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,wisser Designates General-Sam
Johnson As Commander;
" ... Instructors Appointed
"LllluoVsta.nl Cstop!! It th Offleisl
nam selected for the, Hawaiian Nation
, al Ousrd e.smp t Kb -Villon, near Ha
l.t at, a. K: J ! . . . l aa,
msndiog the Hawaiian iivnartaient; tint
. imiM special Instructions detailing
te amy wit, the eamp and obsignating
iKtvner-Mnerai pnmuel J oh ton, Nh
a; 1 em . ' a
sumar uuera an commander., - '
Ueheral Winner statos tast th fo
Frnr.ijw5: jangnae neaxiquarters,
siew oorps ma departments; First Ha
. waiiaa Infantry. Keeond Hawaiian Tn
; tmatrf, First Beparsto Troop, Hawaiian
i L'. l 1 il . . t .
wii.t. una i.hiibj n, Hawaiian
Signal Corps Detachments, Hawaiian
Medical Department. , - ., ; , -Major
WiileV Wayae i announced
ramp, .adjutant.,. Captain Byard
Hneed, -saw! Infsatry. in detailed for
duty with the First Regimat, asin-struct-,
end Canteia -Oustae flonar
Infantry,, detached liat, la ordered t
. duty With the Hecotod Infnntrv a. 1.
vtrwriufv -no am oeea instructor ml the
Edward F. Witeall Infantry, orderec"
It htj tM brigade headquarter
at inspector-instructor. The followine
named officers bto detailed for duty at
Officers Detailed r . i. i ' 1 ".'
,' Cnntaia Raymond E." McQuillan, 4t"r
vBTBiry, aa,.iirmctor . with the are
Dattailon, j'iret Infantry, and Firat Sep
. arate Troop. Hawaiian Calr t 7
' Fim Lieutenant Manry Mann, Firat
Infantry, a Inrtrnrtor with the second
Dattahon, Flret Hawaiian Reirfment.
Captain Ernest J. Carr. 25th Inlnti
try, an inatMetor the third batta
mm. rirn lnnntrr. - . ..
Captain Charloa M. Blackford. 1st la
. fantry.'as Instrnotor with the 1st Bat
talloa, id Hawaiian Infatitry.
Optaia lister D. Baker. 2d Infan
tj, aa ininractnr itn the 2d Battalion
2d Hawaiian Infantry, , ;
rirat Lieut. Williajn J. Jackson, 2d
jnmnirrj v. n. as instructor with
tM 3d Battalion, 2d Hawaiian Infan
. try... ' ' : .;
First Uetit. John J. Maret, Signal
Oorpa, U. R. R.. as instructor with Field
Company B, Hawaiian Wmwl Corps.
Major Leopold Mitchell, Meilica'
Corps, aa sanitary instructor and in-
spearor. , $ i ; i ,
Noq-Ooau Aa Inatruetora ' i
r Tlie post commander at Rchofleld Bar1
racks, will' detail' suitabln n on rnm mi a.
ieireal oftecTS f his Command for dut.r4
i,nci Kin ur aaiiooai guart
troops at the eamp aa follows.
'' One wifh each company o the Irst
mnv secona regiments, Hawaiian Infan
try; one with the detachments, Hawaf
ia aienieai iieDartsnent. . Th inimiun
aiiMUMiea oncers .so detailed . will- br
inMrueted to-report en November 9
J91T, to Captain Byard Sneed, for duty
Firat Class Sergeant Albert B. Bosch
Company B, 3d Field Battalion, tna'
Corps, U. 8. A., is detailed as instmcto-
company B, - Hawaiian Hijjna'
vuipa, uunns- ine penoa of the encamp
ment, aad will report November 9, 1917
to First Lieut. Johit J. Maret, Bicna
Corps, IT. S. for duty, and ftn; 4h.
. .u.r.c,iu iii pi,. u umy wiu reiurn ir
his proper station! -f" -
The followlnnnarticd 8erj;eant-In
struwtora. on doty with the Nationa'
Guard of .Hawaii, iU cempany thr
national Kuard troops to the encamp
ment, aad upon arrival at the camp
. will each report io person to Captair
Byard Rneeo, for (nstructions: Jm
Orijfsby, Qnsrtermsster Corps. Otto F
Messenger, Troop Gt, 4lh Cavalry. Aug
list WeUel, Company H, let Infantry.
Martiav'K Jenea, Company L, 2d In
fantry, Fred L. Wierry, ifedienl lie
partanent, Bruoe ,1V. PheJton, 2d la
f entry. , i
All preliminary details in eonnectior
with the Camp of Instruction will br
arranged through department headquar
ters by the eamp eotnumnder. ,
The achedale of inetroetion prepared
bv jie se-nior iaspeetor-inatructor, Na
tional .Guard of Hawaii, and Approver'
br department headquarters will ; be
parried out during period of the eamp
f Instruction. - . . . .
