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Hawaiian r.Azr.rrn, Friday, November 2. 1917. semi -WTrrn.v.
Silver Crown Symbolic of Royalty
. Stolen By Ghoulish Thieves
.... , Who Leave No Clue
Ancestral Feather Cloak Worn
. By King Was In Casket But
Was Not Disturbed
' Vntlii forred the lock of the iroa
' doorway of the tomb of King Lunalilo,
' in Kawaiahao ehtirch 'yard, eometime
daring Tuesday night,, and etole the
, ailver crown (rating upon the beautiful
koa wood casket, and also the ailver
plate descriptive of, the monarch whose
remains have rested withia these
wooden walla since 1874, after which
they despoiled one of the tomha ia the
ilL churchyard, tearing open the cor-
, Una and etrrwiag the-interior with tb
... The eroan was not a valuable arm
hoi of royalty days, but composed prin
cipally of thin silver atranda with few
garnishment and but half tha height
-., of tha crown that in life were used to
. aywibolise high Hawaiian authority.
Tbia erowa rested upon a representation
of a crown-hearing pillow nade of boa
' wood, and fastened to the coffin lid
' just abova tha head of tha former ruler.
Farther down the lid wa another boa
piece shaped like a atield, and upon
tbia had beea screwed tha heavy plate
upon wbiea waa in sen bad thermo
graphy of tha "people 'a king."
, .To gain, entrance to the tomb the
vandals slipped iata the garden eneloa
' ure over a rear wall which ia not
' guarded by aa iron railin. The door
of tha tomb ia also guarded by an iroa
doorway which ia locked with a pad
- lock. Behind tbia ia a heavy double
wooden door, the lock of which ha
long beea broken and tha key baa not
' been turned in It for years. The only
lock was to the iroa doorway, and this
was forced with an iron bar, prelum''
. ably. .The vandals apparently bnew ex
actly what waa ta e obtained' ia tha
' tomb for little else waa disturbed. The
heavy . black pall, upon which are
raised embroidered crowns atndded with
imitation jewelssapphires, rubies and
diamonds was thrown back, repealing
long koa wood box which fitted, rOyer
the; inscription plate and crown, i, Deft
fingers had removed the plate, Jevng
very few linger marks on the wood
work. These were minutely examined
' by Captain MeDuftie yesterday after
noon and impressions taken. . . ,
Treasure Overlooked
The casket waa undisturbed,, but had
. tha thieves kriowa, it eontaina ona of
the moat prieelesa reliea in tha Islands
' aif ancestral royal feather cloak, which
thT ijng asked, to have buried with
-bin "-.'I'M lid waa intact aad there
' w ere no marks of jimmies of ebiaels
, upon; ita beautifully polished swifaaea.
Tha aaabet waa especially buiih by, .the
father of ' Henry William, tbe,,u"nar
taksr.'and like the. eaabeta f or. ikeuTie
maina of tha members of the Kalakeaa
dynasty, ia a extremely beautiful ex
ample of eabinet handicrafts '
.'lpe to Jibe casket of Lunalilo ia that
f .Kaiaua, Lunalilo 'a father, who died
' toany years afterward, aad who, ae
, cording to' Lunalilo' will, 'was buried
in .the same tomb. The silver inserip
v tiooy data-.', apoa thia casket waa un
touched. When' 'the Hawaiian attendants at
the tomb, entered the enclosure yester
day morning they were horrified to aee
. the'frdn. doors standing' ajar, and mora
ao when upon 'closer examinatioa they
: found tha lock on the steps twisted,
torn and wrenched apart aa with an
iron, bar. The wooden doors were open.
The ..they saw the disorder upon tha
colli a and knew that the tomb of the
friend of the aged, infirm and the poor
among the Hawaiians, had been ruth
lessly despoiled.
' No Clua Tcrand
It waa not until later in the after
weoa that the trustees of the Lunalilo
; Estate -were, notified, when E. A. Mott
Pmith, one. of the trustees, accompanied
by A. F. Judd and W. W. Chamberlain
' of tha Guardian Trust Co., made a hur
ried visit to the tomb and questioned
the Hawaiians. The latter reported
that the last time the tomb waa opened
waa on October 27 when they swept the
' place." They eould give no cine what-
- aver.
Mr.'Mott-Smith sent for "Chief 'Ma
', Duffle, who arrived anil took impres
sion of finger prints and cloeely ques
tioned the attendant.
V But' tha worst waa yet to eome. Over
: ia the cemetery the Hawaiian earetak-
ers bad found iron doors gaping wide
ly at the tomb which is owned by Mrs.
