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, Fishermen Point to Causes That
Make For Greater, Expenses '
. ' v i m4 Offer Remedies ,
lit. ,
WASHINGTON, October 2S(.Ass!
elated Prss) -Detail f tonT beef
battle : between an American .steamer
and a German submarine Wer receiv
ed from a French port yesterday, the
teamer baring arrived safely at ita
destination bat with Bine, wounded men
: - .... .
Small Tax Imposed 0r. Smokes
Is Converted Into Bitf Profit, i
. : and the Consumer Pays ;?
Helping Uncle Sam win the war.len't
such . a painfull t,roM A.ntkfl
, . r D -B
think, from (ha (.iil.l. : ..a
;r.f tfi 7. cTaaid That -oni.,a. In f.et, on might
n. i-iT J hi. .it niMi 'n. ii.ij n... '
ruuiic meeting ,wi;i.Be neiu oyi
Food Commission To Gener ;
; ; "ally Discuss Matters,. V
almost be tempted to. think that war
Mvewue taxes and suchlike things that
tint ft ftrtmia afimn in Y Ka aV w.1 1 a4
gngem.nt began at T:33 lok lit ththe man who haa to boy thingi to eat,
morning and lasted until 11:40 when dr,ok ,ft(1 molie M tfWr .tellnM
rilUC. CCVFRAI WPFnCn the steamer was met and shelled by the
- ' " :X T - lU-btfat and replied vigorously to tho 1 revevue taxes and aiich-llk things (hst
rum. Kill mil iVYliru . ' 1 DO I nut a Serious r imn in !, K .. V .1T
an American destroyer arrived, on the , by, tB. fortunate people" who deal. In
Hens nil the IT. host tnhmnnrM. Dnr-.' . r .. . .
- T : i c'Kr ciunrenei ana otner , srooae-
liner that time 23 ahota were fired from .id .
It', will not reMote the fifth situation th steamer .and it is estimated the At lrt, when one eomea to eonsid,
to open up th present private bait pre- aubraarln fired 260. Ho aerioaa tbrt a tobsrro dealer ean and doea
, Serve to (ill Comers,'.,'
lit win not relieve the situation nor ,ailor and two were naval cunnera.
rrnuit in mnj luvninnuai incri'anc in iiq r
: fih anpply to open tip another finhr,
, market. , . . -V. v ', IL
But it would renu.lt in more fish at a J
itiwvr-prico u mm iwn inin( were
' clone, and in addition if the food eom-
mrision would promulpite and enforce
; a rnlingtliat every finliing craft which
comes into the hnrber uiuit market its
,. cutch within twenty-four hour. . ' t'
. Arttficlal Boarclty Created
damage was done to the steamer., , llomonatrate his pfttrlotisni by aot
Of the woonded men , aevea were c,,f rwwinK ,hp w,r' Us 0 t0 hL ,.
tomera but aetunlly making several
times the amount nf the tax Am addi
tional net profits, one may be excused
for eoneluilingj taSat patriotism doea
not always mean sacrifice.. Likewise,
that the. boojie dealers who attempted
to aonY their victims in the pocket
book had nothing on the Honolulu
.AIL of which mny be beat demoa
strnted by a concrete example. ., '. , ,
The wur tax. that must at nreaent
be paid on ciparettea retailing here-
''W, jr. ; Spalding, , of th BpaldirJ)
Cdiistnietio) 'Company, leavifig,' Itfe
Pacifli Coast for Trance about th'e
ret ol the month and will superintend
some .Important, construction work
which is id be dona for . the United
Btatoa. Be will not sever) his connec
tion with the Spalding Construction
Company but will1 retnra here nest
year, probably by July or August, as
less he ts called to, the Colore in the
meantime, , ,
.When the opportunity came to W.
T. Spalding to go to Franee for a Bos
ton eoneern and take charge of con
struction work for the United States
government there, ' he waa quick to
accept it. He haa a commission in th
entrineer reaetvee but he saw la the
shan which waa offered to bin from
Boston, aa opportunity for immediate
usefulness to the government in
eapacity where he waa most familiar
with, the' work, building construction.
II retains its connection with the
Work On Great Nlpponesa Llnefs
For .Transpacific Service Is
, : At Temporary Standstill '
i Th program of SoichlroV Asano,
president of the Toyo Klsea Katsha,
of Establishing an express paasenger
aerVico between Han Francisco and Yo
kohama with two line passenger ships,
each 0 '29,000 tons displacement, has
been, partially brought to a standstill
because Of the steel embarso in the
LUaited ' States, states the Japan Ad
vertiser or .wciorwr nt. Besides these
two; big. ships now under contempla
tion, the T. K. K. head proposes to
build twelve more ships, each of about
7500 tone to be placed on the trans
pact fie aervice. Kach of these twelve
vessels nave a limited number of paa-
aeeommodatmns for the
(Concluded from rate 1)'
U..L J. u. Ann!nn. Al . ... M t. .. 1. . . V . J.... tr -i. U
eub V.iniy "inii i 1I U "M) , 1 u V , urv rem OI . (UMVUili, DO paia OH ClRftri'ttCS retailing
vapanie jjsnermeTi, roia nmepenneat . tne Hey to retrograa, have spread la tofore for fifteen cents a box (a forty
sampan men ana employes or me iig ine tatter e;ty ami toe eittisens are. moT-; eenta thousand. After November
y eompanujs, who were tntorviewetl yes
: terday. According ta these meo, there,
are frequent occasions when aa artiiie
ial acarcity ot fish in created through
' the holding bnck of the catches of the
deep-sea aampune for days at a time,,
Another contention of a number i of
the Japanese interviewed yesterday' is
' that a minimum price la set on the aku
catcb, below which no fish seller la al
lowed to bid. Whatever mny bo the
, supply of aku b.'onglit to the auction
block, the bidding must atart at four
dollura and a half a basket, arproxi
matery two cents a pound. The retailsr
must pay two cents or over. When the
market .demands are satisfied, all the
. remaining aku is taken by the tannery
at a flat rate of two cents, irrespeetj ye
of whet may have been bid over that
price ht the auction, ' v i - ' ,.
