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' . ' - - " 'r A . ( ' . I , '
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p- niicciAn amv
,.; 4 Minister ( o( Shah to Rome An
. ;;vnourcei ..Turkish, Invasion, of
H ;-v'( Lattcr's Oomajn . has Forced
' : ' 1 Little Kingdom to Joirv Forces
::M- Persian Participation In Conflict
V"-t-SVWould He,p Materially in'Camt
; . VJ i- paign Aginsj Armepia and
v-v '.' In British flayal Operations
Associated PrM b frtsrsl WlrslsM.) '
OME, Jsnuary 9. , - That Persia
has Vn forced to become tn
f"' V actiy Uigtnt: la ;-th wal,
and' that she lias placed the blame fofr
her position upon Turkey, la th poet
startling development of th gtat coa
; Hicj; feud 'puUfey&Urd?. tWw
was liven oat by the Perln ralniewr
'7 kcr,'h ll Quoted m ttlBg thxt
.' '.'PeirtlA t tent n nltlmttum to the
. Porte, v ' ' '. ', :. . -:: ', ;1 ' y-'i '
- '".., . Persiaa territory, uyi tjie inlnUter.
f jua teen Invaded 1y .tb Turks, an4
. hogtiUtie lre. been farced upon the
V Pcrslaae in the guarding or their' wA
. frontier and the preeervatlon of their
o4n neutrality, i Persia desired only te
V f li sJione, but this the Turks would
: -noi-permit.'- Nothing remained, thtret
"' fore, hUt the 'ultimatum from' Tehor
; to'Conitantinbple. -'j .i.';
This ultimatum was sent several days
'. ago, says the minister, but,' because of
the irregularities In the malls, no reply
: has as yet been received, ' ; i
1 , Vt , will"' be'Jonly 'i small facts
; In: the . war ..hostilities come as a
; result-f the umastam, but vrilT bs
;. , valuable ally; of BuasU at the pres
ent tne in the cuaign against At-
menia. . 11 Persian participation In the
war would .-. also : provide the British
cruisers with a rafe base In the Pet-
slan Oulf.
't "." The Persian, forces consist of soma
, 60,000 regulars end an equal number
of trragilars, th latter poorly armed.
. Of add artiUery, ' Persia has twenty-
titroe batteries, with from four to eight
fans lntos.cn., The best-drilled forces
: e in the Cossr.cx Brigades, there be
tag' two of these," each of 200Q' faen,
. under Basilan 'officers..,,. The. armed
i cendcrmorie, consisting 1 of 600(1 men,
infantry and cavalry, are under Swed
ish officers. Ths navy is negligible, j
mv. lBiroiPiM vnontrcT
(AtcUUl Piece by yv4eral WirelMe) v
'WASinkatON, January 0. Secre
ty of ptate Bryan. , announced last
night that he bad received the British
bote 11 reply to the American diplomat
lio representations in regard ' to ' the
seiiure ef shipping : .by the 'British
navy.'f He says the reply is' about ths
sams length as th American protest
konveyed In bis original note.: ; By mi
tuht agreement ' between the United
States and Great Britain the note will
bb ''published tomorrow. ' 1 ' 1
' v 1 . . V
(AMeeUt4 Fress tr rederU Wlnless.)
v WASHINGTON, January . 9. Secre
tary' of .War' Harrison- has Issued an
official' denial, of the rumors that the
War. department hs beon selling dis
carded army rifles to any of the bl
Jigerent nattona In Europe or elsewhere,
' v .a,.; ; (,, ,, , . .
,' f A-.cittt pf by Wireless) "
',' I.OKDON,' January 9.At tlie re-
quest cf the" Ee'glan legation the offl-
rl.il pross bureau ' has lsroed . detailed
' a'IecUcns to show that the Catholic
tlcrry ' hav boon, naltrsatod y tho
0rmars and their sacred tnitltutlons
: : destroyed and, profaned, ,
nr n i i trnnnn
MUliULULU 111 UUi)
Chamber of! Commerce Commit
v tee Will Try to Secure Con-''
, .7,ltinution of Pfpjectf j-jr'
ti (From Saluraay, 'iaVrtlser.A
' . Th .-. mai-itfrn' (nir cpnnnUtei of
the thamlinr ctipmierne held ,' meitr
' Jfentvilay , morT.ing to fonnliler a
Utter fitim. petrgate t ' ""ttin-
foith the status or the river, aad jikr
bor situatlon-lii Washingt-in. .r., ,
.Jt ap))ared that'everythlnf; had gone
ly the board ekeet a S10,0U4 item'Jof
the B:aintciisnre of Kshulnl hurtmr.
