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" ' '. .....
. " V i V . ' I
Registrants, 7fe
gref Tip Serv
lliif Coiiniryy
es Drawn
From Container
By Boy Scouts
; 'Without blare of trumpets or the
fluttering of flaw, but quietly and
without ostentation,' Hawaii's draft day
Toaaaeri ' 'vpatnrita With varv 'ello-iVitj
a - . v - , r j - j r. -
man between the agae of twenty -one
and thirty-one listed under a new or
der of djaft mumber, and the decks
. were eioareij ror action lor the exemp
. tion boards, which will soon call every
' man of tbi Vast array before them to
. deternipe. whether or not he is tguali-
t liea rot a fail .to me - colors, wiien
Washington annoanees the number of
the first quota wanted from the Isl
ands for the National' Army. "
A noticeable display of interest and
Ten enthusiasm was Manifested by
many in the crowds, several openly ex-
nrasaino' the hotia that the hexita nf tha
9 -m ----- I , --rr 7
army would call out Hawaii's quota at
.' an earljrdate,' while two young men
' said they Were eager to find them
selves listed in the first two hundred
draft numbers, so that they might be
on their way to a training camp before
the first of the year. ' '
last night .the i drawing of numbers
from a gloss jar was steadily continued,
with hardly a moment's pause, relay
after relay 6f young then and women
drawing the enpubnqaUag the serial
numbera.JLnd recording the same. Bov
- Scouts gave. tinge of the military side
. of the day's doings with their uniforms
of khaki and the silent but disciplined
manner 'In wbUk they conducted 'their
, portion of the eeremony. whether uponS
. doors. '. . '.';', ; . V '' :
Ready X Oo Xo Front '. ' i '
While the senate chamber was never
crowded, and the aisles and btnais only
partially filled, yet most of those in at
tendance, were. an)0l2''the yoaner men
who registered on.J uly 31 and who fre-
their pWkets to - scan ; the"nambors
which their. srs' ehdeavoteoT' to estch
as the readers' called the numbers. Now
and then tone would bolt from the hall,
. ms Dumwr BnnK ueua ciuieu. u
came forward with bis card long before
nis nuiuoer was neara ana ssia ne '
ready right thon )f go t the front.
The first of the 8&08 capsules wh'
bad been dism u.ui class eoniamer i
fonr rnmV, I
drawn ' m few minutes before nine
o'clock, and pon being . opened was
fonnd to be number 16. In the order of
districts the names responding to this
number in- each of the sis districts In
which tho Islands bad been divided for
' draft purposes were as follows:--First
District,' fcsst Hawaii Bobert
Sanborn,' homesteader, Ookala,. Hawaii.
Second District, West Hawaii Fung
Third-District, Maui Tom Bega.
; Fourth .District, Honolulu (Waikikl
of Nuuppb Stfeet) John Jesse Amarai,
550 Ciscla Lane.
; Fifth "District, Honolulu (Kwa or
Nuun - Mtreet) Kiyosaku Isujima,
Iwilei Bo&d. ,
bixtn District, Aauai Togo uira,
. Eleele. ; - .
Boy Scoots On the Job
'Boy Scouts, in relays, drew the tiny
. Capsules; .from )be jar all day long ana
. until lute last night, but their patience
and patriotism were paralleled by the
efficient work of a number of young
Wen and. women, some of them members
of the efjiricul staff of the draft board
chairman bat manv of thfin volunteers
' ffom downtown business offtees.
s late on. but averagod about 670 per
bour. 'It- wa thought the drawings
woud lie finished at five o'clock, but
before ' two hours had elapsed it was
eerxain- laai uie euu wouiu nut vw wa
rn r a ten o'ciock.
rfh juir-f ui MnsJft
' 'A rather deleful incident occurred in
tha forenoon .jus" .after the. drawings
commenced. The- Hawaiian band, just
cation, was i ratting not a Udfcli away
and for aa entire .hour, whuo tup dron
ing vofeer -of the readers read the
serial numbers; the bnndsmen labored
diligently with. Thu'I)ea4 March in
JSaiU". '
- Members of the exemption boards
drifted in duriirg the day, for it is to
them that "the draft; and serial names
opposite, will go this week and it, will
be their duty to place the names of the
registrants f 'their districts opposite
the draft numbers. Tbey wilt com
mence . their i- work immediately and
then to. each man will be ent a notice
number and the time' he is to appear
before the local board for examination.
How Drawing Was Mad
ljj yesterday ' drawings a single se
rial number drawn from a capsule rep
resented a registrant in each of the
districts', "providing the list were long
enough' In each." Is some -di strict the
registrants numbered but 1700. If the
number SJ.'WOj- for Intance, was drawn,
that UHtrirf woiijd not be' represented
by thaf drnlog.' The next number
misfit '1) 16P9 and a unme would bo
found' against thM nuniheri
Therefore, "the first four' numbers
drawn -yesterday-mifcht hove kft
N MIkl.H Ml
The first three hundred numbers drawn In the drift selection yoster-'
day affect, la U probability, all tna xKlstred mm of Hawaii who vUl
war be called to toe. Color if any Mr called. These three hundred ln-(
elude all those who art likely to be called la the first Hawaiian quota, ai
any rat, unions the percentage of exemptions runs unusually alga, each
number, drawing firs man on an average from th tlx draft districts.
These three hundred numbers fits
art as follows
8 2900
i 45804
..- 989
I 1279
10 7628
11 1388
13 20&0 '
14 108
15 4079
16 6640
17 1788
18 4255
19 2269
20 501 '
21 622
23 S478
. 242848 .
