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HAWAIIAN flAZP.TTF.. rRH)K OCTOnrn.' V t$EM1 VF.T-KTtV. ,j , ' m-
I u
'w 1.
Will Be Onfy for Non-CbiTunis-
- turned Men of Regular and
Y'-Naflontf' Armies' and National
' :Guint;:V : ? .
Those Who pa$s witt .,
to 66 fengibleljpticants7 Musi
;Be Between' twenty-one apd
' Thifty'one',c Married Or Sinfcjle
- i' i : , i . t . 1 f. '. r"'.. .-V r !
Offichtl notification haa beea received
bf the dale eel tr" diA opening of the
third briny training camp for officers
in ilaAuii, which, fa January fl, ' T;hl
cainp nitl be open, only for. non-com
. missioned men fWtrti lh regular Army,
: the tniMonal gnard, He National Array
" aud. eeriam designated, military schools
' VTho ho pnn . through tbia, third
training rmp successfully wilt be com
1 missitmiid As aVrofid : ; lieutenAnt i a
yecancles pcetir ln that grade in JtU
.three branches of trie army service. ! .
The , number to . be admitted to Jth
Oahu camp has Dot been specified, put
the war department nn ere to put
is to intensive training for eeminisswim
".frtrhi the rRufartK natioKal crmffj had
rational Army m total, of 4UO inea
' Aaaociated I'reaa.. dexpateaea of aal
night atate that from the regalara iril
e to Inn for training aeventeen ttier
from . every thoufcand lit the rank a
which vronld jrive Oaho approximately
two hundred. Added to tbeae would b
rvndiHatea frow the National OnarA '
Haali No Hawniiah achool ii ! In-
eluded la the ViMt from which eligible
can o veitrfleit. ' ,
' Ta ba ', eligible, the ann-eom imiat
be between twetity-one and thirty-
ore year rM on the ay toe camp
oix'Ds. . A))if;nnia may be married m
unmarried, hut the preference will b-
(rf-en (be bachclo'ra. other ttiinga bojnp
enuai, - jvo arip'iratlone reeeived after
VWmlwr t, l(Ml, Will be eonaidered.
Arinestioiii of EnUsted Men .
The commanding general bl each
roalar army, national frnard, ad,a
tional Army division will at one ia
form tho enliated men of hia tonmaad
of the fat that, tho achool i to! be
held and that if they ao 4caire ey
are atirnonxed ttf apply , to attend, ,atd
thrt thrtr application mnat be avbrait
ted to. their immediate commanding ,of-
flver before . Deeember 1. From .thjw
appiiratioua the company or other, unit
roinm.inder will earefully aeleet thoae
. ut tne mont ilcaorvmg men not to ex
eped in number ten percent of the pn
listed etrength Of th,e.vorgaiaationr tht
age limrta to bo 2 to 40 yearn. Thew
.Applicationa will be forwar lcd thrqiifrj
the naual ehannotn to ' f Kei diviiuon earn
mender, who trill rail a board of three
regular army or national guard omrerr
to eonider all applications and anlee
and designate the men to attend. Shouli
the, application, of aal'man be disap
proved by any Intermediate aathoritj
brfore reaching the division command,
et It win not be considered by ht
lmard. In selecting men to attend the
board wiT be guided by the following
conmacrswons: , ' .
Character of the applicant aa regards
Conduct, Ipatlcrsbip, , ability to learn
qhirVly', wHIity to (nJtrnc.t ethers? gen
eral suitability; that Is, military 4p
pcarance, .etc
Oeneral Wtaaer'a Orflsr
General Wlnser, ileptwtment com
mander will inform ' the . commanding
ofticers of organisations ia hia depart
meat of the scheme of, training schopl.
anthoriscd and direct them to submit
the namea of enlisted men between the
a:;es of twenty one and forty reeom
mcmied for attendance, the numbet
.they recommend not to exceed 1.7 per
cent of the enlisted strength of the pr
gHni.ation; any fraction to be regarde
ms one. Recruiting officers will send,t
the department commander tho name
of members of their recruiting partie
who are recommended by them to at
tend, and the department eotnmandei
will select not to exceed .7 percent ,o.
the, iota) number of men on recruiting
duty in the dopurtmcot from, those rfr
ommendea. ,
Graduates of tho institutions listed
if selected to attend, will be required
nn reporting at the school, to ealls
for the duration of the war. If affe'
completing the three ; months' coiir
they are not recommended for commas
sio they will be required to remain ,ir
servio . and finish their eolistment
While students they will resolve the
pay and allowances of privates, first
class; this wilj be about H0 per montl
plus food, slothing,;' and quarters.
