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' K 1
Notice Served On Kalanianole And Trustees
Almost Before Breathe Leaves ,T h e
; c Body Of Liliupkalani
imosi Deiore me last puttering wreatn naa left the hodv o
.at t O. f
Queen. Liliuokalani yesterday morning notice was served lv Jolir
' V. Colburn upon Frince Kalanianaole and upon Col. C. P. Iaukea
and V. O. Smith, the two latter as
that Colburn was tiamed as executor of the Queen's estate under t
hitherto unheard-of. will executed by. Liliuokalani, and innouncinj
that he demanded to take charge of the funeral arrangements.
According 'to statements made yesterday by Attorneys Lorrii
Andrews and V. B. Lymer, representing Colburn, the purported las:
will and testament of the Queen,
by her on August 29, 1917, may vitally affect all the provisions o:
the Liliuokalani trust deed, previous wills devising properties am
- annuities to relatives and friends, and may involve even the suit stil
pending which Kuhia brought some titne ago to annul the trust deec
, itself on the ground of the Queen's alleged mental incapacity.
Strong fritirhations of legal action, if necessary, to enforce Mr
Colburn's demands were made, both by Colburn himself and by hit
attorneys. ; V; - . . . .. 'V,:; v,; .
i'v i SECRET SIGNATURES ..;-..,'
- j, JPathjthe attorneys and Mr. Colburn declared last night that th
, will jbeartf the signature of Liliuokalani, although none of them saw
the Queen place her signature to the document stating that "a per
, ponj obtained it secretly and under great difficulties,, but" that th
Queen had desired this "person" to draw up the purported will whicl
she ,4esjred to sign. '..: : : -..'A. '
Notice of the document and its' radical provisions and the im
portant present feature of the. appointment of Colburn to take charg
of the funeral obsequies, was served yesterday -morning upon Princt
. Kalanianaole, and Col. G P. Iaukea and W. O. Smith", the two lattei
being trustees under the Liliuokalani Trust deed, just as the Queci
was passing into eternity. Hardly had Col Iaukea left the deatl
. chamber and was about to order the bells tolled 4o announce deatl
than he was served with the notice, which resulted in a hurried con
ference in the Liliuokalani Trust office, where Attorney D. L. With
; ington joined them, the meeting lasting an hour. At its close tin
preparations for the funeral went on, undertaken by the Prince an
the trustees, despite the fact that the demand upon them was to giv
Colburn sole charge. ,
' The demand Upon the trustees was like a bombshell, particular
ly as both bad spent a long night of vigil at the dying Queen's bed
fide. That they felt it incumbent upon them to proceed with th
plans was apparent when they received leaders of Hawaiian societie
and accepted their proffers of assistance and participation in th
reremoqiesJ These preparations continued without reference to thi
3iarsh interruption, and they named the day for the lying-in-stat
xeremonies at Kawaiahao and the obsequies at the Capitol on Sun
''. day next. Mr. Colburn did not put in an appearance at Washingtoi
Place during the day.
.' ' Mr. Colburn, in his letter which was dated November 9, but tin
delivered until yesterday morning, referred to the probable fatal ill
ness of the Queen and announced that lie had in his possession ";
: document purporting to be the last will and testament of Liliuoka
lani,' dated August 29, 1917," or just a little over two months ago
3 le added that this document stated that he should be sole executo
rtf her estate, and also that "knowing you hold a certain delegatiot
of authority under instruments prepared conveying portions of he
estate," expressed a wish to see the trustees of the trust with regan
,16 the disposition of Her Majesty's remains, in case of her death an
to take charge of her funeral arrangement.
Mr. Colburn said that "no one would wish unseemly controver
. sy at this time over this matter, but under the will it is indisputabh
that Mr. Colburn act as representative of Her Majesty's Estate (hi
attorney was writing), and he has expresed his desire to work it
harmony with' you in all matters-connected with the obsequies." 11
talso stated that he wished to have the probate of will deferred unti
Rafter the funeral, and "that there shall be no necessity for any un
pleasant legal controversy in regard to the last rites to be perform?'
for Hef Majesty." ;
At Mr. Colburn's residence last evening. Attorneys Andrew
and Lymer issued a. statement on behalf of Mr. Colburn, Mr, An
.ilrews, speaking as follows:
; , , :' "Sotuc time ago, in July, I was notified that the Queen wished ti
-make a will, and following instructions in writing. !' prepared a wi"
' which was submitted to her early in August and which was returne
' in me executed on the twenty-ninth of August. ; !
l ,"ln this will Mr. Colburn is appointed under bonds to be fixe
by -jilt first judicial circuit court of the Territory of Hawaii, a
xecutor of all. of her estate. Since the will was executed and de
livered to me it has remained in my os,ession and has not bee'
- ween by any one except Judge Lymer. who was associated with hi
'Km To Colburn
WliiMl the news nf Her Mujesty
HI.,... ..... .i.-.. ht I if.