Muaterliig Offlcers ' ; . j
The officers detailed as instructorr
wlt MVm u.Lm.. K. .ft- : . J '
' - - - - " " u I..M a I iJ II n AMU MTJa
rate rgsniaations will act aa musterinr
officers of the organizations with whiol
they are detailed for duty. All troopr
Of the National Ohard of Hawaii trti
eipating ia the encampment will ,'be
mustered Immediately after tbeir ar
rival at the eamp. .
All Affieers detailed for duty as in
structors iat lha camp, except Captain
GonSer. Will nrOCMl to Kaailna
i November l, reporting on arrival to
the eamp commander, and on termina
tloa of the encampment will refurp
to their proper ststions.
The eommamling officer, at Bchofieli
Barracks, will make the necessary ar '
rangements to provide Suitable mounts
for the field offlcers of the brigade.
First Separate Troop of Cavalry, and
headquarters company,, of each regi
mout. a ' , .
Leather leggings for enlisted inen
have been tabued by the army heads
and although they are still to be seen
upon the legs of many privates in Ho
aolnlu, thy are actually on the banned
However, ntii the present supply is
worn out they fan be usod. It is re
ported that there are enough laggings
of this tyne ou hand to keup the legs
of enlisted men previously permitted
to wear them, covered for a year.
' ' seii i . i .
Be earefnl af the oWs ou" tuke at
this tun of 4u year. Vhnj are part
rularly dangerous. ... A. tie'locted cold
niay. fmwtit -' a' "wlnter-lpng cqlX Take
('hamberlnin's Cnugh Reuwdy at once.
For sale 'by aUlrtsJera. Beuian, fluiim
k fr., Ltd.'Agts. fnr Mwalt.---Ad er-Useiuent.'-
' " "' ;" "'v- r " ' - HAWAII A1
Portuguese 'Contrli
ously To Fund For Relief of :;
Suffering Humanity " K '
j BesulTsf the- rortUgueee Red Cross
drive on the island of Oahu to' date
are practically eomjilete,' though the're
turna from - the lother islands will not
be la until the end of the week or later.
The aum of 2ill.8V rontrihuted ia Ho
nolulu since the beginning of the cent
paign last Bunrtay morning is ' now
nearly all in ''the. hands of, the treas
nrer. , ; ' ..;
. Reports from the plantations on Osbu
indicate that there will be a large ad
d it ion to the fund from, tlione sources,
aunouga ia most eaes payment will
not be made until after the yearly bo
nus -is distributed later in the month.
Uo the other islands the same proced
ure is being followed, and the planta
tloa . workers are signing up fat the
sums they will contribute when they
are In fuutls. ' - -
. The Fortugucse rvxirients of Kalihl
held a concert in Portuguese and Enir
tish on ' BatftMay and Sundny nights
ind t, uracil over their proceeds' to the
Portuguese Red Cross. The Portuguese
moving picture honse proprietors for
Kakaako and Katihi did the same. "
Those of Other nationalities who with
i contribute te the work of the Por
tuguese Bed Cross in aidinu- the aick
and wounded ia the battling eoantries
or Kurop may leave tbeir gifts at. ei
her Vleira's iewelrr store., t ha Ponn
lar Clothing (Company, the Ideal Cloth
ing company, or tionsalves 4 Co. Small
amounts or large may be left at these
places, until November IT.
The drive for Honolulu has been
limited to Novcaiber 17, but on the
plantations and other islands it will
continue until November 0 or Inter.
A large meeting -will be held at Lusl-
tana Hall on the afternoon of Sunday,
November 18, at which a(J the cam
paigners and officers are .naked to tie
present Full roports will be present,)
and a picture will be takett of all who
took part in the drive, i
m mnwm 10
"Over There"
. The Ilunolulu boys in the ambulance
raining eauip at Allcntuwn,' Pennsyl
vania, will not have lone to wait be
fore they will be sent abroad for ae-
:ve service. ., A letter from Paul B,
iVUliams says that men are beiuu sent
from there quite reirularly. ; 'v :
"Tbe iqeu have comfortable quar
era, and though nothine definite is
atrnonneed they seem to erpect foreign
lui iHiny Boon,- - says me letter irom
Williams, field secretary of the Na
tional Tennis Association.
The explanation of the enlistment
of the first contingent of Honolulu
boys at AHentown instead of , their
joining the tennis section is given in
ji cupping rrom a New York paper sent
to A- L. Castle. At the time that Fran
cis Brown, Fred Bivcn, JEmest Pod-
norc, niiuam iNooie, and William
Wells left for the East! they expected
f-o join, the first, section of the Tenuis
Ambulance Corps. , Word ' sunt after
'heir arrival said that they had en
listed in the medical corps separately
It seems that when the arranffements
were made by cable for their trip it
was supposed the examinations would,
be held Heptembar 8, Various prelim
naries delayed the examinations sev
eral weeks, so that when the Honolulu
hoys arrived there was not yet auy
tection ia sight for, them to join,
Lieutenant James Boyd of -the New
I'ork chapter of the American Red
ohs brought the matter to the at ten
ion of the Allentowa authorities, who
locided that because of the remark
ible trip taken by the bovs who li:nl
come all -the way from .Honolulu to
iexve, taey wouUl. be . examined and
nlixted at ones.
