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Bombardment Is . ; Conducted
Throughout Day While in Three
Sectors of Western . Front Ar
tillery Fire Snows Increases
Teutons Suffer Severe Defeat In
Africa and Results In Trentino
and Macedonia Engagements
Remain Undecided At Night
EV YORK, f October 22
(Associated Tress) Heavy
bombardment of the German
submarine base at Ostend was
begun by a detachment of the
British Navy yesterday morning
and conducted continuously
throughout the day.' Apparently
considerable damage was occa
sioned, the reports of last night
On the Western Front inBel
gium and in the Champagne and
Verdun sectors an increased in
tensity of the artillery of the Al
lies was noted. The drum fire
would quicken into a barrage and
: then fall back to drum fire only
to again become more rapid and
intense. There was every indi
cation of an impending, attack
or of several attacks in force but
the general fierceness of the fire
failed to indicate in just what di
rection ' ihe drive would be
pointed. ,
......Once more the armies of. Italy
and Austria are locked in the
throes of a fierce and bloody bat
tle on the Trentino; Throughout
yesterday it raged, ebbing and
flowing in favor of now the one
and again the other but Rome
claims that such advantages as
were secured lie with the Italian
arms. Continuance of the battle
to a decisive result is expected
On the Macedonia Front a bat
tle is also in progress and there
also no decisive results were se
cured yesterday so far as reports
told last night. i
V In East Africa a third battle
. was fought but here decisive re
sults were obtained and a severe
defeat was administered to the
German forces. Losses on both
i. sides are reported to have been
very heavy, but the Germans lost
' m prisoners and in guns as well
' as in killed and wounded.
. In the north the Germans have
captured the entire islands of Da
go and Schildau, making prison
ers of practically all of the forces
that occuoied and defended the
former island for Russia.
' Petrograd official reports ad
mit' that, Oesel and Moon Isl
ands are now both held by the
enemy but say thy. on Dago Isl
and military operations have been
hampered by the marshy charao
; ter of the ground close to the
, coast, ' '
The Inter-Inland Kteum Navigation
Company filed la circuit eeurt yes
terday afternoon through Attorney w.
L. Whitney, a motion to. trausfer to the
local United Btates courts the suit for
injunction brought sgaiust it by the
nubfJs utilities sou-mission to en iota it
from r fusing to. sbey the csmmissioa's
decision ordering it to adopt the pas
senger and freight rates is effect 1
ml. :"' . . -..
It is claimed by the company that
it is within the jurisdiction of the
fedeal shipping . board and that fed
eral quest lous are tnvolvea.
Good Discipline and Splendid
j Bravery Shown When Disaster
Comes; ". Dependants of J Sol
diery andjMen p, Navy Pro
vided For i ' : .
WASHINGTON, October M (Asso
clstrd Press) All stfrvivprs of ths
lout transport Antilles an safe In
French port where' they arrived jresfer
day and reports of their arrival, both
official to the Navy- Department and
unofficial by the -Associated Press so
reported here.
It wit 6:43 o'clock Inst Weilneailay
morning that the disaster occurred.
Wit hunt previous warning of any sn
ussil danger, there wan a ahork that
made the it earner ahirer from item to
tern and an exploeioa in the vicinity
iif the entitle seem, This explosion
openrd a great gaping bole ia bet
Hide through which the . water poured
In nail she speedily filled and aank.
Many In Bertha
At that time of the day many of
the ere and the aoldier passengers
were etill asleep ia their berth. Num
ber of three were killed. The engi
neer, oiler and mechanics who were
at work below were killed almost to
ninn. Thoee who were uninjured bur
riel to the deck and took the position!
as they bad been drilled to do. There
wax no disorder, no rushing, hut the
lowering, manning and loading of the
life boats waa done expeditiously and
It is to this training and the strict dis
cipline evidenced by all ia owed the
fact that the loss of life waa not
Bravery Is Praised
Praise for the captain and lor tne
pin erew is extended in the despatches.
Tlwr stoyeu at tneir ststios unm ins
very end. It waa not until the bow
oitrhed deeply forward and the
stern hnd reared high out ef the water
just before the iual dive came that
the . captain and members or tne gun
crew leaped far out. Into the ocean,
some blading aa far away as fifty feet
from the sinking craft.- There they
were picked up and dragged aboard
the lifeboats and the occupants of
these were picked up and taken aboard
the patrol vessels wbica tnen turned
and proceeded back to France.