. 257631
2 014 :
, 275714
. 285161'
', 31238
I 321180
34 7962
35 2492 '
36 2253
37 7493
38 2863
39 274
40 7806
41 1691
42 1121
' 432850
r 441924
- 457847
46 7902
47 1007
48 1669
' 61956
, 62408
, 655417
67 8738
68 8181
69 4591
60 4892
61 5971
f 628148
63 6686
64 5262
' 856610
66 5685
67 184
68 2281
69 4497
70 6855
71 40
72 4709
73 1809
. 742078
75 4668
76 5353
77 2410
78 284
79 1875
80 3315
81 3734
. 823364
. 836206
' 854701
', 865671
89 876
90 6394
91 100
92 1987
93 5329
94 6839
95 2913
96 6174'
97 81 .
98 4398
99 4187 '
101 4108
102 3904
103 -1798
' 1046933
105 7669
106 2337
107 1015
108 6031
109 3417
110 1095
111 3647
112 2361
113 4912
114 1534
115 6692
116 1166
117 7161
118 6453
119 7409
120 4776 '
121 6387
122 4419
123 1815
124 7243
125 1850
126 1854
127 4589
128 1865
129 3464
130 7620
131 3601
132 6378
133 6246
134 98
135 4825
136 319
137 4416
138 1652
139 8187
140 2061
141 389 :
142 1642 .
143 2174
144 3837
145 5033
146 433
147 1226.
. 1487394
149 633
150 5673
49 6630
50 4049
7 . The men of Hawaii whose numbers were first drawn yesterday, In the or
der they were drawn in the various districts, are in the lists published below.
Unless the national need is greater than many believe, only those included in
the lists herewith the first included in the numbers drawn will ever be called
to serve-. When they wiil.be called, if ever, has not been announced,
Oaliii Fourth4 District
Amarai. John Jease
Kml, Ham K.
Hiram, 4'tiaa. N. '
llamainotu. Kjoka
t1Hikaha. 1'hUlp
Mayo, Ijirry Oorslg
Oklno. Unulcbi
Kiikuda. TakrJI
Canemoto, Tokuta
ro Tojrofukn, Tasahara
Yuiiiamolo, Yiitara
Nlxhlmurs. llano
Iln.wn. Itnlph P.
Kekalilo, Thomas
Okanakl. KHJI
Ietaloba, KdwarA
I loom, , Cyril Jobn
on Llk'litfoot, Oswald
B. .
Pa mil, John
Kteei, Uawrenfe O.
1Ins. Josrpta V.
Corrva, A 11 tone
Cohen, Kile
Mills, Ovorge Kabl-
MlyaKl. Helel
Paliiipn, (ieorm
Kelly, John Kranrls
Tliuliertake, Frank
flam, H'blnic Hee
lluraao, Klilnklchl
Kinltb, Willis 111
Tsbll, Tokiil.hl
Uoliello, Frank
Pakai. Yalchl
Kawatsiira, Yarsku
Aiiiu, Keula
I'tturm-r, Wolfsanx
Molano. Calesrro U.
Kau, Krnmt K.
Voiinc Yun flu
linyadbJ, . Kyumbu-
ro '
D wight, JameS Ad
ams Parsons, Wlllanl C.
Harris, Walter P.
kalelUni, Juba Ke
llalwear, Kilille
t anxla, Franetaco
Koarrs, Joe It.
Sinitli, Lester diar
ies MrCall. Fay E.
Ilm. Touil
N'akaao, Yoabltaka
rrespe. NlpornetUus
Cheo, I-au klontt
Illraoka. Kenlehl
Couya, Fukutaro
Toxhlda, Tsouejlro
Knsakl, Tatayukl .
Honda, Masat -Hantos,
CialiUio De
Din, China ITonf
Kakaxawa, Hataro
Taoska, Kwaujl. '
Au, Hlu Hln
Ohsina, Futnslil '
ltolrto, John O...1
Hop, l.rnu -Hhou.
Killing Woon
'lihipp-tlo, ninaro
Knhns. Alhert Imul
Tsukaxakl, Uasao
Haihlo, Masalrtil
Winlih, ltnymoud W.
Wails, ThVu
Hintth, Jobs
Javobaon. JobB TV'.
KilK-ouili, Fred- .
rifk A.
Nskaumra. Hataro
Chlug. Joseiih
Kua, tMoinoa
Klake, KnuforJ Pole
Arl-iio. UI . I
Mi'1rlnM. Manuel
ora. An
ols. Frank
.InSHar'James P.
miui. to
Mtuc. Ton
"Uir, KluzO
orrea. MamiW
llolpprts. Tony .
lxat. MhuiipI
Vsnifliulil, Yuklsato
1'arvallm, Jim
Cuknaawa, Belsabu-
BI-kUer, Boy Co
sad Mnuches. Manuel O.
OilTfirn. Jue P.
Kain. Ah Tnu
Mnramolo, Kasuo .
Min-aluia, J110. I.
FitkiMla. Illdetc-bt
Kulel, Ihu
Ixiw. Wui. Sam!
Yohloks. Kniuutaro
iHlilrti. Myiwa
FiiknmiRu. Wt-Uabu-ra
t'ytHtn. NtiJIitia
Mcflrrr. I'aul L.
Kiuinelutli. John
('boo. ('linns Kwun
Iiiknw. Klw. J.
KuKe. Sliiisukn
KshuhIiIoii, Kl lil
HIiliiiHuoKiike, Okala
Kouxa. Vluceut .
Yum, Ilok
Hiita, Watdku
lA-saakl. Yusblmasa
Hllfll, Nk
luay, Kntrlian
I'ark. Kt-uiiK Kua
Wlt. lleujaiulne
Mliiu. I'luinic Kwsl
Juim-, John. Jr.
VHHimiik. euss L.