W1U Hold Public Moating
A public meeting to consider the fish
situation haa been decided ppoit by the
f ood commission and aJate wul be nn
Bounced shortly. At this
ing out.aa rap dty aa transportation
ean bo aecured. :
The, evening newspapers of .Petro
grad on Wednesdny published reports
4 K will be eighty cents. ?
Forty cents per thousand reduces
down to four cents a hundred, or four
tenths of a cent ner hv n ten elm
. t. a ,L . T I 1 ! I l i . , 1 . . '
ium ins Dtusuavjs.1 eiumrni is planning ciica. '
to aeiae the government from Kereial y.", Vut the patriotic dealerw at leaat
' At a meeting of deputies, from the -soma,' of them have announced that
soldiers anil workmen's eouncil a reso-. to meet this war tax they will raiae
aennrr accommodations for the first
a ad aeeoad class and steerage.
HpaJd ng. Construction Company and'aela including one of the two 25,000
hs .said,, plana to return to it ,i not ,tna ships, had been already started be-
tnABBfitna ArHarari la. Ik. Tt. . m ... . .
"- , ji jora tne omoargo issue tiecarmo known
tins been on the mainland for the nest .'ho. fi ft,. .t,i ...
I few months, the ofllces hers being talent off Mr. Asano despatched his son,
charge of bis brother. Mr. Dvnu A...,. m.n.n A.,t.
Just whst work Is to ba dona in I of too T. K. K., to America to direct
rranco for . the lotted Htatea aanpot i W confer with the nuthoritiee in Waahr
b. announced thonch it can It nl.1 i... i. .,...n,.. :.u .1.1-.
. v -iaT ' - 1 asisivaa w -v ua.H s.ai.faa w uu, sfVVar aYII I W
j that in part it is building of arsenals, I meats for Japan. Several despatches
. "- ana inai II ' from bim are that h i nronosa Is made
to the aathoritiea in Washington have
been favorably considered.
is expected that the contract will bava
Doensorapioisu tn nine months. ' i'
Tho ennatrnetion company wllf be,
it in said, ona of the bidders for the
construction, of the govcrnmeat avla-1
Pot Aftac-War Traffic
,'. Now that Mr. S. Asano haa been as
sured, of enough steel materials from
lutlon was adopted indorsing Karen'
sky's speech to parliament yesterday in
which be declared if "we can rekindle
the price of fifteen cent cigarettes to
eighteen cents a box, aa advance, of
three cents. Deducting from thia three
honorable end." .
the enthusiasm of Russia by next July j cent, advance the. actual four tenth of
peace will come by 'Christmas. Thus a cent of the war tax, the dealera. are
will entr war hrnosably fought tot an able to help Lucie Sam win the war
oy patting a net additional, profit of
2.0 cents per box in their own, pockets.
. Pretty neat, ' eh I., ,, ,. . i.
But some of them ore even mora ob
liging than that. To save their na
trons the trouble and Inconvenience of
WASHINGTON, October 25 (Asso- having to carry around tunnies, thev
ciated Press) In H Communication to have kindly consented to thargo five
the state department, Consul Oraxe- cents more, instead of three cents,
brook, at Jerusalem, aaya that thai The internal revenue ilepartmont, ac-
most of the common people In Tur- aordintf to the war tax bill nasned CXv
nieliii",k'y bope for the defeat of Turkey ami tobnr 3, was ordered to collect , a War
Cap"sufes.To Be Drawn By Boy
everv T.hase of tho situation will b ww' fmu7 .maappoinxea ai in iau- taxea on cigars, as follows:
gone into. All possible laU will be iBr ?' . British at the Enphrates. I Ketail prices over rountera, selling
secured to determine if Anything an L "Despito the antra ,e of the Unit! (from 4 to 7 cents, war tax ni per thou
be done to lower the price of fish to . States mto the war there" l'a yet no aaad; 7 to 15 cents, 3 per thousaa l;
the conKiimer by Increasing the aupp'y. lndicatlon thai the Turkish officials are u to 20 ,-ents $5 per thousand; over
Investigation, wilt also be made into to ,,ek Th" 20 7 per thousand. These taxes
the frequent allegation that there is 'M,,, ,t01,f ".' are in addition to all other taxes, but
"flab trust" or any concerted favoratdv ineime.t. - ( only effective oa manufactured or aold
on the part of the fib companies to re , . . . ,, . . . I mauufaeturcl goods not yet in hands
strict the fish catches in any way in
order to maintain high prices. -. ,,""".""" mr"r u' For too s'o-tt on hand held by deal-
In this connection, the -views ex ' ,m"' "nipaB. cannot supply the de- , 0f October 4, and taxe due thir
pressed by several Japanese fishermwi l ov """ th b T '7" "erward, or November 4. the
Li.ln.(n ti.. Arlv.rti,r will nrb- ,or u y the mnnagemcat . tax is only one hnlf of the above fltf
T. ... r..,:.i. due consideration.' T' eti i .' vf of the ures, or 50 cents (or cigars selling from
vv'.uurs- wi irwn iuiutiudbi usners a 4 to 7 cents, am) no on. ,
a friCe below that flguro they would' There are few large cigarettes, of the
be ukoble when a shortage same to so-called Russian .' Imperial type, for
purchase from tho larger boats. In sale in Hawaii. The dealera aell only
that' way the price of fish la always the Ao-ealled small cigarettes. In the
kept up and th market Is never al- case of these small cigarettes the war
aeema to bo an agreement among ibua
' ryit'Wetl tnut mere is a working ar
rangement between tho largest of tho
fishing companies to bold up prices
and restrict the aupply offered the re
tailers. It was also stated ' 00 the
waterfront yesterday by sampnn man
that any retailer who would take ad
vantage of a big aupply brought in by
the smaller sampans, which cannot
store their fish, to buy below a defia
itely fixed minimum, sot by the larger
companies, would have a moat uncom
fortable time of it in a period of actual
fish scarcity.