' ., . , . ... ... 'l
.'.191011m enn iiiTiir'ned rem or tne ex
iftence of .thin nil! and hi npoiiit
1 Went S eserytnr li i-b whs uews-tot
, Mm, and instructed him that lie would
lave charge nf Hir Majesty's estate
.. '?Mr, C'ollium ri-qupnti'd Jndm I.y
i r" ' " o" )n mrt Civr hun Hud i
'liMf notifled thff truntiH" nerving in-
ftr th trnM deed of the eiinteiu'e of
sthl will vimttrday V.. (I. Hinitb anil
th othrrii hIio hold under thin trout
. dN), ami we die inepmeil to prove
tbo will.
! .H We don't l.ehevo that there nbould
, ba aajr uueutly euutruvam' in thia
V?r 'V.'.:,,-f yut:x' ' 'd
:, ' " v ' " ' -,.,...;':
A . 1 . . . .
trustees of the Liliuokalani Trust
said by them to have been signec
nmMiT mill nine n informed the trus
"'" "r course jtr. Uolhurn's poll
I I'll li I'le.'irlv t.il..,l in tUa mrill ft
i'li-;irly MtHtid ill the will.
r A hiji ewh
mh irnkeil hovr thi
wilf una obtained ik'
n'.'iiat m fi tlui
Letter 1,
IihH WitntMKijil -it, and re
i eil thai In. un, not in the nrenenri
of the ii t tiny time.
''e dun t m hiiI unv eontroveray o
mi'ii'iity in thin mutter with the true
ee " ,1ml-,. I.vmer,. " and hop.
ti!' notliiii(; uin he to lie dnae un
Ml Bt'ei the I'nn-ral, ,it propOH
to .riAe thm ij hefrire the eourt an.
entfihlinh it.
Mar Affect TiU't
"Thia Kill nuiy vitally alTect tin
entire tiuNt dtt-d and all other doc u
met made by the (Jum-n ntrioiKty, "
Mr. Andrewa added, "We. mnat la'aiat
On Mr. C'olbnra'a Mghta and wa ahall
inatat taai Mr. rolburn ahall be eon
auivea roaeermni tbe funeral arrange
menu and believe we ahall hear frara
Mr. Hmitn tn the morning."
following the general anaonnremeat
the attoraeya aUted that while they
did not ae the alitnature obtained, they
itated that it had ta be obtained ace
retly and earefully owing to the faet
that th Queen waa eloaely guarded at
mi Tinea, ana in order to pertme prop
erly the document and auffeext and
make change ahe had to keep it hid
aen nnaer aer mattreaa. nntil it waa
finally feigned and , wltneMaed.
iney woairj not divnlire the name
of thoao who had obtained the aigna
tore nf the Quaea and thoae who wit
peeaea It. '', " i 4 ,:
At Waahiagton iHae Prince Kalaa
ianaole and Colonel Iaukea atated'laat
(veiling- they knew nothing whatever
it the Queen hating tinned anr docu
rnent; that ahe waa never alone at any
time, one of the attendant being with
aer every mlnnte of the dav and nlirht
and that, the Queen haa beea bedriddna
ind waa ao at the time the purported
will waa aald to have beea aijned ao4
that aha haa beea altnoiit unable to
tttix her signature to any pnper at all
ror montna. . ., .
