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I Election Of Peace Delegates;
From All Nations But No
,. ....
VyASIIINGTON, November . 10-(AsbcfateiI TressJ-J-Aspccts
' -' W ' 1 Oi th Russian debacle admittedly tuck on a more serious
,,. coloring ycsjerday whcri advices were received from Ambassador
, Francis that the influence of the Bolhe-Vikis, proGermans and
' I ultra-radical parties had spread outside of Petrograd, reached Mo,s
. cow and that there the revolutionary ' committee, supported by the
' ' nilitirv garrison had taken all of the government. officeiJ.lAmbas
' sador, Francis, had received, he said, a despatch ' from the United
States consul at Moscow under date of Thursday. ' " . ,
.Further seriousness of the.situation- was evidenced in the fact
, that the diplomatic rcpesentatives of the allied nations held a meet
. ing to ct)ris!lBr measures for safety. Following .the, meeting, how
. ever, the ambassadors announced that they had arrived at the con
clusion that at the present time there was not the occasion to take
concerted i ac'oa kxking to the protection of the foreign colonies h
; v . Petrograd although the situation might become such as to demand it.
: ! 'The whereabouts of Kerensky are unknown. "There have been
. reports that he was arrested but, none of these, reports have been
, . confirmed. . Meantime the Bolshe-Vikis and other ultra-extremists
rc going ottl with, their, plans of securing", an 'tally peace. r .Such
. )lans. do not have the appearance of resulting in proposals that
! would be acceptable to .the Germans and they would certainly, not
be acceptable to .'the Allies for they are largely the same. proosals
'j that' were; 'drafted by the radicals several weeks ago and 'whijrh
' f Oreat Britain said at the time jrould not for a moment be seriously
"1I 'considered,'' t ."'.'," :,'v7' ';; ';'.:.' '.?' . -;--;. ! . ' ;"' " '
... .;.);.:'. NO DIPLOMATS ARE WANTED ' :Jii:;ti
,S . ytj lit connection with such peace talk it is proposed "that there sliall
' 1e a conference to determine peace the delegates to which 'shall Ve
other than, those in any way connected with the diplomatic corps
. of the warring nations. ,
' -J .The most serious phase, perhaps, of the whole situation is. tjic
;v; announctmcnt that a three months armistice will be sought at once
," a procedure which would result in the immediate releasing of 'sill
larger forces-of the Tcutpn armies now placed along the . Russian
. fronts which at present are not a direct menace to the Allies while
in idleness m (those sectors, "j . . : . ' f
' Advices from .Petrograd quote Lenine as one of the chief spokes
, men of the Maxunilists. In an-address which he made before the
. Workmen's and Soldiers' Delegates Council on . Vrednesd,ay. he" u
, ' reported to have said: '' ,; ,T" . '.-.' ' ? fk.trtjX, IHJ? v;:j'-..
."W shall' offer to the world terms of jeacc 'which' will be ac
. ;.'.; ceptaUeto the proletariat of all'of the warring countries.' We shall
- ' cause to be published all treaties that 'hare heretofore been, secret
. ; and will promulgate no further-secret treaties'. We shall take over
. tbe control of all land and we 'shall give to the workmen contro."
' of all 9fxour Industries." ". '''.'' I"
, Z' , v Before the 'same Ixwly yesterday, he said: "Our plan is. to offer
an .Immediate armistice of three months during which time elected
,:. representatives of all of the warring nations, none of whom shall in
, - any. way be connected with or representath e of the diplomatic corps
, ' will, nicct to settle the question of peace. We shall present 'out
, term but we are iody to consider the terms that others may sug
. , get as well. It will not matter from which side these may 'emanate
We shli offer a just peace and we will not accept unjust terms," ,;
t The ieace terms which Lenine mentioned are (aqtically the
A; fame ones that were drafted. for 'knd adopted by the VVorknteli's and
Soldiers v-ouncil several weeks
: Following Lenine Trotsky
' cpunci) yesterday and to have further outlined a program. Included
' in this was the abolition of capital j!unjshment and the death penalty
, , the immediate release of all political prisoners arrested and inCar
; ccratcd under orders from Kerensky,' the arrest of Kcrensky him-
pelf and the arrest, conviction
aided him in making his escape.