'..The llm reroUitiAiei tj the' lovtft
army , engiteer rflurenrutative, Co.omst
flroinWcIJ, for AiutirtenaBerrnnd rurr.'iit
vork t Jioiiolulu.hsrhor. stmountrnti in
21ill,000; has boon'HrirVn put, 'as wMl
SR the item for-the eompletioa of tlie
break stof project, at Kahulub ;'
Ne new projtwts are )nr)iiled la tlie
bill, .which therefore shut out from f vin
aonsideratioU the extension of JIodoJuIu
hartor -toward Kslihi basin ani : t
breakwater at NawiliHi, rauaL
What Committee Seeks To Aopompysh
.s "The 'o mm it tee fU that, 'wtder like
condition, it Was' UDtonnd- to attempt,
to' secure , appropriations for ' the . tte
sew .projects asiueii; but folt that it
an attempt was. conjlned the; above
lurstlotioil f Ontinoing projects fos Ho
nolulu" sod Ksholui, they might be s-
euwd, .;.,-.. ,; l - t
i It wan strongly felt that only imme
diate and frost atfenoons efforts would
vure any result at aMy. owing to the
well known desire Of rongrosr.to
irnitte this year, i , V . : . ', ; ..
WW Try To Engage McClellaa v -.-X,',
. Owintt to George MoK. MeC1ellni's
long and intimate aiiquaiotaace ' witb
Washington and the securing of appro
priations for these very prOjvete in the
iiast,- vl, his 'pbiasaot relsl loss wUh
the Delegate, itwas deridod to cable
to bbn ft Seattle to see if his serras
were available to go to Washington on
this special mission.' If so, it was tn
ther decided- that ! the Delegate e.ho'tild.
be consulted by aVle to see ' if Mr.
MeCrellan'sApastanee'woMld be agree
able to-him. iiTi" -Tt ; :V--
The carrying out of the action abqva
outlined was left in the bands of Chair'
man G. P. Bush 'of the maritime 4oia
mitteo' and Secretary Brows, of ;4be
chamber of commerce, '".,' "f
Sahnlui PUght - .rt;.'";
The orgent .necessity for the appro
priation named is evidenced by the
fact that the single "arm of the break
water already ostrjctedf. at Kahnlui
on 'the north sjdso' ,the harbor ha
rreated what is prarically "a settling
basin' for the aaad and debris swept
into the harbor from the western-side,
so that the harbor, is being rapidly
siltod up.. It is stated that it is al
ready difficult for thv steamer Claudia
to get to her wharf while the shal
lowing proceaa is extending to the deed
er portion of the harbor, v ' lt, ..,
Henolulu Habor-SUt . ''; ;, 1
In Honolulu it is expected tht out
of the 200,000 appropriation the quar
antine wharf will be moved baok t its
permanent location and tha portion of
the harbor Widened so that large steam
ers can be manipulated without danger,
which is not now the ease; ,' More or jess
shoaling is always taking place and
this must' he provided for, commerce
might suffer a disastrous check. . . '
v Members of. the committee present at
the meeting were phalrman George V,
Bush, II. M. Whitney, T. H. Petiie, J.
I McLean, C. P. Morse,' Norman Wat
kins, and Lorrin A. Thuistpnf also J.
P; Cooke who appeared before the eont
nittee and preneoted the urgent neces
sities of Kahnlui harbor, " x ' '
The committee will meet again this
morning at ten o'clock to dwble upon
soao plan of action,: to Jint into execu
tion immediately. v j t ' J i '
, nuikiuvni wiiii., hhim
. .. , , , . . t . . . i-
' (AssedsUt Prsss bj Fsdsrsl Wireless.) '
LONT30N, January & Ths American
steamship Peqver, : bound for'. Bremen
w(th cotton, has been released after be
ing detained 84 hours by the BriUh.
