V'
v f 'Kasr Conptr - .lasV- night wi cap-"
. tured a' bill and 132 men in a VrilUant
'attack an4 repulsed three counter. at
tack. Oar. gala of three tranches la
a front 600 natars long. v"
; J' Three aimdgt almulUneotta attacks
vets mada en another bill, on trenchee
between the biQ and ferthe and on
, Perthea Itself gaihed as that. Tillage.
' We have since advanced beyond the
Village bonndarles. ,.VV
1 ;'In,Alace the enemy haa recaptured
urnhaupieuaute, Alaace, at i heavy
cost In lves., . ' ",.:'
' , - (AMoetatei tXM T Federal W(reUte. .....
'MVASlUN(!tOX, January 10. Nego
tiations w hereby the ' parification ef
Mexico" ie prartSrallr - assored j were
' ennouhcext . It " aight by- Provitlooul
rreirilent Outierres,- - . . : ' .
s. s , f . i 1 1 1 .n' ..' . ' -. ' j
EL, PAHO;, January 10. Oeneral
la has protuitted Oeunrul tt ott, chief of
staff, U.8.A., to prevent 'all ,furthor
. border' flghtinfj. ;';'.';'; ' ' '. " ' J,
I.'' -
'"v . , . "
4j (Associated Press by rederal .
" . : 'r 'v- Wireless) , . V.
' NEW TOSK, January 10-Ia
s) a dinner last night at the lotus
Club, Mayrou T. Herrlck, until re-
' cently United States ambassador
' a ta Jraaca, aiadi.a speech la which
he declared that the nation must V
s preiiare to assume greater respon
' siblUUe
in ' tateraaUonal affairs -4
after tha close of the,, war in Eu-
: rope. Be said that, a considerable
4, sdrtnee in the Interests of elB
cloncy would have to be made In
the diplomatic , aervica : and the
k hanOllng of foreign relation.
4 s
Figlititig Monsters- Lasted Until
(Associated Press by Pacific Commercial
heavily manned ship than
Laroe ArrHy Starts Frftrn Damas
cu's,JyeII,Arniqdcand,With ;
! ; '.i' . flfVYl Cample
.www VMiiiyiv
. lieeclsud 7ru ky rdrU VTreless.) .:
LONDON, January lft An Exchange
Telegraph despatch, from Athena states
that the Turkish plans for the inraslon
or Egypt are jar from being aband(- tjaoraf Turkey becam aa muW prin
ed. On the contrary a great army haa iClwll 1- ,.4. o-w d.-ti
airead marched from Damacas for theto ti.A namber of 12n.ooo Wer ,xrnaA
Egyptian frontier. V
; tms lorce consuts or eight army
; eight
corps, well armed end prorlrioued, In
cluded in the force la a camel corps of
eight thousand. ', ', - . " "
: The Turkish army of invasion will
taken ihe outer cararsq .trail, which
passes, west ' of the' V Dead. Eea and
through the "cify of Jerusalem. ;' The
distance; 4o ibej iraveUS - before ths
Egyp'.l ia; border is reached Is approx
imately two hundred and fifty miles.
tvamsoymistAXt, kaHkoads
BOJIB, January '.10. Tha Oiornale
P lull a publishes 'a ? despatch'" from
Cairo that the Turks, expecting -to In
vade Egypt, arohastenleg the coostme
lion of three lines- of tallroads across
the Slnat peninsula.- ".' ' ' : 1
, tt la statedvla Cairo that Turkish
and German emiasaries have been work
ing amorig the Egyptians, promising
that in the event of the expulsioa of
the British full and complete Independ
ence wUl.be restored to Egypt, aader
the protection of OonsUnUnople and
BerUal.-'-: '" -v!fj'.j '''j y '
: . IN transVlvania
: ... . : . v .
- .- (isMeleled taH Vr rera) WreUte,)
PAEI8, January 0. The Fetrograd
correspondent of the Paris Sfatia says
that the Buaslana have entered Tran
sylvania, that the Austria as have hast
ily evacuated all Bukowlna, end, that
thua a new road is opened to, Hungary.
