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:ational guards
Vast '.Task of Organization
. ."Kawailoa Has Now Been .
v.. . Completed
Sort' Muscles Forgotten As Men
Ui:, Turn Out With Balls . l-'
j jir ''-'V a
( . With the ut
; Bad .all of th i
and Bats
tent peg put I pine
many departments
$ tabbahed and la operation, the tank of
vrnnmni i saej HiiiiHrj vnkuiiHi-
: nmat, at- Kawailoa, Camp Liliuokalaai,
I where jwuo itaUoaal Uuardsmeu or Ha
' L - 1 -
mu evre eacnntftj, naa uvvb comjfiviru
yesterday afteruooa.- li ia the biggest
naHnoal guard encampment ever add
ia Hawaii. . ... , , a ,
1 . ia. a broad grassy Ttlaln behind
I the .ocean bench, a (treat vista of khaki
tent greets the ye of the visitor to
' il. in. . : i i i . u.4
, in, veinp. mwi i nil ub n iim , w irau'
way. , approach with fence on either
- aid separate the main portion of the
- ramp which ia nearest the nen from the
' quartermaster 'a department, with its
I largur.tenta of supplies aad refrigerator
ear on a aide track. On this aontbera
,; iU of the ramp with the supply dor
1 psrtment also are the hospital, tko eloe-
; trie plant aad the wter supply sources,
wliu k. ar nrteaian wells. . i
I Oeoui SuppM Mule '-..-. '.', Tf
I .The northern part of the ramp give
evert the troop extendi 'somewhat
ovwn'mlle alone; both aidee of a road
j ay. s jrt unnamed,' and the rrah of
i big. roller oa the bear a nearoy la ai
ware in the ears of tko guardsmen ia
their' tent. 'v "
j c frigada. headquarter, facing the
jtoudway and the aen with it row ol
USk-wV tenti and the main office, and
marked also by the Flag" at half maat
and tbo blue brigade alandard, oecupic
Ua approximate center of the encamp
ment. The hnndred-odd mount of the
Iksrs are pastured on riao of ground
about .a mile cast of the ramp.
The various naita have their quarter
iiiile by aide along the i long . central
roadway. Each,, company baa it
kitchen- with bony aproned cook and
helper. - At the aido "of each kitche
ro the lneiueratora in which refuse la
Uurned as fait a it accumulates.' Each
Kitchen also has its underground rock
lined, rebox, near which are the hug
water ,baga with their contents kept
ool tty . evaporation. ' Grouped about
the kiU-hena am the tent of the men.
A record, attendance for., national
poor J encampment probably will b
established at Camp laliuokalanL. It i
aver -ninety-Bin percent.'"' Th nail
iiduJed lit the total' of BlM-aMa. ar;
Juaricrmaste 'a department, fir' Ofll
-era and fourteen men; First Be pa rate
I'avalnr, three officer aad fifty-oevea
if' . - .1 . t a: 1
nen( ire vwnipmnj sb, K7mi.
hreo officers and sixty-two men; Tint
teiment of Oahu, forty-eight officer
uut 1J1J menr (taeond Kegiment, fl
a ail. Maul and Kauai, forty -seven offl
and 1742 rnen. '; '-".'' ", :.';, " ;
Other Guard Forco ' ' '' ' ' '
. The total given does not include thi
I'oinpaay of giiardamr?n on duty at the
"auanu water stipply. the. coast artil
'i-ry eompaniea of the guard, nor the
l ujjiDeers eorps. l - , i , ...
4mle from the attendance! anothet
xerptional record that ha been main
t Onel ao far by Jhe camp Is ia thl
.ust.a'oi aickness.' A aicknon Nrecor
if two percent, estimated conservative
lv.'in provided for aad expeeted from f
. nn.fi lb also of that at Kawailoa, aj
-(itiCiur to records of the regular army
Miekneae at Camp Liliuokalaai has beer
kepcv one hall or one. percent hui rai
and TV th email number of ease under
trea(jqeut one ia of aerioua character
A.iiMmber ar vletiui of trifling ncci
ilent and one or two ar In hospital be,
ciff4e 'they had more confidence thai
skill Ju horseback riding. .'
Men of all th various races and eon
-ditiona that go to make up the organ!
