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7Ano;iJSUSED BY -ftptt'lliUL
Darlno thieves Operate onr Large
; : .Scale, In; Residence . DIs- :, ,
.. tricts of the City . '
Chairs. Table and Other Furnf-
lure stolen From Lanais and .
JXRjdntt; fit? arme;,;
tflh'thiveri o"ft large amlo and
covering ma it of th residence di-
trietv including Manna, Weiklkt, Kal-
tentloo ott tb detective f nrco; of the
notice rinpartmew,, on of lb mysteries
beiag th of- natron by me f
the thievea to haul- away thlr, loot
VWlthi k part two, week the police
depart meat ha waived ft large aoov
ber 'of complaints, prsal . ad by
some erin latter coming is ai
early .hour , of the morning, la "onie
tht attempts. were mad te
break lata hone, and in otbera that
loss had aetaaJJy occurred. ,J few
rnqtaneee. hav. tbrbeo. aay real
neeeful burglaries. "-'.-, . -" ,
F erambnlaUng Oubi . , up' i V a'v
Th entry of, ft wagon into the bur
Klary.bualli eaaeed considerable; eon
eternatioa and developed ft mystery
which the poho,ar ia yet unable te
solve. The thie-re operating with thia
perambulating - each1 have -ehoua
houses which. ha mere or )ea expo
d -vernda which ftrt'th usual
pieeee of lanai . fern-tun., .including
chairs, table, tabaret aaoTthe odd
and endh wbiok make these lesals
homelike, (lit a camber of iastsncef
th wagon haa bca need to haul away
noaira caad table, aad it, haa bee
quietly done wttboot arousing inmate,
of honear.esca in oat Inataaee. , )
t A Kiaao Street beuaeholdev heard
oiae m hia.laaai and aroae to iftveatl
at. He .reaebed tke Unai jmt im time
to. are a ehair prl Into the waffoa
U.Iini t the street curb, which- wa,
hurriedly driven ftwayc Beforft he eonld
eewrtain bia eraet kat Or phone to th
polia atatioft the- thive 4 tfteia loot
had dliiappeared down Peniacola Httetit.
Lika Asa CftJ.-. i .,., .y ...j j
Thia new burglary, wethud ao mew bat
rWala the career, of Aa, a Japanese;
ftbout eleven yeara aga when Chief JJet
Puffie iaa a mft)br o,ihe Brawpe
llee' TeBlme. Ulmieea . were ' opened ia
daytime in; Ah'i -cane and roomi em.
tie at' their furuiahia. Neighboti
mm-m m jnyo one up to ttl eurb ami
wwandUflMrg iP4tff trip, witli
f ! ia ueaa aw awie
board without exciting inquiry. Aftdr
a number of fconaes had beea aiaillarW
burglariaed ' la . broad dayliRhe, Me
lHfli eaptured the burglar, lone J
paneae working entirely by and for
hlmrlf( who bad cleverly atored and
eold hi loot, after week of ueecf av
evaaion. ' ; x ... ,,
i la Alaaea several report have re
cently com In after midnight f prowl
era and ttempt. to. opea . door.. Oa
Friday night, or rather early Saturday
MwnUg about thieh 'look, a frantia
tavaaage waa received at the atatioa to
aeml the mounted patrolman of that
dtetritt to ft plnre en the upper Manoa
Mad, a f.rler had beea bard. The
houaeholilfr supplemented hia meeaage
with a reqneet that. the mounted offi
cer tie up hie horse far down the road
and come up on foot, aa the new street
er-hoed the slightest foot beat, of a
horse- and would serve aa ft warning.
Two motorcycle Hcera were sent up
into tbe district bnt the intruder waa
not f ootid. . . ' ,
An. bear previously another house
holder had beea awakened by some one
trying to pry opea a screen door lead
ing o a bedroom. The awHehlag oa f
the Ifghta aaused, the prowler to dart in
amorig the lotf pokes, brushing- them a 1
he wat out, the noise being heard dii
tinetly. . . ,.
Kaimuki residents are also complain,
Ing of harglariea and attempted bur
glaries. Several instances hav been
. reported f attempt to enher heme in
that district, and in one case a, burglan
uutde a big haul. - No evidence aa to hia
identity haa beea fouad.
Inter-Island Between Two Fires
In Rate Raising Suit . :
The Inter-Islan4 BteaawhlJ Company
ia aaw between; two fire. The fed
eral shipping board approved the new
schedule of tates, and- the . company
cannot legally lower- them. " At the
ame .time, the slipping 'cbntpany haa
been compelled to- reduce- its rate to:
those in. effect ia Jttl6,. owing to the
temporary Injunction' grasted by Cir-.
cult ' Judge - Ashord under tbe suit
brought by the Public Utilities Com
mission. . ...
