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8 r
Capt. Neil Murchison of Schoon
er Columbia River, TcllsvHow
Sailors Face Firing Squad -
Storie bv bn tolcl nf. outrage
committed. by th (Jerman against the
lives nd property of the eivil popula
tion of countries invaded by tb Pru-
slsa, and of atrocities aim out unbe
lievable which have ' been committed
against helpless women and children by
. commander of U-boat which hare ter
rorised the water lane of the -world
ine hortly after the beginning of th
war. 'But 2a one raw, at least, tb
table were turned, and according to
fapt.. Neil Murrhison, master of the
.. ohnoner .Colombia Hirer, the akipper
and rrew of one aubmarine paid the
aiipreme pelty for crime that eould
: be eonaldered nothing abort of murder.
la narrating. the btory Captain Mur-
ehisoa aoidi - .
Jdtt Old SMppr rrind
I bad been at Iquiqae only a few
daya when I met an old friend ofcmina
who bad been Bailing in the war aone
. for about two rear. The captain of a
British patrol boat was an intimate
friend of hia and when the two met in
. Lnadoa after several years' aeparation
they natarally began to relate their ad
venture of the .
' "It aeema the patrol boat bad been
on duty in the North Be and early one
morn in ran aero German subma
rine wbioh waa having difficulty with
it engine. It eould neither submerge
aor advance, and upon seeing they were
at the mercy of the patrol the eaptaia
.'. and rrew ram up en deck and permit
ted themselves to be taken prisoner.
Placed Aboard Patrol
"They were placed aboard tbe patrol
and order were Riven to aink the aub
marine. Three ahot bad been fired and
the L'-boat waa commencing to ettle,
when th commander of the underwater
craft,, who had been calmly surv. 'ng
the aituation, waa aeen to ami! ir ,
ally. Upon being naked what he
smusing about th loaa of bi vessel,
t stated that he waa merely admiring
British msrkmanship.'
"Th final ahot had been fired and
the aubmarin had entirely disappeared
beneath the surface when th German
commander approached th British com
mander and told him that he might
feel even mora highly honored if he
kaew five Brit inn raptaina bad been
. sent to their death by British shells
fired at hia 'command. They ' were
shark led in on of th chamber of the
craft at the time ah waa captured and
their crew forced to surrender. ' ,
Order Out String Squad .',.
"The British commander said not
on word but gazed in wonderment at
such a display of. hardheartednena. Hi
eye remained fixed on th Oerman
captain for several minute after which
he calmly turned to hia officer instruct
ing them to line commander and crew
along th rail. After th firing squad
had been ordered below, members of
th crew examined th bodice to make
ur lif wa extinct, for a th cap
tain said, he never wanted it aaid he
had thrown capt ires ' overboard aad
amused himself by liatening to their
agonizing erica and ' watching .their
, death struggle. They had merely ex
' pi a ted their horrible crime of aending
tive British captains to their ..death
without even on word of protest.
"Well," h concluded, " I may be in
th Atlantic myself, before many weeka
hart passed. Jrea though I am a lit
tle .old, I feel a if I were missing
aometbing by remaining in th peace
ful trad of th Pacific." ?
Arthur H. F. Knu, manager of th
' Makiki grocery corner of Wilder Ave
nue and Keeaumoku Htreet, reported
i to Th Advertiser yesterday that an
' attempt to enter his store waa ar.ade
about one-thirty o'clock-' (Saturday
He aaid that on the evening previous
a suspicious looking character waa
noticed prowling about the neighbor
hood and that the police were notified
of the fact. ' -
Aeeording,to I-ao, a mounted patrol
'man disturbed th would-be burglai. im
mediately after he had amasbed one
of th window of the grocery aad waa
about make an entrance. Th man
ia said to have fled on tbe approach
of the polic officer.
Desk . rtergrant David Kamauoha,
who bad tb midnight watch on Friday
and, haturdayV atated last night that
no report of th incident baa been re
ceived at th police station.