' - --. i-
(AseeeUteS tan by Ttimi Wlrelesa) . ,
WASHINGTON, January 1,0., Xh(i
house sad senate conferees, having the
senate amended Immigration BUI under
consideration; have agreed to 'eUmtnato
the provision added by' the senate ex
empting Belgians from the provisions
of ths fuU blU and prohibiting ths Im
migration of negroes. ' '. -j; ,
' If the report Pe accepted by the sea
ate, the blU will go t the president
for his expected veto. ' '. ,
Press by 7t4nl Wireless ) ,
:. DBNVEB, January 10. rThat condi
tions In the-mine strike region are not
yet settled wss evidenced by the order
ing of a company of state militia to
Walsenburg last night . to' guard the
county Jail, at. the request of the she
riff. , The fsdersl troops left yesterday,
and the attitude of members .and sym
pathisers' of the United Mine Workers'
Union was such that the sheriS feared
an attai'k upon tha Jail, ituil called upon
the governof for state troops, aa will
leave ioday for WsMUngtonv
iTDj,;;. sura1
Cable) 5
Rbumania, Greece arid llafy On
; . the verge and Ready
:: Td Plunge. In. : fi
I(e4 rr by rdeM VireUu)
, IXJNDON, January 10. ETerythlng
now pointa 'to the early patCMpatfoa
of BoomanU In the great war aa one
of the AUlea, while the poeaibiyty of
Greece entering the conflict against
Turkey appeara at the present moment
almost to be a probability, lost when
Roumanla will more agaloet AnatrU
depends greatly upon the negotiations
vhich are known to be . under way ba-
tween Boumamaj ana Creece on one
Side and Bulgaria ph. j the bthefrjA
readjustment ef the Balkan lines of
delimitation ' lh .Macedonia "la ' andet
way, and aa soon' as Bulgaria's de
manda for more territory are satisfied
Boumaoia will declare: war. '. :"
, the popular excitemenar- la Greece
over th PerBecutioa,, of Oreeka in
Syria by the Turks haa grown to fever
heat, .and 1 is possible that ih f or-
ernlaent will be forced to take action
that will precipitate war v ' .i
At the outbreak of tosUUtieS aftid
frofn Asia Xlinor, being subjected to
extremely harsh:' treatment rom the
Turkish authorities.' ' '.'j--
" , piusoNEBa Jeer isoNs ' t
. . The few Greeks left la the country
are pow the) victims , of. bandits and
Turkl;.B irregulars, .while It . Is Just
learned that a large number of Greekt
and Preach ( reaidehts in .Syria : have
been dedsiod prisoners of ' r expand
have been, taken to Damascus, in chains
because, of, efforts to escape. : Greece
is thoroughly exasperated, and has sent
' a peremptory demand for redress - o
uonnanunopie, , v-. - A . ,,i
fetould, Boumanla enter .the, war,
expected, .there will- ba a ..chaia of
troops operating against Germany and
Austria extending for thirt eea hundred
miles, from the Baltic to tha Adriatic.
Auairta is' feverishly completing S
series ef jrortjucations along the Bon-manlaa-Transylvaaiaa
frontier, while
work Is also being actively carried oil
in the strengthening 'of .the def enses
along ; the Tyrolean and Carinthlaa
frontiers, facing Italy. ; ? v f.:, f
' Italy la extremely restless over Tur
key's delay la giving eati,' f jtctioa for
the violation of tbs Italian cobsulate
at Hodeida, front which ah armed Tnrk
lsh. force took a British consular rep
resentative, who had sought sanctuary
there. '' .'. 'sP. . '.
Italian Turkish relations and Greece
Turkish relations are each almost at
the breaking point, while the protests
of Austria against ths activity of Italy
la 1 Albania have brought those two
countries at a critical paint In their
dlrlometH correspondence. '; ;. '
V AwoaUted taM by redeiral Wlnless.)
COI t'MBIA, January p.--Oovernor
Oolo. Filcaue. reentlv beateu in the
election, toilay lesued pardons for l-ri0!
cenvii'tn, thus iri-ti( alljr Floariiig the
nrisoiiK before lie leaves gfnee. , -. -
(Awwiiitea Prts r rtderal WlrelMS)
' OHIO AGO, January . 0. May "wheat
today reached f 1.41 a bushe), a new
'record. Dealers predict v two dollar
wheat. ' ' ' .; '
,Tike Laxative Hroni Quinine
labkts. .'All (Inijjffists rcun1 ;
llie money if it fails to cul-f .
