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franco-British Forces In Flan
ders ; Secure Further Advan
tages ' and Allow Shattered
EnemyJlo Time'To Recover
Italians Are Forced Back By
'." Strengthened Austro German
. Armies and Berlin Claims Im-
a. a a a
ponani victory is uainea
N EW YORKrOctohcr 27
(Associated Tress) With
out Livine the weakening (icr-
rnan forces an opportunity to re
cover from the shattering blows
that have been delivered during
the past several days the Franco
British forces in Flanders launch
ed a further drive yesterday and
British official reports from Lon
don last night declared that these
were' successful in taking the lim
ited objectives' which had been
Ret for' Ih arlvanre nf tfi Hav
Eight hundred ' prisoners were
taken arid a number of machines
with a few trench mortars and
guns of larger caliber were taken.
Early yesterday morning the
drum fire of the British and
French big guns quickened notice
ably and soon became a barrage
that indicated yet another infan
try drive against the faltering
enemy. Behind a curtain of fire
and metal the Allied forces rush
ed forward taking a series of
trnrfipa at ttiA n.J n t nf tK Kar.
onet. Poelderhook Chateau was
taken and a number of concrete
shelters which the Tommies call
"pill boxes" were entered. The
advance was along a long front
but did not cut deeply into the
enemy country. It strengthened
the positions of the Allies and en
abled them to stabilize the posi
tions' previously taken besides
correspondingly weakening the
Huns' advance lines of defenses.
On the other hand Berlin
claims that the attacks of the Al
lies in the Ypres sector were re
pulsed with heavy losses and
denies officially any Allied advan
tages for the day.
This Paris denies and reports
that the French forces continued
their drives successfully and that
surprise attacks which the Teu
tons launched in th: Champagne
sector were bloodily repulsed by
the staunch stand of the roil us.
Success of British air raids on
Wednesday is also reported from
London. The British aviators in
their big war planes sailed far
beyond the Teuton fronts and at
Renisch, Prussia, practically de
molished the Burbach munition
works. Six tons of bombs were
dropped in this raid and photo
graphs taken from, the aircraft
show that the explosions shatter
ed the munition factory badly as
well as wrcckinc four airdomes.
Italian Defeat Claimed
Berlin official report claim that on
the Austro-Italian front the attack of
the Austrian, reinforced by German
and Turkish force, in progressing to
the entire satisfaction of- the central
'lowera. A signal victory i claimed,
with 30,000 prisoner taken anil more
bring brought in every hour. This re
port nay the Auxtro (Jermun have rap
tured 30,000 Italian and tbrVe hundred
gun in the buttling over the plateaus
and approach)- to Trioste. Fighting in
now partly hi Italian territory.
The northern wing of the second
Italian ariay has been defeated aud is
The German have thrown Italian
from strong hill position.
The Italian are evacuating Bulnsii
xa and the Heiligengeiit plateau. They
re -unable to save their gun.
Report from Home aid that the
Italian on the Isonso front were plan
ning aonie retirement in the Bitinaixza
plateau and fulling back upon higher
and better fortified tioaitiouit. '-'
Subscriptions Are Expected To
' Reach and Pass Four' BU
liona This Morning
WASHINGTON, October 27 (Asso
ciated Pre) Four billion of dollar
in subscription for the Liberty Ioan
wa exported last night to be the total
which will be reached this morning.
Kleventh hour returns-will then com in
and the tabulating force will be further
increased to segregate and lift the ap
plication which it i anticipated will
fairly flood the offiees - by mail and
by telegraph from tbe early morning
hours on to noon and afterward. It
may be several day before the final
total of subscriptions can be given out
with any degree of definiteneB but it
is now considered a, practically cer
tain that the maximum of five billion
dollar will be exceeded.
Secretary MeAdon, looking worn but
pleased, aald last night: "Let every
American patriot subscribe and place
his name On the roll of honor. To do
this he will have to hurry. This morn
ing is his last opportunity.
