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Fresh Troops Launch Attack For
Austro-Germani In Trcntino
Sector But All Assaults Suc
cessfully Repulsed
Intense Naval Activity Is Report
ed In Gulf of Trieste and Al
lied Fleets Open Bombardment
Along Coast of Turkey
EW YORK, November 5
V (Associated Press) At
tack's In force by the Teuton
armies on the ' Trentind front,
artillery duels on the Tagliaraen
to River, intense naval activity in
the Trieste Gulf, ah important
victory lor the . English over
Turkish forces, in the East and a
bombardment ,'6f the Turkish
coast by , ; vessels of . the Allied
fleet were' the outstanding facts
t of importance in the. news re
ceived from official sources of
war operations in the various war
zones. Operations in Flanders
were reported to have been of
minor interest.- '
It is evident that the troops re
ported last week to have been
hurried toward . Trent by a
doubling of the number of troop
trains have gone into action for
rep6rts from Rome yesterday told
of heavy attacks launched by the
, German-Austrian armies on the
Trentino front. 'These were suc
' cessfully met and repelled by
; General. &!orna, Rome reported.
The report further said that on
the Tagliamento Rivef artillery
duels were, being continued. ' To
..'the Teuton fire the Italians re
plied heavily. On the left wing
of the Italian army the pressure
! of the Austro-Germans intensi
fied but no important advances
' . were made.
. Intense activity in the Gulf of
. Trieste was a bulletin sent by
; the Italian navy to the Italian
headquarters in Northern Italy.
, The bulletin did not say whether
the activity was occasioned by
..intended movement of the Aus
. trian fleet or by the appearance
of additional allied squadrons, off
' the port.
In Flanders anticipated as
, saults by the Allies did not ap
pear but there may be announce
ments today or tomorrow of fur
ther important drives by the
' British, the French or both.
Northwest of Bagdad' British
. armies drove a sharp salient into
; the Turkish front, won a victory
and forced the Turks to retire a
: ' distance of twenty miles. In this
'victory thousands of prisoners
.' have been taken and many guns.
Bombardment by the Allied
fleets of the Turkish coast was
; reported by Constantinople in a
despatch which said that the
shore batteries replied. The at-
tacking fleets came in from the
Mediterranean and for several
-hours the bombardment was car
ried on heavily.
V'v.v:-.: .
' NEW YORK, November 5 (AsOr
elated PreitH-Tlie Immensity of tk
work the railroad are now 'called up
a to do was shown in a statement
by the Railroad's War Board of
which Fairfax Harrison ii kead, whea
it announced that approximately 2500
'carload of food and other supplies
are being , delivered to military
camps in this country dally.
"I'lve pound of food a day I re
" quired for each soldier," the state
n( said, ."In addition to thpj, cloth-
inn,- fuel and other supplies are re-
quired." ''fi-': ' ),. ' '
t mu J :i' :i 'iirii
NSW Y6t 'NovilHf jU-fso-dated
Press) Toslriit will see
elose f, oae of the hottest irarptft
that Oreater New York ha aver wife
at sued in th tour of a anlifll
election, Friend of. ajl or the thrr
loading " candidate Ar4 claiming vi
tories, but . shrewd political , observer
insist that the sSlT wil) probably
very close. :
The campaign which clone tonight
and ia which th ballot will be .east to
morrow ha been a triangular affair,
with a fourth candidate, a Socialist, si
no time considered an important factor.
John Farroy Mltehfl, th present
mayor, haa mad a buttle for reelec
tion which command' the respect of
even kia opponent and hi enemlee. -
Mayor Vitebel was beaten at th
primarie although, on the face of the
retorn he wi nominated. Charge of
fraud wer mad and Mitehel de
manded a recount which, although n
oftielal, went . against - him, William
Maaon Bennett then became th regu
lar Republican " nomine and Mitehel
accepted an independent nomination
and haa mad hi raea a an Independ
ent candidate.
