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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, November 13, 1917, Image 3

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Contlnned From taite 2V
i t V nf Hawaii anil its mmi). h...!.. ..J
Bubjcrt to tie Oovernmo'nt of the So
.... .. . w 7 '
imhlie , of Hftw6ii." ( r . '
During tho ollowiof! year whil
Huwii remaingd an iadependqnt Ke-
public and af tor it became a Territory
tWliU,V;nita iUtea, XirHiokalalli lived
. ' Bit in ' flit rul I uk.".u: 1 . 1 1
with no pecial party and as far at the
ul" Kjimcai utterances tuey
wore TO trie ellect tliati her naonl
followed bor' deposition . and be goo
Aiiirncnn ciiixens.
On December 4. 1 0(L ' T ili.mL.l.i
left for hun Francisco fc a tour of the
mainland and a risit td Washington.
The trip prdved.to be 4h first of a
i ie enee Tuai ner people r'" " . coruia partieipaai.lc
should frvely accept thq, changes thatT,lura''''u oe,nl Ctberjngs, publie eel
followed bcr dnnoaition and rwi -(u.-iitbratlons and pnceaitts reuresentinc
long series of journeys back and forth j,K American government. iThey hnv
between Honoluln ahf.' Washington J Pn tfr?nteJ ,ul1 America- eitizen
durinir whirh ' iima I ill..'nk.i i i. .fsnin, and have resDonded with a Inv
(J.irinir which
up a continual seiire tt thm na;nl..l
-. ....... UU..1UU1
capital in protest of various features
, f t , a n V. . 1 Tf. . -
went, directing trWrN'tlonr mainlr to -
ward the recovery of compensation fori . k"-w!y ha ftwa:nto the
the crown lauds taken over by the govJui,?! Il " munlty.
t'rumeut of the Bepublio and latei hvfi 5v ? . u'1rrir of almost the
the United Btutes on .nnexatioa. whiuhlS L i". joined the old and new
hub ma.DtainAd rpriJ hA. a r
sonal. property by her toy at right, ns 1
..nr-iiiDo ruier. ibia claim was op-Y
, . g.vviuu inn, toey were I
not the private property of the sov-'
aiuipiy inciaent to
me ruior lor tho time being.
. lu iUO 'mainland tk
. t bl b d l I . rcr"f I Is
of natiowl" it noV"nter'nai"a 'noiUl vOle : Ls' ' P . ! I3UKC2
. ..v " nuuna UIU1UKI aS milCU ttt
....uI(im BB m nonoiulu, and
l.iliuukalani had high regard. To the
preits of thu Nation aha a
Vot the Americon people as a whole
lurouguuut ruo mired mates was gen
erally ncknow ledgud to be a remark
nble wotiiau. ."
liinl source of news, and interviews
wim ner; accounts of her arrivals and
departures .-and her social functions';
"stories" of daily incidents in her
lire, and guesses at and reports of her
missions in. Washington, wi.h forecasts
sshington, wi.h forecasts?
un aer pruDaoie success, i . unea, ner puvate secretary in
'.V1? i."uth "T'Pilfant year., "an, ehamWlnia during
fitie to the Pacific. Hi . .
" - I-
nilllliniatrnfinn ka ,
Wirh h ... ,u. uiri-i-,.rT,Kn
- ...w . ... . i ( . ivi h . , r . . . . u u v . vl
"closer bonds'-between Hawaii 'andawerly held, particularly - for his uiia
the Ln'tcd Htates was fenewed by theBidonB abroad ' I .'.,-.;
lLei.urilia nf Hnia'all . : Tm kut M
:: rr ... ..... a. xunng nia . Doyoood ber became the
ion was the .1 absorbing tonio in thejch.mplon of Prince I!elo,ku! y ul.gerl
tious a treaty of annexation was ap
liroved June Id. 1N07. hv Prai1n Ma
' . "r o aj
Kinley and sent to the senate for rati
After . Drolonired f eontrnvaravl hi
'. treaty was found to lack Hia nunoaaarv
two thirds mujority la the senate by
couple of votes. Annexation . was
brought t about by', a Joint resolution
pusscd by both houses of congress on
H'y i wuiea required, only majority
i eaca nouse.. rnia lollowed pre
reueni la iae annexation of Texas.
