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Visitors Will Arrive Jomorrm Engineers .Hav? Hukilau' Sundaly
. Sessions Open Monday and Continue Through Friday ;
i Englams, beifatt .4 migf -fcofl.
r ItotW stl part, of th lalaads wltt
ymiiig, tb etaU being the IHftk
Annual Con Tent Ion of th Mill
cinccra of tha Hawaliaa Ennnerl
Aaaooiatioa and . iba Annual Meetlaj
of the Uavaiiaa Cheatiata AiaociatiMi.
Both, bodiaa will bold thair Bifrtiaga ia
the Library of Hawaii, tba baaineaa
aeaaiona of both bring generally aev
arate , but ton of the eesaione at
wnieb mat tori of .auifuai iaterait wilt
be diarunard to bo jointly held. . Mow
any markt the opening of the two eon-
venlioni and mey will aoniiuae daily
to and through Friday, November 2,
.While tbe batrfimaa of the tveb eon
eattoai will not bepin until Monday
there mill be eometbing doing for tie
XI QI Kngiaeera ia advance. ' It will be
pleaaure before bnaineaa On? thia oeca
aioa ainre thoae who are to attend the
oo their band , - ' . . , :
Member of the engineering aoeia-
. tion and vbdtor ' wilt reftiater after,
theif arrival tomorrow at , the bead
quarters of the anaoeiatlon in room
, 802 of tbe MCaadleea Building -a ud
there will reaeite badesi and bo ""ri
lled of any ehangea in the prog.-aia,
i. i.i . w . -k. v. M. k. : ..u
ia unexpeetedL The- balaace ' of the
day they , will have to themselves. ... It
i expeeted that aioat of tam Will have
aome personal affairs wbieh, they- will
want to Wk: after and for whleh tbegr
will have Uttl time whea once the a-
tnal baaiaeas of the aoorenlialt haffina.
Sunday baa. been set for the annual
-plenie of the engineeriag asaooiatjon
and it ia to take the form of hnki
law at AVarimanalo . Beach. ' Automo-
ei);ht o'efock that asoraiag. Only tlie
men ara iavitedt to tbe pienitv or ha
kilaa aad they are advised to bring
their bathing suit and a amilev .Tbe
return trip t Hoaotulu. will be. made
in me anrrnoon. ' in ease taer anoual
be raial' or in ease the. roads to Wai
manalo should bo made bad by raia,
.1 - . . . .. 1 i
ui uer nnn(rnienis win oe announeen
bwt there ta to bo aometbiag ia tbe line
oi a pieuiQ aomewuciw la any event
and those' wbo attended the last year
piuniea on th beach, as good or batter l
tliaa aver hll l
SoadoBi Open Monday
- fjnglneor and chemists w
ill both I
i. o 'flock !
. roia onsines mietiucs at nuie
Monday morning. "Field Machinery
and "MiHiK" will U subjects of dis
russioa for tbe engineers and the client
1st' will receive reports on "Determi
Btioa of Clncos in Waste Molunees'
and on "Inversion Methods.
! ;
Immediately after these meetings the) I
' two bodies will meet tuvether ana nra. I
. . ... , - r. . j"- ,
vfx-u ig nsipnnu wnere iney wm II-
eet the uew mill of the Ouhu Sugar
, . Tuesday morning at half past eight
o'clock m ombtni'd' meeting will be
held, and there will be joint dlaruKsloa
-of report oa 'f Milling", and V'ir
loontV.. la Hie afternoon, another joint
, aession will be, held, the topic for dia
cusslon being "Evaporator Snd Fans!'
aaV "Clarification Method'; , Tht
amtsioa will assemble at half past om
o'clock. '-'''. - - - . i
Wednesday , momidg at half past
turo shown depicting the application
of ' electricity to the Biacbiuerr of the
Panama Canal, ! ..
