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. - . . .
r . '-HAWAIIAN GAZEf TE. '. TUESDAY (5cT0BF.R 23, i 1917.
Legislature's CommittaeOn En
tertainment Meet and Com-.'
V?' plett Program For Visit i.
NinhV In Hawaii It Planned At
Fitting Close of Festivities
h- w While Crowd Stays
AH of the larger islands in the group
r ill be visited' by the congressional
party, Instead of only Oabn, Hawaii
and Maui during ita visit to the Terri
tory, i ne executive commutes irora
tin senate and house of the Hawailaa
legislature arrived' at the deeiaion at a
eeial meeting held yesterdav. Kauai
will be the last Inland Visited. " ' " .;
"' Two daya after the congressional par
ty arrivea in Honolulu from Weshlng-
to the senators, representative and
whatever distinguished gueets are add
ed to the party will be the guests of
the CUkvmrmn At k VMjinflnm mnA Ainnm
Visit National Park,
On the following morning toe entire
party, including also the members of
the executive committee and invited
gueets wjll leave for the Inland of Ha
waii, landing first at the little port of
apoopoo, oa Kealakekue Bay opposite
the site of the Captain Cook monument.
The party will travel in the steamer
Kilauea, and reach the island port' on
the morning of November 11. '
From Napoopoo the party will travel
overland br ' auto and '''pass through
Witiohinu, Fahala and make-a stop at
(he Volcano House ia order to vinit the
Volcano and get a a idea, of the Ha;
tvhiian National Park 'area ' and the
scenic resources of that district, inas
' much as ' during ' the next session of
congress an effort will be made to se
cure an appropriation for placing the
park directly under the Jurisdiction of
the burena of national parks. '
From the Volcano the party goes to
Hilo, remaining there until Novem
ber 1, leaving that day for Maui,
arriving la the afternoon of the same
flay. The delegation will remain on
the Valley Tale until Punday night,
returning from Kahulul in the Matson
steamer Wilhermina,'and arriving here
Monday, November 19.
That night a steamer will take the
delegation over to Kauai and will be
back In Honolulu on the morning of
November 23. and that evening the
visitors will be the guests of tthe Ho
n'olulu Chamber of Commerce
Nigh In' H wall Planned ' w . '
It was the "unanimous 'request of the
executive committee that Prince Kala
nianaole, Delegate, to Washington: se
lect ny opea evening that be desire
to present "A Nigh Ia Hawaii", and
give a Hawaiian atmosphere to the varied
round of social and business activities.
It is anticipated that he will select th'
evening of November 27 for this en
tertainment, which will be the last
night of the delegation ia the Islands.
Participation Is Asked
An invitation will be extended to
Brigadier-General Wisser, V. H, A., com
manding the Hawaiian Department, and
Captain George Clnrk, II. B. N., eom
mnnding the Pearl Harbor Navul Hta-
tion, to particiat with the executive
committee in -the entertainment of the
A letter has been sent to the cham
ber of commerce inviting that organi
zation to send its entertainment com
mittee to assist ia the entertainment
of tho congressmen.
Provision will be made for another
evening to bo left open for the enter
tainment of the' congressmen by lodges
aurh as the Masons, Elks and other
similar organizations.
The executive heads of the lerial
tive committee are Henator Charles F.
Chillinewortb, president of the senate,
and Lincoln Holstein, speaker of the
housn of representatives, the Governor
acting as chairman. ;
uiaura YYitiiuug 10
Leave Teoitory
Must Tell Green
Pot the purposes of keeping a man's
record clear, Major Francis Green, of
the draft board, will require every per
son of draft ags who intends to leave
the Territory, to report to him, and he
uill be the deciding factor as to wheth
er or not the person may rightfully go
to other parts of the country.
Major Green : is reported to have
stn'ed yesterday that he bad already
refused permission for some nieu 1 1
leave. All afe; .required to stats' who
- - - v vii .uu uiiiiHifliiu.r.rii
give .names of. friqud and acquaint
ances, and all sdrts of information, is
obtained. '
Major Green left for Kauai last
night and will return Sunday.
' Despite the assurance of Major Green
early in the month tlut the draft in
Hawaii would take place about tho
middle Of this, month, and then toward
the latter part of it,'1 tad draft, may
not. lie held until about the time the
congressional party arrives from the
mainland the flmt week in November.
No renson for the repeated postpone
ment of the jlrafbas been assigned by
the local board.' -. , .
" ';
(Hirers for the ensuing' year were
elected for the, Honolulu Automobile
Club at the meeting of -the recently
elected board of directors held yester
day noon. J. J. Reiser ' was. named
president; J, H. McCandless, vice-president
; I.. II. I'nderwond, aocrotary and
If. B. Hoot h, treasurer. - ' . '
; No action was taken oa the matter
of reduction 'of due.-M . ..i . i
Proceedings In One' of Twb
vRourts BoUjuOriUelthcr Is.
Present Perplexing problem '
,v v y ' - r .. :' ' '.