",Our first act." said Trotskv, "will be to offer to the natione
V v a 4ertKcratic peace based upon
. : indemnities," ,
I'-'A'.''' " FRICTION
1 .' : ". Not all is harmony in the
' raid that the municipal council
malist faction refuse to submit to
V that they will take an appeal to the nation. , . v ; : ;
: " J " A despatch to Reuters in London said that General vAVhipoff
one of the Russian commanders, had been arrested.;' ' "'-r & : : ';"'
' The attitude of the United States towards 'Russian money obli
gatitjiis is unchanged. ' '; ' J, t '' "".;' V';:' . ;
. ; Secretary Baker said that he stfll telieied iu the ability oftb
Russian people to reestablish iherrf. selves. ' , . ; '
;, ; AMtfTKHDAM,. November 10 ( Am.
riiiUi I'i-pm) Further i'.hufi)( in tho
, (Icrmnn 'aiint'' wr ' announirrd vt-
.'. fj-i)nlrfn JoHpalrlici from Borlin. Vie a
ri,ift,'l'r vea Hi'Ifrrrirh tedder bia
i(Kipnafior( aud ankrrl in arcrpfnnre
;' . Iiv tlv W''"V. Ttiia Willii'lio .utifvii In
if th cfliiiul ouli,' arra t aecct
linober -oltltf. 1'itt ngicBiiifnt ia ?aib
Armistice And
ParttOf Prdgrain
ago ' , . ' , .' r;
it reported to havtVpoken to, the
and punishment of all of those who
, . ,
a policy of no annexations and no
IN CONGRESS ': '. v ' ?
new congress. Petrograd despatches
of peasants' delegates, and the Mini
BoUhe-Viki authority and declare
W.iHHINOTON, Novembir ft (Aaa
r.iatrd 'Pri-aa) The national eouneil of
efrH U atudying a plan for tha dia
triliution at workmvn, in view of pro
apttcta that there will be anamploymcat
in miiiic ductioiiK and luak- of Inltnf n
Otkara. InduNtrie mtlch are unef-a
liul a ill bf filled down, unjt-r the ilan
miw propound. . .
.-iy : . ... " ... -;: .' -
ATHKNH, Novrmbfr 10 (Aanociated
Prti) A aw trann Kuropcaa rontn
littkinli lyonilon -and ' I'aria. with tho
Balkaua nd. the Orient, aa a rouiiti'r
projpot to the Oennnn plan' linking
Hotlirw Vlehna. ' and ' hmlanpMt with
f (ituajininle and the Orirnt, onp
of kHe SlfyrV iirnnitii of thN war which
now Veing worked out in mm-h ile
tail. It ia .a leading feature of th
plan To rphahllitnte hrrbin by mnkirtj;
nwte nwflena tt Rrpat eonfeilera
tion of the nlkn Wav eommunitien
"erba, Croata, ' blovpnen, Oalmntiana,
Boanianafor the natural hiRhwny 6f
he V'ntenta, Powera to the Orient' lina
diwtly through thia prnpoaed ueur
aouthem fla atatn. .:
It" remained for the prenent war to
matt plala for th firat time that the
natural mat -aeroae f he. Balkan to. the
'inent a tot tae-oite elimen by the
Oarmana, mnning north and. ninth, but
he old route' owed from time Immem
orial jannj eg almoft ' eaat and west
.troaa thia . eootry of : tie Kerb
Croat a and Hlovenxa. . The Uerman
ionte has been In id but purelv fnr pnr
pnaea ; of imperial expanalon, linking
erlin, Vienna. Budapeit Belgrade,
Vfia.' Conxtantiaople an I the Drient
beyond. 'But the exrterlenre of the
Haikana bad ehowa thia waa entirely
-n artifleial route, which ignored tie
formation of the country, and that the
natural highway wan the an me today
aa it wna aea ago when used by the
neienta. . ;:
tfatnfal line txigts . -
Thia natural mute ia a dearly de
1nd today aa it wna , in the oll miufa
Mona. But it haa the added advantage
o)ay that it In a link,' or extension
nf a larger trunk line rnnni-g aeroni
the . Entente aoDntrlea of wentern Eu
rope, and sinking a eontinuou chnin
from Tendon Parts, and Milan, the
great indudtrinl eenter of Italy, arroaa
'he Balkan to Belgrade,' Niah, Kalon
!ka and Constantinople. It ia the
Balkan link,, however, which forma the
entirely ; new feature of thia route,
with advantages : contrasting : aharply
with the artiflclal ; north ' and aouth
rout. ,-.
