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FISH CAM desold;
iii.i i 1 1 i rni Arii i
I w 1 1 iiiiu I I1LULI1 1
wan Territorial Control All Ex-
' - cept Aku and Mullet Would .
' Rotoil Cai DoMfln Pant
All IAf...U rt m-l- "j a
Expense of Three Markets
Would Be Eliminated;
. All edible fish, with th exception
of mullet and aku, fan be retailed over
the counter at alevea eent a pound the
year round with a far greater profit
to the f iahermea tbaa they are ' bow
receiving and the .price would b one-
half of what it is now, while In 'tome
instances it would be reduced ' evan
more than that. Aku eould be aohl far
three and one-quarter eenrs to the eo.
" aumer the year round wfth, a guaraa-
teo to boat owner's of three cent
pound for as much of their fish a the
market needs, any surplus to be return-
.1 . I. : . i .1 t .
i"J'uni g, vk iUD UCHIi
savor investigation ... ... ,
Much is the belief of men prominent
' in the ashing industry, avoet of whom
assert that now The Advertiser ba
commenced the Ina-flatlaaMna i .'',
, high Trice of fish, o stone should bo
left - unturned in exposing the condi-
tinna e aw al , ml
market. However, they say, the prices
Kiven aoov can- not oitfala aniens a
- - - - " ywr wniivnil
control and all fisherman entarinir tha
harbor are compelled to take their eatqh
to jne market wner they will, receive
an established price of ten cent a
pound for all. uh sue aa clue, kaUpla,
. opakapaka, saahimahl, kawakawa, wa
ke,, ulttula, Hawaiiaa sardines,, hapuu
puu and uhu.aod three cents pound
for aku.;-. s, , . ,. . , . - ,
Territorial Market Needed
The follpwing figures given, by those
who know the eosts'of operation are
considered as ultra conservative and
Tk I 1 . ... . .
w rt uwri m ui ft position; to prove
them at any time: . .
- If a market were establiahed under
the control of the Territory, and such
country, ten men, preferably Chinese,
eould be hired as clerks for 2.80 a day
or a total of 750 a month. A market
superintendent would reroive l!AO a
month, and rental, depreciation, inter
cut and insurance could be estimated
at about $360 a month, the 'aggregato
expense amounting t,o about $1260 a
month. . -; ,
All Would. Beaaflt J
It la estimated that 23,000 pounds of
fish enter the market daily, 9000 pound
' other than , aku and 13,000 pounds of
1 fni a a
mna. inis wouui mat BoiyHHJ pounds
entering the market each month. At a
monthly expense of $1250 for the pro
posed territorial market, it would cost
one -fifth of a eent a pound for over
head. A eanyass of the Japanese Ash
men In port yesterday afternoon re
sulted in every one of them, whom it
was possible to see, voicing his approv
al of the plan. At ten cents a pound
they would derive more for their time
and labor than they do at the present
time, and, as some stated, their families
would benefit by it when they were oa
. ablo to got out to se.
It is aaid that the Pacific Fiah Com
pany leases tb Walkiki market and sub
lets to stallmen who, In turn, sublease
to others. It is also said they lease
stalls ia the Ewa market, and eub
lcase to stallmen there who, as in thci
case of the Waikiki market, sublease
to whom they wUh. This subleasing i
added to the price of fiah and the pub
lic ultimately pays the bill.
Public Pays B1U
The Pacific Fish Company has seven
employes and its payroll is estimated
at about $460 a month. Yamasbirp,
manager of the market and the Paeiflc
Fish Company, his son and Fukumoto
are said to receive the largest salaries;
Again, it is said that each one of the
vast swarm of Chinese vendor pays
ten' dollars for his stall,' and in sorde
cases where this stall has been sub-
. leased several times, twenty or thirty
dolft&r would be nearer the amounts
paid, all of which ia borne by the publie
when they buy fish over the counter.
' It ia reported that 'the' Hawaiian
Fisheries leases the mnkai market from
an individual and sublet to its stall
men, the Service Supply Company pay
ing $100 a month for its stand. Thf
company ha na office force Of , four
with two men td caro for the kd and
care for baif. 8. Uyeda, the mapngrr,
is the highest paid man, the monthly
payroll of the company being estimated
at. about $400. - 1
Sally Commission large
The Honolulu, Finn Company, con
trolled by. E C Winston, leases paee,
it is said, from the Pacific Fish Com
pany and employs three men, J. F.'Ku
rod a manager and bookkeeper, re
ceiving in the neighborhood of $150. a
month, and tb two floornfen about $00
each. '
As the situation now : stands, the
three fish onipaniea are receiving in
the neighborhood of $120 a day for
their auctioneering commission, ' This
statement will b supported by the food
inxpeetora who know the amount of fish
entering the market each day. This
com mission i charged for aku a well
as tb other edible fish.
Were this auctioneering commission,
the overhead expense of three fish
companies, the exorbitant rents now
paid for tall, all of which runs up to
thousand of dollar a month, elimi
nated, tb publio would aav the differ
ence between the present aggregate cost
of operation auf the $1250 which would
be required to operate a territorial
ninrket each month. It is within th
power of th food commisxion to do this
and the investigation shuuld not be
postponed longer tbaa ia absolutely nee
It ia understood that W. P. English,
who leuM'a bait ground on the othqr.