: Whethef the controversy between the
tiii tjes commission and the inter Isl
and Bteam Navigation . Company over
what, rates the company may eharge
and the authority of the eommissioa to
dictate rates to 'the company is How
In the circuit court, in the .federal eourt
or in both, the litigants themselves
not at present know. Kaleidoscopic
changes In- its -status have Occirrrsd
since the Inception of legal proceeding
last week when the commission sought
to secure an Injunction restraining the
company from charging rates for pes'
senger and freight service higher than
it had dictated in its order, which the
eompnny failed to heed, i ; . ' ,
' First came the utilities board Into thi
territorial court with a prayer for in.
junction, alleging its jurisdiction to fix
rates. ' Bach jurisdiction the company
denied and replied that its rate sched
ule had been approved by the ahipplng
board. It demanded change of venue
to the federal eourt.' : ' .1
Jndga Aabforl Angry : - , ' ' '
' Yesterday there were arguments on
the ns being held in the federal court
and at the same time Judge Ash fori)
was seeking ts leara how it had reached
that court and insisting that it was still
in his eourt and would stay there.'' lie
'caused inquiry among the elerks of the
territorial courts as to who bad made
the sertific&Uoa that was required and
learned that, it bad been done by Ben
KahaJe'puna, general 'clerk, after which
the judge said be would run his own
eourt; no papers were to be issued with
otit his orders, and emphasised, the fact
that the ease was still before biro. Ka
balepuna said be had made the certifi
cation for W. L.' Whitney,' of counsel
, for the company.
With the statement of judge Ashford
that the cane was still, in his eourt At
torney D. L. Witbingtou took issue, In
sisting that the company, for which b
aDneared as one of the counsel, denied
the jurisdiction of that court but Is
withiu the jurisdiction of the rederal
eourt. Where a dissolution' Of tbe tem
porary ' injunction baa been . sought.
Thus in tho territorial eourt ' auit has
been, brought nd temporary writ f
Injunction issued, and here the eom;
pany denies jurisdiction. The ease, has
been removed from the eourt and has
been declared back where it started by
Judge Ashford.
Federal Court Proceedings
la the federal eourt before Judge
Vaughan tbe' company has -filed papers
in -support of a motion to dismiss the
injunction made by the' territorial
e'ourtj the eomaiiasloa has mad coun
ter motion that the ease be remauded
to Judge Ashford 's eourt and that
motion Was given precedence and argu
ments heard upon it yesterday morning
by Judge Vaughan. Further arguments
are to be heard by bira Wednesday
Thus two questions of jurisdiction
have developed .in the controversy, that
f the utilities' board to Issue orders
fixing rates and that of the territorial
courts to determine the question. Tho
commission depends ' upon the - terri
torial law and enforcement in the ter
ritorial courts and the company upon
the approval it has obtained from the
United (States shipping board and con
sequent jurisdiction"' by the federal
courts. " ' :
Jurisdiction Is Denied
Tbe following is the petition to din
salve the temporary writ of injunction
which tbe company filod in the federal
."That ' the sai'l petitioner has no
jurindiction. Over the subject of the
reasonableness of the rates, price
and charges ot the fixing of tbe same,
jr in any other respect over the re
spondent as to ita business, set forth
in a id complaint, 'qf transportation,
namely, the carriage of passengers and
freight between various island ports of
the Territory of Hawaii., '
"That it afhmntiVcly appears from
said complaint that the said public
utilities eommissioa was without jur
isdiction to make the decision and or
d.er set forth therein, and that the
same is violative of the second sec
tion of the fourth article of the con
stitution of tbe United States, the
fifth amendment to, said constitution
In ' that no hearing was had and no
notice given to', th respondent of nnv
such hearing on he question of fix
ing or. regulating ratea or the clansi
tantlon of shipments,1",
"That the public utilities commis
sion was without jurisdiction to make
said order, in that -it appears from the
complaint that ad investigation was
conducted and notice giveu of such in
vestigation under the provisions of sec
tion SB, chapter VlHf revised luw-s of
Hawaii, 1915. under which the oulv
power is that lliven bv aectiou ''M
of said chapter to make' recommenda
tions or to institute suits before the
Interstate eommeroe commission or be
fore sorua ether court or other !wJy:
and it further appears from said com
plaint' that the' said public utilities
commission, without notice pr hearing,
entered the order set forth under sec
tion 21134 of said chapter, and that no
hearing was had and ne notice of such
hoaring given nnder section 2J.H."
' LONpOtf, , October 23 (Associated
f'resH)-ln an ofllc'nl ststemeut issued
by the admiralty today It is asserted
that more than twice the' number of
Hun submarines have been lost this
vear as last, and the monthly loss of
British tonnage through U-boat ravages
is not much more than oue third what
11 was last-April.
Supreme ; Court Reverses Deci
sion of Lower Court In Case
' : -.j of Much Importance . .