Opinions Of Fishermen
The following is a composite inter
view, obtained from a number of fish
ermen, who agreed on the essentials.
"If thre were another fish market
operating in competition to the present
mnrket, which is controlled by the
tlireo fishing companiee, and all were
entitled to the use of the bait grounds,
the present price of fish would remain
iincliiinired and the situation would be
little relieved, if any. But if there
were another market, the nehu 'grounds
open to all and the large deep-sea fish
ing siinii:ins controlled by the three
companies compelled by law to. unload
their cntch and place it on the markat
for consumption within twenty-four
hours after arrival in port, the public
and the fishermen would be materially
"Only recently five of the larger
sampans controlled by these companies
came Into port. Ouo was unloiidel and
the fish sent to the market. A
small portion of the catch of the a
lowed to boeema floadbd.
Asks Fertluaat Quantbra ' !
"Kinte- tho food, com ra ronton is In
terested in the present high prices,
her is a question ; which should be
tax la to bo 80 cent tier, thousand for
manufacture.) stocks after November 4.
For all stocks in dealers' hands, inven
toried bj of October 4, and tho tax due
thirty days after, the rate of, tax ia 40
s.oa waa nuiimngs her, It haa America, construction on these two big
., aau uuvs ; ana, oin smmier snips win DO resum
not, it was said at the offices of tbi . -Vr An . 1,.. -.j
JeamBaay vestarday afternoon, purpose the transpacific pussenger and freicht
itrnme ror more than thirty yearn be
lieves that : due to an extraordiaary
prosperous ' trade relationa between
America and Japan which will exist
after tho war, such a plan of inaugur
ating aa express passenger aervice with
a few, large passenger liners, of high
speed, arrying .only a small shipment
of Valuable silk and bullion cargoes, ia
greatly needed on the I'aeifla. , , -."On
account pX closer trade condi
tions which is yearly increasing be-
.i-.''. l . . , iween inn two nations," Mr. Asano
in OCTlllC UlWmrjeC , siu yesterday, "time is tha first con
',.'') .- ' - ":. loideration to every up-to-date business
. -The first draw, for' the draft. in Ha-1 m'B ,0 whatever line of trade be may
whit for tho National Army will be engage. .
bold ; Thursday, Novembea 1, .In tho 1 Money foe Construction Beady
I senate chamber of th old royal palace, I These ocean greyhounds sailing at
I When a capsule containing a draft num- ; no approximate speed of t wan ty three
( ber will be drawn by a government of-'knots aa hour, will cross the Paclfia
1 ficial, ' after which Boy Seouta will in less than ten days, omitting their
draw, th .remainder and complete the 'all in Honolulu. Aa on the Atlantic,
1' work;"-' : ' .., :i; ', . , I the policv that a paasenger liner should
I Sevea ,'tiouaanfl capsules will be rarry only passengers and a cargo, ship
pjneed in a great glass bowl, eontaia- 011 cargo will be adhered to on the
tag serial numbers. A few more than : I'acinc, according to JUr. Asano. liana
2!r,(M)0 names were registered of rest- of these huge twin, ships designed by
dents of. tSe inlands on July 81, ,1917. Wr- Asnno'a experts, show many inter
The proposed dato wns cabled from ting new futures for tbo comfort of
th local ' territorial . government to BJ paaaeagors. , . ; . , .
1'iovos Msrshal General Crowder at' Several expert of, the Asaao Bfalp
Waahiagton,' en Tuesday nighty.) o bnilding Company are Qoar.ln th UnJ.
.'Major VtAx6H Sreen, draft "officer ; State making a special study of
! plained: yesterday, and the approval o" aaajo, ot the beat passenger liners oa
the-.diite was cabled bach to llonoluku ' ,he Atlantis service. The Toyo Kisen
I yeaterdoy by General Crowder.- -,v IKalsha has 16,000,000 yen set aside
i Tho resignation of V. L Stevenson, f ' ot the aonatruction of these ships,
as a member of tho HUo exemption Befor the war, the paasenger liners
, board, which waa recehtly cabled to th . V,d h k0" mad for 6,000,000 yen
President, was yesterday accepted, and , l'ce, but it is impossible to make
, W. H. Smith, of HUo, appolnUd to fiU'tliem at such low. price now because of
akeI:' 'Can the . individual vendors cents, or just one-half.
at the market buy fish from, individual-1 Sein of the dealer, state thai maa
ly owned boats , without . purchasing ' facturer have contemplated for some
over the auetionr block controlled by , time a raise in prices of both) eigaM
the three fixh " companies, which arc ' aad cigarettes because- " increased cost
practically one ' aadY the aamef It of tebor anil even ot matejrials but that
will require a little deeper probing to they withheld the raiwe, and s did the
gt an anawer t thia tbaa merely ask- retailwa, .1 . .. . r , . ,
mg tlioae in charge of the situation. I However, with th announcement of
"There are in fact so many angles the war tax, before th full taa i re
to the llsli situation that it ia almost quired on new manufactured gooda, and
a never ending task to learn all the whil the tax ia but half th scheduled
whys and wherefores, It requites a 'at on their present, or inventoried
the . vacancy.
lot of work and it, ia to be hoped the
food eonvmieaion Wonld aeek some in
formation from Cbose who are ordinari
ly never given chancer to be heard
on the subject.' Again there ure
those wl0 aie afraid to talk and who
will only answer by aayinn;: 'Big man
too muchy smart.' , They know that 1
tbey are powerless when trying to
buck the present, combine.
Control Bait Price . , .
"This combine controls the price of
aku bait, which- U used in ' -catching.
all deepsea fish,- the price of which is
now- regarded aa excessive.
for k'tui than four doUara and lifty
oud wns removed from the holds. TheUeota a basket wholesale, There is a 1
stocks, the rata baa boon materially iu
creased. . , , 1.- .