V.. W. Ci rove's sijnntiire h on'
each. box. ; ' ' . . '
I'AHIS UKOICIKC CO., Str.teaie, V S. a.
irr .'' v " -( '! .: - -
SlVEEPIfJfi on
?Mt' r-....f iri rlrhh Iri
uu u
nrti pnTiinnni
, , ulu oiiiunuiii
Famous Litigant Lived toto,
ti ' '? . t.t it1'- - : i
his wiacti-fiuxi j 1 car- ;
.Was Son of Adopted M
- of r the Kin? of Kauai
i' t ; t T"1.' - -
wAs Babe When
' i.
A fcslif crcii tdHy-Nme i'nd
y Sdth : Sei f TraiJer-Long
Lift? oi Real Roniaiice 2iid
Many Wild Adventures
( ' Vi.'r0-- "'''y -Advertiser.) .. '' .'
' Joiirr K. Sumner, one of the best knows
arid olilont (amaainas on pahu, -waa fuiinil
JcatJ is bed at . tlie residence jut his no
phewr B: Ws Davis, at Mokapo, yeeterday
ln. ( The end h:id eome qulrty so.nc
dulisff the Vlght. , ': : ,' . ' .
1 1
-Jkf -a(ed,-inaa..a'lia...waa.; alnety-foer
yenrs ol.l last iseptembcr, bad been fail
l. th. -.ir. ... .:. j.iT
. Funeral services 'ware, cbfidttrted, yes
terday from the Davis resilience , and
biirtal took place ia the private plot at
Mokariu. . leather Stevens oh llmmlulu
conducted the aervlcea. . ; '-, , r -;.. ,
. ine (loaa.man'is survived. by a tileee,
Mrs. K.. tluffaniloau, wife K th dtf
Euly eity-elerkx and two nephews W. A.
;lli, ' and JtA Davis, doimtv sLerid
of Koolauboko, t trhose -huitte-llo died.
A feoaaatM X4fa .-,-.? J'-Viv 1-.
The life of John K. Bunuibr was i.re-
mantic One, an eeeeunt TeUilitij hlpre like
sjIventHre-fu tioiythan hieirnuy; fl'fae f,4
lowing accouJit .was writes for The Al-
yertiHer ia 1901 au.l lu correctness ht-
tostoil liy Mr. Sumner himself. -V -l-v 1-
VtapUiav,' William .'; Sunibnr, .' John
8umnor father was born id Aorthabui
tfnt Knglandr, aiid . paniet t th l'uulfle
Coast as a eaUU bnf dft British ship
whiftb landed m h Islattil of kaiia.l,'"
says- the -l.iogrii.hi i-irouiiff Humaer
rati' away frohi.l lie tonne! and tcik tip Us
residence.' with 5 Yiitivus.,: The king, of
Kauai,ww eaMfi Kamnallt. i-,Ha Uook
a great fsncy Mi he hid; and adopted him
an nia own.. About that turlo kiitjr Kmijj
ehamnlial, invaded this inland aud had
eonqucred all the fero'tp wiiU the xc
tlon of Kauai, and waaiD.lioaolniu.-Kair
muulii, 6u henfiiiff ' all thi hlauda had
Bade submission- to KaTuc',iamh--ir bailed
the people together - and it was. decided
to send an emlieiisy to1 the odoqueroS.-iv-A
Boyal Envoy;. ;.. -. .Jvj.'i ,';v i- aj'.J
.""But as iiit volunteers' offered- tiiftnt
selves,, young Ru inner offered td gi with
the. king, which offer was acceptuuV. Vu
arriving befora Kamebamelia, the , ailig
rondored his submission,- ahitth wall ae
eeptcl, Kaiinualii being ,IoadeU with hon
ors and told to go homo to, Kauai and tell
hie people, that tliotr. lives and liberties
were ander his protection. But Kamelut.
meha 'aaked J"W$ Humner - be allowed
to. stay With him, having shown sp -aulch,
eonragd. His 'good, looks also- aiid his
eitreme brightness reeoinnioned hint. He
then became a member of the Honl h"e
bold, thus passing bis yoySt "aiihooJ
Until he' carried a ".", aud biuiUul
Hawaiian lady tunned Htia.