Jnmnliiu. llllnHu
Mitritu. Hhulclil
Oknlio. H-IJI
Hnm. KoliU'lil
Tslru. Klilnit.ru
111 va, Auelo Jose
I'liriuulusa, I'otfU-
AIIm-u. fiulirlel
I'usnmna, Joseph
loiniirk, William
Porta", AllH-rto
I'Iiuiik. Arthur Ayft
Ptrr.v. John BorKus
Ksnu Hul ( hoik
Kut-ri), Kohlvo
Park. Kyo 8snit
HHlrlni-s. ftantlaua
f'hnu, I.niiU
Hilts. Kb I J 11
HIi-omo. Kosiike
Wat, Wn Yen
W011 s
AImhI, Jarlnlo
fern, lleury Cbarl-
Kaiihnnnsa. Harry
KorttMr, Henry
Krlllilil. IL.l.t. Pakl
Kali lU Mic-Ul I
'!VIt .lM
Mumi. Rukun
Kakinls. Ksiili hl
Kaiikiinlu, linvhl
Nai'uyiima, HMyoto-
in one or two ilitrirts. For .'Instance,
No. 1 draft number would have Brown
after it; No. 2, Jones; Ha. t capsule
would not have a name for that dis
trict und No. 4 would be Oray. Al
though (iruy yesterday understood he
wns drnft No. 4, yet when the local
board closes up the names over the
gaps -this week, Oray may be draft
number :i-,
The lust ftuisule, drawn at nine-forty-
four oVIi.i-k lust niht, was 8803, and
was plurcd op(.oite draft number 8-08,
1 H
11 K' M' H M M M h l I
called, In the ordar they wero drawn,
1 - "- .; - !. .
151 4268 017307
' 162 4661 " 202 4216
163 769' ' 803 1762
154 Clia 1013
262 4033
256 6856
257 6809
258 1127
259 2011
260 2379
261 4009
262 2973
263 6731
264 1113
265 7873
266 6631
267 7773
268 1847
269 4089
270 8079
271 860 ,
273366 ,
273 430
274 6235
275 2039
276 23
277 4610'
278 1487
279 112
280 4490
281 2694
283 3B91
284 3700
285 5-7.003
286 4208
287 7319
288 7273
289 7548
290 7761
291 6676
293 3793
294 4208
295 2250
296 1313
297 6820
298 2968
299 8026
300 3790
156 6608
157 1787
158 6969
159 3665
160 2031
161 3646
162 3872
163 6828
164 2467
165 6846 .
16068. -
167 6513
168 6287
169 4966
170 6757
1722499 .
173 866
174 6000
175 2167
176 714
177 3758
178 2993
179 5869
180 6308 .
181 1310
182 3575
183 3204
184 6789
185 7707
186 6072
187 4985 .
188 426
189 6646
190 2988
191 6795
192 4561
193 7730 '
194 4316
195 3677
196 6198
197 2083
198 6879
199 8150 '
COO 1991 -
206 7893
207 1367
208 4434
209 6829
210 7256
211 6169
212 6838
213 6489
214 7035
215 1939
.21ft 253
217 7771
218 3323
220 396
221 2438
222 4882
223 7700
227 4368
228 44
229 6931
230 6935
231 3727
232 570
233 7663
234 8107
235 4995
236 4570
238 2498
239 4743
240 3905
241 6048
242 6459
243 1868
244 4606
245 6832
246 3412
247 604
248 1077
249 7000
250 6499
; . ,-. ....
saj n
NottBeW H. .
Hawada. Bliluaakv; '
Hlea, Mnt-o
IIIsuiHnf, Donald B.
Chtl, Kanff Keua -Man,
Ktiu Y're .
Mori, Tsnneo ''
Mannha, Uerse K.
MlyasaHl, Khojl
lml. Ioo
Tlrr.-ll. Joseph
Ulyasusuka, Uatsu
Bohlmann. Frits n
1'anlUio, Francisco
Olsen, David, jr. ,
Hoy. Hmrr 1. -gslaiimt.
Itokl '
Chni.msn, Corwln .
rianelwra. Henry A.
8110. lalk Nam
Klinnra, Kamesuke
Kniilbne, bsrid .
Kshslpblll. Paul
l:nh. Ilrnrr J.
Osmara. Mannal .
Kanit, Hoon Kun
Au. Knin Chn
l'ariwn. Walter A.
Medelroa, Uanuel
Oahu Fifth District
I'stJlma.Kl.ToKsku J.
Jaekaon, BomIIIo
I.iiiu. 1'sng Tnrk
lIlHhluiura, Ilelki
clil Anoha, I.U'-tsna k
Itown, Imln o.
Mlpaile, I'uhlo
Kou, (loo
Yanase, Kayuica
TakeKwht, 1(11. Ul
Pasco, Hereto
Paalubl, Havld
Kaboe. John K.
Uauula, Jlt-nry 8,
Kaneko, Klscbio
Imu. Iiy
Montaya. F.nriiiie
YatniiKiikl. Yulihl
Andradii. (11 in Inn
Hakauiiito. riiolcbl
Mafrniil, treuorio
Tavarfs. JoHtph J.
Kitranumi, Vriigiro
Hcott. Win. K.
KiHiki, Hhlnrakii
I'alwj, VIi-imiIh B.
W II win, Alliert K.
KenlHon. Anhle
Wis. Walter C.
Knlu. Maximo
Hayiiioinl, Law-
Kadnsa. Celestlno
I'uuilnoa, Win.
Muclulyre, llran-
llpil H.
Anl. Touny
(iiilthino. Patrleld
XmkuI, Tonit-kli-bl
I'bi-ti. Ah Klin -Alona,
Jus. Alfred
Ilanlas, Mnvdelluo
Palo, Oreirorlo
MulnniitV Mike
Kskita. Jas. Y.
Hoiouion. Juan
Nnlie, Hhlnmln
Mslill, Kauejiro
I.'.w, Cbun ijimn
A k fiy. Ilo rtoliiue
Wuda, Takashl
Snntoa, Haul Ho
I'ulaa, IWuJ. Kele-
KanaiTinra. tiololil
Vi'0, I.nro Tuk
Mi-delro,- Jaik F.
