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. O -
' 7
- ;J 01: , FORGES? IN r;
Text of . Agreement Betweeaansiflgand
:V. terests to .
; j of Open Door Reaffirmed
v ailit U Ui: I I Jl1
id uiwvcu ut uiuionuu ina o ncuii nere ta ra a
uuiuiiiwui Kcmcni, rcicoco onwetn secretary ot state Lansing
and Viscount Ishii, the special envoy of Japan, Was announced yes
terday by the state department, following substantially the sUte-
, rhent presented at ths Chinese foreign, office vv Peking on Friday
last by Baron Hayashi, Japanese minister to ChinaJ ' .
-L Tne agTeement recognizes the special : interests' of japan in
China, pledges Japan to respect the political nd territorial integrity
ot tne unentai Republic, reaffirms
and supplements the Root-Takahira ' agreement." The new agree
ment, in fact, carries further the various previous agreements made
between the United States and Japan and rescinds none. It is not
a defensive and offensive alliance, notf an alliance in any' sense of
the word except in that it pled fees earnest cooperation between To
,kio and Washington in the present
mica). . : , i 1 i
satisfactory understanding as to the military, naval and economic
co-operation of the two nations in the war and wipes out those causes
oi possiD.e incuon wmcn nave
3 of, the common enemy. ''
m '9 asaaneiBf J (I1IUVVIIIVVIIIVIU V tIV IVI 1119 V 1 lllV Q (vIMVIllf
which took the form of a copy bf the correspondence exchanged be
ictary 'Xattsing stated .that publicity had been made , desirable
through the fact that the unofficial statements were being twisted
.' i- ' ..t. : ; u' .i.i : t- ..
vi.uvi. iua iv afvai uiai iiic
was still a menace to the interests
East; ;y . j ...v ,-. -
Secretary Lansings statement emphasizes the point that the
Ishii mission has performed a j service' of the highest value 46' the
'United ! Stares and Japan in clearing up misunderstandings, WlnVh,
.if unchecked, -promised to develop
, j ne siaiemeni aiso reicrs ' tne, . attitude q! constrain ; and
doubt in the two, countries fostered by ,a campaign of falsehood
adroitly and secretly carried on by the G.ermans. , It -declares that
Ihrongh the frankness and cordiality 6f the. Japanese commission
ers this propaganda of years has been undone in a few days.
:VV::;.-V:;'--"V: "TEXT OP STATEMENT ' '"'...
V The text of the statement, which is dated October 2 and ad
dressed by Secretary Lansing' to" Viscount lshii. says: ," '
!'. ; "I have the honor to communicate my understandings" o ; an
agreement developing from our recent conversations and questions
, , - in oroer to silence niiMi-hituniia rpiuirtv l.f 1
aniKiiinqemeiit of the desires and intentions .shared by the two gov
ernments in regard to China is' advisable. " ; i .
anc ki.ciiiiiiciu oi iiie unueu mates and Japan recognize
. ....... --r. xjniMijr iitavc? vci i.u n i.iuiins oeiween couji-
.tnesj consequently the United States recoguizes that Japan has spe
cia! interests in C hina, particularly that part to which her possessions
S ''.'.I
" . rhe territorial KovcretentV of
United St ates has every confidence in the assurance that Japan ddes
not desire to discriminate against the trade of other nations or dis
regard the treaty rights heretofore granted by China to other "pow
ers. -The governments deny anypurpose to infringe upoit the In
dependence and territorial integrity of China, and declare that thpy
will always adhere to the principle of the 'Open-Door', and equal op
portunity for. commerce and industry in China; and that they are
'-mutually opposed to the acquisition by any government of any spe
cialights or privileges affecting the independence' of the territory ;
Qt will deny to the citizens of .any country full enjoyment of equal
cpp)rtunity for commerce and 'industry in China. r v :' ;
, ''lshair be glad to have Your Excellency confirm this under
standing5 ami agreement."
. Iii reply to this. Viscount Ishii addressed Secretary Lansing on
October 2 alsi, as follows : 1 ' - r - ' .
V 'r have the, honor to acknowledge, and am happy to 'confirm
under the' 'authorization of my government, the understanding in
the' following terms- -'- , , .