The Pf tiio " Contipu w
Everywhers We Hear tJood Keports of
1 Doaa's Backache kidney PUls.' '
.-yi.U-lH :r". - f;'V't ?--b ,
Every section of the United Btates
resounds with praise of Beap's Back,
ache Kidney' Pills; ' Thirty" thousand
persons re; giving testluway in thair
home newspajxrs, Sincerity qf these
witnesses Is the best proof of the merit
lot Does 'a. 1 Bead the fvlluwlng ease,
airs, wimam. meuregor, yii-itmem
8t.y Vemllotgp, Oregon, says: 'I was
troubled, more or-less all ssy life by
weakness of the kidneys. My- hands
and feet swelled and .sometimes my
whole body bloated. There was a
steady' pain in-the small of my baek
and sides, and When , doing,' my. wor$
it was bard for m to straighten After
stooping: - WheU r I ' did : Jtoon, sharp
twinges sbot, thrqugh my; backhand
sjdea..lisiey spells aud headaches wr
coljniftn, and I. couldn't rest well In
the. niorniufr I felt all tired out. U
would be bard to describe the mfsery
( wept through, I tried many remedies
and, spent a great deal of money for
doutors'Hreatmeut, but got no relief.
Finally 1 saw Dosn's Backache Kidney
fills advertised,, and th first boa 1
used helped me. Continued use cured
pke aches end pain, in my- back ' and
rignluted the ai-tioo.of my kidneys,
pvan s Baekache Kidpey Pills gave me
complete and permanent euro, and; I
am now in good health. I am glad to
confirm U I have snld slxrnt IJoan's
Baiikacb , Kidney pills, when I bay
pubJHy endorsed them before." (
, Dona's. Baekaehe Kidney Pills are
told by all drufgests aud storekeeper
t SO teuts per bo (sis boxes 12.50),
or will be mailed on receipt of price
hy the Kollister Drug Co., Honolulu,
wholesale agents for the Uawailsn Js
landiL-. ;v ; ,;.
Ke member , the name, . Ioan 'a, and
take do substitute. f
i,V;; , l? . ;i!:;i.:;v',vv;'YV':; h: i-;,
- s. ' (Associated Press by rcderd
SAM TEANCISCO, January O.--Th schooner Euteia,
( while healing eSit'throngh Ch'Crbiles) at 'iat plight
tfl last tijht, w struck by 'tremendous wave; s
resclt of which; the Vessel soon became a complete wroefc.
;. James Bolgsr, the second offltet, tt ''drowned. 'probably,
but the o;her members of the craw1 wire save! bytin
Xfe savers "of 'four staMcns, 'who Wore SrVlslsd 1ft their
ort of rescue by tWd honored soldiers1 frpm 'the tr tilery
potfts. ''''' '' ' ' : tniijV '.' ' ' "
;',' ' ; C . ? OToqjrjia oxuf tino hulk '.
" When ths ghnt water stnic .the schooner, with hi
forre- qf a tldUwavo, it completely wreeied th surfer
srnctnre W eeded the' hold, the inmring ' wafers :
abling tb .engines and transforming thsvcraffc Into a
drifting sulk. .The schooner swung In
the rocks ef point Bonlta, whare she comtjiinceC
it- i. y .-. 'i.
. : Associated Press by Pederal
: INDIANAPOLIS, January i! lathe
bration which Ws held here yesterday, President Wilson'
id a' speech wh.:h u' interpreted as hint that ha mijht
be a candidate for re-election te thS presidential tBilr, ';
Whsn ha "appeared she crowd cheered until .'the Presi i
dent raised hit hand far quiet, a4 'the applause nnjUy
lubsidisd. Jn hla speech be dircussed1 ths Meficaai las&es, '
ind vd-nde4 his attltnde,' wllhont "explnlng jurtwliat
hla' eutUned taie'nttorif WerVM t-.;,- 'j '!'