An official of the company states
that the company Hied it new rate.
whifft went iato -effeet October t, 117
with- tha Vaited tstate aliipping board
and they were approved. The law, ao
cording to tm omelat, prevent the
company from reducing theae rate.
' . Id rcfereuae ta tha ligunatian' whtlp
tetaiarsry, i ;. bwued .from . Judge 'Ash
ford 's court, J he rate prevailing over
a year ago are" a (rain eirectlye. The
company has. requested that She ease
be . transferred . to tbe Vaitod Btate
court, and argument on this motion will
be heard before Judge Ashford at ten
o'clock tomorrow morning, A- motion
to dissolve tbe injunction aiy iho be
presented. (: , '
The eomoNiiy did- sot previously I n
fom the publift uiilitie oowmianioa tbt
. the fedrrul board bad. approved it
schedule of rates, only announcing this
in court.' ,
.:., s viwa m a s
Actiorf? of f )antnotton Fleasei
I Proponents of Measure To
Reinvest Profits
... 8ANL T RAN CISCO, Oetoher 1 Ion
petus wss given today to th propoa
ent of lh faWhlch would put the-
goveraaaetii back of tha Aaaerieaa mf
ebant marine by causing all - jxces
urobts made by shipping cancers dat
ing th war to be need for th aonstrao
tion' or purchase 'of ships for forxign
trade. . 'ihe aaaouncement from. Wash
ington that the government will not
displace any ahru engaged- ia ,Ori-
estar trade, made today, la taken . to
sftean that the first moVemeat f o "P
beilding trad with th. East fa ins-
ed, the administration to offer ft help
ing hand. . Wheel the proposed amend
ment come before congress ia leotm
ber local interests hope th same gov
ernmental power wilt be found adpport
lag the plea for haore American hlpa
for the trad across tU Pacifle. '
. That .ther. Is eryisg aeed for the
firoposed amendment wss argued by a
eading shipping man of San FranctM!o
today, whea he told of the encroach
menu of th Japneae oa commerisial
fields ia Asia. Stating that he had re
eritieism for th aubject of - the Si
kado for their enterpriae aad daring ia
going aft all. f the. boxiaess aer
there, but . that In . fact, he had, tbe
greatest admiration for them, thl pan
Franciscan ' declared that the . United
Ptate must raatr t that- field ; with
stronger, fore and. must do it aow.
After th war, he ald, would aU l
la tim.' . : . . :
t "I have, reports , here. te . aald
; that show that ia a large part of In
dia and. the rubber: district -of -Asia
th Japanese have uch absolute con
trol pf the rubber. buaines that one
firm of. that nation every morniag ia
ue a announcement pf th prie
which ahall obtain for rubber during
'he dar. . ,'. , ;. v.-.. .: ,.
Atrttation U Oenarai -. ' ." '.'.
"The Japanese have gained aueh ft
hold that 1 tha Straits, and. at -ather
important- point over there lsws ,'
being passed to prevent Japanese from
acquiring any mora land for any pnr
pose.. Agitation for thia protection la
cenerau . i ni doe not meaq that the
Tapaaea.' are considered ad undMra
ble, but It mean that tha other
tion. have com to realise that they
lire fighting with, their backs to the
wall for the trade, of the Orient' aud
that such step aa delusion, from land
awnerhlp ' are essential as trade war
measore.' , Kv .. : ; ;
' Concluding, hs said that It was 'not
tha shlppisg , men - bijt ..th American
mauftf aethers who unit get in tbe lead
a this fgbt 6 mor- ships under th
merteaa iflag. . -.
v ".America manufacturers." ha said.
900 . portent abova prt-war normal. Af
ter the war ther-must run them ex
actly in accord with the amount of
foreign trade they hold., Aad tbey wOl
hot hold th trad of th Orieat witht
et American bottom carrying theii
crgoe and TTnitad Statea commander
ei vering . their . goods. "
Stringent ordera foverniag fb aiwve-
meute of sll fishing sampan haw been
issue.! by Capt. tieorg B. Clark, eoin
mamlaut of the Pear) Harbor naval ata
tioa. Tbia order makea it - iaeumhaat
spoa all fishing skipper to- report ail
atovmneat of their vessel to th na
val authorities.