Natives of Porto Rico now in Ha
waii who were inhabitants of that Isl
and oa April 11, 1809, are deemed and (
declared to be citisens of the United
States under the aot of congress which t
became a law on March i, Inst.; The,
decision of Judge Kemp on this point
, is reversed iq an opinion which, was
yesterday handed down by the supreme
eourt of the territory and the ease is
remanded for a rehearing. This decis
ion Is of deep interest to all Portb
Ricana in these Islands who have not
taken out papers of citlcenship,
The. judgement of Circuit 'Judge
Kemp denying tbe ' mandamus suit
brought bv Manuel Olivair Benched.
a Porto Kican, against D. Kalauoka- j
Inni, city clerk, to claim registration
as " 'Voter, it reversed by a decision
handed down yesterday by the supreme!
court of the Territory, and the case re;- j
hianded. Knnrhez w-ss not allowed t'
register as a voter on the ground, that;
he waa not a citisen of tbe United j
states, but the supreme court holds he I
Is a citizen under tbe act of congress
of March 2, 1917. . 1
Eullng Is Unanimous
' The ' syllabus of the opinion, wh'ch
was written by Justice CJuarlcs of the
supreme court, Chief Justice ' Robert'
son and Circuit Judge Ashford, sit
ting In place of James I.. Coke, absent,
concurring, says: . '
i By the provisions of the Treaty
of Paris a Spanish subject residing in
Port Bico on April It, lSKfl, and who
continued to reside there for one yea)
thereafter and did not make a declare
tion before a court of record of his de
cision to preserve his allegiance to the
crown of Spain, became an' American
subject, and was, under the provisions
of' the act . of congress of April 12,
1900, a citir.cn of Porto Rico and did
not lose bis political status by remov
ing In 1001 from Porto Rico to Hawaii'.
Kemp's Ruling Reversed '; ; ; )
"A native of Porto Rico wbo was'an
Inhabitant thereof on the eleventh day
' of April, 1H90, and continuously resides)
there until tbe summer of 1U01, eftet
which be continuously resided in the
Territory of Hawaii, claiming at all
times after April 11, 181H, to be a sub
ject of the Republic of the United
States, was, at the passage of the act
of congress on March 2, 1017, to prop
vide a civil government for Porto Bico,
is, by the provisions of section 5 of
said act of March 5, 1817,' deemed and
declared to be citiien ot tbe United
"A citiaea ef the United States who
has resided inuthe City and County of
Honolulu for more than a year next
preceding hia application to be enrolled
in the great register of, such municb
pality as a voter, has the right to such
registration, and when such right is
denied him by the officer whose duty
it Js to register him, he is entitled to
a writ of mandamus to enforce such
right." .. .
The supreme ' eourt, therefore, re
verses tbe decision of Circuit Court
Judge Kemp and the cause is remand
ed back to his court for further pro
ceedings consistent with the views ex
pressed. '
:;'.., , frf-'' ' ,
Hawaiian Goes To
Join Colors v . v
01 Great Britain
Among the last contingent of Brit
ishers, wbo left here for Canada en
route to tbe European .front, was W.
Hussey, a part-Hnwnilan youth from
Kohala, in whom the desire to tight
against the Hubs has become almost an
obsession. '
Hussey, who ha, for some time been
a member of the national guard on Ha
waii, hits been preparing himself phys
ically for real soldiering for tbe past
six months. He had made np hia mind
to pay his own passage to Canada, but
when told that the British recruiting
authorities would be glad to defray
that expense, accepted their offer. 1
' Husscy'i mother wan particularly de
sirous that her son' should enlist under
the British fla, as bis grandfather was
hn Englishman,' and she bears as much
nloha for England today as she does
for her own Hawaii; Before saying
farewell Mrs. Hussey presented her boy
with a Bible, gave him her blessing
nnd told hitrt to fight bravely for the
country of hit father's father. ' '
'When asked if bis mother needod any
financial' assistance daring his absence,
young Hussey said that she d'd not and
added that If such had been tbe 'case
he would . have considered it his duty
to stay with her, lustead of going to
Ah Kou, an illicit liquor-dealer, finds
trouble accumulating on trouble,- end
the whole heap of trouble perching on
hia shoulders. ' . , , f
He was arrested on bench warrant
by the federal authorities yesterday,
having been indicted by - the- grand
jury oa a eharge of selling liquor to
a solclfer in uniform,, and spent lost
night ia jail.!.- ' 1 ' .; '
Ah KoU was roeenily fined e'-C() and
costs In' th police court on a charge
of illicit liquor-aolling; and appealed to
th circuit eourt, tbsoujh his attorney
Joseph I.lghtfoot, where the. Hue im
poHd iu the lower court was raiwoi
(100. Prom . this sentence defendant
has taken an appeal to the supreme
Court. ' .'' ; . i '.. -V . . ,M
Toklo Officialdqm Adopts Policy
of Native Officers On All
S, Subsidized Liners
Although ill possible efforts - were
made by the Toy Kisen Kslsha to re
tain Capt. William C. T. 8. Fllmer ia
the service of thai company as master
of the Bhinyo Maru, they were ef no
avail. Captain Fiimer waa recently
made port captain, for the Toyo Kisea
Kaishe In San Francisco. Capt. M. Na
gano having succeeded him at master
of the Shinyo. ' !
