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NOVEMBER 20, 1917.
Aloha Never Dies
Inscribed to Her Late Majesty
" Queen Liliuokalani
. Comes the last page in its turning,
And the sweeter at the end
Was the long and full life-chapter
Of Hawaii's Queen and Friend.
In its annals there were honors,
Joy, and pleasures noted down;
. On another page, "Uneasy
Lies the head that wears a crown."
Passed the glories t( a kingdom,
There was dignity that rose
Into added lines of beauty " ' .
And the, sweetness of repose.
' Oh,' how$ quiet is Nuuanu !
. Like kahili waves each palm ; -'
Though on Pali heights the storm-cloud, .
In the valley , rests the calm.
It s closed, the royal chapter;
.' Now in history it lies;
..' Let it be Hawaii's legend.
.'.';,. That Aloha never die. v . , ' ,J -
v 'V''.-'v- "i.v-- -i" .''' " ; '. '-Vs f-
- -" ' y '. .' ,'-Z .Vr-JPhilip Henry Dodge.'
i ' Honolulu, November, 1917. .
The Final Tribute , -.:
HAWAII paid the last solemn tribute yester-'
day to ; Liliuokalani, once Hawaii's Queen,
for years a respected citizen of the United States.
From the Palace, where she had been crowned
and where she lived as. ruler, her remains were
borne through the streets of Honolulu which she
had traversed as Princess, Regent and , Monarch,
between' lines of thousands ready to offer their
final farewells in respectful silence, and followed
to her last resting place by the representatives of
her fast vanishing rce. ; .; , ;
All the peoples of Hawaii joined in this final
tribute, i Some prominent in the funeral cortege
had been amongst those, whose power .Wrested Hhe
scepter, from her in the days gone ' by, by, their j
presence',.- testifying to the universal respect . the :
Queen had won in her tetter rears. The President
of the JRefublici Was personally represented JntUe
wreath'.laid upon! the casket, and, officially 'repr-'
sented in the marching ranks of American soldiers.
The Mikado and the Empire of Japan were repre
sented, while senators and representatives of the
congress bi the United. States were present in per
son. '. Her, own people formed the most striking
as welt as the most pathetic sections of the great
f funeral line, the passing of the Hawaiians being
emphasised in the dwindling ranks of the various
societies and in the advanced ages of a great many
of the participants, Ja .comparison -with the great
.numbers of !alll ages which took part' in the last1
preceding royaL funeral, that "of the late Prince
David Kawanananakoa, terf years ag6. f ' ' '
' Liliuokalini .. has gone, The .,' last remaining
vestige of the monarchy has disappeared. But the
influence of the late Queen will remain among her
people, for years yet to corjie, the influence she ex
ercised to induce them to prove as steadfast and
as loyal to the Flag which fate had forced upon
them as they had been previously to the flag which
once waved over Iolani and withstood the politi
cal storms of a hundred years. ,
With Or Without?
G ERMAN "kultur", has been aptly described
. by one of the foremost German philosophers
as "Learning without character; knowledge with
out, conscience; organization without humanity;
discipline - without liberty; and, ideals without
1 ; Against this supreme peril we are fighting in the
name of our common democracy, that the ideals
of peace,' liberty, humanity, and justice tempered
with mercy shall not perish from off . the earth.
The majority of the American people are lovers
of peace, but there can be no lasting peace until
we have won this war, Our battle is to the end
that all the world shall be made "safe for democ
racy ,"-r-that democracy which extends to all men
of all races-Learning with character; knowledge
with conscience; organization vivified by'' hu
manity discipline and liberty ; and ideals with
i r: ' t ': ; r ' :o: r r - .. ..
: . No suggestion could be more welcome to Ha
waii than fljat of United States Senator Myers,
that the people, bf the Territorybe given the op
portunity ,to 'say, by their vote,' how they want
the public landa of Hawaii disposed of. Senator
Myers evidently believes irt the democratic prin
ciple of the rule of the people, wherein lie seems
to differ decidedly from those who would disregard
the wishes of the people. It is evident that the
attempt of the Governor of the Territory t over
ride the expressed wishes of his "subjects" is'not
going to meet with much favor in congress.