But It Has Lots of Sense For
When Needed Pennies Are Not
To Be Had It Resorts To Post
1 age Stamps For Cttanrje"'-''"!
Th theatrical magnate of Honolulu up tw0 cn,, r 1,mr- Jt t P
are all atuek up. ' , on.; cent as a temporary experiment.
Mor tbaa . that ' ihev aaveA'i anv U ',on hoP" - commission
, w y . ay i
Raise of Two. Cents Per Quart
Cut To .One, But Meat fs t
" Hoisted Two Cents a Pound
Thanh to' th investigation made by
the food aoainWuion, milk will not go
eenta (Lino and proof reader please
follow copy.) . ;
Jt a. fact--!, palninl, humiliating
and disgusting fact, that th penny
kaa Invaded Honolulu aad the to
area t any penniea. . ' '
Heretofore we plutocrats have always
disdaiaed the tumble copper, iOb ' our
annual visits to th mainland t spend
part of onr plotboric . dividend we
have wrinkled our noaec over the 30
cent bargains, aad when change in odd
eenta haa been handed ua, we have
eomtemptuonsly tossed - it - Into the
treet, or dropped It. Into th blind
man's tin aup.- ' - - '
liut aow weVc ap against it. The
war ic the eaane, the war revenue tax
the immediate - aggravation. - -Things
we eat, rrrina, amoke, look at and listen
to are subject to tax, and in many
instance the tat runt Into Odd eenta.
Bala It .Odd or : ,
om benevolent purveyors of - the
thing we buy have decided to save as
th troobl of having to handle pea
aU-a, 'their simple aad . philanthropic
method being to charge enough extra
to make even change,' ; . . j
But abevi the theatrical . magnates
being all stock up-although the penny
hae theoretically i a vaded ' Honolulu
there area't any enhies, or none to
speak of. Consequently something
just a good must be resorted to." En
ter1 the gummed stamp.-
'The ' war tax en theater-' tickets it
ten percent of the eoet of tbe came.
Ia the ease of a tfty eent ticket the
tnx amount to five cents, whioh I vim
pie. But the tax on a twenty eeat
ticket 1c two eentc, on a thirty cent
ticket three eenta.- . ' .' '.'. '
And Lant Magoon, manager of the
Honolulu Consolidated Amusement
Compinr, has decided that, while the
patron t his theaters must bear the
burden of the tax, a intended by Con
gresa (except U the ease of the Bijou,
luring the Mont Carter engagement,)
they are $9 be called upon to pay only
the exact amount of the tax. That
means that odd eent change must be
madeY'.!. iit ' a
No Centn-AVaVlt . '. . ' -,.''.: :".";.
Hoa'jever, ther are no odd cent ly
inf loose a.rouni) -Honolulu. Penaie,
are it a premium. ,
8o yesterday Manager Magoott cent
to the postofiine, nd got stomps, .thou
sands of them. And all afternoon b
and his helper were " busy,, getting
themsolye gll gunyn4 Up ln,cidentajly
tearina ftt atamps ,na, and .placing
them ia qiled enyelopes. Potne of. tb
envejope contained a two cent (tamp
others three , cents, in postage. These
wore' to be oxed as change in place of
the unobtainable pennies.
Many , of. the business house of the
city annpuacud yesterday that they
would acquit,, stamp M jogai tender.
Only .theicWpI . 'government depart
ment rsfuse4 to 3o so.
A a mattoc. of , faet, Ralph John
atone, collector of internal revenue
aenm to have all the cent in town.
Jobnatone took time by the forelock
and, knowing what was coming, order
ed large supply of pennies from tb
mainland. So be la able to give odd
cent change ia copper coin of th
realm. Rut nobody else is.
aid of the island, expect to operate
from ton to twelve aku boats which
will supply hi cannery. If part of thi
were placed ou tb market it would
greatly tend to lower prices. However,
with the Territory iu control of the
fish industry, this would all be regu
lated to suit the needs of the market.
More Aku for Canneries
Were aku to be sold at a public mar
ket for three and one-quarter cents a
pound and other fish at eleven cents a
pound, ther would be a diminution iu
the consumption of aku, because the
Japanese and Hawaiian who now bay
aku because of its .cheapness would
purchase the choicer varieties which
would then be within the reach of all.
This would give a greater upply to
the canneries, for there would be little
demand for it.
Bujpply Market Tint
; Should euch a condition be brought
ajjoui, Walter Macfarlane'a preseut ur
raofeineat would be eatiafaetory, for
aU surplus aku could be retained by the
boats. . This would be fair, to th ex
tent that no readjustment of bait privi
lege would b nooeaaary," because aku
aould be sold at a reasonable price and
contract could be made wiik aku boat
pancr to gupply the market firt.
j.ni vouui necessitate , th appoint
pient of a commission, to regulate the
number of boat to ba allowed on all
baiting - grounds, for it 1 aaid that
without government hatcheries to re
plcuUh tho supply the bait would be
exhausted within a year, if all were al-
iov iree ua el tt)m. . ,
figUir AU BoU
Ia order to uceeBf ully carry out all
the. plea for a territorial market, nil
boat would have to be required to reg-
wer ina nunioer or snares of each and
whom owned by, omethlng, it seems,
that 1 not now required, fcfuch a ineus
ure would satisfy tbb fishermen and al
low them profits which are aow going
to "cileut'' purtnere.