' Mtiou ore sharing a eommoa experienin
ia. .t. mutter of rigtd training. Th
ore uuaciea and lassitude of the fir
few day of th camp ar disappearing
;The men ar getting hardened rapid!)
juxtthe general atmosphere of th pla
; now i pa f heerf ulnes. Balls nc
i baU have mad their appearance ant
a brass band keeps spirit soariog..
fiupplie Used Ia Camp .
j la the quartermaster's departinen'
t about a carload f supplies, ia additioi
. to supplies teamed ia, reach camp daily
1 Tls are 1 of th most substantial sort
i wU prepared and seems to satisfy
I overv dvmand. The food supplies con
I slt of fresh meat, about 3000 loaves o
! iron J daily, potatoes, bacon, rice, Jam
' dnieL f ruitit. bttans and coffee. Oth
Hipplioe al daintlss ar available fo;
; the men1 at an establishment callm
,','Tb, Kxchange" where thing no
j eubirly supplied, may be purchased.
, 'v It in eatimattd that th cost of snp
I plying provender for the camp for th.
j Jriod of Ifteea day Will ruu to 33,
, OOU, ilaor Jobs :.. Short, chief quar
J termasUir, '. said ' yirtr.ly tbrt ther.
will l a pay day in th course, of thi
'damp. He said 95.00U would thou bt
aid out. to the mv. .
j .--Another 'facility .for th men wa.
. provided yesterday when na arrange
i meut wa mad with postmaster O. rl
' ilea Adam by which all train to thi
. ritnp will rrya mail for the me
! rdptidun. the B.)v.'rther Valentia, sec
i rctury of the Honolulu 'Catholio UU
fion, and Bev. George I.aughton, pastoi
of th First foreiga rhnreh at Hilo
: - h are the two camp chaplalaa. have
1 aocrpted th task of handling the mail
KS-eamp postmasters An open air post
Pydir has been set up for them in the
1 nter of. th camp at a point faciug
-"sdqusttera. .
i A Hrirback at the camp is the un-
; -aerron bV,) prevent bathing oa the
; beast- iu front of the ramp. That thi
, .is readily jiveroome, however, may be
m late any afternoon when hundred
' . 't guardsotenv msTX-hlng 1 loose forma
l '! les' and sunnds, toweb
ad batliing suit la their hands,
.(', if-ouiited tuaiVliiag bock to e
;V'"' 1"
eani I
Congressmen Refer To Public
'Lands During Voyage
. Jo Big Island
VOLCANO HOUSE, November 13
Tired, but esthosisstle, , th Congres
sional Tarty ar ready for their second
day on the Big Island. Yesterday
wna crowded with Interesting events,
from the first, 'false'laading at Napoo
poo to th sight of the smashing, foun
tataing lavas one hundred feet down
in Kilnaea. Each member - of the
party stood the lon.' hard day well
nod all appeared with keen appetities
for this morning' early ham and eggs
il lkmf..tk....
Whea the H. K Kilauea steamed intc
Ktilua, Captain bimersou scanned the
landing and reported no one in night
U reported to "Kaoha" Wilder ana
it wna decided that the reeeptloa com
mittee had made a mistakt and gont
oa to Napoopoo, Accordingly the shif
hesded for the port twelve mile away
ta the meanwhile the Kona emmitt
and other Big IsUodera who had gath
ered under the . shad v of the Kailuf
shed ' wondered1 when the whalebonti
stopped halfway t shore and pullet,
baek for the sMp, which . up-uchorei
aad stesmed away, leaving nary a con
gressman. At apoopo ther were Bi
leis, n committee, nu onto; nothing
bat a blank look 0 the wharf erewd'i
collective fas at th eight of all the
malihinis dropping ia oa Napoopoo
s the whalfboata pulled bach ogaia
the slip up-aaehored for the secoat
time and baek it swung for Kailua
Qusea'l Death Anuouncod
It wa at Tommy White's , plae
during. Innrheoa, that th news of the
Que'a death wa ' announced. Thi
Governor made a peeh of tribute tt
th memory ' of Liliuokalani' and ex
pressed the hope that the congresaiona
visitors would be able to pay thai:
last respects to her. Thi announce
meat followed -na ad J res of weleeuv
by Judge Tbompsoa and a rosponot
by Mesater Poindexter. ' '.'', . .;
Aboard th stsamet. before the. see
ond landing was made,' a vigorous da
bat oa the land queatioa. broke forth
Treasurer McCarthy waa giving , a
impromptu lecture ou the Kon eoa
aad, after killing Captain Cook, ' re
ferred to th public Janda. ThH
prompted - a few question from eon
gressroen. Link McCandlea chipped ia
Frank Thompson sprang to th reaouc
and th talkfent we on- It is SiJU on
Apparently it will be raging up to thi
Inst aloha. ' -i
HawailaD 8addnd , ' - ' ,'' .-
-Along the road, from Kailua to tat
Volcano, John C, Ine aanounsed -tr
the various . smiling, be-leid group o
Hawaiian the new of the Oneen'f
denth. 'Jr A ti friH sunk la, th
ahange i foe face v(-th Hawaiiaar
was striking. Words of glnoV .alohs
changed to , wailing 'an wee," amilm
to' tears,' the b?is dropped trnheeded tt
the ground. '''"'.' '.'..' ;4
. The volcano gave 'a '. splendid pyro
technic show. : Tie lava ia , about
on hundred feet , down, ' fountainini
briskly. ; That the sight waa worth all
the trip ': from Washington - was the
unanimous expression of opinion.'