.'. :t M ih' lonJ the lshii statement repeats the text of the Lans
itlg statement- ' .,..:.'
; Secretary .Lansing, in nuking public his announcement, a'dded
the.folkivi'ing comment: . t . v:
' 'v, "t'isouj3t, Ishii and thq other commissioners "now returning to
Jaj.ail 'havc performed a service for the United Sutes and Japan of
the hiiflnH Vslue. ' T'nqaentioualily 1 n u
thrre V up in botwemt ,
tb people of tlie Io ouutrie $. reel- " lh Clorniitii fovemment M a part
iiitf of auHpitiuD ot .the motive imhir-' of iti for!j;ri pofiry dt'aired peeifj
ing at'tivitiea ia the far Kat, which, ' t alienate tbix foniitry ant Jajian. 1Tb
if uncherkfd, prowiaeti a nous aitu-.J fortunately tlia eopl of both'eoua
tic. '., '. (trie ami many of auaevt opjniona ae-
'fBuinora anJ report of finproper ; 'pt'l every false rumor aa trus aad
lotentioDa were iuerealu; an l egi-' iii Oenuaa prupaanila 6y declarina;
timate. f orniiii-rrlal and imliiHtrlal rn-. that our Kot'erument ulioudl prepare for
terpriBoa without ulterior motive were a roAMint, imKcrtiiitj it to be inevitable
n'HUiiia to of politieal aignitU-aoue that tlie intereata of the two'aatiooi
aii'l a a ri-Hult there wa oppoHitioo '' the .'Hr Hunt are hottiJe, and that
arouiwiii in the o4hei fotiutry. Doubt
a iu I constralut ncuiiratrel
by Um tucr-jtha
man tami-uiea of . f aiBehooa has tieen'
carried on fur long time adroitly and
ecretly. ' '' ' ; ' ;
- -4 .
-'.f ,',.. I-
7 (Associated Press) The text
, - ' ? . f . .-'
the Hay policy of the Open Door
wax,, in which they axe already
.; . , . : ' 1 '
ELIMINATED v';;;' ,- ;'f
oeen created tnrougn tne scheming
iidLivrii ii japan wwaiu v-iiui
of the United States in the Far
a erious., situation in the Far
China remains unimnairiwt and tt
6rmu Machinations
every activity hy the other eountry on
1 Mitii; hun a aiuUtef purpua, .
'in mn or vimou
nt lshii and his
fallow eoiiiiulsMiuuer ha accompli
F 11 '" cleared thi
the ul-
n t 4 t '
riniana rrociaimca a
Republic By i
Russian Goeniment
Executive Power" Is To Be Vest
ed In An Elected Ruler But
' Parent Country Will Dictate
the' Foreign Pplicy
LONDON,' November 7 (AMoeiate.1
rreaa) Finland ia anpiiblio, the gov
ernment of Buaaia baa derided, arrord
lag to ' deapate.h received here lnut
eight from Petrograd.
The government that it now ruling
Buaaiai ana decreed, the deapateb atated,
that the executive power -"of Ftnlaad
thall be vested in a raler who shall be
eleetel. The f6relgn policy of the new
republic, however, la to be dictated by
Kuiwia, which will, retain the power to
deal with foreign eminent on be
half of Finlaud, to eiiter Into treatie
and otherwise to hnndle all .mattera not
re.iottng to domeatie air a ire.
Finlnnd'a aotonomy waa long trinee
taken away by tW old autocratic gov
ernment . or, Buaaia, which w over
thrown a few month ago when the peo
pie rnee suddenly, forced Cznr' Nicholaa
to nbilieate and thcmnelvei aunied con
trol of the government. The decision
that Finland 'je a republic and shall
govern itself ia in line with the theories
of the aew democratic government of
Socialists Demand Large Con
cessions As Price of Their
Support of New Chancellor
Alir.sTEBDAM, November 7 (Asso
dated Prea)-Political dissension ir
Oennany ia engrossing the attention of
the empire to almost as great an ex
tent as the military operations, and de
manrie that are steadily becoming more
vigorous and of wider scope 'are being
made upon the government by the tSoc
ialiata and others who are not in. agree
ment with the policies of the war lords
According to theFrankfurter Zei
long, the new chancellor, voa Ueiiling
who euceeded Hlcbaelis, ha appoints
Frederick. ,vNt I'ayer, a progressive
member of. the Beichetag, aa vice eban
ocllor. The appointment las nt yet
aoweyer,, bevn approved by the Kaiser.