Koolau Maile, a tomb which baa seldom
been opeaed during the pant forty or
fifty years, but the doors of which had
been wrenched shear off from the bin-
. pee mad left lying in tha black sand.
From the low doorway step descend
steeply Into a vault, lying about eight
feet below the surface. The lower
step were broken., Six coffins had
.reposed In this vault, in two tie' be
hind b worn) en screen, with wooden
doors, tha lock long rusted out.
, J art Like Hun Work
, - Hera the Lunalilo Kstate trustees and
he detective chief found a scene of
almost Indescribable vandalism. The
doors had beea broken and throwa into
heap on the floor. ..The coffin lids bad
.been pried off and broken when thev
refused to; yield to pressure; ends of
caskets had been broken ia and parts
of the remain nulled out aad scattered
on the floor.-. Most of the casket were
wooden cases enclosing metal interiors
and the letter had been ripped and rut.
ertpnrentl v, with a can opener or sheet
metal cutter," V
. Evident', the vandsls had used elec
tric searJiiHghta. for no burnt matches
wer found at either the king 'a tomb
v trmt in the hnrchard.
ntlnr tnon one of the easketa was
email poHhed ho box about two and
Plumber's Opium Cache Leads
To Suspicion That Ironworks'
Employes Stole Fittings
i A.. Coakley and H. Harrison, formerly
employed as watchmen at'tb Honolulu
Iron Works, and charge of first de
gree larceny against whom are at pres
ent being investigated by the territo
rial grand jury, were re-arreted yee
terday afternoon and held at tha police
station. They were committed for tritsl
ia the police court petober 2.1.
- The' two men were arrested a short
time ago on a charge of having robbed
(he iron work of a large quantity of
.' '" 'i '..' J Jkii'.:' J 4 LA IJ1
nose, icnu, pipe uiunga anu timer ma
terial, valued at aeveral hundred dol
lars, , - : . -'.- ' ' v
Customs 'officials a few day ago re
ceived a quiet tip that if they visited
the premise of Fugiwara, a plumber
doing buslnesa on Beretanla Htreet, and
hunted under the bouse, they might
tnd somethitig of interest.
, Fugiwara waa a. few day ago con
victed of amugK'ing o4um of the value
of 0O into Honolulu and the ease
has been continued for aenteace.
Customs and police officers visited
the premises of Fugiwara and after
digging about for some time unearthed
a heavy box, which tbey felt certain
contained opium. On opening it it wai
found to contain aeveral hundred
pouads of lead,, which has been iden
tified aa the property of the Honolulu
Iron Worha. .
Other Japanese plumber' ahop
were visited aad la aeveral of these
lead-pipe fitting and other articles need
In the plumbing buslnesa were discov
ered, aad which have aiace been iden
tified aa the property of the iron work.
It la on suspicion of having stolen
all thia propertv that Coakley and Har
Tison were agaia arrested.
' The-men are aaid by the police to
have exercised considerable ingenuity
in disposing of the ttolen property.
The Japanese purchasers whea placing
their order thought that they were
dealing directly with the Iron works
but in some war the two men are
said to have intercepted the order and
filled them themselves with material al
leged to have been atolea. Coakley and
Harrison are thea aaid. according to the
police, to have collected personally for
the article and metal supplied.
That one or . both of the men baa
been doing" a laree and prosperous busi
94s along these illicit lines ie evidenced
the. police a-y, by the fact that Har
rison, who a a watchman received pay
at the rate of 2.50 a day, ia aaid to
be ia possession of aa aceount with a
local haak for a 1000. ..',' t , .' .
a half feet long and fifteen inches
wide, the old-fashioned lock of which
bad been forced. . The iaterior had not
been greatly disturbed except la on
end. The box ' contained, wrapped ia
thin tapa, a number of bones, apparent
ly of a mature male, bonea that appear
ed to have beea treated to the special
eeremony or ancient times, when the
flesh waa removed and the bonea pre
pared for Interment in a eave where
tber would remain intact ia the ages
tj come. The end of the casket may
have contained a skull, or some valu
ables, and it ia upon the latter theory
that the police at first based the cause
of the vandalism valuables. ' .
Lure of Treasure ' ,' ' 1
Among old Hawaiian around the
cemetery section the story prevaila that
the person buried ia thia tomb were
wealthy and that possibly, valuables
were buried with them aad that it was
for thee the vandala desecrated ' the
place. One old Hawaiian attendaat
said he had been there for forty year
and in that time never had known the
place to be opened.
