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British' o
ill! HELP
Reinforcements From; Allies Ar
rive At Italian Front and Are
Greeted With Wild Enthusiasm
I By Wearied Latins' Vft ; ,
Retirement of Cadorna Said To
Have Been Always Part of
"Plans. and Should. Not Occa-
' sion Any Needless Alarm'
'-'- "j4-'' ' ' eanaanahantmsk ' ''-'' l'' -',;, W ,
NEV: YORK; November 8
(Associated Press) Gen
eral. Cadorna' Jia.4 been reinforced
by British and French troops and
' it i believed that he i now pre
paring to make his' next stand.
The advent of the Allies was the
occasion , of., the greatest enthu
siasm on the part of the wearied
Italian soldiers who could hardly
believe their eyes -when they saw
the colors of. Great. Britain .and
France. The news spread from
rank to' rank and from regiment
to regiment V and . has served, to
greatly, hearten the Italians.
Military experts said last flight
they, believed General Cadorna
would make his stand 'upon the
, Piavc River and that preparation?
for It had been making for the
past several days. V'
. Yesterday. five German armie?
l kept pounding on the ' Italian
front ili an effort to overrun the
Venetian ' plain. " The enemy
forces are commanded by , Gen
erals von Krebatin,' von Krass
von Bulow, von llenriques and
Wurm - '' "'
.Rome, admitted that ..the vital
ians were retiring but 'said th
retirement wa9 being made, in
good order from the Tagliamente
River toward the Livenzo River
but despatches from Berlin, claim
ed the retirement was disorderly
that on the Isonzo front the Ger
man advance continued uncheck
ed and that thousands of .prison-'
ers have been taken?'
General 'Maurice, '. speaking ir
London yesterdayrnade the start
ling statement that, the retire
ment had long since been planned
by Cadorna. He said: "Th
withdrawal of the Italians' Tag
liamcnto line need give .,no un
easiness and cause no worry. It
has always been a part of the
plans of General Cadorna,"
He does not believe the figuro
as to prisoners taken which havr
been given out by the Germans
'.' Anot her startling statement
was made in London by Viscount
French who said that Great Bri
tain must be prepared
for anv -
eventuality and that the next sur
nsc "might even be an invasiof
f the British Isles themselves."
The British armies in Palestim
have, captured the. coast cityof
Gaza, about fify miles from Jeru
ealcm. Gaza is an important sea
point on the Mediterranean abou'
100 miles below Jaffa. Many
roads lead 'from it to the Holy
City. ,
, , -. ;
Conservation Campaign
Rolls Forward Fast
WASHINGTON, ' November 7 ( As
sociated Press) The American food
i-oirervctinn rauipatgn il gaining rapid
headway during Its second week. Rfl
port" today show that 8,000,000 persons
cup II-d. .and It is expected totals will
.or.lv p:n 0,(MiO,000. Thi' gain this
eek r h m- fnr i.i inure than a inllliou
kind it hulf.
Submarine ;Los$cs;n
Lowest Since 2
Campaign Started :
Campaign of Ruthless Sea War-
. fare seems To: Have Waned
, and Great Britain Is Encour
aged By Three Reports , , ,
. .r ' ' ' ' ' , , i- i ' ; '
LONDON, November, (AesoeiaWd
lress) At ho time since" Oermssy d'
clared it campaign, of Submarine a
roclties ha the tell of her rutbtessnest
fallen to low. m that of last week, the
smallest of any tlnee (he campaign wa
begun. 'It encourages the admiralty te
believe more (trengly than ever that
the eirertiveneiM of the early, rtaye haa
been - forever deetroyed ana that the
frightfulaera mid peril la aearipjf It
cloning -at ages.
Mann encouragement la felt by the
report Imued by the admiralty bet
night and the reporta- from Parle" and
from Koine of eubmarina loasee add
to the general eatinfaeUon, ' .-'
Bhipping losapn to Great Britain from
Qermaa eubmaiine netivitiee laat week
amounted to eight' remela of 1600 tone
and over and four under,
JKaria report rrenrh - lonnr aa one
over J 000 tona and none nnder and
Rome no larger ; craft and ' only- two
mailer. .