Maa" Heheidemnnn, leader of the Hoe
Wlist partr, voiced he demands of hi.
rolluwers laet Hunday la aa'aMress a
RMing, Jin which he deflned the only
terms upon which the Hooiulisla . will
sgree to support the government.
, The Socialists, KjheidemaBn declared
wili support the new government head
ed. by von He rt liny, provided the gov
ernment keeps tho promises it has madf
of equal suffrage- rights, the abolition
if the political censorship and Import
nnt connessions to the luboring classes
Kocinlist support of the government
Sr.hiedcmann asserted, is also condition
d opon the earrylng out by the govern
itient nf a lea r, firm foreign policy.
?lomatie atmosphere of suspicions curs
ally spread by enemies of the two
oiintrie and in a few days the propa
gaii'la of years has been oudone.
"Throughout the conferences i Via
count lshii bas shown a aincerity and
candor that has dispelled all doubt aa
to his purpose and brought the two
governments into an attitude of confl
dem-ii enough to make the viait his
toric,' aa a memorable declaration of
attitude toward the Far Enet, i
"Tlic visit has accomplished the fur
ther purpose of exprnssing Japan's
inarncst desire to cooperate with' the
t'nitcil Htates in the war on Gorniiuy.
It. is inexpedient to publish details o'
."The United Htates government if
gratified at the assertions of Vtacount
Ishii ami his eollengues that their gov
ernment has desired to do Its part iu
the Muppression of i'russianiam, and is
eager to cooperate in every practical
VTIiere are now complete under
standings as to naval cooperation 'on
the' Pacific."
To Secretary Lansing's comment, Vis
rpunt Jshii also added an informal
atatemeatr. aa follows: ..
"'The spontaneous and enthusiastic
tnanifcstatioa of good will on the part
of all hnmla. has profoundly impressed
not only the members of the eomraia
ion, but thft whole Japanese people.
The new understanding auffurs well for
Hhe undisturbed mainteaaace of har-
moniutia accord and good neighborhood
between our countries. Certainly it
will do away with the doubta which
have now and then ahadowed Japanese
American relatioaship. It aanot fail
to defeat for all time the efforts of the
German ageota te whom every new- ait
nation developing in China furnished
a fruitful fiebl for black machinations.
- ''It further substantiates the solid
ity of comradeship daily gaining
strength .among the Booorable , and
worthy nationa of the rivilued wrld.
"My Aim belief is that ao long as
the governments maintain ' and per
tectly apireRiate the attitude of each
other, the reign of -peace and tranquil
Uty iu "our part of the world will re
main unchallenged."
-. i , . ...
Wlieu you have a bnd eold von wiiii
a reniertv that will not onlv tt( lief.
ut effect a urnmnt and uormniimit
cure, a reaiedy that is pleasai.t to take,
remedy that contains nothing in in
rlttiis, Chanilerlain ' Cuuarh li-'nunlv
meets all theve reiuir(inruts. It nets
on Nature's plau, relieves the luugt,
aids expectoratiou, opens the secretii.R
and rut ores tire system to a heultbv
.condition. Thia remcily hns a world
'wiile tale aad mm, and can alwaya be
depeudi-d upon. K'ur ale by ail dealers.
Bi-nsun, Umith k Co., Ltd. Agts, for
lluwaii. Ailvfrtinvmt-iit.
Canadians Captcre Import-
uui uiy oi racucccacie,
Driving Huns Ba:k
General Cadorna. Abandons
Bis Tagliamento Line and
Takes New . Position t
LONDON, November 7 (Associated
I're) Another British advance In
Flanders ' knd , another retreat of the
Italians on the Venetmn front marked
lie main uvejopment In the war areas
vester.la.v..' The Intlisg retirement had
been expected, the previous announce
ment that v'a Ionia wns iinly holding
the Tagliamento line while a stronger
defense system wns being prepared in
hla rear making it certain that tha inll
iug back -ns imminent.