Will thera bo still another raise after
November 4 when the full war tax, be
comes effective ..-.,.,.-., .
' .'.
regarded aa exceasive. Aku la' - . ; : ' I ..1
allowed to be aoid at th market i Son Seizes, Assailant of Mother '
lest' than four doUara and lifty But Hfl Fcranoo. i
other three were not touched. Three
or four baskets of the second load wore
taken to the market and sold , for
twelve dollars a basket at auction.
Prlca Not High Enough
"This price was not considered suffi
ciently high, so the hatches were closed,
and, with the three remaining boats,
the sampan was tied, up to await a mnr
ket shortage and the attendant higher
price. Thus an artificial scarcity waa;
created to force prices up. '
"Tliero are . probably twenty five
sampans which are termed twenty-four
hour vessels, never staying ont longVr
4 linn one duy. When theae boats return
they- ore forced to aell their eatch Immediately,-
for their craft are ' not
equipped with ice wells. Their catch
averages about three baskets for the
twenty-four hours they are out, all of
whioh is taken to the market upon ar
rival and sold at auction.
"Of the three and a half boatloads
of fish which were tied up recently
awaiting a decrease in the supply, one
was sent from Honolulu to Kuhultii,
following word that prices at tha Maui
(jovt were high;
"The lar.jq sampans have often kept
their cntch In lh ice wells for as lung
us four duys, waiting for n better mar
ket, u procedure which is certainly not
nay help to the quality of the fish
when it ia finally sold,
risti Market Management
"The management of the fish mar
ket is practically in the handa of
Diaries Cbillingwortb and M. Yama
shlro and these men act as dictators
to the vendor who occupy stalls. Tbo
, y .1
. w .. .' y , f ') :,-- '.- , ,
understanding between tha ve ado's
and tha management that ativ tiuuiv
. . .,, . - . . . ' "w mnmi mg null p. kov in eon
above th,. price will b acccepted, but. , wlth h, footing of Mra. Mari
pevery more than enough to maintain we w(jich Bt. the ,
...a (lllllllllHMHI . BYW UllCTeU HI HUB-
lion. The.reiit is placed to one side to
b bought when needjed or is sold to
the cannery. r -".Sinee
the aku and other fish com
bines know approximately the amount
of bait which will b needed for a
given length of. time, thia anioui't is
placed in the to house, , The remain
der goes to the cannery and is sold al
a sef prlrec of two cents a pound.
Bella at Two Cent
"This la lower tbaa tho low est price
which th retailers are ever permit
ted to pay. And all of this fish which
goes Ut Maefarlune, which ia a great
er amount than one would be given to
believe, net the Japaneae but very
UtUty for their percentage is figured on
tho two-cent rate, although be is the
only one who is able to purchuso it at
that price. ( . .
"From what we know of the ins and
outs of the business, w are firmly of
th belief that th only way to re
lievo th atrain on the publlo purso ia:
Xtablisk a market, under territorial
supervision If possible; open the bait
grounds to all who-might wish to use
theui, und compel the larger sampans
to unload their catch and place it uu
th market withi twenty four hour
after arrival in. port. This can be
done by the proper .'authorities, es
pecially in time of -war. It bus beeu
done in othar places and should at
this time be within the power of the
food coiuniibsioB to do- bre, "
But He Escapes
.The detective, department hal .mailo
no arrests late last night in connection
aria Kau-
lu Iter's
home at tha corner of Queen, and Ki-
awe Streets, early yesterday inoraing.
Tb woman waa awakened by some
one who had entered her room, and
ststes that th Intruder, was a negro
soldier. She screamed when she saw
the man and alleged that ho there
iiK)U aeied her and attempted to choke
her. . . .. -, ' .. ;
- Th woman's son cama to th 4
si.it a uce of his mother and while, tbo
soldier was tryiug to, escape grabbed
him by the leg.. Tho intruder thou
drew a gun, and fired aeveral ahota, one
of which passed through Mrs. Kauwe'a
hand, while another entered her jaw,.
She waa not seriously injured. ' '' .;
One of the bullets struck the son in
the head, inflicting a ' nasty scalp
wound. . .. ; ;, ;. , ,' ' , ; ' :
Kakaako ia at present over-run with
blind-pigs, -with her am) thera a fre
f or all dance hall, aiid on soldiers' pay
days disorder is said ' to b 'rampant.
It waa atated last night , that ' yester
day's shooting was the outcome ot trou
ble which started in a bliml pig rn the
vicinity of the woaiaa's houne .
LONDON October . E3-r-(Aaociated
Press) iTon Uaitedi State aongreaa
mn - aad. thro formsr 1 coagressmes
oompriae a party arriving today at aa
Kngliah, IKwt. They, ate on an uaoflkial
'visit to thai war aouc. , . , ,
"WtA TaTOJfVeOctpW :25( Ass-,
ciated pVens) America 'a great liberty
Loan campaign of yesterday, bore re
markable fruit. With report from all
over the nation rsl'.iag lit to' the treas
ury department today, th total sub
scriptions to dote exceeds the 1.3,500,
000,000 mark and indication are that
the totals will soon- reach the, desired
maximum of five biHions,' ,
The cuinpaign until noon on Satur
day, when the subscription close, will
be to add to th aver-snbseriptiou,
bringing it at leant to " fiv billioa,
wliloh has been act aa tb maximum
'desired ! .;,'. '
Yosterday aubaerltiojui to. tha loun
carae in from all parte of the alobe.
many being reseived by cable.' In all,
pledges from 34 different nationalities
ere recoivcu. ' . i. 1
Manila rriiorted tWo miUtoa dollars
aubscribed. , , t '
... ,.';, 1 ..
i WASHINGTON, October 25 (Asso
ciated I'russ) The. government, today
made another : loan : of . $20,000,000 to
France. I - I ' . .
the hih ot of material and labor.
flliftlN m UtAULUUn'
Paotpio coast iiAtwne
" ' : IK
Ban Erasx'tHco,
Kslt mk .