'..At Kailua,, ' the congressmen, Were
waited upon by 4' delegatipa of. th
principal Japanese eolfe grower , ol
Kona, who presented their claim foi
tome degree of ; tariff protection ' o
their crop. They received a ym
pathetie hearing. These coffee ' men
itate that they wil lose at leasi' halt
their crop this year because of a laboi
thortage. ' The school children : an
helping in the harvest, but they can
aot keep even with the Tlpening ber
riee. The HamakuA ' plaataticaa .just
aow have a surplus of labor,- but ax
lapaaese will leave thereto help the
Kona coffee mea because they .,waat tc
tay on the plantations to draw tbeli
bonua money. ' ' ' -' r ,
1 Th Kona plantation, owned by Ja
saneae. is also op against a labor abort
ige.. . The manager states h . could
treble his sugar output if ho had the
mea to work his folds.
. These two facta have impressed th
congressional visitor with the force ol
'he request made in Honolulu that Ha
a-nii be allowed to bring in some 30.000
Chinese laliorers. -, -
if tor visiting the beach at Haleiwa
where the watera are safe. . ;
After a strenuous all night atint of
work at the Officers' Training Camp at
Fort chofinld where h is completing
v course of training, Brigadier General
Johnson made an extensive investiga
Hon of conditions at Kawailoa y ester
lay in company with a number'of of
leer of the regular army including
Major Merriam, chief of staff of the
Hawaiian department; Captala Pepin,
iffieer in charge of militia affair,
Major Charles H, Bonesteel and Cgp
aia E. T. Witaell, instroetor inspector
letailed to the Nstiossl Guard. All of
hem expressed tb liveliest satisfa
'ion with thing a they fonnd them
'n the camp after the investigation.
Officer Ar Praised
"I have found that the organization
work has beea carried out ia a most
horouith and efficient manner," Cen
tral Johnson stated. "Th work of the
amp is now progressing without a
iga of friction and I wish to sny that
iffieers in charge yt a the work
f preparation have performed the do
'lee assigned to them ia most satis,
factory manner." He commended the
work of Major Hhort end bi assistants
Majors James Dougherty aad Joaqnim
Camarn in th qnartermaster's depart
ment, that of Major Will Wayne, ramp
adjutant and the effective ' work of
Captain Witsell, th. instructor Isspec
'or detailed from the regular army.
, , . , .
t Be careful of the rolds ypu tak t
thi time of the year. They are partl-
!umriy dangerous. A neglected eold
nay . mean a winter long cold. . Take
Cbauiberlaiu's Couyh Remedy at once,
""or snle In' sll deslerh. Benson, Huiith
I Co.. Ltd. Agin, for Hawaii. Adver
tisement. " " --?
Cavalry and Artillery Will Come
From Post friday To March
l In Funeral Procession,
Th troop from Bchofield Barrack
which will tak part la th Queea'
funeral on Sunday will come into tow a
oa Friday and will be encamped near
Fort Armstrong until the day of the
ceremonies. The organizations which
will come from the post will b a nqnad
roa of th Fourth Cavalry and a battal
loa of th First Field Artillery.
The early arrival of the troops will
permit of their sprucing up all parts of
thair equipment in order to appear oa
Sunday in spotless condition to do
honor to Hawaii ' dead monarch. The
entire Hocond Kegiment from Fort
Hhaftcr will rasrth with them on Sun
day. ' The funeral brigade will b com
manded by Col. Earl C'( Caruahaa. .