"The closing hours of this the sec
ond Liberty I-oa differ much from those
of the first loan. This time there is
no doubt of the success of the loan, no
doubt of the tremendous oversubscrip
tion which is expected to exceed thirty-three
percent this morning and will,
it is confidently believed finally run
to sixty-six percent or more above the
amount of the issue,"
i .( t.. .
Attitude of the Allies Will Force
Desired Action
COPENHAGEN, October 27 (Asso
ciated Press) Daily newpapers last
evening published article which anti
cipated the early prohibition by Den
mark of all export. This prohibition
will be made to meet the demand of
Great Britain which have been hr.cked
up by the United Btatea and France.
Later it is expected that the prohibition
will be so modified as to include only
the Central Powers but at first it will
be sweeping and will include even
Great Britain.
Checking of Imports for Denmark by
Great Britain and France and even
more especially by the United States
bring such pressure to bear 1 that it
cannot well be withstood. Great Britain
demanded as a proof of good faith,
before further imports to Denmark be
permitted to leave her ports, that all
exports shall be prohibited by Den
mark. It is understood, however, that
when such good faith has been shown
there will be modifications permitted.
WASHINGTON, October 28 (Asso
ciated Press) It was learned today
that a federal investigation haa shown
that possible criminal prosecution may
be instituted against both retail and
wholesale coal dealers for violations
of the price as fixed by Controller
Garfield. It is alleged that evidence
shows that many coal men have been
charging higher prices than that al
lowed by the administration, and crim
inal proceeding may be instituted to
bring the dculers to time.
CHICAGO, October 2rt ( Associated
fl'reas) John Barrett, head of the Pan-
American bureau, declares today that
German propagandists had arranged
to ipctid a million dollars in newspaper
publicity in eight Latin-American
countries in the event of the failure
of the second Liberty Loan to' Come
up to full eipectations. They would
exploit the statement that the United
Htale wait wavering and the-German
sure to w in. am that it would be unwise
for Pan-American countries to break
with the (ieraiau.
, ,
INDIANAPOLIS, October 27 (As
sociated Press) Woman Huffraga re
teived a severe blow in Indiana yes
terday hen a decision of the state su
preme court held that the law -which
gives votes to womuu iu this state i
unconstitutional. ,
Women lielieved they had won full
and completit victory in this state and
hud not looked upon the action which
was brought t test the validity of the
law as a distinct menace. Tbe decision
ef the court i therefore staggering to
those who for years have . couducted
their buttle for the ballot.
Tllere' in nothing so good' fo'f 'muscu
lar. : rheumatism, Npruias, lameness,
cramps of the muscle, bruise and like
injuries as Chamberlain Pain Balm.
It will effect a cure in less time than
any other tr.-tmeiit For sal all doalea.
Ileuaou, Honth a to. Lid. Agta. for
Uawaii: Ad crtioeuicut.
U I 4 ' J
Leader of Soldiers and Work
- men Declares ; Intention
To fight dovernmerit
PETROGRAD, - October ' 27 (Asso
ciated Pre) Further ..' troubles for
Kerensky and the Russian government
tinder him Is threatened by the Bolhe
Vikls and other extreme radical and
serious situations, approaching the crit
ical may soon have to be Meed by the
strong man of the new republic. Lend
ers nf the Soldiers' (and- Workmen's
Council are threatening to side actively
with the radicals and against the gov
ernment as now eonstitnted.
The most interesting development in
the political situation here yesterday
came in the form 'of announcement
by Trotoxkjr, one of the leader of the
Holdiers' and Workmen' Council that
he had determined, to taken an offen
sive attitude against the government
with the purpose of placing the actual
government of the country in the band
of the council, to make it a thorough
ly popular government controlled in
actuality by the soldiers who are fight
ing to tepel the Teuton enemy from
Russian soil and the bone and sinew
which is fighting the industrial battle
of the country at home.
