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NOVEMBER 13, 1917.
v 1 J lOJ
n nu rn In
U rlLtoi.
!) IGU'i
liEKtt I'l LlUOfcAtVNl i dead. '. A t. TW.
niarkablc woman has i.ls?ct away;' Ono. off
The Governor and the
Public Lands
Jili,'WsS5ff"filMkV)e "erritory of Hawaii aj
the se of Fraopiseo Meliardo who last
week stahbpi atid killi'd1 erineo Paeon
in local hotel. V ' i.
!, Twenty
....: J.. j i . 'taken in ot eaeinin
nr:tr to ur nm-ving uutci n-ipu amicnanu- th r MeDuffle and hl band Inst night.
O. T. Ilnneof arrested last night J Frederick O. Hnmmel, manager' of
nil booked for iioestigatipn.. .: I t ho Mutual Telephone Co., waa a de
ft, a Bridgon was nrreited last parting passenger in tb' Claudine for
night ami charged With heiu'driv-. lai .' ni8ht' " 1 l-" 't ' .
ing. :.. '.-... y , . 'J j ,Mr, end Mra. J. H. Fidde who have
A eoronerV VirV veateVat mbrntng been traveling for tire past three month
i . .. i. i. ' fht-ouchout the United Rtatea and
reiuriicu rruici ut nmui ,hiiiv.-i -
United - Plate and
Canada, have returned to Honolulu.
. Key. B. P. Hammond, tha celebrated
Australian prohibitionist and reformer.
even allcKft.i. KmUe were returning to the Antipode. follow
It Captain "of betcetive Ar- " ,0lir . of th t nited BUtM
Canada.- .T-. - , .... . . .,,:(, t-
1... .l..ht..f ,iure. arid nil 1 iawai. IWlims; . J. :. . ' ti:Li':2-u:iL- Korean.,,,- v , of telephoao. and telaph for tha
"v - 4 , i- A lt-V vakiiuw ,ii7 .,,""s l" U nieml of the police depart- I r,J' (fovernmem, waa la in cuy yei
'With the naKStriff of the Qttvcn is severe .u.u ,;, , . ,, ...... , w- i.J.ii.-''.jr ... .i..'i..nt )n t,. f the Xt omI terdar on hie way home from Englan
last link which 1.una Hawaii of Uulay with tliat j 1 "," , tl" ' i i; . t,n 1 Tl " ' " ' ,,!..rd of Hawaii have U where he ha. been for a.t.r.1 moatha.
, - i . a n..i r.,.ir, ),... j forth h?t!,Hkl (,fl1'C U 1,C ,a" T'ie SUCC-9S of M,ch from dutv by Hberiff Roee-for the P- Bet, I.yona of Wallukti, Maul, la ti
JIawn.l o( romance, when a r..al court htl.l lt1'1 ).;,,. cjVur, wou1, bc nothing lesi than a public rio.1 of the em-ampment. . the city, having returned from a three-
Lcneath swynij," Ialm, when Hawaii va a priu I-; ' Allan Bardie, an W'goi than, an.t wtha 'trip to tb maiaUnd, dnriag
ft.r which ureal Towers were striving, when thef : - : ,-'-? ' . ; . a craduate of the Oregon Atnlf"'""1' mkWk ia Boeton.
" t J . r . .1. ti in tie r-ieilie was a m liter v 1 l,e "tleinpt that is being made by the f .ove niori,.," hM bMn tnJaee9 1 Lyon. Mill retir. to Maul aext Wed-
late O. thee (lots ill tt.C I ai lllc was a m.iiier i . t ,1 w tt-i.. . .:.. neadav. 5 .
moment to the (Treat chaiicellones, mterestiny . . ,r . . a ia . .t - ; :
S Faln.erston. Seward. Uismarck and .th" tjftta t th, Vt,o of the
Great .MiHa.cloand when the ac-long strr-le. f
I lei-lattue.