,No argument In their favor wns
loeded,". says the clippies, "when it
Uk-eme known that tome wf them lml
dosed their busiaesa affairs and start, '.I
for New York On three da vs' notice.
The military authorities took the poi
jon that men who wanted to join iim
badly as all that certainly ouidit to l,e
accouimodated." ,
4-. L
Goes ; There To Finish Aviation
Stanley Keunedv. who " with Alan
Lowrey, enlisted some time am in the
avlatum eeria, has completed his train
nv in the Bostoh School of Tei lino!
ogy and has gone to lVnsaeola, 1 lori.
lu, to put the niilKliing touches to tin
ourse, according to a letter reeeiveii
vestenlay Im hi father, J. A. Kenm ily
resident of the Intor-Island fcitoam
Navipntion, Company.'. r :
In his lutter, sent from Boston priof
to the time be had learned th-it he
would go south, young Keuuedy ex
pressed a desire to be seat to Loudon,
where many American aviators Imve
been sent. He said that both Lowrey
Vid bimself passed high in wireless,
lavlgatioo and aeriul guunery.
Abaudoumeut of its football schedule
for.tliis Sfaoa was anooupced in a let
ter from ..the-authorities of he Uuiver
sity pf New Mexiro to Colorado Col
lege athletic oJlieiiUs canceling a si bod
uled aiite a bii U was aiade publio here
today.' JHffictiltics In iecurtng' a tflacb
were (be reasoas given. -
nU l.l.ij'n . i 1 ...... .
oiy isiana uuarasmen win Arrive
Friday Morninfl and Entrain.
( At Once For Kawailoa '
, (From Wednesday AdvertsscrV
Two ofllcors ami hundred enlisted
men of the Secoibl Begimcnt, Hawaiian
National Guard, who. i arrive hfcfe
rrjj'fy Wniug from Kooa snd Kao
will be the firnt units to report for serv-b-e
at Camp Lilluokalani," Kawailoa,
J Mnn Loa will arrive
front Kona ami Kau that morntngi at
half past six o'clock and the troops will
entralnat the railroad depot for ibf
camp at nine o'clock, arriving at tholr
destination at noon, k , . , . 1
i " mo,,ninil to offlrjers
( p men-ot he same regiment
will arrive from Kawaihas, and depart
vj train at eight forty
Change U Made ' !
A ehangr has been made concerning
the Kauai troops, the first detaehnK-nl
from the Garden Islam arriving front
Knalia and Koloa on Kriany. consisting
tt ten officers and S51 men. These wiU
srrlve oa the Mauna Kea. On Bunjay
the Kmau will enme in with troops from
UhLbibdII 1 1 r -- ...
" nnea, oringing tnqro
msmder nf the total 57 men ( '
Mve officers and 10H enlisted . men
will arrive here on the tlaudinS from
Lahaina and Lahainaluna Pnnay
Arnino sn,i lom-a .
loa at eight o 'clock. I
On Mouday morning the Kilauea trill
bring ia three offlcers and l.m nliA.i
men from Mahukona, Hawaii; and hi
r M l.nn Una. l . ' ... . . . .
"iuuuuh win nring twenty-nine
ofJieers and 72 enlisted men
rrom mho, Hawaii, -and Kahalul, Maui,
me snme morning.-
locate Leave Sunday
- The loeal regiments will entrain for
the, eamp oa tanday morsuig. The
iroops fn tioaoiula will leave the de-
pot at eight o'clock; Company B, Ia
wbuh eiirMi Vrps. ,'W ill cntra in mi
one forty o'clock in the afteraobnj
tympany ij, atationed at Aiea, will
iM.tirn me i rain ai That station at tvO
fifteen; Company i H,; of Walpahu, tvip
""" in" "anie irain at two-thirty, end
Company O, tf Ewa. will be the Inst
nait to be picked up at two forty five
o'clock. i .
. wagon trantportation is to be fur
nished at the steamer landings at Ho
nolulu to transfer baccaee to the Ide
' tur ioc return tnps. the Mauna I .on
Will leave for Kona and Kan on Frl.
day, November 23, at noon, with two
ouicers ana itn; wen. . I
Kilnuea will leave for Koine: Port
Allen end Waimoa, Kauai, on Tuesday,
nuTomimr i, bt six in me anernoon
with fourteen officers and 097 enlisted
men, . i
The Mauna Kea for- Kawaihae will
leave Wednesday,. November 28, at ten
in. the- morning with two officers and
.) . ... . '
nriy-nve enlisted men. ' '
The Kilnuea will leave for Laliajns
(Lahainaluna) and Kahului on Thsrs
day, November 29, at eight in the
niurnmjj wiin niieen omcers snd pup
enlisted men.. - ,
: The Kilauea will also leave for Ma-
hukona and Hilo on Friday, November
, mi nine in me morning with twenty
two offlcers and 002 enlisted men. i
Tlie transportation orders aad iar
rangoments for all transportation have
heen made by Major J. M. Camera,
uranaaee iiepartment, Hawaiian
tionai uuar i.