' In connection with the policy of na
tive bfffeert -nn all subsidised liners,
which was adopted by Tokio official
dom, the Japan Advertiser of Septem
ber 2, snye the following: 1
"Capt. William C. T. H. Pilraef, now
In command of the Shinyo Maru,' will
soon be discharged from the service by
the Toyb Kiseri Kaisha unless an appli
cation filed with the Japanese novera-
merit by-' this -firm-asking to be per-i
mirtea to retain Bis services is favor
ably considered by the authorities ia
Toklo. Captain Fiimer will be suc
ceeded by Capt.' M. Nagano, a Japkn
ese, wbo sailed from Yokohama, for
San Frnneiseo on the Shinyo Mara 8ep,
tembrr 10. '. ', ,rj ''
"All possible efforts have been made)
by the Toyo Kisen Kaisha to retain the
service of Captain Fiimer, and if pos
sible to. learn tbe result before the
SqinyVa departure for San Francisco a
week ago, but this was impossible, ' , '
On Pacific Thirty Tears . )
."However, if. the authorities remain
firm Captain Fiimer will be forced to
resign, giving his position to tbe Japan
ese. For nearly, thirty years Captain
Fiimer has been one of the best known
skippers on' the transpacific service',
Mnny of his friends both in the United
States as well ns in the Far East wilj
greatly ' regret the change. .' The only
chance that he will return to the Orient
is that be will come in command of one
of the unsubsldiied T. K. K. liners. ;
"Because the government in Toklo
grants annually- a considerable subsidy
to run both the Tenyo Marn and the
Shinyo Maru, the authorities control en
tirely all affairs, including the appoint
ment of the officers on these two ves
sels. Owing to the fact that the T. K.
K, has engaged in transpacific shipping
for more than twenty years with annual
subsidy from the government, the' au
thorities in Tokio believe that this firm
is now nble to operate Its line without
the service of foreign' skippers, pursers,
chief stewards, aria (urgeons, who "are
most responsible -officers on the- liners,
T. K. K. Against plan ' :
"Wlth thisi.objeet ia view the gov
ernment in Tojtio ordered the firm last
December i, tout. gradually, discharge all
foreign, eapjajan, pursers, 'chief . stewv
arda and surgeons, and - ter ' supplant
them by Japanese on the two subsidized
liners, the Tenyo Marn aud the ebyt
Maru. ' ' ' 1 ' " ' " : . X
" Pofisidering th fact that a large
percentage of saloon and second class
passengers on these two 'Vessels nri
either Americans or' Eoropeaaa, It ha
been essential far the firm to retain all
these officers, fo their popularity haf
much to do witlitHe prosperity of the
firm, according to T. K. K. officials. '
"'hen William H. Avery, general
agent for the firm in the United Statef
with bis headquarters in $aa Francisco,
was rncatled to a general conference of
the board of directors of th firm early
thin year, Mr. Avery strongly advo
cated tbe service of all the foreign oftb
cers. i "
"Mr. 8. A sa no, president of the firm, i
expressed the same sentiment.; It was'
decided at this conference; to retain the
service of all the foreign Officers.
'"The oflii.er who first came under th
law was Purser Tv C. MeCombe of th
Tenyo Mam. The. foreign officers who
are, now on the two Subsidized liners
are: On the Shinyo Mru, Captain
FUmer, Purser J. P, Bourse, Bufgeon E.
K Wemple and Chief .Bteward J. J.i
Richards; and on the Tenyd Maru, Cap- j
tain H. s. Smith, Freight Clerk J. B. '
Wheeler, Surgrori N. PYOocks. aud
Chief Steward W. K. 'Asiman.'; '
-'. ;-'! 1 ' . '
Remarkable Showing . Made By
Troops On Island, the Aggre
gate of Whose Bond Pur
chases Is More Than SlrOOO,
000 ;
Today Is City and County Day
and Most Municipal Employes
. Are Expected To Acquire In
Merest In the War Fund
-r1 e r. .:, :,. 7 V
other territorial employes who wiah to
purchase bond en the easy yaymjnt
Wednesds.- night will . U " UbeMy
Loan night at the Bijou Theater. Judg4
J. J, Banks will speak,' and Monte
Carter will sell Liberty bond , from
the stage. , , , i
Everybody Thanked
j ' Thanks were expressed for the e-
eruuve eommiiree St the meeting yee
terdny to the California committee' fW
aid In the cnmiiaixn, and to the local
press, ror tne free publicity given to
the loan by them, as well as the print
ing done without charge. Paymaster
Dyer of Pearl Harbor also thanked the
banks for the aid readily extended by
tbcm in fluancing the bond pur
chase for the Navy Department, which
was not taken care of by the govern
ment, a was tbe Army.
. The Boy Hcouts took in 253 pledges
worth .17,noo, R. N. Burnhnm, Scout
executive, told the committee, most of
which had already been taken up by
the payment of the first installment.
There were sixty two Scouts working
for the loan.
. - r-
TotsJ. Liberty Loan sub
acripttona reported by
A. r. Jndd to three thlr-
ty Monday 3,393,600
Total Amy subscriptions
- t midnight Sunday.. 1,030,b60
Testerday's addition I
Number cavUtaa subscrib
ers .
Navy aubecrlber
Approximately Army sub
aciibera .
