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Executive of Food Commission
Announces That Fublio Hear- 4
' inq Win Be Held " ;.'
Volunteers Are Sought To Aid In
. Work of Conservation Dur-v
Ing Period bf War,
Facts about fish supply , an J - fish
prices ar sooa to be ' made known t
the public through the food commission, j
A public hearing on the fish situation
will be held iom time during the lat
ter part of the week, probably Tbura-j
day, according to A. 1.; Castle, eu
tive officer of the food commission, who1
aid yesterday afternoon that' due- to-1
tic of such a .meeting would be give
through the pres aa eoon a it ii defi
nitely decided for what day it will be
Called. -"'-V : .-s V '"''-'' 1
Mr. Castle la anxious to learn' the
cause of the prevailing high cost of
Hah and it la his belief that these will,
be brought to the fore at' a. hearing of
this nature where all will be allowed
to voice their opinions. He expressly
said that the data secured in the past
few days by The Advertiser would be
carefully considered and the several
fish companies will be given an oppofi
tunity to explaia their stand to the
public: and the commission. ' .
Public Market Possible' " '
Whether of not a pubUe market will
be created depend in a great measure
upon the facts adduced at the public
hearing. ' The belief is expressed that
such a market would necessitate little
expense aa there is sufficient ground ia
the vicinity if the discharging wharf
which could be obtained for - the pur
poses fori which it ia Seeded. All in
terested in the -price of fish era urged
to attend the hearing. . , ..
Volunteers At Bought
. Men and organisations willing , to
volunteer their services to the food ad-,
ministrator for the duration of tat
war are asked by J. IV Child to give
him their names, or in the ease of or
ganications. their list of ' officers,: so
that they may be vailed ia rase of
needed service. Such volunteer aid
will mean teamwork and cooperation
of the most valuable sort in the cause
of food conservation. - ' . .'
A letter: from John W. Hallowell of
the United States Food Administraties)
in Washington to the local commission
aays that such' volunteers, are needed
to work with the appointed administra
tors. ' ,. ..'..)
"Through the administrator, and all
men .of influence, demonstrated ability
ami high standing in their respective
states, volunteers serving without com'
pensation for the duration of the war,
there is being developed that coopera
tion and teamwork between the state
organizations and, the central adminis
tration at Washington, so essential to
the success of the whole undertaking.
wore in waaningron
"Tie organization ' at Washington
consists chiefly of - various depart
mcuts, " the letter states in- explain
ing the -functions or the food adminia
: tration. 44 At the head of cork is an
expert of long experience. There are
departmentf on the various commodities
grain, sugar, potatoes, etc, and oa
live stock, canning, transportation, dis
tribution, etc.- Thar is also the con-
' BLrvation department, which handles
par'icularly the educational proper
gam a.
"The work at Washington la decen
tralized into the States throueh fed
eral food administrators, appointed by
the 1'resiclent oil Mr. Hoover's recom
mendationone for each State, c The
functions of these federal food admin
istrators are to 'coordinate, stimulate,
and supplement the work of the various
State organizations interested in food
conservation. The administrators rep
resent the food administration in fur
thering the policies and propaganda
developed in Washington."
New War Revenue Tax Makes
Big Increase In Work of
Collector's Staff
There was a decided air of business
activity at the United States internal
revenue collector's office yesterday, that
being the last day for filling inven
tories and paying accrued taxes as dis
closed by such inventories. From th
time of opening la early morning until
late in the afternoon the whole sta
of revenue clerks' were" kept constantly
busy, assessing taxes, milking correc
tions and imparting Information.
Depite the great amount of publicity
given to the provisions of : the new
war tax, tbey are not yet understood,
at least by a large majority. Accord
ing to Ralph Johnstone,' people came
veutorday with the intention of y-
in;: taxes on arm bands', Japanese eon
vernation books, composition books as i
the like. These are not subject to th
tax and considerable time was wasted
adjusting the inventories..:
it. could not be ascertained yesterday
afternoon how many delinquent there
were, but Mr. Johnstone , said that
.mimy business houses were behind
with the payment of their taxes. Under
provisions nf the war revenue bill
these are subject to prosecution, Mr.
Johnstone urged those who have yet
paid taxes to do so early.: ' ..
Glad Handers Selected and Lis!