' The old route, now revived a the
natural channel of Kntente expansion
fotlowa the eonrse.of tho river. Have,
whieh forma a great valley runntng
acrona the! Balkans, with a Jevel and
almoat straight way from a point near
On!! i where , the ' Italian are now
-': ' i, ' ;TJ ' ''.' " "
i ; rAmtfcv!uty-iitittmtt 10 :
( Aseoclated - ; Freaa) -i- Important
changes la tha peraoaoel of the war
department vers aonouitced Texter
. day. new aasi-tant secretary is
named to succeed William Iagr
ham who ha been appointed sur
veyor of the port of Portland;
plains. 1
Major Benedict Crowell is the
new aaflvtant secretary of war. He
has been in chart of the ofljce of
tbe Panama Canal In Wablnstoa
and wl'J resign hi commlrion tt
the army to accept tti appointment
offered blm yesterday by tn secre
tary cf war.
. . . 1.
PAWS. November 10 ( Associated
Prep) Paria in out of all danger of
shivering, thia winter, aeeordiug to lit
em rnli-nlntioii. There will be e al
innin;h for nil needs, even supposing
the bi'Hhoh to be aa rigoroua as last
year. There is, in addition, a consider
able ni'cumnlation of lire woo 1r brought
in during the summer in anticipation
of n conl shortage and with a view to
protlt fritn the temprr'aey er'si
fnal importations were 400,000 tons
eiiH in August than in the aunie moutn
last year, but the production of French
minen wu 1,000,0(10, ton more t Us n' t
191ii, making a net gain of 000,000
toiiN in spite of submarine a-Uvnv
The imiorts in August were 1,680,000
tor., and the locul production, '2.000,
0CO tuna, ' ' ; '
. French mines are now putting out
only about ' twenty percent less eonl
than before the war, notwithstanding
thrt a rcnslderable part of tha eoal
field is occupied by tbe German.
5L Loucheur. the ntrtv minister 'of
armament, and formerly under secre
tary for war manufactures, i credited
with solvlug this problem. . -
WASHINOTON, November 9 (As
sociated Pre) Thirty-three steam
ship lines touching at American ports
have now pledged themselve to aid in
the food eonservatiofr)rogram. ' Their
menus will be simplified, waste will be
avoided, and meat lea and wheatless
days observed.
.... .,.-., '.',' ' '
The golfer, the foot ball player hud
the all round athlete know the value
of Chamberlain' Pain Buliu. ' It is
jiint the thing for a rub down aftdr a
hurd game. All soreness diaappeare
like magic and sprain und swellingi
are cured in one third Icmm time than
I', any other t r ulm. ut. I'or le by
all denier. Benaoii, Mmith & Co,.: t.tik
Agts. for lluwuti.- A.h ertixt'iiii'iit. ' ,
nnrniniTiniio iiinn
lighting, ' eastward to Belrafle bere
the r!ver Kave Jol'.ia the Dnnnbe.' The
pns through the-Julian Alpa nt'the
bend o the Adriatte S mhile ailing the
rler Viimi h. , Thu-n emttirat and
level rdute U formed from the easiern
front'er of Italy due east, aetiiM the
Bnlkt.n to tlelnrde, and thenre aouth
to Nish, Hnlonika , and Coiialantini'plc.