Friday morning at half past eight
o'clock there will again bo a combined
elcbt o'clock tbe chemists and boUsss L Were the weather normal augar ahif-. ' . ''r"7 ! "or, auq are now ers, wm. b said land have tjoretorore
will meet and discuss "Glucose Deter- meats would by now be aoarlv cleared M'0 "dtivated by said sub tenant, , been au.l now are being furnished with
minatioa", and "Inversion Method", ap btit bcause. of tbe drought oa Ha- r""' lL ,,n,inu" eultivatiou a portion of the water In question for
Assembling again a i half past one. in wail the quantity wtill to b T shipped i. "e'eof; now therefore be it . y the purposes of, irrigation; now there-the-afternoon
the topic for considers- larger than normally at this season and Kolvej, oy the chamber of com- fore be it v v ..,"
tio. will' be "General Topica' and. that remaining sugar is coming J iu "L"','' of. V""' t.Lt th.l"n,on "Resolve,!, by theKauni chamber of
" Agricultural Chemistry,'', .lowly. Wb... it wiU be cleared ap. can ?' Bh ' ' 1 " h" t,,h"tB,U",U iat thfitf peuding th. ftual 'do--Thurrfay
ho chemist, and -sugar only be determined by when the raiile i" !' LI " "P,raUo"'"f ' f 'j .termination of th. rights, if any, of the
boiler will lave th.ir aww 3 . -... - . . ahovo referred to. continue to ....i 'tM A
the plan to be. later. anao.neod, - " i On its hurt voyage out of hero the J'"'1'1 ""f tk? ,nnt actual cul-.rMMl . u'lW roiiacmitis of opinion
At half past eight in the morning Wilbalmina took eiily about 20U0. ton. 'V., .ttu' ,'-!"" ,u"1f of this chamber, as well a th. major-
the ongiueers wiU meet aud - diseuan of sugar and none of this for the Ba- ""7 fro'" ,b ..f'i f." ity of the people of the 1Uad of Kauai,
"Klectricity" aad "Mill Btaiidard'. gar Factors Company. This .bow. .0 t " r ? v . i i .."i".!"""- 'Y'.'tliat no riht of way should be granted
,At eight o'rioct Thrafay eveuing iritiou fairly clearly. -With more than "w?;,:,, .J'e. ,v" i - i'" aeros t he lands of llauapepe iu que.
there will be another combined meeting 30,001) tons still to be shipped U would .,"' i 'tl 1 . re!,0)ullon b tiun unless there is connected therewith
and a leeture, illustrated by atereopti- be cxpeited a larger sugar cargo would .''".i, """.ute" of ;'' meet; the following, among other, provisions
ton views, will bo delivered by B, have been ready for her. The Factors i"A i 1 , eVT . ' () that the said Territory, by
Franklin Howland on Dry Bot in .'Tim. , Company in waUU.g adVicea from its ,iT"l'w'm,MM'nn grunting .a 1 4 ditch right, does' not
ber". There wiU also.be moviuir ma- varioaa Blaaitatiau ..a to hovs much J V ry of Hawal." .:-i i ".lvrt " v ri,llt it ' hereafter
:"Bugarroom, Machinery" and " Curing iiiniris about 22,000 tons it i estimated.
-Sa4 ..Marketing'. '. I j .,-. ;;.;',.iTo) this must be added from 7000 to
Election, an4 Banquet . . .110,000 ton of witside stigar that ttfll
la the lounging room pf the Cummer- ha' mYk!, TU1. l
clal Club thi Ilawaliaa Kngineeriiig dV that there 1 st.ll on hamt. either
AUwii.ti. ,ni ik. . in c4nf to tw saaarr mostly in cane,
w,.. - vr mi"'" i'cihk
ing at half past six in the evening,
when report, of tbe president, secre
tare and treasurer will bo presented
and officer for th. ensuing year will
be wleeted. '
The two conventions will close with
the eoiuliinad annual dinuur which will
W le.f l Uf CWuerrUl Club at Ulf
. ; 1
Aopitro iU te aa followa: ri'
"(caral Topira," F. T. Dillingham.,-.