In the case of Lowers Cooke
against Wong Wong, Morris Rosen
bledt, Fred Harrison, and the Honolulu
Nkating Kink, a suit on mechanic
Ilea decided ia th circuit court bi
Judge Ashford, tlu supreme court yes
terday overruled the exeeptiou so far
a Uiey relnt to the owners, and sus
tained then ao far aa tha decini on and
judgement iu favor of the contractor ia
roaoerned. The cause ia remanded to
the circuit court for further disposi
tion.. i I..:. ' ' . i
that tt may even b possible to ob
taJa th thirteen cent rat again aome
timo in the ot too distant future.
Pint wiil go Hp half a cent liuitead
of on cent, making them seven and
aae-bakf cents caeh. ...
;. Thepe price, act, offered by the
pairy men's Aaaoeiatioa aa a voluntary
eompiomlse after the meeting of yes
terday. They were accepted by the
food corhmisi-ion today as temporary
prices only. U case the association
attempts a ra se agin later th com
misxion will hold another investgation
to determine whether or not such a
raise 1 justified, and if conditions
seem to warrant later they will insist
that th price foe lowered further to
lhe thirtecn-cent rate,- ' - -
And Iorf It'a Meat
The ralsw ma te by tbe Metropolitan
Market yesterdny of two eent on the
better cut of m:t was th , occasion
Of $ resolution empowering th ex
ecutive officers,.. L. Cgtle and J. P.
Child, to commune an investigation
of the meat situation at once,; It i
the opinion of the food commission,
that a raise at this time is hardly justK
Hod.' . , ,, ; '
.'We kave advanced the price two
cents a pound on the choicer cuts of
beef," Aatone I.owia, manager of the
Metropolitan Market, stated yesterday.
"The rate to boarding house and ho
tel Is raised one cent. Th raise Is
necessary a we have to pay the pro
ducer one cent more than we have
beea doing."
t la other words, because of aa in
crease of one cent a pound wholesale,
the anluoky ultimate consumer has to
dig .up two cent more for each pound,
Why the extra cent i added, will in
terest the food (.'.ommission greatly.
Tbe cue cent wholesale raise dooa not
add' one tiny fraction to the overhead
expense, but auotber cent is tackyed oa
to tke retail price for , com esoa
known only to the market management,
though there might be a strong sus
picion that it is because every little
bit help to swell the profit, r ' . ;
Veal Imported I
..Either the , .demand should be cut
don or the production of island bee
should be increased, in the opinion of
th conunistuon, in order that there
shall be no necessity of importing beef.
No beef has been imported for some
time until the ),8t trip of t.b WU-.
helmiua, when the bsoueht down foTty
quartern of be.ef far the local, market.
un tbe last trip of th Maui half of
the. icehouse .capacity was taken,, wp
with cold, storage meat, of which, part
wa beef and part veaL' One of the
preachments of the food sdministra
tioa oa the mainland ha been to eat
no veal whatever1 during the war, as
tbe meat .value of a full grown steer
la so much greater, and every calf kill
ed is a moat animal leas. But "Hawaii
import vecJ just tbe same.
No butter or dairy products or teas
could be brought oa the last Maui, as
uy the icenouse space not given . to
moat was take up by several carload
of beer, which ia, of course, a neces
sity far greater than butter or egg In
a civuizea .community, especially wea
butter and egga are so scarce that the
price goea higher every day tbe abort
age continue.
The cheaper cuts of meat are not in
cluded in the rajxe at the Metropolitan
Market. C. Q. Yee Hop has not an
nounced any raiae in meat price.
- , '
Gift of Knitted Garments Warm
ly Appreciated
Th thanks of the men of the
Kcb nrx. for the warm sweaters aad
other knitted garment .made for them
by the woman of th Allied war relief
nave been expressed by Commander
Arthur Crenshaw of tbe ' gunboat.
Nothng coulif have been more appre
ciated, than the gift by the women of
Honolulu, he writea in hia letter of
Tbe. crew lined up on the deck at
attention , while Mr. George B. Clark
read them letter, froin Mr.. Henry
Ji.'Pamon,, acting chairman of the fled
Cms auxiliary, making the gift gf the
knitted garment aoj three uit of
wnxin underwear, f 0j . each, men. The
men cheered, heartily for, tha Honolulu
women after the' Wter wa read.
Tb Hat of gameut Included 79
sweaters, 80 mufflar, 63 socks, 80
wristlet 17 helmet, and 270 Pioce of
underwear. Kleven full set of knitted
gopda,. including a awanter, . muffler,
helmets, pair of socks, aad wristlet in
ravh, wore, made and given by Mr.
Dowaett 'a knitting circle.
Appreoiation of the gift wa also ex
pressed by Capt George 11. Clark, com
mandant of tb naval wtetioa, and Mr
Clark in letter written to Mr
He careful of Hie" cohlr you take at
thia time of the year. They are parti,
eularly dangerou. A neglected cohl
may mean a winter-long cold. Take
Chamberlain 'a Cough Remedy at once.