''"includes Officials and... 7,'
foy?' Many; citos".,-,y
Representative citizens ' aa welt as
officials of the territorial and county
governments, the judiciary,' Army add
Navy, and the entire legislature of 11 V
will welcome the ' congressional party
this week on behalf of the people of
the Territory. The complete list, com
piled yesterday, includes amoag others,
the following officials and ltlrns: '
' Executive Committee The Governor,
Secretory of the Territory Iaukea, Pel-
egate Kuhlo, Senator ChUlingworth,
Speaker' Uolsteitt, Senator Baldwin,
Senator Hind, Senator Pacheep, 'Repre
sentative Wilder, Representative Lota
and Representative PaschoaL ' ,
Honolulu Mayor. Fern, Supervisors
Fetrle and Arnold., .
Hawaii Former Senator i Woods,
Representative da. Silva, Judge Quinn,
Supervisor Ksuhane and O. ft. Vicars.
Mani tt. I. Habiwin. lepresentetiv
Walsh and If. H. Case. , .
Kauai Senator Coney. Representa
tive Wilcox and S. H. Moragne,
- Reception Commlttee--General Wis
ser, Polpanl Heard, Colonel Durfee,
Captain Clark. Lieutenant Ashley and
Brigadier-General Johnson. ;
Chamber of Commerce J, r. C Ha:
genu, Richard Ivers, Senator Castle, VL
H. Paris, F. L,,Waldron, R. W. Perkins,
O. A. Walker and Itaymond C. prown.
Territorial Opvernment - Attorney
General Steinbeck, Treasurer McCar
thy, Auditor- Hopkins, Land Commis
sioner Rivenbuxgh, Surveyor Wall, Doe
tof Pratt, Sheriff .Tarrett. Arthur O,
Smith and Cornell Franklin.
' The various county governments will
be represented by the supervisors and
county' officers for each island. , "
Federal Government Port Collector
Franklin, ' Acting Revenue . Collector
Johnstone, Immigration Inspector Hat
ey, Dr. F; fc. Trotter, Postmlster Mae-1
Adam, Lighthouse; Inspector - .Arledg
ana Director westgate ox the leoerai
experiment ' station. " '
Territorial Courts Chief Justiee
Robertson, Associate Justices Qnarles
and Coke, Judge Ashferd, Judge Kemp,
Judge Heen and Jpdge Irwin. ' ' i
Federal " Courts Judge ' Vanghan,
Judire ' Poindexter. ' Attorney" Huber,
Judge Banks and Marshal Bmiddy.
All of the representatives and sena
tors of the 1917 session will officially
represent the legislature. ; . v
The following -eitizens ' have been
named as representative of the Ha
waiian nublie: ( . ' ' . ' ' .
A-F. Well. F. J..towrey. W. R. Far-
rington, C. 8. Crane, John Lennox, I
Tenney Peck, E. L Spalding, Rudolf
Huchly, A. (Uooke, Wi 'i: Uarden, w .
P; Thomas, It. Lu McCandless, As J.
fiignonx, J.-. H, Wilson, J M. Dowsett,
E. H. Wodehopse, JW, JiJB, W. 0,
Smith, C. R. Hemenway, J..T, deBolt,
H. F: Bertelmann, John C. Lane, W. F.
Dillingham, C. H. Olson, J. D. Dole, Dr.
rt t n T 'u m . T.I VMm
V,, X3, LUUHTt IV. JJL. tram, nunq muiuw
ger. W. T, Rawlins, J. A. Kennedy, J.
i . r- I. t T n ur . V H..n T
LW UNI, af . IWDWr, 1, w v , v.
8. McCandless, M.' M. Johnson, Palmer
Woods, J. M. Young, Antonio retry,
Edgar Henriques, S. 8. Paxson, William
Williamson, J. B. Donaghhe, C. S. Wide1
niann, 8. M. Kanakannl, F, C. South,
F. E. Blake, ,C, G. Bockys. , . ..
O. H. Angus, is. a. Bemat, z. rw.
Myers, R. O. Matheson, K. D. Tenney,
(i. B. Carter, w. u. awinerny, tt. w
wriirht. A. Xi Carnnboll, J. A. McCand
less, C. T. Wilder, A. L. Dean, JL, A.
Hughes, Charles Notley, A. J. WiHs, H.
M. von Holt, W. L. Stanley, H. R. Mac
farlane, John Wise, G. P, Denlson,
John Waterhonse, A. W. Neely E. W.
Sutton, Ed Towte, ,J, D, Mclnerny, R.
H. Allen. E. F. Bishop. O. r. castle,
R. C. Ly decker, C. G.. BaUentyne, W.
M. GifEard, F. W Macfarlaoe, A- T,
Griffiths, A- F. Juddk O. W. R. King,
J. M. Rigg", Edward Goimon, W. A.
Bryan, W. F. Frear, JJ..B, GUTard.