. 803,300
- 327
. 10,000
, Total subscribers . .
Phil B. Duiiky, who ts now a(fent for
the Hawaii promotion : Committee In
raa Francisco, has cooperated Ith h'n
other local man'- fpf the good 'of Ha
waii's publicity .oa the'., mainland.
Danky writes that be baa' aecured the
loan of two or more of Ambrose Pat
terson's runvnaee for Hawaii's exhibit
in the l.oa Angeles State building.
t'attersoa is still, ia Man Frascisco
where he went from Honolulu several
months efo. Mr. .Patterson, who re
cently returned from a visit to the
Coast City, says jh in delighted', with
it aud has made many friends among
the artist there. He plans to remain
n while longer and1 study at one of the
art schools. ' ;,',' '.' " "' -
A exhibition' which ' Ke , held' jointly
with Rinaldo Cuneo at a studio on Nut
ter Street is enthusiastically reviewed
by the Kan Franclsee1 Examiaer. Cuneo
is the younger brother of Cyrol Cuneo,
fellow student of Patterson's ia Paris
salon days, when be present Honolulan
WurkCd under James McNeill -Whistler.
Leaving this week tO join the Allen
town Training' Camp ' fo lubb'ulnce
corps service will be AJen "Wilcox,
Arthur Alexander,' Gilbert Waller Jr.,
U. F. Balck, Will Coney ' and J- U.
MnrKeiutie yf , Vui. i TTbey will g
overadvr the' ausplues ot the Nation
al Tennis Association, which wired A.
I., Castle of Honolulu stating that the
above dumber of youug snen eould be
accommodated. Tliey must be in the
camp by November 6. Ned Hteii and
Bob Purvis left for the camp last
week.- . '"'. ;.- . '
. liawail is rolling up dsy by day a
sum nearer and nearer to the goal net
by the executive committee of the Lib
erty Loan as the portion of tbe Terri
tory. Five milliou is the. figure set,
and the bonds already purchased total
nearly four million and a half. But
the five million mark is only set by the
committee, nuouid Hawaii's share go
to six million or more' there will be
only that much more to make Hawaii
proud of her part helping the army of
our Hat Ion on to victory.
The. most remarkable feature of the
campaign, Jn the opinion of many,
among whom are the members of tbe
Committee, is the showing made by tbe
troops on Oahu. Nearly every man
who has subscribed has taken two fifty
dollar bonds, and before the campaign'
is finished it is expected that fully
ninety percent of the enlisted forces
will own at least one Liberty Bond.
Army's Patriotism Striking
- The army total shown above is not
the full amount subscribed, as Colonel
Lucius Durfee telephoned in to the com
mittee yesterday afterteon that Rcho
fidd 'S quota had reached 750,O0O, r
would be an even million-before Wed
nesdnyj Thin lanrease. add about 22,
800 to, the figures givea above. The
practical patriotism of the army shows
out clearly ia their action in regard
to the Liberty Loan. There has beea
ao coercion nor undo, urging to ob
tain subscription. The , easy payment
plan and. the advantages of possessing
one or more of these bonds have been
explained, to the men, and the resulting
subscriptions have been entirely vol
untary.' ,
Lieut. Harold F.' Looruis, who repre
sented Qeaeral . Wisser at the meetin
of' the central committee yesterday af
ternoon, said that th system of com
petition between posts, organisations,
companies, and in some regiments'
even squads, ' had helped largely to
make the subscription what It was.
The non-commissioned officers, he said,
were the onea who had explained the
bond issue, deferred payment. Inter
est, and other features to the men and
secured most of the subscriptions. "A
l iberty Bond in Every Bunk,", has been
their motto, aa the aoldior's bunk is his
noMie, " ',
Paymaster G. P. Dyer of Pearl Har
bor, who also spoke at the request of
L, Teriney Peck, .the chairman, said
that the Navy, though much smaller
than the Army, had also done its share.
Excluding the men ef the mobile fleet,
wno could not subscribe under the
easy payment plan, there were 250
navy men at Pearl, Harbor, 108 of whom
hail bought' bonds. Of fifty-two clerks,
twenty-five were purchasers, and of the
618 artisans, most of whom, receive
about two dollars a day and support
families, 194 bought bonds. The total
amount, subscribed ' for ie $23,350.
Other nbacriban
Postmaster Mar Adam stated that
thirty-seven of the sixty-odd' employes
of tho postoffie had taken 6.1000 worth
of bonds. Charles A. Wong spoke for
the Chinese, saying that there were
six teams Of five men each who had
divided the city into districts and were
working daily.. There are already sev
enty. Chinese subscribers, with $5800
total, and he la confident that the fiual
sum will M much larger. Tha Chinese
American bank directors will meet next
Thursday and wi" then subscribe to
the loan fos the bank. '
There .are already aeventy-flye sub
scribers at the Honolulu Iron Works,
with a total bend subscription ef 6430
J. A. Oibb reported. lie Said that
there would be $10,000 subscribed from
the 270' workers before the elose of the
campaign- . , j ' '
City and County Day -.,' .
