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nm i
; Filipino jn Jaiu Accused of Mur-
. , ' . . . - 1 a l ii . i aii a
" uui ui Miiuuier ana miempi
At.ht,Jo Kill Third. . ;
, town'HoteMlffan Stabbed .
. , vPies In Hospital
;'The eternal triangl claimed its toll
" is Honolulu yesterday, and as a twult
'.' rtcriaee Fason lies dead of a . (tab
Wound, In the taiorgtte, while Anna Vll-
lacuna, a comely -niipino woman,, is
. ueing treated lor snire slashes on the
arm at the emarirencv . hnimital - ami
" 1'ranclsco Melrardo la confined at tbo
poliire station, charged" with flrat degree
murder.. , '- ; , i , ; .:' , t .
-. Tha atorjr of tha stubbing and its at
' tendant circumstances to far removed
f,rom Jthe ordinary.' It 1 a story of
woman , Whd . bad given her love and
.1 iiurnv at cHiiu 10 a man wne reiusea to
1 marry her; of another man who loved
, ner ana wno, desired to marry and make
.-,. gouu woman oi ner; ana or xne aiii-
intr At a iVil-J wnan a... at,
- company of the aggrieved woman
through no fault of hla own. . w v
The stabbing took place at the Ma
TJ . O. i ..
ivkvir uu icmm cured, . dbm
Fort Btreet, about two o 'clock vaster
ilay afternoon. Francisco -. Meleardo,
according to atoriea told by the woman.
nitered a room it the hotel and find-
ing therein Anna Vitlaeuna and Beriaeo
. s . Pason,. fatally stabbed tha latter; and
cut the woman severely on the arm..
- After the stabbing Francisco walked
along- Beretania Street toward Emma
. Wreet where he was apprehended by
. Traffic Officer' Aea, : ,
Die at Hospital ," ,
With his life's blood gunning out
i and spattering tha sidewalk, Pason
managed to stagger down Fort Street
as far. as Hotel Street, Where be was
met by tha patrol-wagon and taken to
the emergency hospital, expiring about
twenty minutes after admission. ,
The first appriaal that tha nubile had
of the tragedy was the spectacle of a
... hatloM , FiHpino brushing , through the
well populated -rMewalk of Vort
Street, crying 'JJoetor, loctor." and
Haul l k.,Mii.t...I,-. AT-.. 1 M . 1 J
nnti.rt tKA Tin;. T)aIiiw t m ll-
iv on ne maun ski or nofi mreet.
Anna VUlaruna has two rhildran, a
kAei Mat ''et,... m.,. ' I -I M A
uui ua. a uui vrHia Hiiai . :m- win si i -
' months. Francisco Melcarila txmtr tJin
rather of tbe bahv. Tha father, of tha
. . rjj boy:ii dea) ia .the Philippines. vAnna,
In tha tfuumtn lalamltf of Iiap liAnia InvmA
. a man and was married to him and
' I : i : i . . i 1 1 . t
she met Melcardo and fell beneath his
spelK. He jmJntcd alluring word-pictures
of a uaratliae in the Hawaiian Is
lamite and finally obtained her consent
A L . l; L :.i lir' .1 a. I
A . . L Hi1 ' I. II
"'iii iiuiuvr riuiinu wuv tmij SVVVU
Arrived here about three years tgo
Anna elected to accompany. Francisco
to Kauai, whefe the couple worked on
. a plantation for some time. Cipriana
offered to marry the woman but she
refused to listen to Ms suit and he
came to Honolulu and engaged ia tbe
Francisco soon tired of the hum-drum
of phtntatton life and, aeebrding to the
woman 'a story, sought to make a for-.
tune quickly by engaging in gambling.
Krentunlly he moved to Oahn sdI took
up residence at Wahiawa, abobt '"rz
nmntlis ago, Anna following him, fear-
Inir that PnnoianA annlil Vill liar it
sho left him.
Woman Worked Hnrl '
At Wahiawa -Franciitco is said to have
niu.lc a living by gambling, and to have
attempted to force Anna, to follow
life of prontitution. This she refused
to do, and instead worked at any job
which die coul. 1 lay her hands -to in
order to make an honest Jiving for her
self and her two children. She .re
.;" peatedly nuked Franc.Wa to marry her
and make an honest woman of her but
be refused.
.11111 1 1 i a " i, 1 1 1 i i win n u 1 1 . vwwwv
and Francisco is said to have repeat
edly attempted to drive Anna aod the
children , away, - sometimes threatening
her with a knife so vehemently that
sue. sought refuge with neighbors. . ( ,,
JL'nable to stand Francisco's treat
ment anV longer ' Anna left Wahitfwa
for Honolulu last Mondav and on that
. night as well as on Tuesday night
sicpc wun ner cnimren ai me resiueuc-f
cf a weuian friend. , i '
Waa To Be Married . ,
i ii'. i i i i i i .
Cipriano and after- she had explained
how things were with her he asked
her to become his wife. The woman
twiil Cipriano that she would do so and
.the latter told her that she could
spend Wednesday night at his room in
the Majestic Hotel aud that they would
be married tbe following morning. To
this arrangement tbe woman consented
and at six o'clock on Wednesday after
noon she,' Cipriano arid the two chil
dren went to room No. 117 in the Ma
jHi Hotel, 4 ,
'Meanwhile Francisco, missing his
wife, came to town to. seek bor and
heard from a fellow-oountryman that
hIih was stoiMiino with Cipriano at tbe
hotel, i
Yesterday morning Cipriano went to.
work at his tailor's shop and early! in
the afternoon told his brother, Heriaco
I'nson,' to go to the Majestic Hotel
und see if his wife was at home. Serl
ii. -ii fulfilled his brother's bidding and
wiim in room No. 117 w.hen Francisco
i'm rived, Heeking the life of Cipriano.
