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ty TranW
0C 1 1917
HSTrsr.trs v;m::iR
. Orata 'SoOan
M Oantrlfajral V. T. par In. rUm
Price, HawaUsa bada... COO , 1138.00
airrlooa nota
Uoat T4a 1140.49
Nov.., : 1IH7- I. not twenty
four hour ' rninfall, .tH Inch.
Temperature: Min. f 0 J Mat.
tb( weather, U flout). . 1
VOi X, NO. 80
-''!-.v':': sembly.'
Meals AndP-Gcrman In-
fliience Do
:,W. Vikis. Maximilists and other ultra-radicals are in control of
Petrpgrad and of the Russian government. ; Whether the influence
of those elements extends Out of the city sufficiently to control the
country, is by no means so certain and . the Russian Ambassadoi1
(' Rakmetoff in an interview which he gave to the Associated Press
at Memphis last nighfintimated
; Premier JCerensky was declared deposed yesterday and has left
the city, ostensibly for' the front, v It ia possible, that he has gone
', - to exert his influence with the army for its continued' support and
' it is possible that he' may not
i, , Moscow anq mere esiaDiisn nis
'" '. , y.'': ', y )" 'RADICALS
Anti-war elements, pro-Germans, and ultra-radicals yesterday
t secured control of the shreds Of
, : ; v trograd and took full, control of the city'."-'" It is unofficially reported
v, ''"that the members p( ,the cabinet, with; the exception oftKerensky
' have been arrested. ' . ' " v ' .'--''1 ;.-'.7Vr,
.? r Petrograd reports that the, -govrnnt. forces vi-jneb were "hblAi
, iner the winter palace1 capitulated, MnUeV -the 'f-ombined Pre' of the
V , v . fortress of. St;. Peter and St. Taut.
;. i " wf ? warrant tor tlje arrest ot Kerensicy is said tq nave Deen tssuea
(" ' by'theydlutionary council. r V ' ';'
1 ' " . j'y "'pt ' NEW CONGRESS CONVENED
Following the taking over
bltSodless coup d' etat by the opponents of Kerensky a -congress of
: th Workmen and ! Soldiers Delegates' Council was convened to
discus the organization of a new
. ,
' ' rtmi0k ntiH frtr uor aa as th
j : . This new Russidn congress,
of 5rO members of whom ?50 are Bolshe-Vikis, 150 Socialist Revo
lutionists, sixty Minimalists, fourteen MinimaVist-Intefnationalists,
six National. Socialists, three Non-Partisan Socialists and the others
independent. Jt is overwhelmingly radical in, numbers, strongly for
an immediate peace with the Central Powers and stands for a dm
sion of7 the lands of the larger landholders among the peasantry.
The military committee of the council early in, the day proclaim
' t'd that officers not joining the Maximilist faction openly must be
arrested and that those military detachments whose sentiments are
not certainly known shall not be permitted to leve Petrograd for
the front.
The program outlined by the
immediate peace, a division of propnetorially held lands among the
peasants and the turning over of all authority to the delegates of the
orknien s and Soldiers Council. ; '
Jn government and diplomatic circles here discouragement over
the Russian debacle is tempered to a considerable extent by the
hope that the influence of the radicals and the pro-Germans will not
extend to the army and navy outside of Petrograd. ' This hope is en
couraged by expressions of the
London, despatches said last night, , that the ' public must re
, gard with reserve the news that had. been received since it came
' from controlled sources. "The Petrograd garrison by no means rep
resents the whole army," he said. Other London despatches quoted
Bonar Law as saying that the only reports that had, been received
had come by wireless and that the offices' of the wireless companies
were controlled by the. radical factions and the news agency from
which they emanated was controlled by such factions equally as
well. This statement he made to the House of Commons.
The department of state here and the Russian' embassy said that
they were without advices and Were reticent hut, in Memphis the
Associated Press secured an interview with theambassador who
Mid that although he was without official information he would
say unofficially that "the intent and spirit of all Russia was na td
be judged by any means by what is manifested ju Petrograd."
Reuter agencies latest despatches said that Baltic and Black
Sea fleets had declared for the Workmen's and Soldiers council and
that three Cossacjc regiments had declared for Kerensky.