The British advance in Flanders wa
an Important one, giving them posses
sion of PaaacheniUele - aad aoni)ilot
ommand of "the only section of high
land remaining between. Ypres and
Roulers, the : main objective on thii
front, now only four miles away. ? With
the protecting Paaschendaele ridge la
possession of the British, the situation
for the Oermans on this section of thi
ront has become ; serious. It is now
practically imjioeaihle for Crows J'rince
Buppreclit to effect any such' a with
irawai front thia front as . bas )eu
more or less expected, or at . least im
possible for any retirement to be ear-
tel put without heavy losses, in men
tail fuiaw '- ' , f, ;; . j. '
3uns In 24 Tlx'-':;
For-mi Ina ahead of them the 'plains
held hy the Germans are in full view oi
the British and a secret retreat, such as
aa effected on the Homme, raunot b
arriod through. British guns ara in a
position to aweep the German lines foi
miles, , while the first appearance of I
general retirement will bring the Brit
sh swarms down upbn the unprotected
Teutons. , .. .. v - '. .? '
- Because of this capture yesterday
Paaacbendaele, . taken by Canadiar
roups, is re; arded aa of the' greatet
Importance, although the advance wai
n a small front. and for lees .than bat
v mile in depth.
Jadoraa Falls Back. ! - .-.
Oeneml Cadorna reports that he ha
tbandoned (the. entire line of th(
ragliaarnoto and ia falling bank, witf
his army intact, upon' a hew position
iw ready to receive, him. Italian eav
itry is covering the retreat, keeping
ip a erie pt rear giiajd actions witk
on Idai kensen ' advanoiug troips.,
Jerlln, pialma Victory i '
Berlin ; reporta the . retirement an b
ictqry, p;n)uicing that the Uermam
nd Austrians have, crossed the rivet
nlong h'eif whole front and are press
ing the Italians hard. - . - i
in an i ttoryiew given the Associate!
Press by Leader F.rxhergejr of the Cen
'rist party, the exultation of Germany
vt the victories over Italy is shown. -
" While the troops of the Central Al
ties were crossing the ' Tugliamonto,'
'irr.berger said, '.'Germony at home ha
juietly crossed the political rubicon
ind in the space off five djiys hai
-hanged from an autocracy into a de
noeracy." '. ..-
ftnsria Not Through f i
Uussin is still doing ber utmost te
arry on the war and will continue to
Jo, so, snya . Premier .Kerensky, in t
statement given out yesterday at Pet
'ograd ' tli rough his secretary, protest
g against any other interpretation o
ils recent statement.
General Vcrkhovsky, Bussiun minis
er of win, has been given, an indefiiiiti
'eave of absence ami General Manienv
tky is ai ling minister of war under tbi
tireqtirn of .Kerensky, v -t ;
EVEN Alii Si
CH.VNDLKR, Arixoua. November A
i ( Assoi intcd Press)-Tba peace pro
clivities of William J, Bryan, former
wcretary of state, failed to save
langerons sitraMon todayv Bryan got
chased by a bull while out duck bunt'
ing. .. .
. The bull meant business, so Brysn
took to a- mesquita tree after hia suit
bad been, reut by tbe animal's horns,
' -A fellow hter came to the rescue,
killing the bull, ',
TOKIO, Japan, November-6 fSpe
tial Cable to Ntppu Jiji)--MarjQuia N.
Okuma, former iremier ot Japan,, who
has been serious); HI since last August,
'ibs recovered somewhat and . waa able
esterdny to appear before the confer
nee of the public school'; inspectors
ind address the gathering. ..