, Judge John F. Hylon Is th Tamihaay
eandldata and at th wigwam on Four
teenth Street great confidence ia dis
played. :'; -
Morris Hilqnit ia tk Socialist can
didate. i'
: WABHINQTON, November 5 (Aa
ociated Preae) Amencaa oldler "in
Franc ar to enjoy good old fashioned
Chriitoiaa dinners even if tby be
aero th ocean from theit, komelaad,
their familiea and , their' relative.
The dinner will be served, in th Y.
M. C. A, hutj aanouneement from th
American Training Camp in Franc re
eeired jreiterday said. Th menu will
include, turkey,' ; stuffing, cranberry
sauce, vegetables, plnm pudding and
mince pie sad other Chriatma Day
diebe. There will be Chriatma tree.
too, sad gift Will he distributed to all.
liana for th amusement and enterr
tainment of the. Nations) Army., in
training at horns are goipg forward.
Tbero is to b a chain -of sixteen the,
ter in the various camps, with th ex-,
caption of Camp Lewis. These thea
ter will be self sustaining and ther
will be a regular vaudeville circuit to
aupply th entertainer. There . will
also be dramatio productions from time
to time to relieve the ameness or pro
gram. Camp Lewis ia not Included In th
elreuit by reason of It , geographical
position but there will I special per
formance there from tine to time.
Returned Ambulancei . Drivers
Tell of Gas Causing Thou
- sands To Drop Dead
(Associated Pres) A gM infinitely
more deadly than. the German mustard
gas has been perfected by the French
and 1 killing entire regiments of the
Kaiser' foree at a Ifae, aceerdlag to
a report brought by tw American am
bulauce drivers, who arrived aboard an
American steamahip.
"When the German started Oring
tnelr moat reeently-diseovered' gas,
wnicn make breathing, even tareugh
masks, very hard, the French bethoncht
tbemselvea of some retaliatory mepsre,
and they hit upon a gar, compared to
whieh the German mustard gas 1' karav
iea a a aenoat perrume. J e jrreaca
ga deflea mask altogether and i en
tirely odorles, and hat the' disconcert
ing characteristic; of eauslpg an insten
taueoua hemorrhage of the lungs. t
ne instance it was used to' such food
advantage that SOQ Prussian dropped
dead in their track. They were shield
ed by masks."
Lieutenant John Philip Souaa, . no
at the Great Lake Naval Training Sta
tion, ha written the' mysie for a great
war song. Who will write tke wordaf
Lieutenant Bouaa pulled dowa the
blind and weut to bed at fiy o'clock
in the morning after having worked all
night on the. finishing, touche to bis
musical masterpiece, "The - Liberty
March." The air in an- iaipiration,
and muaie critic believe the "March
King" ha written tk great hiarvhipf
tuae of the war. . ) '
PARIS, November ' 5 (Associated
Press) Because their demand lot an
Increase in pay bad been refused tk
employe of toe sutomobil omnibus
and tramway lines have voted a twenty-four
hour strike te begia irame
rtiately. ; - . :
PAZO OINTMENT ia garaate4 to
curt blind, bleeding. Itching otf pro
truding FILES in 6 to 14 day i
money refunded. Mannfactart4' by
U.S. A,
I r
LiadtTo Dig
Etco YcD Girb Forced
To Wwk Under Fire By
Their Inhuman Captors
BELGIITM, November 6 (Asao
t eiattd Preaa) Women and evea
JK ' trirla- of Belgitnrt1 are ebm" .'
- pelled to do th work of strong
' men and forced to go under fire in '
the perforinane of such work, is
the' kideou condition that ha
'been, discioaed nhy paper taken,
from German pritphera in th re- '
cent successful drives of the Brit
ish foree. Condition of. unbe
lierable barbarity are iliaclosed
from lottrce which lere no doubt
of their existence.
Ia th face of death and danger
of. bodily injury Belgian women
' and girls ar being led or driven,
by the Hun to point eloae to the
fighting front and there, subjected
t the artillery fire of the Allies,
they are compelled to dig dugout
. and otherwise to assist in the eon,-
. stroction of , concrete entrench
meot. . ';
On a German officer who wli re-
rently captured there wa found a'
. diary which he had kept, which'
told of ihl treatmeut of the Bel-
gistt women. The diary said that
ha had commanded many of tliem
and . told la detail of the work,
which they wer compelled to per- '
form, the danger they wars sub- -
. jetted to and the suffering which,
they wer undergoing.