Germany's most terrible punishment would be
to win' the war. If she loses, she may be saved
from lusrself but if she wins there can be no al-
atioif for her.
' '"' ' 1 .
' The, Huns, are hoping, now to impress their
.'"kultur" ol the world by mining all the priceless
!worksjo(ltart,iu Venice, j ,m "' 'r
Anierica Must Hurry ij
N OTHING stands, out n the hews columns of
(. the past two weeks' so distinctly ,as the fact
that America must hurry.v The Russian situation,
the plight of the Russian Provisional Government,
the deplorable situation' in Rumania, all bring but
one message to Amerfca"You"mustc6me and
come' qukkly.":,-',v.,;;:;p:V'V ;
;. More than half i a year ha .now passed since
America look tier placcj in: that galaxy "pf , Powers
whose membership is an Honor Roll and which
is known' to the world today and will go down in
history as the Allies, .And yet the press news
of the past Week makes much of the fact that the
Americans have taken ;over a, small, unimportant
section of the trenches in France. ,." , V
" It had to be a slow process; for. we had to be
gin at the very beginning to. build pur army.' The
small handful of trained soldiers officers and en
listed men which constituted our ; Regular .Army
was but little leaven whercwhh to leaven the loaf
we set out to create. 'And it stands and will ever
stand to the credit of the men who had to decide
the question that those few military men were
not. gathered together and sent to France at the
start to take the place of an army corps of French
or British troops. Such a policy would have made
a greater impression on our Allies for the moment ;
but it would have been the means of. delaying our
real entry into the war by' months, and would
have left. the great embryonic National Army with
out instructors! . i '. V ' .
; Now however, that the War-' Department has
had these months in which to readjust itself to the
change in its duties; now that the General Stan
has stopped solving' (purely theoretical problems
which concerned themselves with the invasion of
the State of Kansas by the State of Texas and
the resulting battle of Leavenworth, 'and has suc
cessfully, handled the first assembly of troops in
the Sixteen training camps, we are about to become
a real military factor in the great war problem
that is being worked out on the other side of the
Atlantic. .And we must lose sight of no oppor
tunity to hasten the day When we are able to throw
a million menand five million il necessary
trained to the nunute,"1nto the balance in favor of
humanity. - 'ZA ,t:. !,. '.' 'J ,'; . - ' :. . "- -.v
. Our government's plans are comprehensive and
farseeing; they .embrace , hot only financial and
military aid iot our stricken and hara-presseal
allies,. but aidjif eteryw8ibleWay ItAicludesn
jne leeuing oi a targe portion oijjie civu popula
tion 6f. all of the European, countries now at War
against German f rightfulness. . And this is a part
which; vitally concerns every one of us as it calls
for the immediate and constant efforts of us all to
"save for victory"!
. From Italy, from Russia, from Serbia and Ru
mania, and from poor suffering Belgium comes' the
call to America, Hurry !Hurry 1 1 HURRY1I1 It
sounds more plainly every day, and it must, be
answered by every American doing his utmost
today to win the war. . : ' k r '
A Friend's Advice f., : ;
LORD NORTHCLIFFE in a recent interview,
has emphasized the necessity of Americans
constructing a series of large refrigeration plants
in trance in order adequately to provision our
armies on the West front He is quoted as' say
ing that if the British liad provided. ample facili
ties of like nature earlier in the war conditions as
to subsistence would now be much more favor
able. "
The commercial refrigeration of perishable
foods has been developed to a greater extent in the
United States, Australia and Argentina than in
any continental European State, and he urges the
point that, our : military authorities will not find
ihe refrigeration equipment ready at 'hand, in
France, s they' would in any section of the Unit
ed States. ,1, An army of eight hundred thousand
men will 'require as much warehouse space for
their food, stores, ammunition, ordnance and sup
plies as a city of two million inhabitants.. ,The
Canadian, Australian and other over-seas continr
gents have made their base in England, Where
there, was already some accommodation for them,
not enough, Lord Northcliffe says, but more than
is available for the American army in France.