W. C. Aehi, Henry Smith, B. N. Ka
halnpuna, Akaiko Akana, J. F. Colburn,
J, V. Makaimu,' xa. wooawarn, m, iv.
Cook, Charles King, James L. Holt, E.
K. Liiikalani, W.
Sheldon, - John
Markham, 1. K. Kainanoulu, pol. Ilano
hano. N. Wk AluU, Mark P. Robinson,
O. K. StilUnan and Jesse UluihJ.
Fornier Broker, Convicted of Em
bezzlement. Sentenced and
'Moves Fw New Trial
Three years in prison at hard lubor
is the Sentence yn posed by Circuit
Judce Heen yesterday morning upon
Lionel R. A. Hart, who was convicted
last Wednesday by a jury oa charges of
embezzlement ,ot stocks' e.oVHt4d Ho.
him by clients for brokerage f orposes.
Hart confessed in Saa Fianeisco to
Captala of Detectives McDuflie and
Chester A- Doyle that he had embcz
zlod ssoney given hirs fur the pitrchase
of stock, fend burned hie books to de
stroy evidence agrVinst.hiBi, and flod to
China to' evade arrest. This .confession
and other eyldenc adduced v at the
trial served t9 convict him. . -
Jude Iymer, his attorney, moved
for a uew trial basing the- motion oh
aliriationi that the-konf esslon referred
to had beea introduced and allowed by
the judge before thorpu delecti was
established, and that the judge had not
permitted to go' to the jury msny of
the instructions wh.lch. be had prepareil
on behalf of the defendant. This mo
tion will be .argueij Tuesday after
noon. ' ' ' -' . ' " '
"x , r : ,
Yon should not eat food of any kind
when bilious, sake full dose of Cham
berlaiu's Tablets and driak plenty of
water. 'That will cleanse the stomach,
move the bowels aud aaoa restore Che
system to a healthy condition. For sale
by all dealers. Benson, Smith ' Co.,
Ltd. Agts. fpr'Hawaii.T-AdverUswnoot.
Only Those Attached To Com
. panles jVhich Comply With I
y,Ht'lafj6n. To" Draw Pay '
The troops partlrlpsting in the camp
of instnicMon for the National Guard
wilt include brigade headquarters, staff
corps . add departments, Company - , JJ,
Hawaiian Rignnl Corps, first separate
troop Hawaiian Cavalry, First Regi
ment Hawaiian Infantry, less Company
L, which, will be on duty as water
fukrds, the Second Regiment Hawaiian
nfsntry, and the sanitary detachments
Of both regiments-. 'Full instrociloris
fet 1ht '"eiftnrlament 'have-fceenM'ts
sued. (
! Ordy ithoso men attached to compa
nies wklch comply with the govern
ment regulations in every respect ar
entitled! to draw federal pay for their
two weeks in camp. Additional men',
after the full number has been reached,
who ha e not had the required instruc
tion of ihe sixty days prior service will
receive pay from the territorial treas
ury - V-
Those J Uttitled W Federal Pay !, .
The J tea who will be entitled to fed
eral pat will be those whose companies
shall hive ever afty percent of th
officers' end not less than eighty per
cent of the minimum strength of Ui
enlisted, men ia eamp They must slro
have had sixty days' service ia the
arm of th service to which they ar
attached at the time of going into
eamp, With fourteen periods of Instruc
tion of at least one and one-half hour
ach. . . ) j
. Those; men who receive territorial
pay on account of not complying with
(li last two requirements will be only
those who are in addition to the re
quired strength of the company ' for
federal pay, when such companies have
th required strength for the entire pe
riod ef (he encampment. The transport
tation and subsistence of the addU
tionaj men will be paid by th federal
government. Field equipment for all
troops will he as prescribed by the
camp commander. . . !
Three, squads of Company B ia
charge, of a non-commuMlouetl . officer
will report to the ordnance officer at
th Annory at eight o'clock on th
morning of November 7- They, will ret
port fully equipped for the held,1 and
wiU be sent out to Kawailoa a an ad
vance detachment in eamp, ; ... ' - .
Balance to Encamp November 11 .
All the rest of the troops attending
the encampment will go to Kawailoa
on November 11. ' . :,.: !