Uuricr Outlines Plans For Do
minion In Program For His,
'v party;, Submit Draft
OTTAWA, November 8. -(Associated
Pre) Policies of the Canadian gov
ernment were outlined : by Premier
Laurier In a manifesto whirk he issued
yesterday . ontlining in general the
party,, program , and its . hopes, Thoee
inphide the prosecution of thwar with
unabated vigor on the part of Canada.
At outlined by Laurier tke program
provides for the supplying of men, the
money and the other resource to en
able the Dominion to continue to the
very end the splendid part it has played
and hopes to play ia the winning of the
Tariff reform, the control of food
and fuel and the prices for which they
are te be sold or the proflt whieh may
be exacted and way and mean of
putting a atop to undue profiting from
the war at the expense of the Allies
or the people of the Dominion- are
also included.
Naturally compulsory service, the
overshadowing issue in Canada at th
present time comes in for a large
share of attention,. The submitting of
the compulsory service draft law
which, was paaaed by parliament to a
referendum or the voter is advocated
RIO JANEIRO, November 5 (Awo.
eiated Press) Bramil i going eteadlly
ahead in prcparationa for reprisal
against Germau aggreaaiona deapit th
pro-German upriainga, atrikea and other
seditioua means that have been, taken
to deter the government.
Yesterday all measures of reprisal
which have been recommended were
sanctioned by the committee of " the
chamber of deputies and will be' sub
mitted to that body for final approval
- , '
Wiim-l Men
Brought Back To Nome
NOME. Alaska, November 5 (Asso
ciated Press) Driven out to sea in a
storm, given up for dead, but brought
home safely to port is the fate of
four men who reached here yesterday
It 1 a week ago that a tug wa com-
mitndeered te go out aad search for
the White Bear which, with four men.
aboard of, her had been driven out to
sea. A the time went on and the
tag did not return hope diminished and
It came to be believed that the men
bail died of hunger nnd exposure. Yes
terday, however, the tog returned 'wit
the White Bear in tow. Hhe. was un
damaged and all four of the men who
had taken their involuntary, voyage
uoaara ner were safe and la gooa
AMSTERDAM, November As
sociated Press) Abba Hilm I, former
ly Khedive of Egypt, who recently
left ktwitserland for Vienna, be
Mae.hed the Austrian capital, wy a
Vienna despatch, and bus been re
ceived by Emperor Charles,
GOES 0!!fi;i.
.. ' . . . : ' . . . -
Passengers An Saved, According
To Cabled Information Re
ceived Here Last Night :
Accident Occurred Four, Days Ouf
: or Tokonama; Extent oi;
'v Damana Is Not Known j' "
The big liner, Tenyo Mar struck, on
the. rocks four dsys out of. Yokohama,
according te a cable message. reeadved
last sight by the Ilawali Bhlnpo, lo
lives were lost and the "ip ha proba
bly, by tbl time been pulled off. th
rocks, according" to th brief abl
whieh told of the aeeideut. The mes
sage readj' . v ,
"Tenyo Mara truck rock four day
out Yokohama. .Passengers safe,. Hop
off rock today.'.
' Ia view of the fact that all cable
message from the Orient are (object
to about three day delay, the message
would . indicate that, if the hope ex
pressed were realixed, the Teayo I by
this time out of her dangerous position.
Will Delay Arrival
The secident will in all probability
disarrange the. Tenyo ' schedule and
delay , her arrival . at Honolulu, as she
wotild . undoubtedly be placed in. dry
dock for a complete survey of (he dam
nge dene to her, before being allowed
to Droceed acroes the Pacific.
.It, Drew, of Caatls k Cooke, agent
for the Toyd K inert Kuisha line, ald
last night thai tbey had received no ad-.
vice concerning the grounding of. the
vessel . and , that - they would probably
hear nothing for another day or two.