For sale by all dealers. Benaon, Bmitli
ft Co., Ltd. AgU. for HawaU.--Adver-Usenient.
Five United States Senators and
Eighteen Representatives Will
Arrive Soon In Hawaii, Says
ii Cable. Message Jo Kuhio ,
The United Btate eators aid eigh
teen members of the house of rcpreaen
tatlvea, tweaty-three la all, oompoae
the congressional party aeon to arrive
la Honolulu. ieienate Kuhio yesterday
received a cablegram which gave this
Information and a Hat of the distln
gnhihod visitor whom it will toon b tlie
pleasure of th people of tb Territory
of Hawaii to entertain. Th cable was
from tbe Delegate' secretary In accord
ance with his promise to send an official
list at the earliest possible moment qf
those who might be depended upon to
.compoae the lokgatidn which ha
ejte I Hawaii's In vitatio. ''
Mo Eastern Senators , ,
' Of the five senator there is not one
from' aa eaateva state, William II.
Thompson of Kansas representiag the
commonwealth closest to the Atlantic
seaboard In that eoutincront. With the
repreaeatatiyee it la different although
the east I scantily represented among
them. There ie Carter of Mawiachu
sntts, Goolale of Main and Piatt of
New York and Temple of Pennavlva-
toia. Coming a little further west, there
M Howers of wt .Virginia, Gallagher
of Illinois, portion of Qbio, Bland of
Indiana,' IVelty of Ohio aud Gordon of
Ohio, s-; ; -
Bnatoera Bold Bereral . ' '
Hawaii will be disappointed that the
party la not larger but tha protracted
session of congress ran be blamed for
the smaller number of acceptances than
had been expected- Oa returning to
their homes, many who had expected to.
make the trip found that business re
quired their attention nnd were there
fore compelled fa give np trip which
they much desired to take. , ;
.The following is tbe bat sent by Sec
rotary kly as the personnel of the
visiting party: ' : , ;
Senators Henry T. Ashurst of Arizo
na; Heary L. Myers of Montana; Will
inm King of Vtah; Miles Poindexter pf
Waahingto and Wm. H, Thompson of
Kaiutaa . . 1
Keprefentativ Bland, Indiana; Geo.
M. Bowera, West Virginia; Jas. P. Bu
ehanan, Texas; Jpo. A. Elnton, Califor-'
niaj Wm. H. Carter, Maanacbaaettt;
Thos. Gallagher,' .Illinois; Goodale,
Elaine; Wm, Gordon, Ohio; Lundeen,
Minneeota Jas.. C. McLanghlin, Miclu
gap; Jas. V. McC'lintie, .Oklahoma;
Chan. A. ' Nichols, Michigan ; . Klmund
Peatt, New York; Chae. F. Boavis, Ne
braaka; Henry W. TempU, Pennsylva
nia; Allen T. Treadway, Massachusette;
Werty, Ohio. ' ; 1
In addition there will be' Angus Erly,
Secretary to Delegate Kuhio,, who ia in
charge of the party, and Wm. He, of
tha .United tttaUs Pepettaieat of ,gri
enlture.. .
Harbor Board Announces That
No Further Despoiling of i.
Ground Will Be Permitted
mi ... .,,'. t rr
Pier,, boat house and many, other
structure which Wjaikiki beach own
ers attempt to build below high water
live along any part of the beach, front
ago will receive the condemnation of
the board of harbor commissioners,
which will sanert its authority to keep
the beach clear for the use of the
The harbor contmission . at yester
day's mooting refused to great, a per
mit to J. Y. Bowler to build a boat
house la front of hi pr.oper.ty. along
. the beach near Diamond Head, . It was
this request whit'li decided the board
to make this an issue and prevent any
future despoiling of the only part of
the beaches to which he public has
free access.
Commissioner Jame Wakefield stat
ed that the roquest of Mr. Bowler
opened up the entire question of the
use and abuae of the beach by prop
erty owners.
"Personally, I doa't believe in giv
ing any one the right to build piers
or any structures beyond the high wa
ter mark," said May Wakefteldv
Chairman Wl K. Hobby e j pressed
th. belief that the whole matter could
be settled at owe, without even a fur
ther iuyestigutiun, by simply denying
the request, and that no permits what
ever should tie given for th construc
tion of any structure there. By dor
Ing so there would be no charge
against the board that it gay per
mits in one instance and denied them
in others. The entire question wa
aottled by the presentation of a mo
tion by Mr. Wjakefield, seconded by
Commissioner McClellan, that it Is the
senao of the harbor boa ad that ao
struetuiea be allowed to be erected on
the Waikiki Buach below high, water
How much more sugar will b shipped
to the mainland this year is problemat
ical. It will depend , vhaa th rains
come on Hawaii and. whether the eom-
Iiauiea that have been unable to grind
iccauae of the drought wijl reajixe tb
eroji they expect on such grind- Who
the rain come they eaq flume, fhe cane
t the will and not till then and it la
ppasi.ble that there may b eoine dis
appointments la the giHacisj. Ola haa
the largest ungrouud crop of any of
these plantations.