Ke Mid,' however, that ""there may com a time when,
he people will have to' Judge whether I know what I'm
wiling aoout or not.' . ' .'
v.v i (Associated Press by federal Wireless
LONDpN,' January7 a.-Pespatches frem' 8ofla report
that the Turkish' govern neut is greatly alarmed at the
recent develppments and is' preptWngl for a sudden Sight
.a Adrlanople. The success f the aEled flneta which re
cently bombarded the 'defense of Constantinople, and in
flicted great damage upon some ef the inner fortiflcaUons
of the Dardanelles; as 'well as the slbkfrig of the battle
ship Massudlyeh by a British submarine,, have destroyed 1
the cdrrfldanco of the officials In their security. .. . r '
,'Th Turkish defsnses were greatly weakened by their
naval' losses, which liiclude the' damage1 sustalnsd by the
. .AKBTERDAM, January 9-r-Xt .was reyortcf here yes
terday ihat Dsfln,'ye Brusxels publisher who printed
the Utter' of Cardiha) 'Merder, urging Belgian Catholics
not 'to' recognize the Cemah 'ml'iury administration "of
".".'' '" ' -.v'"" y '.it ....... 1 1,',.: ,
Official Communique Reports Sig
t nal .Success Fpr Tricolor Jo j
'v. i North of Soissonj , i
'' i ' ' : )"''" , '.'' '' 1
A (Associated Frsss by Fsdaral WlrtUts.7
' PAWS, January O.Although the
lighting i hat been confined. a few
placet along the line, in all the French
have been miccessfuL according to thJ
official communique Issued last night, !
y Vary susicvory progrosa ua pkb
maa in Aisace, wnue a unat success
has been Won north Of SoUsons, where
the Prench seised and oocuplsd two suc
cescive' lines' of trenches and reachsd
the third Una, dealing it, ' n - - V
' In the attack a Qerman'reidoubt was
seised. A strong coontar-atack was
made upoai the Prendk hoidlng the cap
tured lines, which attacks were driven
back, ' s.',,r-;:y .
In the. Argonne the Germans 'mads a
strong attack and forced the prench
back a kilometr, ' but"' the invaders
failed to make good their gains,' from
which thsy were , driven bach when
fresh reinforcernent '' reached ths
Prench. .'"'" ? i, "
' The adyance la Alsace has 'reached
and occupisd tho 'village of Burnhaupt
le haute, south of Sennhelm. ' 1 .
The remainder of. the' long French
bulletin details minutely a series of ar
tillery engagements, sapping operations
in the trenches and minor infantry co
counters, some of which wire extremely
hot and none particularly significant.
The majority of the long battle-line was
inactive. -:',V;J- . i '
Opa, engagement in Alsace is given
particular attention, this being a charge
on skis by the French. Alpine Chausv
seurs down the mountain slope towards
the German positions at Bonhomme,
which forced the Oermans to retire five
miles on Orbey, toward Colmar. Th4
regular Infantry held a strong German
detachment , engaged while the Chaa
sours ' skirted the " slops for a. flank
charge, . ':',..'". :- 1
( AsMMis4 Tn y ysdsrsl Wlrelsu) i
TOKONTO, January g. A provincial
constable, a corporal and two private
have been arrested for connection with
the shooting of two Buffalo duck hunt
ers, on of whom was killed and the
Other ; wounded. It was alleged that
the met were breaking the shooting
law on the Canadian aids,
. , the disabled
taking station, from which the other Stations wers. noti
fied' and ths Mfe boats bunched. "At ths same time two
f. the, boats 'froa ths Eureka , left ths wreck with ths
oillc'srs'snil men of' the ship, wlih the exception' of ths
escond officer, Who wis Unable to embark In the small
'bosAs;' '' ' .' :, f"fr! v;' r-r?'.'vv- .y' , i
the" first boat,
xblsel to reach '.,.-.
In the meanwhile an attempt Wis
to the Eureka, tWo
id against wwi unsuccessfnl and the Eureka turned turtle and feund
ip pound. ' ersi, canryftig down th second offlcer. J " V' I
Wlrelessi M ' V )' lis sail thibte
Jacksoh ty ocle-
prUvLipl of the
course accordingly.