It I .a commendable liberality' on
the part of the supervisor that puts
electric light . into the public, arhool
buildings for evening classes and other
educational and public, purposes, ' says
lust week ' Oardcn Island of , lihue
Kauai. . , - ,' . ,- '
The latest to be outfitted this way
is the I.ibue Hcfiool, which l! very 'ef
fectively lighted, so that it must, be a
pleasure to tench there.
" A v ixi t to the classes in session there
Monday eveniuj revealed on in Eng
lish onder Mr. Wedemeyer, doing very
good work. A. dozen young Filipinos
f.ri(ht, intelligent and -alert, also a
cIuhh in merhuHical drawing under Mr.
)nviH, ' familiarising themselves with
the rudiment of the circle, tb square
and the triangle the were young me
of more attainments, of thro or lour
different nationalities. Tiiey give prom
ie nf good work.
The Misses find ley have otblT Iuss
M Ott diffureut evening.
MacAdam Holds He Has No Ju
, Jisdiction Over Publication of
War News If Not Sent Through
' ' Mails ,;'.''' ';v, ''v-;-.
; The difficulty eonfrontingvtbe Hono
lulu Japanese -daily newspaper, under
th censorship imposed in the Trading
With the Kneoiy Art, which goes into
effect today, aad which provide that
they must file with the postmaster a
complete translation of any article
printed "respecting th government
ot th I nited Htates, or of any nation
engaged In tWep resent war, it policies
internatinnej - sqUtiyos,,, .,tji , taq or
conn uc v or the war, or any rnatterre
lating thereto," in the form of aa afli
davit that the translation is full and
accurate, la apparently ' overcome bv
the statement made by Postmaster D
H. Mac Adam Inst night.
According to tbe act, it i specifically
atated that the penalty for "printing,
publishing, circulating or causing to be
printed, published or circulated in any
foreign language," any printed matter
respecting tbe newa f the war ia a
fine of $500 or imprisonment for two
yeara or both, while tbe aam penalty
i( attacked to tbe act of transporting.
carrying or circulating any printed
matter which ia unmailable under tbe
act.. ; ; . ,
K Jurisdiction
: Despite this, however, Mr. MacAdam
hold that be ha no jurisdiction over a
foreign newspaper publishing war
aewa, provided it ia not despatched
through the mails. v "My version of
th ait nation," said Mr, - MacAdam
last night, "ia that tb Japanese or
any oiaer newspaper m Honolulu can
print and circulate new a heretofore
without previously filiac a certified
translation, providing ' no attempt i
suae to irnnsmn . such newepapers
tnrnugn inc mails. . .
"I have nothing whatever to do with
tbe local aale of foreign language new
paper, whether a translation i fur
nished or not," be added. "The only
point that am interested in la when
these newspapers are broucht to the
1'Ostoffirc for mailing purposes."
Th question arose when tbe censor
n posed under th Trading With
mv Act became known a te
bo' ".dailies, issued in . th
morn.. "oing to meet th re-
quireme. law and atill issue
a time. view of Postmaster
MacAdam '-ement last night
th problem . is th town de
liveries can b- b ' ' early morn
ing a usual anu .,- mailed
later in tb day v - slightest
difficulty. . , . . ;,
Aks for Information;
i lt waa previously the -it th
only possible loophole of
new reatriction was to secure
permit from the President, whi.
be obtained provided sufficient -uri
factory evidenc wa furnished that
th publication would not contain mut
ter detrimental to the United State in
th conduct of th present. warv .''
Peking Officials Oust Military
Governor of Canton ' ,
Although United State Attorney 6.
C. Uuber has not yet received any con
clusive evidence of a campaign among
Honolulu Chines to raise fund to help
finance ' Dr. Hun Yat Ben' plan .to
foment a revolution in China, it i
stated in a message received yeaterday
by, tbe Liberty New , a local Chinese
paper' aud a stanch supporter of Dr.
