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YFSTnnrs rrurt
Oft. 22, 17 l-t twcaty
tnnt hours' rairll, .18.
Tmpmtr, Mia. 10; lUi
80. Weather, cloudy. .
Grata Dollar.
M 0atxifola M. T. pr lb. 9
Prte, lUwaliaa Mats... 6.90 131.00
It pnvloiia quota- ' (
i.,... .7.oa fito.ra
: VOL. X, NO'. 1
Reprisals In Kind Are To Be Ex
acted From Germany For Air
Fright fulness Is Announced In
, House of Commons
two townsIrT CHOSEN
Terrible Sights That Citizens Are
; Compelled To Witness After
Every Raid Have Effect of
Changing 'Adverse Sentiment
LONDON, October 23 (As
sociated Press) It is the
intention of Great Britain. to ex
act reprisals from German cities
. and towns for the Hun rightful
ness '. which through night air
raids has been killing and maim
ing the women and children of
various English cities and most
especially London. Already . two
cities have been selected as ob
jects of attack. ' ; .,'.!"..'
Sir George Care, speaking in
the house of commons yesterday,
. : laid especial emphasis on his as-
sertion that U is the intention of
tne British, government to exact
v reprisalj"lfor ,ifiin. air attacks bv
:. raid in kind upon fvarioua', Ger
man citleff and towns and bcan-
- tvuiiv,vi tp wv. wv.a uittu
had already beetrSelecied fof the
-first or ucW rads.:;;::'
Repeated flights o mangled,
bleeding, torn Httle r bodies has
notj served to accustom the Bri
tish, public to them. They have
not .become calloused to the sight
of a dead mother with a wailing
babt at her breast or of the weep
ing mothers mourning over the
corpses of their children, slaugh
tered as victims "of German kul;!
tur. I Instead, indignation has
growb and has fruited into de
mands so numerously and loudly
voiced that the government can
' no Ipjiger ignore them. Even the
, king has said that he wished
' those who have been opposing re-
prisall in kind could look upon
1 such Rights as he had seen.
Earlier air raids first brought
the demand that the British
.slioud reply to Germany in kind.
!but tjlie sentiment was then
jstroifAthat Great Britain could
rot afford to submit to being
bran.de 1 by future generations as
guilty pf barbarism like that of
the Tei tons. That sentiment has
re ma ned until now Mrong
. enouthl to holJ Great Britain
backfriim raids upon towns and
pointi Where only non-combat
ants (vould. be the, victims' or the
been te;
en down
but such sentiment has
dily weakened, and brok
by the sight's that have
grown sp common; Each night
raid, has been . followed by true
stories o( the terrible results that
have fallen upon the innocent.
Coverr.ment officials who visited
the scenes of such outrages have
left than sickened by what they
have witnessed. The result has
been the determination announc
ed by Sy George Cave.,
The decision has been reached
only after Germany has repeated
ly continued its outrages in the
face of the demands of humanity
'hat they should cease.
King Grf, tPflbmpsnled by Quran
Mary, jrMtoicluy pit a vliit to th
itiitriuU ia Loadoa wliich wwi vUiteJ
. . . i'.. , . T' : ' : IlflNllI.lIKIT- UAUITI TtDOTTrtOV TtttrcniVrPT-iBrf n inn emu iitFrwtw' .'. (
Retblution Necessary To Make
Suspension of Old Law Effec
tive Is Passed and Depart
. ment 'and Director Created V
'WARHINOTON, dfftoW 2.lU(Aiwo.
f latMl I'rww) :w.tto tradn y,.
tnif formally ppned t fori(tn hip
nine liy a rM!utioa of tan ilityipinn
board, 4a offlrlal tuition nrrmnrf to
max ft"ertiv th art pamrd by ton'
grM dnrlDB it r Inning dayii. - ' " "
I'ailrr tfa rHolution of th aMppIng
board ad th proviaionii nhich aro laid
down it will bf niwrMary for ahipping
campanip to rrgiator nurd forriga built
v.l (a thiy may dair to um for
oaatwln trade, t'pon mir.h application
for rfgiatratioa limine art to iiirue for
taa vomhU for which tby were aought..