Onklsml . .
Portland .
Veruuu . . .
' KM
04 '
Office of Comptrollor of the Currency.
Washington, I). C, Angnst t, 1917.
W11KKIJAS, by satisfactory evidence
C resented to the undersigned, it has
esn made to tnneir that -THK
iriKI.H HAKBACKS'V located' at
rScholleld Barracka- Jn the City and
County of Honolulu and Territory of
Hawaii, nus complied with" air the pro
visions of the Statutes of tb United
States, required to' to; Complied with
before an association shall ne. author
ized to commence th business of bank
ing: ' ";'; "::.'.r .
the Currency,', tq hereby certify ihal
SCHOF1KI.H PAR,BACKS', located ut
Schollcld Barracks., In tb City and
Couuty of Honolulu, and Territory of
Hmvali, is authorised to fouunence the
business of Banking as . provided in
Section Fifty-one' hundred, and .sixty
nine of the BeyiaeiJ. Statvtoa of, the
United States, ' ,,1 t . , j, , , ,
In, ttimoay wjkeeeof, wit
(Seal) nesa my band and . Seal of
office" thin THIRD day of
AUGUST, 1017; f
Comptroller of tba Chireacy.
Still mors smelting is tb race for
the Pacific Coast League pennant, aa a
result of yesteedny ' games.
Oakland and Portland were the
contributing factors yesterday, for the
Oaks trimmed tha- Seals n second time
this week and tho Beavers very ac
commodatingly, thank 'you, lost out
again a second time, yesterday to the
Angels. . . ,
With, only threo. more playing days
left to Wind up the Coast league year,
the race la probably th,. c km est eve.
seeu this sid of U Becky Mountains.
The regulation wlndup is acheluled for
next Sunday. Still, there ara a number
of postponed and tied , games to be
played and sonft of they may be re
quired before a flpal docision is ar
rived at to deelaro the Winner Of the
bunting. - , '
The KjKic tacular g'anie yesterday was
stuged between the. Oaks and the Souls
on (he grounds of the foruier. It took
ten innings to decide the contest, Oak
laud emerging tb victor of. the day
by the score of on to cero. This was
the closest gam of th week and Oak
land mad it a ahatout for, San Fran
cisco. .T. . -.' , - . -w '.,.
McCredi Lovoa Angola i '
The Los Angeles Portland game was
also a hard one, -the Southern' Angels
managing to take McCredio'a nine into
camp by a three to one aeore. The
southera metropolis went wihi over the
home victory, for it put th Seraphs
in a position to eventually nose, out the
long-standing leaders of tli 1 league.
The Seals must win at leant two more
games and tb Angela los ,aa many if
San JVancisco ia to take away what
went to tbo Angela last year the cov
Salt Lake made good at home yes
terday, taking its third atraigbt game
of the week's series from tbo visiting
Vernon Tigers. This places th Mm
ition aspirants a close contender to the
Angels and Heals, bnt without any pos
sible bop of landing iu first place.
Yesterday 'a Scores
At Los Angeles Los - Angeles :!,
Portland 1.
At Salt Lako Salt Lak', 7, Ver
non 8.
At Oakland Oak laud 1, 8 a Fran
risco 0 (ten innings).
By str. Msnns Kes, Oct. T. I', .
-..Kbi. "AWAtl A. Ilswtlns. io
f,f" ,r.i'i'i"kV' 1'. CiVnanley, 'Mrs.
Ilraea Ifui-tsec. Mrs. tf. M.-lini.f u....
Jliio l'lts, .1 W. Itnswll, I,. McAllister.
w. n. n.r. ami rnrant, K. My
ers, Miss llonrts. Miss I. title. 'Mrs. 1 W.
II. flmltli. o.,iu Won, Mr. an Mrs, R,
A. Aniens. Miss ree Ah fhoy, Mrs.
Mary Iters and two rhll.iren, Mr. and
Mra. K. Wolff, K. MortinAto, ft." Mlnsftf,
Joe Aknna, I.. A 11, 1 1 no. Mrs. K. slta
and Infant, M. KorlMxnl. 41. Kansris. Mix
M. Ann, Kiirnli, K,l,yihl. n. Hlillwta,
Mrs. Tom I Jim. Mr. ami Mrs. James Pa
cker snd rlill.l Mrs. I, K Wllmin. Bre
children and msln. II. T. Haysel.len, , II.
. Msush, . H. srd. Mr. sih! Mrs. R.
A. Prlet, Mi. A. Klehsnlxia, Mrs. H.
T. BevleMS. W, tliissinann. O. Uabt
foot. K. J. MIIMsnn. K. K. Hell.ush. A.
K. lisle, Mr. Nteluhsnser, V. i'. Allen.
Mrs. H. Hmltli, Mrs. K. Ksnnsmsn, J.
Aksns. K. K. '. Vnp, Mnnuri Itfna.lo. A.
Perrptra. A. J. Hllv. o. Untrs. S. Ito.
N. Jto. MsthUs. Knneliei, H. Knlll.
FHUM MAI 1 I. A. Mrchert, F. A.
rnrlenf, II. KuKsim.tn, T. K, limits. N. K.
Hmttlie, J. A. KhI'Ii. J. I.. Kleinln. Mrs.
Th, miss Prstt. A. W, Collins, Mr. anil
Mrm. K. A. Ah Kee and Infant, r,. A.
Kruns. Mrs. Ilsttle Kstihsne. M. Mlysmw
to. Mrs. J. Xlvsmoto. lokl. M. (i. Kuro
hara. Mr. and Mrs. K. Toid. K. Yasuds.
Kurnkswa. T. T IIoIm.1I. Mrs. M. Hou
se and child. M Imsds. YIiiokb, Mrs. K.
Pale. Marians Anirustlne. Ilattle Kalee,
Mrs. M. Ie fnlto. Ml-s II. He Oollo.