Hun, that the nation is in a complete
tat of unrest and .that the centra
government official at Peking kav
ousted Chun Bing Kwau, military .gov
ernor of Canton.
According to the message tbe decis
ion to dismiss the military governor
waa reached at a recent meeting of tbe
officials of the central government, tb
reason being that Canton is now th
capital and headquarter of th south
ern division, and believed to b a
veritable hive of revolutionary plots
and plans. This is the first official step
taken by the central . government
against the leaders of tb southern
provinces who, it is said, are about to
launch, a rebellion against th govern
ment. ' : -
big isKSs'
Following the lighter rains of the
past five days Hawaii baa bad a good
sousing. lieporta received by the vari
ous agencies by wireless from th Big
Inland yesterday told of general raina
not mere light showers but a good soak
ing. It was not of tbe kind that might
do duuiuge either, not a severs down
pour, a sudden rush of water from the
. liumakiia has been the driest dis
trict and Ifonokaa one ,of , its, driest
spots; There inches' of ram fell.
Other districty are report ed 1 to have
fared similarly well. .,.-
. huilden heavy ruins after a dry apell
aomelimes result in considerable dum
age. Prevalent e of the leaf (topper at
Ola and some other Big' Island planta
tion is bluincd to the heavy downpours
mors than a year "ago that washed
away the puiasitc which would other
wise have held the hoppers in check.
Through the dctrurtiou uf those pura
sites demsge tn crop amounting to
thousands of dollur resulted.
The real break iu the drought ' on
Hawaii cuine lost week but aa. yet do
such favutabl atwi ba t . frouj
Vaui. -,.
Meeting Arranged By Committee
At Which People In General
May Legislators
A fest bonr on next Batnrdy will
b devoted br tbe member of th
OonireenionnlPnrty ' from ' Washington
to lisfMirng to ietitfons and memorials,
statements about Island condition,
delegation from political parties, and
reoommendationa for .everything from
changes In the system of selecting as
pirants-fur the governorship down to
getting bigger appropriations for legis-latirtn)rrtfe--ieentvt
ee, in petfectfng i',tilieri fof 'f
entertsiifmeiit of 'the congressmen, de
rided that a few hour should be act
aside' in which the general public could
catch the ear of the national lawmak
er in one bodyTv ' ' . '
On Katurday morning th congress
men -will park their suitcase and
make ready for departure for th 11
and rf lUwsii in the afternoon, and
will then, go ta the executive chamber
to talk over territorial matter in gen
eral and to" look over a number of maps
which concern- tbe recommendations for
appropriations by ' anngrcss for mili
tary road and the development of new
areas as military reservations.
. At noon the Congressional Party, to
gether with the executive committee
and many of those who are to make tbe
Hawaii trip will lunch at the Young
Hotel. . Immediately , following the
feast, the congressmen will receive any
person or organizations desiring to
my hcrore them any matter concern
ing Hawaiian affair.. Thi is prae
tlcally the only free, period during th
busy perambulations of the men from
Washington whn' all can be found to
gether at one time for such purposes.
Trip T Big 111 aud .
In mid afternoon the partv, together
with numerous officials and . invited
guesta, will leave for the Biff Island
landing at Kailua. Kona, on Sunday
morning instead of at N poo poo. . Af
ter looking over the. coffee and tobacco
Industries there and probably listening
to some remark concerning. mor pro
tection for Hawaiian grown coffee, the
potty will motor . through Kona knd
Kau and around tn the' Volcano House
where they will air pay their respects
TO Madam j'eie.
. In Hilo they will be entertained by
a reception committee, the pros-ram in
eluding a banquet, dance and a meet
ing. ' .
On Maui a similar program will be
followed and on their return to Hono
lulu, Monday, November. 19, they will
agnin make ready to leave for Kauai
that evening, returning to Honolulu
again qn Thursday morning, early.1.