The last two outgoing steamers have
taken about six teoiiand top of augar
from the Islands and it i Htiniatd
there ia betweeu ten or fifteen thousand
tons of late sugar beaide that which
bu been kept back by th drought. ;
Work In Relays Until Huge Task
Is Finished At Ten .'Clock
; Last Night
Eighteen of Honolulu ' ranking
Scout Wre kept busv oullinor niif th.
ennkle containing the draft a umber 1
all day yesterday and late at night.
The Scouts who took paft ia th mora- f
iMi aft. .Mil k.l. T- - , . . 1
k -w iriMq, numoer is aa
follows." ' Alatau Wilder, Troop 1; Er
nest Grey, Troop 4, worked from nine
re tea. Leo de Roo, Troup 18; Edward
Silva, Troop 80, worked from ton to
eleven. Carl Mortensen. Tronn R
Vyeda," Troop 0, pulled the capsule .
from eleven to twelve. '
' The Scout taking part ia th aftc
noun and night shifts and their troop
number is as follows:
-1Vt Matbesoii, Troop 4; Mahoe, Troop
f worked from twelve until one. Shian,
Troop 3; Kaiama, Troop 7, were buay
from One to two. From two to three
Earn Crane and Bishop Kinney, both of
Trooo !, were kept busy handling tke
ambers. Chlng, of Troop 2, and Oka
pilira followed Crane and Kinney in the
work Sot the next hour. Xjo, of Troop
12, assisted by Guy Gitt, of Troop 7,
Worked from four to five. The next
hour was taken by Mortensen, of Troop
0, and Matheson, of Troop 4. The eve
ning shifts were taken from six to
aevea by De. Boo and Lo, Silva and
Gitt, Arata and Kukugawa, and Kal
ami and Matheson respectively. i :
Th Scouts' work yesterday wa ap
preciated, and th following statement
from Mr. Green, bead of the Selective
Draft, to Executive Scout Commieeioner
K. N. JBurnbam goes to prove itt
T the Commissioner of Boy Scoots,
Honolulu, Hawaii.
Sir X desire to thank yon on behalf
of the Selective Draft for th inval
aable aaaurtance given by th member
of your organization in the operation
of -the drawing on November 1.
Once again the Boy Scout nave
proven their patriotism and their value
to the epmmunjty, and once again th
Selective Draft is indebted to that pa
triotism and devotion to duty which ia
the characteristic spirit of tbe Boy
8co,y.t, both individually and a an or
ganisation. Acting Wider th authority vetted M
me by the Governor of the Territory
and the near department, I desire to ex
tend to you an,d your organization tha
assurances appreciation for the indi
vidual efferta end th collective spirit
ef the Boy 8ot who ware engaged ia
the rawing. ' ' .. n .
, ' Yonr Very truly, '
.. (Signed) - PBANCIS J. GKEEN,
Major, oUde to the Governor, la
. Charge of the Selective Draft.
' With all the equipment necessary to
salvage part of the copra earyo of
tb four-mst American schocDar
Churcnin which went on the reef at
French Frigate Shoal October tbe
Oahu Shipping Company' motor
schooner J. A. Cummin sailed for the
acn of the wreck at eiovaji o'clock
last night.
It is said that the currents are not
liee and tha auecess of she
venture depends entirely upon tbem.
Tbe copra of which she had 600
tons is all sacked and it is believed
that this will be more, or less confined
to one place by th wreckage, which
should not have been pounded to pieces
in the few day since the Churchill
Jwaohed on the reef. '
Should Pay Handsomely
Should the sea permit, tbe Cummin
will have no difficulty in salving the
one hundred tops of the valuable nut,
which i her oargb capacity. If the
seas have been heavy since the day of
the wreck, she should still be able to
pick up enough to pay hr for th
voyage. It is estimated that at the
present price of copra and with a fair
amount of good fortune, the' trip to
French Frigate Shoals should net the
little schooner in the neighborhood of
fifteen thousand dollar.
Enough For All
The rigging of the stranded vessel
la worth copsidcrabb, for since tbe be
ginning of the war, the prices of those
sailing requisites have consistently avi
ated. It wa rumored last night that
several Other vessel of the smaller
fleets are preparing to sail for the scene
of the wreck, bu aa one man expressed
it, "Ther will be enough left, vea
if the Cumtoips. is successful, for five
boats of her size. Since one can not
get it all, the rest might just as well
go down and got what they cb.
'' -.v.
. V -'- ''
Supervisor Mot t -Smith 1 proceeding
slowly but surely in the matter of bis
proposition to amalgamate several de
partments of publie works under the
head of City Engineer Cantlin. s
With a view to obtaining data on the
subject Mott Smith baa aept a letter to
the heads of. all city dktpartmenta ask
ing that they furnish him a soon as
posrible with a detailed estimat of th
need of their reepeetiva departmenta
and th possible cost of maintenance of
uh department. This information will
be used by Mott-Smilh in dealing with
the budgoT for the coming year.
Supervisor Mtt Smith believe that
th infuriuajioa tha aesured will great
ly facilitate his work on the proposed
city management plan, . .
Results Obtained In Cane Field
? -Are of Almost Equal In-c
' terest In Hawaii
i' i '' '' ''', i i . '
Comparison of the fertilir.lng value
of . ammonium sulphate aad various ni
trogenous oU cakes on caoe in Java
are reported in recent report of the
Java sugar fXwriinnnt .station. It eras
found that the chemical gave larger
yields and cost lens to apply, than the
organic fertilizer. ,
. In 41 teste to determine the compara
tive 4lue of ammonium sulphate and
nitrate" of soda, the nitrate uniformly
gave tbe highest yields and the most
sugar on heavy soils, and th ammo-'
niuiA sulphate on light soils.