;,Ajtfiultura aot Chemiatry," 1 D. '
Larnpq aad ('C, Jama. ;
4'Corn taj Marhia8,' - L. W. '
Ho war it
"bugsrhouso Bala are,'1 (i
H. Hal
"Inversioa Methods," AV. R. McAl
lep, n. B. Walker and O. H. HaMea. -"MilHag,"
Alfred Krafft. i
"f-ireroom tfllcieaey," P. W. Ahtow.
Uvaporatio an4 nugar . Boiling,")
O. tilsrometti. ..... . I
"ClaJ-iflratUin and Filtration," 8. B.
Peek. . ; . I
"6lue,one Doterminttiona," Dr. S. B.
Norris. : ; j
Papara of Baginaen ,
Assignments of' topics for papers by '
the . MIU . Kngitisera baa - beea aa ful-
Iwaraf '
i ' Kiall Machinery, " J. A. Oibb. i
"MilUag," A:. Kiuaey. , ..
'Fireroom,'. X A-,Cibh.
, Kvaporation,?,',. Ueorge Duncan.
Thomas. Murray - V ',v. r
'letrititv,' IL E. HaEhes.
. Fob the : ibaeumioa of Standard -Mill
Equipment',' no- paper has been
prepared, but the disensaien will be rn
charire of R. Benton .Iliad. ' i
SeaaioBS Highly BeneflciaX - ' f f
. "Mocb. Importance attaches to these
annual ' meeting and conventions Of
the mill engineers, eheinista ami sugar
boilers aad this year -greater geod than.
e"tr V'fOre is expectel iq esult foM
tire combing 'and joining' of the tww
associations' in aeveral aeysians.for the
general . d'erusalon of subjects which .
are' of mutual iateroiit. '' fjacb yeaf has
shown a broadening out of the work
done' and the tuhjeeta' considered ami
tbe diMcv.ion of sui-h subject a are
assigned or arise in connection with
anmgned subjects. - ' - . : - v
Not only do the meetings broade.
the vlows and the experience of tbe
englnees, chemints snd boilers who at
tend aad make thetn more valuable fcn
the profession which they have under
taken aad to thnn)e've, but primarily I
th's ad van' ages come to the augar eora
pnnies. where these mew are able to
apply and to put la -operation - tlie .
aietlia.1 aad praetiees which - others '
have- tritxl and proved of value ami
which wins the aiiiirovah of tboee in i
attendance at the convention,: -. Toe
I delegated re able to see whoro aiia- j
Itkkea have ttecn made, nerhana. 1 on
their own plantations and ia their own
mills and to apply the experience qf
otners to iinir own worn. ...... i
This the planters appreciate and
they are contributing ulwrally to the
meeting of the expensns of the convea-
tions aad iu some instance of tbe del-
f gates. - - ' i
Perntaige Remaiwnri On Hand
U iSiih. IKaua StJLK e.c.
H Much Above N(rna and
Uncertain When Cleaned Up
augar each ha sliU unshipped anil
w4ien such suimr will he readv for shio-
Riant, where it is possible to determine
.that quest ion. There has been only
about M)io tons of factor : sugar
Hiuimi unit mourn aai -voerv stiii io-
about- .WKM ton. ef . the crop-of the
proseut yeiw.
If fOU WiU leave your OrdW f Or nib-
Der sxanip at in Advertiser omc DO
for anon today they will bo toady for
- dellverr tomorrow.
- . rUK I HtK U LLAY tli
nimviiM ts.