' Br sir. Ms 11 n Ihi from Ksual. (K-toher
?4U. N. WII...X. K. A. Kumlnen. lKstnr
Try. K. Mlynke. ('. Xniiminn, J. f.riH'li, O.
P. Wolff. Iwamoln. Mr. snil Mrs. t!. H. W.
iiorton.. A. v. ivter. 4. Ilii.l.ly suit An.
Tlieslre Msrtln. P. Sino, w, II. Hisser.
msnn, M. Ksrswan. K. Morloks, 41. Ksmo
t" Mr. and Mis. I. Ileal. 4 A. Nekwn.
Miss A. Kernamlea. Mrs. A. lsinlnll, lnd
I'm McHrjrile. T. V. Awana, Mls Crlpe,
T. risnsen, R. TnkntiH-lil. K. I ruiifrt It. U.
L. Aastln. K. Uliiiin. Mr. and Mrs. F. ft.
I. Yinsn. Mrs, P. A. Lvnisn. Miss IMiarel,
II. I.ymsn, A. Mnntilllnn. f. I.vn.an. A.
Rice, Mrs. K. Kahnii, Miss Htstneiuaao,
Ura. Prosser.
From the mnlnlnnd. rerentl.r Andrew
ArtsmA H N. Allen. Itllejr II. Allen, Mrs.
Ulley H. Alleu. I. r. Austin, M. M. AxA
nwxl. 1. Hnlley. Miss J. Uslderston. Mr.
and Mr. W. H. Hnmes, Mrs. . A. Bem.lt,
Jaww V. Bsrrj. Mrs. Jnnm . Berry, Dr.
T. A. Perrvhlll. Miss It. rtertelnisun, Mr.
H. F. B.rielnist.ii. Mpm. iv H,.vf..M Um
J. Ulsei.w, Miss Kuiella R. It'liink. Miss
r.nnna it. niiiua. airs. J. r. Howler. John
Hnckley. Miss Klun-iice Butler, I'art tt.
CuriHinlth. 1'. M. Churrli. R. 1. dirt. Mrs.
. i, ("line.' Mn-ter V. Cllne. Win. .V.IIIns.
Mr Wei. t'llln, J. p. Conke, Mrs. J. P.
t'noke. Master Cooke. Miss Mnrtfta I'.nsell,
J. F. Cowsn. Mrs. J K. Cowan. II. HaTls,
K. .1 lay, 1.. It. Ihdjiltte, Mrs, I.. B.
I.eljiltte. Mrs. M. berrlek, J. M. Dnimnt,
r, V, Kimnar. Mrs. W. Kaitllt.b. C, .
Knlk. F. t". Patter, (lea. Flester, NIra. Oeo.
Hester, Ms N. K. P.Hey, W. T. Frost.
w. 1. t-aniiaiiil. Mrs. w. J. UarlUalill,
ritnnley OimhI, V. E. lister, Mra. M. H.
Hnrt. R. ti. Ilcud. Mrs. R. , Head aad
Infant. Ir. . Ilerlwrt, Mrs. Ir. U. Her
bert, t. T. ilnlrf, Mrs. J. T. Hnt.l, Mr.
Henry H,4ines. Iti.M. Horner, Mrs. Ki.ht.
Horner. Miss Inns Jenkins, C. V. Kehnely.
Mrs. C. C. Kennedy. Jhs. Kennedy, Mrs.
A. 8. Knndsen, l. Kahalewaljt'. Lsrsen.
I. 41. I.efferts, Mrs. 1). C. Ilfert. K. II.
Iwls. Mrs. K. H. Lewis and Infnnt. W. J.
IJedermna. H-I.lpmsn. S. Lowenfeid. Mlsa
II. tnillnir,' MIss.M. A. Mncallster, R. Mas
culln. Miss I. Milan Mct'liesney. Ueo. M. K.
Mt'Clellau. Miss Alice Miicfarisne, J. Mo
Qneeiv. Clias. R. Mend. Ja-k Milton, Mr.
Jack Milton Mrs. Adeline Monk. Will T.
Montanniery. I.. K. Montross. MIsa Altda
A VI ..frlM. ,t, l.'A, Mj.Hth.iu UW
I Florence O IIITer. MIhs ttiisrl M. Offer,
1 If.... I,. tttm J IV . , . . I
B. Parker. Clsmle I. Pnrker. Miss O.
IVame. Mlsa Stella Pedm. Miss M. reepala,
Mrs. N. I'elliHiii, E. II. Pler, Mrs. K. H.
Pierce, Miss M. K. Pop.leton. Mr Mary
Keican. '. A. Itevo,,),)-. W. Itoelll. Mm.
I W. Hoeld. Henry Roth. W. Itothachlld,
'.Mrs. Wm. l(otuhUil. i. Rothwdt, Miss
' 1 . 1 1. I n. ., l
-t ,1 f . f-,t-uf.u, mm, 1 . r . cm ii, h, y . xi .
Hchwahaclier, ' Mrs. J. B. Hcbwabacher,
Miss l.plsnl Kcott, Y. Hhlbamlya, Miss
Metella HIinrt. T. B, mnck, Mrs. T. B.
Rmnck. II. I). I). rkmle, Mr K. B. 8oal,
Miss Vera PtorUcr. Miss Mwrr R. Htetsna,
Miss Vlrxlnls Konsa, O. II. Rwesey. Mlsa
llo Tins ml, Mrs. A. Tate. Master TSTern
ettc Mrs. TsreriH-tt. Mr A. Tbrmiss,
Mrs. Cbns. Vale. K. A. I'. Valentine. Mrs.
K. A. 1. Valentine, W. a. Van Antwerp,
K, Wakefield. Mrs. A: P. Wall. Mlsa Mate
V. Vanrterifrlft, Mlas I.. Warran, It. J.
Warren. John Waterliouss, Mrs, John
WsterhousH, II. O. Withers: If. R. Wot.-ott,
Theo. Wolff. A. M. AiHtflstcb, Mlsa NeUU
l.nnken. Mrs. A. H. Smith.