However, Tuesday night wa not the
first time the tomb waa disturbed.
Just a week ago one of the iron doors
waa found sprung off the lock;. ' The
grave digger weut in and found that
one coffin had I wen broken open. -He
reported the matter, he says, to W. 6.
Bntitb, one of the trustee and also to
Mrs. Maile. Iter he reported to John
Kanianoulu, one of the officials of Ka-
waiahao Church. That the police were
not informed was to him a matter
which, should have been attended to bv
those who received his report. Ia all
probability, had the matter' been re
ported to the police, the desecration of
Lunalilo tomb would not bavw oc
curred. ..',"
A broken nrid twisted aerew driver,
which w probably used in both tomba,
was found in this tomb. ' '
King Lunalilo wa elected 4iy popular
vote in January, 1S7.1, when L,(HK
votes were east for l'rince Bill." A
year later he ilied and .wa succeeded
by Kalakuua. jn his will Lunalilo pro
vided for this tomb, desiring to be
buried near his mother, 1'riures Keka
uluohi, daughter of Kaleimamalu, older
brother of Kumehamcha I.- She waa
alio a lister of (jiteva Kaahumanu. Her
casket is buried under the mound In the
palace ynrd near the public library. '
Artillery of Heaven . 1 -' . , .
Hi remains first reposed in the Koyal
Mausoleum in Nuuanu Valley, but a
year after death he had a second faner
nl, remarknble because of a terrific
thunder storm, the peala numbering
tweuty one a royal snlute. . The He
waiiaus then, ami Hawaiians who at
tended the funeral and living today,
ststing thiit this was a salute by the
artillery of the sky, King Kalakaua
having Minted that aalute baying bean
grauted at the first funeral, another
, solute wi unneccHxary front the guns
or I'un. hi.owl. That this is no mere
tradition in evidenced by the statement
in the Friend for February, 1875, which
told of thin strange coincidence, the
filial and greatest thunder peul occur
ring just as the plumed hearse entered
the tomb endoHure.
Chief McDiiflie spent considerable
time at the tomba last night looking
over the scene him I using various lights
to determine about how the vandal
worked. The vuikIuIm may have been
Filipiuoo, a large number of non-work
er and gamblers of this nationality
uviqg la the virynitv. ...
sc 00
Weekly Publication "Teaching
Many Worthy and Helpful
...'. War Lessons , t -
Tbe following are some eatcrtaluiag
hptee from the second' number of the
Papaikou News' Weekly of 'last Mon
day; 'Teachers eud tDuplla of . other
schools will be interested to knew-what-f
tkey are dot ng at,., Papaikou. Hkould
these desire to'' nave Papaikou know
what they are doing they may send
their school note to The Advertiser
for the Heboid Page, which I lub
lishenl every Wednesday morning: ,.,
Thia school has received two posters
whir-h have been placed wherf f vary
one fan read theiTf.i; They are the Free-i-Vent'e
Meeimgi.tfongres on April
2, 117, and the other is hia Appeal to
the American People, The latter fells
hew each and every one of us may help
our country to win thia. f ar. Soldier
are needed, not only in the trenches
and the battlefields, but in the shops,
factories, kitchens, gardena and fielila.
Kvery boy and girl should read at. least
the last paragraph of tbia Appeal, Let
our motto be ' Holdiera, All '
In our last issue we said that the
sewing classes were busy working at
Hed Crosa Belief Work. Interest is
on the increase, and the next step that
ia being fouMidered by na is the organi
sation of a "Junior Red. Crosa A axil
la ry." We now await permission from
the department of 'public instruction to
organize, and, when that is obtained,
just watch what boya and girls can do.
"Neeesnttr la the mother of inven-,
tion". We have had difficulty ia ob
taining knitting needles. . But tkat
does not atop us from knitting. W
have taben- the solid rib of old um
brellas, . rut them ' into . the - desired
lengths, pointed them, and perfectly
good bnitting needles are 4 he result.
The "News'? wants Thanksgiving
stories to publish in its' Thanksgiving
number, we want every one in ' the
upper grades to try. ?
Just a we were beginning 1o lb ink
that it bod forgotten bow to rain, the
welcome shower came. Our garden al
ready shows improvement and "every
thing ia growing libe weeds",
freaking of "rain" and "garden"
reminds us that tbia ia iuat the time to.
begin Vl,n,in(t- The school and the.
borne garden eonteat ao successfully car
ried on last year will be continued thia
chool year, it would be a gool Idea
to plan the gardens, decide on the
erope, and begin work now.. Be a "garden-soldier"
for Cncle Sam.
