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r . v., . . . .. i , r . j . . ' . .
Proposals'. Contemplate ,Return
' To Status That Existed Before
Outbreak W 'WarkSo.Tar As
. Territory Is. Concerned
Self Government For Ireland
Provided ' Along Lines ' Like
Those Enjoyed By Dominion of
Canada and Australia
STOCKHOLM, October 20
(Associated l?ress) The or
ganization committee of the in
ternational Socialist, conference,
whiqh was, to have opened here
some weeks ago, but which wa9
postponed because the failure
of expected delegates from
France, Great Britain and the
United States to secure! passports
from their governments allowing
them to . attend, issued ' a state
. ment yesterday outlining the
. terms upon which it is believed
the war may be brought to an
, end,' - -J'
The terms are based upon the
assumption of the committee that
.neither the Entente tiQtl the Cen
tral Towers will be able to secure
a military victory during the re
. mainder of the present year nqr
' during next year and,, the, year
1919 will open with the contend
' ing, parties in the same relative
: positions as at present ' ,
Toavbfil the suffering" which
another fourteen months f war
' will bring to all engaged and to
nthe entire neutral world, the So
cialist plan for peace is advanced
for the consideration of the war
ring governments and the World
T The suggestions .will be, con.sid
. ered at the international confer
ence, when it convenes. ( V' V
.I'' Tle recstablishment pi peace t
; based on the evacuation, by each
of the belligerents of the' enemy
Icj-ntory; occupied in Europe and
v'the restoration to Germany of the
colonies from which she has been
dispossessed by the armed forces
of the Allies.
The devastated regiqns of F.u
roje are to" be restored with
funds secured through an interna
tional indemnity fund, .to which
-each government shall contribute'
6n a basis to be arranged. '
There shall be complete- econ
omic reestablishment of Belgium.
, with the Prov ince of Flanders
given cultural autonomy" :
; ' Ireland must be given an inde
",, pendent government,, but tdrre-
main within the British' domin
ions, with a self-governing status
such as is now possessed by Can
' ada, Australia and N'ew Zealand.
On' such a basis it is believed
that an early peace may be se
cured, for the world and the1 buf
ferings entailed In a continuation
of the war may be avoided... J
Mini tvr. f
Mayor Fern Makes Arrangements
For Foot Traveitrt
1 eyor Jomih J. Feta stssdsy
made arrangements whereby pedestri
an'' t affin may along -tho -Fall
, -twice daily, v. ' 1 ;-
"rifnn Binl eve tie Fall from
Honolulu will be passed by the military
poard at nioH o'clock in the Born Log
F'il two'oVloek la the afternoonsad
.-.Mlitir over the Pali to- Honolulu at
f'-vin oVIoi-k ia the niernlng aad
f o;-r Vlock in the afternoon. These
nv theshifU when the sth change.
Mayor Peru has, taken tils step la,
r' o olAiute th confusion result-,
i fjow the cloning ct the Pali road
to t a Hie while the National (lurd la
i uuruiug (lie jsuuanu - wauraucu,
Resolution Asking That Farmers
Be Exempted Ff om Selective
' Draft Brings Sour Reply From
Food Control Commission .
VasHINOTON, Octter 2V-(Aaao-
e In ted Preen) A alinrin) rebuke t the
on" inb era of - the , C alifornia - Fruit K
change had beca admlniatered by J.
HuHWaa member of the food adminla
tration board, in hia reply to a reaota-
tion reeently pimrl' "by th6 etrhana;
which placed U in the forefront of the
op)vmi r apfil-rnj the tefmi of th
HolecUve.pf.aft Act to fannpra-,'
ffwld Exempt Tanaara .- , . ,
VThe1 rctolntloa, a eopy of which had
Wei forwarded' to the food alminiftra
Hon boned, prepoeed that a nationa.
movereeet- be erarted" aairtnjr agrteid
tnraliat to convince the Preeident of
the aoeoaityv ef eemptla(( farmera
from eervice in the Kntionpl Army. II
argued that the production of food atuf)
rnwut be carried en, that alrendy there
ia a Kcarctty of agricultural labor and
that farmera of draft affe are of more
aae to th nation whea enffimcd ia their
mlioary occupation than they would be
if. placed in training ia the National
Army and tranafecrod abroad aa aol
diera. r: ' '
MoeUy Attain Employed ' . .