1 u.r .six. . .uumnr iniw Jsaiii, ..cioner
! K. P. tSlh-i.B. A. . .Horn, H. t"han.
Ml V. A pin. U. noorman. Mr Oeorae
Trlpit. V- K Kuniuirr and wire, H. Notluia.
W. P.- CriK-kett. A. i Htmna and -wife. 1.
K. China, Mis C. Cnrrslra, U. A. Albania,
H. Illr.imnf!. T. lists, 8. IsukL U To
hrluer, J. Nltta. (lal.rlel. .
Br str. Manna Kea for LiUialna and Ifllo,
(k, tuber 21 Miss V. iMwnanl. (ien. J. C.
: Mccarty. ' James Wakeneld. William II.
Mi-4'lellan. v. K, nol.nr. K. C. Poor, Mr.
I'limlns. A. Helner. J. V. Il.isel, ir. aad
Mrs. W. (. Honors, C. llenrlqnen. A. II.
carter. Mrs. A. w. Carter, Mlsa Mary
Si-lKK'ii. Sirs. M. KHtoen. II. 8. Koliertson,
Mlxs Mary IKcan; Mlsa V. Both ma 11. Colo
nel Hnht.ln. I "apt. Hurry Booth. H. Kldanil,
Mrs. II. U. WlaVley, T. Miyamoto, M.
Illnil Mlsa Koper. Mr Thorn sm PraU, Mrs.
I (l.irria. Jolia Kennedy.. Mr II. WihmI,
MIsh M. K. (Jiht, Mrs. Artbii Crenshaw.
! Mrs. M. E. Porter. O. A. Htulilr. Mrs.
: Am e. Mrs. J. O., tfa Kllva Mr. and Mrs.
t;:.rii.tii-ii. ,ir. au'V Mr Kotascnlld. II,
I'tHHN. M. Cota n. K, Ahu, ChaiiK Kau,
l l-.lli Diiek. T.ee Clian,u
By str KUsUf-a for Kons snd Kan,
(), t 21- II M.s.re. Mr. Barwb-k. K.,C.
S111I1I1. I.. !. Mrieoln, Mrs. A. Lewis Jr.,
Mr und Mr J. II. ParlM. Mrs. A. 8.
Il.-ik-r. Mr. an Mr W II. Bailey Jr.,
Mr. I. W. Tlioiiiiisoh. R. neiiilini.w. W.
II (i Artirinnna. fit. OnM, Mr. nail Mrs.
I W. M.liomin1!. Annie 'Cm I ho. JiiIIh Coer-
I,,.. MUs Wrlnlit. Mr. and Mrs. U. t.
Knnijiitl.n. MI-is Coxy Alna.
1 II,- -'ir. Mlkahnla for Msii( and Molokal,
i, t. A. P. Judil. Charles lianlels. Mrs.
Mnleh. Anirnst l.rrter Jr.. Mrs. Rinina
HiiHpiir ami two i-btldreu.- Miss Viola
Mntih. Mr. Nnkainoto.
By sir. Klnair for Kaiul, Oct. 2 Mrs.
.1 It l oney. Kid Hpltxer, 5. Kadaok. Tir.
VHii,,iialisrn Mr. Piikunaaa. H. W. Il,4mer.
I Sum Hue, Sam l-Uloba. Mm, Blumneld,
! Il! B. Piller. . W. N. Htawart, II. A.
Ilolelielt, l. r.. klaennachte, Harsh Kaleo
lisnliilii. Mr. aud Mr John l.ovell and
two Infill!" Y. Kawaaake, K. Hli.ure, T.
Shoi-e. Ii. Oht. ' -.'.-.
Br tr. Manna lia lor Kauai. Ortnlier
2V-Mr. ami Mrs A. . wlleox. Theodora
Itlelinr.ls, Rev. H. P. Jildil. A. Hoiixs.
Louis Pirelra, Mr. and Mra: M. J. 'feves,
mill two sous. Ptiilliarai Mr. and Mrs. Kwu
( I11K, llvii and ilaiialiter. A. Homer. W.
V. Stewart. Mr. lisle, J, Brooks Brown,
Mrs. T. J. Wynne. MIsm I Hcrttt. Mr H.T.
1 1 n rcl 11 y. Carl Hansen, R. B. A li rains, John
Nllscu. ' S
Bonolmn, October SB. 1017. "
Ifll I
Alex. 4 Baldwin, Ltd...
U. Brewer Co
K w risntstlon f. . ' , .
Haiku Huaar 4!.
Haw. Agnll. Co. , ,,,,,
Hawaiian C a. Co. ....
Hawaiian rtngar t:o. ....
Ilonnkas ana Co
Honoma Rusar Ce ., ,
Hatehlnana n(ar P. Co..
Kahukii Plant. ,o. . ..,
Kekaha Buxar Co .,,
Koioa Kmrar Co.
M.-Bryde. ng. Co., Ltd. ,
alu Hu. Co. ,
Olua Hu. Co., Ltd.
Onomea Hn. Co. ,'
Paanhan angwr plant 4
Paeinc Soa. Mill . ......
Paha Prautritton Co. . ..,
Peekao Huaar t'e, ,
Pioneer Mill Co
Man Carlos .Milling Co. ...
Wain lua Aarctl. Co
WaUoku usj. t o. .
Bndan Tve1. 0A. .'.'...,
an As fully paM!!T!!!
Hslka r ' A P. r, . ('.,.
Ilnw. Con. Ry. 7 A ....
inwH.i 1 air. nr. b..
Ilnw. Ton. Ry. Com
Hawaiian Rleetrle Co ....
Haw. Pineapple Co. ....
Hon. It. M. Co
Honolulu Uaa "o
M..K. k. T & 1. c
later llsn,l B. X. Co. ...
ami. rm. id.
Oalm R. Co., S...
Pa liana Kulilspr Co. ...
Hclsina rHmlinas. I'd. . ,
Hams ;, paid)
Tsnjong triak Itublier ..,
Beecs Wslk I. P. fii,.