Turning to the subject of weapons, he said, that
the British have found that the average ''life-" of
a service rifle is-only six weeksfc and that if We
keep our fighting sons properly armed," as l of
course we are going to do, we have got to supply
our first 800,000 men not less than seven million
rifles. ' Is it any wonder that "T, R." has publicly
arraigned . our . ordnance department for. 'their
policy of dilly-dally? T-. v.. I;
.These are only, two items'to le attended to im
rnediately, and they concern.the welfare of only
the t first American f citi.ngent. We are in this
war to" wht.' It iij'the biggest thing the Republic
has ever tackled but even with the friendly tips re
suiting from the practical experience of our friends
and allies, it is going to strain our national capa
city for doing big things, to see this war through
That, we will not do all the things necessary to be
done is inconceivable, for the gage of battle is,
whether the ruling spirit of the twentieth century
shall be Prussianism or Americanism.
The federal, government must be greatly grati
fied at the way some people and firms m Honolulu
ire complying' witW its request riyt to announce
the arrival departure o transpacific 'ycsael?.' - J
Thomai NlcboU wm trftl at tbc
fmfrgrncjr honpital Inut night for
ineiwd woamt of the If ft thumb. ,-' .
Kum 8u Tjn ii Taken ; to the
emerjncy hoHpltaJ U night nuffarlng
from n abrnnioa of th4 right teg.
Georjro Wilno, K. MtUno, Hirytm
Am and Fujikawa wrt -irmtrd )at
night and held pending )nvpntigtion.
. Lia I-ono wa taken to police head
quarter yeaterday afternoon, and after
bcjng examined by JOr; Ayer u hid
as euppoaedl inaane person, v
Captain Frank J. Riley, Firat In
fantry, U. H. haa bean-granted a
leava : under ' "exceptional eifcunv
tanrea". . He waa Vailed to hi homo
ia Boaton, Maaaackuaetta, oa buaineaa.
A petition for diorce waa filed in
th eireurt '. aport yeaterday by Mr.
Mary Daviaoe ' agaiiint Harry Dai
on, on jthe ground of non-anpport of
her and their four children. .
' After pending neariy two, year, the
r ae of Foater L. Dafier' former local
V K eourt elerk, waa nolle, proaee I
la the federal eourt yeaterday at-the
inatnnee of United Htatea Attorney H.
C. Hober. , . ,.;.'., '
Following hi recent rtfnfa from the
mainland, Percy M. Pond, membeA of
the diatrirt exemption board, yeater
day formally noUfied Major F. J. Oreeu
that ht had taken the oath of tffica
for aervlee. .... -4 ... .
W J. B. 8. Pratt and Fred Ohrt.Ieft
yeaterday for Waialua, where they wUl
make an ' Inveatigation r of the water
aupply. The typhoid aituatlon at Hcho
Held ia now eonaidered aatiafactory, ai
the eaae are under control and bo new
one have been, reported.' ". - ' ' : : '
A tour ot the Tarrltoryln the latet
eata of the echool garden will aooa tl
made by Allan Herbert, who will repre
aent the food .commlaaion on hia mia
aton. He will alo give information to
horoeatead . gardener, He ia making
th? tour at hia own expense. .
Dr. Victor Ai Korgaard ia aerioualy
ill in Waahington, U. C, according to
a aablefrram which ha been received
by A rthur H. Biee, president of the
board of agriculture and foreatryi ' Doe
tor Norgaard, who ia - the territorial
veterinarian waa expected to return to
Hawaii In few week.
M. 8. Goodhue, non- of Dr. E. 8. Good
hue, will leave on 'the next boat for
the Coaet to enter the aviation traiu
ing camp at Han Diego, Mr. Goodhue,
who waa recently a member of the na
tional iruard, haa -already paased. iiia
examination and i eager to learn to
fly that be may aerve his country an
the fight-for democracy. .'''.'