Honolulu Boys With
Want' Hawaiian Music
' .- ' ' - ' . ' 1 .
Promotion Committee" Secretary
WiU Forward -To ;Th0m Any
tl.i n ? 'a ... .lit. '
iiiaireopie oi ny vvouia UKC
To Send To .Cheer Them
John A. MYKinney, formerly of Ho
nolulu, but at present attached to Jhe
Royal Frying Corps, Canadian Expe
litionary .Forces, has written to the
Hoeretary tf the Hawaii Prouiotjioa
Committee asking for "any old Uawai
ian songs and 'musie-that snv 'kbiil
hearted Jlouolulaus may wish to Hie
uate". , - .... V : ; . 1 .:
Mr. McKiuney; who -was a member of
the lust Hritisb contingent that left
for Canada, says there are msny for'
mer resideuts of Hawaii attached j to
the Royal Flying Corps, 'and as Our
most pleasaat recollections are of eui
life iu Hawaii we often thiuk of the
doiigs ami music some of us may sever
hear again.", ..,:''','... - j
Tbosu who would like to respond, to
me request ' or these Honolulu boys,
who hace gone to do their bit. should
leave the songs aud njunic at the officq
of the Hawaii Promotion Committee, oo
or before November 13 next, said Sec
retary frank Halton yesterday.
. tn ... ' i
iviuuu, Bw oia Hawaiian, was sen-teii-s,l
to throe months' hnprisenmeut
by Federal Judge foindexter yesterdav
m a charge of selling llujuor. to a sof
lier in uniform. The arrest was msde
ty 1'oliee Odicer Riebsrdsoa near Ho
tel and Muunakea WJ recti. -. : ,
The adiuirlty case of Rieharl Dom
ing. epta of the tug Printer versus
the stunner James Makee. onu.
in the federal ourt vester.luv
morning, argument being hud ou the
libelant's except Ion to the libellee's
answer to the ulel. Following aruu-l A
tnkeq under, adviaement , by Jsdire!
Vaughan. Attoriiey A. !. CUe Jep l
resents libelee snd Attorney II. t: 1
Prosser appears for libellaut. ,
Valley Island Pedagogues To As-1
. sembia in Annual Get-To
. gether, November 30
Jfsul tesehers ' are prrparins with
greater pains than ever before tor the
annual meeting of the teachers' essoeia-
tioa to be held on 'that Island oa No
vember SO.; The following circular has
ma sent,. out by the committee in
charge, consisting of E. A. Browa,
ehairman, of Ptiunene; Mrs. Laura A.
Habey, of Ppreekelsville, and Mre.
Louise V. Poyum, of HamnVunnnko.
i"The fnrpoee of this communication
is TO annoiisco that the nest annual
meeting of the Maui Teachers' Associa
tion rill be held in the Tela school
OtiMinJ en the day'frer Thanksiv
ing. Also to suk your henrty coo tie ra-
wu ia Huni iuii meeting a success
in every wsy. . r
."To further this idea and to aid the
work we would like te have the teach'
srs send to the program committee
aeipinl sungcsllons in any or all
orsmihea of svboU work dealimr with
"omial or eonrrete prlneiples, as well
as practise or method, as used in the
wnoois oi the Territory.
.' "It is diflicultin fact it is 1
oossinie to even touch upon all the
ttibjecte that teaehera may desire to
ieor at our teachers' meetings. There
fore, it is thought advisable to consult
he teachers of Msni County and re
juest them to put forth personal efforts
e assist In making the coming meet
g of Interest to everj-body, by torn.
)ning their. Ideas with those of the
urogram - committee and officers is
iharge; by making their wishes known
.hrough personal communications, and
totting forth the particular point ot
mbject they would like to have brought
before the meeting ,
"At the same time It might be ad
vantageous for those making such re
quests to- suggest' or designate, the
teacher or teachers they prefer te heai
along those lines. ,
All Asked To Efclp
i;" Teachers of all grades are request
ed to submit questions to be answered
topics-to be diiesnssed) also suggestiost
or plans' for the betterment ef our
meetings.- '
"It is ths hope of those in ehswre
that every , teacher will be present.
Cbme prepared to take part in one ot
more discussions. Leaders of discuss
lens will limit their remarks to fifteen
minutes, in order tkat others may tak
part. -(: i.'
"'Observations' upon timely sub
lecta will form a port of the program,
being five-minute talks by teachers el
lifferent grades.
. VThe announcement" as above wet
jfoposed by Miss Crickard and sdoptea
y the program Committee.