. ' Company L of the First Infantry will
not go, to eamp with the others.' They
will report at the Armory- Saturday
morning, November 10, and will march
Under the command of Captain E. Hop
kins to the Nuuanu water guard, wher
they will relieve th provisional com
pany now- orr-guareV"Onder First" Lleui
tenant W. E. Miles, . . . . i
The following companies and battal
ions .Under command ef the officers des-
ignsted, will assemble at the Armory on
Hotel Street at six-thirty o'clock on
the morning -of November lit
Oompanlea t Assemble
.Headquarters, Colonel W. R. Riloy;
Headqaarters Company, First Infan
try, Captain David L. Mackaye; sup
ply eompany, First Infantry, Captain
Ii, B. Reeves; , machine gun company,
First Infantry,- Captain S. M. Lowreyj
First Battalion, First Infantry, less
three squads of Company to, Major M.
M. Johnson; Third Battalion, First In
fantry. Major A. W, Neely, and eani'
tary detachment, Major L. L. Patter
son. . ' ..; - - ''"". .
The ; prevoat guard, under '' First
Lieut. Alex . May, will report to thi
commanding officer of the First Infant
try at aeven-niteea a. to. on tne earn
ilay at the Armory. The regiment will
form on Hotel Street at seven-thirty
withi the head of the column at Hotel
ad Richards Street and will march U
the atatioa of the 0. R. L., there t
ntrala fox the camp aite at Kawailoa
a mile beyond Ualeiwa. '
Baggage allowance for officer ia lim
ited to fifty pounds in weight for those
below 'the grade of major, must be ii
one bundle and plainly labelled with
th Hirer's name, rank, and organiza
tion. It must be delivered to the sup
ply officer at the Armory not later than
two-thirty p. m. November 9. , Enlisted
men have no baggage allowance. . ;
Must Hav Tag and Pouch i
Baggage of. all organizations will be
prepared for shipment at the Armory
before noon next Friday. At the time
or entrainment ail omcers wiu see mat
each man has his identification tag and
first aid popnefc and packet. i
. The companies of the Second . Bat
talion,! Major L, M.' Judd, commander,
will assemble as follows:- Company t
at Aica depot, two p. m., November 11 J
Company G, Ewa mill depot, at two-
tlurty p. m.; company n it; nip
hu de&ot, at two-tifteea p. m. of the
same day. Company E will assemble at
Waialua at eight a. m. November II,
end will be moved by train to th en
campment site, where theyjrwUl, ewn
oroers, ,,f, 1. , -i , v v j
The wagon train yriTJ not be formed
on this date by the supply company oa
assembling at the Armory. The pro
visional company on being relieved at
the Nuuanu water- guard will - rejoia
their respective companies in' time for
the encampment on th following day.
.-.a. .... - fr
" KEW TOWrt. October 4 The Amer
ican., Sugar Bt-finhig Company, has or
ganised a manufneturera' division of
the general sale department, under the
management of William B, Okie, for
merly sales manager . of the Welch
drape Juice Company. Thi new divis
ion will care for the sale of sugar to
manufacturer. The organisation of a
service bureau, under the 'management
of Gerold M. I.auck, is also announced.
This servica bureau, equippe' with
chemists, expert candy r -rs and
bakers,- will work on the. problems of
manufneturera. Any manufacturer hav
ing dlflioulty with bis product, or who
seek to imnrov' or' broadoa hi iui,
may have the benefit of an expert's
fivip or ta aaaiug. , ; ; ;
Sugar Mill Engineers and Chenv
. isti' Close Five Days Profit
able. Work Last Night'
With the annual meeting and election
of officers of the Hawaiian Engineering
Association followed by the banquet
ot the mill engineer aad the chemists
and sugar boilers, th fifth annual con
vention of the mill engineers and the
annual meeting of th Hawaiian Chem
ists' Associativa came to an end last
night after five day of sessions. .
Hold Annual Meeting
'. At half past' six last evening, the
bngtnber nt in- that Commercial CI ah
lounging' room and heard the reports
for the year and elected the following
officers; Carl B. Andrews, chairman
i. A. Gibb,, vice-chairman; Irwin Spald
ing, treasurer; Frank O. Boyer, secre
tary; Director at large for the year
are B. Benton Hind, A. Gartley, K.
Kopk; , for 'Hawaii, A. C. Wheeler)
for Maui, H. McCubbia and for Kauai,
K. Kok. : ,
A resolution was passed which ask
the Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Associa
tion to take up the matter of boiler in
spection and -the appointment of boiler
inspectors. ' , . -
Banquet Jolly Affair.
- The convention, eame to a close
shortly after eleven' last night at the
.Commereial Club, when the curtaia fell
on the clove entertainer whose tongs
and pointed jests kept the engineers
anil chemist ana vneir mends in laugh
tot and applause after the annual ban
quot ; The banquet a dry as the
latest -style of bagasse was served ia
the Commercial Club' best style, the
big dining groom being filled with the
banquet ters. ;
. The evening' after dinner program
opened with som turns of the sonv and
dance line and concluded with the stir
ring drama "Piffle Mill," ia which
the -east . of characters included the
superintendent, engineer, sugar boiler
chemist and manager of the mill and a
visiting ; expert from the Hawaiiaa
Planters' Experiment Station. ' Th
manager wa a minatar Charley Chap
lin, who wa run through th . roller
whea he got too lquieitiv.
