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i J,
Struggle For World's
Sobriety Is Opinion Developing
: Another Food Bill Is Up ; :
- ( Associated Press By U. S. Naval Communication Service.)
WASHINGTON, May 23 Nation wide prohibition during the
period of the war is fast becoming a probability, in the opinion
of those who are keeping their fingers on the pulst of congress.
It is aooarent. say those in dose- touch with opinion as it., is
formine. that there is ' fast sireadiriii' throughout congress a senti
ment that at least some degree of
nrooer but necessary during that
will be engaged in the struggle for the world's democracy. :' Many
congressmen who have heretofore opposed all suggestion pf v pro
hibition as a matter of congressional decision are now expressing
their, new conviction that in some way the Country should be made
: to limit its expenditures on intoxicants.
. So apparent is this new sentiment that there exists a widespread
conviction that congress, before the
have enacted, at least, a law pro-
viding for prohibition to a limited
extent, even if, the effort for full
prohibition as a war time measure
fails. tV-. ".v,';v.:-.- .
The house did not conclude its
day's labors until well On into
this morning and even then the
expected .final, vote on the War
Tax Bill'was' not f reached.
Throughout . the ( day the debate
upon this '; measure, which pro
vides for a vast increase in direct
taxes, was carried on and a num-
: ber of amendments were taken
up and considered.. 1 , '
One amendment, proposed , by
the ways and means committee,
reimposes in a new form the in-
' creased postal charges on second
class matter, against .which the
newspapers and the represents
'. tives of organized labor .have pro
tested in the committee hearings
on the bill. '. ' The ' amendment,
. which carried. by a vote of 198 to
' seventy-one, increases the second
class rates under the zone system.
, ' The consideration of the meas
sure as a. whole is nOw 'virtually
complete and the .uncompleted
," sections will all be voted on to
day, according to the program, of
' the house leaders. The amend
ments Wnicrrhave' been made are
', expected, to (fall for a redrafting
of the bill in the senate; after
passing vrfich it, will necessarily
go into a conference. '
Yesterday a second administra
tion Food Bill was Introduced in
to the house, which provides for
measures quite as drastic as the
provisions of the' original till. It
is urged by the administration
that the legislators' hurry up ac
tion on this bill,, which is declared
to be most essential,!.; . '
The bilf presented yesterday is
to create an emergency agency
to act and to be under the control
of the President for the, distribu
. tion and sale of the necessities
of life. The agency, under the
direction of the President, is to
be given wide powers.
. ;
High Prices Due Mainly To Lack
' of Transportation Facilities
Announce Officials
(Associated rirsss By tf aVHsval Comma
nlestlos Ssrvlos)
. WASHINGTON, May 23 Increase In
transportation facilities is the greatest
need which this country now faces, ac
cording to the opinion expressed her
yesterday by high odiciuls of the na
tionnl government. Lark of transporta
tion, in tha. view, of the department of
agriculture,.! chiefly responsible for the
high prices now prevailing for some
ii-eiiry commodities. . . -,
Th preiwnt high prievs of fruits and
vegetables, the, .department, of agricul
ture iltvlares, cauuot b defended on th
grouuil of a shortage pf such products,
for there is no shortage, except in th
cimii oi old potatoes and of strawber-rii-s.
Hhipments.laMt week, pf onions, toma
toes, celery aud eitlibage," the depart
ment announces, wer at least equal to
the shipments of the same product this
time a year ago, while shipments of
new potatoes aud tomatoes were doubld
thOBS of a year ago and shipment of
lettuce seven times as heavy,
Butter holdings, according to th
statement isMued by th department of
agriculture, lmv increasod by IS,5 per
ceut over those of a year ago, , ,-
Freedom Calls For
national prohibition is riot only
period in which the United States
special session is concluded, will
Wife of ' Convicted Bomb Plotter
Was rA Mile Away" When
r Explosion Came ;.'"