It is an attempt to Mrangle lioine-
clemocraeV against aut"craey brought p' -t an
revohitiujVia4-intrigue to these Islan.ls on as im-o
tu. riant a si-flle eomuarativeiv as u nan
1 .T T
brt.uiil.t tfl
the otilv resi
jiMr.Klinjr and to place the entire public domain in
hfie b;nds f the present bead of the territorial
ever d . 1 ' '
. L veil, were there a competent head to tnc ter
ritorial pn ernment it .would be unwise to give
ttuftbt ttkni jQ-anvi other land.
m v.u , v , i H -VvVrlHtn'tieh vast-power for Governors come and go
dent beneath the .Stars arid Stripe, uo had tvtr. . . : . ...... Cf,t-t
been a ruliiij tnonarch in her own right, while it
takes away from -many thousands 'of Hawaiian
the person whom they continued to regard ns their
lawful yheeii, their ruler,' never deposed in their
hearts.' ' ". '; ' 'v:'-; f ' ':''
,' :,The yeaft which .brought ld age to Liliuokalam
brought an well suchalve of time that hot 4 c
tfge has remained .of any .of the bitterness, the
rancors and the disjippointnunts marking the two
years, of, lver.(cM.-ciyaj,H-y(,of the throne and t lie ten
, or twelve, years following her overthrow. The
Quecii herself long ago forgave her former ene-
Tiies, who,' on' their part, were quick to grasp the
:' tdive bran'c'h and through every --possible courtesy
to the. aged monarch' demonstrate that they too
liad forgotten the feuds and the bitternesses' of .the
early eighties:' 'When Liluokalani died, ..the -uv)
news was Veccived with a .keen regret1, among
those who had fongbt 4n.d ovVome her as among
those who had remained to. the minute of her death
loyal and faithful subjects. .and loving friends..
It is indeed, fortunate for. Hawaii that the Queen
'.-'.lived to the great, age he attained, that through
her ow n example and her; own teachings she h.xd
been able to reunite all Hawaii, once so. seriously
. divided. . It is fortunate that she felt aide during
the past several-year to urge upon her own peo
ple, over whom she once reigned, the allegiance
.they owe to their , new Flag and the duties .which
their'new and greater citizenship has. brought to
'ilipm . Tlut lu-r examnle and her precepts have
but the laws of the United , State are not so
mutable. ' : ' .-", - -,:: ' ' "' .
The people of the Territory for their ow n pro
tection, should see t6 it that the senators and rep
resentatives now sojourning with ' us have the
facts presented to thetn, as they are. ' '
They should see to , it that the members of the
t'l.neressional partv are made acquainted with the
fact that what the Governor is trvinc to do is what!
the people have expressly said the did not want
done; that the men who are supporting the Gov
ernor in this scheme are those who, for the sake of
their, own gain,; are willing .to flatter a man only
too' eager to be flattered and who. We his Weak
nfsses to serve their own: selfish ends.
1 The national legislators should be informed that
to place the Contnd if the public lands of the Ter
itory in the hands, of the present Governor is to
t.uni them, over to a man who has more than once
'announced that homesteading in Hawaii. is a fail
ure and who has done, everything: in his power to
make U kf!i-Uire. ' ' - , .'j,",-:; .',.;. : ,
' '.'The ' s'cl'iernc which the Governor is trying to
work "j.s .'toiBCcurq the upiOT of the members of
the Congressional party for the bill he had intro1
(luccd jin'.Cjpgress, contrary to the action-of the
li-irisialure.-Ao amend the Organic Act so as to do
:,vay Wifhrlhe sopcalled "twenty-five petitionersM
tiaiisc miller which, upon petition of twenty-five
citizens; agricultural lands belonging to the Terri
tory tviu-t be throwu open for homesteading. T he
... I -11 1 - it. - 1. f Ik.
tuty will learn wnai wouiu oc inc rcsuu 01 mc
.. 1 ..f -...It... t,,.-Vi iiu tti-if alvw-atfd lv the
( iovcrnur. W ith the present ijovernor in omce
Jit would me,an the death of lnnia fide'homestead
hm' in Hawaii. It would mean the gradual ac-
1 V
niniulauoni of great landed estates, contrary. t?
public policy',"-unamerican and undemocratic. .It
would .place jn the hands of a man contemptuous
of the riuhts-of the people a vast power, power
n hu ll would inevitably be wielded, through hiny
those' who have so often demonstrated that
i v fan control J.he Governor 1y flattering him
I li-teninsr to his (increlous and childish com-
:oiits and reminiscences.
ii w nntliinkalde that the nrcscnt Governor
. uld be reappointed, but in the improbable!
nit of such a calamity it is absolutely essential
at the people ofJlawaii keep in their own hands
ii-ol of the. public domain.