VIEW and old methods arc
is one of the old types of locomotive, one of the ol lest still in operation in the Islands. It is pf a
tvpe brought here in the 70s but is still useful and is in use on the Waimanalo plantation as U also
one of a similar type but smaller size. li.,H'iA:.i;-:.l'' ? 'I. .'v :-
. aif t4""Vi-'
i i
- i
Kaiiai Chimber' of
Resolutions. Are Passed Unan
imously On Homesteading and
Water Bights ot Interest To
Island Sugar Industry
- '' '
Homesteading and water rights, mat
ters which arc of much interest to the
sugr industry of th Inluuds In the
light in which thoy were considered,
were chief matters of business beforo
the Kauai p-hiimlcr of couiuiorce at it
meeting us Otoler IK, according to re
ports received from the Garden lsluod.
Two resolution on tbe subjevt were
pUHNc.l without a diiuenting vote. TUe
resolutiouH tvere sd follows; (
' whereas, icrtuiu leaden of the wet.
lamia of the I)itriets of llauapepe aud
vaiinou, lounty f-t Kanui, will expire
on or atiout December 27, 1917 and V
"Whcrean. sales of leaae thereof
'hae heretofore heea poetponetl ; and t
' " Whei-etiN, further, It is the CQiiserwus
of opinion of this chamber aad of the
people of the Inland of Kauni goncrnlly
,th"t -houia be kept in-eoa-
t'nu."u -"'"""i-n for the purposet of
iouh ronservauon ; ana . . . i ..
"Whereas, also, said land have been
hereti fore cultivated by sub tenants of
i .
'hell t7r.itorU' ,,v,.r"m,",t
enfn, : :ril,;
purpose It permi lair' th touuMrtrt
It... ' t IIJ?,&1
and ',' 'T"
i " Whereas, it
k. i.t.
rhiimlier that the Territory of Hawaii
. . - - - .
hits certain rights of, in and to said
water, which said rt;ht, if any,
have not heretofore been adjudieutoU
or CMtsUUIied by law: and .
"Wherens certain individuals, under
and I'V vicl.ie itf fliu ...w.i.i.tna .C Mni
tion 7 ) of the Organic Act nf the Ter
ril.i.v .if Hawaii, hsve am.Ke.l for the-
entry und opening of certniu upper
lauds uf said lluuaneii as homestead-
. i , ..I ' '
contrasted in these pictures. 1 Above
tin Jr. . C.U O.I..
;itv-'r--'V '
, : ' ' ' r ' i
t-. " t
sv;?:1:'. -
r t - , i ) y
', -
an.l (I.) that the purchaser of ml ditch
l? ' TP Ma of this Island we're: no7 out. with
,m'ifnt " I ny praposltiun to'U.old up" any one,
rate to be mutually agreed up Mii.nt were ...ir.lv o,.t to ,L..,.thM
' Pchaser, pros,;efftit hoiawtead I
Mrm nn.l frl. a -..,,( A.iul iivnrhiii..it 1 Audi
":.- .-
w lb . ui I nr.
, . .(.:: '
"Resolved, that this resolution
be nut-end uuwii the . minutes of
this meeting and certified copies thore
cf be seut to the .Governor ami land
coiiiiniHsioiier o( th Territory of Ho
wnli." - ;- ' v . - .' ,
Tl'o ire-.idnnt eaDa.1 for disenrwion.
anJ .Mr Pa'terson took the floor and
went into the evident policy of the
Drcseut admiiiiiittation ia regard to
: r - ' 1
is-shown the CaterDillar trac
homesteading, stating that it w-as very
evident that there wa intentional de
lay ia opeiiiug lauds thnt under the Or
ffiifc Act aeie.derignated for tliis pur
pose,' and should b. made available im
imwlintoly on the expiration of the
leases. In his opinion the citizen de
iiing hciui'Btends should take proceed -li'gn
-to eompel the immediate opening
of tlies- lnnilfi. ' In his opinion te eiti--ns
in this case should first ge their
land and then open negotiation! with
the parties iiiterertcd in seruting a
right of way for dithches, so forth.
Not To Gtop Flow .
