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QOLDIERS AND SAILORS . HON, OR DEAD QUEE J-The miliUry ction of the f uner'al proceislbn' of Queen LlHubkalahl yesterday were
onstrating the honor wtucli h: United-State wished tJ pay to the last monarch of Hawaiiv Japanese marines, added interest to the military d;
grounds. . In the upper center national guardsmen are seen standing at attention at the Mausoleum.
hand picture shows more of. the Infantry, while the lower' left hand picture shows
r among the'iiloyt iJtrita'n!, leDttieii, jail! bUnctas'j&f thi ietvfct beta 'represented, dem-
lispTay. The upper. left "hand picture -i show th,eV Japsoe'se marines leaving the Capitol
it the Mausoleum. The upper right picture shows part of the regular Infantry, while below Is seen part of the squadron- of cavalry.- Tha lower right I
Prtof thcbattaliSnof artilkry r I ' 1 V ' - , -,,' "Uy -.V:fc-'.tr i--:;.-"-.--Jt ' Jv:v V-t ; 5 J
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i-; 'r'V-:- - . 5rj-';r 1 -i f'.r -v:m. . - -nT-
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the j
(Continued from Pg 2)
toned much .of the service and the choir sane a'selectfon from the
ninetieth Psalm, and it was significant thajt tlie last intonation should
he, "The days of our age are three-score and ten; and though men
he So strong that they come to four-score years, yet U their strength
hen but labour and sorrow ; 'so soon passeth it a way," and we. are
gone", for Liliuokalani had reached far. beyond-the allotted three
ftcore and ten years.: ; - V'i. -J y v'...." ;,.-.vM?.V.2f ; . . .
A lesson from the' first epistle of. the. apostle t. Paul to the
C orinthians was read in Hawaiian by Rev. Henry Parker," words that
; had beeu heardiby Her Majesty in the, same language since she was
a young woman and during that time from the same minister, tor
HjicaKcr nau. uccii pasior .. 01 . rvnwaianau cnurcn jor quy-iour
"The Laljorer's Task Is Done", was the hymn, siine sweetly, and
bignificant of the, task which Liliuokalani at, last , lay down, the task
ol holding together the semblance and-memory and: even the ac
tuality of the empire founded by the Hawaiians of old. :
. 'The: Apostle's creed was saidj followed by Special prayers H
follows: ;' .'' ; ,' V ; ... Vl .,; '.
"Most merciful Father, who hast been pfeased to take unto thy
self the soul of this thy servant Liliuokalani; grant to, us who are
Ktill.in our pilgritnage, and who walk as yt by -faith, that having
.Served thee with constancy on earth, we may be joinel hereafter
with thy bleflsedsSajnU in glory everlasting;, trrugrj . Jesus, Christ
our Ixrd. . 'Amen.'. ' : J :..?" : ' -fi 1 ."' '
. '.'And God, 6hall wipe away al? te..i:x :runt their eyes 5 and there
-hall be no more death, neither soirrc , ;i r crying; neither shall there
be any more pain : for the former ;jviiN;?re passed away."
' -: 1 THE FINAI i C. CWE :
As the final amen was intone fi. hn vf fell upbn the assemblage.
The moment had come for the fi;i! sCf.f., .Thc assemblage slowly
died out. United States senators f.n1 rm jibers uf house of rep-j
it'sentatives especially Uesignater t i iiar at the obsequies on be
halt ot ,1 resident ' Wood row Wiiwiii) luwsjake
legislature ; the mayor of Hono!
and yesterday ; representatives,
vulers whLWnr royHis and. w,'
ilioice of the people, but all Co'!
was once ruler.' the ' straitirest ccVe-.oiiWever U b. held, for it was
rs of the Hawaiian
. . .. t .i
u. -' mineni tiawauans oi luuay
r. i v - nters ana rulers wno ardtne
:aiitifi..to erive hiuna&re to her who
kUi, that was about to be borne forth from what was .once a palace
ftnd now an executive building of a territory of .the great American
republic, - ..-v . . ;. .. ..... --,s.'v,,v-.':'. ;. ; ,
'rJ. As.- the first , of "the assemblage passed -dpwo tfie steps the
guard of honor wearing lor g cape and the first kahilis appeared
with the. golden rtabu of (Kalakaua in the van -there was a. visible
movement in the grounds , where troops were, called , to attention,
the poolas drew up their lorjg black and white covered, ropes and
prepared for the long march. . ' ' 1 . .