i may mnnuij uw, ; , s
1820 .' '; ' ''.iri1 .M
in 1830 the offsrln wss Wli
nner. Jr the onl, - iii,tji'. i 'f
Wrn in 1820
. "Bora
liam Hum
John K. Sumner, who was b itij lepteiulli,'r
10, l'-i0. Then followe M O.dy klHtar,
Maria 8. Davla, loro January ifl,
William beiaf deed. The KllUia. iwh
aa the Sumaer heirs vera -William iJujbi
ner's grandchildren.. M. W; Davis; I v. r
known as Wallie Davis, bidy son of M:iriH
Dafis, was bora some thirty-eight ye'aS
ago aau .be has figured in this ease
prDfeetinff his ancle's interests. v. t ' -,
Ilia Tether's Partner i
"His father's partner.'John K.'Buirt
per, was the second son. . When ho hal
grtwn to be a bov his father took him to
sea on the brig Waverly, trading and fur
.hunting along the California coast. Then
Captain Hnmnrr took up land, at Molana
lua, taking bis sons,. Willism and John K.
in as partners, and at times had several
thousand head of eattlo..- Is l-t?, Cap
tain William Bumner died, and. in 1849
whea the gold fever broke ont in Calif
ornia, William,' Jr.;-went api returned
home!" Then , John K. Bumner went the
following year,, 1850,-and returned after
eonxidouble experiences and. bard luck,
to Honolulu." ' k'' .
Married Tahitlan Princess
"It was then be met bis' future wife at
his brother William 'a houtte, she being s
Tahitinn princess named Mnito, who was
married to him by a Protestant miasion-
ary named Armstrong, bis sponsor being
Governor Kekuanaoa, father of Ks metis -
meha V. ,His wife came on the French
man of war from Tahiti ia 1849,'. which
demanded justice on. behalf of- Some
French priests who bad beeq Ill-treated. ,
. "From the niarriuire came oa offirlnc.
thus Hiving his sister, Marie. H. jnvu,
nextt lien her son. Wallie Davis j then
tbe tUlies, the latter being only grand
nepbewH and ulece. , Some, time affr
John K. Btuuaer's ( niarriaire: -' 'ap(ain
John Brainier, a wealthy .Tahitlan mer
chant and .veseel-owner, one wboao wife
was a niece of Johtv K. Humner wife,
sent a briir espeeiallv from Tahiti. tii
bring the young couple home to that place.
lira cpttoil Ptar
"'On Sumner's arrival there , he-wint
iittu the raining df sea inland cotton which
at . thai ime' was In grent demand In
tannine and Amorieo. After three fcml a
balf years ho Rave, op tlie enttntt' indus
try and wcut into the cattle businena. He
bought S brig eallnd the Ninito nnd with
young IVaJlie Davis as boatswain, made
a tinnibr of sueoosHf ill: trips from .
wnii to Tahiti, buying all Ms cattle from
John Parker, unere of the ' . well-known
8am- Parker i.1, ; j ; f .'
("At last success failed him V n 'r his
transports tioa by sea, having mad S
sisty days' voyage from here to Tahiti,
losing, the (treat nia.loritv of his rattle.
Sunnier relates how the. beat was So itl
tenao that the hot pitch poured down up
on the poor brutes bolow decks, and hav
ing no vat' they licked Up , the ' hot
iteh. ' Wallie, oa that trip, acted ae boat
swain and Jonah, as the old ma says. the
brii rah ashore when ud at Hawaii, then
a bad pamage, the cattle were lottt, ind
after aendinif the vewtel back to thia ill
and tbe Cjiptain ran her ashore aain,.'! he
reason, says John K. Kumner, was the too
or swiis. , 1. vriwriKni, aifeni
sold what was left of the brig,
la 'Clutches of .. lawyers , ; ,
t ma7 ti,- v w...t.
sa auvi evMsa 11s m 1 sa iiir ana- sa 1
from-Tahiti and shdrtly after bis wifel
UiHi;.pn July SO, 18tf8.:- le remained
bere'ntltil 1901, when he went back to
Tahiti da April 1, 1901, be residing there
Uit JsH)2r arriving In Honolulu on August
20, .that year, on tha steamer Sierra and
' a U in ft Intothe clutches of lawyers."