(AssoelsUa Frss By V. S. 4lvsl Ooaua
. nloatioa S tries) .
' RAN FRANCISCO, May 23 Mrs.
Ren a Mooney, on trial la the superior
court her on an Indictment for murder
in connection with the bomb explosion
which killed ten persona during the
preparedness parade on July inn,
was mile away from th. scene of the
trsgedr when the hemb exploded, a
cording to an announcement made yes
terday by ber counsel.
The day was occupied ia efforts to
obtain a- jury.. Four jurymen were
r epted and .sworn, and four others ware
in the box and bad be it tentatively ac
cepted when court adjourned yesterday
afternoon.. Many talesmen who were
examined were excused whea they de
clared under oath that they bad fixed
opinions as to, the guilt -or innocence
of the accused. 1 V "
.Mrs Mooney is the wife of Thomas
Mooney wbo wa tried recently on
charge similar to that which she now
faces and who waa convicted and sen
teneed to death. Both the Mooney are
well kaowa labor agitator. : Mrs. Moon
ey last year, shortly alter the bomb out'
rage, made an unsuccessful attempt to
precipitat a strike among tbe
ployes of the United Railroads. , . '
The Mooney wet arrented in Banta
Rosa two or three day after the bomb
explosion. . They declared that they bad
heard they were wanted ia connection
with the crime and were on their way
back to' eaa Francisco to surrendei
themselves.- Both of them-have stead
fastly protested their innocence qf anj
connection ; with, tbe crime. '
Everyone May Help Win the War
By Subscribing To Two '
Billion Loan
(Assoctstod Prsss By V. B. Ksvsl Comma.
nloatloa Sarvlc)
NEW YORK, May 81 Everybody i
to be given an opportunity to partici
pate in the "Liberty Loan" by which
the .national government is attemptin
to raise seven billion dollar to finance
the Nation for ita war with Germany
1 be bond committee of the federal re
serve bank, according td announcement
here yesterday, ia perfecting plans for
th issuance of certificate for such
small amounts that practically every
person in th United Htates wlil be en
abled to become a creditor of the Unit
ed Htates. .. ;
Tbe plans now being worked out call
for tile issuance of participation certi
ficates of the denomination of $10.
This, it Ja believed, will enable every
body to purchase them, It i in line
with th plan Adopted vy the British
government which has' resulted ia mak
ing practically the entire population of
(treat Britiaa contributor to the war
fund of the empire. :
( AtMciaUit rrH By TJ. S. Msval Cosrau
... atostloa Bsrrte)
BOFIA,' Bulgaria, May 23 Thirteen
enemy ships today bombarded Kavala,
n tbe Black 8ea, while twelve air
ships dropped bombs on the city. Sev
ern! ' houses wer destroyed, but no
military damage was. done, One hos
tile machine was shot down.
For rheumatism you will find nothing
better than Chamberlain ' Pain Balm.
Now is the time to get rid of it. Try
I this linlnicnt and see how quickly it
will relieve tbe pulu and soreness. For
sale by all dealers, Benson, Muilth k
;Co., vgent , for ' . Hwii. Advertise
iiuent. I, ,. ." : ' i '-y : .' , .:
ii nrrmrpnrrrn
Commissions Reach Washington
To Confer On Questions of
War and Finance 1
(AsseelstM rtM By U. S. Vsvsl Comma-
aloatloa Bsrvtct)
WASHINGTON, May 2 The Ital
ian mission to the 1'nlted Rtates, to
onrer with this government In regard
to cooperation in the war against th
Central Powers, is due to arrive her
today. It is headed by th Prine of
Ldiu and in its personnel outranks
both the British and the French com'
missions, , , , ,
Four members of the Russian com
mission,, coming to the I'nlted Btatea
for purpose similar to that of th
British, ' French and Italian ' commis
sions, leached New York yesterday sad
are expeoiea ie arrive here soon., .