Womrn is Stabbed
l " 1 . . i ii t'ru n t mr-r nlltiir.i .1 t Vi A villi liA
lie iii-i-unieu nnuB snii aKeu ner ir
she would go back , with him, to which
the woiiiiiii n'i'litiil that she was afrtild,
Aic'idiiij to the woman, Francisco
then drew u eliiap-kiiife - with a ra.or
shurp nix iuch blude ai44.ttouipted to
- . .- . -..:..;
gtab her 1n the Stomach. She wrcstlnd
with him as well at she eoold and re
ceived three gashea oh' the -left arm
above-the elbow, n ' ' '
When Serlaco saw f"ranel0 attack
Anna he fled -from the room, eloesly 4
pursued by Francisco. Who csuaht Mn
at the foot of the stair and, according
f-o statements) of witnesses, ktsblei
him throflgh- the kidneys, . ..-n '. 'J
Ambulance Away
1 Wbei thr' chit for the ambulance
wae received the vehicle was o the
way to Kalmuki with a transfer pti
ent front een'a Hospital to It Mi
Avenue. There was no an else at the
police station wh eould' Urhp the
patrol wagon, so Desk Sergeant David
Kamauoha, an expert fhauffeur, jumped
on the seat ot the wagon a nd started
off to the Msjeetic HoteL lv r ''
At the . corner Of . Fort and . Hotel
Street he saw
May Open Way For Germany T6
Establish Bases In Siberian
Port for Raiders . -
Ilib To Gpt New
VVTif It Iaterr
IsEi WCl Use It
a erowd surroundtng Riiteisn CitiitiriAH.' MiW ft rean
rasoni who wa lylne oa the sidewalk f'". ",'T.i.r vv"
in a pool of biood, aoi learning that, i rufiKs May Hasten can For
he had been subbed It the Majestiei , -Trrlf nrw' flraff flnrit . !
Hotel, eame to the Conclusion vt-M L.;,vji '..."J' S JJraTI "U0X? y:-
mil wpb vac rrivrrvu iu lu u
call and took him to the emergency
hospital. Meanwhile message were )
leg received at the emergency hospital
front the Majestie Hotel that a woman
wae bleeding to death and asking why
the ambulance, didn't come to the
scene, which it did after the Filipino
man had beeq tkea te the emergency
hospital. .- , v, , .- :
Francisco Confesses ', ' - i ' i
v When Francisco was taken to the
police atatioa by Police Officer Aea,
Gunderson and Carter h confessed to
having stabbed the woman and the
What ia the menace to the Pacific,
to Hawaii and to the Pacific Coast- in
the collapse of the Kereusky govern'
Meat,1 the declaration of the. Msxlmil
iits for peace with Uermany, and the
possibility of German ageat establish
ing raiding bases at or near porta of
Siberia facing Japan aud the PaetBeT
' The question was a momentous one,
expressed often yesterday among civil
ians and service officials, answered by
none but full of the impart of impend
ing disaster if Russia and Siberia are
, opened to the free passage of the Kai-
eer's miDjects as aeemea proper oe-
Harbor Board Ready To Start
Work On Structure At Once
But Demands Guarantee .That
IA lAlIM SI. A fS - ff V f - IJI.
v ii ViH no. db rueu, i a ue jam
If the Inter Island. Steamship Coin-
pan will ' agree t use the proposed
new wharf at Hiio. tne Doard of narner
remntieslener wilt prepare plan at
once, have surveys completed and b
la . readiaesa . to .proceed with actoal
ronstruetien within the ext .three
ntenths, the Only, requirement asked
by the board of tha ahipplng company
being Ita signature to. aa agreement to
use the wha.-f for a period of at least
Ive years. 1.
' The last legislature anpronrlated
lSO,eOQ for the' pier, but the com
mission, in A letter forwarded to the
shinninir firm VeatarAav. aavs that tha
win De tnsnmcient to An Mi the entire
structure -aa planned but it i their
intention to complete a much as pne
sibla, awaitisg a additioaal appropri
ation to finish the balance. ', !
The. legislative act provide that no
man and aaid that the woman bad mn n .nji. h,,.k-
VI ,1.1. V.!. V.-1 A L.J r " : -
1 1 in turn mm . i ia jnuj iw
gone to live with another wiaa. ; - '
Mrs. BlaisdelU proprietor of the" Maj
estie Hotel, . said yesterday afternoon
that Cipriano had occupied a- room at
the totel sine last Augas and that
he appeared to be a very good nan.
When he asked her on Wednesday eve
ning If be might bring hie wife and
children to his room she 'readily a
aented, and wh'ea they put ia an ap
pearance at six o'clock on Wednes
day afternoon she requested that hi
wif register in the manner required
by law. . ; ... . y
' When Cipriano arrived Mra, Blai
dell again asked him If the woman waa
bis wife and be reassured her that
oca waa the ease; v. '.1 '. , .