Center oi Legal Battle i.V. ' fl
Eleven years ago,. John K. Sumner was
be1 center of a legal .battle , ia which be
Strove- to region posseHsloa df, such of his
fortune as remained Intact.-- lie sold some
harbor lands to the Oahu Railway ecm-
bany rot aiio.uoo. ur this. sum lie paid
1 10,000 each to tbo three Kill children.
lus nephews -and hioee, $10,000 ae Rave to
the Catholic church,- aid about 10,000
to various- firu) of Inral. attorneys. What
he - had . loft ' after miiltina . ne entailer
(lit)iirnen:ents amounted to tS,2()i'5) which
btvplu()ud ia trust, making Bishop Gulstaa
ttuatee.. ; '.. ; i '' '
taiter,' aoUrijr umler Uia aJtiee of Al
freH .MaKoon-fiHuhinor withdretv the
uiouey frgiu tlie k'i rut National Bank of
Hawaii and dcpoHited it with llUhop A
Coi, where it was no Ipcger subject to the
checks of the trustoe: Hlshnp Clclstan
tben, , asked :tlift ejiirU to, ttrnilbato ' the
tru9t and relieve biin of all'reponsibility,
iadgs pa olt'j Cbmsent'' 1?' ' -'
. This eras done b!tA a hiugthy, hearing
before the flourtsi Judge He Holt in the
Mrcutt -.tiuurt ttunuanted the trast and
erdroHl -. Hinhop & , Coiniiany to: pay the
money, lo Mr. fiuniner There was 'eon
silemble wrangling- amohg' tarloua local
attorljeys who were luteronted in the pro
eoe' in zp, and Judge' Da ilolt:niade . the
(tatehieiit lit -ids Cndiiiir that (.ho old man
bajl'bovBYohbed nf at h-ast SIO OlHi in
attarbtrj s'.fees, whlclrvrere 8iitranv)us.'
,,7(lls provoked. dutbursta of indignation
aiihii'il the attorneys nsmod, but did not
E-t Rilii'iier any of his money back. The
judge-'also, fqund that the 'old man. bad
Iqtion, tit reoovcr- the $Ui),6oo paid the
Cilia chiliLrHi, us.it Was paicl umhT 11
imJuiii rti)unuiu Shd .withuwt vuiisidtra-
Hid to A
Ask for itofce
rini tli.triul Svhioh royndUxl in
niiig lull (msHtsHion of his $48,205,
Humner was obliged, aeh the court fpr
twenty-f.Me dollars., a we?k f his iwn
inoiiRv.for Ilviiiir oxrienses.. After secur-
j jttg bu iiiesey, Mumner wttlyd his affairs
bore ia July. 1903.' to return to Tahiti.
umt ,cuil l.;u renifcinder jdf Ills vears oa
ji'hi-a hi" I'tui'fty there. ) this iuteu
lajrf, hi eiterwnrtbii ehanfecd.r , i "'-.
.4 is -U-lJ II 1 .hasded ovw-a small teni
rant '., his' fortuee. to Klias- L. Jones,
a ho agreed to maintain the did aian Hr
the, rwt, ptf his -lifc,tc His property in
tiirestM. were at thit time graatly involved
and his -interests were, comparatively
iiisll. Aniong pther intereHts, he. pwncd
a iiiece of property at Makapu, where he
afterwards weut to live with Wallie Da
vis, his nephew:- '. . ' ,
i . Kxceptiiig when he was made defend-
knt'iu a small leiil action in 191, the
ohlmaa lived quietly here from 1003 no
til his death yesterday; ' ; " ; ;
r (AssoeUtssVress ky rtdsral Wirelsss.)
, TBEKTOX; January 9. -As a result
of a search,, made by the- jpdlioo ia the
Italian Quarter since, a fcomb was ex
ploded intVt. Joachim ' i-hurth oa Mo
day, a trunk with fifty bombs has been
found in possession of an Italian named
lgnalle (labrelle.