Beginning next Wedneadar. each
auapan leaving Hoaolahi mast atop at
ho aaval dock sod secure a clearance
oard, without which aow wikV b. al
lowed to proceed to aaa. Captaiftft must
iftf orm - the proper . authorities of the
number . aad . natloaualitioa f ,- their
irawa, amcuat of gaftolina, futl oil ar
liatillate aboard, aad ft stttemeut f
all eargo carried. They will hereafter,
report tha deetinatiaaa of thetv vessel
and. tha expected data of tkei- return
and upon such return they must agftia
report to the naval authoritioa,
i k 'III
WASniNOTON, Oetobe't Tb'o'maa
A.. Edieoa haa avalved an "invisible
ahip'i aft ft maaaa of combatting tbe
Mtbmasta mnc,
T it.vUaA H.a .Ur.,,1.. k..j jt,.
elea it wa .aid today that eveft more
.om.rkshu &nii.u.Kn.rin.. k.i- I
hav beeit invented But, Uka tha Edi
aoa dovivea long kept aosrst, th other
measure are being kepi quiet aa far
a possibbx . ; .. i
Navy department' omciala aid. that
Ediaois'e system 1 pratieaU and goes
beyond mer marine eaoxouflage. It
ia ft plan of . k pocked down. auDurstru-
tur, aombiued with th abuinatioa of
&dff Hi
' " ', "! i '"
' ' 5. 'tf -
B I 'ELI VGA M E, 0-tob WFrank
J. Trist; a mariae' engineer employed by
ho AsDOsiu.tioA' OU Cespanv of Son
FcAaciarn, wall knewa suois.Ur on tke
peatuauhv jii, uddely;tody at bis
home here. H has, beea In the best f
health until yesterday, when he wae
taken with a heart attack. Jle leave
a widow and two children. .
I HfiATO id nnnifrii
I II im ia imiiuri.
, .. wiiiw
Food 'Commission
; Hears of Trouble" Between :
Sampan and Bait Owners
,The strik f the aku boat haa been
broken by aome of tbe Pacifle fiahing
ebmpany whose four boat win ge out
mornin; a BTOBI. Thta :
brought ont at a mectiag of the fish
enmmitte yesterday morninir. at whloh
representative of the fishing eompsnie
ana i tpij ot me sku boat were
present. . 1
, .Thft atrik wa a sympathetU on,
ano7 in caasr or it Tie fact that Kida,
the ma a present at the meet), was
unable to get any bait foe fishing. The
dbii asen or nau ia a small flah known
a tiehu. which ran tie nnl.f
close to ahore. With thia oehu th aku
i eaogbt. which in turn supplies the
bait for deep-sea fishing, A continued
tie-up of the aku boat would mean
that ho more deep-sea fish Would be
bronchi lt the Honolulu market. '
' Kida 1 captain , of ono of the ak'n
boat, of which there are seven. He
bs been twice arrested at tb tnatanee
of . Walter Macfarlane for trespassing
on hia ao-called flyhing rights, and has
been , forbidden to enter them at aay
time. , ... -J
The , Hontflnlu finhing company, for
which Kida works, could not supply
him with bait, and he was unable to se
cure' It 'elsewhere. There is none-for
ale in the open market, as each com;
pany has not enough to supply theis
owa raptsins at all times, according tp
their statement yesterday. - '. i
CaUi Strike ' ;t
, Upon finding himself unable to get
bait Kida- celled a strike of all the
ek it, boats. This Is the strike wblck
caused the session of tbe Ash commit,
tee in, the endeavor to find out tb
cause and to aafeguard the pnbli from
any shortage of fish in the markets..;
it waa charged by Charles 'Chilling
wprth k that : Kida , had threatened t
preveat. . Walter . Maefarlnne's aks
boat from operating unless he were
allowed to fish, for bait la Maefsrlane '
fishing rights. Macfarlane also stated
that af one time When he found Kida'l
boat trespassing and boarded it to put
tha captain under arrest one of the
erew attempVd to stab him. i
Richard lv suggested that aa
amicable arrangement could probably
be made between the fishing companies
aft ttf the supplying af bait for their
ftku boats so that none aeed be tied
up at the wharf. He said that it wa
(he duty, of the. fish committee to pro'
teet the public, and. that if it were-net
reesnry for the publie interest to take
legal action to prevent fish senrcity, it
would be dene without hesitation, i
' It 'seemed to be the desire-of . the
fishing companies to settls the cfuestion
In friendly maaaer at quickly as
possible. Their revenues are cut into
deeply when the lack of aku for bait
creates a scarcity of, deep-sea fish iu
he market.. They expressed their bet
lief that with the - breaking of the
strike, which haa already come to pass,
the matter would adjust iUelf at once.
The fact was . brought out at th
meeting that the number of aku boats
ba been kept down by the . fishing
eompaaiea on account ot their fear that
th finhin.7 grounds would he entirely
cleaned of nehu were there ft large!
number of boats in tbe aku trade. Vr.