:;.;..:.' y, CASKET BORNE OUt 'hvVv
The kahilis were taken from the room, and the grew casket,
heavy and requiring the honored sen ice of strong arms, was lifted
from the bier and. slowly carried tl'rough the door 'toQ !the foyec
and "thence out upon, the steps. .Then the kukuj-nut torches; were
lighted and placed ahead of the catafalqe. i Tbe, bearers of the
decorations took places between the roes of the poolas Jiist ahead
of the catafalques the tabu stick and sacred kahilis. Were placed be
bind them.tv. i t : '.- '. . A;-.t..-. ' : V ;
' The casket was carried down the steps amid wailing and chant-.
ingr and deposited reverently upon the. catafalque; Vf ' T' .
The steps -werj lined with kahilis, the pall-beare'cs.' stood near
the car and, the honorary, pall-bearers just outside- thetn.', "The hon
orary, pall-bearers were all: officials and -included v the . Governor
United States Senator Miles I'oindexter, United States Rcpresenta-i
live Jas. C, McLaughlin, J Ion. Charles F, Chillihgwof th'i president!
oi jnc territorial, senate, j ton, it, u ltostein, 9peaKr ,ot $he house;
Chief Justice Robertson, Jlon. W. O. Smith, CoK C-P.: Iaufcea,. sec
retary of Hawaii; E. ..Faxon Bishop, Brig.-Gen. John P. Wisser, U.
S. A. ; Cantain George R. Clark, U. S. N.. and Brig.-Gen. Samuel 1.
John9on,'N. Gl H: ; ' - ' '' 'i . i
.. The pall-bearers were F. V. Beckley, Jesse t. Mikainai, David
Hoapili, Arbert K.' Hoapili, pavid Maikai, AViHiam Simerson, G. K.
Kealohapauole, Fred If. Iaukea, J. H. Boyd," Henry F.' Bertlcman,
A , N.: Alohikea, T. P. Cummins, Edwm Kea,'. A. K. Nahaolelua, H.
r,' Beckley..; y'.y, "',
f-yy :. GUNS BOOM SALUTE . v V '
.Meanwhile the Hawaiian-societies in the grounds had moved
ahead,, followed by the troops and the clergy And choir and then as
the,-poolas took up, the slack ropes and theV became taut and the
car moved from the steps, an. army officer's hand waved toward, the
tnen-'oC a battery: and a gun was fired, the first of many, for the bat
tery waMherc to-fire the. minute guns while; the remains' of ' the
Queen were borne up Nuuanu, Avenue.- ' :
.From the balcony above the catafalaue came tlteiweat strains
vof J-iliuokalam's "Aloha Oe." the, sweetest folk song "of Hawaii nel,
the song that has. endeared- itself to the raillioua of brothar 'Ameri
cans of .Ifawaiiaus. upon tbe mainland, 'iv, .t i
j-Tears flowed fast down the cheeks of many, particularly of Ha
waiian, as. they sensed the actuality of the departure 6f every vestige
of former; royalty and the, existence of the irtoriarcbv'from, Jolani
Palace, the beautiful) name given by Kameh'ameha IVC for lolani
means "Bird of Heaven.," and l.iliuokalani's soulhad already 'winged
us way to tne Kingdom or eternity. . .'. ; "
Burial of - Liliuokalani - One of
Mo Sioni,ficanh Eyenti ln
i f- h History bt Hawaii; '.
f To tbe wiorbl dates of Hawaiian
kitory til aijdad yasterdav on which
la pfrbapa Uic moat figiufleant or ail,
far it memorizea ' tlia burial of the
Movarahy. IjorrwUr 18, 1917, will be
a. memorable date to all Hawaiians aa
the .day oil . which the expression of
Mouarohy was concluded. ' .Othur mem
orable dates are: .
1778-rPiiiepverT of Inlands by Captain
james i;ok, a. in,, at neaia
kekua Bav. Hawaii.
I75r-Battl of tbe Nuuanu Pali, which
euneolidated all' the Islands of
the jgroup lata a- iaf;le monar
chy : tinder ,. Karoehameha the
nt.....;. ; . . .