Jaeen CharlUbla 1 ' -
In ber truat iteetl Liliuokalani ia quite
ooerai 10 making arrangement for tbe
maniisnmeat of, orpbanage to be
.lamed after ber,' the preference to be
riven to Hawaiian children. The deed
alno provided for the appointment of
l iruoiee wno waa to ne buaineaa i
iger, thi poaitioa being givea to Cot
inel Iaukea. :
The deed alao provided that after ber
leata the Trusteea ahall dehver and ei
ecut to C. P. Iaukea a deed conveying
o bim absolutely and forever landa
uid improvementa at Waikiki known
ia the Lela of Hamohamo. Thia doea
lot contain any revereionary clause.'
waanmgtoa I'lace ia flllett with rare
elic and ah baa considerable personal
iroperty, including rare jewels. It ia
aid the purported will contains be
luesta of rlnga and broochea and much
personal property, including money to
i lengthy list of people. '
., Fronv. Monday Advertiser) i
Solemn ceremonial ritea in the his-
oris Kawaiabao Church yesterday af
ernoon marked the passing of another
if the prominent figure of the old
eglme. Old and' young mourn the
leath of Edward K. Ulikalanl, but the
oaa ia borne chiefly by that dwindling
irele of Hawaiiana who aaw the) great
lays of the monarchy, and in their
yea It waa like a herald preceding hi
oyal ' miatreaa that I.ilikalani died.
tia t end earn last Thursday, almoat
hre dayj to an hour before the time
f th death of Queen Liliuokalani.
Tbe aervleea at the chorea, and at
lie grave were conducted by the paa-
or, tie v. Henry n. turner, and or-
leer and member of th old Houae
Nobles took part. ' Headed by the
loyal Hawaiian- Band - ahortly after
hre o clock the funeral cortege mov
d from tb Williams' , Undertaking
arlor where tha body had laid ia
tate. Mourners bearing kahilis, led
he procession into the church with a
nmber of matrons of the order pf
rh Hon of Noble. All of the ka-
ili bearer and the women wore the
hort cape of the order, which ia yel-
-w with deaigns of black and yellow.
laaktt la EoyaJ Purple
The- casket, regal in its rich color-
ng of royal purple with lta gleaming
ilver, drew the eyea of those in the
hurch. I pon it rested tbe white bel
net and the sword of the dead chief'
am. As the low aweet notea of the
rgan rose, the casket was -reverently
iwered to the purple colored aupport
eneath the bunks of biasing flower
hut CQneculed the pulpit platform.
As the uprflined kahilis were waved
lowly over the casket, the voice of
lie choir opened the aerviee which
uk entirely in the Hawaiian tongue,
i his addresM tbe paator in moving
erms reviewed the career of LilUa-
am. Though he referred to tb part
he ehelftain had played in the. court
fe of Honolulu, he dwelt with partien
ir emphasis on the maa'a borne life,
hick lie held up as aa example, and
e told of the thirty years that preced-
i tne neatb or l.ihkuluni Fa Drat wire,
period, the pastor said, unmarred
y a single note of discord, and a con-
ition that continued after his aeeond
.arriage. The pastor's addreaa waa
"ed by prayer iriven by Bev. H.
W. Kekuewa of Wuianaa, who. pronounc
the benedietion also. After the ena
ct had been borne from the church
the grave in the churchyard another
ricf service vus held at the grave
ide. ',' . ',- '
'he Pallbearer
Those who served a pallbearer
ere: Captain Robert Parker, ' Jease
. Makainai, T. W.,, HeekUy. A. K.
Innpili, inaac H. Harbottle and Henry
irrtelmann. ; ,
It was a a caption of the court mil
ary staff that Lilikahtnl became not-
the day. of the merry monarch i
n.l he roi.tini.ed to bold tula poet af- 1
r the king's uVnth. In this post he
hh the chief functionary of the court .
ml major domo of. all the 'numerous '
(Taira and ceremonie. that marked life
the .ourt snd .ftr-.rd. i l,H
titer yesrs during which be served In
lie assessor s umce as a tax clerk.
is uustere figure waa a familiar' eight
the streets of the city. When toe
cranion offered be always displayed
lie orders sml deconitiona be bad re-
'ived in the days of the monarchy.'
moiig these were the Htara f thel
oval Order of Oceania, the Order of I
liikaini nn.l tl.a lt,A. 4 IT...I.,l.nl
took an interest in politics snd on
'vo occasions can for the office Of sens
or, c
KeMidea lii widow, he ia .survived
one daughter, Mr, .lohn I'onua.
is only one of nine children liv
Men Learn of Death of Former
; Queen on Their Arrival At j
h':' Kawailoa r '
Tents Are Reared and Work of
Drills and of Lectures Is
, Set In Motion
--(From Mondav Advertiaor).