AdmfnlitratoT Hullttan, in hia' reply
iaaued'yeaterdar, ftmt made pointed
reference to the fact that the members
ef the -California Fruit Exchange em
ployed mainly alien ill their orchards
and paekiajr planta and were not la a
peeitioa to apeak for the average agri
ettKuralixt, whoM Vmployea are Ameri
caa eitSaewa.- ' ,- . ---' :' '. '
"The produce-land W by y""
ganiaation," he eoatiaiied, "ia aet r
essential war food, and the mainten
ance of your production at ita full
height la not aeeeaaary a a war mean
are I ' " , '
"It would be Interesting to know the
origin of yoor resolution which doe
not demonstrate yosr nndivided support
of the goveraaaent and which propose
to agitato the country in opposition to
the k,oowit desjrea-of the administra
tto. - ' ;- '
"The class ezemptioa prinejple which
yon desire to hare advocated is opose'
to the policies of the eouneil of national
defease'. 7;
W , -i r , ni.a ! ii i i it'i
Mo&ilizatiort ' oi :Thlt Country
' Means Europe WiH Have To
Eschew Future Wart
MILAN,- Italy; 'tttobe l-(Aio
.latcd Press) America ia preparing
M -army of . disnrraament, ileclareii
QugliplukV Kerrero, the noteil. Italian
historian, ia the natemeut pabliabeu
by the Hccolo. .-
"The United Statee," aseertod Sign
e Wrtero, 'la preparing the new Am
rican army to ilefeml its most eacred
atoreata, to prevent Kvrope from fall
g nmler a hegemony which", woulil
menace the liberty ef the world;1 and in
rder to have at .the peace conference
bo aneeaiuiry authority to .summon the
rrcat states of Europe to lay down
their arum.
k- 'HJeneral (lisarmament after thin war
will lie a nercNtity if the states of
Kurapo do not wish to rush into bar
Harisra aii.l anari-hy. ' Auterica will
rapidly, c mile h vnt army becauaa ab
-oulil' not, without very grave danger
O horxelf ami to the equilibrium of the
-holo worhl, neglect to make a cownte
,oie in the new routinent to the: tuon
ctrou ilrvrlopmeut of ariiiamenta lu
h old, '
Ajaericani Mak Saxriftcea
- The United Htatea wa never Oom
Uited Titber by iiiilitarimu or imperial
ism; it ban, indeed, been governed for
Ore years by that one of the two. Am
erican parties nhicb ia the more averse
from imoerialixm and militarism..- To
submit to ronseription and to be aent
t flirkt in Kufope is for the Amertaani
auich greater "sacrifice than that of
any other of the peoples of tlie fe,oteot
had to make for the defease ' of it
froatiers and its very eaiatenee,". ,. i
- Aswrtiiin that the quest iou, what it
America doing iu the war. ia put many
times a day to those who presume to
know, bignor Terrero stated: , .',
Must Orea-.e Array '
cVMaay people and Itmong then err.
aojua oieiubers at the mission sent b
the .Italian government' to. the United
AtAlea re of opinion that the United
Statea would give more help to the
Allies by neuiliug fooU, arms and uione)
rather than soldiera. IV ia aaid tha
the transport at a large army fron
Aniei-i- to Kuroie would require to
great a' u umber of ships: and woul
therefore, complicate still, further the
proriatumug - of the Allies ia Kuropt
who are more in ueeil of food and othe
necessary things, than of men," '
'hose' who argue- on these liuea ahow
tUat- thty luive tuft -undrrnteod- tin
wry profouuit teasoaf for America 'a
Uiterveutiou. America will help th
AUioa aitb uioucy, - food and metals
but a lo, uuii very . largnly, with nen.