. The . same forenoon '.the oartv will
be motored down to Hrhofield Barrack
here they Will- be the guest of Brig
- Oeneral Wisaer, commanding . the
n department. A review of
at rVbofield will be beld,
ai Millet luncheon will be
server '. , .-. ...
, In the nooa tbe congress
men will uk. Kawailoa wher
they will inspect n..- Hawaiian Nation
al Guard camp and review , the two
regiments,, returning to. town in tbe
late afternoon. -. . . k,
Thi week Thursday the congressmen
will visit Kaiulani Hchool about half
past nine and will then cross the Nun-
anu Pali to' Waimaoalo to inspect the
territorial lands proposed for a war de
partment reservation. After the in
spection the visitors Will indulge in an
old time Hawaiian hukilau and feaat on
the fishes that are netted.
The following morning they will mo
tor to Makapuu Point to view the pro
posed military road location from that
side where it will connect with the
Waimanalo location, and oh 'returning
will lunch at the College of Hawaii.
The committee baa also arranged for
a day on which to make th trip
around thi Island. "
: ':v"
VA.SHINOTON, October 1 Organl
ration of coal miuiug regiment Vrom
miners already in the national army for
service in Fiance ia under considera
tion by Secretary Baker. T ascertain
whether such units would be accept
able in view- of France 'a delicate labor
firoblems, informal negotiationa ace bo
ng conducted between American gov
ernment officials and member of th
French high commission.
National army men would be asaign
ed to the mining regiment only on a
volunteer basis, but government offi
cials in touch with the the uuion be
lieve most otthe 18,000 miners taken
pn the firat draft call would offer tbess
elves for the aperiul service. . Many
fill. I in southern France are not being
worked tirraiise labor Is nof a
DFJ.Gcllis Browne's
Acts like a Charm , . ,,
the n SOMifi U ' .
: Tha only, faiitativa lw HBVUALOI. OOUT, rhbumATIB.
Csslalii nll Tlswy swswpssKs atWs,
Jo'u hi BowW bi .11 C!i.il I Hole Mtuturer, ..
Fiiimiii kHicUnd. lIL ZJ, IV 8. 1 J. T, Dmsnwmt, UA. UmhJc, -M-
Territorial Market Has Set
Regulations For the Cora-
s - ' ( l inn Yae ' . ' . ;
' Th tiew rule for th 'territorial
marketinr division have been approved
by the botrd of agricultur and for
trv, -of which the division i an ia
tegral pas-f. . Tb rule are of inter
est to both producer and eonaiimef, and
are given'- promulgated by the board
(Shipping Mark All Consignment of
good for tbe division must b marked
T. XI. D." The nam and postoffic
address of the -consignor must be-
each package ia order to prevent con
fusion,. - ' . ,. i .
Post office Address Address all mail
to the' Territorial Marketing Division
P. O. Hot 1237, Honolulu, T. H. -
Hill of Lading Where gooda are
shipped by rail or steamer, a copy of
the bill of lading -must be mailed to
tha division at tbe time of shipment
or-earlier If possible.
Freight Charge . ' ' V
.' Freight The fceigbt. on eonsign
ment may be .charged to the account
of the division. In such case tbe
amount will be deducted oa the a
count sales, -:'f"'. ' " t '.'
'' Commimlon A 8 percent' eommla
ton will be charged on the gross
sale' on- all consignment' and do
ducted on the account sale.
Drayage A dray age charge of on
cent a cubic foot measurement or SO
pound a weight will be charged on all
shipments' hauled . from tbe wharves
ot: railroad depot, with a minimum
charge of flv ceuts. Hauling good
for producer in tbe city, to the dm
si on, will be at'-' the regular rate
charged by the crraying comnanie.
. Cold Storage One-quarter of a cent
a pound per month or fraction ther
pf will be charged for cold iterage oa
all dressed meata. , -,. ?
Live Stock ;.':...