No one will be allowed to eater th
Palace ground on Sunday morning ex
cept the member of th societies which
r to march In th funeral procession.
Even they will not be admitted unless
they come in a body. All the organisa
tions taking part will be required to
form la ranks in one. of the nearby
streets and .march to ; the Fnlaee
grounds. After . admission ( they' wlQ
keep their rauhs until it is time to fall
la with the funeral train. ' V'V
There will b no admission to .the
grounds surrounding the mausoleum i
the roval enclosure of the Nunsnu ceme
tery except by card.. Th apac ia lim-
itd, and only those entitled to ce pros
eat will be recognised, in order to pre
erve the solemnity and dignity of the
Occasion. '.'.-, -
Maj. F J. Green, who bus the funeral
trrangements in charge, is making out
the list of those who ar to be JuVited
to the servic lu th throne room at ten
o'clock Sunday- morning. There arc
seating arrangement for 210, and no
more caa bo allowed, , entrance. The
armv, navy, aationnl guard and Terri
torial official will be represented. The
Congressional Party will also hava
committee present to represent the gov
srnment of the United State. , Bela
tire and retainers will . have their
place both ia th throne room and the
mausoleum enclosure. - , -
National Guard y To i -
Form Escort of
Honor At
Entire. Battalion- Composed o!
Crack Companies of Hawai
' ians Wilt Make Up . Guard .At
Queen's Obsequies
; Aa - entire- battalion . of nations
fuardsmea composed of . crack compa
ale of native -Hawaiiaas will compost
a guard of . honor at the . funeral &
)ueif Lllluokalani Sunday, in accord
inn with an order .Issued yesterday bj
Brig.' Gen. Samuel Johnson - at Camt
Liliuokalaai. Thi provisional battal
'aa will come to th city Sunday morn
'a g from the camp after a period ; of
tpeclal training. . . -- . a
.Officer assigned to. duty with th
battalion ara.LL Col. Gustavo Hose
First Inf commaading; ' Capt. . George
Desha, Seeoad If, Co. A Capt. G. H
Cummings, Second Inf., Co. Bs Capt. R
S.. Oliver, SecondInfM Co. C', Capt
Luther K. Evan. First Inf, Co. D; Is'
Lt. Alex May, First Inf., Battalion
Ad I; 1st Lt. Julian P. Yates, Secon
Inf., CO. A; 1st Lt. Willie OLiUing
worth, Second Inf., Co. B; 1st Lt. W
It. Wright, 8cond Inf., Co. C; 1st Lt
l.ouo McCallum, First Inf Co. D; Sni'
Lt. Alfred Patten, Second Inf., Co. A'
Jn.l Lt. Foster Bobinson, Fimt Inf, Co
B; 2nd Lt. David lesha. First Inf., Co
C and Sad Lt. Harry Kohaue, First Inf.
Co. D. 1
Th special training to consist a'
platoon drill aad evolutions preparstorj
for the aalut firing aa a funeral escort
tad other preparations wyi be starlet1
today... With the commander, Col. Kose
Captain Bvsrd Sneed, aUud Infantry o!
the United States Regular Army, .. wil
djrect th training. " ,
To scrv with the battalion the head
quarters company, Hecoud Infantry wil
supply a color sergeant, two eoloi
guard and mounted orderly,
. ;
Will Time ! March - To ; Reach
Church 1 1 o'clock Friday
' The children of the publi ehooli
who are to march from Thomas Squar
to Kawatabao Church to pay their res
pects to Ui body of th Queen on rt
dy will time their march so a to ar
rive at eleven o'clock befor th
ehnri-h. : ,
i Tbey will- form in column of four
to. march tip th central aisle to the
bier, where they will divide and pas
to the aid by two, exiting by the aide
doors. Tbey will march to th Capitol
Ground aad disband there.'
The commissioned officer of th
Honolulu Military Academy will go to
th rhnrcb ia a body Friday morning
at ten o'clock. They will be ia uni
form, with aide arms, add will bear a
floral wreath a an offering of respect
from the school. Captain Leopold
Blackm will lead them. '.
The school principals who will march
with thsir pupils to the church Include!
Ksaliumann, C. W, Baldwin, princi
pal; Royal, Cyril O. Smith, principal;
Central Grammar, Mrs. Sophl Over-
end; Kaulnwels, Mrs. Isabella L.
Creightont Kaiulenv Mrs. Nina D. L.