Insurance Law Operate
All Army and Navy mea who were
lost in the torpedoing of the Antilles
come within the scope of the Compen
sation and Insurance Law which waa
passed bite ia the congressional ses
sion. TJador it the relatives or depend
ents of thoee who were killed Or lost
will receive 66000 in each instance, bat
the provision does sot apply to those
of the crew of the transport wno Mai
their lives in the disaster.
' NEW YOBK, October 22 (Assoeia
ted Press) Possibly with the inten
tion of making its escape into the Gulf
of Finland or possibly with the inten
tion ef launching aa attaek upon the
stronger German Naval fleet, the Bua-
isiaa fleet has left Moon Inland head
ed in a northerly direction. '
It ia considered mosttlikely that the
Boasian fleet will not undertake to en
gage the Germaa naval forces uatil
aftes proeemting into the Gulf of Fin
lead aad returning reinforced by some
of the vessels now there. As at present
constituted the Huse fleet is decidedly
inferior in guu power, but the north
erly course may indicate some strate
gie move upon its part.
At Moon Island the Russians left
the old battleship Hlava a somplete
wreck and four other vesesls were
Petrograd ia aa official report from
the marine department said that the
Russians had succeeded in getting their
entire fleet away frem Moon Island
with the exception of the wrecked
Hlava and some observation elements
which were left ia Moon ttouad. Be
yond this, the statement said, the Rus
sians bud sustained no loss ol ships.
, .. : V (
BAN FRANCISCO October 22 (As
sociated Press) Msr a home in this
city will be saddened this meraing when
the news ot tns ueatn or aits. it. jr. jjs
Young is published, ller works r
of a character and benevolent naturs
and the largo contributions which she
has made for such purposes bsve help
ed scores of families and buadreda ef
individuals in time of need. J4he waa
osa of the best kaown and best loved
women of this eity aad probably of
the state of unliforma.
Mrs. De Young died last night fol
lowing Sj lung and serious illness.
PARIS, October S3 (Associated
rress) TivcM of Soldiers employed In
munitions fsctories and ether militsry
establtahmsuts will be granted leave
of absence with pay for the same
period' that their husbands are boms
as. "permiesiosnaires" from the front.
our? runrn in e ta k diyc
is,.- wwiit. it w iw ! iPAiw
PAZQ OINTMENT is guaranteed tu
euro'blihd,' bleeding, Itching ar pro
truding ' PILES In 6 ta 14 days or
money" refunded'. . Msnufsctured" by
ths PARIS MEDICINE CO., St. Louis,
U. 8. A.
Gmmti fiood Situation""? f1''
: . COPEXUAGElt. OetaW ga-lAaseeistad Frees W Discuss Ion of the food at.
nation by the Prussian diet yesterday, of which report reached her Uat night
Indicate that It is hot so toe? aa the government ha sought to. lead the people
te beUerW, It nay not be serious hew and may not become trttleat during tat
next few months, but the people of the country' face greater hardships said a
more asute shortage of necessary food stuffs than they hare hitherto been called
npon to eadure. ' , vi t . i. 41 . ,-',; "-" ' "'-
Some aallent truth aa to the food sitnatloi of the akttoa were told to the
dlBCUaston In the diet, the report said. There waa evidence that eonslderahlet
alarm Is felt and ft jra declared that further and treater ooneinlM mnrt bvr
oractlsed durtnc a comlne- hard winter. 1 - - V . , i . - - '
. It 1 trae that the rxtate crop ha
brighten hoped of fuller market basket but, on the other hand, the wheat crop
la bad and other eereal crop are also showing heavy shot.-" - ; . -
" The only hope that are given for making the supply of bread mat through
the year and to the text harvest are te Impair the quality still forth sr of els to
reduce the already small allowance of the bread ration. Zither of the proposals
Is considered certain to work great suffering and te, roose more determined In
sistence ef effort to bring about a peace without tnnsrUo or faidemnittea.
Menocal Says No Hoarding Will
Be Tolerated and He Will Sea .
V ; To United States
NEW.' YOB it,' October : 22 (Asso
ciated Press) Intention" of President
Menocal.' of Cuba! to aid the United
Htates and the Allies In the attempt to
control so gar aad fia prices through a
United Htates commission and an in
ternational eommiaaion on eugar is in
dicated by the advice which were re
ceived from Havana yesterday as tp his
attitude on the question of hoarding of
stock or withholding it from sale, by
the producers, '.u.n, ...J . .