This it Uie aew source of danger
that thereatena the Premier and his
coalition cabinet.' He has weathered
danger that seemed, greater but his
friends last night admitted that the sit
uation is One that may tax his recog
nised abilitica of a pacifier of factional
TOKIO, October 26 (Special to Nip-
pu Jiji) It is aa unprofitable business
for Japan to exchange 1 her shipping
with the iron from the United States.
Buch is the growing conviction which
now appears aa dominating the thought
of the Japanese government aa well as
the shipping and shipbuilding circles.
When Viscount K. Ishii. head of the
Japanese war commission to the United
States, prolonged his stay in Washing
ton, it waa learned that' he was dead
locked over the negotiations with the
proper American authorities on the
steel embargo question. Japan wanted
tbe embargo on the steel to be lifted
in favor of Japan to enable the Jap
anese ship yards to continue operation
while the United States government
asked for Japanese steamers to be used
a carry! as; the American troop and
supplies in the Atlantic. The United
States, it waa learned from an authen
tic Japanese source, is ready to grant
.japan import or iou,uuu tons oi tne
American steel provided Japan supplies
the Allies with her shipping over 400,
(K)0 tons. It is on this suggestion of
compromise that Japan's public opin
ion is now growing in disfavor, main
taining that Japan will lose much more
with her shipping than she can gain
from the American steel.
MONTREAL, October 2ft (Associ
ated Press) Tremendous explosions
took place today in tbe plant of tbe
Canadian Exploitive Company at Vnu
clrcnil, near thin city, doing an immense
Starting in one of the shops, a series
of explosions continued fur an hour.
At the first comuHHion many employe
rushed away from the plant, and to
thin ia largely attributed the fact that
so far no loss of life has been reported,
though the damage will reach $1,000,
001). Xo rouHon for the explosions has
been aanigned. The plant had a large
amount of exploitive making under way.
WASHINGTON', October 27 (Asso
ciated Press) following the announce
ment received from Koine yesterday
that the Italian ministry had resigned
and that a new cabinet must be formed
as a result of the vote of lack of con
fidence aaiust it, oflicial here last eve
ning expressed profound regret. . ' ' '
It i the consensu of opinion here
in official circles aud in diplomatic cir
cle a well, that the overthrow of tbe
Italian cabinet cau only ' result' in
weakening of the aggressive campaign
and the ardent proxneution of the war
which has been a part of the' aeeom
plisiwucnta of the retiring cabinet. , .
T'iKlo. October !!fl (Speciat to
Nippu Jiji) Art Hmitb, the young
Aim-in-an aviator noted for his famous
"looping'the-loops", yesterday bade
Japan goodby and sailed from Yoko
hama for hdme. He and Mr. Smith,
bis mother, with whom he was visiting
Japan, were among the peuengers on
a T. K. K. liner bound for -Jlunolulo
aud nn Vraucinco. '' , J "
tsuiith declared that he i determined
to serve hi country on hi roturn'to
the I nited States. It is eenerellv oe-
lieved lu-re that he will volunteer his
serines ua uii army aviate with the
Aunrpuii troop in France.'-' M
-a. ! ' f - r, ? .
Review of Situation On Soisson's
Fronts Foreshadows "Falling
Back, of Teuton Forces and
Says Defense Plans Do Not
. ?orm;,i,'l: '-' '
COPENHAGEN, October 27
(Associated Press) Plant of he
Oenaan general staff to affect an
other general retreat on the treat
front are foreshadowed in rerlew
of the situation appearing In the
Berlin Tag eblatt over the signature
of, General von Ardenne, the mili
tary critic ' .. .
i This review mentions the possibil
ity of another retirement on the
Alsne, in order to correct tha Ger
man una of ' defense ' tactically.
Buch retirement, which baa bean '
included In tha plana Of tha gen- .
era! staff for aom time, tart too
Ardenne, may now be hastened -aa
a. result of tha victory of General
Petata n the Solssons front this
week, and tbe anticipation that an
other great French offensive may
be expected soon. - - :
"Although the chances for, tha
French erer breaking tha German
Una ott tha Alsne are slight,' writes
Ten Ardenne,1 -"the German plana ,
of defenso do sot forbid a volun
tary retirement and tha abandon
ment tinder proper circumstances
of territory not essential to tha
great tactical plan."