been'comnletelv effective is amplv demonstrated-; resolution to this effect, which the legislature re
in the attitude of all JIawaii today,' in the draft .fuM-d to adopt, further asked congress to .place m
' registration, i:v tl' respbnse to the Red' Cross.' to j the hands of hc kvefnor and his land commis
the Liberty: Loan, in the' militia enlistments and ficner the disjiosal,' 'ot ajl "public? Jand. , - v
Tn the" promptness ' wiili which the native sons' of J The land commissioner, B. G. Rivenburgh.'rep
' Hawaii responded "to the Nation's call upon '.the ! resenting, of course; the Governor, went Wash
declaration" of war, the Hawaiian naval militia J.i.igPm-recently and tried to talk congress into
being'among the verV first to leave American soil; imping the bill. The Governor still Ivijies he may
for' the war zone. - succeed in Ids scheme to thwart the will of the
, r - Liliuokalani, deposed though she was, was a ' people. ,
real i,oWJr for Vood for manv vears in her iskmd i 1 ti e members of the Congressional party keep
home, 'a' real queen among her people, a leader. to- tbt ir eyes and ears open, as they undoubtedly will,
-wards that -which was .best..
Pockets And Patriotism
F) OCKETS' above patriotism' . is the re:
,., ascribed fur the sugar shortage ami I
prices of-this: n&cessary commodity on the A:
tic coast by a man prominent in the ; Migar 1
iiesa ':. in -NtW - York in letters w hich he has
to a Honolulu, sugar agency and .'which are
li.shed in another column of The 'Advertisi-i
morning. He is not enthusiastic over the r
'which the sugar commission had secured up
' time of his writing.
. Louisiana sugar planters who have rein--'
failed to bow to the mandates of the hiijj.'.
mission or who will do so w ith ill grace w i 1
niust afe criticised in plain terms by v-
Yorker. From his letters .it. would .app a?
.' the Hawaiian jdanters and the sugar b- '
. are about the, only ones who are -accepting
control gracefully. He openly charges ;n
"to hold up the .people through the re fin i
Louisiana and Ctflan! growers,
V.yl'aying Ids compliments to the New' Y
; crs he alsV;rTrtts; fiiat they are or were u
' rantably ''il M-iifg by' the -shortage and . v;
undue profits, His criticism of the food .
tration for this, direct or implied, may Ik,
been removed as a result of the licensiu;
taileiS;. ' .....' - ,;'.:-, ' .
With the recent disaster to the Iiali
with the acute. and critical state of affair
sia. the time has come wdien it is absolute
tial for every hical citizen to place, patriot 1
;,ihe pocket.- The enaction of undue and ir
. fits is, under- the ct.nditiotis which tl
. States must face, not to be tolerated a
''longer. He who so far forgets patriotism
flicf needlessly hardship and suffering :.
.vatioti upon bin 'fellow 'citizens is approacl
' closely the' treasonable' in hit actions....!
"Vd'rectly V'v'n vomfort to the enemy in !
.discomfort to those who sh"uld be. his inc
'i lie United States ha- a light on it-, 1
: , tremendous tight and pocket and po I
'imist now become a secondary consider
. patriotism a:
' The fishiu
:. like Davy (
''come (low n.
less pain.
intemlent W. B. Hobby 'a aaaiotant, auc
eneilintf Lewia B. Cain, recently ap
Jiointeil 'inmpqctor of buiMin'",
'Afrehily thirty two denials, doctori
and optoinetriiMi have ' an'rel the
fill of Pr. J. ft. H. Pratt for volunteers
ti) aaeint ia the work of reniflyina; nil
nieuta of drafted persona who, without
proer treatment, uiight be unt for
military aervipe,
Three hnndred enlinttd men who
plnim New York as thrir tioine Htate
will be the yuerU of Mr. an ! Mrs. I..
Tenny Peek at Kahnla, Saturday next
November. 17. VTlie- ftanotiririnieflt'thttt
thia affair took place laid Saturday
waa an error.
t'niteil StateaAttornpy, P. C." Huber
nailed for' Maui yesterday to onfer
with Cirpuit JuilRe H'lina nf the Val
ley Lale iu. regard to the a.lmission of
Hiudua to bfcponie Amerienn citir.ena,
aa ao far no Hindu haa evi-r Wen, ad
mitted to citi.pnaliip iu this Terri
tory :':''.;:'.''
'. fale of premiwea on Ma'tinakea street
near Pauahl Htreet at public mietioo
resulted in .the knopking ilow-n ,of the
premise. to Alfred K, Majp'rin for;,13,'
350. The premlt-es had boi'n the prop
erty of Pane numekn .' nn-l the sale
waa Conducted by ,Jame9 F. i Morgan
Company anotioneer., v. .
