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Oct. 28, 1917 Last twenty
four hours' rainfall, .00
Temperature, Win. 74) Mai.
82. weather, pt. cloudy.
.' ' -Cents; ' Dollars
M Osntrlfagala N. Tl ptr It. ptt Urn
Frieey Hiwtllu basis, t. t.90 . 13,00
Lm prtrloaf anot- . '
i tjm fiio.io
VOL. Ki NO. 87
Germans Attempt To Force
Third Wedge To Cut Off
Retreat of Northern Wing
NEW YORK, October 30 (Associated Press) Still continuing
rerious and a matter of grave anxiety to the Allies the sltui
t ion of the Italian army, driven back from the Austrian border seem
ed somewhat less dark and menacing yesterday than the reports of
Sunday indicated. General Cadorna reported that his force were
checking the advance of the Austro-Gcrman forces and that the
morale of the men was being restored.
Despite this encouraging news the situation continues' threaten
ing and reports of the Teuton activities indicate that intended as
saults may add to the hazards of the northern wing of the army. . V.
In addition to the wedges driven into the Italian front-to the
cast iin'd to the northeast the Austro-Hungarians have started a
third wedge north through Plaecken Pass. This is designed to cut
off the retreat of the northeasterly wing of tiie Italian army V
Berlin claims that the stand which the Italians are making is
only- tt temporary one and report that prisoners are ; still being
brought in rapidly.
France and Great Britain are forming plans to lend military aid
to-their ally. 'Three and a half million dollars was appropriated b;
' the American 'Red Cron;-:r.:n V. iliiS ;t:f w -
,-;.L Ow;;;;ir undergoing supreme; test ; .-v.-
Italy realizes that its armies" are how undergoing the supreme
test, reports' from Rome said last night. The tone of the Italian
Press is courageous. - The newspapers in leading articles agree that
the Germans are aiding the Austrian because it is belie vd in Italy
that the Austrians are starving and arc rent' by internal disorders and
Lack of Material, munitions and guns together with the pres
ence of raw and untrained troops on the Italian right wing are
blamed for the Italian defeat, with the fact that an overwhelming
force of Germans and Austrians swept in upon tbe inadequately sup
plied Italians, in reports that came yesterday.
From Berlin the report was issued that the Teuton troop are now land
ing tic fore the Italian headquarters at I'diue, Italv, and the third Italian army
Is milking only brief resistance. The Italian from Wippaeh to the Adriatic
ure now iu retreat. On the Adriatic coast Cormnna hait been captured and the
Austro Germans are approaching the frontier. The uumljer of prisoners ia In
creasing. .
The front in yielding and the north sector hns leen pierced to Plaeckeo Paw.
The entire Italian front on the lanuzo haa collapsed and is in retreat toward
Tagliamoiiie, the roads being covered with disorderly column.
A achool holiday haa been declared iu Germany to celebrate the victory
over Italy, aaya an Amsterdam deapatch.
The kaiaer and Uoiperor Charles of Austria are expected to meet on the
Json.o front iu a few daya.
Attacks In Verdun Sector Secure
For Germans Small Gains
and Unimportant Trench
NKW VOBK, October 30 (Associat
ed Praia) Issuing from the Cliaume
woods in the Verdun sector yesterday
the Gerniaua captnred a portion of a
French treucb but gaiua were small aud
the positiou ia not onu of material im
portance. In the Plunders sectors artillery duels
continued and there was an abaenee
yesterday of all infantry' operation!.
In other sectors of the went frout the
artillery continued t'o lilaj' the Import
ant part of the day's operations.
British 'naval aeru forces returned
aafely from an extensive raid on Oct
niau plants in Belgium aud other ter
ritory. It is announced that the naval
Idanes bombarded establishments at
Ciigel, 8t. Denis Mud Westrem, dropping
many tons of explosives, and that two
tons were dropped on railway junctions
at . I.ichtcrvelde, Belgium, Oue airship
failed to return.
The Germans have evacuated Werder
peuiiiNiila, on the northern end of the
eust Busaian front." '
CINCINNATI, detober 2D (Aesoci
atcd Presa) Herbert Bigelow, head of
the People 'a Church here, was kidnap
ped last night and whipped with a
hlucksuuke in the Kentucky wood.
Prior to a Socialist meeting ' in his
church yesterday n owning he had pray
ed for the rtioso if the soul of the
Kaiser and '.jff :tn "proud men sur
rounding himJp'
Washington Arranges For Send
ing Expelled Ambassador
Back To Berlin
WASHINGTON, October 30 (Asso
ciated Press) A sufe conduct for Count
von I.uxburg, tin' former minister of
Germany to the Argentine, who m
declared persona non grata and expelled
and who has beeu kept a virtual prison
er in an interment ramp, was yestcr
day arranged for here. The Oermun
minister will be allowed to return to
It was Count von I.uxburg who ud
vised his government, - by using the
channels opened to him ' through the
Swedish legation, to sink certain Argen
tina ships ''spurloa versenkt, " or with
out leaving any trs.no of ship or crew.