Agreement Is Reached Between
Commission and Refiners For
' ftqual Distribution m
NEW YORK, October 26 (Associat
ed Press) A tentative agreement bms
been reached by tha committee of Am
ericas sugar refiners which bids fair,
la their estimation, to solve the acute
sugar situation in the Eastern States.
Announcement was made today on
behalf of the refiners of an agreement,
subject to approval by tbe internation
al sugar committee now being organ
ized, whereby all raw sugar will be ap
portioned among the different refine
ries ia the country, with tbe result,
tbe committee states, that many idle
refineries would be opened up and the
output speeded up very considerably.
Food eontrol authorities and dealers
in Haa Franeiseo have put a ban on
sugar for . Christmas tree ornaments.
Tha Ioada of cheap candies which for
generations have been going into
Christmas tree ornaments are to be
frowned on this holiday season because
of tbe vital need of sugar by the Allies.
Manufacturers say 'that every effort
will be made to conserve sugar.
Further cuts in the price of refined
sugar for tbe retailers were aonouneed
yesterdsy afternoon by the state food
eontrol commission. It haa been deter
mined to set tbe retail- price at nine
cents and to have it maintained at that
figure, a cut of six cent from the high
price which aome retailers undertook
to exact early this week.
The new price regulation will be ef
fective on -Tuesday morning.
Garcia Saves Neck Temporarily
By Confessing Other Crimes
. ,, A
Two murderer, Gabriel Verver and
Floreucio Bonella, were banged yester
day morning while a third," Antonio
Garcia, was reprieved until tbe con
fession which he made of other mur
der may free a prisoner wild U now
aerving a life terni ior the crime of
which Garcia say the man is innocent.
' Verver, Bonella and Garcia were con
victed of killing T. Harashibara, a
Japanese storekeeper,2 at Kaneohc in
August last.- The - two former ' met
death by hanging, in execution of the
sentence pronounced upon them,- short
ly before ten o'clock yesterday morning.-
1 - '
In his confession, '.' which brought
about the temporary reprieve for Gar
cia, he tells of staying Harriet Kuhane,
a school girl, near Honoksa Mill two
years ago. ' For this Crime Jose Bene
UVa 'was convicted 'abd' sentenced -to
priion for life. ' ': 1
Garcia confessed to aMther murder
committed in the Philippine and gave
bis correct name as Autone Balhaida.
PORTE 0,1' SPAIN, October 27 (As
sociated Press) Trinfdad offers no
haven of rest 'or retirement for' Cipri
atio Castro, long the disturbing element
of Veuesuels, He has' been ordered to
leave Trinidad and his d'pe.l"1'; would
be forced if he should attempt to dis
obey the orders. ' r - ' ' " ' " ; '
' In an interview Riven last night Cas
tro wa very bitter alnt the' United
States. He attribute hi-' expulsion to
American intervention against him and
asserts that tbe United (Mate govern
ment is constantly bounding hiiu ffoin
place to place. ' 1, t ..'X.'.
U ..it f i ' ' v. i ' y
.. ... ... ;
Two Seriously Hurt When Car
'x Catapults Off .Polej Apross t
- pavtpg and Turns Over :
Two were seriously Injured and one
slightly Injured in an early, morning
automobile wreck on rtalakaua Avenue
yesterday. That there were no imme
diate fatalitiea waa little abort of re
markable for immediately after the ae
eldenl ' Motorcycle Officer Btupplebeeu
expressed the belief that one of the
Injured men could hardly live until he
reached the emergency hospital and that
It might have been expected all would
have been called. About the acene of
the accident, there were numerous In
dications that the ear had beea travel
ing at a high speed when the accident
occurred,' , ,
K. Llshman is at Queen's Hospital
suffering from concussion of the brain
and a fracture of the right arm, H. Hei
st ei a is at his home suffering from a
fractured left shoulder and K, Rose is
nursing bruises-and a cut head, three
stitehea having been takes above his
right eye, the result of the automobile
wreck-occurred between two and half
past two yesterday morning. The car
ia which; they were driving is badly
wrecked. It was registered as Number
2041, the property of H. H. Smith.