In diplomatic circles it was said that it had been evident for
some time, past tfaat the Bolshe-Vikis were distinctly pro-German
ind that the Petrograd sentiment, fostered by such factions did not
extend far from the city or through the army. It was suggested
that a new government might be formed v Kerensky at Moscow
ami lie luu Jett fetrogtad without
Beyond, City
9 (Associated rress)-rBolshe
strongly that it would not. ; ;
return to Petrograd buV will go to
government anew. ;
government; that were left. in Pe
n: w A'-.V--:i:V r-7:'Z
of the government by means of a
government' and its nowera for
o - w .
format-inn rvf a rttistitiitirnal Qft.
or delegates' congress is composed
committee included an offer of
charge 4' affaires for Russia in
the intention of returning.
the pro-German peace party
t it possible, he may reorganise
Vote of Ohioans In Army Will De
cide ; Whether : State ; Shall ;;
' Remain Wet Or Go Dry-
ClKCINNAtTI1, November D Aao
clata Preaa) Prphibitiun lian(a in the
balanea-in. Ohio aofordinj to tha laat
reports reeaivad liwt night, Correetion
la tbareturna, diaeovery of error and
retotall af awooR, tha' pendulum the oth
er, way" aad at midnight the "Wet."
led by M43 votea bnt it wan conceded
that ti reault waa in doubt.
Paring the day the raturoa Indicated
that YrohlbiUoa had woo by a major
ity .'of perhapa 300 ,bvt th (otrec
tiona and revialona brfught about the
awtteb. , An oBlclal "rccouut will cer
tainty t) called for, ,
' The. toUller vote will aUo.have to
be tabulated after It haa been received
for Ohio haa a provliioa for tha count
ink ,af t ha votea of ita ritiaene who
are la-tha array. r"f :' a
.Woman's auffrage.Wda beaten tv
l.ldQpOj secording'to raelieally coin
pleloj raturaa..
RESTRI C?iy llF' FU EL' '
WASHINGTON,' November 8(A
oeiated iria) A poeeible- reduction
la coal, price ia indicated by the in
lit mot loin of tha fuel adminiatrMnis
to tha itata eubnrdlnetaa railing for
: Hj . ;,: ; j
Atrial tf'i ... ij i
1 t 'H ! Vt . '-(,'..'.
'V'V 'V 'V ; I . ' :, Sr -r''-'''--::
change to the method of fixing retail i New York banker, waa called into roo
prlce, '. . " ' 1'ereiK-e with the Proablent toilny to
Tha fuel control administrators me ' discuxs economic condition in the
taking .actiou to reitriit the une t country, (lovernor of tho fcJernl re
inr tuvemaing llgn )o coii
aerva powar, and thua eoaaerve fuel,
i- k
declared deposjel by his opponents, yesterday and in Petrograd
controls'. " The bremier left the capital Ostensibly for the front but
the government
It Moscow where
WASIIINOTOV, November 0 (Aho
aoointeci Prean)" Skipping qiicnlioiiy,
the moetiiig ; of the aubmarine nni
pain and the furnishing of a xuffii'tent
toiiiiiiK1' 'o upply the Alliea ami the
Atin'rirun fprrea in Franco will be the
uoh) important qneatioua, afciile from
the matter of military operation! which
will be riiecuiwed at the conference of
the Allien ia which the United State
will participate. - Commiwiiouer Colby
ha beeu aelocted to give the Amerinan
point of view upon the matter which
are connected with the shipping titua
tion n haa thoroughly familiarized
himself with all of ita phases.
Denial were ismietl by Secretary
I.auniug yeaterday that the Aniericau
coiniiiinaion went to Europe prepnred
to dicua peace queationa. 'That ub
jert and politic ha aaid were forbiit
ii'ii topic in the Initruc tioiia which
(he coiniiiinaion carried with It.
That the eonferenca ii eonaiilered of
the great ext importance, ofliciala do not
deny. They lay atria ou tha fact that
general plana of the campaign by ea
a well a by land will be co or.linnte.1
Mini the moHt eBicient uiethola of opera
tion Secured.