Frasert Kalihiwssna, I. M. Cox Nor
mal, Edgar Wood; McKinley High, M,
11. Scott, principal-
Funeral Procession o( Liliuoka
; lanl Jo Start From Throne
;'sn Room At nryClockrr
At Least Sixty Kahili Bearers
Will Surround Catafalque?
' ; Many Societies To March ,;
' Shortly befor -'eleven., o'clock neat
Sunday morning the' prooesslon for the
funoral of th late Queefe Lilluokalani
will reave ; the Throne Boom of the
Capitot, passing through the grounds
into King Street, thence along that
street, to Nunnnu nd thence to the
Royal Mausoleum.- Th body .will be
placed directly In-, the niche of the
Kalakana crypt instead of being placed
ia th Mausoleum a was cuatomary ia
connection with the funerals of all oth
er members of th family, "' -
.The religious services will commence
st ten o'clock, and Vill be In charge
of Bi;ht Jteverend Bishop Henry Bond
ResUriek, D.D., of St." Andrew 'a Epis
copal Cathedral, assisted by Bev.' Ler
pold.Kroll, of the Cathedral, and Rev.
ilepry'. H. Psrker, who fr fifty-four
years ba been pastor of Kawaihao
Church. R. Budlnnd Bole, organist of
9t. Andrew's Will be the organist. .. The
Episcopal service- will be almost en
tirely in English, while that by Rev.
Henry Parker will be in Hawaiian. i
Romova) To Throna Room.. j
; About a ven o'clock Saturday nlghl
the casket will be removed from Kawa
iahao to the Executive Building aus
tlneed in atnte upon a bier in the
Throne Room . where-, during her two
Vcar ' reign, she tat upon' her throne
tt ststc, wore her crown and was rulei
f all Hawaii. ' . . .. ' '
. Some time early on Sunday morning
the coffin will be placed within the ko
.asket which 1 new being made and
may not b ready until after dayPgbt
:be morning of the funeral. , ' -t
The pamage of the funeral cortege
ind the eeremoniet at the Musoleur
ground will occupy about thrae boar
eootaa To Draw Cataalqun . ' ' -
A The catafalque will be t drawn by
oola who. will wear white bate, ahlrte
sad trousers. The Hui Poela will also
attend in a body, in thejr, uniform
onsisting of blaok hats, rod. shirts, and
black treusere. ' .'i' ;.;'.'.'!
, At least sixty ' kahili ' bearer will
rurround th catafalque, carrying the
rreat feather symbols.. ..Nearest tht
lar will b .the small kahjli aad b
rood those the larger . ooea whlcl wii
oweC high, above the caaket. .v-'. .
Th': nrraagemeata- ;toret tha proper
place la th proeeasioa a near , the
catafalque of Print, and Princes
Salanianaole' ar beine .arranecd Der
xiually by th Prinea ,H will be the
hief mourner a the onljr' kla of th
juesn -ia .- Honoliila.:,', Prwcqsa Kawd
lanakoa, widow-of Prince. Da vil Kawa
aanakoa, the older brother of Prince
Kuhio, ha i -cabled "from; Wachingtob
ihat she .wishes representation in the
procession -oa behalf .of r, . childretl.
',h rrine Kaiakaua -. and tne rnn
cesses' Kaplolani aad "Liliuokalaai, and
it is expected that thi nay Uk the
form of her unoccupied carriage. :' She
ha also cabled to bav all the kahilis
of the Kawananakoaa appear in, th
procession.' ' ', ' .. . . I
kawaUaa SocUtia :
' A large number of Hawaiian soei
tie have aignified their'' intention- to
appear in' the line, aad these together
kith the official organixationa to be
lupplicd by the army nd navy, the
tchools, socictie other than Hawaiian,
will be arranged by' Major Franela
Gceoa, aide to the ' Governor and . in
charge of the procession. .,
The Major and the Prince are both
utilising the order of procession for
King Kalakaua, the late princess
Kalolani and the late. Prince -David
Kawananakoa, as the basis for th or
fauiration of the procession for the
Jueen's funeral. . -
. .The Royal Hawaiian Bnd will be
on of th familiar organizations in
the. procension, a duty which it has
often performed for thesovereigns of
Uawan, and will be ' led ty Alfred
bmikea: aa drum major, with ' B. H.
BakerJ directing the bttrf;- ,. . ,
!- - ... . :''.