Where the accident occurred is prob
lematical, but It i believed to have oc
curred somewhere between Kobe . and
Nagasaki. Or it is possibl that it wa
on th dangerou rock off Woosung,
CJiina, that the liner struck, where
many other vessels have been wrecked
during the past few years. ThU plac
U about four days from Yokohama; on
th inward voyage, .
Xa Pios) Vessel '
The Tenye .Mara, CSpt. H. 6, Bmlth,
it on of, the finest vessels operating
nnder the Toyo Kisen KaUha house
flag and. maintain . an' average speed
of . about seventeen knots. Up to the
time the Great Northern was placed on
the. Island Coast run, this -vessel held
the record passage between here and
San Prancisco. ' There was only a few
hours difference between the time of
the two liner.
' Bhe i vhsael of 62S rezlstered
tonnage and can carry' about one thou
sand, passenger ! Jn all classes. The
Tenyo .ha always been a popular ship
with retaining Japanese for ner steer
ace accommodations are said to be su
aerior to ether vessels of the line. Her
first eabiai accommodations are equal
la appointment to these of any trans
pacific vessel and she has always been
numbered among ; the , popular ships
with Oriental .travelers. The Tenyo
has been serving the Islands for about
eight years.
Found By Some Person Unknown
To Police
An unregistered ford roadster was
stolen at nine o'clock Saturday night
from the garage of. I. Nagano, near the
junction of Bouth Boretnia arid King
Street and was. found bv a toraon un
known to the police on the Young
Street extension at two-HJteen o'ciocx
vesterdav afternoon. The ear was un
damaged, and was driven by tke finder
to the owner's garage.
A message was received at the
police station about seven o'clock yes
terday morning , to the effect that the
ear, which bore the number 1778 had
been stolen the previous night. The
voice at the phone was that of a wo
man, and the same woman notified the
police yesterday afternoon of the nnd
lag of the automobile..
Nagano formerly owned a Saxon ear
but recently purchased a Ford and put
the Haxort's number on bis new car.
the police say, without having taken
the trouble to register , wnica in it
self constitutes a violation of the law.
Motorcycle Officer Btupplebeea re
ports that he saw the otoloa ear about
eleven o'clock on Saturday nigkt at
the comer of King anoV Ala pal Streets,
but was unaware at the time that it
had been stolen:
A funny thing happened at the Wal
luku poetofllc yesterday morning, says
th Maul New of Friday last. A
Japanese came in and wasted to pur
chase a hundred dollars' worth of two
cent stamps. A sale of that sise was
never heard of on Maul and the poet
master wa curlou t know wby the
man wanted ao many stamps. The
would-be purchaser explained that he
had seen in the pspor that postage
would go up to three cents today, and
he wanted to save money by buying
stamps la advance.
: Of course the matter waa made elear
that postage would be three cents any
way aad that nothtno- could be oained
by buying two cent stamiia in advance.
so the man decided not to purchase.
1 !'nfrV
Exemption Boards Wifi Probably
: Have To Mark Time ! Until
i.lil: J - v i . .
Memoa 01 election 1$ Ap
,:. proved . ,r.J,,::i
Sugar Industry of rTerritory Lla
I We to Be Affected Byt lncreas
ed.List. of. ejectionf and Ex?
cmption ' ; .
i Until President WUaoa hs fulty ap
proved hi own plan for a, change la
th method, of selecting men from
draft quotas- for the National Armv
the, exemption beards ia., Hawaii, msj
have to mar time for, a,fw weeks,
after alt, end, la all probability, MaJ.
Francis dreert, chairman ef , the draft
bosrd, wlU , apt , reeej re ' eairly nptiflca:
tlon front Washington ae to the number
of men required rom,, HwU for it
first, contingent
' la selecting me, who have beef giv:
en, new registry, nnaiberi tbropghout
the Island, Up loeaj exemption beards
will follow th aewt plaa for,, drafting
men into.' the army la , December or
early lnr January, by taking enly those
absolutely physically flt, fesvlag neither
denendent hprr value,. ia .aeentlal "war
Industries,. , "
If t6is plan is followed te the. tetter
It will also probably, have, aa, linport
ant bearing osi. the, actual number of
men. whiob Hawaii may eventually send
to the front, for undoubtedly there! will
oe a.mtrca larger, list or eliminations
and rejection from the list $$ com
piled through th eapsul draw lag of
last Thnrsdsy than prsviouslr Dlaaned.