President - Menocal - yesterday' an
nottneed la aa interview which he gave
nut o the subject of taxation of, raw
sugar and price fixing of the prodaet
itj-su rte".i?.hrj
ing hoarded in Cuba. He declared that 'Su??0!?"1 iuX Z Vl
he would eommandeer such-etoeks, pay ?e0P,e,1 mi'il leV b m9
the owners a price which should be de Pnol,e-. '. , , v
termined to be fair and equitable and BosoBicod Buffer
then offer them- to the United States -r. While- it is admitted that Germany
government- Wv ' probably ' is iacrsasing her fleet of U-
While the interview of the Cuban boats, 'ths destruction being less . than
president did Hot stste at what priee he the reported butpat, the .new U boats
would sell to the United States gov-, ehow the i depreciation of Gerraaay re
ernment it is assumed here that he sources. They are merely shells with
meant at such a price as might be de- engines in them compared to the pow
termined by the two sugar commissions, erful submarines she hsd in the early
Premier Opens Sessfbh ByTell-
ing Members Why War Must ;
Ga On To Save Country
rETBOGBAD, October 22 (Asso- j
: i, v t : . i : '
nf th Rna.ian nroKmlnsrV nsrlis.
ment " yesterday. ' Premier Kerensky
le at length on both governmental
and war eonditioaa dwelling especially
upon the latter and the Imposdbility
or entering into any peace paet, espee-
ully at (his time when Germany would
be In s position to exact tne moat no-
miHatiag and unbearable demands upon
v j u '
"Russia wants peace by right," said .
e premier, "but she will never bow
r head to force. We must fight on;
it is our duty to do so, but it is not
sory a duty we must fight on if it be
vmj iw n uur ruunirj vu
e;un auirressor and from an autocracy
far worse than the one from -which w '
kave finally escaied.
Kerensky paid glowing tribute to ike
men of the navy for their courage and
devotion to their country, but said that
as regretted be could not say as mueu
for some of the land forces. '
- i
WASHINGTON, October 2 (Asso
cisted Press) Ia a statement which
he issued last bight, Eobert LaFollette
of Wisconsin declared that charges
made that he had attempted to ob
struct the Liberty Loan Bood ians by
circulating speeches which h mads in
the senate during the recently closed
session were malicious and lieue.
; I-aFollftte sdmitted that he had cir
culated three of his speeches but said
that he hsd dose this in the beltef that
by so doing he would "sid in -inftuotM'
ing public opinion so as t indue son
gress to more adequately and justly tax
war profits and the surpluses ef swollen
incomes." ', -.
CHICAOO, 6ctober 22 (Associetsd
Prssw) Uobert Pitssimmonsy see tims
middles fiuht and heavyweight, cham
pion pugilist of ths wotld ha, fought
his last liattle. It was with pneumonia
aad he lost.
For dnys past there ha been littls
hope for the life of the one time, idol
and still favorite of the sporting
world. Hut he fought bis battle wit
the sanio t'rim persistence that marked
his eurtr ia the rintf.
' Death cume at an early hour this k
morning. -
' i . . .... .. i
i urccci e lor iMwrnrrn
1. t "-SOtLO HRt UIVCnitLT
'LONIM)X, October 2-(Associat4
Press)- The British government quar
terly "Navy List" shows that Mil
vessels have been diverted from peace
ful employment for regular or auxiliary
navai service.
By? Government
beea good and baa had a tendency ttt
bid; IS OEM
Wany 0:boat3V;Sunk and New
Ones Are .-Mere ; Shells But
There, Is Tonnage Shortage,
WA8IIINQTON', '. wtober " J2-Pe-
tailed informaiioe reaching the govern
ment, kas cenflrmed the opinion In of-
flcial circles that the submarine erSsis
Is pest
' Gerrnsnyv building more U boas than
ever ' before, is obtaining less 'results
than at' any time sinee and even be
fore her 'proclamation of unrestricted
undersea, warfare.
This inferm'aUon included1 figures ss
to the number of submarines captured
and the number believed to have been
uTth.7tTO:oui:, gi;u.7tiriTi
monins oi . ner . campaign.
,. Minv ' are' little better than , death-.
. trhps, "it .Is jdeolare.1, and the opinion
jis expressed that many- German-- sub-
marines ere Vsst tkrongh the risks of
ine semj . ...t-t , .