Mr. Knmdlient aaid that he Wanted
to stutc. at this time that there was no
..... ....v., ui mi. Ml i VJ I CUUri IUO
. handier of commewe or the general
public of this Island to stop the flow of
' Hter In the dU.-hes cr nuected with this
lend for ..... mln.,1.. . ...
i ii tendon on the I art
of Cither the
Hter In the d.t.-hes . nuerted with this
land for one minute- tl.nt H.a i eo-
r ;(thi , an j demnnd' an equitable return'
... . . . ".
vn u.-i ie roncesMions that .the
i vv.rmvr ripiisru 10 sen, nni inm
tli, HU , iM. i the
tl h .. . - 11 i,
fuo. products by reason of these lands'
4 awaBBBakl
r muliii'ig id'e, it wouli be ent'rely the. Thore is nothing so good for inusi-u
(veriiinent eWclsIs, III w;hoe ImnJs !n' rhenmnisiii, . sirnio, Innieees.
,the lininest. ad;ng of pn'ilio lands was,
who would be responsible. "
.irr-r rnrtiier rt-wu-slon ly various
members the president tint the mi stion
nnd' the rc.olutious were pu.nxl unani-
' ' ti. f.
T CRMf Dim CAlie CIlPAD'IlCnninP! m
UUIIIL llnlll I nLLO . MuuUnll ULnULUUIl III
Hamakfja Milt ' Has ' Report V
Break In Drought But Other
- Plantations Are Silent.,
... i..-r- -:;
Ileporis of some good rain on, the ,
Hamsku coast of Hawaii have been.
two me..,gc. t t pt
and Company and told of" regular aoh- j
ing rs ins on two of the plantatinna for
which the company Is agent. .One of
these wfreleaa mosaage -was moit ea
conrngiag for It reported rain, drought
broVen and 'Still raining. V
Uow genoral ware, the rslss on the
Hamakun coast 'and- whether they pre
vailed in North Hilo and North Kohala
is not Known.' Roh&cfer A Company
hna rot l'i ad-'-M-d of any ruins at
Pacific Mill or Honokaa and Brewer
A Company' hove bo advices of rain at
pern-plieo. . From all of these plantar
tion ndvieeo weio to be sent as soon
ns there is tain. - On the latter planta
tion they are waiting for water to
flume-the can from eighty acre to
the mill, for grinding and it m expect
ed thrt the prolnct from tboee fields
will be shout, 400. tons. Aeeording to
lust " week, 'a . government . weather re
port, there - we.' n raia at Pepeekeo
p to Thursday last, ' However, the
rajr reported to Dwvtes k ComrmSy
oenurred this week. From Hilo come,
reports of good- soaking rains there.'
M.ul BtlU Dry "',4
. No reports of twiwfall of Import'nro'
heve been, rrcetved from Mam and the
assnmntinn is that the' drought there
remains prac:lcaHy unbroken though in
mini uimritB.urni wu mui nwui,
Inst week, according to the government
reports. 'w . V(.., i ; ,
Demte th Indications on this Is-
Inn4 that t rainy, seaaon ii at hart
and -the satisfactory rainfall there ha
been here, the . protracted drought on .
Hawaii and on Jtsoi ha run Inter than
did the historic drought of 190L That
dry spell brok on October ' 20. v A
heavy shower or- twa bow might d.
more harm- tbaa aond.