Ne Tna ' . . '
, ini eomprDenive, ana, entirely
new plan fur applying the eelectiv
draft, ae proposed bv the President.
would take rst, only men without de
pendent, and . establish, varieu grades
of dependency and industrial, Value
from whieh. future draft .would be
mad on a purely selectlv basis. Th
plans bar been, worked, out la th
provost marshal' office i a Waahiagto
and, dismissed la detail with the Presi
dent,. . ' - '.. ' I :: .' 'I
' . The plaa wps submitted t a confer
ence of civilian who directed exemp
tion board, activities in a number of
8tate and . received the endorsement
of many of. them, and. these in tarn
have' take.' an a similar -1 diicosalos
with the state governors.' f
, It is proposed to formulate In each
draft district, a table of all registrants
placing), each in a column denoting . bis
dependent and .industrial Value in. the
war's prosecution.
Industrial Classes
' Iadustria classes under eonsideratioa
in this connection are farmers, ship
yard employes, motion' workers, rail-
wsy ana transportation employes, min
ers, steel plant and motor industry
workmen, and certain other individual
plants or industry branches to be des
ignated from time to time by the
I'reaident or war department' at tem
porarily essential.
When the class of those physically
fit and having no dependencies nor
value in essential war industries is ex
hausted, draft authorities, under the
President's plan, would then draw en
ia classes Having the sughtest depend
ency claims and the least value in in
dustries. Theoretically the draft would
work down through the table to the
classes witn most dependents and high
est Industrial value.
Vn old... WA1,I t. V
but the valuable men would be placed
so that they would not be called until
the need for soldiers became more ur
gent, and all the less essential classes
were exhausted.,
May Affect Sugar Production
The plan involve a determination by
th government of what industries are
the must valuable, and thla list may in
clude the production of sugar in the
Islands, as an absolute food necessity.
Fanners ' organizations, shipping board
official and shipbuilders on. the. main
land, a well as munition makers, are
insisting on the prime importance of
their own employes in civil work.
The entire program will be mad
known from Washington as soon as it
is completed and fully approved by the
President to allay the anxiety prevail
ing throughout many industries over
the next draft, which had beea planned
for early la December before the new
plan waa proposed which may delay
broreedings for one month, or early
in January. .
The proposed plan is expected tf.
meet1 President Wilson's objection to
class exemptions. "- ... " I
For these reasons the call for a draft
quota from Hawaii may be delayed for
a lew weeko until the rreaideat'S plaa
naa oeea worxea out to the small de
tails, so aa to apply properly in Hawaii
a well as in continental United
, PATTERSON, New Jersey: Novem
ber 5 (Associated Tress) Up to an
early hour this morning eighteen bodies
had been recovered from the ruins of
the Salvation Army mission which waa
destroyed by fire yesterday. It is be
lieved that there are a number more
pf bodiea that have not yet been
Be careful of the eoMe yon take at
this time of the year. , They are parti
cularly, dangerous. A neglected cold
may ineaa a. winter-long eohi Take
Chamberlain's Couch Remedy at ouoe.
For sale by all dealers. Jlensoa, Hniith I
& Co., Ltd. Agts. for Hawaii. Adver-J
Moiftcli ferries Personal Assurance To Italians of
v S:;pf t ht Tfae of Peril. After Conference H
: Army Stiff
; George of Great Britain
faced a rain of Germari artillery
the French front yesterday. King
aure hia Ally that it may count
from Great Britain in itt hour of
While. the. German artillery
the sector actively occupied by
front, with shrapnel bursting all about the King of Great Britain and
Ireland and emperor of India and the. French Premier went into the I
American trenches and aaw their
of the common enemy, an active
great war.
Taking advantage of theVccasion of his journey to Italy the
British king made the opportunity,
the American fighters:- He had
training in England but he had
war service..