"l"he topics 'gfven below are Bug
jested for a question ' box or roun
table discossioii. ' Please check the one
hat you think we should discuss, tak
ng into consideration the limited tim
nt'our disposal. Propose others. Oivi
us the benefit of your advice at you i
ail, ett convenience. Write to any
oembcr of the committee,
jucstloa Box Suggestions '
"What is the significance of self!
.overnmentf 1
"How can tho'investicntion of prob
Ictus outside the school be encouraged'.!
KhouM more time be iriven to tlw
oliition of problems in which children
are normally interested I , t-
"How may a teacher interfere with
the social aim of education by insist
ng on the childrea'a asking permissioi.
before they move ia the roomf
"What is the value of the aecumu
lation and repetition of facta given ii
fhetext books! LVe measory worl
stimulate jnq,iiryT.j
"What should be' the attitude of tht
pupil in regard to his accepune.e o
.he words of the text or the statement
it the teacher f - , . ; .
"Is the schoul system sometimes i
hindrance to teaching things which the
eacbors know should be taught t
. "Is sysU m in the school .snore im
jortant than the school system!
''What Hubjecte usually foua'd ii
texts en unthmetie should be emitted'
What subjects given little attention
What stressed! . ., .., . . ..4.
"KhoulJ we adopt the practise ii
lomputatlon of regarding an unprovei
sum as an operation only half doua um
of no account t , . -.
"Should aiiHlytieal form which Wr
ly shows the line of reasoning, step b
step throughout the entire , probleai
though the work be inaccurate, havi
a higher murk or grade than the cure
less, huphnzurd mot bod though ths re
mlt be rawest t ... j
And More f gasse Thing --
"is it a detriment to allow the pupil
whose work in Addition, subtraction
multi lieatioji, or slivieioa. is leas taal
1U0 percrtit right, to turn to other com
putsKiens biifore he corrects the error I
"Is the ' Nummary ', for teaching ng
lish, p. 20 of the Revisions for
of Ktudy,', practical aad effective!
What is the most practical snathm'
of tcacliiiig story -ork!
n expected to make a diaolav of
useful school equipment one of the most
interesting features of the meeting
Each tcaelier cua help io do this. Bend
something simple bat useful in this line
to H, AL Wells, principal of the Pain
cliot,L, in advance of the meeting so
tlmt it eaa lie arranged before the
meeting.- Follow the. plan of the Ouhn
tencliers ns explained en nacres 10 mil
U of the Hawaii Educational Review
for October.' ,
fhis is 0 'get together' proposition
lAt us rouibine our effort's with en
thuNinsm for the highest success ef our
meeting. ,
"To eeve labor and expense, these
aiiiKfUUcemeiils ars being mailed to
prlntipals with the expectation that
they will hHnd a copy to each of tbeif
BsHistants. " . ,
vey, t?uiooi. u .
liunst & Co., this eity. who left
Honolulu iu nep'enuier, lias joined th
rniy niinrtermaster corps in Hun Fran
e'reo, sltlipufcb not yet called to. the
c b.rs. He nassod the tU,..:u.i ..
the reserve with high honor.
9,' . 97. -SEMI WEEKLY.
I ( I t 7. I - - - spssp essai w . SBSBi SSI jjbj saar sT WfJ W bbbss H St. Ift-a
WAUTf wciTHDC nn pnimnr iihmi'
iinnio ikNiuiu till ObnUUI UKft
Hope', Congressional Party Will
.See Bin Mill Thurn'
' Pepeiko Behool, Hawaii, is dookinc
forward with anticipation to the ar-
'Wat in'Htlo on November 11 of the
eongressiosal pnrtr. tinys the Pspal-
kou Behool News of November 0
"Oa November 11 the United Mates
congressional party is due to arrive in
Hilo. Many of u.x remember the Visit
In 19 15. of the lat congressional party.
These men are members of the United
States congress and re coming to Ha-
wail to learn our needs. They Will
spend about five days on the island of
It la planned that they will land at
Napoopoo snd journey through Kona.
At five o'clock Sunday evening they
will arrive at the Volcano ITosse,
where they will have dinner and then
visit tty? volcano. Durinir the remain
der of their Visit, they will tour Puna,
Hilo and Hamnkua. . t .
"Many preparations are being made
for their entertainment, snd they will
have ample opportunity to become ae
quaint ed with the people of the Is
lands. During their stay they will be
ill own through one of the large sugar
nuns, lrniii n will DO the -One OB
tbie plantation. We hope so, for, in
mat .case we win tie given a a oppor
tunity to see something of the' distin
guished visitors.
Other School Motes .'.
"On Bunday the 'Diamond P Base
ball Team to going to cross bots with
the Heaomu team. The 'Diamond , P'
is rapaiaon team nsd contains a
number of our. school lioys Bhigeru
Ishiaaki, Hideo Ysmnshita sad Toss k a
Nskanouchl of the eighth grade; Vo
shiwo . Koshimoto and Goirhi : Hama
sioto of tbe seventh grade; Jaami Hva-
to of tbe sixth grade. Good luk te
our boys aad may they come heme vie
torioust - , .,- : 1 : .,
"We have a large growing crop- of
weet potatoes in our school garden.
iniring the past week the garden class
has planted another large plot,' com
prising six varieties.