Koo. Wan Hlk
Koun, IU-uJo
I ul. Qe1.
I'ulis, John Moses,
HY. 1 ,' V
Kngiiltn, Iornnin
iiiKukuiua, Kunie
siilmnoka. Jlasnio
I'litsU, Cbaa.
Mi-Sbnna. h.
Klin, Jos.
Mtto. Hhlromotla
Iee. Yong Suh
Yahato, Katsiucbl ,
Taklxhlta, Uunso
Coin-bee. Ah Kwong
tsblda, T'shlinatsu
Wise. Addlnirton L.
Hiokl Yoniolt-hl s
Trsnifla. Pvdra
Kiios, Manuel
Cockenbera, 'otsa-
Rolaxar. Mlllclo '
Msriies, Msnnel 8.
Mnssayu, Crlntulial
HautoM, Jowpb ,
Hellado, l(on ...
Tonada, Ulbe!
Nnkl, Isaac -Yamada;,
Alajoda, Mlmwl
Kau, Lau Hoy
I reda. lobllirl
li'hlkawa, FutolinJu
tfnliy, Anastaslo
Wunx, Thomas F.
Hnruliuura, Wbuusa-
Naaata, Gwuke -
Toma. I'ahl
Umaalea, Zavarbu
Mlann, Pedro .
Inenonola, Clriace
Haraa, Ulnosiike
Fukiimoto, Hbokicbt
Floro. Holliodor
Iwasaht, Klyoto
Ton. Won
Qlllilaud. John
FuJInaka, Toablmlt-
Watanalss, Rboe
Naknrantis MstsnJIu
Espanola, Cornello
'i'ona, Kenneth A.
fhlklva. ' Kel " '
iihliiHikukuro, Ust-
Yimiato. Ryoso "
Cnlco. J USD :
iHlra. Jsmeaj;
Arts. .Vlceula .
Tannka, Takure
Cuaresma, Alejsn-
Caillana. Julian 0.
Kawalhoa, Holomon
Murakami, ' Matao-
oro . ... 1 .
T.anealt, Greimrlo
Milium. Cbaa An-
draw ' -flkainura,
Masukawa. Mokul
fax, George K.
ltresa, BUto
Matsmniira, Nlklehl
liosokawa, Kuma
kstsu t lie last number on the Hut. According
to districts the men thus honored were:
First District, East Hawaii Aiji
Fourth District (Honolulu) Chai
I-au. ;
Fifth 'district (Honolulu) Akana
Asato. . .
At nine-forty-five o'clock the draft
was declared fiuiahed, and the draft
chairman immediately forwarded a
ciil.lMjjram to I'rovost Ooneral Crowder
at Washington announcing the rosult,'
Oahu-Fif tb pi strlci )
"ino, Msnnel
eles, Krn"t fl. 5 (
Mataura. Hlchlro
ftaalcn. Knerla
Bcnaana. I-ewls
MltsulMiyoshl, Mass
. tcbl .j
Atlmitsn. narnkl
CaHtole, Kajmond,.
M. ,. 1
Pan, Lojit ' '
Moon, " Joe Knra . ;
Fuok. CHIns Ah .
Wats rial. Klshlro
Alsdsd, Meolas '
Csbra), Joseph
Trssk. John Aklna
I 'lira, Pedro
Bansuil, Knt1no
Alemeils, Benito
nndo. Klnlchlro"
Kaliaxawn, Kh-hlia
Torres, Vlecnts
Afusn, Fukiuto
Ts mans lis. Yams
Tskamnrt, Hlmli hi '
PiikBmoto, Jnntero
Yciuena,' Kstehsn ' '
Slilmkl, T..nk '
Anicot, Msreos
Miikalda. .FMgeJto
Halto, Krrata
Nnknts. Mil-mrt '
Hliruchl, Klyolcbi
Nnutsn, Vlctoritio .
Olsnlsi, Rhunlchl "
Tone, I. a ii Wsl
KsneshlKS, Hhlnlchl
Olchi. TatsukswS
Mssul, Waks.llrn
Ixhlkswa, Unlio'
Tenean, Klto
ltd, Teniya - ,
Kiieha, Joe
HblKemoto, Jisahuro
(i'o. m '
Touiiakl. Pstosbl
Impncnte, Itinnnn "
Acs l.a, Opeiisnn
Torres, KldermnsO ;
lllrne. Bntlitu
Ksmwin. Juan '"
Katashlina, Maaaro
I.ttm, )et RlBg .
lie, Mnnsiikt
Aklyama, Klnffo -r
Knponoj C'hanes
Ono, Rdcli I
lliirada, Kkmtlro
CnaiiK,, Ah C'hoy .'
DiiTue; Alberto '
Olnen.1 Fredarlctl
John .
Camstbo, AntooS :
Ffhnft. TeoHlo B. '
Kunlnafa. Knnek'hl
iHirsnle, Euilllo
Monls. JoHcph ",.'
Brirnndrt. Jose ' '
Sahara, Cimaaka
Waa. Knnka
IsutnL Akyt :
"ordelro. John 1
1 Isro, mrro
Cslianleroa, Mt-lanls
Nskstnnra, Fichu
Kusnn.ik.1, dulchl "
Tsnska, Knntkhdil
Mninire, Xomss Ai.
Kiislini.trt. Xodulchl
Hoy. Hoiidlir V .
llHsMniotn, llungo
Kiinil.la, lislso . .
Adones, Botere
J'oea. Hlnxia -KfiHflks.
Ie(iiHon, Mdenclo
I'sK'lHhl, BeJIro
Kona, Isaac
Buckley. Anham
Von r4, ( hsl Pong :
Knlm, Hlnklrht
Toshlkawa, Badakl'
AYataoatie, UaruU-
Ksd, Won
Nnnsml, Kstsusnke
Ternklns. Nako
Ono, Milnshlro
Hlira, I'shl "
Wallace, Kdward '
Aynif, Celextlne
nynkl, Koklchl
Hota,' fiixlajlro ' '
Kawahara, Junlchl
Ciml, MsrlMio
i'ahral Mnnnet .'