Petra Drean, a Firiiutio woman, wa
taken to the emergency Voapital yester
day momiug and treated - for ' aealp
wound. Hbe wa picked up oa the cor
ker of King', and . Beretania fttreete
where, it i believed, she .had been
knocked downby a ..wagon er automo
bile. The wound were, not Tf a serious
aaiure, asd. Utter lv,'AjJkr .iad dreaaed
them he was-allowed togo. - . ;
Judge Charier R. Iobihgier, United
Htatea judge of the diatriet court of
Shanghai and president of the Ameri
can Bar Association ta the Far Kast,
waa entertained in Honolulu .recently
before-hia departure on a transport
Judge Lobingier wa returning from a
meeting of the 1 supreme council of
Heottian.- Bite ' Maeonat While he waa
in Honolulu the viaitoa waa entertaiaed
by prominent Hcottiah Bite officer,
among there T. H. Petrie, A. F. Wall,
Walter Coomb and J,. F. Fen wick, at
a luncheon at the Conptry Club.
-.v.-. , ,
Top Holds and Driver and Occu-
; . pant Escape Fatal Injuries
, Two Butofnobile were badly damaged
yeaterday ou the Haleiwa road, be
tweea Kumoo ranch a.bd lower AVaialua
hill within forty feet Jif each other. An
Overland machine uaeM aa a randy de
livery rer by the Krong Chong store
oppoaite Aala Park, furned. over com
pletely and pinned ,ihe Chinese oee'u
pant underneath. By miraele, and
due only to the fact that thejlop-did
not entirely crush i, the driver and
aaaisiani were aavea rrom . Deing man
gled and fatally injured.
The driver waa cut-on the arm a and
head and was picked up by a pamting
auto and taken to the Kchofield hoapi
tal. The other maa , waa ' aliuhtlv
crwtched and bruised but crawled out
from under the wreckage and remained
until a wrecking car arrived from town
turned the damaged ear over and towe l
it to a repair ahop. The accident was
due to akidding. -. j '
Dodtre ear No. 03(t , while .traveling
toward town from Haleiwa wns afruck
by ' another auto' and thrown to the
side of the road. Thu left front fend
er wa smashed la and the rlifht wheel
broken and the axle-bent. It lay on
the aide of the road all day not a doxen
yard from the wree,k .of the candy
shop car. , 'f"..; -
CHICAGO, Octoue Sl-Charlea W.
Weeghman, preaiden' of the Chicago
Nationals, announced tonight tbat .be
would vote next aeatn. He also aaid
schedule for next eoon. ' He alao aaid
that not more thaa! twenty-eight or
thirty player would be taken on the
spring training trip to Paaadena, Cali
fornia. Ia former year from thirty to
forty playera made the sprinir trip.
- Mrs. Wi T. Rawlin, who waa oper
ated recently at the .Queen' Hoapitul,
haa returned to her home, where she
i convalescing and able to receive
vimtors. ' i (i i : : :'. :':.-,' ,
Mia Mae Brown and Mrs. J. Kin
eJair are recent arrival from th Anti
podea. They will remain ia Hawaii' for
several week during which time -they
expoet to four the Island. ' i i . '
. Demoatibene Lyenrgn of "tue" Klli
nea Volvano Houae, will retuta tft.the
Big Island by the Mnuna Kea toinot
row. He me down, expreatdy t wit
ness the late Queen ' funeral ,'VV.. '"
Mr. John H. Maxam and ber daugh
ter, Mia Haael Maxam, are to leave
today for an extended trip to point
lit Arianna and Texas. V V " v " 1
Dongla ' Macfle, who "la al"'h
Queen' iroepital, Is doing nlt-ely ad
improving. .. He was everel injured
la a recent, motorcycle accident. xs.,'
Hon. Clem K. Quinn, circuit judge
of L'aat Hawaii, ia accompanying local
legislators who are traveling with the
Congressional Party, He arrived from
Hilo on Saturday morning. , -'
. Mr. and Mr. J. C. Kiddell,' inembers
of a prominent New York family, are
in the city having - arrived recently
from Australia where they have been
traveling for the past two. montha
They wilr depart for Has Francisco by
the jiext Conat-bound Meamer.'. .