Shortly before three o'clock yester
day afternoon Cipriano went to the
Majestie Hotel and when Mra.' Blaia
dell saw him ah .told 'him that ihi
wif had just been stabbed and told
him that he had better go to the emer
gency hospital, which he did, and waa
later arrested and held ' pending in
vestigation.'' r i ;, '- -T
Probation- ' Officer 'Joseph' Leal
was notified Of the- occurrence and Im
mediately visited the hotel -and took
the two children away and placed them
ia the eare ef bia wife. 'Later in the
afternoon the baby wa restored te
the, mother. Jn the hospital, h ' 4 v''
"HanamaJtad"' t i..:!'-' -'
' Traffic ) Officer' Joseph : Aea wa1 oa
duty- at ' the "junction -of Emma asd
Beretaaia Street yesterday tafternoon.
He noticed! Franeisco weJkkig rapidly
toward him and .saw that his face was
pale, bia demeanor agitated and that
bis hand were stained with blood. Ta
officer stopped him asked him how
tha blood got onsiis.handa. and Fran
eisoo old him that -he was jealous of
hi wife because she had ran away from
him and had "hanamaked" her and
that, another Filipino had run away.
Aea- the a iseerched ..Francisco . and
found the knife in the breast pocket
of hi- coat, the weapon being cover
ed. with blood. ., v, t-'.
- "Francisco T)P. m baby," , aaid
th woman at tha, emergency hospital,
yesterday afternoon. r."l-. speeJt him
marry me and make me. good woman
but he no like. t . All time lie show me
kiufe and apeak me bad aad tell me
go away. : Suppose I no ran when he
show that knife he kill. me sure. Papa
my big 'baby ulie Philippines. When
I come Honolulu .1 bapai that big
baby. Cipriano- like marry me but I
like marry Francisco because he papa
my baby. i. Bimeby . I think, more bet
ter I marry Cipriano. i no, know that
other Filipiao. i only see him when
he come to my room jrst time yeater
day. I nq do bad. I good wife."
Owing to the delayed arrival of the
ambulance Wallace Blaisdell, assistaut
chief of the lire department, carried
the wounded, woman, down stairs from
the hotel and waa placing her in a de
partment automobile to take her ta
the police station when the ambulance
. . : -, ; '..
To AiTTOTliis -Morning
For Camp
Will Leave 'At Once fror Kawai
loa For Anhtfat En
r campment
Koua and Kan troops of the Second
Regiment, Hawaiian National Guard,
arriving at Honolulu this morning from
Kailua, Hewaiit will be' tie; first units
of the JOOO men to reach Honolulu en
route to the encampment site at Ka
wailoa, near Ilaleiwa. They will arrive
on the stoeuier Kilauea at haif past six
o'clock . this morning, and at nine
o'clock leave for amp aboard an Ushu
Bailroad train.. , v,;';
. The omp he, been pegged out com
pletely for th. estire , two regiment
the quartermaster j departmeat is al
ready established near the Ka wailoa
Bailroad station, . and M each unit 'an
rive will1 he. assigned, to a place al
ready parked so that it can be tented
within a short time. H .
' The majority of tbe troops will be in
camp oa Mundeyi when the First Regi
ment, thia inland, starts its ramp life
followed by units from Kauai and tbe
l.abaina aide . of 'Maui : On Monday
vearly a thousand men. will arrive from
Hawaii- en the steauirr Kilauea aad
Matsonla. .ut v )r :..
. Brigadier-General - Samuel johusnn
adjutant general of the national guard
has been assigned as camp commander,
and Major Willard Wayue a adjitant ,
.. 'u filii't Jiii1' '" '
bringing German Influences' once more
to the borders of the Pacific, :. ' , .
While several of the visiting United
States-congressmen expressed the seri
ousness of the withdrawal of Russia as
a factor among the Allies and become,
in a large measure, an indirect ally of
Germany, and undoubtedly would brisa
Japan into the conflict wtth vast arm
ies.ott the side. of tbe Allies, none ex
I' pressed what may have been Jo their
minds, and what was certainly -in the
minds of local service officials, aad ex
pressed by but one, that the real,
ominous importance of the Russia sit
uatioh wa the menace to the entire
Pacific Ocean eoantries throngh the pos
sibla jise of Siberian port for the out
Atting of raider ami submarines. i-'
Raider Ports
"It 1 ant too far-reaching. to say
that Germany would find a way,: after
fringing Russia to her Knees, to -use
some of the Mberihn porti racing jap
an for-raider ports," said an official.
"German ingenuity would find a way
to have her subjects travel through
Russia and Siberia, as part ef the
price Russia pay for peace, and make
e of this opportunity te menace Jap
an, close at hand, and America, -farther
off, through Hawaii, and even to at-.
tack tbe Philinplae. Thia mayt all
teem highly Improbable, but in the
light of other things the German have
accomplished, it is aot impossible.;
"The United States and Japan have
just entered into a past of a most
friendly - nature. Japan, haa beea as
sured she may assert ber influence ia
China, under certain conditions, aad,
guard her interests there. Japan tea
feel that Rossi as humiliation, the fall
of recognised, government, and the im
raineat danger of German influences in
Siberian porta, . may, give her cause
to throw armies into that section, ef
Siberia. She is one of the Allies; so is
Russia, : She majr mae the excuse: that
Russia is 'an irresponsible government
and needs protection in the.. Far East.