A tiilrniif. FrsnM
Kwanliro,' AkisuM
AnmnL Homo
flna. Che Young
.Chlncn, Tsknhlko
KihhIs. Tnnico- '
Tskrinsln. Kunlehl
Pllva, r-yprlnn A.
Wan, lice Hung .
Mr Id, kfHi.)
Ilnt'lnska. fhojlrn
Taitnymua, tstanis-
BsntlKta, rnatinne
Ikclmra, KIiIuto
Tnnili.M, Vicente r .
Corren. Manm-I
AliHWiucm, i;iimro '
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Knnilnro, ftniuoo
Morliiii's, Toslilo
Klillrs, Hold
Kulepont, Hohert K.
Flun,' Ffiink
Fernsudey, HnhcrtO
Salto, Cbusnke ' '
Ijuraquet, lUnnefo
Knnlyosht, tlblnke
Iteyos, Kslvas
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Ksniikawa, Xskn-
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Nakao, llataso,. '
Yow. Chans
Mararae, Illrlaeo
HayaHhlda, l-lil '
llerundlo. Marcel-
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Maeda, Tadasano
Tnnwocln." Carta no
1 lores, John
Tsulia, JltsukJchl "
Wakbawa, Heiset
Roon. Pak Ynng
Chun, Mun lnuk .
Wakumnto, Jlsabnro
Hhimhuknro. Matail
CoDstancIo, Herman
Kim, Kwan Ok
Chock, "Ah t.nm
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Taknto, Hh.it a ro
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Mlrahsra, ITykntsre
Hhim.insa, Gnnsnkl
Parapaya, Fella A.
Kaher. Vicente
Yen. Lee
Bakaiuotn, Ichljl
Toyauia, Takes .
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Ranbora, tiobt. ',
BaTama, NtfisaS
Onhiro, Takirho ' '
Kiyola, Shintaro
Yamamalo, VoBeCU
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Madairos, Maaua) A
Ys-C Belrla
Macioa, Rlcarde '
Pons, Luscio Bwaaag
Naito, Bokichi
Oraellsa, Joe '
Kanasawa, Bhigeki
Grant, ttmrfe BoynS
Qnilat, Honoris
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Hiparanont, Aalilto
O.hiro, Kinchl
Maoaalo, Keimaade '
Girtollo, Donatn
Oarriat, Aurumin I
Morarnecy Adrino
Aral, Hhimo
Middleton, William
MiyadakL KaUuta
Aayaai, Ianji
Blaka, Ribarl Rharpa
Lum, Ah Poo '
Takamato, WaUra
Baihino, Yoahitala .
VaMaeaaias, Padre
Yamasuchl. Baichl i
Taffno, Michol ' -Fujiwara,
Meirabaaaa, Oavdea
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Iahlyakl, . Chlyaidii
Ateuoi, itarariaa
Dun, Knns Yang. . J Bhirai, Aoaaka
Aaata. Kika
Miyaaato, Kamaarhl-
Hoi ibata, ChokleU
Dabua, Ccbara ,
Nobara,' Haara v. ',
Babslande, Phadoms-
Mariowa, If alia
Bntakl, Keket ;
Kluria, Geronlmo '.
Fuaten bar (, Maurice
Lairnarita, Pedro- -Tokuet,
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Bsdon, Ap.lraa '
1 aroma, Kfrardo '
Amaiaki, 8aoaioh( ,,
lnhikawa, Jaujire
Helela, John
0hita, Hynchl
Buuia, Joaquin Dias
Kaji vara, TokaaukS '
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Kaina, Kabemia '
Kurhinds. Cboto
Habi.la. Bnnipacto .
Pachwo, JobB
Fernandas, Juaa ,,
Halaniaaea, Fiona-
tine .
Forrest, Leslie
t'eda. Maaao
Fernira, Antona
Muyaaato, Kuoni
Ematino, BIM
Miyaahiro. Kaneio
Kanana, Solomon, Jr.
Prtentes, Inoeaates
Phni, Lyan Kn
Cabatinsan, Anarlto
Yoahimoto, Aaalcbi
Cabral, John
Tam.kl, Kakehel K.
A Halls, Thendor
Kuramnto, . Toawichi
Oihq, Toka
Kim, Chee Sun.
Msrmarella, Modesto
Dalit. Victor
Y'aniato, Kanjl
Ponte. Mannel da
Akamiao, Yama
Aaata, - HeLaen
Komeaa, Helkan
Iaomoto, Ckohei
MaUyoabl, Uiyogin
Ysbuna, Kaataro
Morillaa, Franciico
Coats, Frank
Hi to, Fusioka
Loa, John Jr.
Bello, Albert
Bhiahldo, Karaalehi
Akimoto, Jiaaka
Tsrudnlg, t Mm info
Nsjrikswa, Bhinse,
Taiauka, Sakabara
Tanimato, Kynjl
Inhikawa, Mauu
Hlaa, Loranso
Coats, Mannel da
Mrya.hl, Jienju
Qvilaton, Brigorio
Bueda, Kicbllx
Jkitachaka. Boia
Ikemotn, Kometa
fcbimahnkyro, Kemt-
Fontii, Jnaeph R.