Ivera stated that as long as this was
tbe ens arrangements ahould be made
between the companies by which the
beat could be supplied with bait so
that they would not ba kept from the
fishing grounds. ., A
When asked what would be done
sbout the uew aku boat aow ia course
of eonsrtaction, the fish committeemen
stated that the new boats were ao en
tirely different proposition, and if they
could not secure bait by arrangements
with th boat already ia the trad it
would not be the p!ue af the commit
tee to insist that they should be up
plied. The fish committee I only io,
te rested .in seeing that - aon of the
boats now engaged in aku fishiag are
laid off for long enough periods to cre
ate a serious shortage at the fishmarket
whereby th publia would- suffer."
, i. ,
Submarines Not Definitely Beat
en Yet, Says Officials
'. -I '.I . s '
WA8BTNGTOA, October ItU-Navy
ofiiciala deprecated today . publication
of report that go too far In either di
rection aa to th progress of the cam
paign agaiust German submarines.
There is. no, reasonable ground, . they
say, for feeling that, .the submarines
have beea definitely beatea because the
announced losses-have decreased re-
eenny, wnue, on tne otner band, there
u uotnin iuttU prnt aituatiou that
warrant serious apprehension on the
part el th AUiee. - -
Thf draia oa Allied - shipping re
source still ie heavy, but with stead
ily Increasing" a amber of. fighting
craft going Into tha conflict against
the U-boats, aad with the accelerated
merchant craft building programs of
Orest Britain and the United States
showing results, American olticials have
eo",,: Uultiamt, victory
oin merchant
1 agaiust thia practice. It effect, it was
.believed, would b merely te iacree
- ot the target., and nder, ttat
tagg'ngmWaparftteriy ' 'over ruusu?i
rourses, acattering them a much aa
possible, with the U boat given the
Jak of ftoding them,
.Veda the convoy pla the TJ boat
commander U ccrtfwo of a fight if he
comes to be aurface, and so dare uot
pursue. convoyed flotilla except when
submerged. Then hit speed 1 too slow
to allow hi in to conducts successful
pursuit. ,
W WI1WI lmt I
People Doing Alt Irt Their Power
:. To, Economize So Their Money
May Help To Win, Says Syd
ney Hoben';
Streets' Are Crowded With Sol
diers But Few ; Automobiles
Are To, Be Ssen, Says Musi-
an'?. 'vl: :-
; "I hav never seen or heard of a
.)untry more patriotic In its desira
to proserut the war until the Allies
hay boear erowaed with a decisive vic
tory thaa ' New , Zealand, and more
gaiety can be aeen In Honolulu In a
half hour than can ba aeen in any part
of New Zealand la three mouths."
Such i tha way Sydney rrancis Hol.en,
famous Australian pianist, who ia a
visitor in the city, speaks of the pa
triot ie spirit displayed by the people
of the southern. British dominion.
Mr. Hobea says that in their deter
mination to carry the war to a success
ful end, the people are doing all in
their power . to eeonomix that their
money may aid in the battles for de
mocracy. He say moat every one is
garbed ia somber dress, aad a touch
of color ia Indeed ft rarity.
Critic Ism rorbidden ,
V The people of New Zealand," he
anya, .. ' ' look upon , conscription as ab
solutely aeeeseary: and anyone criticis
ing it is aubjeat to Imprisonment. Dur
iag tha abort Jintw' I was there several
men srere arrested and charged with
treasonable utterances, .for having ex
pressed their displeasure at th adop
tion of the war measure. ,
"I was particularly impressed with
th aotieaable absence of automobiles
and upon inquiry, learaed that most of
theae later., day , vehicle had . been
stored ia garagea until the close of the
war, the people fully realizing the
shortage which exists in gasoline and
distillate, and objecting to- the higher
prices which Bfx-eaHarily re charged.
What,, few, machines are being used
are all -engaged in business pursuits.
Serious Work -.,-.
"The. atreeta are, crowded with sol
diers, all obviously,' in the service for
a serious work. The boys are no longer
bombastic in , their', enthusiasm, . but
their faces assume )k, graver appearaaae
which i caused hv the realisation that
there is a great , work head- which
must be), completed 'W a abort time. -
' ' Th sight ; of rippled i soldier is
not infrequent and many are returning
to New Zeals ad with every steamer.
However, they are all In jovial mood
and feel that thxdr blood ha not been
wasted ia . their effort to defeat the
foe of humanity. Theae men receive
the best of treatment and, as for-as
oosHible, 'their every . whim is satisfied
by the citisens of t various commun
itis." ' " '. .1 . ..'