Japan may argue even that, ner own
interest and territory are menaced and
she may take offensive measure, with
out excuse, to protect herself, i '
Woold Aid America - . . . . v
"The suttinir off of Roasts, from Si
beriew by barrier ef Japanese would
ia a measure, safeguard the interest ef
America as well, aad this mean tbe
safeguarding of all shipping -la the
I'acine. ' i ' . :
' Onee let Germany, .'through ithe
domination she would certainly gaia if
lea.e'la brought' about try the present
so-called government of Russia get a
feethekl in a pert facing upe the i'm
eifle or facing the inner seas, the Paci
fic would be robbed ef its safety. Jan-
an, in my opinion wiU take ears of this
problem.- n,r .m .u .';.-,, ..
"On the ether hand I belie that
America will take an- immediate hand.
In this herself. 1 I believe that the draft
will be worked to it ttmoat and aha
million of eitixeae- wilt be. called to
the' service-within a few" weeksf that
Hawaii's national gaard- will bet mob
illsed aad. that the draft quota, wilt be
called before the end ef the yea, and
that troops now guarding these Islands
may be a part of those abifted to aid
in preserving the safety of the Paoifls
farther to the. West. -' ' ' -i (
"la Hawaii division of troops
based ea one composed of 17,000 troop
can be 'raised.- Take the units i now
forcing the Hawaiian Department,' add
the fell strength of the national guard
and 'then the draft, quota 0( at least
2500 men, -and. - the division could ; b
fprmedt the majority of trained and
seasoned men, ready for a campaign. '(
May Hasten Draft ' j .-
Major Francis Green, Selective Draft
officer, who has been expecting mee1
sage daily from Provost Marshal Gen
eral Crowder,- announcing : what Ha
waii's draft quota ia to be,' stated yes
terday, that probably the Ruseiaa situa
tion, unless curbed, might cause) aa
erly call for Hawaii' quota directly
into, the uatioual army, .or with local or
ganisations. Senator Henry I.. Myers, of Motttausj
said yesterday .that Russia now appeared-
to e. entirely -oat of the ,war
fof the AlUea, and H was aow up to the
United .State te take ip the burden
aad fight to, a finish. It will be a hard
fight. ip hit opinion, and bring Japan
into the conflict as sn active partici
pant, with hundreds of thousands or
million mea. - .",',' '
Kepraseotative ' Kdmund Platfi t ex
pressed the 6plaUa,that the. Jtnssitn
failare was a triumph fo German in
sidioua uuderminiug of the . people i
representative throughout Russia, :
Max Sulinsky, tha Russian violinist
who same bur jointly, ; was greatly
downeant by the- new aad declared
thnt if was. due- tu the deep ignorance
of the josant olusi whv were-f hil
dre ii in smile respects, and n Illinois In
othoiH, for they were nnubl lo.jppre
cinte the jreat elft of democratic lib
erty whivh had been given them. They
Will Probably Necessitate Calling
Ten Millions of Americans To
Bloody Battlefields of Europe.
x . . .
Senator King and Repf esentative
Reavis in Ringing Speeches Call ,
Upon People To Face Situation
, ' v . . . a ;
The ghastly trngedy of the eollapse
of Beaaia which reached member of
the Congressional Party a they were
returning yrsterdny morning front a
trip to the Nuuanu Pali, the scene of
the final buttle for supremacy la
these Island a century aad a quarter
ago, ' waa taken ss the text for ad
dresses by United States Senator Wil
Kara H. King, of Ctah, and Representa
tive C- Frank Henvis, of Nebraska, at
the Commercial Club at noon, when
portion of this appropriation ahall baJthey both , deelnred that the Russian
. i : i i . t. , , r i :
expended uatil the board haa aecured
from the later-Island company, or some
other steamship ' companies, aq . agree-
is w mi us; ut use toe Wharf for
at least , fiye year t such wharfage
ratee aa may be established by the
vaainuvi.- ' " "- - t , w
Aa tbe basis for the agreement nro.
posed, the commission. thronrh Chklr.
men W. B. Hobby, ha Submitted the
following. data concerning the board's
intention lor tbe proposed structure i
The wharf will be of a nermanaaft
nd substantial afrn-nr.. ... t
The location of thia Dier will ha an.
proximately 150 feet- southwest of the)
aouin end ot j&uhio -wharf and the pier
will extend: outward ia a aorthwest-
erly direction .
. Th .agreement to ue such pier will
be bindine trnoa ' the Territnrv ni.
insofar a the company would enjoy the
preference rights there as they now do
at pier 12. 13 and la In RnaM.,1..-!.
Should the company agree te. these
condition the board wUl have its or
veyore at worK to a short time aa the
members are anxious to get th pier
tnlahd,v vy- ;.: ' '. v..' '
', ,-. -.ni.,,.!,., '
FKOU HAWAII H u..iJ. , n
Jsmleaon sn.l cultf. Mr. stall Mrs. T. Cm.
miiKDsm, - Tsaa Sing. HiHter Columl.l...
Mr LMWKOD- stxt child. Won, linn.
f mrner, e. l. Lewis Jr..
JFv Carres. J rernsndes, Mrs. (teorge Bhsw
Bwsyne. Hubert Ulnil. Mrs. E. I'ol
iT'n. -i - waeeirr. Ham R.
; " nmmisn. Miss f. L.