Pacbaco, Henry
Kumabs, Molchl
Ventura, Mateo
Cahijima, Hanio
Halo, Bimeon
CanralhOt Joseph
Caitaneraa, Knarceso
Tsnimotn, Oenichi
Nasaa, Tetieffi
Kakama, ltiyomstaa
Barroga, Tranquilino
Tamaabjra, Niwa
Miaaorio. Tomikiehl '
I nulla, Kana
Bbiaeta, Badakichl
Gattoe, Bacsnisa
Cararseho, Bario
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Kslhsniel, Daniel
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Waltera, Diego
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Omaing, pumiacio
Frsneis, Feboeio
Oahido, Biiiye
Aeoata, Baltaiar
Bins, Modeato
A moo It, Alfred
Wataoabe, Huehiko
F.ndo, Maaataro
Labinghiia. Laiarus
Bbiogiro, Tanio
Aporila, Alsbaudro
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Maiayath), Mstauan-
Marcello, 1 Marlla
Boddaa, Clruiente
Nakamura, Taro
Bhiroma, Kane
Louis, Manuel Jr.
Cola, Qregorln
Arruds, Joe Ferrelrs
Kagamina, Bhokl
Yung, Vans Yi Bung
Oahira, Aukel
Gaapar, 'Alfred Bo
drigues .
Bhiiuabuka,, Ksmaro
Abdul, Daniel Jus
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MiaHblro, Bhlagi
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Madeiroa, Fraamio
Hentoliro, C arias
Hira, Uiho
Bhlmabiika, Tamsuka
Kennedy, Archibald
Fraavr. Francis Boh-
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Tokamuto, Kama
Kajiwara, Ichiro
Kaliiahlwa, David
flamhoky, linnet If
Huso, Higlro del
Kama, Kanaabiro
Bediama, Pedro
Carealha, Antona
KncarnaeioB, Porta-
nato ' T
Kobaihlnwa. Tokki
Kami, Kuichi
Itoniol, Teopiollo '
Lacas, Rayaioad
Tanaka, It or id
I.l.arta, Jnatinlano .
I.opes, Philip
Miyaahiro, Iyal
Kiua, YoksLho
pebiro, Zanko
Hanchia, . Alejandro
HaaeberoT, Audras .
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Opriia, Franeiaro
Bouts, Manuel Uias
CsKuiae, Andrei ,
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Akiona, Kdward K. '
Duley, Macario ,:
Yamarachl, (tenlehi
MaUuura, M aaata
Koaiaoa, Harry
CyeUka. Juicbi
Kama, Okana
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Ychan, Polelo U.
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Bakai. Mateo
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Ysoiamoto, Bhuichl
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I'yekl. Kametars .
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Pates, Floreneia
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Alona, William U,
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West Hawaii
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Ouahlksma, Kasha
Jliieni.' Lea Chang
Xakamara. Taknts '
Tanaka, Tomofume
Migs, Kaino
Mkaido,, BeiUro
Ike, Knhlso
Abe, Mstaataro
Chuck, Hong Yee
Worsts, Yvahltare '
Marrea, Maxima 81-
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Tabs, Tinao
Mae.hlro, Morlklchl
Amchita, Louts
Y'amamoto, Hatanlchl
Kaahln, Miakals
Hoaa, Joe
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Koda, Bukachi
Biitukl, Bacbi
Villigaa. Dorotee
Hernandet, Alberto
Plwa, Joba
Oeaauke, Koamrs '
Foil, TakaJI
' Terao, Kachilre
Oondayaatoa, Victor
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Torn Sing, Joaeph A.
Pontory, Julio
Bekina, Kikaigt
Kakoa, Joseph
Tskemoto, Harulthi
Tolentino, MaxUue
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Tanioka, Mattuiiro
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Wakida, Ooirhl
Cnrrea, Jacinth F.
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Dakels, Dnminador
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Tanimura, Yoahiaa-'
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Noblya, Psulune
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Oknaaki, Marto
Tnniakit, Yaipaalte
Carson, Eart U
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Adlileneola, MasanlO
Bala, Leon
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KaHma, A Hurt K.
CJomva, - Jnhu' ' ' '.
Ki-niva, Fukl "! r
Amligadn, I'edre .
Taias, Tocbo'
CoaeepHon, Fraaeo .
Oahira, Pnko
KalohelsnK Jr.; Jos.
Yamanaka, Knichl
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Morton, Jiiett J,'
Ilanscka, BadaO - ;
Paanllau, Marcos
Manalo, Behsation
Utoehi, ' Misidu
Kaaeahlro, Ksnto
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Buona, Frank
Kmars, Mala '
Caiiilaa, Scberie ,
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Takutiars, Bunso ',
Jsmile, Jfose
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Makakoa, John " '
Mataada,- Yokirhl .
Kotirega, Msnuel i .
KaVayama, Oiichi
Mseole, Kobarl
Aokl, 'lllaao ' 1 '
PanUlita, Mariano '
Kakaahima, Kakojlro
Makimoto, Hatnngoro
Bmith,' Alfred K. -Benaa.
Kanpulkl, James Kao-
pealeo - .'
Saihei, Karlya ' ,,
Arakahl, Kana 7
Obayaabi, Obukl . .
Prlekai, Kala
Tohlaa, Buaaaentara
Albindo, Olempeo
Onhlro. Mirhlgora '
Lot, Henry Kiba .
Jlro, Matanda ,
Kiaabs, Uhoyst ,
Koharhl, Uhara
Klawaianln, David
Bartasada, Marlla
Raatraot, Alyandro
KaneahirO, Jiro -7
altar a, Kama
Bsptiata. Joe
lioe, Binr Hoag
Anial, Hiroahi '
Klyan, Kama
Chang, Henry Enfn
Taira, Yaeha
Pamoao, Jon
Boaia, Manuel
Kodrlcuea, Frank
Villanora. Bemitulo
Managbang, Crrilo
Bruaa, Hugo K.
Lai, Kslal ''l
lire, Kamaklchl
Heala. Joba
Miyaraa, Yoakima
Kukuhara, Kama
Mariano, Lanaro
Maehara, Toka to
Laura, Pstinelane
Daru, Pedro
Bhigezawa, Haehigare
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Kuichi, Hato
Poaha, James
Yneng, psrk Huen
Culamanta, Baailu
Harris, AJeaander
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Morita, folrhi
Akiona,- Alfred M.