Bunt. To right On
Notwithstanding the recent, uphesv
ale in Russia, which for a time threat
ened the existence of th 'young Re
public; Russia, it ia declared by thos
at th head of th Petrograd, govern
ment, la, determined to Oght oa antil
Prussinn militarism is crushed.': '. ",
The state department ber received
yesterday a cablegram , from Foreign
Minister Tereschtenko, assuring tbe
government of the United Htstes, on
behalf of the new ministry, that Rus
sian democracy is inspired with solidar
ity, like) the United States, and like
this country, Is carrying on the war to
secure lasting peace and the freedom
of, nations.
Regular', Army Called Upon To
' Furnish Instructors For Big
i Army To Be Built Up ''
(Asseeist4 Frsss By V. S. Xsvsl Ooaiaa-
:. aloatloa Ssrvlc)
WASHINGTON, May 23 The war
department ha been ousy wita plan
for the creation- of the hug fore au
thorised " by eongress and - with plaat
jr providing the officers necessary fo.
that force. ; j ;
,' tvory available source ha been re
auisitioned. to supply, this force oi
(talned men to command unite of tat
oonaoripted army which ia to be mobil
ised, with tb utmost possible siveea
fha.twai principal source from, which
Wria1jh' beenectlfed for the no
officers are ' th "non-sommissioned ofli
ser ia ithe1 regular army' who havi
made good records while iq the servie
md graduate of military schools ant
loileges having military training asi'
part or their course or Instruction.
For th purHse of selecting the- bst
inaterial' from . . th ' nonoommisstonet
itUoers, classes of instruction wer u
chorized at posts throughout the sjm)
ievral week ago and irons these els
j will now be chosen those men whi
ire considered fitted for commission as
tecond lieutenants.
Instructions have been ' sent to ali
lepartment headquarter to select iron.
imong the men in these classes, a sum
,ient number of suitable men' to pro
vide one officer for each company, troop
ind battery in tbe department.
jktit Number Assured
- The number of graduate in the dif
ferent parta of the country ia still no
,nown quantity, aa all of th report
from the institution have not been re
teived. but enough hav been hearc
from to show that thia soure will far
iixb a large number of men, all ef wbow
re somewhat familiar with the drill
manual, as candidates far commission
VII of the latter wbo are given the!
-ommissions will receive ' further i
ttruction and training before they wil
e required to take up the dutiea t1
heir new work.
National Ouard Units
The organisation of scores of ae
lational guard regiments to supply tu
'actical formation necessary to th e
ablmhraent of fifteen army division1
is provided for in plans which bavi
been worked out by the war depart
nent. It wa announced here yester
Nay that tbe work of organizing tb
ew regiment will be begun soon.
(AssoolsUd Frsss By V, S. Msvst Com
alcaUsA Berries)
WASHINGTON, May 83 Secretary
of tbe Navy Paniela has issued a state
inent eiplaiuing the deaths of two
American nursea Sunday when broken
oiecea of shell rieoehetted from the wa
ter during gun practise . at sea. H
says this i tb first accident of the
kind aed that it has puacled th s
The Mongolia waa one hundred miles
out when the accident occurred. It ia
now explained that tbe brass mount
of the "cup" hit the water, ricochet
ted like a boomerang, bit a stanchion
of the ship and broke, the pieces seat
termg. ;
. ,.. '
(Assoclatsd Press By U. S. Nsrsl Comma
nlcstlea Ssrvloe)
STOCKHOLM, May 23 Information
which has. reached here .from a Hun
:;aiiau source is that strike has been
1,1,1 I I IIH, I
of May.
'oiitmuaiiy in progress in all Budapest
tiou. factories since the beginning
(Associated Press By U. S. Naval Communication Service.)
SAN FRANCISCO, May 23 A test of the constitutionality of
the new conscription provision of the Army Bill appears prob
able on account of the action here yesterday by Ferdinand Clau
dius, who invoked the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution
of the United States in an effort to escape military registration
and possible service. : , ! ' ' .