Bretcb, Mrs. K. B, tWa, MlsaValncv,
ail mm vouneu. s a Jnkln. Ul.. a t ..'
'fVtt Mr. ami Mrs. j. H.
i2TJri"ri i" :Woiff. Ms.
tenant James IT Palmar.
d,Tthe;-B Moara. IJert-
ImM M U .i.ii..
aa. . - frurwi UU eulm.
T"nn and InfSnt, Mrs. T. Horlte, M, R.
-ri, mi-. aau .anv w. c. BortOeld.
t-on A. uuoa sua, Mrs. Lecy Kssoto
auu luree cnunren. Mrs. Ueor-e F.
V ZTr aan -nr eaiiarea.. t. c. Bra,
J. Klroaaea. ft. Vukiiuaata . Iw.t u...
tmond, JtHlse Hnher. i . , -
' Mimiu ima aiana, nevemiter T
A. BaMnsen, iJu F. HatilMaa, Ullllam
Hukanv.. Uiarlee tart well, Mrj and Mrs.
l?,V.m P-.W'j Mr F- Brai
Beldi Mr. and Mrs. Monls asd three chll
drsav Ke. Hcmhler Kav. Aaase, . Mr.
?ltlo Mf' WllT k rTW' Taull,
Br ". Klnan.'fos Kaoai. "Novauiler
Mr. aud Mrs WUllaia JxW, . Kara, Y
Kslseols. Charles , UsH, B. - Vivkera, A.
Helaevii Mrs. M. K. HonnU, Mrs. L. Smith,
Mb, and Mra. H. W..Ako.A. Mnrph, E.
Tbumwo. J. I'. Aslna, Mam Kaahu. Miss
Cumnjlnga, Mrs. P. M. N'aiusl. L. Pis
ilet a lUKhter AMeBrjrn, Mrs. James
KusaelViMiHs (IrsceI'banoon.Mr. (tluirt,
lr Hoper. Mai Kee Au, I". X'al Lea, A. T.
Hon. -Miss ('. A. Thompson, Mrs. H. D.
WtaaArd, MIkh Dorothy Msy,' Mr, OsrllwU
.dtr. M. KbellHg, K. .C;, Vaualian, - II. W.
IHgxa, A. Watrboise, Mr. and Mrs. l.
K. - linaolll. Mrj il4 MmJ--H.nil.il Mr
and Mra, Ai de BrattrUIn, Mra. M. K. de
fir. aim jr- tk. (,, rap, Mra.
James Apao, Miss Auari. lltn A. Meeii.
Mrs. W. KefKea SHd tafkss, Mlas Marss
est, BKea. K. sIMtcb,1. U. AMermaua. It
fn. ihiuk. i.e ninKi t nioa K.an. Mr.
Wbelan. anUln TUKbinan, W. W. Trsut
sbold, W. ft. Buhl umik , , ;
By str. Ml a im ftir Laos In asd Hllo.
NeTenilier 7 Mra. t. A. Htanley. MUa Vera
Rraaley, Mrs. TbemiMoni Mr Msddau,
Mlaa Hcarwy. J, Wi Cawsn, M. . Vbluney,
Miss K.lltb V. Wlat, A. Kaos, Yj K. Myeril
Mr. snd Mra. W, A. irelsnd, A. C. Wheeler,
John Hind. Mr. fhinnlnsrham,- Dr. Onnlkne.
Mr. snd Mrs. K. . Westly, MsUcWtly,
Torn Uumi. William Kaai. Alias O. Heed,
Mrs. Clsrance; Miss CUrcnee, t. Woods.
W. Clarence. 1. Oarrkla. Mes. Enjo lto.
Mr. sad ilea, ilaniet.- Mlas INiiiM, Mr. snd
Mrs. H. Anakalea, W, H. TartlM Mr. snd
Mrs. H. Iieinhie. 'T.' ft. Keyaton, C. K.
WHs-hs. 'Mn-wc WhH r..: W. Jen nl aw.
Mr. sud Mr. Hearliiuea, Walter. lUHn
ham. H B. Weller, Mlas M. M.t.u. Mrs.
W. P, McDoasalV sir. -audMra. Oreeo
womL y Htsnsn, Mr.iKnSHsU, fiolunet Itoli
rt Ikiihblu,. Miaa C.-A. KUu, Mrt aad Mrs.
B. Klllot snd.. Ina at. Mr. WeUy. P, W.
Alston, r: H. rtsttrae.'" " ' '
,K. . Liiikalani, Well VKnown
Figure In Royal Circles,
. ' . Dies. At Home
formed eighty ive peeeeat of the po De
lation aad oUld .net . andecstand the
bhiw they were, giving t. the demoe
rasy they had chosen, or the blow they
were giving to Russia's friends, Amer
ica included. ,11 spohe ia th' highest
terms of Kereusky,; the man who had
risen to lead th peo4 H whea they
were . without ' a hed, and vwho had
fongbt to hold the government to
gether,, iU as he ia.( Mr, vMliasky says
mat nerenssy naa, uieett .under the
monarchy and had spent some time in a
Siberian prison polttkaj prloer
Vow, In trying to'saye the new govsra
ment which the people hd de,mandod,
he was again in the status of a pris
dner, whose lie'jien' (i be At iake
tried t6 i.PiWr
Judge Heeo of th Ju.venlle idurt will
have two boy brought before him to
niorrew; wVose allego.1 bffrnti Is to say
the letst out 6f 'the Ordinary."