Knhio wharf ia now anf'' aa an .arc
rhoratte for big v ease la 1 y reason of
the eompletion or the unit or tne lino
bretikWater, ac.pordinif to 'hnirman W,
R. Hobby of the harbor l'itrd. He ex
pressed the belief that with, the eom
pMion of the np't nnit Kuhio wharf
win ue uat.aaic .na 111 -
cispo Bay. ; . . -v' ;
With both Circuit .Tndu -s Kemp and
Ash ford Absent with the I'lingressionaJ
party that is visiting the other islands.
Circuit Judge Hena susrMiiled hearings
ia his braneh Of the ewirt yesterday
on aeeount of the Queen's denh. One
criminal pas was set fur trial, a ebirge
of robbery aKninst I'mbe-fto Crlve and
Buperto. ' It was eontmti'-d untpl Jhis
iuornmtr. ,
Major F. ,T. (irech, whi 'is the offieef
in charge of the draft' work in the
Territory, has received.' notification
from . Wanhington that. .the reputations
governing the draft in .r the Territory
have been .printed, tt Avis determined
to forward the rejrnlatnm by ma'il and
It ia believer! they will Shortly le in
the hands of the Hawaiian olettiption
boards. . 1 .
'a . I','-
in v. ,.r
- ;. :
m' . life
i' of re-
n arms,
n Rti
. i.i-eM-
. i ,:iillli.
: iv pr
I'll" !
i.'ii .iin'i ;
to i-
i depi'i
is i-i
-) .n- .1'.'
Remember "Our Boys" I ..
HONOLULU has but today and a part of to
morrow to make ready for sending its
("b.ristmas box for the members of the Hawaiian
Naval Reserve who are on the cruiser St. Louis,
i. there is need 6f lia-te.
These bovs' arc far from home, doing hard,
ihni-eroiis work for their country. They are risk-
in', their lives, for the rest of us here 'at home and
; i, no more than right that we should do what
w e- can to cheefUhein up on Christmas day by
f . ic.!i tokens, of,,re)neuibrance as can be sent J.hem.
!b. m lulu's response to the. appeal made,, Dy. Mrs
j I'. Stokes "on behalf of Hawaii's boys who are
. r ing their countn on the Atlantic should be a
.iiin-k and generous one.
Ilar Metbvea, formerly of H.
Hackfeld ft Co., has joined the United
Ktatet Navy and ia now at the' Great
I.akes'Naral Traininfr Station.' -Two
of his brothers are already in the same
branch of tha service, , '
David Lees of the Fiji treasury de
partment, who bas beea'ia England
on government business for the past
six months, waa in tha eity yesterday.
He is returning to his wprk ia the
fouth Jaelflc Island.
ArthiiT L. Markayei formerly, editor
of the Hilo Daily Tribune, haa been Of
fered the editorship of tha .Lancaster
ledger-Gazette; California, and writiBt
to a friend he aaya ha will probably
accept the appointment. Both. Mr. and
Mr. - Mackaye-are now enjoying the
best of health. ,
Portwich Sent As Prisoner7 To
Fort Douglas, Utah
' The fluid 'chapter of the refugee Ger
man gunboat Geier'a stay is Honolulu
harbor was probably enacted the early
part of; this week whea Lieutenant
Portwich, one of the boat's officers, was
sent to the Htatea under guard for in
ternmeut with the otoer members of
the crew at Fort Douglas, Utah. Lien-
tenant Portwich enjoyed Oahu's unsur
passed climate, two months longer than
the other members of the erw hav
in been detained here at the instance
of the coroner and grand jury aa s wit
ness in the investigation surrounding
the death of the late Miaa Florence
Berg, former nurse at the Queen's
Hospital. .. -. ;., -'
The oftirers, as well - as the- sailors,
had been temporarily interned at 8eho
field Barracks ever since the turbulent
scenes aboard the Oeier in the harbor
on the memorable Hunday of February
4, 1017, and but two months ago were
escorted to. the (States by a company of
the 3'nd. Infantry Yor internment for
the duration of the war, "'
Would Require More Than Five
Hundred Ships To Move :
'Australian Freight .
f ' -I - ' . ; !'.. ' '
i Artetralisj Is' bpifag deprived of the
neceasuryi shlppin to carry away the
;jf Vast' quantitiea of prorfuce .Which are
aecumolatin there daily and this can
be charged to nothing other than the
submarine 'warfare ' being Waged by
Germany, This was the ' statement
made by J. C. Garruth who was In the
city yesterday and who is well ac
quainted with the shipping conditions
'of the Antipodes. ' y . .