JO li
Roger N. Burnham atated yesterday
that the Scout , of the city, except
Troop" V, the Queen's Own Troop, will
hot take part in tb .funeral of the
Queen, but will be put on duty in the
Palace Ground and will keep a triet
watch for those who try' to climb over
the fenc or who wish ,to enter the
grounds without passes. ''
The reason that Troop V will have
the honor of marching, in the funeral
Is because tb Queen took special notie
of this Troop and called it "her own
Troop".- On one oecanioa h present
ed th Troop with .a silk Hawaii
flag whiehs displsvs hsr coat of arms
in the center. Thla flag will b
nsd by the Scouts when they ,marc
on Sunday. i .. i,xHji . '
" .1' . i" I.-1
Out of respect to 'the funeral of Ha
waii's Queen the dedication of the
Army aad Navy Y. M. CV A. ha beea
postponed, for one week. The formal
dedication services, which were to
have taken nlaA ...1 U.m4aw llii .lav
: of the Queen ' funeral, will b held on
th following Sunday ' Instead. ; The
date i November 23. Additional Mer
cians will continue at the uwly equip
ped building daily until November SO.
n m
Middleweight title
Knocjct Out AI McCoy In Sixth of
ien-HOuna uout '
NEW YORK. November 13--, Asso
ciated Press)Mike 0Tod or Mil
waukee knocked out AI. McCoy, world'
middleweight chsnipion, in the sixth
round tonight in a contest in which the
winner held th Upper hand throughout
O'Dowd, who hails from St. Paul,
Minnesota, has beea steadily forging to
the front for several months ist. sad
has defeated the best ( men in hi class,
McCoy, known as. th "cheese cham
pion," won the title by knocking out
George Chip with a fluke blow. . Bmc
then h has sbow absolutely nothing,
and haa nid-tepped everv challenger
wno mrearenea annger. i,nsi nigm s
flirht marhed the shuttiue down Of bor
ing in Now York State, the repeal of
the Prawley law taking effect today.
i 'I
Chinese Boxer Goes
Wliere There Is
No Fighting In Ring
Ah Wing of CaHfornia and Sam
Hop of Honolulu Never
. Came Together .
SAN FRANCISCO. November rt Ah
Wing, th first Chines to enter the
boxing game - - and the only one to
achieve fame In Saa Francisco, -chiefly
thanks to hi, far-famed ' fight with
Cocky. O'Brien, died ia Sacramento bit
Sunday night, aa the result of injuries
suffered ' when h fell from a barn try
ing to catch pigeon.' ' - : '
There waa never a fiihter like Ah
Wing, who wore his queue in his bouts,
and while he; wasn't a great boxer,
amusement.' Th comedy feature waslB""' D.-rirat Field Artillery, which
the Cocky O'Brien match. Ah Wing's
second tied hi queue to a ringpost be
tween rouada, and the Chinese almost
dislocated his neck trying to get Into
tction. Cosky,. since dead, wa aware
of-the trick -and awcrmed all over his
opponent, whil ' the crowd shrieked
with laughter.
. Deacon Jones. Caesar-. A ttell, Billy
Brannon and Mik Katchos all won
from Ab Wing. j ' 'i .i.-.
' Ak Wins waa la class with Sam
Kd" of; Honolulu. VAU effort made
scyetat years ago fulled to bring1 the
twd- Chinese boxers together In a ftght.
Vh Wing insisted a Sam Hop' going vo
California and the tatter would q t fight
Ah Wing anless the Calif ornian came
to Honolulu. ' ":.' -: I
: After murb correspondence in Chlne
nd Knglish; the etteirpt to bring t t-v-ether
the two Celestial pugs failel.
Now all hopes of ever getting Sail
Hop and Ah Wing mixed an lu a bo'it
have . gone forever. s for there J is no
scrapping where Ah Wing baa got), :
- LIH1TE, kanai, November" 1.1 The
baseball game on the ' McBryd Field
last Sunday was an interesting event
that drew a large crowd of enthusiastic
spectators to witness the play between
an All Ksuai picked team and the M
Brydes. ' f -'
The Mc Brydes. true to their re'put.
tioa. just naturally walked away with
All-Kauai collectively Just aa they have
been doing it pieeemeally heretofore
the ncore being It to 3. -All Kaua'
will have to stay at home and do some
strenuous practise work befor they try
McBryde again.- '
Reducing the Egg Bill
With the use of Royal Baking Powder fewer eggs are
required and In name recipes may be left out altogether. .
vJuat add about a leaspoon of Royal in place of each ' egg
omitted and you will obtain excellent results and effect
great economy.; t .