- In him AAhil Til tlu Amriin PeA.
pie, Presi.'ftut Wilson eay 'hat thK
time haa come or America to put aa
end to extravagance.' Tbia vaeaq that
we must not waste. Not one of u
would tabe away a piece of bread from
a starving . child, yet . eerjue--tht
throw awav the tiniest piece i taking
just so much from some hungry per
son. Of course, ' thia " dbes . not meaa
that we should go hungry oar selves,
but it doea mean that nothing should
be put ia a garbage tin which ia of
any use to some one. Saving a bit of
food that would otherwise be j wasted
is helping to keep some child, aoldier
or sailor alive. Wasting that same
bit of food ia like fighting on the aide
of Germany. Surely,' there Me ao one
in thia school who would do the hitter.
On the bulletin board is Doeted a
record shoeing the weekly attendance
results of 'each grade. - A number bad
a perfect - record - the first .week , of
school the eighth grade ha obtained
that mark aeven time ain'ce. Help to
make youra a "100 room''. Watch
the record for your room 'a attendance
and aee hqw it compare with, other.
October 24 was "Liberty Day". Part
of tbi day was declared a "holiday to
give every one a rhauce to boy a Lib
erty bond. The government borrow
thia money, pay a yearly1 interest', of
four percent, and promise to return
the borrowed money in 1W2, The
money is to be used, to buy the neces
sary war supplies ror the armies. -.
Clara Ttarr, a negresa, . recently
charged with conducting a house of
prostitution within five nulea of a mil
itary camp, and who waa fined aauv
and coat in the federal eourt last week,
paid her fine yesterday and departed.
You can make Excellent Cake
with Fewer Eggs
Just use an additional quantity of Royal Baking
Powder, about a teaspoon, in place of each egg
omitted. , ' ' :'''.'-:-'.-".-
". ' -" a- r ' "" - V .'" ,
' Vra.'Wf' t ' "',.'. .' 1 ": v;
This applies equally well Jo nearly all baked
foods. Try the following recipe as an example:
1 cup suasr
tf tups Aaf '
A Imhkwi Ro7, Baklnc ft?"
Make 1 Large
DIRECTION Crura tha soaf s4 hartsnlne tashOT,thm mis ia ths WM. '
Ktit wftlns the flenr sad bskina powdw athr twf r tluMtlraes, 44 h
II ts la mlti,r. OraUaallp 4l the
hava a smooth poor esues. Ad4 the Savoring. Pour Inlp I ultr4 Isyar
caka tins and bake ta a nwdaratalr a evaa tor t mlauts. Pat ksgatlMr
with Craam Killlog en aovac top aad atdae with Whits king. . . ,
The old method called for 3 eggs .
New book of radpear which
experurive Ingredianta mailed
Powder Co., 1 35 William 8k,
wnn )
mad from Cream of Tartar, dorlvod from grapoa
No Alum' ' '- - No Ihosphate
Twenty-two case and three motion
are'oa the calendar for argument dur
ing -the' 'NveSber' session of the su
preme' court.. The November eeasioa
will vbep'n at tea o'clock Dett Monday
morning.-. - Following U the whole cal
endar! -Motion
Ueaty Q. Brown v. Henry VT. Kinney,
f ,. aiiperiwtendeat of publie iasfrrue
tion, et ab, motion to quash aervlee
-' rf petition- for writ of error, ete.
Henry Ok Brown. v. Henry W. Kinney,
v - auperintendent - of. publie . instruc
tion, et al., motion to dismiss writ
of error. - ...-.. . .1
In the Matter of the Contempt of Ooo
1 Waa Hy, 'motion by appellant ror
leave to introduce newly discover
-ed evideoce. ' -t .''';
Oaeet !" ,: ;' .' -;.'.-i ''''
Territory of Hawaii, by B. Of. Riven
burgh, conrmissioner of public land
' F. (h Corata, error to rtrcoit
court, second circuit. , -' . -' '
J, UV' Ambrose v KealokA, appokl
rftbin cireulf "JMlg aeelnd eircuH.
Ia" the Matter of the Kstate of David
; 1'. . tCaiena, deceased. Reserved
question from circuit Judge, first
circuit. -" " .: r - - ";-
Alfred N. Hayselden y. Wn. p. Lincoln,
' ") et alt error to circuit eourt, aee
, , ,oiid circuit. ' i . '
In the Matter ff t"he Petition of T. B.