The revelation of his -murderous ad
vice concerning tho ships of a frieuilly
nation, sent from the capital of tlutf
nation by subterfuge, enraged the Ar
gentiuos, who mobbed the legation und
the German clubs and newspaper omrcs.
The Argentine parliament voted to mcv
er diplomatic relations with Qcriniiiiv,
but the President aet the resolution
AL'HTIK, Texas, Oetober 20 (Asao
ciuted Press) Five volunteera with the
Nan Autonio aviation school were in
jured today and many other passeiiKrs
imperiled when a freight train crashed
into the reur of the passenger train on
which the soldiers wew riding.
ITALY'S losses in the recent disaster to her a rmy can readily
be seen from this map of the Julian,' Front The black line
hows approximately where the .aggressive of the Italian army
had carried it from the dotted line. This territory, hat been lost
and the defeated armies driven still further back and forced be
yond the Italian border. ; ' ,"; ' " 1 1. 1 .'-' '
, sfct7K jmaMSfc M.ittr
German Soldiers Are
Still In Ignorance of
Americans In France
ASIIIXCTOV. October ::0 I
shells are falling regulurly along
the r re n eh front now iwi'imiiul k
Hies are swking across No Muu's Land which separates the American and
'.erinau liues, the Germans do not yet know who ure facing them, nor have the
ineu iu the German front liues any knowledge that there are yet auy American
soldiers in Europe. . . .. .
This is the information gained yesterday from Xhe first German prlaoner
takfcH in the war by the Americans, who was captured on Sunday night aud
who died yesterday in a Beld hospital from his wounds. Tho German was de
tected iu No Man's Land. He was challenged bv the Americans in the trenches,
uud, on refusing to halt, was shot down. Several Sammies went over, the top
and brought the wouuded prisouer ia under a hea v ritle tire from the German
trenches. "
The man was badly wounded but was able to express his surprise when iu
formed that lie was a prisoner of the Americans. He stated tbat no knowledge
whatever of the presence of tbe men from the Uuited States in the trenches
was known to the Germans opposite, who did not eeu kuow that auy portion
of the American Army had crossed the Atlantic,
American batteries are continuing to shell the German lines at regular In
tervals, aud the enemy is following similar tactics. No further official com
muuicatioii on the activities of American troops iu France has been issued but
it may be stated that no special infantry activity lias taken place;
Suow ou the frout last night interfered with' all operations.
LONDON, October 29,(Asaoelated
Pres)-Newa has beeu received here
that the American sailing vessel Fan
nie Preaoott waa captured and taken
in tow by a submarine after the crew
had abandoned her supposedly in a
sinking coudition.
- u ;
An. Ut.t iv..,'i Alh....ni. " i
the German trenches iu tbat seotor of
ik. u. ...i .wu....i. a :
MIAMI. Arizona, October 30 (Aaso
ciBted Press) Agents of the depart
meat of justice and representatives of
the secret service branch of the army
raided the local headquarters of the
Industrial Workers of the World lust
niMit, cuing all the records.
Future -Industrial Position of Na
tion ' Is Dependent Upon Its
. Keeping Friends In Position To
Purchase When War Is Ended
'i Ths Food Administration, Public
Information Division, authorises
ths following:
' America's place iu the industrial
competition of nations that will fol
low pco will b determined In
largo part by the response that tbo
.American people make to tho conv
Jnf food pledge week campaign.
s This ia ths belief of tho United
States food administration and Is
, one' of ths thoughts that is spurring '
on its forces In their preparations '
for tnroUlns tho families of the
Nation In tho cause of food conssr-'
' ration during the week of Octo-
ber E8, -;
" "Wbon this war is over," tho
food administrator declared recent
'yiT, "Europo Will And herself with '
v s. reduced standard of living, with
' a' people greatly disciolined in all
; directions and In a position to com
' poto In tbo world's markets in a
i way tbat thev never bave been
able before. Wo shall also face a
world with a reduced consuming
power, and unless we csn secure
boom discipline in our own people,
wo will bo In no position to meet
tbat condition when near comes.' '.
Tbo idea' tbat the purooso of
'"' food aavtns; is not alone tbo pres
' rrtt on of feodlns; onr army and -"
tho Am as M further deveiooed by '
tbo belief of tbe food admlnlstra-
tion that wars are paid for out of
tbo savings of tfcs ceonlo. It Is
,'; pointed oat that the decision is op .