It 1 also' ' reported! Jto
Man Ittinti.
The Bulgarian
Bcigram',' has been
i r
Honolulans.Form Partnership To
; Pronipte Vapation ati Picas
)X we Trips From Mainland "7?
'. j; i .-ih. ':.,! n' r hw,x ,..),
A new etitorprise exactly in line with
all live . promoter hve koeo al
voiating for years bas been tnaugurat
ei : by two Honolulu, men-r-W. X- Ai
drif and 1'biUp V. Hall both ef whom
were boru.hitrc and know all. about all
the Islands from Puna to Lohau, .and
from, Vancouver's time, to now, have
formed, a ImsincH partwrnliip to pro
mote the tourist trade te Hawaii. They
especially plan to take care of tlio twvs
ist aud see that be has a good time
after he get here. , . , . ,
Messrs. Al'lrich and Hall have opened
their boiiils ofljico Jn , the Kaikeolaul
builillng. They 'are plauuing to start
a branch ollic in Ban Kau&isco; next
mouth Mr. Hall will have charge of
thv home oilice and Mr. Aldrich will
have bis heudquartor in.Saa i'rancisco.
Islsnd Tours Planned - ... ' i
They are laying out a series of "Pa
taijine Tuii.i. '.'- to . include - thii chief
Kots of interest on HavoiU, Maui,
Kauai and ahu, '. They will ..also be
prepared to-arrange for luaus, surfiug,
i-anoeing and . fishing . partuw, . borso
Ufick and automobile ycursiorrs, .and
"hikes'' over the mountain trails, in
effort, iby " ill i'ndvor to satisf vis
itors to Hawaii and try to give thorn
such a gqod time that they will come
arain ' and bring their friends with
them. '; , ; V ' '
Their sy.tiem is based pn the practise
wlthsimilnr tourift agencies in the
United estate aud Kurppe aud embodies
the most iip-te-date methods of ban
r!li"f tho traveling public. .'. ; .
They intend ta issue coupon tickets
arranged like . mileage books. These
coupons will cover all items of steam
ship and railway transportation, anb
siktence, hotel expenses, baggage trans
fer, and guides where needed,
To Make Hawaii a Bermuda j
' Mr. Hall stated yesterday that he
holioves that the Islanitf should have
the sume icl.itiou to the western coast
of 'America us the Bermuda have to
the K'nst . ' '' '
7 ?' This enn only '; be ' accomplish
through Qooperatian " and 'hoostin);'
by-all who ure' vitally interested in
ibe prosperity aud progress of Hawaii
w!,'' he saiil.
As soon as their system is organ
I :-d hen Mr. Aldrich will go to Bnn
KrsnrUru und start a svetematlo ad
vertising campaign to induce travelers
to take a "I'aradl Tour" to Hawaii.
The, partner expect to get results by
Meroi'l contact with travelers; Ther
foe) that this is the only method that
will make their project a success.,
- . . . I,, i , , ,
Even the -lichteBt tickling or hoars-
res in the throst mnv be tlie'for'riln
urr-of n tiu'igeroiis illneH. Ktop it at
once with hamberlM(n's,,f;oiKb -Bein-
...1.. .L l.u ..II .. ,
i Smith ft' Co., Ltd., agents for Hawaii.