-, AV. B. Carmichaet, ohe of the largest
paper' manufacturer in the ' United
State, we in the city, yesterday, hav
ing arrived from a buaineaa trip to the
Antipodes. .Mr. Carmichael is now the
aole shipper of paper to Australia and
New Zealand, practically all of which
is maaufactured -in American mill. '
William E. Buckley, who haa been a
resident - of the ialand for the past
eighteen montha, ha left for Heattle
where h. will visit friends before re
turlng to 'hi home in Fan Francisco.
Mr.-Buckley wa connected with, the
business office of The Advertiser for
several month during hir reiidenc in
Honolulu.! , ' I 1
.... , .., ' ; ;
' By sir. Jklaoiia Ka, Nu IT. '''' ,
KKOi. HAWAII (lr. , T.n.lu. K
llukhaiu. ItVnatur fl. : L. il.rers, Hmuilur
W. 11. TlroiiipMin, Heualor Miles IVilmlex
ler, Hepnaerirtatlve A. T. Trlay, Kep
rmeutatlre K. l'latt-Mopreseiitnttve O. M.
Bowers. lieirenenttlv h, McIm.IIk. Itep
resentnttv J. , V. , .Mi-Ointle. Keiirewala
tire U B. Ouwlall. Mr; ; lioodall, Kepnuwu
tatlra '. P. Heavls,- HeyrrwiitHtive W.
Carter. KepreaenUllve O. K. Blaml. 'Itrp
rewulatlva J. A. KUton. ' Kepreaeutatlv
WUIIaui lonlo, HeprewntaOva- J.- I. 11 u
t-hanau. Heprenentstive 'I'boa. Gallaxlier.
KepreHentatlre U. Weltjr. Heiretwnla-
iive H. I). Temple, Uepreaentatlre Jawe
lclnuhlln. U. W. Ilesi Anirus Krlr, A.
L. Castle. I'al Frank Kelfer Sonator J. It.
t"ouy. Hens tor M. IV Pai-heco. Henator
Koliert I Unit. Representative U.-p. WUilif,
Kepreeentauve :earte Met leHan, Jtwliw H.
W. VaiiKhaa, Jtulite H. B. Keiup, JikIks -U.
W. Ashfurd, JuilKe'Harry irwlu, Jmlue J.
B. Polndexter. J. C. l-aoe. U Mrt'iml
leas. H. O, Uatbewm. O. J. Mct'artlijr. W.
E. Wall. Allx-rt Homer. W. T. 'alen. F.
1. IUIu.iu W. it. rarrlnxton. U. A- Me
Nslly, J. V. Brlnlna. H. M. Ksuakiliiul, J,
P. VtiUO: P. Correa, B(MeilutiiAB, KI
PernaUdes.A Thoinss Mi'Vwiti, - J, I'Trank
vtootls. Hain- Kanhane, Jutlice C. K.julna.
Rev. iiesba. II. U Ilolstvln. K. ln
HUTS. H. M. Htm-k. K. B. Keysmii. Julia TM
Baker. I,. H.. L'mik, It. I.yciu-Kiia, I.. W.
le Vis Nortoa. Harry Jlapal. Mra.-Akna
Miss Mclioiia. Mr. aim Mm., tl, j. b.vmun
Mm. B. M. l.lnjMT. Mr. and Mrs. C M.
(MxtkulKlit. Miss Manley. Mrs. M. Tamer.
W. K. Hsffertv. n. W. Illlu. W. Mui-Hliall.
K. Ishlda. 8. Kujlta, Mrs. Bum Kanhane.
Mr. and Mrs. H. it. Aldiioh. Mr. aul Mrs.
K. r. Bstes. rspUln Molier. Mr. sih! Mr.
A. . limit. Miss M. Woods. Tlimnss J.
lleeny. spt, ltolert T. Bains. Ir. W. (1.