PAKIS, October 10 ( Associated
iresa)-rOne of the most apectacujur
encapea of prisoner of war recently e
eurred on the Balouika front where four
French soldiers who bad been taken
prisoners by the Bulgarians were car
ried back to their pwa liss in air
planes. After their capture the four
men were tightly bound but their eap
tors forgot to search thoin. During the
night one of the men succeeded in free
inu hiinutl ivifrk him nrtl.t L .11. m.A
ho tberl librted bis thref (eoniradel
1'he mrd idllded tk uatriu iwl fluI
into the woods. For three weeks they
hni tnemseives, living on wild berries
Finally they sighted., French air
ulune and after rttnmmiaA alivnnU
reeded in attracting the attention of
ine aviHior. wao made .a landing not
fi r from where the man van fclHiun
Tlicy explained their plight and the
svliitor naked them to wait until ha n.
turned. A few -hours lntdr he eame
I n, I HJh thre other biscliinoa and all
- fur prliwiners were carried buck, to the
French liui-s.
First Issue Wat Issued Last
Monday From Mimeograph
i 4
Printing Pres
rspaiVo'u. School, Ive mllea north ot ,
Hilo and the biggest achool In the Big
I. anrt o s rte of the eonntr ",
self, has Joined the ranka of tne pun-
lie or crnvrrnment schools havinff
or government schools having a,
regtilnr publication. V. A Carvalho
Is priaclpal of this school. The first
number of the "Vapaikoti School
New " ' leaned front the iln
graph iress of the institotloa last Mn
tyt copies arriving in Honolulu y the
Mann Kea yesterday, i'; . 1
Vps is whet"-, the. ' Fapaikou
SehooL New" had to any in ita .first
tsaoe:'- ,
Our nehool pepeir greet yon! It 1
published by the pupil of the achool,
the 4itor being chosen from the five
upper grade, ft is our first attempt
at 'Joarnalism' aad we have much to
learn. To learn, however, U yost what
we want to do. Read the 'News', tell
.il... rik.l... .. n IA. 1. a. a.I
then hflp them make the neit lasn
belter atill. . . -
"The Papalkoo School Is the larg
est renntry school on this island.' It
has fifteen teachers, fourteen class
rooms, and an enrollment of over 600
pupils. There are eighty-three'' popil
in the gram mat grade.
StM !Tfn School Oarden
"Nearly e Very achool ia the district
haft ft Own school garden. V have
ine of the largest achool garden of
feast Hawaii. It 1 located back of
-he school and comprises more than an
icre of ' ground. , Twenty-aeven ,boy
work In. this garden. Home of the crop
planted , before vacation have . been
harvested. About two hundred pound
if bens And some corn were obtain,
d. . The' garden now contains beans,
-weet : potatoea . and taro . -and other
, "Herbert Hoover, the government
food administrator, baka every one to
cut down the. amount of sugar used.
This, .saving' of sugar la , necessary la
order to prevent a sugar famine. W
can help bv eating lesa candy.-.., '
v.-"On Octobcr(ll,iCapt. William Mat
ton, president of the Mat son Hteam
ship Company, died. .His boata are
One of the chief meant of transport.
Hon between Hawaii and the Pacific
Coast. , , ',x -.
V The seventh and eighth grade
live been holding a discussion to
how the speaking of foreign language
tn the piny ground can be stopped,
"omi thought signs saying 'Speak Eng
lish should be put up on the grounds,
itlu-rs , thought . pupil breaking the
ule should be, arrested, kept after
tcho-)! and be required, to pull weed,
.nd so on. 1iat do you think about
ti - '.;' ' '' ""' '"
"'Tktt girls in this achool admire
Betsy lto. Tbey, have been trying
follow jn her footsteps, not by mak
ng a, .'Injj-,' but by mending the one we
have. .
flunk at 'Old Glory' waving above
p. Whrtever ita material may be,
t matter not. Our Flag standa for
ill thnt is noble. .
'Every Wednesday is 'sewing day,
the girla are doing war relief work
oow. Rome make bed shoes, aome
Sandages, other knit, and the. third
;rade girls -are making fracture-pit
ows. ine pen-shoes are used over
baridaged feot. The bandages are mnde
r gaaze and have to be carefully
lone. There must be no threads left
m them or on the edges. These threads
irawa front the. bandages are used to
laake piUowa. Home of the girla are
tnitting wash-elutha. which are put ia
ne Houiters' kits..
"There is eookina department in
the I'apaikou School. .Good five-cent
unrkes are prepared . and aerved. The
rir Is from the fourth to. the sixth
jraJes spend tb middle period in the
utclicn. In the aftern ln. the irirls of
he five upper gradea ensemble. Un
lr the direction ot. Mine Katnakawi
roole, they copy recipes which are cx
laiaed to them. They learn how to
are for tho kitchen, why coking is
lecewtary, and study different kinds
f food to leara their value.