- I.yon for a Writ of Quo Warranto
directed to' J". N. Cahi But. reserved
' questions from circuit judge, second
; circuit. ' L '
Tnomaa P. Cummins v, John A Cum
mins, Trustee, et alt., appeal from
V '-.fire-pit judge, first circuit. '
Kigt T.. Aaderaon v. Hawaiian Pred
, ; gUtf '. Company, Ltd., exception
front fircuit eourt, firat circuit. :
Hoffachlaeger Company, Ltd. V. Arthur
JL Jones, et U appeal from dis
trict mairitTte of Honolulu; -
I John Ferrage v. Honolulu Rapid Tran
sit ft Land Compaay, a corporation,
error to eireuit eourt, first Circuit.
V. Nawahie. by hia next'frlead
Akala Lamnui v. Oabaliela Kama
Is n I, . appeal from circuit . judge,
first circuit,. ' ; ,'.' ,
Vong Young vj Kum Cbong, et al., ap-
peal from acting district magistrate
. of Wailnku. . :m .
8ng PaU 4m y. T. Miyanehi, et al.,
.- appeal front . circuit . judge, third
'- ' circuit., j ' 5 ' i'
Henry C. Browa Henry W. Kinnev,
auperintendent of -public instfue
tion.' et al., error to circuit judge,
fifth eirenlt.- .. . , - -Wcle
"Wong v. Honolulu Skating Rink,
' Ltd., et al error to eireuit eourt,
firat circuit. , " - 1
Territory of Hawaii v. Joba Walamau,
t,...et al.,' reserved questions from eir
euit eenrt. fifth circuit.' . -
Mutual Telephone Co. t. The Nippa
Ltd., apteal. from eireuit
iudee, first circuit. . .
Ia tha Matter of the Contempt of Ooo
Waa Hoy,-, appeal ' .from." eireuit
judge; first circuit. '" ' j " '
Iaj-re J'etition of. the Territory to Seg:
. ,.. later and Confirm ita Title to a
Parcel of Land Situate la Hilo, be-..-
Ing the sea portion nf the land of
"V Panahea find. Hilo, Hawaii, appeal
' from land court.' '
Ant one FOnendex. Jr. v. Sociedode Lu
.. aitana'B. de Hawaii, a corporation,
error to circuit' court, aecond cir-
eult. . i" ,.'.'.' . y. - ;'
Ia the Matter of the Investigation Of
t the-fnterlalaad Steam Navigation
Co., appeal' from the Publie t'til-
itie Commission.
Nina Bertelmann. et at.' v. Joseph K.
-: Ceekett. ft alt., appeal from circuit
-flge:,tflriit eireuit. ,
Akfred N. Hayselden v. Wm. B. Lincoln,
l'.'et - al.. error'-to circuit court, see-
; ond circuit. ' .
--- .
.'"fSUlCXQO, October U President
Ban Johnson of the American League
aid tonight. that he had arranged to
meet Adjutent-Oeneral McCain of the
Army in Washington on Monday, at
which time he ' would formally offer
hi aervieea to the government.
In anticipation that Johnson 'a aerv
Xraa will be accepted, it was announced
that the anuual meeting of the league,
usually held in December, will be held
a month earlier to settle the aeason's
t IsblMpean shsrlsalna'
Inaj 'V
; -";''f'
'. ' t sposai Bavartaa
-jyt Oak
milk n4 vrrih spaoa until pwt
economise la ogre and other
free. ' Address Royal Baking
New York, U. U. A. .
TRllllli'lG FOR HORSE MEET IS 11 .
- I '
Mrs. FY M. twarlzy , f urchases
. r tqume ana May Enter Her In ComJrtfj Meet-rWrs. W. F. Mac
1: ; farlane May Invade-Mainland; With Her Stripp of Racers
.. , .v j . .,; . i
Horses are beginning to arrive at
Kaplolani' Perk track to be trained for
the. Chrlatma aad New Tear Day'
meeting to begiven under the aus
pice or the.UatMMtii, Poio Kaclag'. Aa
aoflatioa; A a'nm'ber,of. horses are 1a
(raining in Malii' IrStd" a'1 taeetingwllt
be held on that island, probably on
Thanhftk-iviag Day, November 28. After
that meeting aeveral runnero will be
hipped to Honolulu for the year-end
races. ; i -. , ,
Mrs. Walter Y. Marfarlane'a bewly
acmtlred string consisting of Bosella
and the yearling Saunte, Dinner Bell,
Remark, Dreamery and Peter Post, are
being galloped at the track, a are Flor
ence Koberta and tahontoa Water in
the same ownership: :
. W. r. Dillingham haa the two'ear
nld Onltai and lxrett. ia training, and
othera which are being conditioned are
C. H. Lticas' three-year old colt Ter
mont and a two-year-old filly by En
field and which baa beea named Mary
I.onise. j - .-- '
Mr. Iwatuy Ta Bnter Turf Game
Tom Hollinger la working hi pacer
Welcome Boy and over at the eity eta
ble C. H. Judd haa Denervo and Zo
rina, a new arrival. ' -'
Zorlne, S:10Vi, arrived by the steam
er Hyades last - Wednesday and was
released from ' quarantine yeaterdav.