Un. August J2, Itm,, the actiun ,
eougress w as formally . ratified by the
nepuDiic or uswaii and on that day
Hawaii ceased to tiiat ii.in.iau.
dent nation, becoming Territory of
hip i iiuvu snnies. - ' . .( i
Hinee I.Uiuokalahl'. formal with
iIiumuI of all furtbe claims to the
tin i) ne mi lsys, she has lived, a most
peiiceful and exemplary life. . t
The local government has been most
generous toward Jier, Kven at the time
of the overthrow of thw nu.a..l. I.
coutinueil the piiynient of her previous
:nury ns yueen. unui u became evident
mm sue Has plotting (or restoration.
x 1 1 -
BlThlil lfk(Htkf wsitk.' ah V.1. 1
1 A I . . . . . .
...... . ,. v o.V.J, v.. vtuivh
she fras never ditayed, has suflJced to
tnliintKin haw in tnmfArf nTk
a, household of friends and attendants
wnom.sr-.e pas Kept aDout.ne.rV U eenw
lanee on. a luhitd v.&I. nf M
chief lv nirim .. . .
I buc nas accepted, :y bole hertdly,
me ncn uruvr or inings, ana Men a
pir-aning and . eordiat partieipaat .in
ebrations and pAireaitts reuresentinir
in" in oki Hawaii, nun haa bn a
lending factor in ) . ....
idiflfcppearane of all bitterness arising
vi BiiursBiion, ana in xne complete
adherence of the nativa Haarailaa.
Ufl American pornment. 'iTher bnvt
W . . .... " ' J
in ttf . a-hiiih I. . l j .
alty, jw-hich is not
DS't nt fh ftnvnn
ucanina in any
The Vonth of LUiuokalanl . removes
1rri5.mr?u' - . n"d,t " t genial
rtRecalls Life;
"""' utiv;
I ' r;.. ,
Was CompanfonTd Prince Lelei-
hoku, Younger Brother of Lili
- uokalani, and Otherwise Prom
inent In Court Circles
Vl'hi i , death of ! Queen ', Liliiinkalani
r... ..... : '
"uu IU' 'Pwt part played by Col, a
K-ttiakau and IJUuokal
raiffn AW' is .. I .. I. . . .. i ... .
tecall the mtlir hitfh 'niuiilim. ka
- t.i . . ' r ' '
.'.",wi vK niuoxaiani. wbon hrt wait
a. J a. I - " -----
uuftxvu "on or rniiei fl"th K
IIIUKHIHIM. I.AlMlhnatll s.. . - .
tf0, l 01 1-ikliil,.an.l when the
oynasry came into power
Lsukea rose with it ami i.
ored plaees at eourt, .
In 18S2 he was appointed speeiul am
bnwailof for the Hatvaiiai vi..in
attend the coronation nf TirB
ti .i.. . . . . - . "'H
-..r an me nussias, tnd wal in ht
i'etersburg duriug the erlod of Alex
ander's accession ceremonies. , '.
(ueeii Kapiolnal, and Ilfliokalanl. w ho1
. V Pr,Beer o London to attend
the jubilee of the lata Oil a Ami Vif AfSnl
und in 18t7. ten win l.t M.
select, thia time vnder' the Bepublic
of-. Hawaii, to attend Victoria's dia
mond Jubilee. .; . . .
in --we eany art of he va
w if h resident Dole when the president
went to Washington. - " ':
In his Visits to Eumnt fa ulraa 'mat
BJ""r" th crowned hesHs. His Ufe
sf eouTre6inmeneel wheif HirXSi a" Iml
nud Ksnieliameha IV was on the throne,
for Ms father (Iaubaa'al Mtt man t.f
prommeuce in that eouit. ; ,. i
- - - - f
. Jf . .. ... . .. ...j
laMMi. I IE f 1 -
rawiug ui uueen
- ' . s .r it
-; : . : f '
- - f '."..9- ..'
nUO I IXlrtll. LUlrLlAUlA -M I ,
AMTKBDA,,' November 12 Aa
soelated rress)-rCharles of ' Austria
narrowly escaped . death,' 'according, to
tepor(s that were reee)ve) Vre yester
day. He nearly perished !i l.moun
tain torrents v; ' V-."-. "-:''.'