:K '. ,-' '. v.: . . S t ' ' 'V
-Children hre much more likelv to roa
trnct the routs lou lit.eaes when they
have eolds. Whooping cough; diphthe
ria, scarlet fever- and voasumption are
dtktases that are often contracted when
the child hsi a cold. That is why all
me.lirul hid horlties say beware of eulds.
For tjie quick cure of col.U yoi wMl
fii.d nothing better than t hnniberlain'e
i'fiu(?h Itemed?. '.It 'can always lie de.
pended, utoo and ls'pleaant and aafe
to take. For Sale by. all dealers, Beuxon.
t'uiith A Co. Ltd., sgljut 1 for Hawaii,
Kk. Elizabeth J; Kriightrlil Rcriidrkablc and ;
bUnal At Kailiia, Asks For Custody of the
S Little Heir of Deceased ilawaiian ChiefessV
. 1':
rjnti most sensational suit evcrfilcd Iri a HawaltancoWtt Ariel ds '
a nut 1 urviity . a laic ui ociuaiw buiu-uiuuucu ucai iitoa yittu auu
r warjloii criicity, as has ever been, spread, ijpon, the wprs pi any. '
court, find expression in the documents filed in the cirpuit. court at
Konpn Hawaii, the day before yesterdat by Mrs. Elizabeth J. Kniqht, '
moincr 01 annie i. r. rarKer generally Known as ineuna, wau -recently
married Henry Gaillard Smart, to exchange her bridal cqs-
tume ?or a snroua in a little more
Iri Substance,. Mrs. Khioht
wantonly brought her daughter to
has been to get hold of his wife's property, and that his ihfaht son
is net safe in his father's custody. ,; ; - ' - .. . ..
... Mrs. Knight haa accordingly, petitioned thi; . court id take the
child away from the. father and place him, iri ih custbdjf of orne
Suitable person p'endiftg , the trial; to tiltlniately appoint, rifcrself
guardian of the boy and meanwhile t6 ppolht. W, A. KinneJ terh
porary guardian for the purpose of thii litigation. ; " , r:
VW. CbkDUtT lqn(S was rtoTOfciduS' -y-; v
:,"'. The relations between Smart and his wife haye been notorious; .
almost since, his marriage, and his conduct has beep the cause of
deep resentment among her friends on behalf of the poor, young
wife, now beyond the rech of peglect and worse. This was. accen- :
tuated a few. weeks ago when the will of the young wife Was1 .read,
practically shutting out her own. relatives, including her only son, -
ana leaving tne duik oz ner property, vaiuea at a million ana a nan ,
dollars, to her husband. ' . tX-t-i.. . . ; S ' t .
. No mortal has, however, conceived it possible; in this twentieth
A 1 9 . O 'T tl .1 . 1 . I . - ' , 1 j . '
tcuiui, in juiiiiy Ala vvii, uiafc buui luiiuuv.1 w aa pviosi.uic .vj wtvi-
lized white man;-as that set forth in Mrs. Knight's sworri pejtition.
,; ',Th petition declares that Smart's cruelty "certainly hiitshfed ,
and probably caused his wife's death.". ' ,(i ,y i
; That his conduct since, marriage snows him' to be an utiralural '
husband and parent, a degenerate and hot fit to be entrusted with ;
v'-V'. That he exercised an . pnwholesomS arid vfcJous influeiicc over. : .
his young .wife and compelled her to disinherit her and his ovm son ,
eighteen months. v, : ..'f.'f-v'.-.; .''.,':-;'''.. ; ; 1' '".' :V
That he has not pretended to, do anything. to 'support hlri.elf -
since his marriage, but .lived off'
neipea supporyotner memocrs ot tne amart lamiiy. -- - .
, V KEP.T WIFE'S MONEY AWAY- FROI tlEftg'i' ";yy
' jtf .petion, Alleges that Smart not only lived off hls.wifef but ,"
took from her practically all her rriorieyV SicCatlhg ,ef 'Wpehditures '
and abusing her for trifling ependings made. without his pertrussidn. .:
She could not buy even the clothes she wanted, while Smart revelled "
m new automobiles, attended theaters and otherwise enjoyed him
self as a gay sport at the . expense of his dying wife, whom he '
: After the young wife had given birth to her EcCohd baby, in ' '
Paris, on the vs hf the outhrealc rvf trie war. ariii -una A rrnncrht harlr :.
to New York, where her yoilrigest cnild died., The mother was then
taken to the Smart home in Witfoughby Beach, near Norfolk, Vir-
ginia, wncre per moincr rouna ner, ' aesperareiy 111 ana aying, wiui
Cut a nurse,' in unclear! and unsuitable surroundings' and not fur-'
msned with proper fooovy;;,-,..,; . ''',w,.''-,'f ' ' . : '.