washing nmf
th psramtoa thM kin the ogga or the Cohi ron; , the ffom, 2sm to
leaf hopper. -What in newded aow- 1-woofl to who make
sjepdv downpoor tlm will -.aturnto iW,tn,te. Prominent reflnera here
the .faith, net a ,.Vdden and violent , . t fi whe ,ly
storm ..th .heiivT reeipitauoa ad in,nti rato stick to the form
followed by-hriobt-aunahlne. -; t "Mt)r,f,
OUa BtUS Haadleappad ; . : V j "'Abont im tons of Cuba have lato
'Ifii 'adTlceh of rain have Wen re- r ; bee sold to nctitml cowntric at
eeived by the ageney ol the Olaa plan-, nbont 5.W) cents F. O. B. Cuba, but
tation and thSt company is still hsndi-1 resSiire 5s b'eiria; 'lirougnt to bear on
eapper on grinding, 'unable' to- flume -J the Cnhsn antborities to prevent any
much of-If cane to tbe mill and grind-j more Iruch sales and as the. Louisiana
ing only topart capacity. .'. - - . ( I and 'beet '.ngnr hnrvesting seaaon will
l(criment reports, however; told of ' soon tie In full awne". the obstinate Cu
good rain., though still below the' nor-i'i bans Vi'l soon be between the devil
mat on the. aoarkerly end of the. Island. I Bnd the deod sea, so to speak, for even
It save, the following report of rain- tcsnadian refiners hnve been persuaded
falls on Hawaii aad Maui by stations -f rense their purchnses of these u
reportingt -'; . f:.. i,( ' ; ' (gars, - , ..'."'''.
Islaod of Hawaii ' ! ' ' ' , " Referring to the reported move
Punkeo" Rnnch (1 Korth Kohala 0.10 Went of Jsvas of which we wrote last
Kohala . MiU ( ) North Kohala "" '. K avlne from the Far Fjist throw
Report not received
Kolmla Mission (19) North Kohala
10 North Kohala ,
Ni'uiii Vl)V North ' Kohala
Bouokaa (17),'lCumakua .
Panuhau (VI), Haatakua .'.
Ookala (18). North lUlo ...
Honohina 117), 'North Hilo
Honomn (18), Koutb Hilo
Pcpcekao (1), South Hilo .....
Papaikou (18), Bouth, Uilo .....
Hilo (18), Houth Hilo. ..........
Pouahawal (17) Houth Hilo .....
Clcnwood (18), Puna
Kapoho (18), Puna
Volfano Observatory (17), Kau.
Pnhnla (17), Kau
Koalakekua (18), South Kooa ..
Island of Maui'
Kannapali (1H), I.ahnnia ........
AVailuhu Wailukn
Haiku Exp. citation (18), Makawao
- In recpooee -to" a- tele-graph' message
from the-Honolulu Iron -Works, I D,
Deiaitte of Han Francisco and Paris,
bus, arrived here to demonstrate the
possibilities of hi method of manu
fartnring fuel gas from petrol.' Tests
are to be made, at one at the Oahu
Plantation with . machinery bronghi
along by Mr. DeLaitte, and if success'
ful, it is possible that Hawaii's plaiv
tatfons will be able to save very
considerable amounts In their fuel by
the installation of the special machin
ery. ' - - - i i ' . ,
The acreage planted to beet ia Col
rudo is put at 183,000 this year. Last
- 'i. All AV fBBJL 1 -
" ....
n'' b... 'UgM !"?'
!f ov' ba'1
ftI"4' H UP '"""
I output, The Great
'r"r. " "'- nig ioungc
l"U, poriflr, are
unco th shortage
ft"V "V " P 'omewnere to lari year
"MW. The Great Western HugKj-
CPW reports that the eondh
J U"M .-lrthera Colorado break U
P-vious re.ords and other com-
!. "' reports But long
amt.siniiiH Pi fm not AvnufAd
.---r--- - r-
. , . ,
, nuiiiH'i h ..fi.. i m i .u..... .
era nips, of the muscle, bruises and ll'to
. injuries " As' Clinniberlfiin ' Puln r..i'"i,
It 'will etreet a cure iu. less time than
ur other re-tnient Fos sn'e all ilealeai
Ik'ns.m, Smith A . Co. Lt.L AcU for
i Hawaii. Advcrtlsatnent.