(The report states tht it is inadvisable
to use stable manure sud saltpeter to
gether on heavy soils. The greatest
difficulty about using nitrate wis found
to be the esse with which it is leached
ttt of the soil.
In two test in which melassea was
used with ammonium sulphate nd so
dium nitrate, good resulte were obtain
ed ia th formor csne, but not in Ah
latter. The some result obtained oa
soils rich in lime. The nitrate wa a
poor fertilizer aud the sulphate good
one, .-
It is considered, op the wbole, that
the advisability of using one fertilizer
or the other depends on the nature of
the soil, and the relative cost or soar
city of the two.
The Library of Hawaii ha a special
display of books on Vocational Train
ing pa exhibit. These book will b
held fpr a week for the public to look
over, and at' the end of that kirn will
be circulated the same a other book.
'' '" " - 1 1 i '..i. ' t
By str. Manna fc, October Wt
KlftOM ltlUP a. I.yma. H. . ty
man, Mrs. It. H. Mn4id. Mix . Car
ter. A. HiKlrtle. Maotrr Hmiqie, C. A.
Stelil A. UI1. Mr. Kanuiae, slsa T. i.
Polllns. Mrs. T. M.. Colllus. Miss ). Col
Hna, Miss Kusnkl, alias ilssai. Mas. . Y.
Vsmsinuto, W. K. Alin, i. yukul, W.
J. Uunia, J. N. rWkly. 1. V. ttiuutaK,
Ml lie Meyer. H. C. Edwards. I. I).
Pnrker, C. I. Farker. Mr. and Mrs. W.
rvlllna Ha nrlbsMU, C. t. tHr, VI,.
lay. wcrife HwenlilKer, ' Mtsa H, Kaplln
to atra. 41M-s K. Kernolds. X. f.. lxt,
Mrs. V. M.v Kliay, Mr. J. a. De HUva.
1(1 81a sjst. Mlas Y. Oibaaa. A. . Lak.
A. i. Vuana. Mm. f. A. kimwkim, ,a
Wery, C. M, Uuilaon. Khluianiotn. M. Rhl.
mamoto. II. K. titarratt. I, V. Anattn. Mc.
sud Mra. Kchunuin, Col. C. J. Mrt.'srthjr.
W. II. Meridian. Jun Wakiflll vf
H. Il.il.hf, Krank C. Voat, A. t HffL J
, KUo.M I.AIIAINAK. B. MnrdrnL f.f
Salto, Mm. W. A. Carroll, 8. tVY.ma.la.
K. PimWU, UUs L. MaotMilo. U. il UsJk
er, Vlmujr IU 'kny. H. Heapv. O. L Hud,
Joe MaHu. Mr. and Mm. l. B. Weller.
N. lHtaU, P. J. Kiipaa. UevTf.. B. K
mehelws. J. H. fratL 0. C. Huries..,B.
Anhley. i, , . ,
By atr. Manna Loo froaa Kaast, Oct.
SO C. W. Hi.Us, J. Uroufca prswa Hi
Hldtaur. Mr. Ferpandea, ", rha, Mrs.
. V. Cebttl, K. Yo-bblaMra. 4'ahlU ami
Infant. Mr. Cauill. MaMer Caklg, Jlmv.
I.aiiKlitoB, Mr. Andemsnp, Mr, Tiiuotoo,
CatKala and Mra. Uvltt, Ur. XalatiuUit.
If. Ksmaka. C. Keaki, O. AUon. - V:
(leave. . .
By str. Mlkalisla tot Manl aad Uuo
kaU Oa t. W-J. V. Brown. H. r',.tr.
Mlw, A. (larrlila, Men. J. R. Htunubrpw
ami two infanta, H. E. Vans, John tier
(ant. ' . . . . . , ,
Hy str. Klnan for Kauai. Oct. SO Mr.
and Mr, K. Naxh. A. F. Krejr. IX U. Mur-diM-k.
Ml, M. Jeewu, P. ?f. YulU, 4i, A.
Nelw.B. 8. KauL Mm. A. Y. Yuan.
1. Mettler. II. IK WlKluud. K. A. Kpud
seu, W. K. WnU. V, M. Jnd.t, H. Lewks.
Kraucla I.yman. K. Vi M-iIa a. Kelk,
Mr. V. knmlHea and uial.l. A. MarcallT
no. J. r. tUiwan. Mr., and. Mra. A, K.
muaa, Mr. aad Mrs. K. Cauiara. Hee Fat.
Mm. A. K. UaoOali. Mla O. Uda, Y.' Ka
nlMbliua. '. Fnw. A, t'. take.. ,
K. H. AUrnnta, O. W. 4Urrjr, CI. A. fieuna.
J. M. Berkeley. Mra. C. J. ...llon. M. 1'.
( hive. mIhm A. F. Carter, Mr. and Mrs.
WUItiun CeUliiH. K. I. lay. Mr. Una
forth. J. A. KibaondH, Mra, K. Klm. J.