It) 19 Death- of Kamehameha and the
'abolition. of tha taba,
18f04-Atrivul,-of r first Ne England
1874 Death of I.unalilo and end of
; Kaaiahaneha Dvaasty. ( .
lS7-AeeeiioO; at Jalokana to the
; throne. . v" ' ; ,;
1876 Ad opt ion "of lUriprooit Treaty
, , by U. it narkiugi tha eommeuce
meut of tbe eomraerclat ascend
ency of the Uawaiiiut Islands.
tMftl Drath- of Kalakaua. . .
IWll -Jkcctasi; to tbe throne by Uli-
uokahtni... .. , r J..
18U3)verthr.ow tf tneijiofiarchy and
establishment ', 'ol, Provlsioaal
Qovernaaeat ' i, :
J.SU Eevojglioa tp replae Liliuoka
lani - noon the throne, which
,- failed.-. . ....
18D8 Aanaxation of Hawaiian Inlands
by the United States. ,
lOOO--fcstablishmeat of Territorial Gov-
. 'enwent.,..v " ' .
IDlT-t-Knd, of .monarehy by funeral of
' l.lliiiokalaai. NnvnmWt 14. 1IMT.
111 '. I ""
PAEO ViNTMHNT ia guaranttad to
fur blind tleedlnit., Irbi or pro
truding PILSS, t ., t ) ydaja ot
Woney r(udel., M n, ; .rtajej bj
tbe PARIS MSDIC i 1, C'J ,"St. Louis.
U. 3. A''. N ' ... I. . 1 v-
lOonttnued from Pan 8)
races .'that made- uo ' the ' treat thrones of onlooker were wedtred
together-alqng he. sidewalks., 'At. the grounds the Regular Army
units jialled. and swung into lines arallcMng the slreet after the '
Hawaiian organizations that had been in the van had passed on into
the grounds. 'The honor guard; of National Guardsmen marched
thrpugh ,the' gates and- formed in lines about the spot long since de
signed as Liliuokalani's last resting place, v
As the catafalque was brought ta a atop and the casket lifted,
to the'iupports over Jhe-crypto the wails of the mourners took on
fresh volume an.'roe shrilly under the palms. Then the strains of :..
Hawaii' Ponoi filled the air, played by the-rkoyal Hawaiian Hand.
haired and- feeble; who had covered the weary distance under the
direct . rays of a blazing sun, many of them bearing the great kahilis,
not one fell put of the line! though several of them were near the
point of exhaustion when they took places near the crypt . It was
irom these ancient's that the harrdwing'sourids of grief continued to
t; ' i diapason op sadness '" . - y -yy;.';
' t Under the cylindrical kahilis tliey gathered close ahnut the crvpt
which 'i Jpcated but; a few. feet from the tomb that holds the bodies .
of members .'of he great" Kamehameha dynasty. -The-- weird cries
echoed through the 'ground- and. "when ;the' casket was ; lowered ' '
swelled to a wild diipaison of sadness which was taken up by throngs
outside the grounds, ' . " - , ,- ;- 1
To many be'r the calmj tones of Bishop Restarick as he read
the brief service at the erave meant the final end of Hawaiian great
ness. These wre .thi aged Hawaiian whose lives had been lived
hi the, days of themonarchy and whovkn'ew they soon would follow
Uie way their Queen haJ taken. -'I:-;-'; ; '?,' M .
vVhen' the service tame to an' end the empty black draped cata
falque was drawn laVvav from the crvot just as- the lines of native
Hawaiians jit the . gjirb of soldiers o the United State with their
rifles glistening in,4hc bright sunshine swung along, the roadway.
' ,' As the catafalque moving beside the Kuardsnicn uassed beneath
one of the great, jvilrns, the symbolic crown, that sunnounted it bcr
came.'eijtaiigled in aij (verjiAnging branch . and. swept away from ,
the' battaliun "with his'", standard flung to the breeze above him
marched steadily on with his troop as he passed the fallen symbol
V.' :-::'' v. V''. Ii-'';.,: -'i-v : - ;','.;.-. ':..,-.'
. -.-.. ' " -i" .. , ' : ; ' '
nut only an Hawaiian queen, but u terican queen, and the last of
' .-...-' '. ' ' ' 4 . ) ' . :.
.. ..;.'..: ?, 1 - ( : '. ' '-'i '
: . : 'y:-yyy y. .

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