(MH-auae she ueeiU tylay to create' a
it 'f.V'. ' ,..;(Li '; i
' '''BAN KKANf'lM'O n-inlmr 19-.f As
sociated Pressl Tha Ttar t'ttv will be
minus the services of 2000 "hello"
'girls by midnight tonight. If a dispute
between the operators' union and the
'Company fails to be bridged. ' A dee
patch from Washington advises the dis
unite be settled temporarily, and the
federal authorities promise ia sand a
delegate to have a conference with the
iropreaentativta of the union and tha
colli Dan v iu an endeavor to , roach . a
'' ' 0 ' ' t 1 ' li 1 BT
Election Date Is Set For Novem-
ber Twentieth Faillnn Pas.
sage qf Ordinance
1 1
LOS ANOKLKS, October 20 (Asso
elated Press) Upom the petitiona filol
by the Anti Saloon League the ioople
of the city and. county of Ios Angeles
will determine one moulh from today
whether the an loon rhnll go from this
county or whether It shall be permitted
to remain., y ,.. ', . , - :
, After weeks of nlinciiseion of the
)ueitlon whether tkm .-A'Kr','" ,',ou'''
ba atriagenUy , regulatod . utider a new
mlinaate or whether -the )eodc should
vote' on the aliolltioa Of the saloon, the
Jie wan yesterda'y east, for- the latter
-ounte in the announeement Hint an
alertioa will tin held on November Sti
and hooted campaign for the next
,hirty daa will be the resiilt-
W"bon theAati-Halonn League peti
titfna that had Iteen aedulously circu
lated for several weeks la advance
were ready for presentation it was
proposed to avoid the necessity of an
alec lion by the paaaage of a eity ordin.
anee If asmiranse were given that nd
refereadnja would b asked by the
wet element. This assurance was not to
oe had and President Conwetl of the
lumaos ooaacil prepared a ewbsHtdto
ordinance, hie proposed a eompromiae
ordinance, which wonld become effec
tive -three months after the date aet
for the operation pf the ordinance pro
posed by the league."1 In this way be
said the saloon would be continued un
til tha end of the fiscal year, July 1
next and the city and county would re
ceive a revenue $100,000 greater than
anaer tne Anu-Haloou league, plana.
The council had been given until Oe
tober 7 at noon to act and if no satisfau
tory ordinance were Introduced by tha'.
time the league proposed to file its pe
tition. , On the aizth the council met
and turnert down the Copwell plan tak
ing the 'stand that H there tonld be
no assurance that a referendum election
would toot be called there might as well
be held an initiative election and leave
the Saloon, question to the people.- If
the council wfeea. sure there would not
be the expense of aa election it was
ready to'pess the ordinance. Otherwise
ajt Would make So move. '
Nett day the petitions were filed and
the machinery has since progressed to
the setting of the date for the election.
Vessels' In Course of Construe-
- trqn To Go,To Ally; '.
WAHHIXGTON, October 20 (Asso
-iatcd lres) To help out the depleted
French merehant marine and aid in the
carrying of supplies and provisions to
mr Ames or mac nation, tne govern
ment yesterday decided to corns to the
rescue and the shipping board ordered
that twenty of the new steel craft that
are now nearing completion in Eastern
-hipyanls hall be turned over . to
France as' soon ss they can be rushed
to the final stages.
Much as the I nited States wilt need
all available shipping for the trans
portation or rations and munitions to
he great contingent which it will have
in France' within the next few months
the greater need of flie French was
recognized and the action of the ship
ping board was the . answer that wai
generously given to French request
fot eajly aseintanre. 'f i ;, t j
HAN FBA NC1HCX), California.,' Octo
ber Il ( Associated Press) Vivian
Armxtroiig Krirk'on Bell has filed A
ult here for divorce from Eustace
lc II, alleging extreme cruelty and the
undue attentions to a Honolulu wo-
vnii. The couple hjave 'bees) married
nrteen mouths. Acquisition of wealth
fvem uil Innds left -by tha late Thomas
Pel) ia thought to be rosponsibfb fos
the marital differences. - Mrs, Bel) a,sks
Husiojiy iu tha sua. of a month
CHICAtK), Illiaols, October' 1
'Associated lrcss) The- prosecution
n Hie cose of Ousts Jacobseo, on
trial for complicity iq the German plot
to foment a revolution lu India against
rer.t Britain, rested ita esse today.
Motion of the defense for dismissal
was overruled by Judge Laud is.' The
lef.iiKe presented no witnesses. The
tase is expected to go to the jury Mon
lay. ... - .