"Well-bred ducka walk In a row.
ftraight ono behind the! other. Why
ot iry to follow the eood example of
'.hr dueks when entering echxiol in a
'f ' ' : ', . 7
, -.'. , mJ. ,
LONDON. October 10r-fAsaociated
Press) One million, two baadred and
fifty-six thousand women are today do
ing woik in Kngland wbich was done
rormeriy Dy.nien who nave joined the
rmy or been et free for other form
r war service. The 11 mi res are taken
from the latest official report of the in-
1..... -I -I t i a . . . r ...
juHinat uraucn or ine ooard or trade.
Keiduoeraent of men by women lias
een moat successful, says the report,
a goveromem services, in banking, and
in transportation. . In,' government es-
'ttuiisnnienta, aside from the civil ser
vice and local aoverument. the number
if women employed prior to the war
was uuus now it I IU8.000. In the
lMl aervtae and local .government,
wnen employe uave Increased by 1411,
)00 and 1$4,000 mon have been re
v. I he board of trade , reports show
that there re now 4,538,000 women
tnd girls employed in the ttlussifled
Iradea under it Jurisdiction. This
loes aot include,, domestic servants,
women employed til small workshops,
nd Women employed 6n farms; nor
loes it include women at work in mili
tary, naval and Ked Cross liospituls,
..- I. i .. i ,.
Why jet the hlldern rack thir little
'Mies In such a diHtrewiiiig manner
irhen you can no easily cure their colds
wun a uottie or niamborluin ' t ough
ueined.vi or aalo by dVnl.-r. Iteiisu-i,
" H
Biinth to, Ltd. Agts. for Hawaii.
I Advertiscmuut. , .
. ' ''.'. ', '
Beys Join RanM of Purchasers
of Liberty Bonds and Are .
' 'A Proud of It
, lolanl prides itself on being a thor
onghly American institution. Ita la
atruetor. ate all American, and It.
11 I a . . I.
. . . L -
ViVen T L Ja ""Jr rcsjioa la waging war on vice and tah
fawan to become eitirens worthy, of, , . , . . . .. . .
Hawaii to beenma xi(ina fcnrfnv
the rand In which they live And the on
I hey love.
At time such as this when feeling
runa high, when the spirit of loyalty
and pnlrfotism is expected of alt, lolanl
is not lacking. The school baa voluh
nHly bought two fifty-dollar tUwity
Bond, one of which has beea given by
the Junlrr.elass alone. These bonds are
given to the school to be used at ame
fnture time for the benefit of ithe
school. . , . . j
loliirt Largely Attended ".
Although Ht. Andrew's Prlbrv has'a
Isrgi r enrollment of boarders, lolanl la
the largest of the cathedral schools
boarders and day scholars. The present
"- ver two hnndrcd.
.-BeaWe the grammar denartn
artment, of
ono hnrtdred and fifty boja, there ie a
four-rear high schiol course with , an
ehrfdlment of over fifty. ' j',.
,. A evil ool paper is how well nmler
r)y. th first issue of which I expect
ed to bo out by the first of the month.
This papet 4s to be gotten up by Ithe
boy of the seventh and eighth crades
and b'Kn achool. The boys of the cora-
mercinl deinrf ment will do the pnb
Kshing by" the aid of the mimeograph,
which. 4t is hoped, will make the eonrse
Of. Instrnctron offered fuller; indi of
mere practical value. ' j
. or , the value of discipline and
proniptnexa. In obedience a limited
amount or drill for the boarder ha
been introduced, at Iolani. Exercise
are given In the morning when ithe
Flag is raixed and . again at, sunset
Hhen.lt Is lowered. - . .
Taught to rer th tlag ' - I
. The students of the cathedral schools
Are taognt by. their warden, the bishop.
to reverence. he Flag. Their eyes
catch the gleam of Its silken foliufrom
the cathedral chancel both Morning And
night and deep in their hearts ainkthe
prayers of people who will yet giv to
the world a larger and a truer liberty
, Every lfriday night there ia a lecture
illustrated bv slides, or an entertain
ment of aome kind given by the pupils
Of the ITiory or Iolani. .These are held
in the Paries' Memorial Hall. ' ; .
'. 1-ast Friday the Junior class i of
Iolani held a debate on "International
Arbitration." It was carried out with
great credit by Arthur Ching, T. Hal-
naka aad Chung Wal on the affirmative,
and Yonlilo Kuromoto, Lum Dip aad Jo
se-nh K.. 1-ee on
the negative. : The
jndgee-jeclaied that the alBrmutjvc
hnd won. ; , . (
The judges were Miss J. Maddison
lUv.Csitoi William - Ae.lt, and-T. K
Hinckley. . - :-, ,
At this entertainment exee'lont music
eds reitt-rd y tho! Idljmi string
ftand.T' V '' '
School Issues First NuriMf iof
Pubrication, "The Sentinel"
St. Andrew ' Vriory girls niy Jbe
relied upon to keep ap their spirit .at
any time, but all years do not show
the sme amount Of enthusiasm. Tbi
year the high achool has accomplished
inoie. thon usual in organUatioA and
llans for the future. , '
Owing to a ehanco In the bigh aebiol
i-iirriculiim, there is no junior elasa for
1917-1918. The senior ,clas ha for
its president Margaret Pritchard apd
for it treasurer Alma Crozier. Of the
nophoiuore . class Doris Mosaman is
prmident . and Kda Thoene treasurer.