wreck was' reported to th Bonlta life
.n, 5
a 1th tlx men In ft-, was picked, up by
the life tavers. the other boat; which carried tleveA sur
vivor, inched aboat for two hours before It was located
by ths .' searchlishVof fort hllley an! tho life saver-en-
hundred sildlers assisUng. This effort
thought it knew the temperament and
American people , and was guiding his
' '! At ibis pott there was great cheering, which Was partt
,cipaod in by members oij ihe ndlan! bdanp wh were
Biescnt la a body., ' Ths President then added that he
rdlda't mean to' silf up anythiqi. ; This Is mereVf prep
dratory to my siying that fof two years mors at least I'm
frearto tblnk; X know the American people' ' '
' In hs oarUer part of hi srsech, ths president attack
Sdlthe Republics n party,- snd' vigorously' defended the
record of. his administration.' ,-.rJ.;rv ; " ,VW "; i
Turi faermsn battls cruiser Qoeben. in action with ths
ZiMvi Black' So a fleet. Prom the latest Information re
ceived 1 WiU Mojuirs wbnlhs to Vcpal ths QoeberiLwhlch
avis been) furthejr damaged by -Bui
... :
advices at ate that external attack land
Internal disorders aHke are dreaded by the Turkish' gov
'erhmeht'The Sti 'archive have been packed end the
Ottoman treasury1 has been mad ready for a move. - Loco
motlm'wilh offlclal trains ' are 1 kept ' constantly under
sternl.,", A'driahbpte is. preparing to recelya' the official ad
ministration' If flight kocomes necessary. ... i ';.-"--i.l(
sentenced by ' the Germans to pay a
fine tt .1526, r to 'serve fifty"' days imprlson-neslt, ' Ths
story qf Cardinal' Mertier'S tmst"U It Is
rlco reported that fly vieara also wefe , placed M' arrest
by' brder of the merman military cpmmander.' tv'
... . I.;.. .' . i. .' .,.'. 1 1; ' : t. r ..-. i i ,..;,,.. .,;
"-i. m: ,;.; -i ,';
Weather Is So Revere TJiat All At--1
tempts at Large .Operations
'-1 . , v . '''
(AsseeUud Press by rsdsrai Wlrelsss) .
IiONDO,, Jarmary ' o.-Th winur
atorms, which have set ini in aarneot,
appear to have brought to an- end; for
the time being any operations on
large' scale, hut the aVmies hoth in ths
e3t and wost .ar. pursuing offema.s
opera'.lonj in Uolated posl.lbni' '
. The hardy Siberian troops being used
by the Buasisns in the Caucasus ars
ths least affected by the weather of any
of the soldiers of all ths frmles In the
geld. These are searching out the scat
tered parties of Turks, ths remnants of
the ccrpl which so recently Invaded the
Bus&ian provinces, and are taking many
prisoners; ' ..r ." -:'--' !
The latest reporbs from Petrograd
say' that' the Turks are apparently try
ing to roaume a' vigorous offensive in
the Caucasus in order ' to rejlsv. the
romuanta of the defeated. Tenth Corps
and enable it to reform. 'The dlaorgan
laed parties of this conuaand,' are re
ported to be surrendering by ths thou
sands and making po farther efforts at
restftance. ' ;', , ;'.;.
The Petrograd dl3patchel Say that
th Buaslans are stiUT, preaalnj ou
through the Carpathlan. while official
dispatchea from "Vienna admit ie re
treat of the Qalldan army and the
force in Bukowtna. " ;'
rrora-ii a comes -a report of a re-
sumntlcii of the offemlva bV tha Bar.
vlans,, who have b:ea victorious in J
nurnbor of bordor clashes.
Though Flanders 1 is virtually under
water, the canal and ' other drainage
systema having been cut and destroyed,
the Allies claim to be iviTiy aome
hoadway, seising various advanced posi
tions from the' Germans and making
others untenable by artillery Are.
The appearance ef new German names
in the French reports from Alsace indi
cate that matoilal progress is being
made In that section of the battlefront.
The German official ' bulletin empha
Blze the yije weather lay Flanders, hin
dering operations. It neither confirms
nor denloa the capture of Burnhaupt
Lehgute by the French. It merely says
the French atttacks in AUace broke
down under fire,
Notorious Crook Represented To
Leading Countrymen That Ho ;
Was on 'Secret Itistion' rtl
(From Srtnrday Advertiser.)
Charley - Yamun oto, a smooth Japa
nese, who has several prison sentences
to hie eredli; -was Brreste last night at
the how of Jbctor ,Ya' a and ia held
at the police station pending ap intes
tigatioa ot Several hSrges-o esibezcl-
su?n aod gross ensat. .