- The thirteenth amendment provides that "neither slavery nor
Involuntary Servitude, except as a .punishment for crime whereof
the party' shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the
United States, or any place subject to, their jurisdiction."
Claudius contends that conscription means involuntary servi
tude and is therefore a violation of the Thirteenth Amendment.
Germans Weaken
Ihttachs Are Lacking In Punch
(Assoclat Frss By V. S. Kaval Comas-.
: --, " Blostloai BstTie)
wrw VOR1C. Mav 23 If the re. '
' . I
4kft.nniA from the (-.anitula - or i
th Entente ' represent the real situa
tion as th military leaders see it, news
of big happenings along the western
front peed not be expected until the
German line' breaka definitely under
pressure. ' Th . allied . generals intesd
to adopt new tactics, 'substituting a
ceaseless pounding and a steady pres
sure of infantry : at many points for
farther attempt to smash the Herman
defense by concentrated attack at
any point.
That such tactic tre now justified
and that there are many evidences that
the German cannot continue long to
hold their French line is the conten
tion from both . British and French
headquarters. The ceaseless drain upon
th Teuton i commencing to tell and
the morale of tbe armies so long on
th defensive is fast breaking.
Oounurs Lack. Punch -
One of th aubstantial proofs of this
is tbt faet that 'the German counter
attacks, although made in force, lack I
all dash and appear to be half
hearted, , while every counter of late
has left- a larg toll Of prisoner in
the hands of the French and English,
prisoner who BPpear glad to surreuder.
Much was the case, ia xne uerman
attacks bpoa the new French positions 1
. . . : ' tl A , , U '
niae ynampagnv vr wuwiiy : rikbi,
Patriotic Wvvspapers Suffer
From Disloyalty of a Few
t ' ' r ' ...''
(Asseoistsd rrsss By V. MsvU OommB-
alesUea Ssrvi) -WASHINGTON,
May 83-That there
are om newspaper editor and prop
rietor who are not U be trusted to
place the interest of th aatloa ahead
it their own personal interests ia the
conclusion of the President,, based on
what ha already tsken place sinee the
offlciil requests of the war, navy and
tat departments to the newspaper of
th nation for the suppression of eer
taia newa items were sent ont, Be-
ause of the disloyalty of 'the few,
herefore, the President ia forced to
the conclusion that a legalised press
ensorshtp is necessary ia the national
ntereats. '
These fscts are stated by the Presi
lent in a letter written yesterday to
MMeiks Necessary
Good Just How,
(Assoclstsd Frsss By V. S. sTsral Commu
Bicatlea Ssrvloe) .
WASHINdTON, May - 3 President
Wilsou does not believe that the eoun-
ry WOUKI oe ueneuviou at ium tiui vy
ohe wholesale abandonment' of athletio
iort.' .-
Is a letter to Lawrence Perry pf the
Mew York Post, which was made pub
la here last niaht, the President sys
that he believes that, notwithstanding
the aituation created by America 's en-
(Assodstsd Frsts By V. S. Xavsl Osmmu
Blcatlea Ssrvlc)
LONDON, Kng, May: S3 Irishmen
alone will settle the destinies of Irelaodj
inderthe plan now proposed by Pre
mier Lloyd George.
Hhould tbe Irish factions agree oa
any scheme of administration, there
will be immediate legislation to put it
nto effect, the premier announced last
light. All sections, all parties and all
"reeds will be asked to participate ia
tbe convention. 1
There is no great optimism on ac
count of the possible action of Ulster
against home rule, but In sv event lh
plua proposed would kill the force of
the charge that rJuglaud is tbe oppres
sor of Ireland.