Livestock Unless livestock ran be
sold immediately at a fair price, it
will be slaughtered and put in cold
atoragp.' the 'slaughtering .and cold
atorage charge being deducted on the
account sale.' . ..
Feod-A charge of on cent a clay
will be1 made for each head of poultry
aeut on consignment at th division.
v Candling A charge of on, cent
dozen will be made for candling each
dozen unstamped" egg received. Egg
stamped with the name and guaran
tee of tfie' producer will uot be eharg
ed for candling.- . '. (..
Grading A charge will be made for
actual expense for grading and packing
consignments received in poor condi
tion.: , ; .. ' ; ' ' : M j..'- .- -, ,4.
Quick Settlements ' . ' ,
" Settlements with Consignors Ac.
ount snlei will, be rendered a soort
aa the' ennsignment i disposed of and
eettleraefrt Will be made in full at the
same time if funds are available. In
no case will settlement be -made later
than the' 10th of the month following
date of aale. '.- '.'
Credit"Aceount--No consignor will
oe allowed to purcnase merchants'
against' hia ' consignment account nu
leu he baa 4 credit rssh balance dne
bim on tbe book of the division, or
a consignment of non-perishable pro
duee, which when sold will more than
pay for ' any goods purchased. . , . No
credit account will be opened, on tbe
book for retail customers. 'persons
ordering need by mail must enclose
check or postoffice money order' to cor-
er coat before need will be sent.
Only business house of good finan
eial standing and government institn
tion will be given credit, and them
will be required to settle i full with
in thirty day from date, of rendering
account, ..-), .-",. , ' . ; ;. .
All buyer and sellera shall conform
to these rule and regulation in order
to claim anv right onder Act 200 of
th Kewsion Law of 1917, Territory of
nawan. .. ... - ,
,. . ' . ' . i '
NEW YORK, October 4-r-At the end
of tbe last five fiscal year th Amer
ican Sugar Befininn- Company has re
ported an average annual cash balance
or .TJ,riH7,noo and inventoriea of alS.
801,000. This baa been because of the
requirementa of an industry which mar
keted it entir crop in six months. Un
der the plan of food administration the
situation will be reversed in that the
distribution of the crop will cover a
period of twelve months. This will add
to th financial requirement of the su
gar producers, especially ' the Cuba
concerns, and will relieve those of the
refiner. .. It is estimated Americaa u
gar may. not find it neceasary to tie
more . than 15,000,000 .in inventoriea,
with a cash balance of similar amount
more than adequate. This would re
leas funds that might .ba loaned to Ur
Cbacki and arrest '
.,- Tn kt $mdy known for
v - rr i
Principal Island Swiaacrs
r Prcgrka-Odd Distance
' Two. night of what promisee to b
record breaking awimmiug are sched
uled for Novembel'28 and 30.
' American and' Hawaiian record will
bfc inashed, if tH:'efforta of Kahana
rjoau, X-bngK-'-Keliii? 'l'a -and
seventy or eiirhty other' Hawaiian
swimmers the world's best" mean
anything. '.. . . .
Ppecial races bav been i arranged
for, giving local awimmera a cbanr
to bold record in . event not usually
swum here. .'.'. . i ;
Thi hut will include th 100 meter,
th seventy-five yard backsttok. tb
sixty -yard awim, tb i 300-meter wim,
tb eighty and forty-yard event and
th 150-yard swim. i V
Thirty-four Errata on-Progrsni
A total of thirty-four eve-its, with
gold, silver and bronx niedala for each,
two relay , cop and a meet jeup,' will
make the greatest two nis-hti of tank
competition the Islands have see.
Kvery arrangement will be perfect, and
the events will be run off in fast style.
The ofiiciala are being chosen from
the best in the Ialand, fifteen timer
will be used nd six iudires. ' making
posaible tbe taking of the time la every
event for more than one distaae. All
th watches will b tented aad regu
lated before the two night of compe
tition, n(i the timer selected will be
men of unquestioned repute a timer.
No Bar Against Woman - .