Mr. Hobea will be ' remembered - by
levers of music as having given ft se
ries of four recitals while here last
June oa hia way to tha Antipodes. He
la returning to California where he as
pects to rsmsin until April, .when' he
will leave, according to. present plans,
for Ilritish Columbia. ; ,
He said yeater.lay, that it la hbii de
sire to atop here for ft short time on
his return from Canada to Australia,
at which time he may arrange for. a
eeries of 'recitals. . ' r .'
Revised List of National Legisla
tors Coming Contains Thir-,
ty-two Deemed Certain ,
. Seven) raited Htateft venfor and
tweaty-five representetiv make up
tbe last revised list of those wbo have,
without reetiU'tious ot reaervattoa ou
their. part, aece.ted tha invitation to
visit Hawaii nri. Tbia list wa sent to
Delegate Ku hi o by Angu Erbsy biJa
letter sent from Washington under date
of October 7. The liat which he sent
waa composed of Henator Myers, Poia
dexter, Harding, Anhumt, Pittniaa ami
Pernaldj Bepresentntire Copley, Dea
nison. Bland, Carter of Maaaaehnsetts,
Renvis, Callagher of Illinois, Tr adway
White of Ohio, O. W. Fatrehild, Knut
aon; Welty, McClintoek, Gordon, Nich
ola, Mudd," Lundcen, Gray of Jew Tork.
Goodall, Buchanan of Txa, Bowara
Piatt, Rngsdale, Temple, Gard and
WhaJey. .
Tw seuators wh had exteU. take
surely included in tho p'irsouuol if the
party bav nbandoned fie fcle. lle
sftys;, These are Henn'tix- Curthj and
Beehhnm, I'm' former of Kanxa ft"
the latter of Kcntu.fUY,.. VUe list in
eludes, it will be noted, enrf who-'var '
not asm ed in jirevioua li-"t which lie
haa sen I.
for the failure of .aqiie 'it Mild who
expected to make tke trip tt continue
1 .the intention, Erley blame the re
parts of a raider lu South Pacific
waters, and aays that' if there are ter
sanh report hu expects that (till othrr
wUl abiiiulon the trip. He now think
that if forty are included iu th party
whan it finally is made up, it will hi'
ll'vthnt ia t bo expected under the rir
cumsfances. He will send tbe final list
on October 30. ,
When you have a fullness and weight
in the stomach after watinyou may
know that you have, eaten too much,
and should take one. of Chamberlain V
Tablets to aid your disgestlon. For
sale lv sll dealer. Beuspn, Smith t Co
Ltd. Agts. for Hawaii. Advertisement.
4- - . . ...
Honolulu Wholesale ; fiioS-aitiXA9
iMuouxt rr tH
Whohssala Only. MAJUCETtUQ
tocAix coKitnttxA oiJrtroT Btxt At thbsb moEi
Island batter, tb.
.None Hena, lb, ,
. .4.. e.Tlr-Turkeyw, 'lb. . . , . . .'.
- .68 Uueks, ATusc. Ih
M Dneka, Pekin, lb
i . -45 Dueka, Uaw., dosen . .
r JOSH Rice, Haw.' Keed, rwt.
.: IvV .04 Peanut, Ig. lb,
Eggs, aeleet. dot.
Eggs No. 1, do.. ..
gK" Ick, dor.
Young Booster, lb.
';. ' '-.( -'v :
Beana, string, green. . .
lie, atriag, wax
Beana, Limn ia pod . . .
Bean, Wlrtui Bed, rwt.
Beana, Cnlleo, ewt. . . .
Beana,' Knell WJiite . .
Peas, dry Ie wt. . . .
Beets, do, bnache . . .
Csrrot doft. bunches .
Cabbage, ewt.
Cora,, sweety 100 ears
Cera, Haw, am. yel. . .
Corn, Haw, Ig. yel. ...
Rice, Japan seed, ewt. .
10J)0 to 110
12.50 to 19.00
8.00 t 9.09
....... ,.VJIV
.. 3.00 to XX
........ 8.5
701)0 te 3X0
65.00 to e.00
. jse
Bananaa, Chinese, bench
Bananas, cooking, bunch.
Pigs, 100
Grape, Isabella, lb. ...
. .80- to J
.1.00 to 12
........ JM
' 'Catfle and aheep are not bought at hv weight. They are ataaghterod aad
paid for on a dressed weight basis. H6g weighing ap to 150 pounds .17 to .18
;;" ; v ; ' ' - hUiATH , ' ,,
BeeV, lb. ',i 14 to ill Mutoat lb. ', : '. .18 to '.lH
Veal, lb. 14 to Ml Pork, ID. ,.. 28 to .14
: J,"-- HXBEA, WEt aVaXTSQ
Steer, No. 1, lb. .J'.ll
Steer, No. S, lb.' ?. .1
Steer, hair klip
. Th fonovrlag ar quotation, oa 4eef
Corn,' mn.' yet, ton
, av.uo uais, iob ....