"We are glad to report that the epi
demic of mumps which has been sweep
ing through the school has about fun
Us course. Faces sre beginning to look
natural again, snd we hope that with
the coming rain all such things will
disappear." ' .
iiffiiiM :
fVill Be Called Into Service With
Illinois Jroops
With two members of the Berkley
amity ot Honolulu in active service
luring the past two years oa the Brit
h fronts in Belgium and in tbe Balk
lus, news has just come tkat a thir.
oetnher will soon be ia the America!
National Army. Benny Kahea Btck
y, of llenolulu, has written roa Chi
ago t his brother, MaluSaai Beckley,
hat he bse been drafted, hiseer'.-U num
er having been 477 sad fcal draft
trder number being 478A.' He will be
'ailed into service with Illisois troops
Young Beckley has just . returned tt)
Chicago from a tour with a Hawaiiaa
ussicnl orcasialioo , directed bv
l'rinee" Jack Helelabe-covering the
tares or Alsbsma, Heanessee, Missis'
ippl and Kentucky. They aeeasnpaniet
-epresentativca of aa aatomobile com
sny which. wsn spreading the attrae
ioas of its car with the aid of the
ukulele and melodies of the beseb at
Waikiki. : - :V
FOR m 21,891
. 1
IX)NDON, NoTemoe Associated
Priss) The weekly i- essualty report
hows tbe BeKieh losses tn Flsaders
for the past week to be 21,801 killed
and wounded. J;.L- .... .
Schopf .Notes;
aoT of the board
Henry Paavhaif of the buart of edu
eatioa will attend tUe snauul encamp
aenv 01 tne xMauenai' uuard of Hawaii.
The Oahe Teae tiers' Association will
told its aiinnal eouuejition in the Terri
'orial Normal Hehool oq November ,'.
"eachees nJ piipila aH over the Torri
ory vill csjoy .for days ' yaeution
legioiiiug with Thanksgiving V&yj
It is not 01 poet ed now that-. Heuri
V Kisney, ' auf lerlDtcadeet of j ednca
ion, mill be aWe eo e-etaru from hl
trip to the Orient beforo the) end of
he present month. His return ha'
Seen retarded by the 'grounding, of th
renyo Maru, en which he waa a pas
wnger. .'; ' ,- ;
Oeorp B. Raymond, stiervising prtn
ipul o( Maui, will visit Honolulu short
y as he will attend the eeming einnuV
mtioiml guard, eucampmett oa Wiis isl
and. ' . ! , ..
Printed copies of the musi anrl
words of the song "Loyalty is the
word today; Loyalty to the Uj i. A.,"
are being distributed among the terri
toriul schouls by Insfiestor-Oenernl Av
rv. The song -will e tanght tad winj:
n all the schools of Hawaii. t ,1
Abraham, Kekpi has tieea Installed
is president of the 'rU.. Louis College
Literary Moeiety. Tbe other officers are
.liilm Kahookele, viee-presideat Lam
Wing, SBcrutary; Vincent Chun; rreasur
er, and Clnu Hayselden, sergeant-St
irnis. The.retiriug officers were fteorgi
'Innvberf!. president; Cisrles Inibej-t.
vice president ; Frank, Almeida,! seere
'-'. and, Henry Cooper, sergosnt-at-arm.
7"T :" - ::.'':'": '" .v;; ''-'v " ' ' ? .
Pala Pupils . Making Furnlhie
-; ,.;y On Valley Island ; ; ' '
The following interesting paper on
"Vocational Work at Pais Schdol" has
been sent by Anthony C. Pereira, In
charge of the department thsrer ror
publu-ation in The Advertiser scbool
."Manual training In the larger rural
ss well asclty schools has beeonie an
Important a factor as any subject
taught. , .
' "JurUig recent years the mainland
schools snd colleges hsve is one way
or another modified or . so- orraneed
their enrrienla as to include some kind
of vocational instruction. , Manual
training has had its tryouts and has
" " piiuvru ui wnerever
t 1. i . . .. . '-.1
i. uui; reerniiy lost WIBMial I -""-", sppcuiaions whs, last
training baa been iutroduesil into tbel Pr,,1f hes eggs were at reuord bresk
schools of Hawaii or rather has bees gsiubled on a shortage, are
- ...... a m iu. tmrvr
srhools, where instructors have devoted
much of their time to the subject, it has
been very successful. In Pala school
ip ids lars-eri
dui uttie over . a yesr ago, manual
mining was raught only one day a
week, whereas iiow there is a clasa, si
wot im an nmir ana a hair each day.