(iulUraKL. CharU-a ). Gerth, Mbia A, Har
rtmis. K. Hshlnuto. C. W. HiiHtave, Mhw
Marie ll.ui. Umm R. M. UoUhmer. Un,
J F. Ilal.y. H. H. JIolt. Mrs. F. HoLimra
Mrs. A. 11 Hum, M. Kama ha ra, f. A. Ken
nwl.v. J B. I.ljtliifoot. .'. W. ivas, Ur
l.wti. Mh A. I.ticaH. Cajt. and Mcs. 1.
II Leareu. Mr. V. A. VfJ. Mayatee II.!
MohIh, Muster W. Meala. Tbataliyrr Martin.
F. Mulr. Mra. H H. Murehaad, V. K. Mack.
C. K. MarslHiid. Mm. tl.-lk Macrlmee, Mra.
J ill In Mw-l-'axUne. Jamra Oa, Mrs. Mary
()Tct. MUs llHsek OCarr Miss Fkmtue
IVaiwu. Mia. M. B. Terry, Mlas J. Perry,
Mr -mid Mra. a A. 1'rleak, O. . fnrkM.
I. D Piii-Ur. Mr. and Mrs. K. H. I'lerva,
I. i: Jtllvy. Kdwacd RWdal. Wlllism Kut
del. Mr. and Mm. W. HotkohlUl. Mr. anil
Mrs 10. .1. lieest. Mra. I., Uwluaatulii, Mrs.
V s Shields. Miss I. V. Hiulto. Vr. sad
Jlrs. T. K. Huiu k. . A. 8weraavr. t
Ki-haarsi limlilt. Mra. O. L Htia. Mr, al
Mrs. c. It. Hoimuers. Mra. W. K. Tavlor,
lr. II, A Todd. WUJtou, V. Van Autwars,
MUh K. Ward. Mr. sud Mra. X. VVatklus.
1. J. Wullt-r. Miss B. U. ViUHig, Mia 8,
M. VnniiK. Mra. H. K. Kumwall.
- '
8iX FBAMCIM'O. . Nuranhar 5-.Fd
IomIiis are tka oneulnc and rloatn 'yao
bitliuia of aiiKHT aad ethav etaca To the
fan Pram-lace market yesterdays
I'n w- ti cmi HiiKar ,
HaMallHu riiienr Co. .
Ilonoksa Hugar ,
Iliiti'hiusoii.yiiiir 4'a.
Olna SuKr l'J. . . . . . ,
Hunt! Sutiir Co ,
Oitnniea 8iiKHr Co. , ..
Klluuea .
I'auiiliau Siurar Cu. .
I'UKels i 'upei- . . . , . .
I loimliilii riuutiitlnn .
Ilonululu OU ,.
Bid tK nivMend tliaaiKHad.
. , ,
Qnntatlone oa tb fanewlns) New York
i-nrlt atn'-ka. aa wlnataaaad to Tbe Adver
lliter by titouebaia 4 Co are:
Wadaaa- Yeatar
Utl I.lt
i iilfloidti
Kiiiiiin Copier . . . .
1 1 oiu Blossom . . , .
J,.r,.ini! Verde .
.11 mi lluller
M.itlier l.ixle
Itay Heiiules . ...
Ue-u'iKi Kula
Hvx Cons
Kiher KIiik Coiim. .
Tunnpuh Dxti'uslop
Idi'hiuoud Cijiier .
Kerr Lake . ......
Crvasun IJiild . . . .
1 7(V
6 OK
M 4404
4.874 4 73
e.oo i.ar4
' ' y HonoliUa. K'Bail.r
I. r
,. , r to
, .KBUCAUtll,! - 5
Ala. A SJaldaHa. t.tA 1
Q. .Urtwar ce
Km rtantatlna 'e. ...
Salka Hour -On.. ......
aw. AsrlMHiml Cn.
itswalUs O. a .8. Ce. .i..
Mam K. ro.
Ikmokaa Hue. fn. .,1....
Hnaoma BUsr Pa .......
Ilntrlilaaon Hu(ar P. Co..
Kshiikn risntatlnn Co. ..
Kekaba 4 near Ob... ......
Kola fUis. Co
MuapyiV iu. Co., Ltd.,.1
Oaha an, is), . J
oma u lau, I.M.
tNHNnra 8ns. Co
faauhaa 8u(rsr plant. Co.,
reome Ha. aiui . .....
I'sla Plantation Ce. . ,,
feoaefeao Hiint Oa..t...
iionwr Mm ii.
Haa !.. Mllrlns Ca...
WulAlua AaacU. Co.
vTsuvuke 8u. lie,
! T M ISCltLANBOOl ' '
Balke r. 4t. V. Pad. .
Iiaian r. m f. t ., coin.
lawaM 4s. Hy. i A..
IUali Con, Ry. ft, 8..
Hawaii Con. Ut.. Coau...
HawaHsa WavHrtc re ...
law. Vrneupiila Co. ....
ii. . a M. co. ......
Toooliila Qaa C
. ion. R. t. 1 Co. ....
ntrr-laland 8. N. Co. ...
Matual l. .'. .......
IHUi R. A , Co.. ft...
Pahanr Ridilier Co. .....
Pakaaae-ftlarfuisa, Pd. ....