With the flag half masted out of re
apeet to the ; memory of Ilawaii'l
Queen' wtiose death occurred, while th
special train bearing the troops was
on tbe way to Kawailoa, ike National
Guard, of Hawaii went into camp ye
terday morning more than 2V)0 atrong
It waa a perfect day. for tbe; encamp
ment, and on the dunes swept by the
atrong salt breezes the tenta were
pitched in '. record time after arrival
More eomoaniea are .to arrive today
from Maui, Kauai and Hawaii, bring
ing the total ' strength for the eamp
np to abont 3000 aen and.oAeer. :.
The two Honolulu battalion report
ed at the armory at aii thirty o'clock
yesterday mornings ready fot ' th
onrney; They collected their blanket
roll aad baggage, and were ready to
fall la for the march to the O, K, t L
station before eevea-thirty.. -.
Mxoy Race Mlngl ,
When the companies lined up prior
to marching out they were An iater
eating sight, for nearly everr race of
the Territory waa repreaeated. la the
center .of the drill hall the Filipino
company atood at if fly id even rank
At the left was a Japanese company.
and at the right tbe Chinese -company
waa, lined up. 'A Hawaiian company
occupied the outside rank on either
hand, when -the companies . atarted
for the station 'tne Hawaiiana from
each, aide came first,' marehiae ta tbe
Center V with military' precision before
turning to go out to Hotel Street.
Tbe line of march to tea station was I
on Hotel Street to Alakea, on Alakea
to King, and -on King to-the station
where the companies " fell into line
aj-aia for entramment.1' Under the com
mand of Col. W, B; Hilcy, th entire
two battalion werentrained in eiirhl
minutea, record for speed and efli
eiency in any mllitnVy organisation.. .
' vu. . . : !L Jl . I . .. l .
. im ; nuiuiflK . lumui ior iss iruaro
troopa carried' twenty-one. ears, includ .1
tag on rreight car. It left the sta
tion at eight-flftecn" promptly, preced
ing the regular morning train by an
hour.' . , ; -;. ,
The aeeond 'battalion of -the Firat
Infantry, comprialag.', tbe guard com
paniea from Aiea, Ewa, and Waipahu.
took tbe renlar ai ternoon train to
which three extra CMcbea were attach
8d" , 'r r' 'I-.'.'
rind rug Half-Caftte4 t '.
The morning apeciat arrived at Came
Liliuokalani at , ten. forty Bve, The
troopa found tbe flag at half maat, for
tne agea Uueen In ' whose honor the
amp . waa named bad pasaed to, her
long rest half an hour after the snecia)
train left Hon6tul' Tfae new bad
been telephoned to 'the- eamp, where
the flag wa balf manted at oaea' in re
spect to her memory. .
mere waa already part of a eatoo
on the and dune-makai of tbe road
and the railroad track, for the third
battalion of the Second regiment and
tbe first . separate ' troop of Hawaiian
savalry had been in earn o ai nee Hatur
day. They bad part of their tents
oreeted yesterday morning.' The bead
quarters and tbe teat for the staff offl
eera were placed aear tbe road and
the gate. The lecture tent wa being
t up in the renter of the ruin, with
tbe officer' mean and kitchen teuu
Kack of it. At on end f tbe camr.
the horses of the cavalry -teoorj were
-orralleil near the teat of the com
pany. "::
The hattalion 'arriving from Hon,.
ulu on tbe special fell Into line at the
word from their ofnecrand marebed to
heir company s reels. whioh were laid
out and marked in advance by the quar
reriiiBBier-e department jrrlday and Hut
unlay. Their firat duty on llninar tit, in
their respective locations wa to alack
weir rifles, after which ihey fell to on
teqt raising with a wilL V
The kitchen tent were the first to
go up in every company; for it wa
nearing noon and the men were hungry
after their long ride. The earth was
dug out to permit of act ting the Camp
stoves down almoat fTuah with tb
ground in most of tbe companies. No
sooner wna tlie stove set up than the
firewood was. brought from the lung
stack acme the road in the quarter
msster' department and the cooking
fire waa made. -
Quarters of beef, bnga of rice, eanne 1
goods, aad sack fall of loaves of
bread were brirtight over to th kitchen'
tents while the rest of the company
worked at tent raising aad the. dinner
was begun. Many of tb companies'
had a number of tents np before muni..