Noviee . events, ' women' and girla'
event, diving, backstroke, ' breast
strokes, plunge fo distance and open
free atyle swims are all included in the
list of events for the two nights.
Aa the twentv eitrhth and thirtieth
are date on which tha, visiting con
gressional party will be here, it it
thought that the committee ia charae
of their entertainment will arrange to
have the. party see these two nights of
swimming, one of the things in-which
Hawaii really leada the world.
The datea rhoaen and sanctioned br
tbe A. A. IU are especially good a the
first niirht is tbe night before Thanks
Castle Beats Warren and Billy
Hoogs Defeats Richards In
Saturday's Semi-Finals
Honolulu ' . patriotic tenni- tourna
ment reacher the jienii-fistala Saturday
afternoon in twd well played matches
on th court Of the Hawaii Polo and
Racing Association, Kapiolaoi Park.
flaying th . best three-out of Ave,
Senator A. L. Castle beat Billy War
ren, 2, 0 4, 6 1. Warren put up a
flashy 'irame,. especially in th . second
set, but wa no match for tb veteran
of tbe local tennl world.
W. H. Hook Jr., beat Atberton
Richards, 6 4, 6 4, 4 6, 6 2. Hoog took
the first two set only -after a hard
fieht, Richard cominir back ' ia th
third and winning it, bat in tb fourth
set when tb score wa two-all each,
Richards wa taken with a bad cramp
in the arm,' which went a long way to
spoil what bad tb making of a fin
set. - - ' -, .
In the final A. L. Castle will play
againat W. H. Hoogs Jr., at three-thirty
tomorrow arteraoon on tbe name courts.
The wiuner of thia match will play
William E. Eklund, probably at -tbree-
thirty next Friday afternoon, also at
apioiani i am. .
The men ' double will begin next
Saturday afternoon. 1 Entries for these
will close at four o'clock neat Tuesday
afternoon at E. O, Hall A.Bon.
On Friday afternoon At Caatl beat
Cyril J.. Hoogs, .4-0,, 6-3, tbe former
champion iiaviug hi wy eaily in tb
match.. , '.'i i-. . .
Youngsters Show Earlier Train
ing Was Not In Vain " j
With one team captained by Walter!
F, Dillincham and tbe other by Train-1
fr Peter. Banuo,'l sit boy none i of
V tiom i more" Tian"tvelve battred ror
polo honors' on' tbe ground of tb Ha
waii I'olo Y Racing Club Saturday af
ternoon. It waa Mr. Pillingham' de
sire to see how much knowledge of tb
game the boy retained after, several
months of rest." '
AMtMlilMiA Ifr. ttaniKiM Ii a. ' M '
player of last acasoa - show the same
dash I and" horsemaunhip that won them
many words of praise at that time
while the newer player ar entering
inn ra gam with me proper splTt.
Although , ,2oJ. nvurht .bav been
forgotten now aud lion in'ttye clcjU
meut of the, pllry, the boy figured the
score" aa four and : three-quarter to
three Hd three-quarter in favor of
Mr. Dillitik-bam' tem.
Tb boy ulavina with Mr.'Dlllinir
bam were Lee Watarbouae.; Walter
Macfarlone and Fred Trotter. Mr.
Ilannun'a team mate acr Clarence
t'ook, Jack Walket and Harold Krd-
man. ... .; , .'
" . -- -.
Three deserters; from th medical
orpa at Hchofield, who had mad their
way to Hilo, were brought back to Ho
nolulu by th Kllnuea yesterday morn
lag aai haadsd over to tb utborities.
to Cocpefe Ia Two Nights
To Be Ihia Attractions
giving Day and the second night i
the night after, a Friday. .
A OanUral of Athletic v 1 -.-
Thi will give Honolulu a -carnival
of athletic about Thanksgiving Pay,
With, swimming! the night bef or and
th night after and football Thanks
giving Day between th Y, M. C. A.
and the Town Team.