. 8ame ai paid) ......
TaJ iMak Jtahbac Co.
M ,
Aaaeb Walk t. D. 6V,.
Hamak'ts lH. b Ce. a ..
Hawaii Can. My. A .....
laws 4rr, ra.... Ca ......
Haw. Tver. f . toon .
flaw. Tae. W W. Jatpa.
Usw. Tar. iiio. Imp. 4
rfasrtMr J0U-1S)
naw. lerr i pwa..,
MlU-OaoCe., UJ., .
eaoai Ky, Co,
. aa -Oa, Sa.........
tianoa f. !.. ayr, ......
Mutnal Tel. Ba
KiaM.aa Snar. Ce..
Oabu 8iij. Co., C't, ......
Olaa -Bus. V ......
Pa, tiasae T. Co., As..
Pas-la 8im M. sfsi.. a
Baa Carlos. Ma lax. eVo.:Vd
- a
aa.. a .
. m a
. .
14 H
e a .
e-a a
4 a
4 1 - -
(k - t
IB -
JlVt ..'
. .
1HI ,
. a I..
... '
-(, a.
87 . ,
10. 8J5j 100. 8.1?;
sv a-ai 7af, ik 0, Itaj, f. A ym
Ptaaa. t-8k aMiSftl , -M, Vfataina.
a, o, aaeuy . ... .
' v ' "'."' ' ' BOWft lalM '
Obfs. loA 6.87; 100, 0.7S; TTalalaa, 50,
wW-, .'v. .'4 ,'..
. JMvtdend .. .-.
. v" ' I f , MoxeailNar 1, KMT
Haiku . ...7.. $100
Kakaoa 4t4 eoantra).. ...w... aud
KiHo tSi.OU, extrar-, . , , 6 K) ,
taaa .....a...s...... ; 1.00
Pkineet . -u
4tagM 4Wttt0M ' " '
''"'. 8aa la, 1T. v'"
m jnalyaUteata tne advVoae). " a-
Parity-. - -. r- t'l
W Uat, ror Hawaiian anrare) .... M
t . -gkbc noaattone
! ' ' .it:, ". :' .' t. unn. '.
NW York . i.,'...'....-J" ... ttt.00
Wecavaae , V...o.,-v
i ..' . 1
K.. ......... ......, .atw ii
fAaaseisud rr as Mr V. k. irant
awaaMaa crrles) . ,
: -,, .... .. , ... . '.-'. t
NRW VoBK,' Novemiter, Followlnr ' :'
at ta Hiaartaa nd rtoalac quoaatlwca of , " '
Ueck In the W X-ork piarket yaatafdayl '. '
i'lvY STCCaS I
Amertraa 8uoar Bef. ......
Anterli-aa Beet v..,.
Aaaeelateil Oil ...i ......
Alaska 41uM .
Auartia l-oeosnvtlve , . ..
Aatceieaa Ta4. a Tat. .....
luaprwaai WMariaar ..........
n.uuineaa ntaai rary.
Aaaaenda tinivr, v. .
Atrblwin Ban w ay . -.
IJaUwiu Xuoaauottve
UiOiliuora a Obio . .
HblaWaa 8ksat ''
CaU(urla- Ptrtlun
Ontrak Learthea . .
Canadian 4'asMic ...
0. M. Rt. Paul . .
Coau. Kuat - caaak , ,
CrwlUie Kteel . ....
riba Maura Can , ..
Krta coaiiuoa
Osaaeaal tawarie . .......
liauaj-ai Mutunt (new). .. ...
tirmat Noathera fd. .
latareaiiaiMii raiHur
Imlnatrial Aleoaut
Vvouauatjt D'aHauat '
lbl.h Vallay . HaUroad
iw ions ceetsat . ..
. .
.. . ...
- M . . .
Bay CaaaUhlalad
twdluit wuaMu. ,
teimhlle Iroa romtnoa .
aauthera PavVw . ..,..
HtiHlcpakar .
Tcaaia M1 i
t'ldtrd 8uuea Buboer ..
t;iov I'autria
lilted ajtajen Hteet .. ...
t'tah , . .
Vt'aMtera Ualoa f. ,....
YVeotloifbouaa . ........
Open- I Cloav
a t lat
87 !
87 Vt
6ui. '
11 V.
a a ...
1RH -
81- . ' '.,
48 -v
- ai ,
1 .
Bid. tBiPlTjdead. tUnoootK,
ROOK : i' Z '
... -h. T-
"tt i-ipSaa yi 'us
' .on, , , " r ; .
Hon. Con, Oil 4 io 4.25 4.10 ;
FnjrHa Copper ..... 8.00 i.12 6.06"
kUnursI I'aiMltH'ta . . .07 .M ,T .
MunLln KJu . .... . ,u. .io .jo
Montana BlaKkam .. '.48 .80 '.M
Medaia Mtasu . .ai .00
I... 1
lAXfl - .
' - )
Wilbur fj. Woodward, who wa aa
aistani auperinlendent of public workc
under HuperinteBdent Charle B
.Forbes, ha been appoiated office en
gineer of the bureau of hydrography,,
public land department of the Terri
tory, in auccesaion to Charle T. Bail
ey, promoted to chief, eagiaeer. .

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