Rnirera. Mrs.' B. I.. IWiosldsna and two rhil-
drn. Mrs. Karr. Mlsa Karr, Mrs. tlmirae
K. lAtwr. airs. SI. A. tinn. vc. II. neers.
Mr.' and Mrs. 3. Bcowsrrort, Captain and
Mrs. 1. A. Balm. W 11 Unto Kanix.rn. 11.
I.uls. h. 1.. Iiflmiimw. E. C. IHuwlddle.
I. Maxim, Mr. and Mrs. Daniels and In
fant. Mrs. K. K. Ksnlliatliia and Infant.
Mlsa tt. Hind. W. II. Wtlllnmonn. t hny
Kane, P. K. O'Brien. Mrs. W. I. Mt-1 tan
call. Geonre Bnf-kbilts. Mr. Jokn YT'
and three chtldren. O. Odo. Mr. and Mrs.
i. '. Kndirera, Mr. and Mrs John- A. M-
auire, Miss i.. iiiiotn. Mrs.- i-;. k. mmtn.
Mrs. . Hot h man. Mm. Karrattl and In
faut. Maxtrr H. K. Lindsay. Representative
K. I.nnUeea, l'itmastr M-Adsn. 11.
Rlreahnrirh. Puke Kaliauauuikii, llee
Kwmiir. Iltirrv Hmwil.
KIIOM MAIM H. Kenton Hind. Ml
Thelma ltoynin, Mlsa A. Case. Mm. M
Knller. Mrs. A. C. lt.thrk. Miss M. Ta
nsks. MImh M. Kf Hart. MImm M A Jt"d
rliue. MIhh Kv KraliiiiiieH, Miss Kiully
ItodrlnncH. Mrs. ' A. ' Osrla. Mrs. W. K.
iWKMt, Mrs. n. n. i-scser; airs. . i'
Poster. Mla liiimthr E. Poster. Mrs. .I T
Kantotn. Miss Osrnle Roerrsus. . Ml
iladrs MehiM-ke. Mrs. W. II. KMd. Mis
K. Field. Iim. A. Amaslu. Mrs. W. II.
Illudle. N, Wslws1.se. K. KhhIIiiic. II. J.
Ijts. II. W. I.liiton. Win. Thoiniisott. - M.
I'sresa. Ml"s Hells 1'sre'sa. K. Hoe. !
Vtoutf. K Walaliolii and Infant, MIhm tri-e,
Mrs. W. Keanu. K. Klshlann. W. A. Me
Kir. J. B. Cm. M. C. I'aseli'wl. Piiulosltl,
Miss K. Meanu. Ksiu Kalstua.- 1. W. Kh-
Ina. luntn A. Terry, A. It. Anna. M. U
Monsarrat, W. Kelll, Mrs. Peta Kauiiers.
liomdnlu.' NuVerulier "111. t!17, i.
t .it : m '
1 t i .f.
'. f.
move the cauae. Uaed the world over
to cure cold in one day. The eig na
ture of E. W, GROVE i on each bos.
Manufactured by tb FAR IS MEDI
CINE CO., si. uuie vs. a- :mk:,'
WAHHIV0TON, November 19-(A-
nociated Freas) Railroad rcjireseutu
tive announced today that in .the event
of any crisis growing out of wage in
creoee demand they wi)l plaie their
interest in the hand of President WU
son for protection with the undierstand
ing that he may make whatever dispi
sition may be necesaary to prevent tin
interruption of transportation during
the wr. Railroad ofltcial regard tbia
atep aa eliminating the possibility of a
nation-wide strike by giving the t'reat
Quotations on the followlug New York
curu stot-aa. as wirelessed la yut Adver
tiser by BtenetiaiB aV Co., are: . '. -
Katur- M'u
1 day day
Rbt i.eiige . ...r. linvi , i.hth
Kinina Cupper . ............ A'li .M
llara-i-area .. ' MH
Irum Blossom . .., .47 .47
.lerouio Verde i .... ,RI S4 :H7S4
.inn nuuer , , -.i.) .43.