The freshman class organized with
l.ucy Seong a .Jirt-sldont and fried
Kohlman, treasurer. ., , ,
The ranks 6f , the f reshnutn elasa
have been reduced bv one. Miss Kseha
Colbum, a day jpupif hAving berome,
I j rule betwoeu r nday and Monday.
The Junior Auxiliary J . !
The Priory girl have for years had
sn organisation tailed the Junior
Auxiliary, wbich pay for achnlursliip
for a gifl, unknown to them, and aula
in missionary, enterprises. It bftd jts
Brut meeting of , the year last week
under the leadership of Mr. H. JJ.
Keaterlc. j
Bishop, Restnrii'k ofter makes an d
dress lasting few minutes at the morn'
ing chapel aerviee at eight forty-five
when the cathedral schools, aunibering
five hundred children,, meet In the
church. He recently spoke on the sub
ject of Liberty bond. The senior t
once appointed themselves a eommitoee
and canvassed the girls with the result
tbat a fifty-dollar bond ;waa purchased
and given to the endowment fund, i
The most important venture of the
seuiora ia the establishing of, "The
I'riory Sentinel", which began with the
October number. . Thi little magaxipe
ia ia every way fitting example of
the manner in which the Priory girls
carry out anything they plan to des
Week-end Entertainment. .
The bishop arranges that an enter
tainment of some kind la given for the
schools every Friday night in the
Davivs' Memoriul Hall. Purlng'ttov
ember two short plays will be given by
the sophomores and freshmen. The
former will present their own drama
fixation of parts of "The Courtship
of Milos Standish.."
An absorbing topic of conversation is
the series of basketbnll games, with
the McKinley High School girl. The
itim niii", ujr vnun B ui rue Aicrvinioy
II-... ........ 1 U..1... ..M . 1 a- rt ,1
captain, will be played on the Priory
ui-iu, vu i iiiFMiBT, Ko-riuwr v. jviui-n
vigorous practise is being done ud the
girls hope to put up a goud fight.
ThM IIAVI . HIU'lllI Utf ru.'ll.i, lu 41..:
, - tm lm
I Hallow ft en fiiucy dress ball for the
house girls which is an biihuuI function
aud takca place iu (juoen Emm Hall.
Majority Favor Backing Up Sec
rttary Daniels By Taking
1 Decided Stand '
. -ii in . ; tHi1
The majority of physician and
, surgeons 1a Honolulu favor' eoopera-
.. . . . '
... .... i--
ng p cuncvnvij nmnu vjehuipi ion uuu
bie. standard In answer to the appeal
made by Secretary of the Navy Daniels
before, the clinical congress of . the
Surgeon of North America now ia ses
sion at Chicago.
Dr. W; 0. Hbbdy, who has been
fighting for the csnse of decency frhm
he , public rohtrnm for the past four
Aare, said yesterday afternoon that
there is no question but whst the ap
peal should tie tuken seriously , and
meet with a hearty response by. every-,
one. ,'''':':''
"At this tfme," said Doctor llobdt,
'when'ihe 1'nited Htates is strnffvling
for its nationnl existence, this question
naturally come, to tne Tore, but the
presence of vice, should he fought as
strenuously in time of peace as in tinjc
oi war. .'..' i.
"In hi Address Veaterdav, Secretary.
Daniels gives the loes ia daya and'
year to the government, a loss which
eotrid easily be prevented, for it la
dne to disease Which result from the
immorality that the falae double stand
ard induces... I know these figures to
he absolutely . correct. It certainly
enia no mote than light that any
thing, jeopardising the lives of out
young men, both at home and those
lighting for the preservation of our
national honot, should be stricken from
the caleadar of life."
mould Ouar Toting Men
Dr. H. H. Blodgett, who was attached
to the medicAl corps of the army for
some year and Who ha had much ex
perience with the vice against which,
Secretary Daniels is waging war, high
ly praised the action Which the secre
tary ha taken. He believes that the
Uvea of young men should he guarded
to the greatest possible . extent and
that It is incumbent upon the citizens
of any community to assit in eradi
cating the pHfalls. which for centuries
have ted conntress touths to ruin end
degradation. V- ' "" ' ';' . ", '
ur. a. u, tlodgins believes that any
community eu4.be made decent if the
ttannrh citizens would only come out
nad ' declare themselves against com
mercialized vice. By banding together
and voicing their ..intolerance, they
would be doing far more for the youog
men than' Any number of physicians
con i a no, . r .