L J .
l'AHia, October 19 (Associated
Prcwo Hy vote of 369 to 95 the cham
ber of deputies today decided to sup
port the government In its general war
Itoiiry. Minister Is notion declared par
ttclpHtion by the I'nited Htatea In the
Allii'H1 war conference was of vital
intercut and importance. . ,
. ... ..',',. '
HATO. KOUOE, Louisiana, 0 toler
19 (Assola)ed Prcs) Helaire ? Oar
rierc today was liHugeil for the murder
lust July of Bherlff Swords. ( c
' ( ' I t I . . t, I I V
flLGAitiAtis vvant'
--r ,T . r-Tt -
Balkan Nation Believed To Be
Convinced Germany Will Be
Ready To Sacrifice Interest of
Allies When Time Arrives M
COPENHAGEN, October 20 'Asso
ciated Press) AgenU of the Bulgarian
government have reached. hers and ef
forts are . being made to open up o(D
Rial connections . with agents , of - the
Entente for a discussion of possible
terms of separate peace for Bulgaria
and for subsequent friendly relations
between the ' Bulgara snd the races
with which they arc now engaged la
war. ' -; '
It has bee a learasd that . Bulgaria
has become., convinced thst Germany
ill sacrifice Bulgarian intcreatea to se
cure 'German . advantages ifhen ths
time comes for a general peace conference,-t
which Urns the spokesmen
for Oermany will more or less dictate
the terms fot the - Central . Powers;
Fearing this, Bulgaria is about ready
to make such terms for herself in
separate peace as see obtainable.
Bulgaria desires to maintain, her In
dependent political status at the Con
clusion of the. war and to resume her
cordial relations with the nations of
the Entente,, At Sofia it ia suspected
that the plana, of Germany include the
formation of an economic league, in
which .Bulgaria will be forced to
merge her interests and become an un
willing partner In the further carrying
PUt of Pan-GcrmaA schemes.
....... -
Some Merchants Raise Price To
; Fifteen Cents a Pound
: NEW 'VORK,' October 20 (Aasociat
nd Press) One lump of sugar to. a
'uesft waa the limit that soma of the
restaurants ef . this eity attempted to
let yesterday' ia orler to conserve the
limited sugar supply as the grip of the
iuirar faminetightened further, .
The stock On hand- of sugar is fast
Iwindling and some retailers wars yes
erday demanding fifteen cents a pound
'or granulated sugar and selling only
Invited quantities tn any single order.
No relief is ip sight until supplies can
be brought from the west for beet sugar
making starred only',' recently in - the
uorlhwest.atyil the Louisiana crop ran
pt le expected in qiutotit.ies -for
iome time. .Cuba's balance of raw
ugnr Is aiuall, conxiderebly less than
.'0,0(10 tons, it is suliruated, and Cuban
growers are demauding a cent a pound
ibove what; the eastern refineries are
n KHitioB to, offer under the eugar con
trol acheduW'.' Iq the Went, however,
there is cans augar and beet sugar if
it could be brought through to the At
'antic seuboard speedily,
Boston despatches attribute the short
age in part,, to the Urge increase in
-onsuinption . of randy, in the nones
around the military posts and train
'ng-rampa, (hia being used as a substl
. Ute or in place of tbs uitosirants which
nrge numbers of the population 1 o?
.tone, avnea would ordinarily use. .
COPENHAGEN, Ooetober J (Asso
iatcd 1'ress) According to a despatch
oreivel he.ro' from' Lemburg, Germany
s ngain iutorfering With the libertj
of the Pules sind has notified tho coun
il that its sole candidate for premier,
Tamowxki, is persona, jo grata to Ger
many uml will not be allowed to hold
ftice. , ', .
Zr.KIOH, October " IB (Associated
Press i-The political ' writer of the
Veusto Nachrichten. of Munjcn sees in
the recent journey of Kaiser Wilhelm
nd von Kuvhlman to Constantrnople
tnd Hofia the preliminary steps to s
fw peace overture from th Central
Powera. ' , v
WAHHINGTON. Oe'tober-! ( Asso,
minted Press) Hwitjerlaud advices
enching her today say that the people
f Strosburg, llets and other Alsace
Lorraine towns havf participated ia a
general outburst against German dom
ination and particularly have es pressed
eacntment againat the new German
war loan, v
AYOIDKD. - . ,
Diphtheria is usually rttatractsd
vlicii the child has a cold. The cold
irepnms. the child V system for' the
-ecci'tion aud devclopnienl - of the
llplitheria Kerms. . When .there are
soon of dihtheria ia the neighborhood
children that have rolda " should ' be
kept Ht home aud off -the street until
recovered. Give them ,-Chamberlaia 's
Cough Remedy aud they will not have
to remain at home long. It also cleans
out the culture ImmIs, which form in a
child's tin out when it hns a eolil and
iiiiuiiiiiuN the rlk of contracting in
fe'ti(ius discanes. For sale ' bv all
dvalers. licnson, Huilth A Co. Lt.L Agts.