American Army In
ie, Is
"Fit and Cheerful"
November 7 (Associated Press)
The American army in Franco Is
"fit and cheerful", is the assertion
of the United Htates congressional
party which is la Kranee and which
visited that part of the long battle,
line which is now. bo ing held .by
General Pershing's men. The sena
tors and representatives witnessed
war maneuver back of the Hues eud
wore greatly imj ri sned by the apiuu
lld showing made by the buys in
wis defeat;
Popufar House By Ovcrvvtielmino
Vote Turns Down Suggestion
For Peace Negotiations . ' ;
1.0ft DON, November 1 (Associated
Pres)-Peace talk and pacifist propos
als have no place In the house of eom
monsj It was conclusively demonstrated
yesterday when the house went on rec
ord on propewnl made by les Hmith,
one of th Liberal members. ,
l-d by HeeretaTy of Foreign Affairs
Bnlfour, the house by an overwhelming
vote rebuked tke pacifists aad thoav
who would consider peace before vic
tory is conclusively won. ' . ,(;
,, Tha proposal pfuced. before tbe com
mons by , Lees Hmith waa that ''no
bsracles should be placed in the way
qf preliminary negotiations looking to
ward the conclusion of peace.' -
Balfour, in a speech, that rang witk
England's determination to keep on
fighting until Prusaianiam and all thai
steads for - are' forever crushed, de
cried all talk of peace at thia time, ana
the temper of the commoners was dem
.(..strafed whea th question came to. a
off and th pacifist pmporal was over
wbcimirgly riegjitived. t . ,-,.
' .The action of the bouse of common?
will -undoubtedly dash the hopes of
Germany, which baa been encouraging
eace talk. It ie likewise aa answer ia
advance to the proposals which, accord
' ig to a despatch from Amsterdam, the
Central Powers were , jpreparinfg to
make.' ,- : i ' -' , .
The Anmterdam despatch said that
that city waa in a state of great excite
ment yesterday on' account of peace
Tumors.' on the bourse..-The ' Centra'
Powers, the report said, would make an
Loffer to. the Entente before December.
proposing conference at Berne, Swit
zerland, for the purpose of discussing
Fearful Losses ' During Three
Years of Conflict Have Drain
ed Away Human Resources,
Washington, November 7 (sso
slated Press) Oermany has reached, a
orisis'ia her man powerf Jf abe Is to
tontiaue tbe war along tbe- numerous
fronts heretofore V held ' by German
:rofl, according to despatches which
Save reaebed itbe ; state department
from Hwiss sources. ' ' ." .-
' The losses of Germany have averaged
1,200,000 annnally during the three
years of the conflict and . ,tbis has
drained away the resoiDreS of the coon
try. It is necessary, if she is to main
tain her line la safety, that she hold
a reservei of two million men, but these
she no longer has to place in reserve
They must be at the front. Today, the
German reserves available number, fear
er thaa a millioa and a half,' aad . to
reach this number it has been necessary
to call into active service half of the
boys of the class of V20, boys of seven
teen and younger. 1 - ..
. : .'
P F.T BOO R A D, ' N o veraber 0 ( A
ated Press) Premie. Kerenskyfia
planning. to leave for Kngluiid in a few;
lays, presumably to discus the situa
tion in Russia with reference to inter
mil conditions and possibly map out
'he winter-campaign of Russia's armies.
: , ,i .-
7 (Associuted Press)-The first Hcin
linavian vcs-iel to arrive on this side
f the Atlnntij for several month
filched this port safely yenterday. Hbe
irouglit twejve hundred passengers.
; .). . -.
J17ABKZ, Mexico. November 6 -(A
sociated Iress) Villistas today 1 jfly
namited a train at, Armendnria, fifty
miles sfutk of Chibuahaa City. Hixty
guarda were killed , and a aimbor of
passengers wounded
HAVANA, Cuba. November 6 A.
sociated . Press V-r-Compulsory military
ervic in Cubs) ia urged by President
Meuocal ..Yesterday be e,nt a apemal
mesMge to oongreaa asking that a pro
posed bill c.ontainLng provisions for
rniiM-ripticn be rushed through as ex
peditiously as possible. ,
Suffrage Picked
Of WitfHouse
On Hunger Strike
( Associated press) Alice Paul, na
tional chairman of the. Woraon'a
Suffrage Party, wh ia serving n
seven months aentenc In tbe work
house, having been eouvitsted of dis
orderly "conduct resulting from her
activities a a picket at the White
House during the last 'esmou of
congress, ha eommenced a hunger
strike ia protest against kcr haprl
iiiuncDt. t'p u'ltil'last uigkt ,sh
had goue without food Lfor twenty
rour-uours. T . ,
a DC nrmwrn nrnriW 1 :.M,m. V V u
Jobbers On Coast Warned
. .Agairtst Taking Orders ;
" From Confectioners V;
. X full set of regulations published by
the California and Hawaiian &ugar Re
fining Company at the request of the
National food administration ss been
received by A.; M. Nowoll, secretary i f
the Sugar Factors' Company. - Other
regulations Dot yet received bere have
been Sent out on the Coast' by the
Western Sugar Refining Company and
the Ppreckcls Hugar Company.