. i. . "-y. . . .
Dr. .1. T. NfeDonnld said that the
medical profession has always taken
high moral ground and -.consistently
Worked for' .tlftb?'termci.t! Of morad
conditions. H. said ii was his belief
that the majority, of them labored for
the 1nterestsif the profession and ia
so doing worked for the Interests of
Dr. j, T.: Wayson 's interpretation of
Secretary, Daniels' remarks is that. the
MecTetary believes that commereialixeti
vice is endorsed by physicians and
mostly due .to physicians advocating
the necessity of houses of prostitution,
in the ground that it is necessary to
tne WQll-being ot mnn.
Doctor Aglnst Vic
"He t greatly mistaken," said Doc
tor Wayson, "as the majority. Of well
thinking pbytticinn know better and
would not nnder any consideration give
their profeasionnl endorsement to main
tain-house of prostitution.. Physician
may Well uphold decency and trpngut
living aa they know more than others
of the evil effects of prostitution.
"As a rule thev do upnold upright
living, but unfortunately, there are a
few of the profession, for the graft
there is in it, ever ready to take ad
vantaire of government lntite. Im-b
conditions aliould be stamped Out at
rcqneHted bv Si-cretary Daniel and it
ia up to every physician, to man, to
back him up. Iwilei he never been
closed, as I huve had several patients
who told me their trouble could be
traced to that locality.
tf To Community
"The majority of physicians do not
believe in, or endorse any double stand
rd. It is up to tb entire community,
both men and women, to clean up all
indecency, beginning at the top."
An effort wns made; last night to
reach inanv other physicians than those
quoted here but owing, to ebsefiee from
their offices add homes, tacit opinions
upon this age-old question vannot be
given. Hecretury Daniels' appeal come
to Honolulu at an opportune tipie for
although Iwilei oateiMib'ly haa been
closed for some month, vice is flour
ishjng in nearly, every residential see
tiomof tho,cil JnJ thr police say they
urd iiiitabla t repe w-itU the Aituation
; The girl studeuta f Mill .School
have orguuized a new . society with
right members. The nlms t'f the so
1'ieiv are not o luuvh; the liteary eud,
for the girls Intend to Ho their hit for
he cuaatr.v by sewing for tbe Red
Crona Society. Thefe ere other ways
of helping the .country than by home
gnrdening und eating brAhain breud,
ithe octet believe. s
, The new so-iety, whleb hft not been
named yet,, eluded as its president
Annie ..Man, the only . sophomore uirl
at Mills, and Miriam Olasoa was ekoseu
necretary ireasurer. At the meeting
. ....
held last Hwturda.v, . pink end , green
were cuoaee as ine society colors end
the pink hibiscus aa tbe flower of tbe
'CI... l.i.u.' Illli, bmii.. '.at ....I... a 1. .
, UW3 'Vf"J , a HllllDr 1UO
el.urge of Miss Auua M. Hille, teacher
of Knglixh at Mills, and Mrs.
V illiuinn.
nnrvrnnonpi aMnnmonmiiiv
in Timiium niiun
WiH Join tennis AmbiHanc Corps Big Military Event At Schoficld
and Expect To Serve Their- Planner! For Visiting Lawmak
Country In France ; ; firs By Executive Committee
Another deputation of island boya A review of all the troops at Seho
for the training ramp At Allentown tail- field Barracks, including the Hawaiian
ed on the last Mstson steamer for the NeHonal Guard, and possibly the mem
. . , , bers of the. Reserve Officers' Training
meilUaAd. They are to join the teania Cnnp wln bm by Brigadier-Oeaeral
Ambulance corps, which has atteedy ftv
representatives from Houoluln At Allen
town. ;
Tbe rtree Who sailed last are. Alqort
8. Bush, William A Coney Of Kaat.
nd Allen Wilcox. Oordon Wakefield
will join them on the mainland, And
they will reach the camp at about the
tame tithe a Robert Purvis And Ned
Steel, who ere already on their Vay.
J. M. B. Maekenxie of Maui missed thi
steamer, but will take the next passen
gnr liner la! the endeavor tn eatchittn
with the , bhye before they meet In
New York o November 4, the last
date oa which they ran enter the torps.