for lluwuli. Advertisemuut ,
' - mi n ill hrnnnTn
r . ift- ' III! II IF! III llllllll
ENEMIES' PROPERTY! s r ro r?f F n"
Prominent pcrjnsylyanian Select-
' ed By. Treasury Department iy
For Important Office
,VASHlNGTON, October 0( Asso
ciated Press) . Aleaaader Mitehell
Palmer was yeatenlsy named ,by the
Secretsry of the treasury ss custodian
of enemy property under the Trading
with the Enemy I-anu , His jurisdic
tion, is the L'sitcd states,; Its' tefri
tor res and possessions and he will name
Sura, deputies as roay be necessary. ;:
Under the Trading with ths Knemy
Law property of a lie a enemies located
in the United Mtates is to be taken
over by ths Ucasnry department
through the custodian which it name
and held and row trolled for such alien
enemy- during the period of the war. It
is to be credited to such enemy as hre
to be ths profits end Income which may
arise from it. After the war the
properW and all of .the Increments to
It will b turned over to the alien own
er. The position to which Mr. Palmer
has been appointed ia One df ths most
important administrative offices Which
the law Creates. - -v , iv .
Aleaander Mitchell Parmer Is a Ones
er and resides at Wroudsburg, Penn
sylvania, where he Is a director In sev
eral imports nt eompaaies and: prae
tises law. -He was a member of the
sltty-lrst and sisty third ' songresaea.
was appointed Judge of the United
Htatea eoort of claims "In April, 1915,
resigned to Hep tern bet of ths same yei
and was a member of the executive
committee of tha Democratic national
committee during ths campaign 'of
Few Infantry Engagements Oc
. cur On Friday Petrograd ,
U Growing Alarmed.
NEW TOHK, October -S0-r(Asso-eiated
Press) With the esception of
Id the, Alsns sector ; artillery engage
menta are. tbs only ones reported from
the Western frost and from ths Aus
trian Italian, froat, Suck ssgagements.
while pf vital importance in the final
results achieved, are such that few de
tails es a be given and, ar basent of the
incidents which fill infantry encoun
ters. 'There .wcr ' ecversl air) raids
made or undertaken,' however, by both
the Allies and the Huns. - . " ' '
In tbe Aisne sector the. Frcncl
launched aa infantry attack for which
the way had been paved by several
.lays of artillery fire. - The drum ' fire
grew into a barrage behind which thi
ioilus. fusbed tn-lo the advanced Ger
man lines and took atom than a bun
I red prisoneis and some machine guns.
These positions they held but they dio
not eut deeply into the Teuton trenches
About the same time s the Teuton
countered oa the right ' bank ; of the
Meuao but their effort failed a ad tbev
Here forced back into their old poai
lions..- ... ', - - r. ' '.'-'.
iiuus EsJd Ungland
Kesumption of -air ruids on England
by the Hun air. fleets Was. reported
i rum Loudon" at. aa' early hour this
morning. His. or- asveit planes succeed
ed in penetfating the defenses ano
lew over the eastern and uortheiatsrn
;ountie, dropping bombs aa they, went,
and showering some op London which
I'm rcHi lied shortly after midnight. No
details of damage or casualties wert
given... ;' . - v
Twenty bomba were dropped on Dun
kirk by German 'airmen but no casuul
ties' were reported. Armored moto,
cara bearing anti aircraft guns repliei.
to ths attack aud succeeded in damsg
ing aevciiU planes, eventually driving
vhs raiders off.
Hun air raiders also attempted an
itUck on Yermelles, but quick work by
VUied aviators drove ths airmsa ofl
icfore their purpose sould be aeeom
plished. . - j ...