Marsh , .08 . , .ItH ;
Mother IxKle ' . St .
Kay Hen-ulea .' 8 (Ml 0 IK)
KeiH-ue Kula . IU ,IM
He Cons .OS .OH
Hllrer Kins Cous ft I2M 3 1
Tonopah Kiteuslou ,. . . I.M 1,'VIV
inoMiiuue J. l.xa
Wlll.ert . 1.-. .14
Hlrnimiud Copper 1JU. '.I.'tf,
Kerr Lake ,-,v.i,ff-H - 4"
llei-la , :.V 4.JO-.
CrMa iUA.X ,-t.r.. W Vl,ii '
.NlPlUbalug . , 7,75 7-74
Resolutions Are Passed Seeking
; 'Amendments, T(o Include Ha-, ;
.'. waii Jn farm L6n Law . '!t
') , j. -,,,-:) '4
t,The!"Hul)iit' Fantiers' Associatioii of
Nfaui-hniidopted reaolutiotm reqitpst
ttft Iho'conrlfssmen ribw" vtsiting the
tslond. to -ase' their influence ;UiHti(
the fominp session-to have the Fed
eral Farm, I-osn Law so amended ao as
to- Include within it coe the Terri
tory of Hawaii. The . Jlaiku ' home-sreader,-wbo
eome Ihe nearest.- to be
injf auereaeful lintneatendenr ef any in
the "Territory, feel that some' change
in tl'C. liil laws ia heceasary inasmuch
as' 'tlit "preeiit..lfcwa haVe'wot aocom
plisCed ..their purpose of aecuring the
peopliyi. of Ihe public Iknds, . ,
. tefiiorJ William King of Utah, re
cently stated that he advocated the
appointment of . a -special eommisginn
by conjjresa,' to spend sin months In
the study of land -'-condition in the
Territory, - report , their finding to
Washington and nvy Kdutiojis to re
lieve the prtyent ..situation .. whith the
member Uiit(lit silptteat.. '. '-.- .
Resolutions Adopted '.
The resolution adopted" by ' the
Haikd Farmers' Association follow)-
' Whereas, farmers in the Territory
of Hawaii were excluded from partici
pation, in the benefit a of ' the -Federal
Farm Jan, Act by Hectioil which
limit the application of the Act to tb
'continental Cnitcd 'tftates, excluding
Alnska, and ' ".'.- V
Whereas, In view' of this, the farm
er of the1-Territory endeavored to se
cure the passage of a Territorial Farm
l.onn A&t at the 1917 session of the
le;i!ature; which measure, known as
H- -B. , t, was, parefully prepared and
placed; In the huad of the members for
their consideration many weokg before
the legislature convened, 'wa intro
duced the first day of the session, pase
ed by the house of,, representatives' in
the. face of strong oppoHitirfh from -the
financial interest by a vote, of nine-
two ti) six but defeated, on. the last
day of the session by the. same inter
ests in the senate by the narrow mar
gin of bue vote (eiht, o seven), and
"'Wberea, The farmers otjthe Ter
ritory- are la . no way different from
those in the 'continental United States'
as regards their Dned for 4 farm loan
act,, beiujt' obliged" by the existing
finaarral institution's to botrow, when
allowed to borrow a allat ;ra tea of
interest excessively high (evea per
cent and higher, usually eifht percent),
and, .on term . ; wholly . unaultod to a
farmer's . ability ) to ' repay, (demand
note) kich place bira ia a degrading
position at the merry of the lender;
end i .. , -.I " f
V Whereas, There now exists; and has
existed 'foe-many yerrr fn .this Terri
tory, orderly condition ' o-,' thnt the
FederaK rarro -r.tfan rfptrMd fc-p
into effect here aj teadily aa at any