Number of friends and , relative
were at the wharf to say goodbye, to
the boy who have offered themselves
for ' their country's service In trana
porting the wounded on the long battlr
line abroad, end many tears were 4kei
a the aall of "All aboard!" sent the
passengers to the. gangplank, . ,
' Each of the departing boys wrrc
covered with lets and all but hidden) la
them. Albert S. Bush, one of the vol
onreere, 1 the son of O. Fred Bnsh
manager Of the sales department of the
Honolulu Iron Works. The young mar
haa been employed bv the iron worka
HI. fiance was at his side at the dftcl
before the ahlp sailed, and u the ves
ael pnlled eut she waved a farewel'
While the tears flowed freely, Rla
tiwia and friends in large number
were also bidding gnodby to yofng
Bush. :
,. Allen C. Wilcox, a member of the &a
uai family of Wilcoxea. sailed t .Ifdn
the amouinne eorps. He was eceom
tisnled hv hia bride of a few months
who will be near' him at the training
camp and will await his return on tly
mainland. . ...
Another trOup was bidding roodb
to WilHart A, Conev of Kant-1. else r
votnateer. He Is the son of Senator
ohn H. Coney of the Oarden Island.
And Is a popular youth who earrle the
smn oy many menus in bl patriotic
undertaking. ,
" It is irapposed that these boy will be
tae last to be accepted from rTanTit
for the tennis Ambulance corps which l
training at A'lcefnWft. It mav be the
a further enll will enme. thon?h It.ts
aot 'Mkely, but In lhat case thoe whn
have their applications in first' will he
sent nrst in ta order on which the
app'iM. ' There re at present severe'
-rmlieStWs on file with A. X. Castle
bond of the" Hawaii tenni. aso'lntioe
rA'' ip.-t. ' r'A-ea." i ,1L ;
Womb As Well As
Men Uable For ; v
War Income Tax
All Who.Make $1000 a Year.'fl
Single, Or 52000 If Married
Must Pay, Says Internal Revte
hue Collector : '
- . ,', ' ';V-.; -
"It might be jest a w., for eveJry
person in this TerrHory to know that
the new ear income fax Applies equally
to bothnen and women, aad irreapect
ive of whether they re eitisens of th'
L'nited States or not," said Collector of
Internal Revenue Ralph Johaatotio ye
terday. ,
"This new war income tax appMes to
nu incomea or ever; 1000. Kvery
body who make, that tnerb in a year is
compelled under the law to make a re-
urn, whether married of single. It; is
up to the collector, only, to . state
wneincr rnis or that person is exempt
" A single man, or aingle Women
for that matter, who make thouMAnd
n year, net, mnet pay a tax over nd
above that amount, ,A married man, or
a marriel woman (if the latter i the
supporter of the family V, wilt be ex
"mpt up to AiiOOO. But just because a
muu is married is no reason why he
snonin not matte e-retnrtl. He niuat
He must awear that he la married, and
must also atate tb&t be la living with
hi wife.. , ; .. , ,
"By filing the return be eecurfs the
benefit of another thousand in enae it
is proven be U married. But jnat be
cnnuB be Is married ia not sufficient evi
dence to get thkt 12000 exemption. Wi
roust know, that hi wife (a, living with
bini. . ; ; .. . .'
"Furthermore, this new wr income
ijx r uffatid t ell other Income
raxes, neretif ore feqrej -or people. '
TOKIO, October 4 (Aaaojrieted
I'rens) A new . missionary institution
for the education ot Japanese girla eill
Ih bpenail in Tokio next year end will
be called The Woman Christian t'uion
roiiege or japan, it will f dirocte.
by some -uf . tbe most proniiueut Vduea
tors of the empire, iuclu.ling Dr.ijlusio
Nitohe who Will serve as botptrary
president. ,The lnterewts of the College
ho rar as mey ere jyiated to tee co
; oiHratiiig miaHioua auil nrisaion boards
in the Uaited 8tata will ba In th.
. ..... .....
Hands or tne executive Aeereterv f th
boiird of trustees, to -wMcb imsition
r. a. rv. Keistmauer nan been olecte
The college has the backing of th
Aineri.au Uaptiata (North), Metho
.11... I 'I. .. I. '. ... .1. L .
copal Church, Prebvtirin Church in
llin, . tMtW WA VHHIIIh WlliaUUIH C1U1
l. America and the Reformed Church uf
I America. .
uiciimrtTnii nnim
tn nninii mnnnp
I lUltCVILn lltUUrd
Wisaer. U. B. A- commanding the Ha
waiiae Department in honor of the
visiting eongresfftonsl delegation. Aa-
aouncement to this effect was Ade
yesterday afternoon at a meeting! of
tne executive committee of tne . IJa
waiian legislature. t . : .'
Oe iters I Wiaser attended the meet
ing at the Capitol, at which practical-i
ly ell the members of the committee
were present, and, in addition, Mayor;
Fern and the board of supervisors of
Honolulu, and a delegation from the
Honolulu Chamber of Commerre. i
The militaey review will be held th
day, the delegation returns , from the
taiann or nana., whira will be abont
November 22, This will be by far
the greatest military review hold on
hia island since the opening of th
war, and wlH show the splendid mill
ry strength to ehich all the organisa
tion have been built a a result of the
war. The visitors will see Ln line the
largest regular regiment, at least . of
the old army the Twenty-fifth Infan
try, whie haa about Sam men. .