Many Ia Wood Work
"There' are fifty-eight pupils taking
wrUul n-k . v. a . ....
- K ' 1, nnuui iwfin ID
esc class, each day. These are fnom
the fotirtli to the eighth grade, v .
"Each pupil taking woodwork ie re'
quired to make working drawing 01
the object be is to undertake to make
Af.ex be is instructed bow to go slouj
hi work, a pjril starts without fur
ther -oneation inir and mnik . - Sm ' I.
saved ia this way. Originality and
" wivuiuaiity ia encouraged at all
time, j - .1- : , ... , : :
4,Iast year the boys -constructed
number of articles, many ef which
they took tiome. The fallowing ar
few of those ninilo- ml.n l,....k
tabourets, necktie racks, jsrdiaiet
stands, sleeve boards, book racks, mag
sxine recks, and teachers deake. ; ; -rurnHnt
Tor Tsaxhers' Cottage ; J
:"ThU term the bpys have been eon
Structliur flirnirura tnr ..nwim
tnges.i , These are: dining 4blc, a, li
ovary aMe, small Center tables, food
safe aad other article. Bdbidje these
the boys have been devoting much tlmt
to rrorking out projects for Ihemseleea;
these, however, re being done before
and after school hours. ., , ., ,.
.'.'Beside . woodwork :'. and .printing,
gardening is "ths other, line of voce
tionai work being taught at. this school.
The boVS Of the Inwilr thint .!
grades, numbering fifty two, hsve s
regniar perioa ror gantenleg,, ; Thoet
of the upper .grades, numbering thirty
five do their garden work either before
or after school hours. ' ' " ,,;
Dry Weather Hurt Oaxdenf .'. .
"Owing to jh weather little - ba
been done. . However, - we Jkav beet
pui-hing our. planting on graduullr
Seed beds were the first pleated SnV
traauplanting of the plants -ie aearl)
couipietel. We have bad the boys d
extra work to keep their gardea plant!
from dyisg oa aeceuat ef the, Urj
weather ;';'
"Prijtiag is doae once week and
at Drespnt tlm iirtnirtt . tn .rln,in.
stories aad gnrdea report cards, . They
nave aiso printed atteaoaace cards.
es i ... -, i
InFnnetnr-flAneriit Avnt-v frAtn.Ma.l 4.
Honolulu Weilnesdsy ni)Hit, suys Ins'
Fridny's Maui News of, Wsiluku. Hi
wax loud in his prsises of the Mnu'
vhooln, and hud a particularly gooi'
vord f'.r the vocational work, which
!ie said was the best he hhd seen any
here in the Ldauds. , He lso com
plimented the school bulldisgs ani'
ouipnient, even those Ja out of -the
wav places. ,
Seven teachers of sis schools on Mo
lokai will get together oa November
'') at Knlnaaba school, Iko, snd huvt
i teachers' renveetiea. of. thule wn
The other two teachers of the island
Hill nut be able to sttead.
Supervising Principal Raymond ' ii
in hopes' of going to the traiuing caia(
with the natl -guard. . He ass will
he nachine mm comnnntr . U.nlnl
nt has siqce been on the. reserve list
During his recent visit te the outsidi
lands rnsp-etnr aral Avery spent
i few dnvs in Mnlokni. '
Lame and Achy
Every Morning?
There's little TtiumVon i.:.i
f -- j una .ii-
nevs are weak and whila .!....
niiiv be uothieff mnrn ...I n. 41... .I..1I
- a uiu
beckache, sharp, stabbing pains, head
ii. urn, ui.r.y spells ana Sidney irregu
IliritieM -nll mtmt .' An!AL 1.
j ....... ... Ulb.lj IU iVI
the more serious trouble, dropry, gr.ivel
m-nri uiit-aw, jinpt t aisease. l l
Dihui 's Backache Kidney Pills, the rem
edy t hat is so warmly recommended
here and everywhere. ' ' .
" W hen Your Back is Lame Remem
Inn- the Name." (n,,n '( .. t. f
.1 kidney remedy- ask distinctly for
i-iiiui im Kill-lit- money i lus ami tuK1
uo other). Doan's Backache Kidnei
I'ill are sold by till drugglalasnd rteie
keem-rs, or will lie n.silid oa receipt o
price by the Hollister Drug Co., 01
Heimon Smith ft Co., gents-foi' the
lluuuiiau IslttUiaa. (Advertiseiueut)
"rVrySirW ftvi''1- V-tf
'" U I T"I . -. :
'' .. . f 1 ' i- . 1 1
Mainland Oealers Have Twenty-
six Million Dozen They
Want To Get Rid of v
While mainland uU i... .. ...
being quoted retali in Honolulu at
sixty-five cents a doaen, and the local
hens refuse to lay anything. -cheeper
' - " uiru ww, rp,g ueai
tt oa the maiuland are hollering for
someone to take twenty-aia million i ox
en eggs off their hands. , -.