NeeA Flvw Hundred ship
Mr. Garruth said cargo had already
accumulated tn such amounts that ' it
would require fifteen refrigerator ships
and M8 general ' cargo steamer s to
move (t.' Although' Britain bad-1 con
tracted to move sis hundred thousand
tons of wheat from tha Commonwealth
each month, there waa not a single
bushel moved last June, -when Mr, Gar
ruth w a last ia Australia, '- .' - , '
'While in New York, he wa very
much gratified by the action taken by
the Government HhiruChartering Com
mittee la permitting steamship eom-
f.anies to continue their operations a
a the past, pending Instructions from
Washington. He said it ia unlikely
that the government will take over the
actual operations, .loading ana unioaa
in of ships, except where military re
quiremente are best suited. . It is be
lieved that ship will be handled en
tirely by owner . on a eommisijion
basis. ". r : j ':.y,- . i
Mora fftdnc SMpa 1 ' V i .
t It is the opinio1 of Mr, Garruth
that the. United State has gone about
the protection of its shipping interest
In. the proper way and he expects to
t,l ;.' J ! -
Alex. A Kulilwlil . . .C. .
U Brewer O..,....,.
see considerable , inereaseu . tonnage
ODratins between the Commonwealth
and .America within the next .few
month, : He base hi belief on . the
number Of keel which ha been -laid
la the variou yard of the United
States in the. past few weeks. r - s
''In Tacoma." :aid -Mr. Garruth
"work has been started on the first
standard wooden government vessel to
bo constructed there. Threa other keels
have been laid and workmen are rush
ing the first vessel to completion. An
order ha been booked by a concern
there for eight million feet of lumber
for a shipbuilding linn ia Philadelphia,
and I predlet it only a short time whea
hip of all description will be turned
out of the yards in undreamed-of num
ber.':, . .'--. ': "
'. '. !
The I'm nor interest- make the claim the booze is
f'to'd id teal value, but the local liquor license
. ,, il didn't look at it in that light yesterday when
. u -pended 'a. restaurant license because it, was
t .. I f.. ...l.....,t,l tla
t. I
.own that recei.Pts
real food." i '
r booze far exceeded those
( nir eoncressional isitorh will
:!'. r.nii.
d the w inning of the w ar. .
- -
companies re now makii.
i ki.ttN , ,oii at.nl are pie.
This w ill sj?e a whole lot
please excuse
We haven't had much for a long while
il :' e.ry -day .-of dampness just now means many
nM.-,ands of bags of MtgaV more towards the win
1,' of the wan N
' . . ' ik ik
New York has .''turned down .Mayor Mitchel add
. i.-il the Hearst-Tammany candidate. This will
, i. In news for I .'.sdain.
No New Cases Reported At Scho-
field During PaM Week '
ber ' ft (Special to The Advertiser)-
The . typhoid --epideiiiie ' rtehofield . is
believed to be nuderoutrol, no new
cae developing the pab week. How.
ever, there U no let up in, tho lreratt
tiouji, inciiilierij of thv garrison still be
ing enjoined to boil nir watot uaod lor
drinkiug purpoHew, thohgh the eho'ngo
in waUr supply lius peenynmiie aim
water obtnined from source n the Koo-
lau range. . :'. .. .
Jia a further prci-aulion, enumeii nn-u
are prohibited from enleriug Waipuhu,
where tvphoid is now pre-valent, a com
pany of the '25th Infantry bmug ta
tione.l there for the purpose of prevent
ing eulixted men from euteriug the
town, either by train or auto. . It is
understmiil, howewr, that ronditio'n at
Waipahu have materially : improved
within inn last few day aud that the
restriction, on the town, so far-a the
enlisted men is concerned,- will be re
moved and the guard withdrawn; - ' - .
. i . y '.
A. j. Thevenin had' a-acare thrown
into him last night by large colored
person armed -'with' a knife,,-
ISaid ciilorcd person was making a
disturbance outside Tbevenin's, motor
cycle ap-ney on King Htreet near the
deitot ' shortlv jiftef eiebt o'clock and
Thi'venin went out and told im to
desist. This ieved the ' negro who,
according to Thovenin, chnsod him iuto
the shop with a knif in hi hand, .