On of the most interesting nruanlra
tiona to pass in review will be the
Ninth Field Artillery, whose gnn and
caissons ere drawn by tractora end
caterpillar Instesd of army fculea.
wnue ine extra men needed to men
the gun will pass by in side car motor
ye lea. . , .,
The executive committee named. A
transportation committee to attend to
ke entertainment on this ismad. 8. H.
Paxsen heads this committee, end th
policy was outlined that in ell pnbltc
trwns4ortBtion service, auto shall ,be
hired from the rent garage, instead of
asking for the loan of rara by eitixene
The executive committee bad In mind
be fact that other transportation such
aa strainer and railroad ia paid for end
Intncd : hotel aecommodattona Are
paid for end not .given gratis and; it
, - vou. j mat ine same procedure
fhould apply with reference to . auto
mobiles. ' . . . .
A day was set aside for the chamber
of commerce to entertain the eongree
ionl members, probably at surf ing
aa canoeing at Vtaikiki beech, as e
ii t f the organuiatioe'a program.
Breaks Fomer !
Records For Wooing
ovesicrt FHipiito tafwe's ' Aft
Maiden Under Fifteen Years
But Joe Leal Took Away Hit
Toung Wife Last Wight
All records for Wooing, aererine a
ii-ense ami marrying were broken re
teniey efternooe When e Filipluo Lorh
invsr carriea en r ininno maiden lost
over fifteen years of age end married
her, but was minus bis wife last eye
mug, for sbe was in the run tody of
oe i.eai, pronation officer. .
i ne vounir nnninn Aaiiarf at . tiia
home of the girl's parents in the eft
imiooit, and lulled their anspicion ,of
nis intentions bv inrttina? the danirhtci
o accompany him to motion picture
mow. i ney lelt tbe hotiae end tbe par
cuts thought nb more abont It. Mean
while the ardent wooer ; passed tin
loors of the picture , theetere, and
turned in et the door Af the marriage
license bureau. , There lirenae wot
obtained. Next they visited the Cuth
die cathedral end were marriel.
the parents later en became sbs
picious when, tbe girl did nut return
and notified Probation Officer I-eal. lie
icon red the town and th quartern most
i'req neu ted by Filipino, end finally
came upon the couple-wkile the brain!
new husband aud hi. Wife of couple
of hours were looking for furuislvid
rooms. ... .,. i . ... .;.
At the request of the parent Leal
took the girl to hia home to keep hei
iverniirht and this morning it ia prob
able tli nt the preta will -commence
action to aunui the marriage.
Neglecting Your
7 ,
When everybody lived outdoors kid '
ney diseaee were unknown. Lnnga, akia
mid kidneys worked together to kuej '
the blood fresh end pure. ICowaduvi
the thinkers, the writers, tbe store, eut 1
office employees, the houeewlve. am
it her indour worker get too little freal
air, exercise, rest end sleep. The kid
ceys weaken. Backache, heedeeUe, r
v ousness, rheumatism and' urinary dis
orders became daily , trials. Neglect
cnimcs muny a fatal ease of Bright 's
liwiise. Dont delay. 17s Doaa's
Buckaulie Kidney 1111a. "When Your
Back is l.ume Remember the Name."
Don't simply ask for kidney remedy
auk distinctly . for Doaa' Backtche
Kidney Pills and take no ether. Doaa's
Backache Kidney Pills ere sold by ell
druggists and storekeeper, at 60e. a
Ikix (six boxes AJ.-KM, or will be mailed
on receipt of price by the Hulliater
I'rug Co., or Heusou, Hmlth Co
, l;,'",', fl" HuwhIIbu Islauds., -Ad
I veitisemeiit.
.11 rm '...
Robert F. Stever Tells Mow New
War Revenue Act Affects In
comes and Fedcralecurities
The fact that, the new four percent . '
Issue of Liberty larf bond t enli ...
jeet to certain raxes Is not undef'
by many, nnd even ihnwe who ..jw
thnt some taxes ran bo levied on them ;.
do not nnderstsiid which one or how
much, pobert T. Htever, executive
secretary Of 'the ! Llbertv Loan
committee, and mepaget of the bond
department of Pishepi It Co., ha work-,
ed nnt the explanation in terana that
can be nnderstond by the laymen un- '
accustomed to finance.
Individual incomes itf subject to
the old income taxes and to the new
wsf faxes. The old tax two percent r.
i the normal Income, or the income
terived from:any sources excepfeer- ;
fAlfi eorporntl'in holdings, on which
'he tax was paid by tho corporation.
To ibis tea percent oa the normal .in-
ome was added a surlax, beginning at .