Ia thia wuy tbem will aot b a general
opening up of the count wine trade to all
foreign built ahippinK,. but a aupervla
ioa of thone that are to be peratitted to
ntee way be aiaintatned. . .
. t the aame aeaHion of the board. the
appointment wak made which will ren
der tea resolution operative. A. npeaial
department in created, and of thia de
partment Kdward Carry i named aa di
rector. aad will make the appointment
of aurh aubordinaten a may be re
quired. ' . .
Thu far the fiuador i the only for
eign bnilt vennel that ha beet ftven
permUaion to enter apoa eoantwian
trade, the purpose being to help meet
the need of the Territory of Hawaii.
It ia expected that the remaining vee
eel of the Pacific Vail line and aev
eral Dutch and Jnpanen renaeli will
filp applieati'on for aimilar prtvUeea.
Appeals of Eastern Railroads Are
. . Heeded By Inter-State Vi c
- yviiiuivivG wur'M'aiuii J
i irimiTVWipnv jc-
elated -. Preak) Baiae In , railroad
freight. rate loomed -up large aa a pon
ibiiity yeaterday when the Inter-State
Qommerea Commiuioa granted a re
opening of the hearing for the fifteen
percent increaie which had been anked
and re fiuwd. ' - -
The action of the eommlsiion in the
remit of the urgent plea of the East
ern rilwayn for finahrial aanintanee.
Thia plea ha been repeated ever nine
the'refunal of the eomminnion to grant
the raine that. were anked and have be
come more than ever wrgent ainee the
train of meeting war transportation
have fallen upon them. The roadn in
liat that more rolling toek, more track
age and mora of other equipment i e
aential to properly meet the need of
the government, that under present
rate it ia imponaibl to operate with
profit, enpecially. owing to higher
wagea and other higher cont of opera
tion, and that if the needed equipment
ia to be purchased the railroad must he
permitted to'earn auftteiently to mnke
the payment fur them.
The first hearing will be held No
vember 6. -
' i ; ....
WAftlllNGTOV, October 22 (Ao
elated l're) The , nolicitor of the
treanury department baa banded down
a deeUloa ia whleb he holdn that dix
tilled apirlt can be imported iuto the
United Htate despite the operutiou of
the food bill. .
A eetiou of the revenue bill, ho
hold, repealed the import prohibition
elaune ia the food bill, and rutoin
hounen' haVa been ordered to releane
Importatlnna, which were held up after
the passage of the food 'bill.
- The solicitor, la hi opinion, hold
that spirits, prior to October 3, under,
the revenue bill, which is now a law,
were importable for beverages or-other
use, but liquor produced subsequently
raa .only be . used for other purpones
than beveragea.
new flying record is
:made from long island
MINEOLA, October 21 (Annociated
Pre) A new record for a long d:s
tanee flight with painenger wu made
from ' here yesterday by Lieutenant
Sonnat in a' Caproni biplane.
I'arrving . eight paaaenger the bi
plane flow from here to Hampton
Boads, three hundred and twenty five
mile, in four hour and eleven minute.
Thia ia new record for a biplane car
rying more than two ..paaaenger.
by Hun air raiders on Friday night,
and convened for two hour with many
innocent victims of. Itoelie frightful
no.. .
Expreming the deepest symputhy for
the unfortunate people who had been
killed and maimed, King (eorge wan
moved to eiprenn the winh that the
"iieOple who eombated the Idea ef re
taliation could e Uta .wrei-kage.,"
. ii ' i
J - - ,
mad to the aurg eon wu for tha medical profession to Mini out at enoa and
trougiy and "End this fala double r.andard Which mor, than anything abM
xcmne vidonaneai among our youtha and young man."
'.-"There U no army In the wortd," Daniels continued, f which hx not had
lta effecuveneaa reduced by tha disease which result from the Immorality that
thia falae double standard induce. . .