The following recipe is given as a practical illustration:
1 1 sun snnsr ;.
lit sans Saw
.'.' ' '
Rsrsl BaUacPewdsa
tabUapeons bat water
DrRECTlONS-MI and sift dry In
giwusatsi stir la wall aatsa f I
sdd bs wstsr; best well nntll
Th old method
New book of recipe which economixs in eggs and other ax
psrurive ingredient mailed free. Address Royal Baking
Powder Co., 135 William Street, Nw York, 17. 8. A.
. ; Ab$oluUly Pure
Made from Cream of Tartar, derived from grapes,
adds none but healthful qualities to the food.
No Alum
;city sport events
Football Games Called Off On Ac
count of Queen's Funeral .
Owing to - Queen 'Llliuokalani's
funernl being held next Sunday, th
Interscholastic Football Leagu gam
between Knmehamehftv' and Punahou,
scheduled for Saturday afternoon, has
been postponed arid will bo ployed at
a later dnte. . . i
Conch Whitcomb of th T. M. C. A.
eleven 1 slso considering the postpone
ment of th'game between this team
and the Fourth Cavalry, which wa
scheduled for Saturday alternooa . at
MoilUIi Field. . . - . - v
In all likelihood,': all nport event
scheduled for the balance of th week
in the city will go over to the follow
..ek ,atef ,Me, lo tBB01incea.
The elevens of Tort Kamehameha
snd First Infantry. will piny at Scho
flcld Bnrrncks . on Sunday afternoon.
These ar Oahu Football League team
and the game I a leuguo one. - Battery
A, First Field Artillery aad tb Thirty,
second Infantry will also stage a game
on Sunday afternoon, at thre o'clock
on the Centner grounds..' ,.',..
' '; i-. ' :-.
First Field Artillery Battery ' I
, , Basketballers Ready . .
(Special to Th Advertiser) r,
ber 1 'With tht- fseilities of the post
gymnasium available within a few
daya, interest ia indoor athletic 1 in
creasing by leap and bounds, especial
ly among the enthusiasts f the indoor
basketball gam.
Among the five eagerly -awaiting
formatioa of a league consisting of
Hcliofield teams Is the one representing
not only expect to conquer the baa
ketball world ' of Schoficld, but also
seek recognltiou among the five of
Honolulu and hereby Issues a sweeping
challenge to meet any aggrcgatipn of
basket shooter for a aeries,, games to
b played alternately on home floora,
,! Aoceptane of thi challenge may be
mailed or phoned to Chaplain Fealy,1
First ' Field Artillery, Bchofield Bars
racks, who ia. representing the chal
lengers in arrangemente for scries.
'' i , --7 . ' . -'.
LIlil'K, Kauai, Npvomber 13 The.
finftU in the ladies', double tennis
tournament were played off Saturday
on the Lihne Club courts. The Meugle'i
sisters of W'aimea defeated Mrs. , R
Scott and Miss M. Christopherson of
Kilruea, 6-.1, 6-2. This victory make
the Mangier sisters the winner of the
double tournament for the second time
and mark them a champions. ,. ,
An enthusiastic crowd of . ITanalei,
Kilnuea, . Lihive, Waimea and Kekaba
people watched the match. V, r .
j. Next Saturday .at three 1 o'clock ' In
the afternoon the aemi-finala of 'the
ladles' singles for the Isenbqrg troph
wiU bo played, on the Lihu Court.
1 v
" Tris Speaker and Bny Chapman of
the Cleveland ludians ' motored to
Speaker' home In Texas, there to visit
a couple of weeks before rejojning
their teammates' for the series of games
to be played st Camp Sheridan, near
Montgomery, Alabama.'
, T"
Frunk H. Melius, holder, of the Call
fori.ia '- Nevada State trapshooting
championship, ha lieen - elected presi
dent of the Vernon Gun Club..
smsath i poor Ints Ur wall rnml
psa. Batter should not be snort than
K inch thick far saksa ta roll aieslr.
Baks tn slow evsa. Turn out en
stisct M brown nspsr, wall Ousted
wMh nswdarad susar. Beat Jelly with
fork sod spread en cake. With sharp
knife trim elf all eraetr edge and
roll up while etlll warm br llfiln ens
side of the paper. To keep the roll
perfectly round roll up In cloth until
soot. , ' . .....
called for 3 eggs
No Phosphate
Lying-In-Sttc To
Be Subject Of
J V..-
Sketch By Wdfcn
cfc rii,-i:n in ,,111, vi hum ipi-rrioroi ,.