Weilaesdi. night the Ixiy. are said
ta have broheu . inte Kaiahml ' School
with tbe idea of fobbing building
of whatever they might Had of value
and eould farry away..
Falling to secure any loot the bova
are alleged to' have attempted to set
the building on fire, the liinr.e lurkil.v
lieing discovered when it wa coulined
to a few board.
sitaatioa meant the prolongation f
th war, tbe prulmblr calling fo the
bloody fields of Kurope of ten million
of Americana, the utilisation ef all the
money and energies of the people with
the resultant soi-riflces, the, Nebraska
lawmaker stating positively that this
was the most ominous note heard dur
ing the whole war. : '
. Senator King's ringing speech upon
a subject which only an honr before
had reached the public and visibly
impreaeed the lure assemblage of rep
resentative business men of Honolulu,
produeed the effect which tha senator
mast nave desired, an enthusiastic ree
Donse to his sucnestion fof a deter
mined eta ihl to go through with this
war. Russia in or H nasi a out. uatil vic
tory shall be achieved by America and
Herman autocracy crushed. '
Deeply Concerned
Senator King was evidently deeply
concerned ever the new of .the Bus-
sine tragedy, ita possible blow to the
plana of the Allies, and the neeeasity
which now eomea to the American Na
tion to put forth the maximum of its
man power to save democracy, for he
spoke with an earnestness, which com
bined with his well known oratorical
ability, caused ajuilaus ho rewound
long and frequently during the progress
of his sddress.
The senator, in opening, referred to
bia own long interest in the Islands.
"I am glad to come to these Is
lands," said Senator King, "for they
have always 'been a source of interest
to me. A number of years ago when
I had the honor to serve in the lower
house of congress, I introduced . the
' first resolution for the . annexation of
the4 Hwauaa Republic -to ,the United
States. I attempted to hare my party
. leader, Congressman Bailey of Texas,
Introduce the resolution but be declm
ed, saying he did not want to place
ine mars and P tripes over these vol'
eanle islands so far out in the Pacific
I went te Tom. Heed, the great Ee pub
lican speaker and statesman and I ask
ed him to become sponsor for the doeu
ment, but he also declined on the
ground that they would become
source of weakness rather than , of
strength to the United States,, and also
that if we bad these Island It would
mean we must maintain vast armies
here and build a great naval station
to coet millions of dollars.
Bud, of Universe, -
! 'On the steamer I was looking at a
map -of the Pacific, and it seemed to
me that every ship that erosse this
great ocean come to Honolulu, ' and
very line center in Honolulu and
Pearl Harbor. It seemed as though the
hub of the universe protruded through
Honolulu. ' s i V.
' Seriously speaking these , Islands
re an important adjunct to the Amer
ican Republic, and are necessary to the
nation and Its defense. I have eome
here to learn and know aU I ean about
them; to find out what you need, what
the federal government may do to aid
in taetr development and defense. 1
was gratified thia morning at the ex
hlbltion of tbe Kaiulani School and it
is wonderful to see the polyglot popu
as uon.
"ne are called upon now-to make
great sacrifices. No one hnows when
.this great war will end. Of this we
can be sure, that this great - Nation
will do its part. I have thought some
times that our -people have grown ef
feminate aud sordid and lost those
fine sentiments that are so essentia
to civilization, but war will change
(sis. . . v ;,;
Sacrifice Must be Made
"I understand one of the mottoes o
a lurmer . sing pt inene islands was
that 'The Strength or the Life of the
i. And is rounded I pen Bighteousness
There can be rio enduring greatness
that is not founded iloa : righteous
ness. Wealth toe often softens the
sinews and disintegrates ' . the moral
forcea that' are essential to national
greatness. ; For a hundred; years we
have courted the fleshpot ot Kgypt
and have forgotten that Ood thuiuleie.l
from Sinai aud gave a message to the
world through Chiist the wonderful
message of the moral law for, the gov
ernment of the world.
WNO . - ,- -v-..,
"You men now here eurfounded l.y
the evidences of peace must prepare to
make sacrifices, the saeriflees that are
to make the institutiona'of the world
"af". '; y;.i ' -
"Today, upon the wings of the
morning, hss eome the news of tbe col
lapse of Russia. It weans tbe prolongs
tion of the war. It means, perhaps, the
sending of 10,000,000 of our boya of
America to the bloody fields of Kqiopc.
This calls for. our money, tor ,inoic
sails upou the oceans, for more' men,
for more tears and heartthrob. It
calls for big men add big women v. ho
are willing to die for nod and riulit
eousness aud make this Nation greater.
"At this hour we need men who lire
willing to give their lives that Amer
lea aud ilHiiiocrney may be saved. "
Tribute to Kuhlo
- I t
. t mmmm ,
fl- I a,
1 EDWARD K. T,n.IKAT.Arn , .
m ' a 9
flonnlnla, Kovemlr. t, I'llf.
Air. Rnldwln, Ltd.'
ii. Brewer A Vo.....
With the death of Edward K. Liii
kalani yesterday, there; passed away
one of the best known of old-time IIa
wailans of Honolulu. He waa a man of
prominence in royal and other circles
in the day of the late kingdom, es
pecially during the Kalakaua regime. A
Liiikalani, who was a chief , of the
old line, died at nine-thirty yeaterdsy
morning at his home in 413 Queen
Street, following a very brief lilacs.