Hits Telephone Poles
With H.HolsWin.at the wheel and
the other. two, injured men as hi pas
sengers, the ear-eame speeding in from
the f direction of Walkikl yesterday
morning.- It was coming fast and soon
after passing the corner, of John Ena
Boad appears to have swerved sharply
to. the right, grasiag a telephone pole
and then striking a second pola with
force, tearing the fender from the car
and cutting, deeply into the second
pole. The- force with which the ear
hit the second pole' sent it elear across
the paving Into the parking to the left
and here it smashed through a number
of small trees and was finally over
turned, pinning the three occupants
beneath it; It traveled fully 150 feet
after striking the first pole. :
Whiskey and Gasoline
'Resident of-the-'neighborhood who
bad heard the noise as the ear' smash
ed forward dwspite all obstructions ran
from their home and a Call was sent
to' the emergency hospital, the ambu
lance responding, and Motorcycle Of
ficer Ptupplebeen hurried to the scene.
The officer told The Advertiser that it
appeared to be "another ease of
-whisky and gasoline not mixing," and
that there were Indication that tbe
driver had been drinking.
Llshman, still unconscious, was taken
from tbe emergency hospital to Queen '
Hospital where his condition Is serious
though not necessarily precarious. . An
X Bay examination of Holsteio yester
day afternoon disclosed a bad fracture
of the left shoulder. He .was taken
home from the emergency hospital af
ter having been given first aid. Rose
wa able to go to hi home after hav
ing hi injuries dressed.
Investigations on the leaf hopper
which should prove of the deepest iur
terest to the sugar industry are now in
progress on Hawaii. Thus far no an
nouncement of the results that have'
been determined has been made ' and
what has been told is of such nature
that it requires much technical know
ledge of tbe subject of pests snd para
sites to grasp what ia being done.
Prevalence, of the leaf hopper on
Olaa aud other Hawaii plantations in
this year's and next year's Crops is
blamed upon some hesvy downpours of
rain that occurred when tbe crops were
very young. On Olaa, it is said, there
was one such downpour of fully nine
inches and another plantation had a
rainfall of a foot. It is explained
that such heavy downpour washed
away the parasite and' left but few to
contend with the spread of the hopper
ft question is now asked, if there
should bo a similar heavy rain after
the dry spell of tbia year would it not
tend to wash away many of tbe hop
pers, just as the heavy rains mentioned
were destructive to the parasites '
The leaf hopper promises to be prev
alent on Hawaii this year and next
and possibly in 1919. Already it It
certain that some plantations will fecj
serious loss from them in addition tq
the big drought losses. It 1 to com
bat the increased plague that the pres
ent investigation on the Big Island
are . beiag conducted. ' " , .' ,
CHICAGO, October 27 (Associated
l're Jacobsen ami his cc-defend-ants,
convicted of conspiracy to vio
late the neutrality of the United (Hates
by fomenting a revolt in India-will
not be granted a new trial by tbe fede
ral court before which they were con
victed. 'Judge Landis told the counsel
for tbe .defense that he would overrule
the motion for a new trial .nd he in
dicated that he would pronounce sen
tence on Monday. 1 ?
The defease purposes to take an ap
peul from-his ruling and so secure a
stay of the execution of the sentence.