Advices from London yesterday told of the; departure of King
George for Italy arid Paris despatches said that Premier Painleve
had accompanied him to the American front and of the heavy fire
directed against that sector by the
The departure of the King for
Generals Smuts, Robertson, Maurice, Willbn and other stiff officers.
He will carry personally to stricken , Italy that Grat Britain is
squarely behind her with needed
possible will be extended. The
following defeat at the front is thus
taken to prevent or alleviate it .
; Meanwhile, both England and France are otherwise showing
Italy that they. are muted with b,er td' oppose further advances tfpori
her territory by their common enemy. Already men, guns, muni
tions nnd supplies have been sent and same of the best "war brains"
of the two countries are enroirte to some point in Italy for a con
ference. They will join King George in assuring the Italians that
they will give what goods are necessary and to reassure them if that
snail be found to be needed. .
Leaders of the Italian Catholic party held a conference yester
day at which they extended to the government a pledge that it would ;
be given the undivided support of the party and at the same time
informed the Vatican that any proposals that ran counter to the na
tional aspirations would be most unwelcome.
In the war review which was issued yesterday by the United
States war department stress was laid upon the fact that already
France and Great Britain had gone td the aid of Italy and that large
numbers of reinforcements had been, aent The review said those
two countries and Italy were firmly united for the defense of the
Italian border and that assurance of the fact had already been re
ceived by Rome.
The review made very little
none, as to its movements.
J ' J .yi
Campaign Will Continue On
WA8HXNOT0N, November 6 (Associated Press) Food Flsdgs Week has
become food pledge fortnight for it waa announced yesterday that th splendid
campaign of last week will be continued through, this wees.
It Was not because the food administration la nnt utUflmt with tha Manila nf a.
food pledge campaign but it haa been found that the task which waa undertaken
by the half million, volunteers waa too fast to be properly accomplished In a
ingle week. It U desired that the request .te enroll with the food admlnlstra
tlon and support the government in th conservation of the food supplies of the
uauun snau o proseniea to vn women or twenty million or f amuiss before the
campaign is ended. TW could not be done la a single Nreek,
Thus far, It was reported last night, there have been turned in 6,409,467
pledge and there axe stm many outstanding reports. On the totals now in Cal
ifornia lead all th other states of th Union with 448,668 pledge. . . '
" 1 By continuing th campaign for another week it is expected that more than
ten million families will have been secured for nembershlp in the national asao
elation and to live in. accordance with tho desires of the food administration so
far aa table dishes and management are concerned.
IIILO, October 27 X letter from the
Commissioner of Puhlie Lands, ' B. O.
Itiveaburgli, received yesterday, states
that it ha been found necessary to ro-
advertise th notice for the drawing of
the Waiakea hoase lots, aad te return
all applications which bav been filed.
The drawing la questloo will take
place Friday, December 21st, 117, and
all applications for participation ia the
drawing must be In the office at Hono
lulu not latar than Thursday, December
goth, at 4 p. m. The selections of lots
will be held Monday, December 31st,
at the Court House, liilo, Hawaii, be
ginning at 9 o'clock a. m.
5 (AuocUted : Prew) King
and ' Premier Painleve of France
and visited the American sector at
George ia going' to Italy to aa-.
on' all poaiible aid and assistance '
peril. -
waa raining high explosives upon
American forces on the Western
latest active Ally facing the fire
participant in the actualities of the
: t0lli
W the face of real peril, to visit
seen troops of the United States in
not previously seen them in actual
. '' -V1"' - ! rl
German big guns at the time.
Italy followed a conference with
support and that every aid that is .
danger of discouragement at home
clearly recognized and steps are
mention of the American army and
LONDON, November 5 (Associated
Press) Conferences' were hold by von
Hertllng, the new Oerinsa' chancellor,
yesterday with von Ludeodorff and von
Hiadenburg- at which. policies. were dis
cussed at length and in which he
sought and received advice from both
of them.
It la announced that von. Hindenberg
will make bis first official appearance
before the reichatag on November . 22.
The speech which he will them deliver
is awaited with the deepest luteiest
and concern by all parties and It ia ex
poctod that it will have the widest. ef
fect on hi possibilities of success in
th ofliee to which be has been called ,.

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