. R4.0O to M.04 .Wheat, ton
. 80.00 to t7.09 . Middling, ton ..
. 52.50 to 53.00 Hay wheat, ton .
.. 57.50 to MOO Hay, Alfalfa.
. 83.oo to Mu .. y:
Cora, Ig.- yeh ton ,
Corn, crackid, ton
Bran, ton , ..r.i...
Barley, .ton ,.. .
Scratch food, ton . ,
The price of IsTsnd eggs bss remain'
ed th aame Tor the past thre weeks!
Island poultry Is scarce and the re
tailcrs ar offering good prices'. ''?.
Muscovy . dock are scarcer-' than
they hav been for aome time past and
the.pric ha advanced two cents, . i
The first of. th new crop of Man)
beana waa received last week.. Calico
beana selling f of 411.00, small whitei
for 41-1.00 and red beans for 9.00 'ft
hundred. iTbe Maul fanerttexprnsto;
Bones of Beef Cattle
After Scanty Feeding
" . . . ,V7.,i'.?;,.,,ls ;i,HS'w
-' After- long periods 'of Irotigkf 'sSJsb)
aa haa been experienced jn many ,;oi
tbe Island ranches tbis year, losses "tt
cattle on account ef broken boaea al
ways increase. Tbe breaking of legs
and shoulders of cattle in shipment on
fnter-Island -steamers, or while being
driven on the ranches, ta uadoubtedly
due aa much to - malnutrition 3of . tha,
,ones of the animal aa to bad handling
jr careless driving. . ' i-.
Malnutrition of the 1 skeletsa ad
consequent aoftening 'of th bone is
one of the direct result of drought,-e
the overstocking of pasture. Another
direct result of season' of dronght U
that cows often fall to breed for aev.
era) month after tha paatore improvo.
At the Ohio experiment station, where
many feeding test hav beea made to
And a practical remedy for the een
ilitionx, remits have been absolutely
negative. Even wher 11 ei was added
to cattle rations in the form of ground
Hone, a practise which moat scientist
Selifvpil to be an absolute eur fed
skeletal malnutrition, nothing - came
Of it. -.'.;.
Recovery after starvaHoa ha to be
riiduul, and about all that th most
ip to date scientists caa say Is that cat
tle need an abuadanc or good food,
rest, and plenty of watnr,. to fally re
cover from starvation, or from the
drain of excessive milk production. '
i uo cone ontioom ta nn particuiftriy The recat agitation for the drying
bright, New York quotation .howlng',f vegetable, at time, when they arc
steadily downward tmfeft : The ; plentiful has resulted in m amentia
visible supply in the TJnited State 1 vlug b,en ked In tegftr.1 to the
some 15,000 bag largej-.than 4 year t uhilnaKte utiilatio of th driei prod
ago and stock for whiefc tk.ro In. mo. No m,tt how
ZZXlJrtt!- ' VMi'Utm re t0 b ooked. th.y;.yhod
"oiLSTi'J! 5-.: ul-- tr be soaked for ten or tftelvo hour-
. v."'"" 'M'lin r. considerable
noufru iir firewnsq govvrnmvm eon
tinui to buy-coffee at Ian to o the
basis of eight Cent f. o. b. Santos,
standard, erail No. i ardor to
,; , l,n ..ffu, . , 0A . .
.tabilis prieea, bayingi It doe net eon-1
iiuue . it.r TUa BraaUian; gorauent!
has restricted shipnienU to Bantoa to
1.1,0(10 bags per dav, ftleo-.with the idea
of forcing the planter to, bold their
crops rather thaa .dump theoi on. an
alrea.ty ghjtfed mark ft. vt i ' , L
Kstinuttrs of the mi Cok ftrft large
and th KurniMBB msrlnt Is ahamls.
restricted; Oa September 1 Bin price
advanced but exchange- nirorpod. ft
ouibinatioa which ftoea not ..lend to
improve th situation, eithae spot or
Sei-ulntive. . . " -
Tbe New Tork, market in marking
time, prices declining a little, and then
sdvHii.'ing, but fluctuations kuepiug
within very narrow bounds , '
, ..n'.v.-.-
With the arrival of the next ship
me .it 8 of flour from the mnlnlaod local
growers expert to see a lowering in
the .rice. Thi will eoaie, they any
from the fixing of price by the gov
ernment at 0 10.00 barrel. Thia la
e.i-cted to briug )out a reduotioa to
the consumer of about ten rente a
ssck, making th cost 02.90 against $.1
now. The new price of 010.50 la cot
to wholesaler at factory, ' ( r
October 19, 1917
M to .8f
..10 to .SI
.:to to jis
.... 740
.12 to .IS
s 3
1.10 to ).2r
1.75 to tOO
....... .15
.04 to .06
,30 to .60
Peanuts, su lb.