Ilsu.akna Ditch Co. BsT.:.
Hsw. Cos. Ity.
riaw. irr. 10, Ha ,
Ma.w. Terr. 4 rrf., juon.,
Haw. Ter. 4 Pub. luip
Haw. (Tefi. pub. Imp. 4
-(sarins 1013.1.1)
Raw. Terrl V4.... ,
1 1 llo Ga Co., Ltd.,
Ilwrokaa Pui. Co.. 6't,..
Hm. Oaa Co. a.....,,,
Kanal By. Co., 6a ,.
Mano loin. DJst. Bu...
Meltryde Kiir. fo ba ...
Mutual Tel. S .
Oabu R. I.. Co., 3fc,,,
Oahu Kn. Co., ......
Olaa Hn. 4!.. .....
Par. O uano A P. CO.. 41a. ,
Pee. Has. Mill Co,, fja ..,
Ban Carlos MUllac, 0.
01 u,
' I
I 1
so "
4 4
' aWtwaam Vasuaa ....
Ews. Sl.m Wslalua. in, 73, 21.00.
. .. Boai4 SaJa ": - v . - ,
Pioneer, BO. 30, St M.1CT. ' .: .
Sugar Quotation! - .
. . '- K 1MT. ,
an snalyat iMeta IM adrtcost.
Coat ffor flawaflan snrara) .... jm '
, Babbc QboVaUoos . -
'. ' ': VXit. S4, 117. '
jnw Tovk , oa.uo
Hlaganoni . ..j.,.... ai.7Vft
. v 1 1 , i, ...
HsMlitil ITmm By v. S. Wwrat
NKW YORK. - OcttAMtr 20 Polfowkig
ar tha opanlnn and loaln quoutloa of
stocks In Ui New Iork market yesterday:
Araerfoan Rnaar Ref. . ....
American Beet ,
Assorlateil OU .it....':
Alaska (told .......
American locomotive . ...
Aumrlrsu Trl. a, T4. . .. .
A 111 rl. an Kmelter . ......
Anajrlean ntael Pdry. 4 ....
Anaconda Copper , .
Atchhuin Railway .
Baldwin Lovomotlva ....
Baltimore Ohio
iitUuleheu. 8ual "B" , ...
California Petroleum .
Central Leatiier , -i. ....
Cauailtan I'acthe . ........
C. M. a Paul
Colo, a'uel tt Iron. , ..,,..
Crucible Hteel .
Cuba). Huaar Can . ......,
Krb tomnm . ,.....
fioaeral Klwtrle . ........
Ueiierttl Motors tuew) . ...
Oreat Northern rfd. . ....
luutrnatiodal Piiimmt . .....
IndustrUI Aleohot
Kenneeott Coihhht . .,,..
IhlRh Valley Railroad . .
New ark Central .1 ,....;
PeBnsylvania .
Bay CnsolllaCi. .
Itea.lins vutniui
Itepiihlle Iron rtHniiMH , .
Xiiutltein rajiia
HtiKlelMiker .
Texas Oil ! ...............
I nlLed SUtra Rubber , ...
t'nion PactAc .
Pnlted Htatea, Rreei
ftah ...... 1. -.j
Westwm I'lUou
WestliiKliouse ,
Opew-1 Cloa
tuc I ln
14U V,
14M .
w ,
117 -
22 3
43W ..
rini.AnELPIHA, Oitobe'r 25 (As
sociiited Press) The general council of
the Kviiiitfelieal Lutheran church today
Une approvdl to a union with the i;en
rn I synod and United Syuod of tho
South uuder the general name of United
Lutheran Church of America.
"Bid , tKx Dlrldead. tUnopoted. y
a 11 r .,. .y
lowlna are th oiwnla and eioalua qua
full., us of sugar and other stocks la th
Han Francisco market yesterday:
1 1 .
Ilnw u Cum'l Hutcar ,
llHwailnn tuar ty. .
Huti klnson tHiwar Co. , , .
Oahu Hiupir Co. .
Houokna Huirar . ........
Olaa 8uear Co. , , .
OiH.uira Huaar Co. ,
1'iiHiiUau Sugar c. , ....
l-'iurels CopiHir
Kllaiien ,
1 1 1, 11, J ul u Pin at at km , ...
Honolulu (ill ; ..,....,.,
Quotations on the following New York
curb sl.M'ks. aa wirelessed to The Adver
tiser by Btonebam sV Co.. are:
Tiles- Weilnes-
lllir I elite . .:
liiiiuui Copper . . . .
I l oin KloHsom
leroiirt' erile . ....
.Ilin duller
Mollirl I. Hit' . ,
liny Hercules . ....
II,',., -lie Dills
It,' I'ollH.
Mil' i r Kins Cons. .
'l',,M,,,iih 1-IxteiiHt.in
'riiMlilinile .
Itt,'tiiii,ii,l Copper .
Kt-ir l.nke
II,-, In I nke
I ' I'.'H , 1 II II,
day tiny
I.HL'U, l.it't,
1.1 -jh i.iai,,
."n .Tk
a. .'.-
:i ihi
2 isi
.1 !l
4.M7U, 4S7V4
ft.ti J.NTi
d mi
Ortsav Uos
inc Ing
2o- Si
MVt 63
Bid tKs-IvMn4 ttinauotod.
Honolnlii; Oetoher 25, lt17..
1 t t
too . i I
i I r
lion. Con. Oil . ..... 4 20 4.25 4.10
Kngels Cotiper . 8 00 .12ix got)
Mineral Pr.Mlucta . . .OH .Iff . uu
Mountain King . ;.. .10 .i ,io
Mouiaua Blnaham .. ..HU .40 . ,:m
Mudera Milling,. ... ,m .3 yjja
Madera Oold, 250. X2c; Mineral Product
:i3o, tki Mouuua UigUau, Imu, sue, .
' t 1
f r.
h . - . . V ' .. .v. ,

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