, :
Roi iHted 1'reatl Otto II. Kuhn. noted
nerve lniiK are a 10 ia ronren-uce
j nuh th ieerve board bare toduy.
th radicals arc said to b lest
News From Russia Brings Sell
ing Movement and Lowest
Prices of Year Are Reached
NEW YORK; November 9 (Ao
eiated Pre ) Priee : oil ' the New
York itochr exchange ' erumbled and
crumbled and .faded . away; Yetterday
until' the ' lowest figure of .the year
were reached. ' The occasion 'waa th
disheartening aw from Bujuia. That
waa a mnt of wild excitement; on the
floor of tha exchange from the opening
of the market until th eloae and me
enger boya and bareheaded ' broker
rushed wildly bnck and forth between
office and tha.. exchange lai th hurry
of delivering and filling th gTeat
volume of aelling orders, o .-
Out on the curb where Bnaaiaa bood
are traded in there wera aimilar wild
scenes and tb Buaslaa aeetoriUe told
at the lowest prUe recorded for any
of them in their history aine iasuauc.
WASHINGTON, November 9-( As
sociated Pre) Thousaad of ton of
coal are available for any emergency.
It distribution will bo bandied by the
fuel administration, It waa announced
yeetefday.' They will Dow' the retll
dealer a aniell profit only over the
higher price they paid where uch coal
wis contracted for by th retailers at
a price higher than tho one fixed by
the fuel controllers, wherever lush
contract were made In advaaca of the
fixing of th price.
Queen is
ian Says
End May Be M
Any Moment
Quean Uliuokalanl waa rapcrtad
fr- t oa lying at ua point r aaatk
lea nlgat.' At milnlcbt CoL Our- .
tia P. Iakaa, maar af Uia LI- .
llnolulanl tmat, lnrormad.TUa Ad- r
artlaac tbAt tba Qaaso'a phraldaa ,
aid tlpt aha eonld . probably not .
aurrlT th nlabt. '
Putn( Uia day 4ad ayanlaf
Quaan Uiiuokaianl auffarad At
Inking spalls and , a boat alaraa
o'clock It u thoulit tliat aha
wna aUpplm vmf fast. Prlnea
Kohlo was Uian kaatlly tummoa
ad and ha tad th Prtacoas Kala
nianaola hunt ad to tha hone not
xpactlnc to Bad ker UU Uvlng o
thalr arrtTal Bha waa than on
ondons and ramatnod In that con
dition art tha Ujm that" Tha Ad
TartlaeV irant to proaa. r , , ,
Will ; Keep Soldiers'-' Families In
State ;V T. Health' ' Durinfl
. BieadWirjneri Absence
r ? y ,.'-, . ..
' BAN . FRArJ CIKCO, November ' 9
(Aaaoetated Tesl-r'tT9 keep tie sol
dier ' family) a a 'tt of beaVh. and
omcWaey duVrng hia abscnae," fa the
alwt af the Home Mrrvioe Ieparlmuti('
f the Bed Ooa, o-J)etji ((, atndfik-M-
o tkfTfiM. roft.Vhafew .
yCoecr, director of civilian relxif for
this territory announced : hero today.
Ah lartitnt of Home Kervice will be
held here from next Tuesday untl De
cember Id at which worker will be
trained along this line. V'
"A million and a half families are
beginning to feel the dinorganif tag ef
fect of war," aaid Mr. O'Conai: 'A
large percentage of the ha e and;
denly had their laaome eat to figur
that reqnirea at least new family plans,
nd at the tame time the head of tha
family 1 preventea from giving coun
sel in u-h plana: ;
"In apite of the precaution of re
cruiting officer and iemptlo board
and in apite of governmental provi
sion for Insurance eompensat'on, and
allowaaee, many thousand of families
mill suffer for. lack, tut of money, but
of friendly 'comforting and' wise guid
ance, in their affaire, unlesa the Red
Croat supplement the government 's ef
fort. "Th experience, of Canada with her
government allowance to famille ia
instructive. To supplement government
sid the Canadian patriotic fi-nd is now
spending about -million dollars a
month. , Yet the Canadian force are
only ohe-tlird of tho number already
in service in the United State.