The mn of our navy lost Ul,37'day last year, through tuch prevanta'ble
diaeaaea from Immorality. Think ef It, that number of day reduced to year
mean the loss of service for one man for 3M years. ' - i '
, : "In 1915 In our navy lia man out of each 1000 to the aervioe ware admitted
to treatment for aome disease that had resulted from sexual impurity, i
i "In the British army that tame yea there were admitted 78,000 case of
dtoMsesf that type.",.-' . ,:i-x ,'-'.- - '.' Tt' '
- , Th speaker then put H squarely before the medical profession en its duty
to humanity and Ha duty to 1U coun-ry t aid In acurlng party condition In the
cities ef the land, especially the seaport, 'and to dlsconrago en all poasthU cca
elon. immoral conduct la the youth of the-nation. - : V7 : .
Apportionment Is Made and Div
ision Announced Many- MU
Hons Go'mg To France
", U U " . i I i 'i i i ' 4..-,-. i.
ST; LOl' IK, October, 23 (Associated
Press) Apvrtlonment'.and . appropria
tion of the Red Croon fund were an
nounced Ihnt Bight by Manager Harvey
Qibnon. ;.- . :-'? t .-",:-..
Millions of dollar ef the led Crons
fund will go to France to meet the
needs there where the .demand -upon
the American Red Croa will certainly
be the heavient and tk most urgent
but thirteen and three-quarter million
from the fund will be apportioned
among the other Allies according" to
their need. :-. . ,
In the United States four million
will be utilir.eil is and about the local
cntounienta where the National Army
will have it preliminary training and
three-quartern of a million will be ap
plied to local chapters where special
need ha been found. . Pour millions
more will be utilised for honpital work
uear the cautuniuenta-'and three-quartern
of a million was restricted to cer
tain particular use Joy the donor.
. i .
WAflHNOTON, October 23 (Ano
ciated Prcns-i Oil and petroleum prod
uct, such an gasoline are to be, among
the next articles put under government
control. . It we announced last night
that this control will be put in opera
tion by the fuel ' commission under a
proi-lamntion which is to be issued
within the net few day.
, Jt In not believed th i( will be ne
cesnary, the announcement said, tq tak
drastio steps to lx the price for it in
believed that a satiafuctory agreement
relative to the prices will be reached
between the fuel control commission
and the producers. ,
(Associated Press) A British com
minniuo coin posed of Hir John White
Todd aad John R. Drake arrived here
today for the purpose, it is stated, of
ascertaining whether Britain, can de
pend, on the I'nited Htates for her sup
ply of sugar. . .
Hir John White-Todd, in an inter
view,, avid that England had reduced
her . consumption . of sugar thirty per
cent and wholesaler were being al
lotted only ee half their requirements.
Oud quarter of sugar import into Brit
aio he aid, were wasted.- f , ,
Appeals (To
National Clinic Is Urged To Take
v-,: Stand Against False
v ; ( ;; Double Standard .-.
GHICAOO, bctoieJ1 2S (Aocit
: atf - rrasMlXMract appeal wai
mada fay BotrsUry of Navy Dan
iel t tha : medical . prof aanloii of the
country to aid to bringing about purer
and clean Uvea for tha men of tha
nation. Tula appaaJ ha mad before tn
clinical conjrre of .'tha Burgeon of
North Amtrtca. : H blamed tb tnadical
profaaslon In part fot not having taken
a' atand which would torn tine aav
oarped the eauaa of decency and health.
What tha country to doing to ramov
Immoral condrUoMs 'and temptation
from tha vicinity of tha new eampj,
SecreUry Daniel t told earlier In
hla addrosn. ; That diitlaultla that had
bean encounter In aacurlng claulng
out of tea In aonn dtlea and towna ha
had told and he had. howd how It had
been proved to b poaaihle In such com
munities to have decancv wrhan nllii
offlcUla recognised that tha advantage
of having anch a oamp would b loat to
the community otherwise. '
Th Mnwal tnii.il . al.ll , u I -I
List of .Those Lost On Antilles
Sent to Army Department v
From France - -
WASHINGTON, October 22 (Ak-o-elated
Prenxj-Oeneial Pershing today
reported' the" following i soldier and
other who went to their death when
,the Aatillpn wan torpedoed -by a Ger
man submarine lMt Wedneeday. They
Sgts. Ottn Kleber, Otte Miller (par
ent born in Germany). 'c
Cpl. Abraham 8wartr.berg.