, The . situation is ..still ( serious and
there is no attempt to "uaderestimats
it, but the belief here is that the Ger
man' tide 'is 'now. receding tn sea as
well as on land aad that while ship
shortage will, eoatiaue and seriously
handieao the nations SghUng Germany,
. the danger point hhs been left in the
war. ; : . j -:
Present Bitaatixm v . .
!T . , .
is niuinst.u twwwi , vxiju " .
1 - -- - - "r
!b.mn 'rf " ?' "
If:"'. , "T
V1UQ -UaT HIIU UU n. nwarsna'
111.- - 1 -S Lla
rtatlol o( p,tror to tha eB
t t tinkers are alow boats. Con
, jnn. ,i tn Mtrol
t," xme,, tb Unker to be seat in
nets, guarded by. fas. destroyers. :
&btMiTla efficiency has been
dttfe4 by increaeed proieieney of ant
.j, '0B. .-wbaatmen. rnereai
m,a.W m. naivrkkat men. ' Mereasod
jmmm 1 davehnmant
.deviret designed te- disguise mer-
ehsntmen from scouting ssumsrines. .
tl. Avi.mmM.nt are en'
tirely due to the entrance of the United
States iato the war. 1M oessroyers
America waa able te throw into th
war one gave the needed babyace to
in Aiuea.
; TOKIO," Oetober . a(AssoelUted
FressV-Japeaaso "aariklnV
millionaires, wb have been - the tar
gets for considerable eritmlsm from
their fellow countrymen, hsve retorted
to their critics by aasouncing import
anf nublie benef aetiees. w . i'
' A modern Kobe millionaire' will es
tablish a aautical school at cost of
'(300,000 and the wife of another man.
to. whom has corns' great weeitn from
shipbuilding; will estabHsh high
school for rtrls at -Sumiveshi M Beuth
ler' Janaiw Another shiitbui'.ding mjb
Keoaiee will found a eommereisJ school
in another town and an Osttkua ntann
faeturer wibV start girls' high school
ia his home eity. There are majiy amei
i a . i n . . it
projecis oi a similar snon. - v
, Public . aritieism has - been ; directed
to the "narikia" on the ground of
kutwrioua livinir calculated : to give
had cismuls. and to thsir cstravagaat
kavmg at eurios asd works of art. To
this the war millionaires of Osaka tad
Kobe answsr by announcing plsns to
found an academy of fa, aria la Osa
ka, known as the Manchester or japan
PARIS', Oetobet' 23 (Associated
Press) The dally win ration of th
French "potlu," will bo raised, from
ote-half to three-quarters of A quart
beginning January 1, Msordisg
to decision joss reached hf minister
of provisions and minister of war. Ths
data of the increased allowance will be
sslraascsh, if pslbie. . y '
NEW TORK.. Octobet "(Associa
ted Press)-i-Wilhelm'hss lefr Oonstan
tinople, it was officially announced from
Berlin tost night. Ms is expected there
today to parturiate 1 ths. eetobrstleo
of tfi birthday of the empress. I t
said that he may this week visit , th
nftval base t Hsllgolsad, -.r
ll lLf Ui' L l'1'ii
Eight' 6i. .ririflibles' iok th'cV
Bearings In Fog, Two Are De
Itroyed a'tir Two Are Forcedjo
UncHOthers' Jate ..VnknQvvn
- PAJEU& October . S9 -i (AMOciated
Prses) Of fleet of eight German
Zeppelins Vnlch" sailed high 1 ever
rraace on ftaturday headed, tn ths dl
ferXlca'of England at least half ar
Rtsi'td the eheniy.' Two bf them war
destroyed and two wet forced to land
Whether the remaining four reached
thetr horfsr pom Xs - safety-- ts not
know bat at 1 aswanied that , they slid.
:.Tm .laionnatloa rereivedu from
shoos irh- were eaptwsd from the; tp
peltn that wsrw forced-to land It an.
pear hat ' the , entire ifleet osj -eight
probabljt, tort their mtf la the! fog as
theywesei returning. fTot Inglhnd, It
wws e the return trip that the destruc
tion of the tsreeqrrerl and allot their
sriwsi were, killed. m3"us i nth ex- two
wv fortsd U mskke laoiiingm at Widely
separated pelntai- ii,t uu,- "! t
v;-t, )ms.i . i..-t-Sii ni.in,, .
id :
VACftMft 'iocfelty IAUted
Press) Panil Haffer bf Taeoma, who
spent four months 'in jail after being
eonvicteJ of libeling - the : name of
Oeorge Washington, has been indicted
by a ederal grand jury for failure to
register under the Selective Draft. His
bail waa fixed at 2500. Raffs was
eoavlcted of the libeling charge oader
an obsolete statute of ths titate invoked
for th first time,. ; which -made it a
crime to libel the dead. v . ,. .