SonM Xraalu Exiat ",. ;. '
Rnilrond rurt hlong mhst of this
route, but 'there? ore aeveral breaka in
the Balkan atreteh, and there haa nev
er been any effort tq nnite them into
one Irnns Kurotiean route. Now, how
eer, that tha Kntente Powera of west
ern Kurnpe fot the apnr of Germany's
rfyatematie extension through tbe Bal
ken to the Orient,' the importance of
thia route,' aa a rounterpoise to tht
Oerrhnn plan, lins just been rralir.ed.'
With. the; linka completed and
brotiplit together into a working whole
tike the- Orient expresa; which run
from, wvstera Kurope through Berlin
Vienna and Budapest to Belgrade, i'
la estimated - that the trip from Lon
don to Belgrade eoubl b made in fort)
bourn, 1 na agninst forty-flve kouta bj
tha Orient express; and from Paria 1
Bi'lrrK'e in thirty hours ft again
thirty-Svd hrur by the Oilant exprea
Koute To Orient -.
The pn ced new state of the Herbi
Cronta and Movenea ia ti us given
new importanre in offering to the ren
of Kurope a nMtnral highway throng
the Bitlkana to tho Orient. But it ha
an added interest to the high official
and diplomat here in the Balkan an
at Kntente rnpitiih, in being a. thof
ou -My pmrtii q) ud nanral mean o'
offsetting . the - Bet lin-Baifdad . root
southward nrrosa middle. Kurope. ' In
atead of "Be-lin to Bagdad" ia no
presented ' "Bordeaux to . Bagdarf,"
with the line of com-mereial penetration
rurn'ug eastward acroj Kuteate Eu
ropn instend of aonthward. across Oer
majic Europe, ,
t hi i i ." ". ''
rARlV' Fovemrr 10 (Aasoeiated
Preas) The committee appointed be
fore the war to arrange for the ereej
tioh of a Mdnnment to Wilbur Wright,
inventor of. the airplane, ha decided to
proceed immediately with the work,
and It ia hoped thnt arrangement will
shortly be made far the monument to
be erected M Monav . - t - '
Another killing Is Added To Long
' List bf. Crimes That Has
Disgraced Oahu Recently . '
Hawaii unenviable record for, fro
quent kilting wits sustained on Thurs
day uiglitjj when Mrs. Kivo Haruta,
ageil twenty-three .yearsy wu done to
death with a kuife or razor at Lie.
after having been criminally assaulted
Tlie buHbaml of the murdered woman
wna awakened f rout sleep about nine
o'clock ri Thuradny night by the ry
ing of their four year-old baby, Jinij
ing hi wjfe miuiing from her bod h'e
wi-ut lu srarcb of hor and. found her
dead l.oily in an outbouse near thoir
i h6me.' 1'he ' woman waa lying in a
pool or idood anil her tnroat bud been
slashed in' two place,'- . . , . ,.;
llarutn ran to the Bhimuda store on
the belt road and after, awakening the
proprietor, telephoned for the police
-The murder -wascommitted at the
KaiMiu Camp, Lain. rJix Japanese em
ployed by the husbnnd of the murdered
woman snd who live hot a short dis
tance froth the Hcene oCtkf crime have
been ur rented and arc being held for
inveMtintion. The men were asleep
when arrested and deny having heard
any crim of distress.
Kivo Haruta, who wns a woman of
striking beauty, came here from Japan
as a pirttirebriile Ave years ago anil
married haruta, who i,a cane eon
tractor. V '
Deputy PherifT Lunhiwa said - hist
night that he had been nnablo to find
a clue to the murdorer.
Another murderer is. at present be
ing sought by the police of this islun I.
He ia the killer of Lhm Pin, who wnr
ntabbe I eight time with a cane kuife
WaitathU ou Oitbher; 28, and who
died of bis wounds two daya later. A
Isimnene ia su'peeted of having com
mltted the crime. ' ; . -
: The luunlered man had beea an em
ploye of Waipahu plantation for about
ten years.'- On the night of the niur
der, whi'e minding a Boup waon for
another Chinaman who had gone to the
market to buy some meat,' he was at
tacked by an unknown man with a
cane-knife, who jumped out of some
adiacent shrubbery,.-,. . .