I-vts. Rov Cottrell, Ie W. Nelnon,
Ernest Kgert, "Anton Erbart, John
Bright, J. I. Lock, K. O. Noumell, Bur
rett Hamilton, 0, J. McLaughlin.
PrivnteH. artillery Wm. L. Fntiht,
! Edwin I.. Erhel. v
Traunport workers t Neptoin,
OivilUin H. H. CummTng.
Private, medical Ouy It. Bonworth,
Melyin Kimlbury.'
K'lcctricinn J, 1 Ausburn, H. Q.
Hranien .7. O. " McKinney, J. W.
Hunt, V. Kriknen, J, Igholm, F. Joly,
K. PnrkN (Snn Francineo), X. Dotigorn.
Engineers E. A. Walker, Thomas
Boyle, .7. O'Bourke.
firemen-M Boa, F, 0,00 Mile, H. I..
l.iaret, Antonio Leal.
Carpenter, Federaen; wheelman,
L. E. .lennen; butchers, George Stanley
ud C'Ninae Maurin: baker, E. Binkof
bergrr; w-ullion, A. Touaeyj waiters, D.
L. Irvine, (h'orge Hankie, F. Michela,
W, I'irie; steward, V, Wlattery; water
tender, .lames Finnegaaj oiler, O,
Fearnn; nuinlant atorekeopcr, D.
Payne; cooks, Charles dan son, William
Bell, V. Hipn, Charles Tunnin.
A revised count shows sixty-seven
lost, seventeen survivors nd one unac
counted for.
4 'i i .', .i.
NEW VOBK, October 23 (Annociat
ed Press) Tale of hunger and suffer
ing in the cities of Pnd and in Lit
sonian cities are ' told in - deMpatches
whirh were received from Copenhagen.
In Poland the famine 1 acute and hun
dreds are. wandering the. afreets in a
state of terrible emaciation, tarving.
Other unable to Walk further drop
whining or fainting from the Weakness
of hunger.
- i , ,, .
LONDON,- October 82 (AMKite.l
Preis) Denpatche from Petrograd to
day tell of one of . the first moves for
evacuation of the capital as a result
of derma activity in th Rig region.
The munition factories, it 1 reported,
are being moved from Petrograd, but
their new location la kept secret.
23, 1917. SEMI-WEEKLY.
Var Department Issues Weekly
Bulletin Which Declares United
States Contingents Ready 'To
Render Good Account,
WA8HIN0T0N, 0tober 23 (Anno
eiatel I'renn) America 'n Aghting men
in Franc are in fine cnnilitioa and
rapidly approaching tha . stage when
they will be hetir.l from I a part of
the ensuring nw contained in the
weekly review of the war situation is-
ued. last night by tlie war' depart
meet. Pant reticence in regard to the
American contingent in broke autll
, riently to tell pt pleaning progress
. thst i being nmite. The review also
J deals briefly with the progress of mo
tbilication tlmt in heing mnd at home,
j the morale thtt in being entablinbed in
j th'' various cantonment and training
; camp and teiln of the general pregresa
! of the Allied rnie an well. , . - V
, In righting Trim ;
I J'Otir men in Krnnee," the re'.tort
nay la. part, "after three months of
j training under European war conditio
and in the mnthodn that are now being
.to uceennfullv employed against . th
enemy on the Weit Front, are in nplen-'
did physical con htiou, they have been
renilereil utrong ami enieieat body
aad are in the bent of fighting trim."
t'omincnting on the treatment which
the French -are uniformly, according
to the soldiers from the Halted State
it ay!. -"The warm hearted recep
tion which the French hare attended to
our armies ha won the heart of .ettr
officer and men alike and the men are
atriving ia all ways in their power to
retain the frieadnhip and th admira
tion that hen been no generously, nc
corded t them."