Police Will Tate
Liberty Bonds As
Bail In Seattle :
SEATTLE, October 11 Liberty
bonds will be accepted by Seattle .po
lice a bail money, following Instruc
tions today from Mayor H. Cv Gill to
Chief of Police Cbarlea Beckingham. .
The . snirgestion followed the - arrest
of an. Alaskan, who. when questioned
for $50 bail, tendered a tUXM) bill, tne
smallest he had. A one could change
it, so they suggested he buy a Liberty
bond and tender tnat as bail, -.
ATHENS, October 10 (Associated
Press) The youag Prince George of
Greece, who was erown prince sstil
eompelled by the Allies te nbdicat his
functions sad heave the country with
hia father, King Constaatin, haa some
into notice again by report that ' ha
has tkn a command in the German
The erown prince is described by
those who knew him aa a real boy who
hked sport and adventure mush more
thsn ths things his tutors tried to
teach him as future king. His boy
like nature came out not long before
the abdication, while the game of
"questions" wss being plsysd.
When the question "Who is your
favorite author" was asked, most of
the players gavs ths names of great
authors, but the favorite author of ths
prince was a writer of the most lurid
type of wild-west literature. .
When he wss ssked his favorite mot
to, he -wrote:
"Never say die,
"Never tell a lie,
'Never stick your linger in otbet
people pie.f ,
LONDdN, " October: 10 (Associated
Press) According' to Petrograd dea
patchV Nicholas Romanoff, ths deposed
Russian Emperor, passes a. great, deal
of hit time ia playing whist, of which
he is very fond. In pre-wsr times, whist
was one of ths most. popular court di
versions In ' Russia. . aud the Emperor
bad special de luxe card which waa
made for his exclusive use; Over 1200
parks of these Imperial Can) were used
every year, and they cost the' Russian
government abont $7 a park, being
made or tne nnest, linen rags witn the
watermark of ths imperial erown aad
ATHENS, OctobW 10 UJ (Associated
Press) The large - American tobacco
concerns are keeping their represent)
tlves over here, watching the develop
meat of the new tobacco fields in
Macedonia. These hsvs suddenly eeme
lntq importance, apparently because of
some eheiuicul quality of the soil of
Macedonia,, like that of - Cuba, favor
able to th production of tobaeeo. It
blends with other grades,. ......
The American demand for it hss be
come such that there is sow more Mace
donian tobacco sent te the United
Htates than any other article shipped
from-Greece; At ret It was treated
a rather cheap weed, but now that
its position is established sees 90.000,
000 pounds sold in reeeut mouths at 0
to 69 cents a pound. "
. 'Ill 'uy :
No Territcrial . Acqaisitions, Autonomy For
1,1 i Small Countries did nternatljad a
W Rebabilitation Fundtoe'd'1: .
., e.. -1 i- ( .' ,
PETROGRAD, October 22 (Associated press) Terms ot ptict
which , would tie. acceptable to the people of Russia have been
tlraited and wereyesterday considered and approved by the execu
tive committee of the pouncil of Workmen's and Soldiers Delegates.
These havebeenput ih 'the form of instructions to 1M.' Skobeleff, for
mer minister of labor, who will be the delegate from this cbuntry to .
ihe'confercnce of the AHies which is'soon to be hed at Paris, '.
1 iCCIl si lilies iiisa up IMC iii--.li UV.IUII9 u iuc ucivgaic IIU
proposed terms are sweeping;- requiring concessions from the Allies
as well as from the Central Powefs.'
rtrong aesire oniric parr vi tne uura-rautcai elements 01 ine country
10 enter upon a separate peace. ' ,. ; ; ' , " . ." -
Evacuation of all Russian territory held by the Central Powers is
provided in the first article of the proposed peace" terms. Following
the .withdrawal" of the enemy from such territory autonomous gov
ernment is to be granted and assured to Poland, Lithuania and the
Lettish provinces and to Turkish
Removal of the troops 61 all
is demanded, artd the peoplft of those countries are to be given the
rpportunity to determine the gofvernment which they'desire. .. .'