WASHINGTON, October 26 (Asso
ciated Press) The executive council of
the American-Federation of Labor to
day declined to participate in the in
ternational conference of workmen and
Bocinlists, as has been requested bv the
Russian Workmen, Boldiers aud pole
gates' Council.
r Nil HIT
Inter lsland .Company Appeals;
' From. Utilities' Commission's
'Order4 To 'Restore Rates
Appeal from' the utilities board's or
der to' the later-Island Steam Naviga
tion Company to restore Its rate sched
ule to the prices in Vogue in IBID has
been takea by the company te tha ter
ritorial supremo eourt and, a- brief was
filed yesterday, This action is one en
tirely separate and.' apart; from the
proceedings' which' are peadisg-in the
circait Court' and ini the. federal eourt
though it may have the effect of stay
ing the temporary injunction Issued. -by
the circuit -court.. The proceedings be
fore Judge Ashford. were entirely sup
plementary to the action of the com
mission la ordering m restorktitp of old
rates by the company.
The ' appeal from the order of the
utilities board which haa been taken
by the Inter Islar.d company is intend
ed to secure a review . of the whole
proceedings of the commission but at
the same time brings' tfp the' question
of the jurisdiction--ef that' body and
its right te- issue! an order, such as the
one from which sppeal is taken, It is
only' cm ' thief olnt that there is any
similarity between this proceeding and
the one brought by the navigation com
pany in the federal eourt. , There need
now be no conflict aa to jurisdiction
between the two courts - and the' two
proceedings may go U separately.1 '
Among tthe -poiats presented in the
brief are the following:
"The public utilities commission has
no jurisdiction to fix tates and classi
fication , tot tha Inter-Wand ' Steam
Navigation Con Ltd.', or to direct the
amendment of, its tariff.
"Congress having legislated and
placed tbe Iuter-Ialaad Steam Naviga
tion Co.'s commerce under the eontrol
of tne shipping board, that control is
exclusive. . '
"No hearing was had; as provided In
section' '!34, and notice of such
hearing givea ttt the later-Island Bteam
Navigation Co., and the constitution
of the Vrdted State requires such no
tice and hearing before thtf, commission
eaa enter the) order Made by it.
"The notice actually given, aa shown
by the record, was ef a hearing under
section 2225, -under which tbe only
power given is that given by section
2233 to make teeommeqdationa ' and
bring suit. -, - ' y. .: .
"The order of the commission is
not sustained by the facts found in
its decision. The company U entitled
to a fair return upon the reasonable
present value of its property used ia
the service of the public '
Tbe commission ordered the Inter
Island to return to the schedule of
freight and passenger rates in effect
in 1018, and secured a temporary in
junction restraining the steamship com
pany from refusing to obey the de
cision. .
.: -- .
Late Estimates Reduce Figures
"" ' Td UnderThreeWundrW ; '
Thousand Tons '7
NEW ORIGANS, -October 13 E. A,
Rainold, Wh ia an authority on the
Louisiana' Sugar1 crop, says that the
crop will be disappointment, and that
although there bave'besa. estimates
made heretofore of a 300.000 or 325,000-
ton crop; the recent very' unfavorable
growing weather will more than offset
the greater acreage in cane upon which
the big crop estimates were based; On
the majority of the plantations he say
tbe cane is small and the crop- about
thirty days late. He says that it ia too
latC for the cane to grow' -or catch up
before grinding begins. The planters
are hoping now that tbeir ehanees for
more cane growth ' have passed away,
that the eool weather will result ' is
more sugar in the cane, and the opti
mistic belief is that the eane this year,
barring an unforeseen freeze,' will be
very heavy in sucrose. Mr. Rainold be
lieves that all things considered the
crop will reach In the neighborhood of
275,000 tons. He cites as evidences of
the lateness of the season the facts that
hurt' season the first syrup had arrived
on the New Orleans Sugar Exchange oa
September 6, and that' now over a
kaonth later no syrup has yet arrived
or. Been made. He says that tha first
receipts of sugar -arrived last season on
October 13, and 'While ho believea It
possible that some few small .' houses
will start grinding on ths 16th of this
month, they will be mighty few, ftd
moat of them will begin operations not
sooner than the 22ivd, of the month, and
more likely aoti sooner than the 21 h
and perhap a few days later. He ex
presses the belief that there will be con
siderably leas raw sugar made this year,
and that, tbe percentage of high grade
sugar made will be very much, greater
than iq previous years,,
.. -John Hi lloanee, Unjted States field
agent, estimates that ths .crop, on Oc
tober 1 wa seventy-four . percent of
normal crop, a compared with a ninety-two
percent crop. at ibis time last
season and a tea years' average of
eighty-four percent on October L..