Hiigiuiuto, Kotano
Feliciano, Kamon
JaViro, Ouillerno
Palma, Moriano
Aroahiro, Kauallchi
Iaeap. Pio
Pandyk, Johin
Uipet, Vicente
Dsgman, Berardiao ,
Nunio, Makajlro
Corral, Autoiin
Kunlyoahl, Bhoel
Barragan, Jnan Peres
Lapiniat, Tebureio
Villanuevea, tieaaro
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Takamlahi, Kaiulchi
Ouodwin, Wl(liam
Kono, Klto
Fagota, Marion
Butuki, Iaahuro
Frnreira, Manuel
Omerun, Alarialo
Matayushl, Koaho
Punay, Thomaa
Uohraaon, Beluyaa
' Aubrey
Labenl, Alfred Paul
Paa, Kugenio Peres
Kaiitani, Jinkura
Alaharado, Kuaebio
Achusra, Pedro
Looienle, Luis Bala-
Bllrs, Maaaal Plato
Maun, Ksssahlre
Teruys, Kama
Tekiryoshl, Jira
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Beralaclon, Fraa
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Fuaagorn, Kaksno
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Tantlro, Joteph
Pogota, John Louis
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Ynialsy, Frsnrlsea
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Hayaagi, Meiiiro
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Bittoaa, Luis
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Matauda, Msauiobi
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Ysniaahlro, Kama
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Oranga, -Olaf U.
Haindiana, John
BUiiusbukuro, Boye
I"acheco. John '
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Matauda, Blii.l.hl
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I'anivba, Alex ChI-
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fluahlkuuia, iro
Yasnoka, Kauujlro
Pacuiiia, Ramon
Palngiiltn, Fvllpe
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Ishlkswa, Klntare
Toyats, FnVnirhl
n?njciT : :fr;s
isLk)'cnAur ,
End Seems In Sight On Hawaii
, But No Rains of Importance
.Have Been Reported As Occiir
1 ' ring purin. Present vyeejc s
"Indications continui? to point to th
breaking of the drought on Hawaii al
though no Important rains nave been
repotted "since last Saturday. On the
other bead dry conditions continue on
Maiii. Indeed it bss now some to the,
stsfc-e where nlsntation manajsrs on the
Valley ,a)e do not comment oa drought
conditions bat merely close their let
ters with the brief sentences "weather
continues dry." -
From the Hamakna roast there have
some no further reports of rain this
week either to JTlonokss or Tacifle Mill
or xo any of the other agencies (n
UonoluJu. There have been further
rains in on4 about HUo and for a lit
tle way north and noiae rains In other
parts of the inland. , '. .
Olsa naa Va4 no report on rainfall
but has had a report that there was
a further Wesse in the water run
ning through the flumes. There Itqi
remains a need of several inches' of
wster, however, before fuming to. the
mill can be resumed,
. All plantation agencies are hoping
that the drought 'on Hawaii is really
broken but the break is coming so
gradually that they cannot feel eertain
H la yet here. On Maul, however,
there is no doubt, the dtenght i( tUl
on and is oa in full-force. The best
reports received say" thorn is a little
more water running thj-ough the ditcn-
VThat the loss to Hawaii and Maul
will be is as yet. problematical and
will be so until the December reports
are issued and eomparisoas can be
made but a representative of one of
the plantation agencies' yesterday esti
mated the losses in Hamakua will be
about sixty-seven percent, parts Of
North Bilo and North Khala ns high
as that and other sections down to fifty
percsnt. ' In ot,b.ar : parts of Hawaii
be placed Josses at from one third io
one-fourth of the expected erop. On
Maid he estimated that the decrease
will be about fifty percent of the orig
inal estimate of erop for 1918.' His
estimate would make the banes in the
J918 erop nearer 150,000 tons than 100,
000 and he also estimates that the 1019
erop naa been badly damaged, that
neither year can be expected to any
where near approach, the 1917 erop, and
this despite the fact that Oahu and
Kauai nave had no adverse aeneUtions
to meet. . m , .Mi ..in
'' . ' '. ... "Ti ''J-
Arsenic and manganese' are normally
present in many species of plants, ac
cording to Jadin and Astrue, two
French investigators, the remUts "of
whose studies are' publiabed in 'w "re
cent volume of the KevuW gcienilnqfue.
. The arsenic is apparency associated
with the phosphorus in the plant' fells,
esjiecially in the green portions,' Hoots
and subterraoeAo organs contain very
little arsenic.
The amount of arsenic and managan
ese present in soils has little influence
on the quantity of these minerals ab
sorbed by growing plants they state.
The amount taken up is governed by
the requirements ' of the plants.
These authors conclude that both ar
senic and manganese are of the great
est . importance in the vegetable cell,
the managanese especially, being re
quired to effect oxygen transformations
within the living plant.' They also
state that where both these chemicals
occur in the bodies of animals, their
source is the vegetable food eaten by
the animals.
; .1' i r i v '
repeekeo Is expected to finish its
grjn today are. the advices which have
been received by C. Jirewer ft, Oompapy,
tne agent for the plantation.'
When the drought struck Pepeekeo
and stopped the fluming of, cane to the
fliile there reifiaiped eight aores to be
cut and ground. This bad yait un
til there were rains sueient to furnish
the water for flnming. Tba rain came
last week and grinding was resumed.
It is expected, that thi wilj add about
00 tons to the year's production of this
planlatjun. . '
Java during (he middle of August
repprted that it had ' on band 870,000
tous of unsold iuga;. The English poo
pie are anucl) interested in Java sugar
4 beyv,Mf get it if 'they can.
White sugar is quoted at around 3.75.