Restoration of the integrity of Belgium is insisted upon, without
change in her frontiers and compensation for her losses is to be pro
vided. through the creation f art . international fund to be provided
byi cohtributions from allvof the warring nations. ; Similar1 restora
tion" of Serbia and Montenegro is provided and the losses occasioned
to those countries, through. occupation are also to be met through
the same international compensation fund thaf.provides for-Belgium.
Serbia' is to be given access to the Adriatic bea in the nature of a free
Feasor! with ' opening to itf lannsrrtation;ylj
Dealing with the Balkan States
receive temporary autonomy during which a plebiscite shall be he'd
. 1 . '. ' . 1 . ' r '. . ' 1 - . l : 1 .
so tnai tney may cicierminc luturc issues ior incmseives.
- Conditions art' 'attached to the restoration of ' Rumania to its
Wmer frontiers dependent upon that country granting autonomous
government to Dubrudja' aVtd Emanuel rights',and freedom from re
ligious persecution to all of the Jewish race or religion.
In return for. the relirKiuishment of territory held by thoCen-
tral powers it is proposed that all
fore the war shall be restored to Germany. , 1 he committee in. adopt-,
ing this article recognized that the proposal would raise objections
from some of the Allied nations and especially from Japan which
woujd thus secure small fruits as the result of her participation in the
war. ;', ' , ..' ",' ,'.
Reestablishment of Greece and of Persia are provided in inother
article. ,
In order that there may be absolute freedom of communication ,
for the purposes of trade and commerce for all ot the nations of the1
world a provision is sought that Calls for the neutralization of all
(traits and water passages leading to inland seas and for th further
neutralization of the Suez' Canal and the Panama Canal as wjel, wsk
provision to grant freedom of transit tq merchantmen at all tinjes bui
to war vessels pny in times of peace. ' '., j j
Ruthless warfare, by submarines and the use of the torpedo in
warfare is to be restricted under the proposed peace provisions.
Whilc'the submarine might in time of war board and seiiie enemy
merchantmen! the use of the torpedo against merchantmen and pas
senger carrying vessels would be prohibited under agreement of tlie
nations ratifyinir such Deace. pact. Neaftal merchant vessilsj would
be immune from attack by belligerents, t -
' The fifteenth and closing article deals with the mattf r pi wajr
contributions and indemnities, H provides' fqr' the conshtu ing of
the rehabilitation fond which the 'earlier articles mention ian agree
that beyond thi fund nd indemnities shall Be demanded! flam any
of the belligerents.'- : -). : j -' '' "' I '!
c-unrvTCi nDfiTUCD uiuif -t ' .
tfll W I eV WeAJ sTI bU ww III "V" v.
MILWAUKEE, Oetpler 22 (Assb,
slated Prees)-r-Whi!e out duuk buhttng
ifat elenater Hasrinp; we nreidentsU
shot by his brother, Oustave1 Hustiug,
He was hurried to the nearest poiat
whore' medical and surgical sid could
be obtained,' bat died lter tn the day
HU. brother Aben surrendered to the po
lice but was allowed to ge borne under
guard. . He Is crushed by ths resist ef
the aactdent. .:- 'C
i AMSTERDAM, October , 22 (Asso
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perted- the several important lector
Ue are mauufseturlng a new food,
whioh, it Is expected, will be used by
the "le German population.
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la ewh-' a' ' itlnsMseiae ' niauner
when- yon can so easily eure tbei sobls
with- a bottle et Chamberlain 'a (.lough
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Armenia, , ';'''
belligerents from Alsace-Lorraine
the terms propose that they shall
of the colonies which she held be
Three-Cent doraestc postsKe
will go Into effect , on 'November t,
Vostmaster Mae Adam asaotneed last
eveuing. This will aptdy toall letters
except. those to be delivejed sn the
eity, which will still go fori two easts.
AIL postal cards will taks two cents
postage wherever addressed! -
Wants economic alliance
"TOKYO, , Qrtpber , l-j( Associated
Press) Writing In t'fie euitent number
of Japan , ahdi the Jsfuhese Uhachl
NisUUla, an economist,, uges the ne
cessity of Japan concluding aa econom
ic allianee with Oreat Britain to take
the plase ef the present political alli
ance, which, he asserm,"has already
served a good purpose but which may
be almost said to have lest Its resson
on existence, seeing that both Britain
aud Japan are bow on friendly terms
with Kussia, aicnlnst whom ths Anglo
Japanese allianee was directed.
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