', to tbe American people right now. ',
' whether they are to help pay for
' tbo presont conflict out of the xav-
ifim of. today or after the wax by
moTtt-aflns: tho future cf the poo
' jrlo. A saving of 6 cents a dsv per
person will amonnt to $2,000,000,
- 000 a yoar., - . ; .
'.. i. i .' , i .... i ' ''
Bonar Law Tells That Allies Will
' Not Announce War Aims
But Plan Conduct
LONDON, October 3( Associated
Press Bonar Law, chancellor of the
exchequer anil member of the war coun
cil, announced in the house of. commons
inst night' that tbe approaching confer
ence to be held by representatives of
J nil the Allies at I'aris hns not been
called for the consideration of the war
aims of the Knteute or the preparation
of any statement to the. world of such
uinis, but is culled to consider the con
duct of the war and the cooperation of
the various Powers iu the field against
the Teutons.
Kir Oeorge Cnve, the home secretary,
announced that the efforts of the In
dustrial Workers of the World to secure
n foothold in Loudon for the carrying
on of their propaganda throughout
Knglund had failed. ' .Tlii advance
agents of thf orgsniaatiou had been
promptly placed under arrest and those
who hud plan nod to follow from the
t'nited 8tnt.es had cancelled all their
The premier, Lloyd George, made a
statement covering the losses of troops
while bt ing transported at sea. He
xtated tlint tho British troopships had
carried so far a total of thirteen mil
lion men, many of thsm for thousands
of inilij, and thut the total losses had
been fewer than thirty-five hundred.
i - ,..
ATHKNS, October . .10 (Associated
Press) A message sent by King Con
stantine to the Kaiser, prior to the
forced abdication of the former, a copy
of which has fallen into tho bands of
the government, urged tbe Kaiser to
order an attack upon the Allies along
the Balkan front, promising that as
soon as General Sarrail was engaged
defending his front he would be at
tacked from the rear by the, Greek
forces and his entire uoiuiuaud either
wiped out or captured. '
The copy of thia message has been
published to prove to the Greeks tbe
duplicity of their former King, who
was professing his greatest desire to
preserve the friendly neutrality of
Greece towards the Kntento.
(Associated Press) Congressmen in
the official party bound for Hawaii ar
rived here today and will be ths guests
of (Governor Bamberger at a great ban
ipict and patriotic meeting tonight.
Albert Wehde, Arrested In Hono
lulu, and His Co-Conspirators.
Ordered To Serve Two Years'
Term In Penitentiary
CHICAGO, October M) - i A-wciated
Preas) Hentence Ims been pa sed upon
the first men convicted on the chargo
of. violation of iieutmlity, on which
charge many others nrv now held under
Indictment, including several former
eonsuhv for Germany. The four con
victed laat week before Judge I.sndiS
Were sentenced by In in yesterday, after
h had denied their petitinu for a re
trial. Albert Weh'le. nrrcnted in Honolulu,
where he posed as s buyer of objects of
Oriental art, will spend two years in a
federal penitent iitry and will pay a fine
of ten thousand dollar.
Gorre- Boehm. co conspirator, was
likewise sentenced to two years and to
pay a fine of ten tliniiHiuid dollars, snd
a similar penalty was e suited of Gus
ts v II. Jacobson
Heramba lil (iuptn. a Hindu agent,
was sentenced tn eighteen months and
fined two hundred dollnrs.
Fomented India Revolt
. These four were charged and con
vlcted ith plotting to htir up a revolt
In India, their plans including the mur
der of the British residents. In order
to soc.ur admission into India and be
fre to travel through the country, it
was plotted to murder Doctor Cook, the
explorer,' and his nineteen men, whose
places were tn be taken by the con
spirators, who would use the names Of
the CiKik party nnd truvel as explorers.
VUltod Honolulu
Meetings of the conspirators were
held in 8s.n Francisco and Manila, and
visits were nmde to Honolulu in the
furtherance of the plot. Payments of
money- for the carrying out ' of the
Hindu and other plots were testifed to,
the funds coming from Captain von
Pnpen, militsry attache of the German
embassy at Washington. 8ome' of the
money paid over was to poison' homes
and mules in the I'uited Htatm, to de-
- crease tbo availsbls supply f er: Kilrope.
t The spresding of Miiqiul disease vosl
aiaa a pari or me gcuerai pmn. vintrj
Witnesses testified to being urged, to
foment strikes in Amertean factories
"to help the Fatherland."