The French gqvernmeut reports that
the, sugar , tonnage this year will be
somewfliat less than last year when it
totaled 186,000 tons. The government
has set tle price qf. augai at 12.08 cen,ts
a poupd. :,.,,';
vTlie Agricultnral Bfiiorter, of Bar
dados, of June 30th, says that the much
dreaded drought was brokea June 20th
and that there Is a fair prospect for
a good erop of sugar, It may run
up to ej.000 tons, which, however, is
;'() pereeot ahprt, of what it was last
It taken 210)00 pound of sugar a
month to feed 31,000 troops, and that
does not include the eandy that Soldiers
consume. The same number of soldiers
require 1,101,200 pounds .of flour. ,:
' The Great Woatern 8ugar Company,
at Missoula, will produoe 800 tons of
sugar a day for 100 days if everything
goes on as the sugar makers think it
will. The campaign la reported to start
oa October IS and 800 men are at work
getting the factory into readiness. The
new factory and drier will cost a 1.500..
'' i J :' '' ''''
Fixi;:r. of prices
Opinions Differ As To What 1$
Fair . Pricp i To Hawaiian
; Planters In War Time j
COSTS OF' PrSfjflOfi
Action, of. Sugar Commission Not
Understood ere and Other i
S;t; Details Awaited i f
Whether kt announced fixing of a
.B0 eents price, in New York duty
raid, for Cuban sugar means for the
balanse. tf the present crop or whether
it is to extend over to the next erop is
a matter of Interest and of disenasion
in local, sugar eiroles. Borne express
the belief that it applies merely to the
present erop and that the food admin
istration ha hardly consented to a full
cent increase, to. meet the' demand of .
Cuban planters.: '. ' . ,
On the other bend, there are those
who believe it will cover the 1018 crop
as well, and point to the fact that costs
of production have so increased and
will rise so much higher next year that
8.00 is only a fair and not a high price,
and that there are few Hawaiian plan
tations that' c,ould manufacture profit
ably for less. . .. . , , ;
Uncertainties Axis)
The, despatch received here announc
ing a change in price for raw Cuban
sugar said that 6.00 was the basis, duty
paid in New York, for 96 oentrifugal
sugar, and said that ratea to other
point a would be announced later. It
did not any that. Hawaiian, Louisiana
and Porto Rico sugar prices were in
creased to the same figure, and next
day came the announcement that the
Huirar Exchantre in New Orleana lia.t
closed pending more definite informa
tion as to price. It is ass timed that,
of course, there will be no discrimina
tion against the American industry. -But
there in evidently some uncertainty
and doubt or the New Orleans exchange
would not have elosed. ,'-',.
A. M. Nowell, secretary and manager
of the Sugar Factors Company, said
yesterday that be wanted more infor
mation on the new price for Cuban
sugar, but thought it probable that the
price of 6.90 cents was for the balance .
of this year's erop only. He did not
believe that the -, sugar . commission
would yield a full sent a pound on the
demand of Cuban planters, and . bad
thought that President Menocal was
getting the Cuban growers In line for ''
the 5.90 cent New York rate. : There
was certainly some uncertainty, or in
definiteness he thought, or the New Or
leans market' would not have . closed, :
Firs Pries Too Iow ' ' '-.'' ; '
" At 5.90 cents," said a well known
loeal agent yesterday, "there is a very
small margin of profit for ' Hawaiian
planters, and 6.90 eents is a Very fair
price. Everything' has gone up since
the war-everything . that the sugar
planter needs. Nitrates are 200 percent
higher than they were before the war,'
three times the price, and then there is
bo assurance that it will be. delivered.
Without it the crop would be dimin
ished fully halt.
'. Bags are three times the price they
formerly were, and so it is all along the
line, and the laborer gets seventy-three
percent ' more wages than in the days
before the war. There is a three per
cent tax on bills of lading. That is ,
added to our shipping eosts, and the
Cubans do not have it in their sugar.
This vent's war--profits tax will have
to be deducted from next year 'a earn
ing, and again the Cuban plantations
do not have that to meet.
Hlshar Next Year
"But there will be other increased
costs. Freights . are to go higher.
James A. Kennedy, of . the shipping
board, has said that the government ia
nqt getting for its freights on the Mat-,
son steamers what it pays to the Mat-'
son line and that it was to be expected
an increase to at least $0 a ton would
be made.
"The American-Hawaiian Company
was to have raised its rates and we are
led to believe the shipping board will
make a rate on such vessels as it may
furnish to at least $19 a ton from here
to New York. Sugar is going to net
less than a hundred dollars a ton in '
Hsn Frsppisco and only about eighty
five dollars in New York: on a 5.90 cent '
basis. From that must be deducted ;
eosts of growing, cutting and grinding,
with all eosts up. Where are the grow-'
ers here to get off at such price with
all expense higher than they were be
fore the war! There are a few that '
can manufacture profitably. Talk of
5.JI0 cjunts a pound being a good price
tot us under present conditions is far
from the fact.
"To get sugar in I-ouisiana to meet
the shortage in New York it wa neces
sary tp pay 6.30 cents. I am in hopes,
and I think it is the fact, that the su
gar eoiuwlssjun recognises that with
added costs , and taxes, first figures '
nnsned wcre.toq low."
California ia sending, a. megaphone
note across the continent saying that
this vast State haa exceeded all rec
ord ever attained before by producing
beet thi yeaf that tested 84.1 per ,
cent sugar content. The beets were
raised near Corcoran on a 4000-aere plot.
The crop is running from 10 to 13 tons
an acre. This 1 a most remarkable
record though the reader will note that
the tonnage is not. what California al
ways produces, but men have studied
the close correlation between quality
and quantity and know some of ti.
factors that reduce both and factors
that assist the bead as well as the
heart of the beet.
The Utah-Idaho Company is offering
prizes at the Utah State fair for the
best exhibits entered there of jams
and jellies and other preserve canned
with-beet, sugar. The competition is
keen and much Interest is being dis
played. V ,',, . J , iJi

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