TV. , .w: . i., i
'.L 1.": f"Pr
-"7 "
OrianlKar lAft mat um. pmiiv r.a AA.,...
.,... .C " r ,7
Tty bf? lh me" e"'1 "M .
. uanermaaier- aepuriment ami
uo,0i:' "P are piaeea on rue op
i""" ",e rauroaa traer rrmp
the maia cumn. Sentries have I een
posted at either end and at intervals
along tho fenc to prevent any one not
having bnaintW jn tbe ramp from en
tering. The bead quart ers tents ir
equipped with electric lights and tele
plioue. . ,
It may he jmiosihle to nrevent an
accident, but it is not impoesible to be
prepared for it. ,4'bsniberlain's Pain
Balm ia not beyond anyone's purse, an, I
with a bottle of this liniment you sr..
prepared for most anything-. Foraale
by all dealers. Benson, Bmith A Co., 1
Ltd. Agts. tat Hawaii, Advertisement.
Honolulu Wholesale Produce Market
, . . Quotations ;
Island Butter, lb. .8
Kgg select, donen .. k ... -.78
fKt h ..... .73
r.gga, vueK, oaen....,..
i onng nooter, jD. .48 to .150
Keana, string, green, lb.,,,, m
neans, sin ng, was, lo.; . . '. ,". . V ,V. ? .04'
.:..v if .1)4'
;:0S4 t..0
Heana, 1.1 ma in pod,.
Beans, Maui red, ewt
Beans, Talieo lo.oo to I0.S0
neans, nmaii whit. .... ig.po to 13.00
Beeta, oos. bunches i ,...,-,,.v.e.J50
Carrots, don, bnaebaa tr
Cabbage, wt.. 8.00 te 8.1W
Corn, sweet,' 100 ears 2.50
Corn, Haw. am, yVI.....7o.uO U 73.1)0
corn, Haw. tg. yel.. .(13.00 to 67.00
am, Jp. wa, wt,.,v,t,.,,,, ,
'"""""i viiniTc, jrn.M , , t rn. .air
.'-vn.n, Win,,,, !,!)!! ,V J.-v,
rigs, juo . , .......... ...... 1.00
Mlrapea, Iaabella, lb. . . ,'. . , . ; 1 10
v I.r?E8TOOS c v .. .' . ' -,.; , ,
Cattle and aheep are not bought at live weight.. They are alaugbtered and
pmu iur on uressea weiont basis, itoe -
... . ..... ... .... ,. pKSBEO
Beef, lb.
................. .in to -jo
Veal, lb. ,',4 ,vi. ;....;, ,18 to .1 Tork, lb. .,
Sfeer, N, 1,' lb. ,1
Hteer, No. 2, lb.- .,.,,,.; .18
"leer, nair iip .,.,,,,.....
' '' ..v. ... . '""n,xa
Tbe foltowlaf are Quotation on feed.
Corn, lg. yel. ton............... H0.00
Corn, cracked, ton 84.00 to 3.VO0
Hran, ton .n .62.80 to 88.00
Barley, ton ... ......,.,..,... . 57.60
Scratch food, ton
sr.on to H8.00
Committee Of Three On Resolutions Named
, . . KILO, Norember lt(8pecial to Th AdyerUaer)Annanncement ; .
of th death of Queen LUluokalanl to the members of the congressional :
: party was mad by tb Oorernor this morning immediately following tbe
. receipt by him of a wlrla message from Honolulu tailing af the and of
her illness, and arrangements for tbe taking of appropriate action were lm- -mediately
began. '. ' ; ,"yv ' " . ;.:V-'. ' ':'..'.'.".'""'.'.'-"'
.When the congressional party met following the Governor's an- ..
' nonncemcnt of the Queen's death, Senator Myers of Montana wa elected
' chairman of ths meeting and on th adoption of a motion for' the ap-'.V
poiatment of a committee to draft suitable resolutions of rgrt and res
pact he named Senator Xing of Utah, KepressnUtlvs Tempi of Pennsyl
vania and KepreoonUtlro Beavis of Nebraska. The asms committee was
named to telegraph the newa of th death of the former Qneen to Presi
dent Wilson. ' ,
. . .. ; i. . : ',
Th selection of Senator King as chairman of the committee on res
olnUons waa th mora appropriate because he, and his father before him,
had been 'personally acquainted with th last monarch of Hawaii.