Kntrfes for the meet Will clone on
tbe twenty-first of this month, one
week before th first wight of wim
ming, rreliminarln will b hold on
Monday, th twenty siith, allowing one
night to rest befor th lint night of
swimming. ... , ,
Th program a now arranged i a
follow: , .
W4ndar, November 28
v Sixty -yard, open. , ';" j
One hundred-yard, boy.
Seventy flrrd backstroke, open.
, Two hundred twenty yard, novice.
One hundred meters, opea.
'. Forty-yard, boya under twelve, , .-
Two hundred-yard breastatroke, open.
' Three hundred , meters. . . . '
One hundred yard, girls under fifteen.
One hundred-yard, open. ;
: Kxhibition high diving. .
Fifty-yard, boys.
Eight hundred-eigbty-yard, open. :
Fifty -yard, 'women. , ,.
Women' relay. : ' V '','.'" 1 ,
Friday, November 30 .
One bundred-fifty-yard, open. ','
.' Fifty-yard backstroke, open. '
Plunge-for distance, open.
Fifty -yard,, novice. ,
Two hundred-twenty -yard, boys. v
, Forty-yard, open. . -
Fifty-yard, girls under fifteen.
Five hundred -yard, open. ''
One hundred-yard breaststroke, open.
Fifty-yard, open. 4.
One hundred-yard, novice; , "; ' '
Kighty yard, open. v ' y :.'; . .;.". ,
. High diving, open. ' ' .
. One hundred,, women, open.' ,
Two hundred-yard, open. ,. .. '
, Forty -yard, backstroke, boy. -
Club relar.
Higgins Outrigger Finishes First
In Exciting Event At Waikikl ?
On of tb object of tbe Outrigger
Canoe Club is to revive old- Hawaiian
ports, and yeaterday, aa a feature of
the, regatta which opened recently,
race for large Bailing canoe waa beld
off Waikiki. Tb course lay from the
diving staud to Castle' Point, then to
ward the harbor to a point off Brown',
and back, to the finishing line. Tbe
distauee waa a little over five miles.
iu mree oig ivanietiameba canoe
and two other wer entered, - Ronald
Higgiua steering No. 1, Edrie Cook
No. 2, "Pad" Center No. 8. Duke Ka
hanamoku No. 4, and Tyson Norgaard
0. O.
Duke in No. 4 got off to a flying
leaving me otner Deraimed on
the line.. Then Center in No. 3. Cook in
No. 2 and Norgaard in No. 5 took tbe
wind and began edging up on Duke.
Higgina ateering No. I, was last to
Canter Fart With Boom
Vnen rounding the first turn off
Castle ', Center brgk a boom, which
put bim out of tb running, and on th
eeond Jturn Norgaard had om pllikia
which necessitated hi diaeontinuing the
race. Cook crew overhauled Duke oa
the turn it Brown's and seemed to
have tbe rare in hand, but Higgina in
the big warborae began picking up,
made Duke ' bunch look aa if they
wer tnding till, and et out after
Cook. ,;, . ; ., :,.'..,... ;
Outrigger were flying up in the air
oa the last tack, and aa Higgina began
to lessen the distance between number
on and numbje. two, everyone got ex
cited. Higgina used good-judgment ia
his last tack, and won, although by a
narrow maririn. If Cook, had taken
a long tack instead of two short one
near tbe end of tb race, be would have
won. Duke crept up on Cook and fin
ished a good third.
Ripples of Excitement . . ' .
1 It was probably th best tailing race
ever held, in Hawaiian waters, and
there, were ripples of excitement ail
along tbe beach. The big war ranoea,
two of tbein aixty feet loug, with great
canvases taut and outriggera riaiug in
tb air, wer good to see, and it was
anybody's race op to the last quarter
mile. It is possible to sail to any of
the other inlands in these canoes; in
fact it baa been, .loiie, aa they wer
formerly the property of tbe Kameba
nieb.' ' t ., , ( . .