Today Is, c,ity and county , day, and
meetings held throughout the, city will
put tba i loea dearly before the em
ployes of the city. Mayor Fern aud
the board of supervisors wi.l) be active
in the meetings, which wilt b held at
the central lire station at nine o'clock,
th police, eourt at tea o'clock, and for
the employee of the waterworks depart
ineut and others -'- later. Supervisor
A mold , will mptor around the island
and address tk. laborer at Various
ooints. ' ' , ' ,'','
The band has' offered to ' play .for
the noon meeting lu Bishop Bijuuru on
Wailiieaday. Liberty Day, when several
speakers Villi tell of the, advantages f
owning Liberty Bond. Salesmen will
be at the lobby of the Alexander Young
Hotel from twelve to one. o'clock to
take subscriptions, - -
O. W, B. King, deputy auUtnr, will
lie in the auditor' ofliee in the Capitol
building tomorrow afternoon to take
subscriptions of - school teachers aud
' Honolulu, Octobe 22, ItlT.
, .. r?' 5:
.5 j
n i
LONDON. October 22 (Associated
Press) Premier David Lloyd Oeorge,
addressing the house of commons to
day, declared that he saw no terms
leading to an enrly peace in the plans
formulated by the Russian Workmen
Bad Soldiers' Delegates.
, "Tbe only terms possible in th
meantime would be merely an. armed
truce,' which would Inevitably end in
an even more frightful struggle."'
. .
WASHrNOTON, October 23 (Asso
ciated Press)' Announcement was
made by the treasury department last
night that the deal that bad been ar
ranged for the purchase of large quae
tities of Mexican pesos waa off be
cause of certain conditions which Mex
ico sought to exact, and which, con
dition were not announced. .
. :- i :
TOKIO, Oetolier 22 (Special to Nip
pu Jiji) Subscriiitions for the reHef
fund' for the sufferers in Tokio from
the' recent storm and flood which de
vastated the Japanese capital, were
closed yesterday with a total of 650,000
yeu. ;
Ry str. Msuna Kes. Oetolier 20.
Krtdlf HAWAII Ml Ah Kook. Miss
p. Filter . Mrs. Brum fid il, J. K. locket t,
K. AuikTKin. Mrs. iliarles T. Kilts, Mlna
M. Ilulin. neorire Colllas. J.' Lxaebrtri
Mr. end ' Mr A. J. Matthew Ml ' 1,.
Teres. Mlw K. Itnrxwn. U Hrewa, A. Hart
lelt.Ma.Mr Kran.-tK J. (ireene. Kererenil
Hl.lnnl. H. W.. Onrtrell. K. II. Ilrmnw,
Jsc iMlte. Mrs. Hninltanl. MImk Hiiinltsnl,
MIhn K. lint. K. '. Weliater. V. K. KukIIhIi,
A. O, 'urtl. Mlxs t. V. Huillh. A. n. l'rc
coft. Mm. Hheplierd. Mrs. Holnlr. Mrs. W.
I.. Reed. I niii t'tire. Mrs. All l.ln. Mrs. I,.
K. Tsllett. .H. W. Crsltf. H. V. Nelwin. Mr.
and Mr. M. T. Tev ami three children.
.1. W. Hare. V. W. Vuille. J J. Pnjlclcly,
MIss' V. Minlth. Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Mo
IIosksII suit tbrw i-lillilrrn. Mrs. A. K-Mi-IKiiirsll.
Hiiua lmfe. tl. J. Waller.
FltOM MAI I-MrM, M- K. KeolioksMe,
Mro. run Wslwsl.ae sK4 ! ehlldreik.
Ml-m Ansa Clionif. A. Fran. W. II.
Vrledly. Jsmea IIwhI. H. M. Kanakanut.
Hum I'lipnlil, I.oulx Von Temunkj. P. Hpsnl
lln. W. M. MookluL Mrs. AU La. K. U.
Miirlon, Vonbluks Hsntokl. Mr. and Mrs.
M. Morse sml child. Miss Kthel An, t'harim
Ma-u-bke. Mrs. A. Kaiute, K. Heki, O. Ms
suds. Miss I. HnlReu.
Hv'str. Klnau fnmt Ksust. fV-tolier 2IK
Wlllliim McKsr. K. Huenilaltl, Mr. Al
drlch, Ksm Kaeo, K. A. Kireud. I Oaskt.
Kev. M. K. Kamskiplll. Mrs. Umrj Ywin.
K. Fukuu!a, M. Kadanka. pr. VsuskI
hsis. 1. I'. Kamauha. Mrs. Harrlay. V.
Kiioh. K. Nnh. Mr. simI Mrs. W. Wlnhard.
MImk M. Brysn. Mr. aad Mrs. Ylin. Mlrn
S. Shlirtima. Mr. aud Mrs. M. tilrotsu.
Mrn. HaiUHda. MInh M. Jensen, i. Ksta
liiiru. H Hhlsuina, J. H. Cbaadler, II. Ka
linnii. MIms Kakann. Miss II. Knhuiiu. H.
i "n T. tUnise, J. Leveii, L, ferrelrs, Miss
HlmtHO. '
I'aiNeiiKers ariivtuK - 'lif later Inland
Hiomuer KIukiI frHn Kauai ports yexler
ilur iiiiiriiliiK K. K'H-niliihl. Mr. AMrlrk.