, While Ike faf in which the Austrian
monarch' was- fidihrf attempted to ho
through a inoutitain stream It becumi-
suiiiea aoquiio. swift, current of .the i
stre'tnt carried it along downward and j
to the deeper - water. The -empeior
grnspetl the limb of a ;tree and snnk
clear under water wheu he wna drawn
from the -car. . He he'.! n an.i ..a
'dragged to shore,
aiiotd ni rMnrnnn
' ,' ' " '
- i . i ,s ! r .. ...... . . .... . n
,1. f
People Of America
Or Use Meat Cards
CHICAGO, Ootober. 82H-IUrry A.
Wheeler, food administrator for Illin
ois, paused a minute today in tils work
of preparing .orthf, first wbeatlesii day
neit Wednesday to. issue 'a sharp nni
iug: -N '.; , .-
"The people of America"," said he,
"lll either 'save and serve with
Hoover, or they . will - stand (n line
with uieut cards in thoir hands as thoy
ilo in Uerniany, with police present tu
keep them in order." ' i.
Six tlioii.HSiul eommunleations to hotel
und rcHtniirniit me throughout Illiiioi
were mailed today with detailed in
t ructions and helpful hints as to the
wheutU'ss menu day after tomorow.
I '
'V v -V -
X u t
.i-r: ri'4.v.-:-
-. i
sociatad l'ress) Forty suffragists who
were parading about the White House
grounds and carrying objectionable
banners were' arrested 'yesterday
uioiig inese women were. tflu wiveii or
ihembers of the family of some promi
nent citizens and of ' officials who are
very close Jo the Admiuistration.
Among the forty militants who wore
taken into custody by the police were
airs, nsi-vev, wire or tne food expert
aim Rim. Kent, wire of Former Con'
gieoHiimn Kent. All of the women so
mired IihiI and were veleased to auiiem
mill answer the charges preferred
against mew tomorrow morning.
e . It become my melancholy duty to announce the death
of Her Majeity Lilluotalani, Of Hawaii, which sad event oc
curred at Washington Place, HonoTalu,' ori the morning of
November 11, 1917, at 8:30 o'clock.' " ;; ; ; "
The body will lie in state 'at : Kawaiahao Church until
Saturday night, when it will be. removed to the Throne Room
of the Capitol, where the obsequies will be heid on Sunday,
' November 18, 1917.; . ''y':: 'r
" V ' ' Her
, -t ' $ .... .a j. .. p
It is with profound sadness the Governor: of Hawaii an
nounces the death of Her Majesty Ex-Queen LUiuokalanl, Xhi
last reigning monarch of the Hawaiian Islands. n .j;v "
.' I nave been a witness of some of her 'sorrows. I have
,' ,. - . '''
found her fender and kind to her own race, thoughtful and''
f :c.;-1.,;,.;-...- v: . u- T
helpful to others and a valued and appreciative friend.. Her
last days hive been devoted to aiding the Red Cross work
with marled Vyrhpathy and liberal financial assistance; ',; 'r'"':'
Her ti ajesty has linked more strongly than ever, the Ha
waiian and American races, who wiU join each other in paying
their' respects in this' her final rest 'X -' J'y'z.f
May aU the people of Hawaii Join in thece'last ceremonies.
The Hawaiian and American flags on public buildings wiU
be at half-mast during the time of the lying in state and proper
military guards perform their duty. y ' ,
lucius e: pinkham.
5 y ' -...;. ....
j , I - Governor of Hawaii. '
Honolulu; November ' j j 1917. ;.l':V- " i-.f .
Oueeh lUiuoittiani
'Hawaii's Queeni the last, has passed away I : .
The World, war-worn, gigantic in its pain,
Yet feels this" word, the news of Death's rich gain
In laying low a head -a sceptre's sway !
The rare kahilis wavi-of ancient day, .' '
And.i'hants of Ifawaii'.s most sad refrain
Hold fast all thoughts the thoughts we can't restrain
Hrave Queenthat Time will always Homage payl ;
Majesty's Private' Secretary, :
., , j . ... . ... .
m '
":'f . '
:- :V "'; i

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