Th. Heath of the Queen may materially alter th plana of th party,
for this afternoon ther waa considerable discussion of th proposal to
Omit Maul from th present trip and to return to Honolulu when th pro
gram for this Island shall havs been completed. Such change is a pos
, albUlty to b reckoned but determinatloA of It may not be mad until
aiar tho end of the visit hero. :' ;
Meaatlmo It Is proposed thftt aU social functions shall bo abandoned
and that th visitors shall so ths sights m tourists and investigate Island
eondlUons In thlr capacity as legislators. It is probable, however, that '
th public reception which hid boon planned will b held or a substitute
plan adopted ao that tho people who may have any matters which they
deelrs to present to the attention of tho visitors may havs th opportunity
to do so. . ! (, .
American Locomotives For France
Made At Rate Of Thirty a Day
The first locomotive for American
war-aervit c railroad in . France was
completed in twenty working das, and
engines of this type are now being
turned out at the rate of about thirty
per day. About 8X0 of these locomo
tives and over 9000 .standard-gauge
freight cars are on order. Other narrow-gauge
equipment fur transporta
tion along the battle front are also on
order, and additional orders for- both
narrow and standard gaug equipment
re likely. ;
First Order Placed July- II :
I he tirst order for war locomotives
wn placed with the Baldwin Locomo
tive' Com pa uy, of l'hiladtilphia,i on fiuly
18 and the first engine completed on Au
gust 0. This ia in spite of tbe fact that
the boiler is rouat.ruc.ted simcially ,' for
this type of engine snd is what la called
a '"auporheater". Otherwise, the loco.
moive ia inurb similar to . locomotives
built by the Baldwin Company for the
Knelish iroverninent. It is not the most
PFJaCcllis Browive',&
- Acts Ilk a Owns I
she On it SpeBra ii . j.' t
TH only ralllatlve In HfURAlAia OOUT, PtMBUSSATiaaS.
UmtllMliif aMloai T..tlBisj essisuiM mm smh,
,Vl.l m ttn-tWt b, .11 Coei.UM I . Msnuliurrs
Firm lod. 1JIL t0. 1 ! . Dvaron Lid, UuOoa, S B.
'.November. A, 1917. ,
Heoa, lb. . . . , . . . ; v.,
... . .37 to .40
......... J
Turkeys, lb. -. '. .'.; ,
Drteks, Muse. lb. 32,
Ducks, Pekln, lb. ,.3S t) JIS
Ducks, Haw., doaen 7.28
AND FBODUOB . ' '.. , . ,
BieV Haw. seed; wt.."., , , . . r. . . (I.UO
I'mnts, latitAi'lfc?'.' -,0 W '.11
Green pepper,(.belj M to .0
Green peppers, chin ';. f. AU .4, 03
Potatoes, 1. , Irish r ,
Potatoes, Sweet M ta 1.00
;Prrtatwa, sweet red. .V. : r 'J iJM to 1.10
Ta c.wt.. .1,. , Vsm-v .t.lfiO to ?.00
Tsro, bnnck .;.,.i;..V.. .18
Tomatoes, lb. ....'.. , .04 to ,0
CQcnmbera, dnien .' .40 ta .00
Pumpkins, lb.. ,.... ..... ..03 to .02
i.irqes, itnt . . , vj , . j.. , . , j, , ,
.70 to .00
hi 1.60
. J . , w ,.,
ranaia. Ih. . . . . . i. . a .
v;02 to
Orangea, Hawaiian 100. , j. .1.2.T td .50
s trn to i.'iu
pounds, .13 to ,17.
Mutton, id.
.1 te .19
.19 to .22
Kins, lb. ..
Goat, white,
' a 1 r)
.20 to .30
f. a. b. Hnaolalui
Oats, tonsj, M.00 to 84.00
Wheat, ton . . 88.00
Middling, ton 84.00 to 08.00
Hay, wheat, ton........ .39.00 to 40.00
Hay, alfalfa
.37.00 to 3R.00
Cowerful type used in the United States
ut on a roud where tbe heaviest en
gines would haul . a train of about
ninety loaded freight car thia war lo
comotive would haul sixty loaded ears.