Bonar Law ' la'it 1 night in epeerh
Which he delivered before a large gath
ering aaid that the German submarine
campaign wan futile, that the danger
from thia form or warfare and it
threatening aiipeet wm - aJmoet at an
end. ; :v ' ". : '-.
i Hi, aid - that Grent Britain ndw hna
more than three miirion troope engaged
In the great conflict and that her air
plane production had -been trebled in
the paetenr. '" . ... ' ;
Oversubscriptions Are More. Than
- Million and Half and McAdoo
, .Thanks All Workers; t
WA8UINGTOX, November "8 (Ae
oelatod Press) Sulee of Liberty.- Loan
Bondf amounted b 4,017,532,300. The
total of Rubacriptiona waa officially an
nonneed by the treaeury - department
last night.' Half of the anyHiot of the
frer-subeoription will be accepted. The
vr-ubecription amount to $1,617,'
132,300, ad the bond laaae will be for
3,N08,7B,l.W- ,v r ...
Nino million jiatriotie Vitieena help
sd to-' make the aueeeae of the second
Liberty Loan, and the treasury, depart
ment end the rest of the administration
was 'as-much pleased with ' the great
enttiber of individual subscriber as by
the vast total of cash that is 'represent
d by the subscriptions. - .
" necretary McAdoo issued a statement
last night following the anouncement of
he totals. He expressed the gratifiua
.Ion of the President and his own as
ire II asd took the vcasiou to thank "alt
Who hud helped, every subscriber and
very worker, from . the Boy Scout to
he banker.1. He especially thanked the
reae of . the .country and the bankers.
These two sources, , he said, had made
more for the great, success. of the loan
than any others. .' i
. Komors to the effect ..that there wil'
'Mi a third Liberty Loan called for jr
ianuary were set at rest when Heeretar;
MeAdoo denied them and said that n
luoh issue was contemplated t the'
i .. -
lapanese Beverage Is Officially
Declared Outside of Food
Control Law
HAN FKANCIHCO, .' November S
(AsHot-iated Press) Japanese sake hac
'gain been oflicially detcrmiiicj to l
l still wine and not a distilled liquor
tt importation is not prohibited - Col
'eetor Davis vesterday received thi
Tiling from Washington and it c
Hfirally said that the Food Coutrul Law
sou Id not exclude the Jsnancsc bev
AU avenues for tee importation to t lie
Jolted States of distilled liquors foi
raveragea were closed yesterday, with
be exception of liquors coming from
he Virgin Islands, formerly the luuUh
West Indies, aid a . Washington des
patch. Instructions to this effect were
cut out to the etfstoms depHrtmeut.
based upon the interpretation placed by
Attorney General Gregory on the food
control and, war tax bills.
WASHINGTON. November 7 (As
ociuted Press Control of the linke
nd license for manufacturer wil
miii be under the food adminintratior
ompletely, and the food controlle'
rill Ox the mice and ie of the Htulid
rd'lonf through a prprlHinal ion
' n V'-esideut under congreKKionnl uu
PAZO OINTMENT ill guaranteed itt
cur blind,, bleeding, itching or prd.
truding PILES in 6 to 14 dsjs or
uioney refunded. Wsnufsctutsd by
he ' AK1S MJ?l)lClNMCO.,Si.Louia,
U 5. A.
Small Salient
Bombardment Was Followed By Raid 1
; ' 1 .' ; : : -9
Casual ties In First Clash With Germans
Private Thomas F. Enright, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Private James B. Gresham,; Evansville, Indiana. ; .