Kawakbao Church a if look 'whil '
the Queen'' body i lie ia atnte, uf-'
rounded by kahili aad 'rmblem , af '
royalty, will be made thl morning by'
k .L.i.L I. ..11 - iL. I . J . .
batmade Honolulu his bom for tb
past iwo years.- a paiaiiag . win . ne
made later from th (ketch obtained
by'th artist; '';-.
WsKlcn wiR go to the church this
morning and spend several boura.ro
cording hi Impression of tb cCne
or stately solemnity, -in tail lannii ,
wttli iliA AnitUaa nit krlfrfht mrt9 In tt '
silk draperies,, the clusters Of lovely'
Bowers, and'th watcher in their rare
feather cape will form a setting Tor
the bier, which will! occupy th center
Of th aktch. '., t -, ' "- V :t
A much larger painting In -nbich the.
details will be mora elaborated will be .
1 V IP. I J . . L . I 1-1- L
tained totlay, ,'Will be ia tb nature
of an- Official, representation of the
1 . 1 . . 1 1 . r . : 11 -!.!...
iyiiif-iusinir, pirioriaiiy npcaaing, ant
may find 'a plac. in some semi public,
collection of art work later on. After
it Is finished it will be eihiluked pub-
iic.iv for a time.- .- .
Kwa Piantaiw TJompamr" n --Walluka'AffrWultural.
CoM Ltd.
..; i Aiwsaa Snpar Co., Ltd. " W. ;
Knhala Sugar Company ' -' ' ' '
' - - Wabiawa Water Company, Ltd.
', Fulton Iron Work,')f St. LOuir .
- Babcocn th,viw.tX9tnvf
Oreea' Fuel Economiaer Com may
Cba. C. Moor A Co., EBgiar
i . . . TOTO KISE XAJSHA '..'
will not buy ' much fiheae., aya daya.
When normal time- rptura, 'n"
bably Will Vy -fl0 . tq 100 WOT;
than 'It , doe now.'i';
i - r.f . . . ; ; 7 T -'.-'.. . -' 1
, Save these present day . ; cheap 1
dollars, againat to tim meyu o
'worth -a lot'
..) .'v;,,..;'..;::.;.V--'v.;;.
' ; Wl 'pay 4 -toiawat ,,.?..
Mtrchuit tuniTort Stj Homohiii
... . . " ' .a. -.. .
: daii wkv;: -
from Montreal to Liverpool, .
" i London and Glasgow via th
and St Lawrnc Eout
, THB WOULD '' ,
. and i- ,' k.'.J -V . -THB
By th popular f Prince" i
Steamera "from, Vaneeuver, '
Vletpri or SdatU. v' v
for full information: apply io- ' '.
Theo. IL Davies & Co. Ltd
Genl Agents, Camtdian-Pacin 8y. Co.
; : V ilONOLL'LLV T. H. "'-, '
- ' ' e- ''' 1 '' '
: tonmissica iiercwni? ; v
,' Kvva rimauou to, "
" - Waialua Agrirultural Co., Ltd.
' Xnnliau Huirar Cn ' I.tW- '
. . Oilton Iron.Workg f St. Loul ,
' .' . m ) . a 1 1 . .... i j .
- nimuw ovvsifl riuvpi 7 '. ,- r
i i Western Centrifugal ' -
Babeock k VVlleos Boiler
Green's Fuel Cconomlaer - ' ' .'
: Mat sh Steam fump ..... ..-
Matson Nsvigatlon Co. -'"' '
, Planters' Lin Shipping Co.
- . ,Kohala Sugar Co. , . ;
eblnery of yry desurlptioa mud t
order. I : e , ' .'.:
II kV A II A XT f A 7rTTr
Iiai! AllIll l
'' ' SEMI i WSSBXY , ;'
; lasusd Tuesday and TrldJ
(Entered at the Poatoffle f Hoaolula.
T. aj cond-las matter.) ' '.
.. rwi seai- .,..,4.,,,,,,, a.w-;,.
. Par Year fforlo-nl ..... S.M
Pavablo lnvarlal.lv li. i,dae
CUA&UuB S. OBAIOt I t r WBtm
,..'; ::'.MiTtD.:;;',;-v
. J - (
f ?rr't

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