Tueveiiin nhuned . for the 1 police,
John Clioy meanwhile standing the
knife y wider off. On the arrival of a
police otlicer the negro beat it.. .',
NK YOKK, November 9 '(Asso
elated Press) police Commissioner
Arthur Woods announced today bis in
tention of re nigiijnjj ofticq w hen ; the
newly elected mayor, JohB F. HyUn,
is iiiuii;uruted to siwceed John, Puivoy
Colonel laukea and Henry Fs. Ber
tleman Remain
Onlv two of Liliuokalanl's staff offl-
POrs survive their former sovereign, in
the persons at Colonel laukea and
Henry . Bertleman. . -
' Sotb Kalakaua and Lihuokalani sur
rounded themselves by . tall, well pro
tiortioncl staff officer nearly all -of
them six feet high and Imposing ' tn
their glittering uniforms especially on
tate occasions. .'.-- j
Mr. . Berileman, who bas been con
stant in attendance at Washington
Place since the Queen' illness became
known to the public, wa first a major
on the staff of . Hon. John . Domiuia,
when he was Governor, of Oahu. A(
his death Major Bertleman was trans
ferred to the staff of King Kalakaua M
pr-lonol, and upon hia death became one
of Liliuokalaui 's staff with the same
rank, ... - . ;
Hia devoGou to the eauae. of the
Queen was evidenced a few years after
her overthrow when he espoused the
revolution orgauixed to -replace . the
Queen upon the throne and it was at
ins home at Diamoml Heail that the
(iovernment made its' first attack upon
the revolutionists, ' '.' ;,;
John IToapili, for ten year pilot
boy for the ort of Hilo, during which
time he ha never had a vacation, ha
been granted a full month on pay by
the harbor board. Twenty days of this
time wilf be spent in camp with the
Hecou'l . Infantry, Hawaii National
Guard, hie soon to go Into encampment
moves the cause. Used, tba world over
to cure a cold in one day. Tba signa
ture of It. W. GKOVB is on each box.
Manufat-tured ty tlie PARIS M.ED1
C1NM CO., St. AA,ui, U. p. A.
- - -
Kwa t'lsntatloa Co.
linlkn Sub. (V
Haw. Aimtl. iW
llawallsu O. ti,
ii... , ... ij
Ili.aonia 8iirr Co .,).,.
Hiitchloson aar v. CO..
Kshnkn I'lsntatiott Co. .
Kekaba Rugar Oo... ......
Kotos Sua. Co. . ,
Mcllrrda Sua. Co., Ltd. .
OhIio Knisr Oo. . .......
Olsa Ru. Co., Ltd, ......
Oimine Hii. Co. . ......
Psauhail Buiar Plant. CO
I'sciflp mix. Mill .
Pala l'lsntitluD CO. '. ...
Pepeekeo Mngar Co........
I'loneer Mill en
Ksn OarliM Mllllna Co., ,
Walalua Axrctl. Co. . ...
Walluka Hug. On. . .....
feailaa Devel. Co..
1st asa. pi...,
2nd Asa. rnflv paid
Halka F. a- p. Co., ffd. .
Haiku F. P. Co., Com,
Haw. Con. By. 1 A ....
Hi, rim. Nr. V(i B ,..
Haw. Ton. Hv, t'om, ....
Hawaiian Electric Ce ....
Haw. I'lneapple ( o. . ...
Hon. R. M. Co.. Ltd. ..
Honolnlo Qa Co......,,.
Hon. K. T. L. Co
Inter Inland ). N. Co. ...
Mutual Tel. Co. .
Oahu 11. I- Co. .......
'ahanc RnhheC Ce. . ...
SPlnms Oln.lluifS. I'd, .
nam i.r naiur ......
Tanjonf Olak Hublier t'o-
: ( y- BONDS 'y :'..:',
Beach Walk 1. t. 8
Hainakna Iltch Co. 6s .
Haw. Cim. ItraScA .......
Haw. Irr. Co., Aa ......
Haw. Terr. 4 rr., ihuo..
Haw. Tar. 4 Pah. Imps.
utw. Tar, pan. imp. t
(serlea 1012-13)
niw. X www ona. a. , . , a .
Hilo Oa Co., Ltd., n...
urinous bii
lino, uaa l .
Kauai Kr
Msnna imp. Dlst. B
McBryde Hug. Co,
Mutual Tel.. n . . ...
Oaba Rv. A L. Co.. B
Os ha flug, Co., .....
in mi sr. o.. ik, . ....
I'bc una bo F. uo., oa. .
Pae. Bn. Mill Co,,
Ban Carlo Muling. e
o., l.m., n-p...
lug. tk.,
Co., Ltd., 5 ..
Co.. 6a ,
urn ,
. . .
, . .
an y
, . a .
a .
, a.a a
, r, . ,
, .. .
'..; Between Boftrfla .'(.'...'
None. '..-'. ( ' "'.' .' ' ', t- ...
.' Board Balag
Mi-nrnle. TS. 8 2fi: H. B. All. -Co.. 5. IS.
lHOO; Oahu, 10, eotSt.