LONDON, October 110 (AsWK-iat
I Press) Announcement was made
hv the admiralty last night of an at
t aigl
of G
tcmiit on the part of German sub'
iiiiirincH to torx-iio ami sina ine
liner on which a delegation of mem
bers of the American congress was
trnvclling. This liue'r was attacked
off the coast of Wales and the tmb
marl nes were only repulsed after a
brihk battle, in which tbo guns of
the liner protected her until raciug
destroyers came to the rescue.
The American official aboard
were Heuutors William 8. Kenyou ot'
Iowa. Senator John B. 'lendrick of
Wyoming, Representative John .1.
lingers of Massachusetts and Hepre
tentative R. W. Parker of New Jer
TOKIO, October S9' (Special to Nip
I u .lijil Two more Japanese steamers
uru reported as having been subma
rined iu the Atlantic, Off the west roast
of Africa. .
Moyori Muru was a victim of a Ger
man t'-boat, south of the Canary Isl
ands. All ou board but one were safe
ly landed on an island.
The tecum! attacked waa the Ikomu
Muru. an armed Japanese steamer,
t-ihe hail a running fisrht with the Hun
submarine, north of Madeira Islands,
but was finally overcome by the at
lacker. All of the crew of the tor
pedoed essel lauded oa aa island after
iiiany hours of excitement.- They are
now under the care of the Portuguese
authorities there.
I.iiMKIN, October 30 (Associated
1'iess i--The recurrence of ' moonlight
nilitx lias broujht with It a return of
the (ii-1 ina ii aircrafts iu further at
tempt to curry out raids. An air
plane KiiuiGron was detected last nilit
approai-hiui; the southeast coaat aud
the Oyer were greeted with shells from
many anti aircraft batteries, Tbo de
fenses proved adequate and the raiders
were turned back before they had hadlMittaK says that the chancellorship has
nance to uruji auy uoinus,
ip nnrnATiur
Packers and Others Are Notified
They Will Not Be Allowed Jo
Continue. Selling Without Se
curing Necessary Permits
Food- Commission Announces
More Than Two Hundred Con
ferences Were Held Before De
termination Was Finally Mad
Chicago; October 30 (a
sociatcd Press) 1'ork pack
ers, and the great abatoirs antf
cold-storage plants of this city
together with similar plants
throughout the United Mates,
will go under government con-
trol day after tomorrow and no- .
tke.. to- that effect , was -, servea
upon them yesterday. . Twenty
basic : food commodities arc in,i
eluded in the provisjbns for, the;
regulatfon which io addition o
the packers, slaughterhouses and
cold storage industries" .includes
millers, cannerej warehousemen
elevators, ' wholesale', distribuforS i
and SjSM,C SlAt ',
an annual business ot more than
$100,000. ; , :-J:.:v
Iti connection "with ihe'ndtiqe .'
served upon the packers the food
administration made the, follow
ing statement:
The issuance of the proclama
tion was somewhat delayed by
the food administration, owing to
its desire to conplete tli numcr-;
otis conferences which.it 'has beert
holding with the representatives
of the various trades and of proj ,
ducers and consumers. Some two
hundred such conference's have
been held with a view to the'de?
velopnient of regulations - and
constructive methods of control
It has been the desire of Ihe
food administration to secure the
cooperation of all patriotic men
in the various trades so as io eli
minate speculation, hoarding, un
reasonable profits, wasteful prao
tises, etc., in the great distribu
tion system of the country.
The licensing provision in the food
bill is limited iu operation to the ebaar
ucls of trade which lit between the
farmer on the one hand and the retail
er on the other, except' aa it c tends
to those few retailers who d an ailuual
bunincH of more than 100,01)0.
The food administration has selected
about twenty basic commodities sufl
their products as forming tbs prime
basis of life, and has limited its it
rensiiiK control to these commodities,
ami also, in so far as practicable, elimi
nated the smallest uulta of business ia .
these staples. , -v ,: :. ''
provide Beady Market , . ,'.'k
'i Thp producer .must have a. free out
let and a ready 1 market, tuerai must be
no manipulation, or speculation " in
foods, uo hoardiuK, ' uo uu reason sb Is
prolits discriminatory and wasteful
practises must 1m eliminated where they
would in auy way restrict supply or .
distribution. J
All of those handling tbe commodi
ties named must apply for licenses be
fore November 1, aud after that date
no unlicensed person, Arm or corpora
tion will be permitted, to trade la such
commodities. ', .' .:.
These regulations will apply , in Jlo
uolulu as sooii as the application blanks
which have been cabled for are re
ceived. Meantime tbe situation is about
the samo as was the ease with ths
suar industry when licenses of the
iiiauufucturies were first dumauded. '
. I I I II III n . .-
AMSTERDAM, Oetober 29 (Asso
ciated Press) The Berlin Zeitung Am
M it tag says tost tho ehsneellorship bs
I me pavarinn pramicr.

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