Jobbers are warned to bewnrs pf
taking orders from confectioners, n hi
on the mainland have been eut down to
fifty percent of their demand in norirsl
times, and who are trying to make
op their usual amount by ordering
ihrough; the , jobbers. Retailer are
urged to see to it that their custom
ers do aot order unduly large amounts
of sugar for hoarding purposes. ... t
"The jobbing trade must decline to
rtl sugar to any retailer .who hns
1 Barged the consumer more than a nor
mal profit on sugar, during tha temp
orary nhortage of that commodity in
thia country, " says the bulletin of the
-efiners. ' The government requests
tke assistance and cooperation of -the
ane, angnr refinors, beot sugar pro
uers and wholesale eugar distribatorr
in stamping ent this practise." : -; ,
It la not thought that these reg'ila
ions will mnch affect the situation in
Tlawail. A small proportion, ouly of
'he eandy eoneumed here ia made local
ly, and ia mm of ehortsge Is the1 sup
nly from the Const the; local firm
rould not bsve the equipment to mak.
ip the difference, even If they eold
V be angary s ,t(-ff t''' V " 1
; The danger of hoarding aunwr In Ia
wali Is regarded as practicallv nil. B'
even if the white angat supply rjae
thort mill auger could be had in 'any
luhntity.. Eleven-twelfths of the white
ugnr consumed in tbe Territory ie
bought from the Honolulu : Plantation
lompaar ait Aiea. and only half of what
hey produce i purchased locally dur
ing the year. The fancy sugar are im
ported, put. many people, hnve given (tip
he. nse of . brr cube, : and powderci'
lugar during the war ao that the short
ie wnid not be acute even if no morr
waa aeat. -,.-
, ! 5 -', t i f s. '. -
' ' .
Chinese Killed.' Police Sergeant
Is Shocked ' :'.f''-v-v,':t
- . Ching Chun Sim waa electrocuted 'a
right-f if ty o 'cock last flight at the Waj.
Hod a Works, Ward and Queen Streets,
through grasping a grounded electric
light extension wire. j
Police Sergeant David Kamanoba.
who went to the scene in the patrol
a agon, grasped the , wire, which killed
the Chinaman and received a burn 01.
Ilia right hand and a shock which near
ly knocked him over. . ,. ; .
. A government street light line erqss
et-a secondary line or low tension run
"ing into the soda orks. Ching, whili,
standing on a wet board, grasped he
extension line for the purpose of mbv
ing the light .into tbe kitchen and 8
henyy ground reaiilted. ; . if- ;
y Another Chinaman detnhod ilie deai'
man from the wire with a stick, sjm'
laid him an n bed in aa adjoining room
'When Kamaunha arrived, be was told
that the dead man waa in another ropir
and grasped the extension line- in or
ler to light his way to where the China
man wns Iving. In that inannor 1-e toi
Cbtag waa a member of' a hui of
Chinese mho own tha aoda works.
, . .
;' . i ' ..4 , i ' ' . j ' '
Letter of Appreciation Received
; By Promotion Committee ,
- Appreciation at the-, kindly aenti
meuts. and aymiiatby expressed by the
Hawaii Promotion Committee, at the
loss which 'lie -, Majtsan Navigation
Company suffered ia the death of .Catpt
William klatson - waa received yesterr
day by Hocretary Frrnl J. llalton from
W, P. , Both, socreiftry of tlie Matron
Co, In Ban Francisco. . .;
' Mr. Roth 's , letter, which is dated
Octolx'r 24. wads, as follows 1 . "
:",I aai iu receipt of your, very kirn)
letter- of the eleventh ' lusLaut, -., for
warding copy of a resolution pasted
by. tha Jlawaii . Promotion. .Committoo.