,tne' percent on nil income pver $20,000
md increasing according to the in-:
rease. of Income. Incomes of married
persons under 1000 and single per- ,
bna nnder .'I000 were exempt from ell V
income tax.
(a Additional fat
'. The hew tvar tar Is Imposed in addi
tion to the tax In the foregoing per- '
trap. it does not atiperaede or take -the
place of the obi bnt is collected in
iddition to it. By the new war tax ' ;
two percent on the normal Income ia :
eofleeted, as well as the two percent' "
of the old tax, making four percent on
the normal in all.
The new surtax begins with one per
ent on ineome ie excess of A5000. end '
n creeses as the iacome become great-. '
er,. The. exemption from income tax
under the war tax la cut to (2000 for ;
named person end 1 1000 for. eingle
persona. .-, " , '
. The Liberty bonds of the first issue,
Searing three and one-half percent in
terest, are exempt from all taxes. The
four percent bonds of the second is
ue are exempt from all taxes when :
Seld In amounts not In excess of A5000.
That ia, a mnn may have en income
large enough to. require the payment
of normal and aurt.xea. but In the
V-00 income from $.1000 worth of four
percent (1 Jberty bonds, if that were all ,
',he Liberty bonds he owned, he would
hot be taxed. Liberty bonds ere ex
empt from the normal ftx in eny "
)nvunt. Liberty bonds held In excess
f;WW are ubject to tmth the old
nd be'w ert; If . the eire of the in- ,'
tm la sufftVlent.
VVnat f Exempt ' "; ' ' '
Beginning with tho '.small income;
his mefin thnt n eingle man might
lave an income of AtltOtj, which I ex- v
mpt from income tax. In addition.
f crmTd'Bwn f firnwrNifrrtll of Liberty
Mimls, giving him eh Income of 3(I0
' VeAr on which be WoeJd not be taxed.
If the mnn' Inentne were AJIflOO; he '
Wnld still own A.KKHI worrh of Llbertv
Honda which could not he taxed, but
e would have te pay both the old end
tre'w normal texe of two iiereeat hi '
Income in excess of th exemption, el-'
'bough the ASttO fro the Liberty
bonds would -still lie exempt. .
- If another single man had en in- :
t-Ome of fttOOO, he Onld he subject to
he. normal taxe. of fiAir percent, end
to the one percent snrtax which begins
it A5000. , He also could owe A5000 '
f Liiierty bond, tax free, but the in-"
ome-from any Liberty . bonda in ex
ess of 5000 worth would, bo subject
e the graduated surtax...
L. Tenuey park ia authority for the
itatemeat that a men who had no other '
avestments eould bold A l.K) ,000 worth
if Liberty bond free from income
'ax. By the Liberty bond act, these
londa .are free .from 1 AU but surtaxes
m income. - These surtaxes do not be- 1
;iu until, 5000 more, of income i
reached.; .,"'.'-.'"','.
It would take 125,000 of tbo four
liereent. bonda to produce .rfl00 income,
and the owner could at ill bold A5000
worA of Uberty .bonds free of, tax, as -thjp
:first 5000 worth; oj bond ia free ,
frbm. All takitlon . '. ;. j .y. .
AM ifflSTER .
G. Lewis, Charged With Em
bezzlement, Is Acquitted 1
After deliberating f or ' mbre than .
'dree hour, the federal petit jury ye-:'-terday
afternoon acquitted ,1. O. Lewis, .
formerly postmaster et Walpahu, , of
inbeatling postAl fund to the amount
of A151.0.V. ; The complaining witiiesi,
. Korean named Lee Bong Sue, textt
lied that he gave defendant $131.63 .
for e post n I order to- be eent te e party
a Korea in payment for e picture-'
ride, and that ha haa not beard any
king of th money nine. .',
Defesdaut edinittetl having received
the money but stated that he gave it
'luck to vpinpUiiiaut. Ho testified thnt
he Korean came to hiui one rlumlay
ml asked hiiu to give him a postal
order 'and that witness told him that
be could not isaue n order oa Hunday,
but that he would do so the following
day. ll told the Korean to leave the
money with .Ihwhs at Waipahu
named Hondo, and said that if he did
so he would place A receipt for tho sum
in the Korean's post -aRice box. He
gave him an application form to fill
Coinplaioaut left the raouoy ' with
Hondo, who in due course handed it
over to Lewis, who placed it in the
post office safe. When the Korean ap
peared on Monday with ' the applica
tion forpi, Ijewis noticed that it wax
wrongly filled out Bad testified that
be gave the Korean bin money back .
and told him to make out another form
and prevent it with the money, bey
era! witnesses testified that they saw
the Korean le'e ',it post office with
a green slip in liis liniid. 1,4'vvis testi
fied tbut he did not return, '

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