Act II of thi drama was a session
of th Near Engineer' .Convention, at
which variou paper were read. Th
play abounded with personal reference
and timely humor and was helped' out
with several" exceedingly elever par
odies, popular songs being transmuted
into verses of the mill, laboratory aad
omee. -v.
Last Business Session .-: .
.Engineers and chemists gathered to
gether ia the Library of Hawaii at half
past eight yesterday morning for .th
last combined business session of their
conventions. ."Sugar Mill Mchinery"
and 4,Curinff and Marketing! arete th
.subjects for tUsetuMion. Retife Je-
marketing the point was bfoustbt ' out
that on-of the problems, thi year ha
been storage of sugar before shipment
and this bids fair to be a jiuch more
serious problem in handling the . next
crop with the probability ox fewer v'
sels available for transportation.- '
Use , Washed Sugar : V
Two esjKK-ially well takCa' point
were mad by L. W Howard in hi
report on this subject, one Of thorn
dealing with the food conservation
problem and the use of washed sugar.
On these two points the' report said: '
"This year we have all felt the in
creasing stress which the refiner are
putting on 'their demands for an im
provement in the' refining value of our
sugars. ' In his report for last year,
Mr. Pratt ' explained this problem very
thoroughly. Since then we hav',. per
force, concentrated our effort on th
production of a grain, medium six and
Very even,' to meet the new marketing
conditions. .That there' has' been ' a
marked progress along this line i gen
erally true. But the problem of making
a sugar profitable alike te buyer and
seller has not yet- been-? satisfac
torily solved. '
"A timely suggestion offered by on
chemist is that, ia line with the pres
ent question of food conservation, we
might do well to initiate' ft movement
to educate the people is the
use of
washed sugar."
With Thousand Waiting Oq pocks
In San Francisco none
Can BeBroughJHere
The autpmobil business received
crushing blow yesterday when it was
announced that an .embargo had beea
placed on autpmolnles to the Territory
iuAt the, present time there 'are -ap-preriinotely
one thousand machines on
the docks at Han Francisco awaiting
shipment. Some of the consignments
have been held np since the' arst of
October on account of vessels not hav
lue spate enough for motor ear ship
meats. Th embargo atso includes
motor trurks. On dealer in Honolulu
who had just entered into th retail
automobiU) business Ji hail a coumgn
meat of motor cars paid for which
have been waiting shipment from Hnu
1'rsnciHco since Heptember
Whut hits the Honolulu dealer hard
est is the fact that they hate very
few automobiles oa hand on account
of the congested shipping eondltim
Which existed for some time. While
the retuilers of new ears are sitting
in gloom, the sellers of second hand
cars are all smiles. Th embargo means
that in the near future automobiles of
nny-kind will be at A premium ani
that the second hand oar dealer will reap
profits that he never thought of be
fore. According to advices received yestr-r-
tin v bv Honolulu dealers It will b
nbnut the first of January before anv
automobiles will be shipped from II in
r'rauclsco to uonoiuiu. -..
0 .
'-- i-'LlLKUBg
Honolulu Wholesale , Prbducf Market ''
' ; . Quoiationji ' ;
Wholeaal Only. ' MAZKETXSa' CIYTJBIOM November t, idlt.
island Butter, lb.
Kggs, select, dozen
Kggs, No. 1, docn
jCgge, Dunk, dozen . .
..........U- l.7tf
, ,73
45 to XO
Youag Boosters, lb.
Beans, string, green, lb.
... fiZ to .01 Rice, Hawaiian Heed . .
.04 Vi Peanuts, large, lb
...... .03H Green peppers, bell ....
A.S0 to 9.00 Green pepper, chili ....
10.00 to 11.00 Potatoes, Is. Irish
12.00 to 14-00 Potatoes, sweet, ewt
(.,,(, 0 Potatoes, sweet red
..... Taro, ewt. . , ,.
3.00; to 9fit Taro, "bunch- ,
0A.00 to 72.00 Tomatoes, lb.
05.00 to tW.OO Cucumber, lb
, C.60 Pumpkins,
.. .20 to .0 Limes, 100
. 1.00 to 1.2J Pineapples, ewt. .......
....... 1.00 Pspaiaa, lb, .