Private Merle D. Hay, Glidden, Iowa. -
..,'. VWOUNDED. JK" -
Private John J. Smith, Luddington, Michigan. 5
Private James W. Hopkins, Stanton, Texas. (
Private George L Box, Altus, Oklahoma. ' :
Private Homer Giyens, Cloverdale, Alabama. ' ,
Private Charles L. Orr, Lyon, Kansas.
Sergeant Edgar M. Hallyburtori, Stone Point, North Carolina.
Corporal Nicholas L. Mullhall, Jersey City, New Jersey.
Private Edward H. Haines, Woodward, Oklahoma
Private William P. Grigsby, Louisville, Kentucky. (
Private Frank E McDougall, Maryville, Mbsouri. ;
Private David B. Gallagher, Blockton, Alabama .
Private John P: Lester, Tutweiler1, Mississippi. , ' J
Private Harry Langham, Chicago,Tllinois.
Private Dewey D. Kem, Collina, Iowa. ; ; ,
Private Keckon and two other unidentified private soldiers.
' WASHINGTON, November. 8 (Associated Press) (Delayed) Amer
ican soldiers have clashed
the first actual engagement
were received in Associated
Dartment ',. - '
- Advancing under the protection of a heavy barrage a German raiding party
shortly before daylight, 6n the morning of November 3 stormed and took a trench
held by the American Infantry, killing three, wounding five and capturing
The war department
cupying a small salient for
main body of the Allies by
of the enemy are not known
General Pershing's
His message said:
Before daylight on November 3, a salient occupied by a company of Amer
ican infantry which was there for instruction purposes was raided. The Ger
mans put down a heavy barrage fire cutting, off this salient from the rest' of the
"Our losses were three killed, five wounded and twelve captured or miss
. ." i '.' l t . i j i i i?"
ing while the losses ot the
wounded and made a prisoner." ;
The war department
lowing its first announcement last night.
It is evident that the engagement was important
'nown engagement in the,
occurring to united otates soldiers in r ranee in sucn an engagemeni.
"Advices say" that Ambassador Willard was a visitor at the American fron
yesterday. .
When the news of
ottices last hignt' great; crowds garnered and there was
jxcitement. v ,
WArmNTGTON, November 7 (As
sociated Press) htriking report indi
cative of unusuHl prosperity amouu
the farmers have hcen rffeived by the
treasury department, . W'tut prices for
crops are making them wealthy. Texs
farmers are in such a prosperous stste
it has been decided to discontinue the
federal farm Iohii bank there. Itcv
euue from crops will niorc than take
up loan made. '
of, United .States Infantry Occupied
For Instruction Purposes When
killed '
with the Germans on the Western front Details of
of an Americcan force in France with - the enemy
Press despatches here and
r : ''V,i:Vr:'
last night announced that
instruction purposes when
a heavy bombardment by
but one German, wounded, was captured.
cable gave the first details
enemv are unxnown bevond one uerman wno was
gave out the list of killed,
conflict by American Infantry and the first casualties
the engagement was Bulletined in front of the newspaper
A vei'lirt of sccidt'iitsl di'sth
i 1 11 1 m-. 1 liv m i'oronir' jury yesterdny
in t li e i-Hxc of Mnruii-bl KukmiiihIo,
ii(i'il twenty -eight, who died from in
juries received in a foot bull game lnt
Haturduy liotweeu the College of Hit
nii mi l KHinehsmeho HchqolH clcwm.
e collided with another pluyer liii
, untiiuj; lia kwnr. In rateli the I nil
Miutli f.Mind lo l.c due to l'-
locaiiou of t lie second scrvicul voitcin i.
- :
confirmed by the war d
' ".vV-
the Americans were oc
they were cut off from the
the bermans. 1 he losses
of the American fighting.
v.; :
wounded arid missing fol
only as it marks the firs
' - . ;v V.
a scene or intense patriotic
I'liiformed In blue denim and armed
ith lifl. p, the garrison of the Reserve
Ofticers' Training Camp was taken ont
mi the riihofield.Wainlua road yester-
day and given a war problem. The
.iinisilv was maneuvered In extended
order as far as the top of th JCauko
udiiu ir.il..l nup iltu W . 1. 1
- ui n n nam
mid worked ill the direction of the Ws
liinwa hills.