No Winter Retirement
It i not anticipated that the Allies
will go into winter quarter thin year
nor that there will be any lull lo tktl
activities of the war. but that an g
greneiv campaign will be conducted
which will give our men their, oppor
tunity before spring netn in..
Commenting on the nrogres 'of the
war it said: . "The full importance of
the flanlera- battle (are new- begin'
ning, to- he revealed : In '.'( abattered
morale, of ike?-, Oermka fore. .That
effect w'iUthid ont,nvKre,xily dur
log 'the pregtei! of ,'theyinpe.ign in
Belgium' ud there H renwrh to expect
Its spread . J" other .'sector .-of tK
Wenter Iont. i
., The .flrmn attack on tha Rig
sector aad the capture of ' Oeeel and
Dago . Island were made for the ' po
litical effect which they might 'Ihav
and not bee a tin of great military im
portance. - - -
.... i, . I,, , - 1 .,'..
Torpedoed American Craft Hunts
It Enemy ;
WASHINGTON, October 28 (Asso
i-.iated Press) Gunner's Mat Osmond
Kelly Ingram of Pratt City, Alabama,
waa the man blown overboard and lost
w hen I'nited State destroyer was tor
pedoed in the war tone last Tuesday.
According to denpntches from Admir
al Sims, th lookout on the destroyer
saw the torpedo , she sped through
the water and gave the slsrm. Immedi
ately the man at the wheel swerved
the ship which took the impact on
the stern, on engine being disabled as
a result of 'the explosion. 1
The destroyer, though badly crippled,
hunted for the aubmarine till dark, but
with no success. .Then she made port
under her own steam.
Admiral Sims; in a ! special order,
commend the bravery and coolness of
the orneers and men,
, .
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, October
22 (Associated Press) It wa learn
ed today that th Kaiser ha telegraph
ed to Minister von Koeder thst ke is
"highly pleased at th result aeeoiu
pllshed, by the liberal subscription to
the seventh war loaa, which shows the
country in full vigor with Hxed aim
before the world. ' It provea the peo
ple are behind the imperial goverament
and are ready for further sacrifices of
blood and treasure until the honor aol
freedom of the Fatherlnnd la assured. ' '
. , , . m , , , ,
PARIS, ' October 23--( Associate,!
Press) Resignations were : handed to
the premier yesterday by all of the
members of the French cabinet. These
i'oineaire declined to accept. He on
nurcd the cabinet oflleer that their a
tiou was not necessary and was not
warranted tine on Friday th chamber
had extended to them vote of full
TACOA1A, October S3 (Associated
Press )r-'A black powder and cor, lite
plant of the DuPont Company few
mile out of her blew up last night
l "" JsnMi enure-, v . ,
1 No casualties were reported.
. .
Allied Offensive Redeems Strip
: of Belgium and Brings
Roulers Nearer
' " f , ,'.'....'.'... .
1 .(-.. '...' .. ..-"
" inanHntaMBsaaMBnsBna
ONDON, Ocl.iher 23 (Associated PreasW Advancin' almont
. , . - '
at will, the British and French acting conjointly redeemed
another strip 'of Belgium yesterday, overcoming the discouraged
(ierman defenders rf their nrenareti rone 'nnrthnct nf Vr,o, tuitt.
. - - - " - r .
ease, taking many prisoners, driving others before them' and inflict-
I . . 1 . ' .. t 1 t. . . ..
hir iciy lasu.iiucs. mpic oDjeciives nave Deen taken, says
Cenerrtl Haig in his ofTicial report at midnight, while othir reports
froin the front tell of the apparent complete demoralization of th
Huns on this front. . ' "
, ' : The infantry. attack was made along a front from PaaschendaelW
to the edge of d'lIouthuUt forest, a distance of between four and
five miles. Following an intense bombardment of the German posi
tions, which swept the prepared lines in a hurricane of shells,1 wip .
ing out numerous defenses and driving everything left alive into '
the depths of the eoncrete dugouts and shelters; the British and .