........ fit Oranges, Hawaiian, 100..
Besns, string, wax, lb.
Beans. Lima in pod
Beans, Maui red, ct
Beans, 11 1 00, ewt
Baans, Small white
Beet, do- bunches . . . .
Carrots, dos. bunches .
Cab We, , ewt, ,,
Cora, ltawv sm. yel
Corn, Haw. Ig. yel
Rice, Jap. seed ewt. . . .
Bananas, Chinese, Hcli...
Bananas. Cooking, Brh..
Figs, 100 . . ..,
Grapes,, Isabella, lb
' LIVESTOCK '.'-.'?'
Cattle and sheep ar not bouaht at
paid for on a dressed weight basis. Hgs
Beef, lb. .15 to, M
Veal, lb .jo to a
Steer,. No. i, lb .1
Steer, No. I, lb Jf
The following are quotations on feed,f.'
Corai m. yeU ton. .
Corn, Ig; yel.. ton. .
.. 75.00 to 80.00
Corn, eraekad, ton .
Bran, ton .' . i . . .
Barley, ton ...
Scratch food, ton .
. . 84.00 to 85.00
......... 65.00
......... 57-00 '
... 85.00 te .oo . ,'
. , ! i, - '
' : : November 2, WIT.1"
There has beea very little change ia
the market .during the past week. Th
division has received large shipments
bf swoet potatoes from several differ
ent farmer oa Uahu, The price or
sweet potatoes has dropped a little and
.there is a faily good demand for ihenu
' ' The division .has received several
shipments bf Corn from Maui and Ha
waii, which have. been disposed of at
67 t 73 a ton. We expect to re
ceive further shipment of eora front
both Maoi and Hawaii, in a few. days'.
' A large shipment of peanuts was re
ceived two week, ago. These peanuts,
though of a very good quality, are not
moving very fast. .
' A, shipment of seed potatoes the di
vision ordered. from' the mainland com
time a bo, arrived thi week. We wer
unable jt get the Early Rose, but
have received Instead tWo othef very
good varieties: the British Queea and
the Bod ChAl-..Most ot the potatoes ia
th market at the present time are
mcesEs yeo
' . ' ; .
Maui Farmers Find Put Value of
1 '' Bordeaux Mixture ! , : ; "
Beeent advices from Maui state that
th cooperative . spraying experiment
being conducted by the United Bute
Experiment. Station' with th ' Climes
potato grower of, Kula ar showing
large increases in yield ia favor of
praying with Bordeaux mixture. Thee
experiments and demonstrations are be
ing cohddcted by Edward Shim of the
Lhalnaluna School, under directions
furnished1 by C. W. Carpenter of the
station. '"
The experiment thus far concluded
were upon small are but are eonv-
Futed on kh acre basis for convenience,
n two experiment the increase ia
yiejtj through the ve PI the oraesui
spray were respectively eighty -seves
and eighty-three percent. In vone ex
periment the yield per acre ef sprayed
potatoes was 160 bags and nosprayed
85.5 bags, or a gain of 74.5 bags, la
another experiment the yield per acr
of sprayed potatoes was 11 1. 0 oaga, ana
unsprayed W1.7 bags, the increase ia
favor of spraying being 81.1 bag per
acre. The cost -of spraying aa acre of
potatoes' three time is estimated at
about fl3, including labor, t
At a selling price of $1.79 per bag
in Kula the' sevetfty-flv bag iaeroase
would be worth I131.Z3. Peduet H
the eost ef spraying and there ia left
139 per acre for the added care in
bringing the erop to maturity. The up
to the-minute war-time farmer will no
more neglect spraying hi erop of po
tatocs than he will forget to cultivate
them. ''.":': . ...': -r .''.
'.. , .,) . 1 1 - 1 1 i'w s ..- 'v.
Major Francis Oreen, chairman of
the Selective Draft board, has been
carefully checking' up the three' official
lists of the draft drawing of , last
Thursday, for possible error The
work, however, - 'Was unusnaHy well
done, partly due to the efficient work of
the relays of youwr women Who were
assigned to this' part of th) long day'
work, and partly to the constant super
vision of Mujor Green, who personalty
halted the reading of th number at
any time he peroelved that ( ha error
might be made.
All lists will be transferred to the
local boards for supplying the names in
their proper order as drawp.