and aUio, expressing, your own sorrow
nod sympathy at the great loss which
thia company hns suffered in the pass
Ing of Captain Mat son. I
"Captain Mat sou took the keenest
interest in every movement which had
for .Its object the advancement 0 the
interest of the Islands, aud we are
dneply appreciative of those expres
sions of sympathy at thi time , whou
our loss ia most severely felt.,
r "The' kindly sentiments s expressed
by yourself an.it the resolution of, the
committee have been, conveyed to the
family which join me in assurances of
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New York's Reform" Mayor Show-
ed Under By 'Vote of Nearly
. - 1 r- . t 1 1
1 ww 10 une in ravor 01 juuge
i Hylan - Socialist Xylose Third
Day Was '6ad Orie'For Prohibi
tiori; Beintf Beatert1 In' Three
States and Carrying In Only
One, , New Mexico Going Dry
EW'YOKK. November 7
. ( Associated Press M ayor
John Turroy Mitclel of New York
was beaten for reefection yesterday
by Judge Hylan,' the Democratic
Tammany nominee,' by ah over
whelming -ote,' which ran,' with
only evdity-two precincfi missing,
almost two to one against the In
dependent. '.-,"': ,,; -,;'-:;;,':.'"':"-"
IfWhe' question of 'woman's' suf
frage, submitted to 'the electors of
the State for the second' time, tlie
women won by a substantial ma
jority.' The exact figures were not
known at midnight, but a count of
more than half the State gave suf
frage a majority' of 32.000. J'.
The mayoralty content brought
out a big vote, more than 620,000
ballots being cast, '-while it is esti
mated1 that ten percent of the voters
ire in the national service and wilt
vote elsewhere, in training camps.
lbbard heir , ships and , at ; tire
French front. . . ' .. '
Mayor Mitlhel ran' as second
man in the returns, but by a Jiarfow
margin, the- 'Socialist candidate,
l.' . Il!11
.Moris jiiuquit, oemg a corrrjiara
.'ively few votes behind the Refonn
.Mayor.'; YilliatuM.. Bennett, the
regular Republican uomince, who
defeated MayoY. pitcher in the
primary, was snowed under,
' The . figures' with seveuty-two
orccincts , not counted, stood: Hy--lan.
-Deinocrat, 2X8.435; Mitchet,
Independent, 145,459 ;: . lfillquit,
Socialist, 134.890, and Bennett, Re
publican, 51,956, , - " '
Yesterday was a bad day for the
prohibitionists, only one 'State out
of three where the question was an
issue giving a majority for tlie
drys, and in that State the vote
was pot complete Jast,. night.
In Ohio, with return not all in,
prohibition bad been defeated by a
slim majority of eight' thousand
while woman s suffrage was turned
down by the Ohio voters by the
emphatic majority of ninety thous
and. New' Mexico, according to the
outit at midnight, seems likely to
loin the dry column, the majority
'.n favor . of the constitutional
imendmenj giving statewide pro
hibition being substantial and not
likely to be overcome by the late
returns ; - ''''
Prohibition was an issue in Vir
ginia, one , "of. the ; already dry
States. ' ; Davis, the .Democratic
candidate lor Governor,' was ' de
clared by his "Republican opponent
as in favor of .legislation cancelling
the dry, statute and of a return to
the license system.' The .campaign
to defeat Davis,, was made upon this
platform, ' desnjte which he has
been elected, along with the entire
Democratic ticket.
Governor McCall of, Massa
chusetts was ' elected for another
term, the State going Republican
throughout and electing the entire
Republican state ticket.
, There was one politicid revolu
tion, this being id Louisville, Ken
tucky, where George Smith was
elected mayor.'Tit ran as a Repul
lican and his'tTeHign 'gives that
city its first Rqmblican mayor in
years. .. , .
; VALUED AT $23,535
Tbe iuvrutory of the estate of the
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ot a4air.'i5.at. This includes notns ami
oittstauiUag hills of frieUits ainountiuir
to J 100.. The inventory shows he
KMMsstl 78,(100 worth of stoi'k Ja thrt
First Nutionul JtuDk, l'J,(MMJ iu the
Firnt Aineriiau Havings lnk, auil a
lot of shares iu suifiir ami other Indus
trial couipuoies. ;
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