. j i ., , . ), . ...
of UN JnirJr-i llhfilll I K
'i : 'v.,' ;
iis n!ise.To Se! and Mar-
keLstcps ADSQiuieiy ror;
First Tirc fn Years
Sellers deter MiMEa
Whctv Louisiana and Beet Crops '
. fitma. lr . niff ornnt tiitiin.
. vvlibu (II' WH l VII , w V" w
, , , tion Is Expected . 1 ,
.' Deadiock' that l praetiealty absolute
in th. New York buga market i re
ported to one of , the large local sugar
I agencies from it Nw York represen
tative in, a letter on mo jsmw xora
sugar situation which was mailed 1 un
der! date of October" 1. This repre
sent stive believed the deadlock would
bo, .broken before ; a- great while ai.i
Ton! IQ VHC cnu mv vu","
would' be the sufferers fo thoir stub-'
boradess and the telegraphic advices,
since the data of tUe letter, indicate
that ha wns right; The' assertion of
President Menocal .that he will check
sugar hoarding and see that the Unit
ed Ratea get its supply near aim
' The deadlocV on sugar which had
then existed for abont two weeka, is
avldeattv ' the - lflrirest : iiartieipating
' ,, th mnir ihnrtaire that
gpfonched- famine proportion with
tne tail trade to iNew xorK. . ino lei-
,fr says: '
lv c Another' week' ."llaai" gone by, this
Um .i,hm,t B j). Mi. 0f suear to
be recorded. W have to go back year.
to 8nd a pnrnllel and then many years
more than that for a prior record of
ta anm Und There are hovers of
course t 57 cents C F. but sell
er -will not permit the deadlock to be
i irhe oimnfitv of unsold sugar in
""" i -
clnim"! ttie srenmers cannoi ye. uu
o.u pwi- , ' , .
0.03 "Thore Is only one central now op-
o!"2 crating in Cuba, the plant J.uc.ia,
0.07 Ohich, 'owing 4o! peculiar local eondi-
O.tH tiopii, always grinds long after the oth-
0.08 r have Hoscwl down.
0.6.1 Banned 8uv,ftf Scarce
0.0) "Refined Hugar Is getting scarcer
O.tO every flay, but' whether our coffee and
0.03 tea will have to iro without -weetening
0.1l'tiJl rcmsins to be seen. It is hoped
O.M thnt the urgent annual to eoonomixo
1.03 mny enshle the distrihntors to spin out
0. 49 the pdmittedlv scant supply until the
1. fll i I fwilntann and' beet sups' come in to
8.58 relieve.' the situation. The American,
j National and Arbnekle refineries quote
Olfl M"i cents. The Fedem) ani Warner
n o, o tl nut of tlie matket. The.eloing
(down of the big Havermever A Klder
reftnev in Brooklyn. oitonsihlv-In order
to overhaul maeDinerv, is Denevm
be more directly due to senrcity of raw
ragox. bti in "y event. i is nrobob'y
a esse of killing two birds with one
stone.' . '
' 8T. j-OUIS,, October 85 (Associa
ted Press) The member of the con
gresaionai delegation bound for Hawaii
were the guests today ot a patriotic
luncheon given by the chamber of com
merce,' . . . '
BAJ FBANCISOO, Oct 18 Tt is said
to be the intention of the British au
thorities to draw up. a schedule of sea-.niep's-
wages which will be uniform
throughout the Vnlted Kingdom. The
Idea has been elaborated by the Min
istry of Shipping, and very shortly
shipowners will receive a acalo to which
they will be asked to give their sanc
tion to. This sralo will embrace sea
men, Bremen, stewards, cooks and bak-
j-ers, and' Will apply to liners aa well as
i Ithuio hIiiuh. At the prosent time there
' ?e ditTeront rates at different ports,
which has given rise to oomo little diffl-
ewltlcs.v (t is understood that u is not
1 1 ho- iiiknitinn of the authoritie to ap
uly the' urluuii.lo to alili).' offlcers at
'present.. ' ' "

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