Khiii Kueit, K: A. Krietid. T, tlsakl, Iter.
Kaiiinlnpill. Mrs. Msrjr Toon. Mr. .HhiIso
ku. Iir. VauiiKUiara. ), P. Ksiusxka. Mrs.
Itiirclii.r. P. Kuo. K. NsMb, Ml M. Zyene,
Mr. hihI Mrs. Yliu. Mum H. Mhlsunis. Mr.
nml Mrs. Alriikn. Mrs. Hsmaila. MIhs M.
.Iciivii. V. KntHliara. K. Hblranis. 1. H.
'hniKller. II. Kalinnu. MNs Kshanii, Mlxs
li. Kuluuil, II. Mita. T. Hlruse. J. I.iirell.
I. Kclnlis. Mr. aud Mia. IL WUuard.
MIn llu-oku.Ml. Fukuuaaa.
By xl r. nndlne for Mul. Oi-tober
Mr sml Mrs. M. J. Her pa. Mlxs KeriM- Mias
Ski'im. Mrs. II. M. Oresner. Mr. and Mrs.
V HihIk. Thomas Hrntt. L. Hall. Mr.
h ii.l Mrs. J. Whit font. Miss Wbltford, J. I..
KI-iiiiiiK. A- Leslidra. '
By r. risudlne for Maul, f)-tolH-r
Kruuk lliuiiH. , A. (I. ' tloi-rt. ' L. Mutbewa,
W. if. Krlfdlv. A. II. Hons Jr.. Kik-s Vin
cent. J. K. Wlneburii. A. l.kster. Miss It.
.era. Mr. V. i. Yawum-ello,- J. A. M.
JobUHiia, K. I.'. Vasgliaa. V. II. t-aoer. A. K.
Itsle, 1.. Tolii-lner, C. l. l.lifklo, O. IIu4
Mitt. A. V. (Miour.1 II. K. WO. H. Ysma
iimlo. I us I .lu. t'Uuiit Lie aanje. CbarWs
l.niidiilHt. Peter Westou. U A. Horeumm,
CliarleK I'WerMnn, IVter Hmilniid
1 111 1 k ( "
Office of Comptroller ;of the Currency,
Wusliington, D, C, August 3, li17.
WUluKli.VS, by, satisfactory evidence
presented to the', undersigned, it has
been made to appear that "TUK
V1KI.U HARHACKH'V located st
hcholleld Barracks, in the City sihI
County of Honolulu and Territory of
Hawaii, baa complied with all. the pro
visions of the Statutes of the L'uited
Status, required to t complied with
Iwfore an association shall be author
Ucd to commence the business of bank
HKEl.TON W1I.I4AMS, Comptroller of
the ('iirrenev, to hereby certifv that
HchufU'ld Barracks, in the City and
County of Honolulu and Territory of
Hawuii, ia authorised to noainience the
buMin'Hn of Baukuig ,a provided iu
Section Pifty-nne hundred, and sixty
nine of the Revised Statutes of the
I nited states. .
In testimony whereof, wit
(Seal) ness my band and Heal of
oflino fhia THIRD day of
A1TOITHT, 191 T.
Comptroller of the Curreuey.
4 MrfcArriL .
lex. i Bsldwia, ' Ltd... .
C. Urewer Oo...
Kwa Plantation Co. . ..
Haiku Riiar Uo ,.
Haw. Asntl. Co. . .....
Haw. H. Vu
Haw. Hog, ' 0..
ll'Hiokaa Hn. Co. ,
Huaoinii luear Co .......
Hatrhlnsoa Hncar P. Co..
Kslinku IMant. I'o. v ., t.
Kekaba Kngar Co.........
KnKia Villi. Co. .
McBryrte Hag. Co., Ltd. .
Oahu nils'. -o
Olsa Hne. Co.. Ltd. .....
CHiomea nils. Co
t'ssnhau Husar Plant Co.
I'aciflc Ha. Mill
I'ala Pbuilattoa Co. : ...
Pepeekeo noisr Co.,.,....
1'lniu., Mill
fsn Carlos Mllltns Co.".!
waiains Asn-tl. In . ...
Walliiku Hus. Co, . ....
Esdao Davel. Oo. .........
1st Asa 10 p.,.
2a4 Ass. fully pcM......
Hslke K. P. Co., Pfd. .
Halka F. f. Co. com.,.
Ilswsll Cn. Ry. 7. A..
HawaH Cow. Ry. ft. .
Ilswsll Con. II jr. Coin.
llswallss Uertrle Co ....
Haw. Pineapple1 r. . ..
Hon. B. M. To. . ....
Honolulu Gas Co
Hon. K. T. I.. Co. ....
later Wis ml w. N. Co. . .
Mut. Tel. Co.
Oalia K. It L. Co.. .V...
I'shsne KiiMivr )'. , . , .
elsnia-lMnillnss. I'd. . .
Ham mvr psldi ......
Tsnjoof Ulak Ituliher ..