It is thouuht that the aasuilunt of
Luin Pin had a quarrel with the owner
of the aoup-wagou and Uiat mistook
Cum rii tor bis eueiny Id the former'
uniloing. , ; : ,t-
WAMIII'(iTr.' Vnviiinliiir ID As
ociated Pre): Govern meut . officiaU
believe that it is possible to' speed Up
war preparation materially aad owiuv
to the changed apect of. the Ualiau
front and the critical Mate of affulr in
ItiiNHia with the resulting tbrtHteuiug
inert for the west front, will make the
effort. ;.
It wa aid yt'Btenlny that it wa
probable that by thi new speeding up
process the present program might -iu
aome reaped be doubled. . am that
nun airpluiie and 60,000 inotor car
might be ready for use by the first of
July. All of the are intended to bo
equipped with Liberty, Motors.
i .. .
I ' '
Hun Fprces Take Alancj Wands
and Are Within Forty Miles of
Finland Coast Significant Si
lence From West Front
NEW YORK, November 10 (Aaso
elated.. Press) Uerman force enfctrol
the entrance from the $ all I A Seat to
he Gulf of Bothnia and are practically
In full possession of th Alssd T
and; ' Teuton war vt- ,iu.. .
he, Alnnd Inlands on Thnraday, Cnpoh
mgen denpatcKe report, transports
'iillowed, a landing" was effected and
jy'lOirt nighf practically the whole
(roup of Island waa' held by the Hun
'oeCes.' These Islands are about forty
nilea off the const of Finland. '
tatloa CommlttM Named .
Naming of -a-new military eomitiit
ee for Italy was the most important,
levclpoment for the Italian theater pf
far. General Cadorna is a member
f tha committee and following. it or
raniratioa General Bos. wa named M
he new bead of the first rmy, General
indoplio the second armyand General
3randino the third. .Thia appear to
ivo changed the, wholalaspent of the
itantioi according to advice from
Haliiia headquarters. . It was further
e ported thnt the resists nee of the
Italians stiffened preceptibly yesterday
tbe main body establialied itself ia
: position delected for an effective
bfetrse againat. the invaders. - 1
r"1sh Ootl ne On " '
. Further British victoria in Taietin
!r reported from London. Tbe e
v,ira Turkish army in Palestine was re
ported in . full rctrCat. ,In the past
few. days severe 1 . thousand, prioner
and forty "gun have been captured.
A bombnrdment of the Turkish ?oat
wa conducted With some mceets - by
be Allied fleet.
illanca rrent West Tront - '
; On the Wetarn front, so Tar aa news
ss concerned there waa a significant
silence such as heretofore haa almost
nvarinbly presaged important activ
itiea on the part of the Allies.- New?
if new drives' by; the British, or thf
?rerif4i of boJ ia ronfidentb expected
VIcAdoo Advises Banks To Get In
Resources So As To Be
'' ' Ready For Next Issue
'" 1 , .' '., i ' It v
WASHINGTON, November 10 (A
ocitM v 1 're H ecro ta ry ; . MeAdoo
festflrday held 1 imKrtnat eonferenrea
vith the goverfor . of reserve bank
relative to plana; for,, eont inning the
Incming of tho war 'by menna of Liber
y Bonds between prriod when iatert
dye Vomp'p,ins for the floatation of
Hnd issiiea mey be undertaken. : '
vlt-l-he idoa of. MeAdoo to keep ou
vith tho sale of liberty Bonds with1
nt .eoustnutly.rrenrring to bond enm
laigu snh a( resulted o auccessf ully
i the fira two instances. Huch cam
ain would be conducted when it
a atisolutely esHcntial but- meantime
irraiigements should be made by the
bank to be reedy fur them, lie ad
vise th it present boldinga bo disposed
if a rapidly a possible, suggests the
rmcrs as a. medium, ' aud thnt the
linnks thy be in position for lnrgei
'Mirehnaes themselves ahcu another call
ihull coma. - , yi v ,'. s,
. u; '-.:, . , .. 'f ,
' - , 1 a
PARIS, November 10 (Associate,
res) An inconclusive peace- woul('
mean thut Uerraoby would, ia flftee
enrs, be able to put into the fib
n a my of H.UI0.OO0 men against a to
'al FrencM army of 3.332,000, aecordinj
'o figures compiled by Andre fefevre
leputy from Aix aud former miuiite
f flmrce.