Hhe waa consigned .to Mrs. F. M.
8wanxy and la aa eight-year-old aorrel
mare by Zolock, 2:054. out of My
Irene 8. by Pettigrue, o:10,$. My
Irene f4 ia the dam f the aensatiohal
Esmerada, 2:074. Both Zolock and
Pettigrue are by the great MoKinney.
Zorine waa ahipped - here by A. L.
McDonald who drove aeveral 'race
here at the June meeting. Phe will be
put ia light training and will, it is
e i pee ted, be taced ' during Carnival
Week. ,: '
Florence Robert will be trained with
a" view to running at the eoming rare
and if aha stand training will be
shipped to Tia Juana early In January
in charge of Jockey Carroll-who es
perts to 8We at the meet in g. Should
it be found, however, that she cannot
be trained,- the mare will , be 'ahipped
to Reno and bred to Honey wood.
Mr. Macfarlana May Invade Mainland
It was stated oa (rood authority yea
terdav 1 that Mr. Macfarlana ''Intends
Crescent City Prepared For. Ma
rathon Event From Kilau
eaTo Tide Water '
HII.O, October Cossldcrable en
thusiasm is being manifested in the
plans for the Kilauea-Hllo' relay race,
which ia schedule, to take place 6n
January 6 next, over a course from
the Kiluuva Volcano House . Moo-
heau Park. '' $",'''
The committee in charge' of the ar
rangements met oa Friday afternoon,
under the chairmanship of B. ;T. For
rest, and 'the sanction of tha Hawa
iian Association of the Amateur Ath
letic In inn waa received and read, the
secretary being instructed . to eoDvey
the thanks of the committee to the
Honolulu organization. Jn the letter
received from Honolulu, J. F. Soper,
ihairman of the registration committee
Kit the a. a. l;., announced that toe
touolulu body intended to eooperate
with the Hilo committee in every way
possible, which information waa cor
dially welcomed. . i
la order to prepare for the various
relays, Y,. D. Ay res, A. P. Helbush
and J.. W. Hains at out, yesterday af
ternoon, to mark off the eonrte, utilis
ing a inaebinc placod at their diaposal
by Johnny Kai, of the People ' Gar
age. To mark off the different section,
the trio took along a supply of atake
furnished by the Hilo Mercantile Com-
pany, and those who now desire to
have a try out over the course itself
may. do so without any (JihHculty, a
the six rtdaya are marked, off. with
atakea alongside the road. -Ask
Other Luanda To Help
Hecretary Baina reported that he had
written to R. A. Wadsworth of Maui
and C. A. Kice of Kauai, asking for
their cooperation in getting team from
bob these islands, , ' '
Mr. AyreSi 'mentioned "tnafne 'had
keen M. Nicol'of the Hilo Yacht Club,
aad had discussed the matter of the
Hilo Yacht Club having a team ia the
race, Mr. Nicol promised that the
matter hoiiIiI be considered at. the next
quarterly meeting, which will be held
The following ruloa will govern the
racei t - '' "V;"
1. The KiUuea-IIllo relay, race will
be run .over a d,itaue ! of thirty-one
inilea, 1. e., from e atartiog line in the
vicinity of the4Ciluui YolNao House
to Mooheau Park, Hilo. ' r " '
2. The competing teams will cons.'st
of six jnen a side and each runner will
be required to run 8.1(1 miles. Before
leaving the starting line the initial run
ner iu ealsh team will be banded a copy
of Goddess -Pele 'a message to Kanio
hoalii (God of the taea), which 1 to be
transferred to the varus members of
hi team until it la finally delivered to
the Intended recipient at the finishing
point. "
No Double Deck Here '
.1. No man eaa run two relay in any
one teum. "
4. The race will lrt At 9:30 t. m.
i . - . "a'! ii, I t, J. - - : . .
Zorjne ' Pambiis ' Mainland Jurf
. ; -' - s i,.; , ,v - :t ,-. ..
entering the racing gamo on the maint
land and that the best of her recently
purchased yearling will be raced in
the West should their ability warrant.