..". .-. (agar Qaotattoaa
.''-' Kept 14, 101T.
B8 analysts beets (no advices).
. M Cent, (for Bawallaa angara) .... $M
- Bobber Quotation
Nov. 7, 1017. .
New York . t..'0
Wngapore - .......j .............. D3.00
Honolulu, Kovamher 13, HUT.
WASIUXUTON, November 12 (A
; hoi iated . Press) Tho supreme 1 court
handed down a decision today holding
that the interstate eommere roinuiia
son ha authority to compel the rail
roads to establish through routes and
juiut rate in connection with; other
currier. .. ' ' " '
, t f r ' ' ' '" ' ' '
LONDON, November 1.1 (Associated
rress) More than three hundred appli
cations for divorce bav been mad
during the last few days to the Poor
PerKiins Department of the High Court
of .lustice, and the secretary announced
tlic-v are increasing. He stated. by far
the greater number came from men and
the majority are soldiers.
Aa accidental i fire completely; do
stroyed the teachers cottage at Camp
1, Puunene, Miaul, Thursday afternoon
last, and with it, all of the furniture
and most of the private belongings of
the teacher, says the Maul News. The
building wa only completed last
August at a cost of omething like
Account differ somewhat a to the
Origin of the fire, but not a to the
main fact that it came from an oil
tove In the kitchen. The story, aa it
ha been gathered, i that 'the employ
ed Portuguese girl, finding the oil eon-
tamer emptly took a amail can .and
commenced to fill it. As a tongue of
name hot out, the girl dashed water
on the etove. causing .-the blaze to
spread. '.' ,'' '.
,very effort wa made to extintmish
the fire, but without effect.'' The ladies
who occupied the. cottage were Miss
Wilson, Misa Viggin, Mis Swift and,
Mia Prouty.
,;. - a. i , . 7
Br etr. Manna lia from Ki.na anil Kan
November 0 I .lent. A. U- l'Hiion. 1'. w
Ahreua, Misa Klllion. Lieut. J. Vatea. Mr.
Aiona, aira. Ackerinau, Misa Ackennnn,
iillU Coelho, It. Karla. IK , JMN-Ivera,
Ira. Kalelkoa. J. Medelroa, T. O. Teselra.
J. Kurlsaki. W. Ackerman. J. Allka. I.
Uoomanawanul, T. WrlKht. A. H. Texplra
and wlfa, Mra. Y. Hliliuakura. A. T. Hall.
nam. K. Murpnr. Magamatsu, t. lnl. Mi
rlu, Mr, and Mrs. A. Uoyri. J. (',. ttlslr,
F. O. orrra. $. O. Oarrhla, II, IK B. Houle,
K Wakefleld.
" By atr Olanillii for Maul, Nnvemlver 'A
John Plerea, K U. Ilummel. Mr. aud Mra.
H. IJeno. A. W.. Kauies. Mr. Vail. H. II.
l-aeev, D. M. Hemple. Misa Holt. Mrs. K.
H. Holt Mix B. Holt. Master Holt, Miss
B. I'a. T. Hlyaml, C. M. Thurston.' Mra.
A. MePbee. Mr. and Mr. Kanno, Mr. Kit.
ruaawa. Mr. and Mra. Kuglhara, Mr. and
Mra. T. Malnaira, Mrs. L, I'ulca. Mr. and
Mra. A. O. Kodriirues. Misa M. Akuua. Mra.
M. Nillhlaa. Mlaa I.llcy lnl. Mrs. tieorge
Khndea anil luraut. Heue n nitrorti.
By atr. Mauna Kea for Lahalna and IIHo,
Novemlrer 10 Mr. and Mrs. L, Fullard Leo.
Harry Baldwin, C. II. Oeldert. C. M. Mit
chell, Jauiea Curse.- Henry I-ewls, W, H.
Terry. Mr. and Mra.;J. O. Hold, Richard
Qiiliin. '. H. Oarlsmith. Mr. and Mra. K.
II. laraal, A. B. Cunningham. K. A. Heine,
MIhn O. UuwpII, M1h llalderMton, Mra.