M. lfevre estimates tba number o
survivor at twenty year of 'fe i1
the two connti-iei. out of . 100,000 mnl
birth." at 7i930 for France and 70,00;
for Germany. In apite of the greate
wastage in Germany, the relet ivel
mailer birth rate in Prance wool 1 rf
duee the latter': military atrength tr
only a little -over. 0 percent of tbt
of her neighbor in J0M.. , ; "
y K- ; i t. , ;. :.m '. '.''"
WASHINGTON, November 10 (A"
sociutvd Prc) Preparations for fue
control went ahead with a bound yw
torijayi' The price of coke came. In fo1
Brut attention aud tbe whole': natioi
was put upon m six dollar a ton basit
for this fuel. ' ' J
Kleetrie igu were alao given atten
Mou and a. ruling of the fuel ad'minls''
ration provide. IhA the light on sue)
Migu shall burn only. between the hour
if seven-f orty-flve and eleven o'eloel
. . , ; .
WAHHINOTON. November 8 (As
sociated Pre)-Four million dollar I
being raised thi week for. war camp
community service, Secretary of tb
Kavy Heiiiel announced today. These
ttnr I'ouip faidlitlea are to aid in mak
ing American fighting-men ideal type
of the democracy they represent.
iin:'ni)Fn at nii i .'islands
mumuivlu niunLL
";.:,'.,;-:.. ,: i
Honolulu Turns Out In Force To
Welcome Congressional Party
At Brilliant Function . .. ;
' Honoiulj , turned out j,fn- full 'force
and It prettiest-clothe last Slight to
greet-thn .visitor; from the-Congre-Siona)
hall of Washington. One of the
largest' and meift' fashionable gather
ing fhe Palace has een ia many a
year thronged the: Capitol and Armory
in honor cf tha Territory 'a gaest. ,u
Ik the receiving line, besioo the Con,
Tresaional party, wera the . Governor,
General Winser, Captain George R.
Chirk f the Naval Htation, Prtnee Ku
hio and Colonel C. P. Iaukea. Major
Jsrne I), Doughertrj Major L M
Jodd, Mn,jor F. J. Green, and several
ofrleets Of the National Guard acted as
.ishera, intrqduving the reception gueit
to the reeelvlng party. ; - ,
The line wa in the Throne Boom,
which : waa partly filled witb potted
palm and fcwi . and 'brilliantly lit
from ' tha . high , crystal . chnndelier.
Panning through there from the front
door, the crowd, went out into the rear
'nnnl, where the famous tunnel to the
Armory 'provided a :paogowa'y free
from dampncH. '
A band of , Hawaiian singing boys
with 'atringed instrument were placed
on the launlng of the tir in the
Palace and dispensed their chararteri
tie music until the guest had all dia
tiersed to the daneins in the Armory.
,The Royal Hawaiian Band Waa station
ed in tbe bandstand In, the palace yard
daring the early part of-the evening.
; In tbe Armory, where the dancing
took pl.-ce, hundred of American and
Hawaiian flags and other decorated
the wall and bung ia radiating line
from the center of the high eeiling.'A
rtand at one side draped in bunting
had been erected for tha Congressional
party. The band tanI. similarly decor
ated, was placed on the other side. An
island of palms occupied the center
tf the floor. ' ', ,..
"Practically all of the student f-otr
th R, O-T, Cat RchoOeld attended
the reception, having been given leave
f oi that purpose.- ' Man. i army ouVerr
In white and a' sprinkling of naval
officers were noted la the -throng. Hoc!