(Vreen peppers, bell ...
Oreoi papperay chili ...
Pot t, la., Irish ....
Pelafoos,, sweet, ewt...
Potatoes, sweet, red...
Tare wt.
Taro, bnnch ; ', ,
Tematoes . .i,
Cue umbers,, doxen
Pumpkins, lb.
... ( -v-
Linvea, 100
Piaeapplea, ewt
Papaiaa, lb.
75 to JX
.... 1.6t
... .01W
Klp, ft
OoatC '.w
,. .18
to JO
f. o. b. JBnolulu!
64.00 to 65.00
85.00 to 88.00
..64.00 to 6A.00
8740 to 40.00
36D0 to lft.00
- , .. 's ' ,
'I 1 ' '
b. abliT to Market a large crop f bean
tbia yar. . -;
Largo blpaaer,t of dried i cor are
being received from Maui and Hawaii.
Corn ir not selling very fastw Most ef
tha . people having a email anmbet at
cbickrnt bava i4iaposai of them, on ae
eoant of tb high price of feed) aad tke
high prise offered for poultry. Tail
baa help J to reduce the demand- foi
teed aad also helped to raise- th price
of fresh-, island eggs. , .
' ' X . P- B. ,tIGHTFOOT,v
r Acting Wapertatendeat,
"f.i: 'i'r ''is"'- sM"tt'- il
i r hTni' I rtr nirrrrn
According td the Journal f Phyirl
otogy recent investigations hav proved
tb high nutrttiv -valae of eleomarga
rine wade- from ininial fata Bniter
substitutes juad - fsow, . vgatabl fal
were unable to replace gaunla battel
ia satisfying th nutritive requirement
of laboratory aainmie, by JJrummaau
and Halliburton. '...:' -. - -,. ,
. Artificial . butter made -from variout
crushed, attt varied considerably In-
uuvrinv vaiu.A vno n is lie- prom olive
oil and drie.1 walnuts waa entirely un
able to replace butter, while aa arti
tola! dompouu.l of i vegetable oil and
grated e.icpanut had high nutritivt
- Artificial butter mad from animal
fat were uniformly moras nutritiout
than the various vegetable fat mixtures.
Among the latter a deodorised cocoa
ant oil product and ft , hydrogeuate.1
ottonseed prodnet ntirly lacked tb.
accessory food element nocossary to
promote growth. , . , j .
, Cow's butter contains at least five
different fsrTy acid and hence i u
perior to an other food fata, bnt when
butter is not obtajnnbl tha moderi,
uirnt iHt say that all evidence point,
to .the margarinea an better . food to
meet the Inxly requirements thaa oib
and fats of vegetable- origia. -v
l n .
r i
1 1 llfWr S.IU.I.U UP IVR U I UU U1 .WIN
mt .i. ...I j . I. i
Watsr which la
. received
a pinch of ordinary baking
,f . .Lj'. :
. U . fB,PorB "t Wnjtention
b?, ,vo; ti seasoning tha dried veget
,b'"- U waMcioaj aalt pepper
um R. cinnsmonv ery nit, pepper,
"n10" T' "Jvantag
eou-ly to add the deaired flavor,
' or,,er, ,0 I'"Pfrly balane' p the
ration and make tb dried1 vegetable
1 mote "ify&, I . well t add to
them fat content by tscfudtng sodm;
rai in "nv si.ra ib wrs or mxi portions
of beef. There are number' Of ways
in wliicb these dried vegetable may
be used. They are important ns ma'
sulistitiitc and ran be umt for a prln
eipnl dish at a meal.;' Ther may be
unci in mnking nutrition ami palatable
soups, while salads prepared from, thdm
are both nourishing and attractive.
Iiri.'d vrget aides are also good when
eombined nith such other materials ai
niMinrnni. (.paghetti or cheese..
-- .
Mnrk.-t reports tell of a reduction
In the pri-c of egs byrv cents a
doy.n. The f-esh home raised product
hs.l licen selling at sevenrty-Ove eeet.
end nre mm quoted at aeventy cents a
Two A t f tf f rt ey Investigate
Change In Exfiminatidn For
, j Eligibles Passed Over ; '
Will Retain Counsel When They
Are Assured That Remedy.
. Lies With Judges .