Ths Germans on Wednesday succeed
ed lit landing, troops on Dago, Island,
to the north,eat of Ocael. .
In Wednesday's naval battls in the
Gulf of Biga two German trawlers were
sunk aud one German dreadnought
was . hit. Ten of the newest Kaiser
and ICoenig types of battleships and
bnttle cruisers participated. .
May Mora Capital - . t ,''i
Wlilh the aueeesa. of the Germans in
thf Oulf of . Riga, and tbs forcing of
the uefenses of Moos sou ad, the Bus
sian government 1egaB. taking alarm
and it was naounced that as a pre
cautionary measure the aeat of gev
erament will ia the near future be re
moved to Moscow-'. u.i . . . .
Closs- to. Petrograd ' t
Preparationa for the evacuation of
Kevel, a fortified seaport end tmjiortant
town of Lstboaia bordering on ths
Gulf of Finland,, are under way. .-Tbs
schools havsr besa closed, and tbs in
habitants are being seat to tbs inter
ior in anticipation, of it bombardment
by the German naval forces.
If Kevel should be csptursd by ths
Germans it would place the capital eity
ia danger, as Petrograd is leas than
100 miles distant, with- s dirsst li,ns of
railway between the to cities.
The government tsports, that two
Uermaa Wrpo boat have bona sank
In ths mips fields protecting Moos
Sound. '. !.,., . f .-'. ;
It waa announced that ths .former
Cisr and his family hava been plsoed
on rations and are, now using food
cards at his prison e'astls in Tobolsk.
AMHTEHDAVf, October lw(Assr
eintod P ess) I'rlneess llcuriutte Wis
slM-th of Hchtesnig Holstein, aunt of
the Km press' tif Gormany, dlod at Kiel,
Gcrmuuy today.
y '$'; ll t ? i-IM ' J
' i ' '
- rt ; - ,
Pacific Mailer Plav Cam Freinhi
. vj , - .7 - 7
-v f " I '
ana rassengerz 10 nonoiuiu
- - - aO s-t '' sT r m inn . Ts s"s- '':
vii vv'-y iiii
WASHINGTON, October, 20 (Awoblatetf PressTh,: iir.t ad
vantage under the recent aet permitting' the 'suspension of
ihe Coastwise Law . in the judgement 'of the shippind board has
been granted to the Paoifio Mail
San Francisco for the Orient ; , ; .
'. Under authority of the shipping board, this vessel" will be al
lowed to carry both passengers
ng inp., , . f., v a. - . -; .- .
, The Ecuador, although belonging to an American comoration,
under American register and flying tha American flag, has not
teretoiore peen permittea ta engage in coastwise traffic. . She
received her American, registry under the terms of the, Panama
Canal Act, having been purchased by the Pacific Mail, from Dutch
owners, that act permitting the registering of foreign-built bottoms
for. foreign trade only, : ; , '.S'"--. ; . - , '
.The Pacific Mail owns two other foreign-built vessels,' the
enezuela and the Colombia. - Whether permission1 tor these to
engage in the Honolulu trade has teen applied for or not is not
announced. ' v-; -
" ' The granting of this permission to the Ecuador alone is ah
ndication of the policy to be followed by the shipping board under
he powers conferred upon it by the Alexander Act. It is npt to
le the policy to issue blanket' permits, apparently, and application
'or the coastwise privilege will have to be made for individual ships
jr designated. yoyages. , ' ;
r 4 The terms of the act specify that preferences are to be given
o vessels owned by Americans-over foreign registered and for
eign cwned. ships, and it is apparent that a further preference Is
'0 be given to American owned and American registered ships
iver those flying a foreign flag, whatever the ownership. V
t f .
Quantities of Surgical Instru
ments and Dressings Lost
A E W - YOR K October 20 (Associj
ated PressIu the loss of the British
iteamer ' Weatworth, last month, . tho.
American Bed Cross suffered a heavy
blow. , This ship, which waa subn.a-
Jwrnir- SSlsS- Zlon by order of the cotton control
prepared in tne t'ntted Btatea oy eu uoru.