Oladra Nee. Mm. 1. T. Marr. M. 8. Alex
ander. A. Haueherg. Mr. and Mra. James
O. Kogera, Mr. and Mrs. Wada, Antone
Teres. Jainea Woolaway, I. L. Wllwin,
Han Onway, Mr. aud Mra. M. A. Fernau-
fles, Miss Kernandea. . K. Millar. H. fails,
Mra. r. Woir. Misa rauiua r.aiH.iein. in
lm Chum. WIIUhjIi Wattl. Mr. and Mra,
K. . Hiulth Mra. Aniikjleo: H. Annknleo,
O. Kainura. O. Taka. Mra. Nlatilnaxar Mr.
ami Mra. Vaiuatl. Mr. Ternkawa. Miss I'll
kol. Mr. IUea. Mr. Aldrtch, I.ou Oestrou,
Paul Perry. Henrv Kotaui. Nnh IWerv.
Oeorge Mai ford. Hessua llayakawa. Mr. and
Mra. V. O. Koutlierlnml. Mra. Aldrlch, Misa
LHmla. Miaa Ida Hkltiaar. Mr. and Mrs.
W. C. Pitt. Mis. Watson. Mra. I. L. Wat
aon. Mra. W. 11. C, 'auiphell, Miaa Wilson,
A. KiKMtcelt. II. Havy,. K- TaruyS. Mra.
Tsruva. Captain Pereao. Mr. and Mr. i..
Barium. Hnala Bergma, '-'harlea' Bigma.
Master . Berifiua, K. Yogi, T. Osakl, W.
Welkin, T. O'Brien. . M. Duo. Mr. ami
Mra. C.'Horlliata. Mr. Naiiler, J. Kahashl-
!awa.'-Wi TokixlH. Mi. nud Mrs, Arakauia,
lr. id Mrs, Mllgi,, Morahliu laosakl,
liayaalii. ; ' , , "
Be careful of the colds you take at
thia time of the year. They are parti
cularly dangerous. A neglected cold,
may mean a winter loug cold. Take
Chamberlain 'a Cough Remedy at once.
For sale by all dealers. Benson, rmith
k Co Ltd. Agte for Hawaii. Adver
" ' OIL '
Hon. Con. Oil . ..... 3.H0 4.10 4.10
Engela Copper -. .... 3.:f5 57.1 4.75
Mineral PPMlw-ts ... At .10 .ll
Mountain King . .ll .07 , T
.Montana, Blnuhaiu .. .W) M .
Madera Mlulug . .... . -H
Madera old. l'Kk. Wk-: Moutana Bing
ham. KCiO. rV; Mineral Produeta, U4n, Ue;
Mountain Klug, 700, in-
(AasoolaU4 h By tr. R, Batal Oeua
. aleaUoa Servio)
KV.W YOltK.' Novemlier 13 Following
re the oiwulug and closing quoutlona of
atucka tn the Mew iora naraei yaauirua.
Auirrti-an Hugar Kef.
Amerlcau-Beet . ,'.
AwHK-latml Oil
Alaska Oold .
Amerlcau lieonmllve . ...
American Tel. at Tel. .
American Buielter
American Hleel Kdry. . ...
AnaiiHiila I'opi' .
Atchlanu KaUway
Ilaldwlu iHM-oinotlTe
Baltimore A Ohio
Bethlehem Hteet "B'1 . ......
California Petroleum
Out rid leather .
Canadian Pacllte ,
C. M. A Ht. Paul .
Colo. Fuel A Iron .
Crucible Mteel .
('ill. H nits r Caue .
Klie fH.inmou .
Oenaral Klertrla
Oeueral Motora (uew) . ...
Oreat Northern pfd. . .....
International 1'siwr . ;
ludustrlal Alcohol . .......
Kenum-ott Copper .
Lehlab Valley Itallroad . .
New Vork Ceutral ,f. ......
peunsylvanta .
Hay CouMHldHted .. .......
Keudtng common . ........
Hepnlille Iron i-ouimoa .
Houtnern Pacific .
Hludebaker ,
Texas Oil .
Culled States Knl.l.er . ...
CnloD Pacllte
1'n tied (States Bteel
I tab ,.'.
Western t'ulon
WeatlilKhouK ,
ln tl!l
. i!HA
. '
4niJ ,
HAN KIUNCIBCO, 'Kdvenilier l.V-Following
are tb opening and closing quo
tations of sugar and other Block la tb
8an Frauclaco market yeatarday: ,
Haw'n J'om'l Hugar ,
Hawaiian Hugar Co...
Houokaa Bugar . . . ,
Hutchinson Huggr N.
Kllauea . .,
Oahu Hngar Co. , .. .
Kugfls Copper ,
Onoliica Huanr Co. .
(Mil a Hugar Co.. ,
Paauliau Hugar 'o. ,
Honolulu Oil . .'
Honolulu Plantation ,
n .
Bid. fKx Dividend. ttnouoUd.

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