. Candidates for position oa the police
fore who hav passed creditable exam'
last Ions ander the civil service law
purpose not to ait Idly by and see the
itaiidard of examinations lowered by
-he majority, of the civil service com;
aiiwloa at the' behe.t. of .Hheriff Bos
Hi' that preferred candidate, for posl
Iods, "although outclassed ' lif tbe re
quisite tests may be appointed over
heir bond If tbey have ny legal re
Ire ia tb matter. They bav become
convinced that they may expect ao
Mtalderation at the band of tb ma
jority of th board and hav turned
heir attention in another direction.
, -Counsel are engaged in looking ap
he law which enter, into the casea
hat may arise from tbe recent action '
if the civil service commission in low
sring.the standard required for ap
pointees to the police fore after ex
aminatioaa hav been takea and while
there ia ft -waiting list of eligible.
They .hav not yet retained such coun
sel to bring legal proceedings but have
taked them to make the requisite el
imination, .into the ' Investigation of
he affair to determine what, righta aueh
Ugvblee bav and the power of the -omaMMdoa,
or a majority of, it, to
:ie ad- lower standards previously
, ftt. their own will or at th will of
Monty; official who may - desire to
aak certain appointments ef favoritea
who. havo failed ia meeting require- '
enta to secure places upon th elig
ible Ket. ' - .. . .. .,
i Robert W. Breckons end William T.
Rftwlina are the counsel for those civil
eiKks .eligible who purpose to make
Oght agninxt favoritism being shown.
y . th civil., service: board. Mr.
ireckeaa said yesterday - that - he '
id aot beea ."retained" to
eingi .legal -proceedings ; but - that
. had .been asked to, make the.
nvstigrio mentioned ' and that if
ueh Investigation - warranted, the nn
lerstandtng. was, action wa to be tnk-
in the eonrfa. ' He said that . William
T, , Rswlias was "the other counsel for
he men who intead to fight being ig
iore4 or-passed Aver.
What form of action will be taken
jtm not "been determined as yet and
viU not be until the two counsels have
rendered their opiniona In the matter
rat several of the prospective omenr
ir anaiou to have the matter pushed
tad are indignant at the "arbitrary
Ktion,'' aa tbey term it, of the tw
members of th board who stand pat
Respite Indignant protests. ';.''
ommissioneri Will Leave Next
Wednesday On a Tour of
Inspection of Wharves
The member of the harbor commia
lion, including Chairman W. B. Hobby,
Job C. J. McCarthy, Jame Wakellcld,
V. H. McClellnn, and Clerk of . the
'.oard Prank Poor, will leave tor Ha
aii next Wednesday on a tour of ia
pectiou of wharves, landing first at
lahukonu aud then rounding, the isl
tud by auto.
Tbey will. give close Inspection to a
number of wbarvea on the Big Island
it'hich have formed the subject of re
ports by Eagiacer A. C. Wheeler, of the
ward, who has headquarters at Hilo,
.artiiulurly at Mahukuna, Kailua, Na
ioipoo, U.injiapo and. Hilo. -
Consideruols work is to bo done at
i.inunpo, and a thorough investigation
s t b mad of th report eoneera
ng the proposed new ... wharf at Hilo,
-epnirs and .change on the . Kulilo
Wharf, and of the need of th wharf
with referee to eoaveyor and other '
vachinery. ,
At tb meeting of the board yestir
lay a, letter wa read from the Cleve
land Dnlc Co., in whiuh the company .
eilaimcd that in eertaia parte of -the.
oast ruction ef pier 8, 9 and 10 ia He
nolnju ra-hor, there i infringement ef
'heir pnte-its. Thp board 'a reply letter
v in effe.t that they knew of .no
uatout rights infringement, and even
io, it would be the duty of tke ua
' rector to pay sam and aot the Terri
tory, ' ,i
It was rocomiaendid that a coit ef
ar be given pert of tbe wharf at 1I
lalei. Kaani. It was reported by tbe
'ward pgei.t im.Kiiinl. K. H. l.owrv,
l,hHi'1bn1, aVl' timbera are decayed
vinqr to e oi.riieoa which forn ed
''mnisture pn'kets". These slioiil.l bo
limins'ed an 1 enre taken to preveut
ti repetition of snme.
1 '
AMSTERDAM, O.tnlier 0 The Ne
derlund Htvauhip Company announces
that it has actpMiesced lu the Anmri an
conditions for grouting bunkering fa
cilitieN, which provide that the com
pnuy's vessels for wve;-? voyage between-
.lava and the IT nit ed Htctes
should make a return voyage with car
goes exclusively Amsrican.. or puitly
' I
f ,'

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