The call for the draft from Washing
ton will, in all probability, come direct
to Major Oreen, who is frovost Mar
shal Ueneral Vrowder's military draft
representative for the Hawaiian 11
Hens. Wi'. I
..." te'.40
4.'..:.....' J9
... 010 t .38
30 to .31
10 to .12
.. 1.00 to 1.15
. . 1.00 to 11
. . 1.50 to 1.75
.... .50 to .00
02 Yt
.... .75 to .00
Ducks, Muse. 1 1. . ,
Ducks, Tekln, lb
Ducks, 'Haw., dozen ....
1.00 to 1.50
live weight. They ar slaughtered and
up to 150 pounds .14 to J 8.
Muttoh, lb. 18 to .10
rorx, id. to
Kips, lb. .'. .18
Goat, 'white, jju to
6. b. Honolulos
Oats, ton ' , 83.00 to 64.00
Wheat, ton , 85.00
Middling, ton 04.00 to 05.00
Hay, Wheat, ton 38.00 to 40.00
Hay, Alfalfa, ton J . . 38.00 Jo 38.00
imported from California. More Irish
potatoes should be raised M the island
and when there la a eeareity bf island
Irish potatoes; the people should ns
mere- island sweet potatoes, of which
there are different varieties, an which
vtow very well on the Islands, and al
ways sell a great dal cheaper thaa
Irish potatoes. . - ,: ' 1 ' '
' V. Aeting Superintendent. '
.;, ' M -i,-. .
m According td a statement made by a
United States investigator, Mr. H. A.
MeAleer, at the convention of the
Amerieaa Poultry ' Association at
Milwaukee, there la lost - aaaually
valee of 443.000,000 to the 'people of
the I'nited State In egg that ar
permitted to spoil on account f the bad
organisation of the market- . Mr.' Mo
Alec declared that farmer -do not
bring th good to niarkot in Uw
while, the refrigerating appftJtwse.,r
nlmnst everywhere insxlcwiuate, '
People of Territory "Wi? Be, Asked
To Make Real Start On Wed
nesday November 14, Toward
Saving Commodity Needdd Te
Help Wirt "War
The first wheartlees day for th Ter
ritory will be en Wednesday, November
14. The food commission will' request
that on this day ' .all .hotel) boarding
houses, and private homea do not use
any wheat bread whatever.' It is hoped
to make every Wednesday, thereafter
wheatless day for Honolulu and the rest
pf the Territory as well. ', ;"!
At the last meeting of the food com
niiHHion the members expressed them
selves as of the opinion that so far
little actual saving of wheat (lour had
been attempted. . There had, been inuc
talk, but small results, in their opinion
and the community deeded constant' ed
ucation and urging to get it to -the
point when it would really begin to use
less wheat flour.
The efforts of the women' committee
were not slighted, but it was felt that
a wheatless day for the Territory would
aid 'them' in larg measure 1st impress
ing their gospel on the minds of toe
citizens. By having one day each week
dedicated to wheat saving it may be
possible to ascertain just how much of
a saving -sb be effected.
The food pleilge week will be planned
as soon s the necessary blanks arrive
from the food administration in Wash
ington,. One ' of the cards' is aa es
pecial blank for hotels and restaurants.
and particular effort Wlll .be made by
the local commission to - have tneai
swing Into line much more strong y
than sen-toror oa th food conserva
tion question.
A resident or Oaha who recently re
turned from th mainland told A. L.
Castle, executive oflieer oof the commis
sion, that on the Santa 1'e railway Hue
all the menu in the dining car bore
the announcement, "No whit bread
served ecept by request." - Those who
ordored white bread, he said, were look
ed en with disapproval by their fallow
diners. -' ,.- '.' ; 1 .' . ' '
. .
WASHINGTON. November 8 (As
sociated Kross)--The Southwestern coal
miners have refused to agree that the
automatic penalty clause to prevent
strikes lie inserted In their wage con
tracts with the coal operators. They
linve culled a convention for November
I.' to discuss the situation.' Harry A.
(Inrfield, the coal contractor uader the
administration,' refuses to accept the
coutracts without thi clause.
Present Price of Sixteen . Cents
To Producer Yield Good Pro-
fitr Says. Richard Ivers
I r. I
f v.
Close Investigation Will Be Made
J of .Sudden. Jymps In Price, of v
, Steaks and Other Cuts ,
There Is snoaey in the cattle business. ,
when the wholesaler receive ixleetf-
cent per posnd for beef, stated Bioh- '
ard Ivers at the last meeting of the .
food commission, and that price 1 b- '
lag paid for Hawaiian beef today. The
kbspicion " that perhaps there is -even
more money In it for others than, the; .
cattle raiser, when' price Jump every . .
few week, 1 th cause of the investi
gation now" being conducted by .the .
commission into the beef situation.