French went over the top at daybreak, ploughing steadily forward
across the marshy ground, into which the soldiers sank at every step.
For almost at mil the British marched :'meetinw plv -foKt'
j-eslstanci. the Gertnarf. gaxtlsons
sneit,ers surrcnaermg almost on demand,- .. One after another the . .
itron;;ryJntil 'prerfared'vth.tkK 4lbtlV: 1
engtnrefs fell to th.'. British. Wtroo.seej!;e
juhefton' town, was occupied and the outskirts of raascheit'daele were '
reached. " :. . - ., ;;: ''..-'"
:The French met greater resistance, their front being along the '
Ilout'.ulst forest, heavily fortified. From the positions . near the
outer edges of the woods the French guns pounded the defenders
and the pottos "have, secured numerous 'vantage points from which ;
to carry on their further attacks through this woodland, much of v.
which is tow and flooded. The most signal victories of the French
yesterday were airing th line of the LangemarckrStaden railroad,
which skirts the southeast edge of the forest. Nearly a mile of this
mad was added to the section previously taken over and the-French
advance posts are within east shelling distance of SUden. ' .
Yesterday's drive tightens the grip the Allies are securing on
Roulers, the key to a wide portion of Flanders, and makes more,
certain the early putting of the Roulers-Ostend railroad, upon which
,he C.ermans rely for the supplying of their North Sea submarine ;
bases. Another two days'. work such as yesterday and the Germans '
will be shaken loose of almost a third of the Belgian territory they
have occupied for three years. v
Ostend as a submarine base has been rendered almost unten
able by the recent bombardments from the air and the sea.,; Sun- '
day's naval bombardment Inflicted great damage,-as photographs
taken yesterday from observation airplanes demonstrate.
There were violent artillery duels throughout all of yesterday
on many sections '"of the Aisne front and before Verdun, with the
French fire smothering the German reply and clearing the way for
an apparent French offensive. There were no infantry actions on .
t lie southern French front. , -,
Petrograd reports the safe withdrawal of the Russian fleet from .
Wormso Sound to the mouth of the Gulf of -Finland,' to protect
wliich is the main purpose of the Slav warships, according to the
orders of the Russian minister of marine, which ordered the, with- '
drawal of the fleet from the Gulf of Riga waters and the adjoining
straits. ,"','.''.'' , : ; -
Russian submarines have been active in covering the withdrawal
of the fleet and have sunk a German transport and damaged at least
one of the enemy's dreadnoughts. The Russian underwater fighter
have been attacking' bravely. -' ' 'V 7. :'' :.) '.
The German fleet, after bombarding the northern entrance of .
the port on Wormso Island, covered the landing of German troop
from transports on the Esthonian mainland. These troops were
taken ashore on the Verder peninsula, opposite Oesel Island, and
have occupied the western portion of that peninsula without opposi
ton. ' ,' ,'
Yesterday the Germans once more brought their Zeppelins into
play on the west front, and a series of raids was made on towns along
the battlefront in France and Belgium, ;(No, details, of damage or
loss of life are given in Sir Douglas Uaig'a despatches. , '
That Germany suffered heavily in the naval engagements off
he (iulf of Riga and Dago and Moon Islands last week is asserted
in the official report which was issued by the marine department
of the Russian government at 1'etrograd late last night.'
Two German dreadnoughts, one cruiser, twelve 'torpedo boats
and one transport were put out of action by the Russians but thei!
ultimate fate is unknown. 1
The Russian marine department's statement further says that
it has been established that at least six torpedo' boats were sunk.
Russian losses consisted of the complete destruction of the anti
quated battleship Slava and one large torpedo boat which was beach- '
ed in a sinking condition. . : ' ' ;.
WllOUif NUMBER : 4680
of ihe 'giin positions aftd lipld-fireV

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