Although ramamoto was arrested at
Sve te's A'elock laft-int rheriH Ioko,
a hen questioned a few hoar later pro
fessed to save no knowledge of the ease
sad wa. blissfully ignorant of the de
tails. ..
' YsmamotA. fflultleaalv attlrail In tha
latest fashions, called on several well-
known pbylciAss and merchants in the
Japanese colony and professed to be
the cousin of Prince Nosu and that he
was here in Hawaii on a secret mUsioa
Incognito, ' ' , , 'v ' ;
P.osed As Japanese gpy .,.' ... ;'. ..'.,
Among those with whom be became
intimate and afterward! from whom he
I orroweJ sundry sums pf money, he
accjrct mat ne was a spy en here
by. the Japanese government . He told
them that a Japanese warship would be
1 these waters shortly and that be hail
the puna and specifications of all of
the fortification on Oahn.' Ia order U
get this Valuable infqrmatioa back to
the home government 't was necessary
for him to hire a power sampan with
which, to escape . from Honolulu and
board the warship. Even now, he said, I
his life was in danger, a the military 1
intnonue were on his tralL ..-:.;
In;ereste4 Prominent Men ... '
- 1. 1 . . i - ... i .
4ji aire m unjiu, uvo ouniiren iiui
Isrs was immrdiatelv nscexaarv 11 ia
said to have 'nterei-ted Doctor Nldats,
Mpctor .iiaida, Doctor, Uyeda, Doctor
Ynagn, and 1 Yonekura of the raeiflc
Bank, and although they were ausid-
clous of hlra, they .'advanced -to buo
small aums on th strength at his royal
lineag. Doctor Vang . contributed
thirty ' dollar tn Tamamoto - and told
him that if he would return to his home
at Aye o'clock last night he would let
him bare sioo. In the mean time Doo
tor Ynaga called on Consul Arita and
after making, an investigation through
the regular channels it was discovered
that the man was a fraud. A Japanese
police officer- was sent for and whea
Vamamoto called at the home of, Cxxj
tor Ynaga for tie taoney promised to
hirnhe was placed Under arrest. -8tops
At Leading Hotel : v .; -. , ,r: ,.:;-'
It wa learned last night that Yama
moto registered at the Moaha Hotel oh
Monday aud remained there over night.
He next turner) up at the Seaside Hotel
where he represented himself to be the
oeoad steward of the Matsonia and
laid that . he .was taking a, layoff for
on? .trip, jje-qiueuy ieri in premises
psterdav morning taking hla belong
ings with him,' but overlooked tha little
detail of paying hi board biD,
. Yamamota has a bad polies record.
At one time be was la the employ of
Joe LI when the latter was chief of
detectives. When '.the'' present head
gumshoe artist eaeeeeded Leal to that
office, ope of the. first acts he performed
was to arrest Yamamoto on a charge of
larceny in 'tli second degree. He serv
ed a terra of bn year on the reef for
this offense. V.. , i ;, .. .,
Chased, down Port street by'a" howl
ing mou, Aeorisa, a r ilipiuo, was
captured by the police ' shortly ; after
sen o ciocK mat nignt, after attempting
to snatch a purse from one of the ue-
tator of th wrestling match at (he
sKaiing rna. ; ' .
At the conclusion of the wrestline
bout, Aeorisa worked bis way into the
crowu, as it was leaving the building,
ami made ant-attempt to snatch a purse
from one of the crowd. The man was
discovered in the act and Immediately
the, cry of 'pjekpoeket" went np
Aconsa escaped at the entrance of
tho building and headed down Fort
street. The chase after him was taken
up by hundreds and Fort street, for the
moment, presented almost as lively a
Kmne as n gia on i.nriatmaa eve ,
The Filipiuo is held at the police sta
tion on a charge of investigation. '
Vr-. 1 , ,. -
A. liaradft,! secretary to JarpaacM Con
mil Arita,'dkd at five o'clock -last night
sfter a short illnesA While performing
his duties at the ofllae of the consul,
Thursday afternoon, AUk., llarada ace
di'iitly fell against a wail. He complained
of puics about the heart and was taken
to the Japanese hospital. - Upon exam
inatinu it was found that he was suffer
iiY from a fractured artery, which la
ter resulted in his death.. .