Bescb Wslk I. n. .v;
Hamakna Wlch Co. as,...
iisw. on. ny. vi
Haw. Irr.' Co.. Us .
Haw. Terr. 4 ref., lwOB. .
riaw. ifr. v. run. imps.
Haw. Ter. pub. Imp. im
Iserles lUiv-1.1)
Raw. Terr'l 3s
lino (tas Co., Ltd., rft...
Iloankaa fine. Co. H , .
Hon. Oas Co. 5s 7....
Kauai Ky. Co., a
Mania Imp. Pint. BU..,
McBryo Bus. Co, 6 ...
Mutual Tel. As .
Iiaha Rv. A L. Co., V.
oaiin ea(. ., ry.
olsa 8ua Co.. ivl .
Poc. Onano r. Co., Oa.
Psc. Hiik. Mill Co.. On ..
ftatt Carlos MOIInc. 0..
1 10
e -
101 VjJ
a e :
re e -
1014 .
i s
4 41
e e
Between Boards' -..'.v'.i
Olss. 55. So. HO. 5.T3I tfettrjrri. IfM. S.3f;
Waknliui. 25. H.:0; a,ws, lit, 1U.U0; Pioneer,
, 34.25, . -
Board Balaa . '
4Naa. Trfl. ill .. .. ( , .,..
NOTICR ' ' '',' ''.
Ouoinea Huinir Cu,. wUl pa an extra
dhrtUend of UUc a si are uu Noveuiber
ll17. . - '
ngai Qnotationa ,
Hot. 14, mi.
an aaalysU nwU use advtosa)
Parity ,.
fM CosiL (foe- nsrwaiht mran4 .... oa
-:. Robber Quotations
..,'.. SLIM
N.w York
' ' Houoluln, October S3. 1017.
took . ; L . .
j ! I I F
OIL ... . -,';:';
Hon. Con. OU . 4,10 4.25 4.10
stININO '' - ''','. ;;'.'v"'':'
Koaels 'Copper': .... .T5 B.00 .a7VL
Mineral Products ., . AM .07 .OH
Moaatala Klus . ... . .U .15.
Moutaua Binitbam.. .. '.:i ,4l .40
Madaro. aUalua v ... J. .i,t JU JU
Madera (iold, auvo. Sir; Mineral rrodavta,
810, 9.00. . . , ,
lAsasslaliS rraas By V. t Bavsl Vaasia--,
aisstua Srvios) , .'-v-
KKW YOKH,v Oetolier' 22-rollwln
are tbe openlua aad Hoalaf' quotations of
slocks la the New Yerk market yosurdaji
Amerti sn. HiiKOjr l(f. . .
Aiaei-ri-aa Meet .1, .......
AwaM-lalvd Oil ; -, ,'.. , ,
Alaska Ui4d .
Aairtii-sn Locomotive .
Anierlcau Tel. A Tel. .
Asicrk-au Hmalter .
Auirl:au Bteel Kdrjr
Aaai-oada Cupper ...
Ati-klmn Uallwsr . ...
Balitwia Ixx-niniitlve .
Hallluuirwi Olilo . ...
lletlileheiu Hteel B",
Canrorula PetroUmm ..
Outm I leather , . ...
Caowdlaa Paeine ....
C. M. Ht. Paul .
Colo. Kuel A Iron . ...
Crucible KiwM -. .
f'ul.a Kuunr Can , ..
Kr4e eiitiiiHa .
Iteneral Klsi-irle
limulliuf rouimou , ....
iciieiaT Motors Mien ,
(irest Northern pfd. .
InlcniMlluunl Paiwr .
liuliiKlrinl Aleobiii . '..
kCi'unorotl Coijr . . ..i
!.eltlxh Valley Uallnuail
New York Central , ,,'
PeiiiiMjilraiila .
lluy Ci.iuM.lldnlvd . ...
Uejmlille Iron oiiuioa
HonHicm Psi'lSe . . , .'.
Klaileliuker' h,
Texas uu .
I'nltvd Mtatva Ilublier .
I'nlun Psi-lrti- V
fulled HUtr Hteel . .
I tall . .
WesUrrn t'uiua i,
Opos I Cloa-
io I lac
w .
4U Vi
isi -'
DM '4
147 Vh
, i
Bid. tEvIHTldend
tCanuoted. .
MAN VRA.VCTS(M. (V-tobor 23 M
Inwlng are the oiwnlna aad eloalnf guu
tstlon" of sugar aad other stinks Ia th
Kan Krauclsvo market jrsatenlay :
lluw'u Cum'l Hiurar ,
llawsiliiii Hiinar Co. .
HutcliiiiiMia Huitar Co.
Oahu Hiwar Co. J ....
olsa HuKor Co. . ...
Oiinaie Siioar Co. .
Paaulian Kuaar Co. .
Iruaela Copper . ....
Ilouululii Piantatloa ,
Honolulu dU .
Ones- Cloe
ins Ins
4-t 4 t
84 W
I...... t.....
WV, 2H
Mvt W
in u
4.10 4.10
Bid, tE Mridend, liauoUd. -.,

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