i ii 1 1, , I, j a i n ii
Mi" Marie Byrne!" of Eleele Hchoql,
Kauai, lay claim to being the first war
bride on the Garden Island." By the
last Kiunu she came to Honolulu 'to
marry 'Willis' Jennings, whom she met
on Hawaii, and who recently joined lb
navy.1"';'' ' ' -' l" -i .
-"The wedding was to have' been de
layed, but Mr. Jennings being ordered
abroad 'Mies Byrne bas com to 'Hono
lulu to- lie married before bis departure.
Hhe will return immediately to Continue
aer wort lu'ine cieoie bcsool ,
m o inner
r I v ". i - tt
Majority Leaders of Reichstag
"Xontfnue ' Plans On Under
standing That Michaelis Can
: not Retain the" Chancellorship
''''.V :.';'V itil.j. ii. . !';.C . '
Austrian Socialists Czechs and
"Poles Align "Solidly 'Against
Government and Seek Division
Into Federation of States'"
' ' " '. inU- Mearisj ssV f V i. '.
OERLIN, October 27 (Ass(?
elated Press) The political
crisis in Germany remains acute,
according to despatches from
Berlin." The majority 'leaders in
the reichstag ari continuing their
deliberations on the basis of the
understanding that Michael is can
not retain his chancellorship but
must go within a few days.
Xate yesterday, the reichstag
leaders requested von Vafentirti
to: inform the Kaiser that Michae
lis has informed them that Tie
could no ' longer carry on the
The Vossische, published yes
terday afternoon, however, main
tains that the Kaiser will not call
for nor accept Michaelis' resigna
tion, white the DeutJches Zciturig
states mar. omciai oerun is en
couraged in the belief that the
Kaiser is of the opinion that the
political parties will yet be
brought around to a support of
Michaelis and of the various sec
retaries of state. It is the belief
that all the leading officials will
weather the storm and retain of
fice, including Helfferich, the vice
chancellor and the secretary of
the interior.
A serious political crisis has
also come to a head in Austria,
with the Socialists aligned solidly
against the government and hav
ing the support of the Czechs and
Polish members of the reichstag.
The Socialists have made public
the text of a resolution whereby
the members of that party pledge
themselves not to enter any gov
ernment that may he formed as
cabinet ministers. The resolution
also demands that the govern
ment so divide the country that
Austria will be converted into a
federation of states, . the state
lines being based upon the racial
divisions of the population, each
state to regulate its own internal
affairs and be given the status of
independent nations.
Officials Consider Ceasing Oper
' atrons But Do .Not Act
The fk-rrao Liquor Company of Hilo,
recently called s, meeting for the pur
pose of considering the advisability of
discontinuing ths operation of its dis
tillery, according to the. Hilo Tribune.
At' the' baine time' the' advisability of
discontinuing the liquor business was
discussed - but no fiaal or UeAnite ac
tion aeem to have been takea in the
matter, as to either feature of the
ease'. ' ' " '.' -
...The report for the year showed th-it
the business was in a prosperous condi
tion' andj In fact, a 'better condition
than has prevailed for sous years back.
However, the action of the government
in 'refusing to permit the use of mo
luasCs iu the manufacture of liquors ha
tended to upsttt matters to some extent,
and this, 'together with the- small size
of tbe still, promised to make unprof
itable the distUliug of liquor for med
icinal purposes or even the manufacture
of denatured alcohol.
NEV YORK. N. T., October 2d
( Associated ' Pre)-acob von Horn,
an' e-effcer from the Oermn naval
vessel flelcr, ha been arrested here and
interned ht Ellis Jsluud. :
asva-AAavs' aetefes ..
v-V.-- A.ie.ievr-

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