?ty wa out in full' force to lo honor
the visitor from Washington.
! ' it " 1
SEATTLR, November . 10 (Assw i
ated Iress) Alaska' great waterway
'he Yukon ltiver, is being sealed, uj
for th long northern Winter, accordlnf
to rpMrt reaching here from Dawson
Ruby, Taoana and- other point ,alont
he id ream. '
lea began appening un the Yukon 't
tributaries some .time ago and ' in I
hort timcf tho surface of the big rive
itself will be converted into a jagged
'tnevert ribbon of ice stretched twenty,
me huu trod uiilo across tha heart of
'he northern territory, and its ueigubo
date, the Yukon Territory. '.
Thia year the river is cloving late'
'han UHunl. It will be sealed until Iat
in the spring when the sun returns t
the north and the big ice pack loosen
n I jam it way seaward. .
The little Hat " bottomeil teaiiiboat
of the summer river lleot have been
pulled up on the banks for' the wintc
ind the residents of Dawson, Fair
banks, Circle t'ity. Kuby, Fort Yukoi
tnd other point along the Yukon an.
't tributaries are ready for the lonj
"wilight. During the winter, trails af
ford the only paHnge in and out of thi
interior of . Alaska. ...
WASHINGTON. November 9 (h
ociated lre) Western railroad linet
odry. filed with the interatate com
nerce commission requests to be allow
d to increase frsfght rates.
MEXICO CITY, Nov. 10 fAssoeia
ed Press) 'The governor of the Mexi
an states have been instructed . ti
take rrsngeinent for beginning t
. enstis cf the country at once. The lust
ensns in 1H10 wa uncompleted.
'"Blue" Spells Mein
Bad, Kidneys?
worried, half-sick peopk
hnuld find out tb came of their trott
Am., Often it is merely faulty kidney
lotion, whioh ullow tbe blood to ge
oaded op with poisons that irritate tb
erve. Baokaehe, hradacheevdizitlnr
tad annoying bladder 'trouble Irf
Idded proof that th kidney nead
icln. I'se loan' Backache Kidney
'ills.' Thonaand thank them for roljef
rom just such troubles.
"When Your Buck 1 I.nme Remem
er the Name." (Don't simply ask fo
l aidne'y remedy aifk distinctly fot
loan's Backache Kidney Pills and tk
ether), Doan's Backache Kline'
Pill are sold by all druggist and it ore
keepers, or' w ill be mailed on receipt of
irice by the iioiiiMter l'rutf i;o., or
Benson - Hin it h k Co., ogeuta for the
lluwuiiun IsJaud. (AdvrtisomoDt)
... .' , : ; .,.
' 5
Associated Company : Will ; 'Sell
uniy rucr rroauci unui conai- .
ti6ns.ire Restored To Some
; thing Like the Normal -
.No oil, other than fuel oil will'b.'
sol.r-byv the' Associated Oil Company
ontil jfnrtber police, it was learned yes-v '
terdny, : At I lie office of the company
It Wa sard thnt thi 'decision had been
reached for severnl reason. '
i Fixing of price for fuel appear to
be growing nearer. It i expo-ted that
gasoline will be one of . such fuel' coin-.
inoditlei that will he earTiost affected.
The netto. of thK Associated Oil Com
pany in, taking the actiom which it
baa nay have been after consideration
if oeh robability but tfie compsny
lid wot -y o when sera by Tho Ad- ''
vertiscr. .'. - i. i j! :, : :
3errai keason Olvea ' .' ; '. jj. '...
r,It 1 true that we shall sell only,
fuel oil uatil further notice and that -ve
are so notifying our custoinera when
hey would nlace order with an." wan '
L he reply given at tha pfllre1 of tbe .
ompany to a request for-a confirmation-.
f the report '.'We are moved to do
hi for several rcsaons. Ono of these,
a the probable' shortage of freight car-!