Th champion crew which worked
number one to victory i as follows:
Ronald Higgin (skipper), Harold Har
vey, Franklin Richardson, Ronald Watt,
f I Woilawna-i (Jay aiarris, crew, end
iJorufliy Martin, passenger,? t , f
: -
.'The dope wa all wrong. Yesterday'
baseball game at Moillili between erv
ice team did not elos tb city base
ball year. Next Sunday tb Coast De
fense end th First Thirty seconds will
play tb drop-curtain event, beginning
at three o'clock, while it is expected
that the Braves and Bt. Louis will be
gin their championship aeries of ths
facile League. . - . .;
- -
Four Filipinos, Frightened Away,
, "Are Now Wanted By the
Police Department '
A young Hawaiian girl was attacked
by ' four Filipino while walking from
the Manoa school to the Salvation Army
Horn yesun-day afternoon. - Her sleeve
and the greater part of her blouse were
torn from her person before ah was
able to make her escape, Hhe bad been
accosted on her way to school in the'
morning so ah returned by a different
rout in th evening. .
After the attack, the police were
notified and Pergeant Kellett went to
Manna and saw three suspicious look-.
Ing Filipino. The" girl was unable to.
identify them but one of her ehool
matea recognlxed one of them a be
longing to the gang which mad the
attack upon her.
Ther eluded, tbe police but were
identified a part of a bnd. I.iliba gang
which ha ben terror! ring that part
of th city for om time. The police
are now on their trail and arrest are
expected momentarily. ' .',',
i " ' ',
Kawakaml,' a Japanese , convicted in
the circuit couH of aelling liquor with
out a lieejise, wa yesterday fined 350
and coat. ; ' .' I . .
Castle &Cooke,
' '. .v : ' LIMITED .. , ' ;
:)': coMTrnsaiON TsTXrohants
...:';, INSURANCE AGENT H. , ,. V . '.
Kwa Plantation Com pa ay
Wailuku Agrlcaltufal Co., Jjtd. V
'' Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd. ;. '' ; :
'.- Kohala tjugar Company -
. Wahiawa Water Company, Ltd.
" Fulton Iron Work, of 8t. LoqW .
, ' Bibcock Wileo CompanjK
Green' Fuel Eeouomiser Cai" , -.
Cba. C. Moor A Co., Cngiu 'M
will not buy much these' war dnys.
When normal time roturn, it pro
bably will buy 60 to 100 mor
thin if 'doe now. '
Save . these preseot-dny cheap
dollars, againat the time they'll be
worts a lot more. .
' W pay 4 Interest
Merchant and Fort 8tv .Honolulu
from Montrenl to Liver; ...)!
. London and Ulaigow ,
and St. Lawrence Rk.4
' ' ,-nd -' V"' 1 . '' '
By tb popular 'Prinee", .
Steamer from Vancouver,
. ; Victoria or Seattle. .
For full Information apply to
Theo. H. Davies & Co. Ltd
deal Agent, Canadlan-Facine By. Co.
.. nONOLCLU, T..H. ';",',:
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
. Ewa Plantation CC
. Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Fulton Iron Work of Bt. Louis
Blake Steam Fump,r- :
'"-,-Wtrn Centrifugal
. Baboock Wilcx .Boiler ,- .
Green' Fuel Eeouomiser
, Marsh Steam Pumpa
,.Maton Navigation Co. '
. l'lauter' Llue Shipping' Co. - '
'. tr Iohala Sugar
e sasssaMa .' .
ebinery of vry description mad t
order, .';' i'-. :-. .'. . . ;' ' -...'..'
1 semi.weebxt
. .. Issued Tuasdayi and Friday
(Entered at the 1'oatofflee of Hounlulu,
T. JIv second ela matter )
, Pr Tar woo
; Pr Var (foreign) ...... 3.00
Pavsblo Invariably iu Advene.
CHARLES S. CRAM jd : Managat
' ' ' . ' i

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