A thiesgo desputek of October So.
sayst ; 4; '
Caught aith a great serplu of eolj
n wnicn wey are losing
400 a car at present prtces, Chicngo
RJ spulstors hsve appealed t the
governmeat to save them, by making
old storsgs eggs a pert of the army
V" IDU PBSI . " " gllMIIVU, III!
it has beeal M m"T "danger the snpremeey of the
. 1. larmy bess ia the sol.H..f.
rn.:.i.,.nu , . , .
Sskine that th.ii- I...... v. -.1 7 . ..
- . W1M-IX OUE
snd aa actual profit be guaranteed to
them by the goverauent. They are
, ""v " ue amy ration do
Changed to accomplish thia, but that
tb government fix the price of rggs
by.Ucresi.ing the present sasrket rates
so ss to giv the speculators 10 seteeut
over eost. v
. :?1VJBr??.',t reporU thst there
sre 8475 cases, or 20 ,(513,230 doxen
more eggs in storage thia month than
year ago. They were bought ia April
fQ,n v"iKe -f 37H coats a doen. Ia
1x10, the April storage eggs were put
ftasy at an sversge cost of 5 to 27
ents.. -Worage eggs sre aow seilinz
vholesala at 33 cents a dosen. or sa
iverago l ; of s eeoU d
rhich figure np oo . , -'
? reon, 1oT tke big surplus ar
id to be many. The egg crop last
pnng was lar,e, Sad, in order to hold
ip prices, many more rggs than usual
ere stored. . An nrgeut, demand was
lounted on, but no sgga have been
shipped broad. The large percentage
of water, in proportion to th nourish
ment ,,in , eggs ha made them taboo
for export. This fall the excellent
weather encouraged the hens to con
tinue laying much later than asual, and
itorsge ega were kept off the market
until late, Home of tbe big operators
tre aaid to stand to lose fortunes if the
attempt to got government aid falls.
Peckers refuse to discuss the situa
tion. Armour ft Co. said (hat they
V2 f0"''"1 bout Ofiicials
Jf.fwitf Co. admitted that storage
gs were now selling at a alight loss.
, rtie omeial government . report on
icdd storag,- eggs fVtober 1 showed
Jte of A5,778 cases, as
igtvinst 4,807,800 eases a year ao. The
sOrrnal, whil a ywr ago there was a
loortage.-' ' ;, ,v,
1 ,
m lo' VANTED
Rivenburoh Working On Deal For
. j .;. ;';'Two Piece .
Two pieces of Innd belonging to the
Parker Ranch u,l '!, u;j. v..-..
?n,!l?Wa, "V0,Vl" " ' OOUt
0,(HW aeree. will ve fas k.
erootion of the Hawaiiaa National
rark wtthia the lines originally pro
posed when negotiations, now ponding-,
are concluded for the ae,iiliH. li
same. - Land Commisnioaav , ...-
hergh ia working oa the deals.
rue eommwalooer has also received
s lottsr from Acting Park Dire, tor
loraee M. Wright of the National
Parks 1 Huresu at Washington, stating
that the prospects are bright for con
esssoual appropriation to develop the
HwaiUn Park. - If this ia swur.,1
rmeers sad officials of the bur eaa will
ve sent here to aix nn k. .u
plan for Us proper incorporation late
v 'J mriii. vne niece 01 the
lends in Question la tr 1
--- - Kilt.
the other in Kshuku, both of which
" 1 """ crater or Mokuawcoweo
Within th limila U. -
One of the Princinal foatura. . 1..
presented to the attention of the con-
. 1 v u.
v"i uurirg luerr visit to Kimuea
next week will be the park proposi
tion. . . t- e . '
Disposition of Case One of Quick
est On Record
. 1 . . . .. .
For attempting toVrancle. a Jansn.
ese girl with a rope Boose oa the aiirht
ef .obee 8, Chin Tea In, a Korean,
was foaad guilty in the clreuit court
yeaterday morning of assault and bat- '
fry aad sentenced to a year's im
prisonment by Judge Keen.
This is one of the Quickest cnn.lii.
sions to ease brought before the cir
cuit court ia years. Just a week ago.
Z 1 " ""K" sua neia Karo
Kato, a Jaiaaese girl near the Pleas-
fl titan HiU.,1 mnA n .. .
. ., . 11 a iif-r 1 1 Ulli
crying out for help, threw a slip aoose
urrriirr neau aso sttempted to strangle
"" it'll' n tne
aan was arrested, brought before the
tiand jury, indicted aud ia now ia j ria-
. TMU'ni-iiuiHK uia nisi uay part of
the year's seatence. Had ths indict
ment not, stated that the . slip aoose
was s weapon imminently dsugercus
to life, he would probably hsve Leeu
given longer sentence.
w. u. Avery, Inspector general of
eh"ols, returned Inst .Thursday from
ten davs'-official tnnr ct .1,". i...i
nhoels. Ho expects to go ne to Ha
woH, but dues not know when he ca
jet away,
.;M;.,v J 1

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