Both houses on Mouday night dis
cussed the home rule question, with
hardly ripple of animosity.
and Counter
when the attackers drew back, leaving
i thousand prisoners. Yesterday, fol-
lowing aa artillery bombardment of
thjk Vrnnh TMMiitinntt nil tha HlfvH
ground at' Moronvilliers, the infantry
... 1
wss again pushed forward, to agaia
fail with another loss of killed and
Hlndaaburg Lis Taken
The British before Arras have now
take all the vaunted Hinilenburg linea,
with the eieeption of a stretch of a lit
tle more than a mile in the hills west
of Bulleeoort. This section, is particu
larly strong and frontal attacks against
it may But be made. The British are
eonteat to leave this sector for a
sqneese. attack.
On the Italo-Austrain front, the Aus
trian are continuing the Trent ilfo
bombardment. Furious fighting is tak
ing place with the Italiaas on the of
fensive la the Tolmino mountain coun
try, both aide claiming success.
In Macedonia the artillery duels con
tinue. .There ar also isolated infantry
It is quiet again on th Russian
frftii. 1 1
Th disquieting, feature of yester
day " aewa is a renewal of the sugges-
(ion that the radicals may yet fore
the eoverament Into a separate peace.
The report are that the workmea and
socialists are attemptiog to aeeur gov-
erament action whereby Russia Will re
midiate her trestles with her allies that
bind Russia not to enter , into peace
without the general consent of all th
.t - M iL. .... '
ymmmm cuwuv. .
Representative Webb, the communion
tion being drawn from the President by
the decision of the bouse Republican
In eaucua Yesterday to oppose any form
the i-spioBsce Bill. The rresiaeni
writes that it ie imperative that the
administration be given-tbe power to
deal with those few newspapers "which
cannot be relied upon to observe a pa
triotic reticence about anything th
publication of which eould be -of In
turv to the cause or tne nation."
Tbe Republican bouse caucus, held
vesterdar afternoon, by aa overwhelm
Ing majority voted to instruct the house
cuDire uq ius Jauiuuaicv 0111 vui
to agree to the senate amendment creat
ing a press censorship The Kepubll
cans agreed to vote as a unit ia this
matter should tbe conferees - of tb
house report back for Instructions or
should the conference report agree with
the action or the senate.
For Nation's
Writes the PresidentrlVmi
try into the Wat: the wholesale aban
donment of atbletica would b inadvis
"Athletic . sports," -. the ' President
wrote, "not only, afford needed diver
sion for the American people ia thia
time of stress, but they are a real con
tribution towards national defense, for
the young men must be made physically
fit who are later to' take th plac in
the ranks oi those who ar now of mill'
tnrv age."
(Assocfsts Frsss By U. S, Vsval Comm-
alestloa Ssrvtes)
ATLANTA, Georgia, May-83 With
the ruins of 1503 building still smould
ering and glowing from th heat of th
great fire that on Monday swept
through the finest residence part of the
city, Atlanta has already made prepa
ration to begin the ..work of rebuild
ing. It is figured that rebuilding will
be sturted within a week.
Yesterday a relief fund of 450,000
was subscribed to take car of the
great numbers of poor who were ren-ert-d
homeless bv the eouflatrrtia. It
is ehtimated that between 10,000 aad
15,000 persona lost their homes. Not
lexs thuu seventy five blocks were
burned, with a property loss estimated
at $3,800,000 .
Gang Which Stole Filipino Girl
and Shot Her Father Dis
cover American Justice
HILO, May 21 There wss a distinct
shock given to the bunch of abdneters
who spirited ' away a pretty Filipino
girl from her father's side over In Kau,
last January, and incidentally shot the
father U the leg When he tried to save
his daughter, who was tsken to-a cane
field aad kept there all niifht.
Count Jr .'Attorney W. H. Beers prose-
euted th five Filipinos involved before!
Judge J. Wesley Thompson in the
Third Circuit Court at Kailua, last
wltHK, Wlia Bnuirirani rrHUlin Tor lift,, ' . t . , . . j. . . t
gang. The leader, Cabino Tionko. wh Many OistHctS AlfCadV ShOft Of
i. !.L I . m
stele the girl after shooting her father,
was sentenced to not less than three
year ia prison on the i-hargn of assault
with a. deadly weapon, and waa given
two years, eleven months and twenty'
nine- day on the abduction charge,
whleh is withia one day of tbe limit,
1 -.1.1.1. U a - J J. II -I
Ofmiu. w.ir- --n .,u .,. ,j au.mr. .
and coats.