Only a few days ago he waa about and
made-a tour ef the city, visiting bis
friends, who were msny. .'..
The funerul services will be held at
three o'clock' Sunday afternoon In Ka
waiehaa Church, the interment to be
ia the Kawaiahao Cemetery. The body
may be viewed by friends at Williams'
undertaking parlors after lour, o'clock
tomorrow afternoon, ' "
i Liiikalani wa born in Honolulu
and was about sixty-eight' rear old'
He and Mas. Liiikalani, who survive
him, celebrated their silver weddiag on
June JH, 1D02, at which time they were
tendered a hearty reception, in the
basement of Kawaiahao Church. Among
the aeveral presents of the occasion
waa purse presented the couple by
Queen Liliuohalant. .
The deceased was a captain on ,tbe
personal body .guard of King Kalakaua
and also held other high office ia royal
circles, both under thia monarch and
under hia aister asd, sueeessor, Queea
Liliuohalaaf. , At one time be waa vice
chamberlain under Col, Curtis Pi Iad
kea, who is now Secretary ef Hawaii.
He . possessed a - nujnber of royal
decorations conferred upon him by
King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuoka
lani, among them being the star of
th . Royal Order of .Oceania, the Or
der of Kalakaua and the Order ef
Kapiolant. . ',, ... ,.-...' '- . -. . . ,
He , aerved the people la both the
legislature of the kingdom and , the
several government that followed M.
In 1914 he was a 'candidate for senator!
,.n ,k. ii.i.i!... a i . - , . r
uu ma jv-,uujicaii ncaei ana LABI year
ran for the same position on tbe Demo
cratic ticket, but lost oat on both oc
casions. .' : V ' ...
Liiikalani 'a last public position, one
he occupied up t the time of his death,
was that of tax clerk ia the loeal
assessor' office., ' ...
ftTJGAB ' (
Kwa Plantation Ce. , ,
llatkn Biissr fs. ......
Haw. Agntl. "o. , ....
Haw. '. A a. (.'a, , ...
Haw. Hnssr (V .
1 1 i.n.. a ar Hurar Ce. . ...
, . . . . -,.
Iliitcblnsnn anger P. Co..
Kiiimku pisnt. lo. . ...
Rsksba umr Co....i...
Koloa flux. Co. . .......
M.rirj-ila r". Co. .. . ...
(alio Hit. . .
Olaa RnKSS Co. ,
tlnoaiea Sue, Co. .' , .. . ,
faanbsn Buxsr Slant. Co.
raelOr Hot. Mill . .......
Tata Plantation Co. ,.,
Peiteekeo Huaar Co...,...,
I'lonenr MUI Co
Haa Carina Mill, .Co., Ltd.
waiauia Aifrrti. re. . .,
Walluku Sn. Co. , . ....
Enilae Devel. Oa....,..
' Snd Ass. fully paid......
n.i r. t p. coTTpfd. .
llatkn r. A P. Co,. Com'
IlaaslI Con. y. T At
Haw, Con. Ry. ef 8 .1
Haw. (Vn. fl jr. Coin. ...
Hswallsa IQactrle Ce ...
Haw. Pineapple Co. .
Hon. n. SI. Co. .
Honolulu Oss Co..,,;,.,
Hoe. K. T.-A I.. Ca. ...
InU-r-lnlamt H. S. C-o. ..
Mntual Tel. tV. . .4....
fsh It. Ti. Co.
Pa bans KnlilMr Co. , ..
BWama Klnillnsa. Pd.
Hams tMK sM) .....
Tsnjoaf Olak Hnbber ..
. BONDS v J.;
Beseh Wslk t. 1). 6H!t;
Hauiaktia Dlf-k Co. Oa .
Haw. Cna. It jr. Brfi,
Haw. Irr. Co., a
flaw. Terr. 4 ref., 1B05.
tiaw. ier.
Haw. Ter.
(Mrtaa 101
Raw. Tsrrl lUs.
Hllo rtaa Co., Ltd., .
Honukss Hns., lo., 6i.
Hon. Gss Ltd., 6a
Kauai itr. Co.. Hs . .:'
Ma naa Imp. UinU Buot .
MrBryde . ...
.Mutual Tel. Cs . .
Onbu By. A L. C., 6..
Oahe nf. Co., t
Olsa ii.' C., ...4..
r-ae. unaae r. Co.. a.
rr. vfo m., iiaa.,
r. 4 Tub. Imae.
r. nub. Imp.
Pseiflc Hiia. MIU Ca., W.
snos JMiuinst Co.,
Use Cs
. . . .
411 .-
19 ' ,
i a
. ..
-;( Bwa BoSMai
Wslalna.' 8. 24 00; Oahn. 50, 100, 81.23. r
Board eaeJi
' Olaa, ft, ' - k- -'
; ' anftr QsotAttoaa '" ' "'
.' : ' '- 'W - C,,- Hapt-iA, mi. K
M anatjsta beets Use advlose), . ,
Parttr . ... . .. .i.. . .., .. ' ,
M Cent (for Bawallaa snfars) M
BahheT Quotations
New Vork
... j.v.. .. .
Oct. 80, 101T. v
.-..ef W.0Q
'y '.' Hobo1u1( Noremtar S, 1B1T.