''" . .'':'-' '. TTrtTTMni ir1 ii porvtrv 'im ' d dt ' r' ' -' il V. f ' '.
. DuHner .the severe Illness that cdlmihated iri Thelmk' firriirfs .
deathl(the husband, according to the. petition;' neglected her, loir- a
nurse who had been made one pf the Smart household n Paris,
towards whom, on the' steamer cros'sing the Atlantic and up to the
time, of his wife's death. Smart
u ui mc ujfiuj; wile. ,- . ;(i ,y ,. ... '..,., ,;- y
' v If amv ctf rjrjnolnin ;T?otn a THro f ..V4 .',-.
' - : Smart attended the
evening before his wife
affidavits made, that death
ith must
, TbW : is.; sample of the neglect ind cruelty that Mrs. KhigHt
alleges, the allegitioris being endorsed by the affidavits of Obctpr F.
F.vHedemarih of Honolulu, who warned the husband Qf;the danger
to his wife of i ,'triji to ParisJ of Poctor Anna Keith. Davenport of
San Francisco, who professionally ; told Smart that his wifi ltvis
tubercular; Miss C M. Kirkpatrick, trained nurse, who testifies as'
to the shameful manner in which" Smart neglected hi dying wife,'
and Miss S. C. Dozier, who tells of Smart's "harsh, cniel and stub-,
born" character sis she observed it In the sick room. W;.;';-.'-r.,
. rwocUt4 rress by fsacral Wirslsss.)
;' CETTINiE, Monteijegro", JsnusryiO,
-Despite' the iot -uafsvorsUs vesta-
er coodlflonsnder'. Wcij' the troops'
are operating and la the face of heavy
attacks from the Austrian artillery, the
Montenegrins are holding their post,
tiona snd. rePttlslug :sVerjr attempt o't
the Anst'rtins ti drive thetn back serosa
tte b'ordof V;' y-: t 2'
JClnj, Nlcholsi' . end'' Qaee4 ' MUns
here been tvteltlng . Ahe wen at . the
front, the visit trflm the royal veterans
Inspiring the troops to continued ef
jrorts.-..::?..,,.. r- '.,;',;-.;.;'.;?
':,' 1 '..-' a --'. ': :
AtsoeUu4 Vrsts by rsdsrsl Wlrslsil.) , '
' PARIS, JTsnuery t Th Petit . Par-
islsn ssys that the mobtllratlon pt the
Boaranulsn srmy will brgia on Jscn-
try 24 snd continue nnUl 600,Qa'0 uien
are ready for battle. '.;. ..
tnan two years. -
practically charcies Sntart
her death; that his softf obiett
his wife's money and, has" Also' '
showed undue attention, adding, to '
nenormance 01 inc rsira or I'araaise tne-:
come within a few houri.', ' ;
(Awiolated Press Ay Tedersl
'"',; : . ' Wlrslassl ' '-" "' '.-
Secretary of the Navy Psaiels sa-
oooneed , laet . night,, that fifty.
seven nsval vessels wtil visit Sad
rrsnclsce In March, th,e warships
will go from the Atlantic by, way
of ths Panama Canal - lK
This great fleet will fholnde
twenty-one battleships,' twenty.
three torpedo boat destroyers, and
thirteen, auxiliary .vessels. The old
battloahljs. Oregon, and the old
f cruiser Olympls will Join ths fleet
I at Crlstobol. ' v .. . :. ..
- President Wlbon will sail on
f the bsttlesUp Kew York, j i) '
.-:"''''-. ''Vr::'-;.r -
... 11 ... H .-i. .. j.
sj s 4 4 i s b :
.,. , , . .,4..a,,,, .-, .., - - . :
PEBLTK, Janusry JO. Oonnalo ,J)s.
Quessds, the Cuban ttlujsur to Qsr
many., died last night Of spoplexy.

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