The KirKt Iniautry iiinchine gun com-
pi'iiv wan out for an extensive hike,
norkinL' along the same road. .
Thanksgiving Day 'fh
Proclamation v ;
Issued By Wilson V
' '" ' -V ejaasnawasssw
President Calls Upon Nation To
Pray For Firm Spirit of Help
fulness and Points Out Bles
sings Through Darkness
WAsanTOTOH, Hormber
(Aaaoetated Press) In iseuing hi :
Thank sglTtrg Day proclamation
jretrurdsy President WUson said la
nam. ' . , .i :, ,
"Amidst th darkness that has
father and shrouds thia country
and treat part of th world w
mar Mill ae th great blessing
which Ood ha bestowed apon ua. .
W he been giren th great op
ertunitr to ssrr mankind as It
ha never been vouchsafed to ns
heretofore. Tb great dotle of this
4af that bar fallen Upon n are. .
at tt nam tin awakening U u .
a new and a greater national spirit.
. "Let ns on that day pray that
we may look in all humbleness of
spirit to Hint for guidanc and that
w may b kept In constant spirit
of porpoM and of serrle so that,
all ia Hi good time, . liberty, e
f enrity, peace, and th comradeship .
f common Justice may be ronch- :
Mfed to, all of the nation of th
Late Returns Give Prohibition
Narrow Margin With Only
Country Districts Out ; ;'
. CIN'CJXXATI, November 8 (Asso
elated Press) Later retnras have eom-
pletelr changed the aapeet of the, vote
on prohibition. Jt now appear almost
eortain t"t pronibition aa earned dt
narrow margin. The belated rr turns
have favored the dry amendment' and if
the remaining forty-six districts from
which return have yet to be- received
ran as bare the other late returns tne
majority will be Increased ever the pres
ent ognrea. .i .
- With only forty-ittx districts missing
the vote for prohibition Is 615,4.10 and
the vote airniust is SI 3.083. a major
itv for the drys of 1447. It Is believed
this will reach 201)0.
Joy faded to gloom In the eanrpa of
the wet advoeates yesterday when re
tnrne from the rountry districts began
to wipe out the big anti-prohibition ma
jority of some of the cities. Through
ont the day these later return eon
tinned to cut down the, lead nntil late
In the afternoon it was' wiped out ami
prohibition led Ja the count.
Thiiqor. element declare taefU'
demand a;reoust. . , r , ;- - .
Splendid Majority For Equal Suf
frage Is Rolled Up By Em
pire State Voters
NKVV YORK, ... November 8 (Asso
elated Tress) Women of the Empire
4tate won a great victory on Tuesday
A splendid majority for woman 'a sof
frsge hss been piled up . and tberr
seems' no" doubt' that It nil! be still
larger when the full returns are In.
With only 399 districts to be heart
from the suffrage amendment has a ma
jority of 94,28" .-i
While lare 6te will be rait ii
the trenches knd at.. the, various, carapr
ind military posts of the rountry by
uitizcus, of rew York how with thi
univ and ' navy total mnst be edder1
io this and they may not be known un
til December W. It .is not believed tba
those votes will go against the amend
men! and it is considered that the ma
jority is much too' large to be over
nonie even if that vote should Swing
lomcnbat the otherway.
While' working in an elevator shsft
at B, t, Thiers' new. store yesterda)
morning, Manuel Carvalho, a plasterer,
aged 30, was struck by a t so-ton u
pended counter-weight and decapitated
Carvalho was workiug at the foot of
the shaft and had thrust his had be
twern two beams to speak to a man
who was working tn the next shaft
pit. when the weight descended and
killed him.
The body was thrown . against an
eWtric-light switch and tho current
had to be turned off before the body
could be removed.
. . . . .