Mr. Ivers stated that he knew for a
eertaioty that there was a lurg profit -i
In sixteea-eeat beef, a he himself bad -
ad interest ia reselling. There is snore
sonsy ia the eattle business than there
ver wa ia the milk business, he said.
HIIWK.IIUH I. ..... w l O . ,
eary a milk investigation, when the ,
JuIkmh .. m , B 1 1 .
price is so wide.
Prettv" East , -
'Jlawalian' cattle men are receiving 4
'mor for their meat delivered in Hono-
luln than they eould possibly get for
meat of the same grade snipped to nan
Francisco. Second Quality beef, of
iWOicn a large qusniiry- was recently.
shipped to Honolulu, is priced at tlnr- '
teen cents. ui account or tne long
A ..V. MM.1 M 1 1, a U.M.Lt.n .Htltn
S now second grade meat. ' It sells -.
wholesale in Honolulu at sixteen cents,
but if the ' growers . shipped to San
rranvisco laey-wouia nave1 o imr
transportation and would receive only
thirtecb eents. it is possible that the
yvjxwvwv III w v j ui meat win uv ivw- .
red when th commission . is in pos-
scssjon of all the facts, v,;
Letter were sent out yesterday by
the fuod commission to all retail meat ,
dealer of Honolulu, and to the Hawa- '
11 Meat Company,- requesting data for . '
th investigation.,- Wholesale and retail
prices a t present, and. for thre and
xi ae month ana a year ago, were asx
ad Yer, Keasons for th late raise in
wholesale price by the Hawaii. Meat
Company, and ia retail price of some 1
eutsdiy the Metropolitan. Meat Market,-.
re requested from both companies. .
The Iroa Hand - .-'.'. ,l.
-An intMnaWen that any hesitancy in
furnishing full and eorrect information '
- 'l 1. 1. 1 i. . x - .1 .
will rcsurv jiat wuupv9ima titling inuru -bv.
rii .fsMmuiiu is rasds in the lot. .
sera sent out yesterday. "Under the
law," the oenunanicatioa state, "the '
poena witnesses is such eases, hut we
believe that'yow wiU. voluntarily fura
isli thla lnformatian - tditka eommls-'.-
All Inquiries ar based on prices and ,
conditions extending bach one-year. If
a gradual 'and inevitable raise in tha
once ' of went during that period U
shown, -th eommHsioa will endeavoi i
to Had out why 'or if such raise has -
beea necessary. "
Sudden recent jump in price, if any :
such -are discovered, will be- the cause,
of alosw investigation by the eomml
sion a to whether -there were any
real reason for such Jumps. If ther ,
is any reason to believ that the war
situation is.' being take advantage of
by the butchers ,to quese th public .
oa one of the daily necessities of life,
drastic action will' be-taken to make '
XUeisseB. At Stake v' .. ','
A. L. Castle stated yesterday that 1'
it was found that -any of the compan
ies wer ' making or were . trying to
make an andu profit it was within th
Dourer of tha federal food administra
tor for Hawaii to suspend their license
or refuse to license them at alL
Importstion of beef must cease, in
the opinion f the commission. ' It is
aireeiiy sgninsi an toe . precepts ana
ren nests of Herbert C. Hoover, nation
al food' administrator. , The space tak
en op ia steamer by f rosea meat .
means just, mar touch less transporta
tion space for other necessities ot life
whieh perhaps are much less" easily
produced here. Saving of transporta
tion is one of the direct request of
Hoover. ' ' ;
The use of home products is another
maxim of the food administration. The
importation of meat to Hawaii ia cer
tainly a blow to that maxim. If the
cattle raisers' received so low a price
that they eould not . make any money
from beef, there might be more causa'
for Importation, but it 1 stated by
a man' mho U himself a cattle grower
that ther ia plenty of money ia th
present price of beef. - -f
Meatlesa Day '. 'i
eesrsa vnwe awe i uw i i' i i i in i w ui sa w un
ha been informed by Attorney General
Gregory that his deputies will be ei
eaipt from military service. . :
Deputy Marshal L. K. Silva' name
ame out in th draft drawing yester
day and the attorney general will be
immediately informed ef this fact by
Sroiddy. -
The attorney general' letter states
i.fr i ui iiwvi mo vim -pri in qucs.
tion oaa render more efficient service'
to their country ia the position they
occupy thaa ia a military direction.
set by th commission, if by that means
the sendjng of meat from the Coast can
be stopped, or even reduced.' ' It might
even come to th point when th
markets would be forbidden to sell
any meat whatever on a certain day
weekly, if such action . seemed likely
to put an end to imported .meat, . ,
, - ' '-..'.;

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