ying vessels . which will, make oncer'
aia receipt here. - There is also the . '
robabiiity of higher froishltt f jr what
toes come ia and this wo have consid'
ired. . It- appears probable that we ran ;
landle all of our output on the rnsui
'and and do so more profitably than it
an be handled here. .With th'e fact
n '.view it was determined to hnndln
nly crude oil under tho present eon '
litions." ' ;': !. ; , ; .; '
Mian Oaaotlna Essential " ''''' ''
-How inueh of the ga lino and . oil '
bat is used for automobiles lu IJono
ulu ' may bi considered as eiwntml
nd how much unessential It. a Question
that is 'certain to soon reuire deter
ui nation in connection' with embargoes '
tgainst nonessentials.. If cement for
road work and building purposes, struc
araf . stool and father piaterinls neces
ary for the continued proreas' aad ad
vancement of Honolulu are - to bo.
leemed.'noa eejtohtial are gaaolhif 'and
ils for automobiles oe.l for other than
tslnens purpoMC to be eon.iidered es
eutiAlsf Attor;obilea are not to. be so
Onsidered, Why then .the supplier nee
iary for tlin'.o that rr already' here I
'1ich are questions that have to be
omdilerod. .- AutonuSile I owner uro
ondcring, in sniun instence, . whether
hey will have to leave their enr in tho
forage and,.reiimo patroungc of tho
lonnlulu Itnpld Trnusit Compnu;'.
1o Fuel Commissioner
Aa yet there ha l'cn no one n;--tointed
as a fuel coininli'sioiier or dep
ity 'f ut-f connnisaitir.er here but it hus
eon rejiortcd on the mainluud that
httfi i to be at lcast oiie such cominis
ioner or deputy fpr each at ate.1-It is
tardly' likely that it WIN fall to the rop
esentative of tbe food commission to
tetenuino tbi although be may bn
jauied as the individual to act in that
aparity in addition to the other du
ies that are falling to hi kit.
The euitgOHtion 'bus been iiimto thai
t, is probable that it will be uuder
,ken to determine;. - wbnt- ears are
eeded for the conduct of the busine-
f tho IhIbihI an I importa of gasoline
il and olhw s.ipplio ba Pi mi toil to
he requiretnents of such ear. It in
Ointed out that in Oreat Krituin an I
'runre aura 'courcos were jiurm-l. In
hose . instaiijes, however, wot of tho
ant wore taken over by flie govem
. tent of those couulrie fir war pur
' oae. Of tho cars that were not so
iken, however, very few have since
teen used .much of any except, for en
entially buainos purpo'et. There bu
in yet been no indication of the I'uited
Hate having any intentions of com
uapdeetiug cars s did t bone uariou.i.
tables From Mainland Tell of
Ballentyne's Success
Control of Montana Binghnm Jlinin ;
'ompany a:U been aeenred for Honolulu
a tereats, according ..to a cablexnu"
vhlch was received liar from C. O.
lallentyne. the representative which Hh
local bul la the stock of the company
tnd holders of its bonds to the extent
if 10 1,000, sent over to ; investigate
he property and buineaa of tho eom
tany and to otherwise represent it in
Ita'h. '.."'"'
According tb the WOrd received from
'Jr. Bullentyne he has secured for the
'ui control of 'Unntana-Bingham which'
arries with it control of Port una and
it her adjacent properties. He any th-i
-eorganiaation of the . company was
formed along line which he suggested
ind he is to head its directorate as
iresiilent and msnnger.
Whether Mr, Balleutvne will return
'o the management of tbe Bapid Trail
it company has nut been anuiiumid
bus-tt would aeem -unlikely if be is to
'lead the mining company.
" in '; 'i V-a-. r ,
(A"oriated Press The Chinese gov
ernment commercial commission sent t .
tbe United frttste to approve of large
oontracta for tools and sunplies is here,
f.ient.-tieit. Ching Ping Tbue is at tt
head. 'His missioa hu no diplomat io,.'
AMKTEUtfAM, .November 10 (3
imletod lre) It is announced tliV
twelve . large Clerman airplane built
for the Dutch army have arrived at.
Hcntlielui, Hanover, where they will
be taken over by thi Dutch uvitition
5 'J'

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