WA8HINGTON, November 7(As
soristed Tress) An issue of 13-cent
stsmps is plaanod by the postoffiee de
partment for registered and special de
livery man.
The golfer, the foot ball piaver and
the all round athlete know the value
of Chamberlain 'a Pais FUlm. It
j,llft the thing for rub dowofter a
i .. u i til i-
nuri Kiiir. aii surt,ness tiiKippoars
hkc magie aud sprains and swellings
..re cured in one third l time lliuil
l.c any other treatment:, Kur sale by
nil deulers. lteusun, Hmith ft Co., Ltd.
Agts. for Hawaii. Advertiseuicut.
Vote of Absolute Confidence He
Urged Is Not Forthcoming But
Body Promises To Work With
Maximilist Committee Sends
Armed 'Forces To Telegraph
Offices and Agencies In Capi
tal and Puts Them Under
IETROCRAD, Novcmlcr 8
(Associated rressl-1-l'rcmicr '
tCcrensky won at least a partial,
victory yesterday in the vote that
was extended to him and to his
government by the, "Preliminary, '
raniamcni wnicn is now in sea- .
iion here. The situation conlin-
uea critical ana i.ne uitra-rauicais
a a '.
continue their aggressions v evfen '
going so far as to take Over the
national teleeraph offices V and
rtlare them tinder armed ptiard'
r . ' 3 r
In answer to the appeal of Pre-;
mier Kercnsky for a vote ot con
fidence for the government. from
the new parliament that lxdy yes
terday voted tc) "Wort in con
1 1 c t w i t h ' the Government."
There were scenes of disorder
while the debate was underway
and during the 'taking of , the vote
and the majority , in favor of the
compromise resolution was' not
farge.' -. V-.'. " f-;;V''vV
Under orders of the MaxjmiUfit ;
revolutionary committee armed
forces marched to, the , various '.
rnvprnment trlecrranh nflirea In
Petrograd last cvtning,' tDOnvpo-'V.
sessltm- of them; ajid - left armed
guards in charge.' . : ,u i ' -
I The BolshVikisnd Maxim
ilists are becoming ' more and i
more arrogant and . declare that
clru " t at
l v VTV'Viiawvw va a v ivu.ini at
handy.- '. i' ..'''.
' " " -' .- - '
Trotskv. the head of the Sol
diers' and Workmen's Council of.
Delegates in Petrograd said that
body will vote for the death pen
alty and for outlawry at once if
these measures shall be necessary
in restore peace any orocr in vie
capital. ' He yttered these words ;.
ss a threat to those who are creat
ingHhe"most serious disturbances
and threatening a reign of anar-
tn v in inc counirv.
i : - a,.-- 1 - . -.
. '" f- " i i1' 'i ." '
Chamber of Deputies Takes
Drastic Action To Recover ;
Losses From teutons y
ItIO J AN KIBO, November S ( Asso-
uiated Press) - Full reprisal for the
losses of Braail in .shrpping and ia -
vomuicrce will be taken against Oer-
many, At its session . yesterday tho
chamber of deputies by a large major-
ity voted for the reprisal tiiensure. :
The system of reprisals voted ye,
terday provides for . the annulment of
all pending contracts with Oer mien suli
jecis. It prohibit all law' concession .
to uitisea of Germany or to (lemma
corporations or companies composed ia -whole
or majority f German ritisena.
Ooutrol of all (ieriuan banks Is taken
over ami the same course, is to be fol
lowed with other commertual busiuensos
and manufacturers conducted by tier
ins ns. ; , . 7 ,mi a-:'
All suspect are to be Interned. ''. ' '
is' HAN FRANC1KCO. November 7
(Associated Press) All railroads with
1. !H- rA k 1 I- ..Ml .LI.
4 uciun vimet ivrntionis win iiiik wrsa
file with the Inter state Commerce Cow
nliuioii a netitinn aalcliiLr aulhnrit tn
refuse shipments for export for which '
no cargo spare aboard steamers ua
been reserved.

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