Accomplice Jailed
Al for the - other four men, wbo
helped Cabino abduct his sweetheart,
eBc waa sentenced to not less than one
year inu bdi uiuiiih in juu iuu m unv
of twenty-five dollars. They are Man
uel Araada, fanlino Ahilo, Kacilio and
Amor. They all looked very sad whea
Judge Tompson sent them to jail for
participating, too actively in
their I
friend romance.
It wa early one evening lost Jan
nary that Cabino and his friend called
at th shsek wher Ulpisno Venture
and hi daughter lived. Cabino entered
and tried to induce the girl to ran
way with him, but she refused and
Ulplaao ordered Gabino out of the
Oabino then grabbed the girl and
tried to earrv her away by force and
sailed upon bis friends for assistance
wli lea they gave. Ia the straggle ua
Mno drew a revolver and shot Ulpian
In the leg and then carried, off the girl.
The gang wa arrested tbe neit dsv
(Special Cabl to Hawaii Ibinpo.)
TOKIO, May 3 Yonesawa, a city
f Norther Japsn, waa tb sees of s
disastrous Are yesterday, ia : which
large part Of th city was destroyed
rnd fourteen persons burned to death.
The price of riee throughout Japan
U rising, due to tbe report or tb un
favorable condition of the wheat Deads
aa the certainty of a wheat shortage,
Th admiralty report that Japanese
destroyer are sow in - the Bledfter
ranesa, engaged in guarding the traffic
lines against submarines;
1,l,,PC.riraTiir Diiisnoc
lir tO I IU I mu numung
(Asssciats4 rrsss Br V. S. Bars Cos
aloatloa Ssrvlea)
Washington, Msy s.t Th aavy !
department announced last night that
tbs naval commander or the Maine
district is investigating reports that s
Oermaa submarine has been aeen off
(he Atlantic coast.
- '
Lieut. Col. MeA. Hehofield announced
resterduv afternoon that the Ante Fen-
Jer and numbing company una neea
awarded tbe epntmet for 'eupplying
labor for ' the inatalUtiom. of . house
plumbing in tbe upper cantonments at
4ehoel.i Barracks. ,.i .The bid wa
5135.88.. v. j ? . ,
' "' 1 r T T '''.'
(Assoclatsd rrsss Br V. S. Msval Comma-
aleatloa Srvls -
ROTTERDAM, May 83 Coon t Tar-
low von larnowsKi, ex-am oaiwauor vo
the United mates, and his party ar-
-ived here today enorute from New
York to Vienna. .They had no com
plaints to make of tbe treatment ac-
eorJed them by the British while their
effects were being -examined at Hall-
RIO DE JANEIRO, Braii'l May S3
BIMfttAfB sisllisl
President Brae sent a messsge yester
day to tbe Brizilian ; congress recom
mending tbe revocation of neuraiity.
onuress is extieeted to approve this
by a large majority.
I'p to four o'clock yeaterday after
aoon eiukty-four aliens enemies hsd ap
plied for permit at th office of the
United Htates marshal, to visit pro
scribed areas for business purposes.
Twenty-seven applications were receiv
ed yesterday. All registrations and sp-
I dilations for permit must be made be
ore June 1.
Bccsasa of It tool and Usatrv eSct,
UUtATiyKBROMOOVimiMlwlllbatouadjluil t information received her last
hctur thsaerdlasnrOulalM.1 Doss aotssuml night. A part of th crew was saved,
acrvovsntss. at Tiscisf la the swsd. BsTTHoW msuy wer lost is not yet kuowu.
mrtiB.tbersUolroBe'BrossoOslalne.'HThe Tijuca waa of 154 tone register
The slgnrs csl H. W. Orov Is oa ssr .' .- ' and was commanded by Captain Keis.