"To perform tho highest service to
these disorganised families Is not a
simple matter of asking them a few
questiona : and paying them eums of
money. Aecideat, aickne, death, birth,
old age, fire, theft, drunkenness. Im
morality, feeblemindedness, wayward
ness, divorces, family quarrels, greed,
extravagance, pride, diffidence are
some of the element that complicate
family affair and demand skill 00 the
purt of the Home Service worker.
"To ecnr all of the necessary In
formation, to 'formulate' the beat plan
for the family welfare,' to fellow the
plan through to aucoesa, to spend Kod
Cross money. wisely and to withhold It
wisely,- and to do -these things With
true sympathy, is service that usually
can be performed suitably only by well
trained persona of experience in sueh
work,' As one wise man put it: 'It
is hard to do good and easy to do harm
in social work.' 1 , ' . .
Dr. Jeavica B. Pelxetto, professor of
social economies at tho University of
California will be the director of the
Institute and Miss Loey Htebbina will
be supervisor of field work.
: .1
WAftUINOTOW,' November (As
noriatcd Press) Thi year's eurn
crop is the lurgest In tbe history of
the I'nitud States, the guvernment
crop report announced yesterday. The
corn production will eicct-d by sixty
sii milllnn bushel the arist previous
crop in history.
Corn will be lower aud plentiful;
tbe fond commission annniiuces and
take tbe ocraaion to once more Urge
tbi'more common use of corn meal for
flour. With feed for cattle nud pigs
lower, tbe jfood admlnint ration aetn
hopes fur a lowering of meat prices.
iui Luimuoo
Cadorna's Forces Continue To
Fall Back- Across Venetian
' .Plains and Further German
' Victories Are Claimed In Berlin
German Situation On West Front
Is Reported Serious In Article
" By Critic That )s Published In
Berlin Newspaper ' ' , ; -
NEW YORK,- November 9
. (Associated rres9)-There
has been no cessation in the re- -treat
of the Italiaa forces which
are "Continuing . their, ' "retirement
to and across the Venetian Plaiii9.4
The retreat is stilj orderly, Rome
repo'rts, but the German report
ihat in attack nrj the Italian
filter , back ot th,.Tag;Iiarneiptlo
klvef 17,000 prisorrrs were taken
and the retreat termed a' rout
These, report j(iurtW,rfjam that
Mncrth b'egitinlneI the IxJtyYC....
250,000 prisoners have bf-en taken
and "that 2300 guns' "uyt,l Uea
captured, i One , general is -reported
to have been captured in
the course o the day', fighting. ' ,
Rome tells . of . successful ! air
fights in which numbers of Ger !
man aircraft were brought down
and. claims the larcer units of the
Latin forces are unmolested ind
the retirement was orderly yester-
aay as on vveanesaay. "'
On the , Franco-British fronts 'j
there were, severe artillery duels
and some, raids but these were re- ,
ported to have been of minor im- ;
portance. V, : ;
In Palestine and along the Ti- , 1
gris the' British forces continued
their advances. They took the ;
Turkish atrrtno-hnlH r( f uVrtt
ninety miles north of Bagdad nd
about half way to Mosul. Indi
cations are of a general Turkish ) ,
fc-sa,sa, vjaa , ao i ai ,
. 4 rccarious conamons. tor : me
Germans qn the West Front are ;..
told in a despatch received last
nieht from Cooenhatren. ' General '
von Hardenne, the military critic,
is reported to have' said in an ar
ticle in the Berlin Tageblatt that
the Teuton , losses- in Flanders
have been " distressingly, heavy,
the situation serious and that ''in
artillery the Germans are numer-
itaiiy ouiciaasca ana men on me
guns are but seldom relieved., ' .
-r v.-.
NEW VbRK, Novambac kW(AMO
cUUd Prasa) Cuban sufar frewer
and tha sugar oommlaaionan ar
attll wlda apart oa a maximum prlca
for augar vlth chancaa of agrootaapk
far away. Th Cuban (rower axa
Inslstini that tha pries must b 4.75
canu a pound t . o. b. Cuba and tha
food controllers and tka miar com
mlaalonsrs lnalat upon a 4.25-cu
pnea. '".

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