Nebraahs, who followed Senator King,
proved to be an orator of ability, whose
word painting Of the patriotic distress
and sacrifice f a mother whose boy
ha. I gone to Cams Funs toe to serve his
country, almost brought tears to the
eyes or those who already have their
own boya and relatives , ia the army
kbaki and prepared te go to the front.
In opening his address Reavis paid
a tribute to the popularity 'of Hawaii's
Delegate to congress, Prince Kalaniana
ole, and congratulated the Territory
umiii having a man ia oongress to rep
resent them who looked so well after
fheir interests, better, he said, than
thev surmised. . Te him it was a rare
privilege t travel 6lM)0 miles to the
Prince's heme town to see him here
and to tell his constituents what con
gress really theugUt of him. To him
the Islands wete a source of beauty
aud would always be a pleasant mem
ory, and he evea expressed this senti
ment in a cablegram sent to hi wife
immeditely after arrival, when he
wired, "Pafeaad'happy J a. Paradise".
The congressienai party bad come to
Hawaii when the world waa full of
trouble, lie said he bail just read .ef
the rollnpse of Kereneky 'e government.
He was not a pessimist but to hint this
message waa the most oiuluoua note
that has been sounded in the great war.
ii is me greatest sacrifice th Allies
have been called upon to meet. ;
"But," he ealii, 'ao matter what
the obstacles,' w ar going through!"
Representative' Reavis said we were
not in this war for indemnities or an
nexation. Mot for conquest. We are
fighting, he said, for th euduring
peace of the world.. '.
"We are in this war to destroy war
iy destroying the conditions that pro
duce war," he declared. "The Presi
dent of the I'uited States has never
preaunied to tell Germany what kind of
a government, she shall have, but to
tell Oermatiy what kiud f a govera
ment she shall not hate.'.'
"America will require a vast amount
of money ' to prosecute .tbe war, and
evep if the people do not give liberally,
men i n- ie nam wui nuve to take it
from them. " . '" . ;
It may be Impossible to lireveut an
uri'iilent, but it ia not impossible to be
inepared for it. Chamberlain's i'ain
Halm ia not beyond anyone 's purse, and
with n bottle of this liniment von are
.ii purid for moat anything. For sale
l.y all dealers. Ht'uaon, Hmitli
I - ' . V A.
m i "i. '" " " ' '
.--'.'" i -.'..'.,
Boa. fen. 011 ,
,. hUMIlta
Kn sels Copper ,i.
Mineral Products , '
Mouotala KlasT - ...
Montana Blnichsnv. .
M users Mlnlnx . . ,
A 10
,.UH '
. AX(ES , ' -i-., v'
Madera, Rte), Hoe; 100. tic: MonUaa '
uiMshaut, ,ajas, Sac; 00,.1; tUt, UM.:
f " .... - .. .':
(Assactalst rreee r V. . Mfsg
;. v. ... .':'ieaei arstse, ''
NEW VOWK, Novsialwr ft Following
are the- epauJuaT and cloning qaasaUoas at
stocks ta the Mew York, anarket jmterdajl .
American uar Het . rf
aaanisa on-l , .....I
Aaaoi-lated UU .......
AHIBHa uutti - -4 ......... .
Aiuemwa liocomouve
Ameri-an Tel. A Tel.
Auien an Med rury. . ...
Asai-ouda C-iii f.
Al'hlmu ItiiUwuy . .......
liaklwtn lyHiimotlTe .: i.'..
Halttmore A Ohio .
neteietieai ftei "B
CullloriUa tvtrnteuia
enirai i.rainer
Canadian I'arltle . ...... ,w
(T. M. A tit. Paid ,
Colo. 'srl A Icon , .........
( roc II. la Hteel ;
Cnlat Miurar cans''.
Krle rouiiuna i. ,
Oeiiersl KhN'trte . .'.,,,,,
IJnnerul Mnbirs (new) ;.' ,u,
Mrwit Northern pftl. ,.,.,,
Intenistloeal Papar ..
Iiiilimtrltil Alcohol
Kennecott Oipper . ......
LeliUrn Valley ll a II road . ..
New York Central . ......
Itay tVmaishlsted . .......
Heading coiumuu . ........
Ilfimhlie Iron eommoB , ;.
Hiiillhern Pacltle .......
KVnilehaker . , .,.-...
Texsa (111 ,.
Culled Htntes Kuhber . ...
i umib I'aviac
Opaav I Hoa-
In 1 lag
64 ,
J ultad States HtocI
i tsn . , .
WanlerB Culiiu
WeatlUKbouae .
-- 4 . .,
. ir-'ti
I nv
HAN FRANCISCO.' -'November V-Fol.
towluf are the epenlns and cloaluf quo
tations of sagar aad ether stocks la the
Bao frsnctsve market yesterdsy:
It. C.i.
Representative C. Frank Roavis, of Ltd. Agts. for Hawaii. Ad vertiseuient.
llsw'n Coin'i Kuaar ., ,,
llawaluin Hiiksi-, Co. . ,
Hnnokaa Hiurar '.
Ilut'-liluitau Hucar Ce... .
Kllniiea,.' ....,.......',
n It it HuKsr Co.. .-
tilsa Huaiir t o. -i ......
Knsrels Coptwr ..' ........
Onniuea Xussr Co.
I'uiinliaH Pitaar t),
Ilauolnlii oil , . .
lluuolulii llantalloa , . .
in ,
Bid. tE-DiTl4ud. tfjuauoted. .

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