Railroad Executives Prepared To .
Recommend the Abrogation of
Exclusion Law During Course
of the War As Best Solution
Men ind Needs of New Army
Will Make Matters So Much
the Worsef Say Employers
(AitoeUt,4 frSSS By V. S
Ksvsl OommB-
atostlsa Ssrrlcsl .
CHICAGO, May 23 That therj Is a
great shortage of labor already through- '
out the United Htates, which will be
aggravated through the conscription of '
half a miUioo young men for the new
army, shortage that may easiest be
met through the introductioa of a tern
porary supply of Chinese labor, ia the -
opinion eapressed by a number of tun -
leading railroad men of tbe united
States, following a conference her ye
terday. v
The railroad executives, including
all the. head of th various line oper
ating out of this center, hav been is!
conference to devise ' way through .
which th shortage of labor throughout
tb territories served by their respee
tiv Hoe eould be met. That a labor '
shortage of large proportions exist all
agreed. !
Tbe passenger traffic manager of the '
Santa Fe, who acted a spokesmen for '
tb other railroader La giving out a
statement to the press, say that on
of th solutions suggested at the eon.
ferenee which had met with approval
ia that the government remove all re
strictions on th immigration, of Chi
nes. coolie during th duration of the'
wer Chinese labor is well adapted
for. farm work, aad railroad construe-
tloa, said the spokesman, and aa aneh '
be and the other railroad executives are
prepared to commend them and recom
mend their Introductioa to the United
Tho Six Companies of 8a a FrBncIseo.
be said, bad offered to bring half a mil. -
lion Chinese laborers ' to the United
States for the period of the war and to
give guarantees that they weKiM be sent
back to China at the conclusion of hos
tilities, should their repatriation b de
sirable. .', .'..'';.
v :; ''
(Asseist4 Tm By tf. 8. Vsval Ooama-
alcaUoa Ssrvles) ' ,' y
BOSTON,', ' May 23 Th National
Equal Rights League last night sent a
telegram, to President Wilson protesting
against the burning at the stake yester-
lay bv a Tennessee mob Of a neirre ac
cused' of having killed white girL '
The league said la Its telegram that
it waa reported that the mob was -intending
to lynch two more negroes, and
Bilked the President to take action im
mediately to put atop to th crime.
Tb negro who waa lynched yesterday
was Kli Persons, who three weeks sgo
killed sixteen-year-old Antoinette Ka-
phaeL He waa chained to a tree at the.
scene of hi crime and burned to death,
thB motner of the murdered girl arging
the mob on The Mene ft, th, ,yn,.SinJ ;
was about tea miles from Memphis. ,' v
Persons, before being put to death, Im-
plicated two other negroes, one of whom
KZZtfZ of thVoihX" " ' ,
sssnsBsmsi m mm m t k ' i-.
MEMPHIS, Tennessee, May fi3 -One
of -the negroes implicated by tli Per- '
sons in his confession of murder, made
Just before he waa burned at the atake
iy,a mob, who had been caught and
held , by the lyncher until Ins alleged
accompli) could also be located, was
released last night, having been able to
produce evidence of his innocence. The
chase after th second negro has been
abandoned, his innocence also naviug
been established.
The fact of the burning at the stake
so close' to this city has aroused a feel
ing of resentment against the lynchers,
who are believed to have besmirched
the good name of the Htate by their,
lawlessness, A grand jury Investiga
tion of the circumstances surrounding
the lynching and of the actions of those
leading th mob has been, ordered by the
attorney general. : .
(AsseeUtsd Frsss By U. S. Hsval Comrn. ' .
atostloa Ssrvloe) ' '
PARIS, - May 23 Th - Brar.ilian
steamer Tijuca, bound from Havr for :
Rio Janeiro, waa aunk bv a Oerman sub
marln Monday night, May 1, accord- '

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