'I hi' late Mr. Haratla was prominent in
Ja uuese ' circles and ' numbered his
friends by the hundreds in the Japanese
community. He bad held the office of
senetary, to the .Japanese consul for
many years, and was considered a most
imriut Oliver of the diplomatic sorv
iee. i
lie is survived by a widow, and ncver.il
chil'lran who, reside in Japan, Arrange.
meriH have not yet been eumplftiMl for
tne ruuerai.
(AiMolstsa Prass rsnl Wlralsss.)
NEW ORLEANS, January 8. Ths
celebration of the hundred years of
peace between Great Britain and the
United Btates was begun today.
Franz Josef ; Protests ' Against
Rome's Occupation of Albania :
andiiattfr SeTitis , Reply ( To
Vienna Asurning Firm Atiitude
$uchare:5t Reports Say that Army
01.759,000, Men f Mobilising
and Will , strike Austrians If
King Erflrnanuel Poc? Not Move
- (AsseelaUd Prsc tj finti WlrsUss,
ONDOK, January Highly at
JLi ' niflcaht information ' regarding '
by Italy snd Boumanla In the was is
contained 14 despatches received last
night from' Switzerland and Bonmsnla,
and from lta!l&d source, r ' i f: '
' Despatches from' Milan report that
yi Italian newspaper Socolo has puo-
llahed an arilcla saying ; that Austria
has protested against the Italian Oocu
patlon Of Aviona, Albania, hnd that the
Italian foreign minister has return
a reply to Vienna in which a firm (attl
Me is taken.'"i''.'';.,;j, " .','
A despatch from Innsbruck by way of
Geneva says that the' Austrians' have
begun the work of fortifying a" line
facing their Italian' frontier, Advices
from this same source report the ar
rival of a German army corps at Sals
burg, a stratogb) point bn ths Austrian
But railway , nearest tha Austrian
Italian border, and within striking dis
tance of that frontier. , '
Roumanian capita) reports say
that war against Austria is about to be
deflared, Bucharest advices last. night
say that an'anny 'of 753.000 men Is
mobljizlng, and will stride, ths Aus
trlsns if Italy decides not to enter the
KEUTflAUZE philipfi:;es
; .""'" - y -'"( -
, (Associated prass by ysdsrsl Wlfsless)
' WASHINGTON; January ; . W.
MorgrJi Bhnsteri formW PhlUpplnes of
ficial and later foreign trsAsurer for
Persia, testified, today Wore the sen
at Philippines committee that be be'
lievea Japan wfll gladly agree with,
America to neuralisa , the Philippine
Islands. He says that an unwritten
"Japanese Monro doctrine" vty pro
ven any other; power from aco.niring
th Islands. '. '- ' ' ' .
(Aaseeistad Press by rralWlrsUss. '
' BROWN8VILLE, January 9. Car
ransa officials" near the border received
news last night of the victory ever
th Villa troops in ths EUte of Guer
rero. It is reported that many of the
Villa troops were drowned in the Bio 1
Blanco while trying to escape, '
" .s ' " :
(AsteeUU4 frass by rsdsrai Wlralaf s ) '
KBW ; , BXSFOBX), Massachnsetta, '
January 9.Th decline " of whaling, ,
once a great industry out of this port,
has reached a point wher it la po
longer prodtabu to pubib-h a trade Jour
nal, and th Whaleman's Chipping Lift,
published continuously sine 1813, has
suspended,' , .t , , ; ' t ;
(AssaeUU4 Press br rsdsrai Wlrslsss) ,
" PARIS, January .Th younyest
ssa of Premier VMar4 of Franca was
shot and killed while charging. His
death, previously rumored, is now offl
dally confirmed. . The Gorman chan
cellor has lost his eldest son. , ' ' . : .
(Asaaetat4 yraaa by ysdsrsl .Vlrslss) .
PARIS, Jsnuary . Th , German
auxiliary crulse'r OUvl has interned, at
Las Palmaa, Canary Islands, ;
''"'." - 'i' ,'"r.

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