It I . alo nnderatood that she mar
purchase one or two good horses In the
mainland in the neat future, should a
favorable chance to do ao present it
self, and race them, on mainland tracks
ia her own color. ,
Mra. Macfairtane 'a new' breeding es
tablishment near Kapiolaai Park is
how in. going order and will be under
the direction of Mas Watklns, for
many years an employe of the Nevada
Btoek Farm, a nil aa experienced horse
man. . Watkina waa Induced to remain
over here. to take. charge of the Mac
farlane horses by' George W. Berry,
with whom he came to Honolulu, there
being ao one else available for the po
altioa. - v
Many Eyes on Tar Muir
Perhap the most noteworthy of Mr.
Macfarlane ' purchases and ' the -' - one
which will be watched with the great
est Interest la the ten-year-old mare
Fay Mulr by Canopu out of Duplex,
and which I undoubtedly by far the
higheat-elaae mar ever imported to
tha Islands. , The mare la ia foal to
Honeywood and it may easily happen
that the foal will develop into a 410,
000 horse.- . , :
Canopua, aire of Fay Mulr, ia a son
of Sheen; by Hampton, and out . of
Charmloa, by Oalopln, aire of 8t. Si
mon. -.- - t - . . - ,1 " "-- i.- .
Duplet, dam of Fay Muir, waa a
daughter of St. Andrew and out : of
Oolinda by Goldfinch, a eon of Ormonde,
purchased by the late W. O'Brien Me
Donough for $150,000. Pay Muir, pos
sessing the Bend Or 8t. feirhon eroas,
bred to such a champion aa Honeywood
can hardly fail to throw a foal notably
wortb while. . ',
EngUah Blood. Btoek High '-,.'
Aa aa instance of , the ' price which
bloodstock is at. present commanding
in Knglaad, uotwithMiandiag the lim
ited amount of racing poaaible on ae'
count of the war, it may be atated that
the average price of felling plater at
a recent Newmarke meeting waa $2480,
while at. the-Newroarkf t autumn sales
000. , . .a. . , , ,
'. A . yearling . by Polymdu. :. sire . of
Honeywood, fetched considerably more
than the., average, realixing - nearly
ln,000. - ', .'-
on January 6, 1918, and the Initial rua
ger for each, team will be required to
present, hlmielf atp the starting line at
9:23 a. nt. in treadlneaa J or the atarter
Order. ,, v -v , v';
S. The race will be at art ed by the
report of a pistol, and onee, on the atart
ing line all runners will be under the
control of the atartcr, "bo ah,a.ll be the
aole judge a to waethereacti ruhner
baa atarted fairly.1'', -ln!. ' ' . .
& 'IS IT draoS ib''
s 7. The eourse will be. from -the Ki
lauea Volcano. House, via Volcano road,
to' Richardson Street, thence, turning
to the right along Richardson Street to
Mooheau - Park, thence encircling the
park, twice along the course specially
laid out, finishing in front of the
grandstand, where Pole 'a measage will
be received by Kamohoalii. Ia the
event of a el ore finish the firat runner
to cross the finishing line vll be the
8. - The course will be marked off
with small flaga into sections measur
ing S.1A miles and it will be neeeaaary
for each runner, upon completing his
section of the race to Band over to hi
successor the mesaage which he la car
rying, aa any team to finish without the
message will be disqualified.
"Zones" on Volcano Road
9. A line shall be drawn ten yards
on each aide of the starting line of each
relay to be known as the starting aoue.
Wittfin this zone each runner must pass
the message to the eueceeding runuer,
The mesaage must be passed, uot
thrown or dropped, by a competitor bud
picked up by the one succeeding him.
10. Any competitor failing to run
the distance .required (hall cause his
team to be disqualified..
.11. Each participant in the race
must be over eighteen year of age and
must present himself for physical ex
amination to a physician appointed by
the l(ilauea-Hilo relay race committee.
13. The eaptain of each competing
team must file with the secretary ot
the Xilauea-Hilo relay race committee
by noon on January 9, the day -prior to
the race, the composition of his team
and the order ia which the men are to
run. No change can be made in the
composition ef the toam nor in the or-
.der.of running Jfteri bU notification
AM pee,n nieij. , ;.;..