Like all the equipment, it is paiuted
battleship gray and bears the letters
8. A." for Unite.f State Army.
The locomotive weigh sbont 1HH.400
pounds, with the teuder ubout 75,000
pound. (
Box Oars of Largo Typo
The box car for the American Hues
in France have about three times the
capacity of the standard-gauge box
cars used bv the Freuch railway until
recently. They t have the same cou
pling equipmeut, etc., a the French
rolling stock, so aa to be interchange
able with it. Tbe iron railing which
runs the leugth of the car slung tbe
top ia used to throw a tarpaulin over
to protect the contents of the far from
the weather. The inside length of the
car is thirty-six feet and Its rapacity
thirtv-three tons.
. Cheeks aad arrasts .
' Jb Ct y.medy known ft
couoiis, colds, , : ..;
InrmrrMi nnr vi t
bUitl. liiLL v
WASHINOTDNV Oe(.M.r 83 (Asso
ciated lress Htsndardiaation of bread
aa tb result of investigations by gov
ernmetnt eipvta soon will be asnousced
by the food administration, Beojamia
Jacob of the Department of Agrrcub
ture'a Bureau of Chemistry, who S
been making test and In vast igatiag
the cost of .ingredients and labor, and.
other, factors in, ths baking industry,
hus, submit' Ms, teport, to Food Ad-,
ministrafot ''Ilrtover. Th food admin-
- ,
standard wt'Wit loaf at. a axe4 price. .
It' is recognized that tk only way '
to enforce the 0et standard weight'-,
and price will be by parting tbe bak-.
ers of the country under ' Urease,
That will be arranged aa soot as poUsi, .
hie. A separate proclamation- by , tkei"
President will be ; reouired Id Ostend. t
the licensing plan to bakers, not pro- '
vlded for in. tbe food law. ;, ''
"'A Panama -papala, weighing Jfteen
pound and picked off a tree afBebo.
held Barracka, is a view la -oaa of .
tbe windows of the .Mclaerny Shoe,
Store. . For sise and weight the papala, ' "
which 1 still quite- green, jrould putVr
a respectable pumpkin to sbame, y W.
H.'Melnerny aays that ther is s us r-:
in making application for seeds' of tHp .'
big pepsin producer, tor the ruit is
entirely seedless. i i .
Castle &Cooke
' uMrrto . . ..... i .,
' - ssas-aaissssasBm i.' . '"'.'..'
Ewa Plsntation Company y .
. . Watlnkn Agrirnlrural Co., Ltd. ? ',
' . Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd. .-, ;"'.,
. Kohala Sugar Company c - ' ',-'
Wabiawa Water Company, Ltd.
. Fnltos Iron Works, of Bt Loi .'
Babeoek Wileoz Compasy w . '
Green's Fuel Eeooomiser Company
Chaa, C. Moor h Co., Englaoera
will nor boy much' tker wsr dayi
When -normal, , times .rofurn, ijt pro-j'
bably will bnj BOfc" to 100 taoW
than it does now. ' . , , : ' "
8a ve , these present-day t ehsap
.lollars, s'gSiost-th' time they'll be?'
worth a lot more.. '
We pay i 4 Interest
,' ' '' v-!;'.''.'A',k ,
Merchant and fort rs,' SonolnUi
' ' V' ' TTT , c ' ' : :
from Montr) to Liverpool,
London and Glasgow via tho
and St. Lawronco Bout
' - ',: ' nd ,' ,
By ths populsr 'Prineess"
Htesmers from , Vancouver,
Victoria or SatH. , ,
For full informatiof apply to
Theo. H Davic$v& Co. ltd
Oen 1 Agents, Cndian-Paei4e By. Co.
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors "'
JDwa Plantation Co. '
Waialua Agricultural Co.; Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
V'oltou Iron, Work of St LouU'
Blake Hteam Pnmpe'r,,
Western Centrlfagsls '',
Bshcock k Wileos Bollera
Green's Pusl , Koaomiar
Marsh Rteam Pump . ,i.;
II at son Navigation Co..
Planters' Lin Shipping Co.
Kohala Sugar Co, . . .
noNor.i'LU Iron, works oo. ia.
ehhiery of ry description mad te
order. .T' i"
; V j- v SEMI WEEKLY '?','''
Issued Tuasdsys and rridsjrs
(Kit'"'' it the Postomc of Honolulu,
T. H., as sCA.nd-lass mstUr.)
Pr Yar ,v ; fti.f)
Par Yar (foreign) . . S.00
avhi Invariably lb Advaneax ; ;,
OHABLE2 . OSAttDI l ., i fdaaaf
.. .
i i
... 'i

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