(,'ross workers. Thesej to the number j 0erstois thrown out of em ploy
of two hsudred and fifty million pieces, ment will be compensated from a fund
went down with the ship. ' Iwbirfi is. being raised by levies from
rue loss or tnis L'real supply nas re-
Hultcd in a shortage in the various mil-
itary- hoxpitals and the efforts .of the
Red Cross now are being aevoten to
makinir uu for this lows as well aa se
curing another advance supply of dress
PARIH, Ot toberv . 20r-(Asociated
Press) Houors are paid to four Ainer
cans in the iHteiit orders of tho 'day
iamied yest erday, thoxo eited for con-
tplouous bravery 'In action being mom-
rs of the l-afayette Ciiquiiilrilie wno
have taken part iu recent raids iuto
(lerman territory aud air lighting over
the German lines. -' -..
The Ainericau airniea cited .are Dud
ley Hill, of Peekskilt, New Vorkj Ed
win Parsons, of Springfield, Massachu
setts; Kenneth Marr, of 8n Francisco,
and Baoul Lufbery, of Wallingford,
Connecticut. ' -.' ''''
- A asothsr who
suiters with kid.
ney trouble f nds
it bard to keep tfp
hsr ' daily" work.
"Tjimeness, " .back
ache, sharp' pains
wbli stooping
aad sick,' 1 blue.'1
aervoul .' or . disxy
spells make horns
Ufa -dreary. Ac
tive kidneys bring
baek vigor, lehlth
Sod a pleasure Id
family duties.
Thrsands of wo-.
t b a t
mon say
poan 'a Bnekache
a box.
l ilia have meaut new life to
If the kidneys are weak, try
- "Whea Tour Back is Lame Remem
ber ths Nnns.' Don't simply ak for
a -kidney ' remedy ash distinctly 'for
Dean's Backache Kidney Pills nt
take no other. Doan's Baokaehs Kid'
nee PUls ar sold by all drugirists'ttad
store-keepers nt 60e alios, (six boxes
42.00) or will be nmiled on reeoliit of
prlc by the Holiisler Drug On,,' ui
Benson, Smith ft Oo aien '''" iut
Hawaiiun Is.'suds.--Advertisumsur.' ,
f v , , i ,v i ii v . i
I kti
T, . ' 1 r f (M
" . . i ''-'
liner Ecuador, soon to sail from
and freight to Honolulu on her com-
Cotton Control Board Shuts
Down Production But Opera
tives Are Compensated
MANCHEHTEB, England; October
lit (Assoeiated Press) Nearly forty
percent of spindles and looms in the
, anCMhirs cotton trade have ceased
those rtrms which decide to rnn aoin-
j tional machinery by permission from
the control board. It is expected that
$250,000 weekly will be paid in this
Owners oi mills engaged on Egyp
tian cotton have decided to run ns
muoh machinery as possible and pay
the necessary levies. In the American
auction no mill is allowed-to run more
than seventy percent of the machinery
nnd it is understood that comparative
ly few firms will work more than anty
percent the exception being those mills
enjruged yarns for cloths suitable
for war purposes.
.. , .., ,
i f- ,
AVAHII jOTON, October ,?() Associ
ated PresVP-tH'M'H'ed '. only '- n few
months ago, called a "dobie" dollar or
ti yfi'dsjeA, tle-'iMexicau 1'cho is now
in leiiiai)'i oWiag o the. rapid rise in
the price" of -silver. .
' Yesterday tlis I'uitixl States treasury
completed a large purchase of Mexican
sMvi" cilnrt)r, -8ix million pesos were
seoured, . ths United , States paying
eighty-fight Und a half rents an ouuesi
These will be melted down ami re
coined' into United States coinage in
the miuts. ."' ' t ,. , , -,'. .
vUJWHA,,: Illinois, October, la (As.
SociaLsd Presa)i Grocery stores iu Ken
dnH eon nty were 'the victims last ulglit
of Hungry burglar, who drove op to
the shops tit Ma auto truck aud loaded
up on th necessaries of life, but left
the ,JeiiU "bos intact.
No arrests have been made, the ban
dits making a Clean getaway..
AN ATIiANTlO PORT, October 10
'(Associated Press) A French liner
todiiy brmiL'ht the crews of three Amer-
tcan ships sunk by submarines. . They
were ths bark PoullnA and the schoon.
or' CYocket' and' llcnry. Lippltt.
FJ iA k n -
umm IE
teriuuueut uasis oi agreemeui,
i ' V,' :

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