. 13. All team shall be lettered, com
m cueing with the letter "A,.? and
each runner shall be numbered a well,
indicating tha aeetion of the raee he Is
to run, . .' - t'
It. Violation of any of the above
rulea and regulations. will result ia the
disqualification of the team of which
the violator ia a member.-
IA. The Kilauea Hilo relay race
committee will make the neeeasary ar
rangement relative to conveying the
runner by automobile to their respect
fve starting point on the day of the
raee. and will pick, up runnero who have
completed their section and bring them
back, to town.,
-. , . -i
NEW YORK. October 19 At ape-
cial meeting of the National League
here today President John E. Tener
waa given full power to act for tb
league in the nutter of the ault of the
Baltimore club of the former Federal
League. He will represent hi organ!
catinn in consultation with legal ad
visors loekinir toward any action which
may be undertaken either la defense of
(be suit or oterwieo, y
iliilhl Lmll SAFE :
V,-v.., 1 ' : .
TOKIO, October 29 (Special to Nip
pu Jijl) An Uiiconflrmod report re
vie,"l bCT' Jriilny was to the effect that
the Nippon Y unen Knlsha' liner Hit-aj-hl
'Mnlr), mlsaing ainc rVpteraber 24,
ia safe ia the Indian Ocean.
' ins unarm . ntarn, on tne regular
run. to London, via Houth Africa, sait
eil September -4 from Colombo, Cy
Ion, fqr"Jclndu Bay, Potuguee Kaat
Afrtca, ' where aha was due to arrive
oa October 1. ' -
' railing 'to put into the deotlnated
port, fong dvcrdue, she waa given op '
by the'owners, October 22, as probably
lost. Vl -..-rrS .- v.- I V -( ...
!lf ,the report of her safe discovery
proves .correct the Hitachi Maru most .
have., been drifting helplessly in the
IiMliaaS Peeaa, probably oa account of
eome,, accident in her engine rooms,
whir) aiibt bav in aone way die
aided, the liner. ' . ; i
,fi -a t a. .-- ,
CHICAOO, . OetobeT ' lbCharWA.
Dean, president of the Central Asaocia- .
tion of ' lb Amateur Athletle Union,
will be elected president of the national
body at the convention to be held in
Ht.. Louis next month, according to In- '
fm-milinn Iriven Ant innfrrhfc Kv V. n
fiun n , vuat(,,iau. m, jt-(iBiailTQ
board of the Ceatral Association and a
former uresldent of the Central and
National A. A. IT. ' , '
Ewa Plantation Company
Wailnku Agricultural Co., Ltd, '
Apokaa 8n gar Co., Ltd. ' V'.'
r- Kohala Sugar Compaay .'
Wablawa Water Company, Ltd.
Fulton Iron Worka, of St. Louil
' Babcoek Wilcoa. Company ; i.
' Greea'a Fuel Eeonoraixer Com.iejiy
Cha. C. Moore Co., Engiueers
means risin at 6 in the niornlng,i
llvJng'OB''a jdolUr a day 'if 'yon
earn, tw9, minding your own busi
ness and -' not meddling with other
O'Rell. .. '
j.We , pay jk interest on time do-
Merchant and Tort 8U Honolulm
? from pjontreal'to Liverpool,, :
London and Glasgow, via the ,
MialnrtwvkmTTfl VlTT.UTiV
t - ""! at. Tawrenca Rout .
.'-if, '!. THE WORLD , V
irl'l -r end
' By the popular "PrinceaiJ,'
bteamera" from ' Vancouver,,
Victoria or Seattle. , .
For full information apply to '
Theo. H. Davies & Co. Ud
Genl Agenta, Caaadian-Paclfle. By. Co.:
Z HONOLULU, T. 1L '":) '.
Commission Merchant?
Sugar Factors
Ewa Plantation Co.
Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd. 1
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd. ' 1
, Pulton Iron Week of 8k Loula
. Blake Steam Pumpe " t
Weatero Centrlfugala
Babcoek Wilcox Boiler ' ,
Green 'a Fuel Eeonomiaer ' , , .
V Marsh Steam Pumps
, Mataon Navigation Co.
Planters' Line Shipping Co. ' .,
Kohala Sugar Co. , f .
:--"v: .-'..' " . '
' ebinery of every description moda te
- order,
Issued Tuesday! and Fridays
(Cuteret at the Postofllce of llouiduVi
T, H M eerond das waiter ,
Per Year'..T... W , Z
Per. Year (foreign) 8.00 .
Parable Invariably U Advaeaaj. ,
.CHARLES a CB AN a l Hanaget -
Castle &Cooke,
" t ! ' I I- , t1
:. i-..rt.J t.te.Uf'a.SrT',,', ,
, I fr" -''ify
. ' ''' ; 1 1 '. - .'v-i'
' ' ' -:".".V

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