Other place In the t ailed Ktati-a- and
"Whereas, There Is even greater
need for it here, because of the acute
need hereto build up a contented and
prosperous rural eitisen population (
therefore be it
"Resolved, ; Thnt the congressmen
now visiting (n the Island be request
ed to use their influence .during the
coming session of congresa to have the
Federal, Farm Loan Act so amended n
to include within its scopo this Terri
tory of Hawaii. '.. . . ;
' Whereaa, The ' subject or home
steading, the- land policy, and the. land
law of this Territory, la one. of the
subjects, of investigation by . the visit
ing congressmen amj,
-Whereas, H i a . reeogniKed . f-,ict
that some change in the' land ' laws is
neceannry inasmuch as the ipTescnt laws
have not accomplished their purpose of
aecuring the pcopliiig oC the public
la"'' and ' ' -' ,- .' .y
"Whereas, An effort haa been made
to , secure from congress - such- ebanges
iu tne land law u would prevent me
people from requiring the hmnesteading
of public land and would permit twen
ty year lenses to corporations, without
the clause for withdrawing such, Innd
from ' lease fos. hnmestcading, a
change that this association believer
is not In the r 'K'i t direction;, and. ''
"Whcreua, This association' is strong
ly In sympathy with the homestrading
movement and desires to see the public
land properly homcstcaded'". and poo
pled; therefore lie it ' ,
"Resolved, Thnt we request congress
to cause to be made, by an impart int
federal commission, a thorough study
Of the conditions in this. Territory with
a view to formulating such- ebanges in
the law as will accomplish genuine
homeateading and the, 'peopling of the
publiu ihiiii with citizens. ' r -
. " I'rpsident,
" Secretary.
'. 8TOCK
t '
1 1:
. uKirt lb)mi.i"r ;
vje'x.' A ilialdaln. Ltd." T.
ijUrewer .' ..t.(;i(.
-tibuAit ; . .J s-
K.wa I'lnlitatlon t'o.. . ,.,
I Lull, ii Hug. Co. ... ..i...,
lUw.llaw. Arirtl. Co.- . .
Maw. C. ) B. Co. . t.ti.
Haflr, Kux 4'rn ,
Ilonokas Hitgsr. Oo
llinoinu Hnftsr ro. ... ..
Ifun-lilnson Huitir I. Co..
Knhukn IMant. Co. . ....
Kekaha Hussr Co. .......
Knlna Huasr Co.
Mrllryde rn Co.. It'L ...
iHihil Huasr Cn. ,
lUsa xiignr Co., Ltd. ....
(hionlps Kmnr Cn. . ....
I'ssnliaii Huaar I'lant. Co.
I's.-ltlc Huasr Mill . 4..,
I 'sis Plantation Co. .....
l'tMken Huasr Co. .....
Itonrer Mill Cii. . .......
Ms a Carlos Mllllur Co. ..
Wslsliia Axn-tl. Co. -. ...
Wallnka (tugur Co. , .
Rndnu Derel. Co.. I.td ,..
: 1st Issue Assess. 70 I'd
M Issue I'slil I'p j.... J
trikn r. r. Co., vta.
Hslkn V. K 4'o., Cora.
Haw. Coa. By. Vjk ......
Haw. Con. It y. w B ...
I In-. Cou. Ily. I'oin.
Hawaiian Klertrlr Co. ...
Haw, I'lllinmilr Co. V ..:
Hon. B. M. C. Ltd. .
Hon. las Co., ,td,
Hon. B. t. It U Co.
Inter-Island ft. N. Co. ...
Mutnal Tel. o. . ......
Oahu Railway Land Co.
I'shsns Riilifier ". ,',,.,
Melama-Iindinrs. INL . .
Hame (K"', fi ...i...
I'aaJoBg Olak: Robber Co.
skua Iilti- Co., 6..
II Con. BY. 0.-...
Ilsn Ire. Co., fh . .
Beach Walk L
Haw. Trr. ri. iter, limn
Haw Ter. Pub. Imps.
Haw. Ter. Pub. ,Ioip- 4j
Iserlea W1 11M:i
tlsw. Terri 3 S.
Illlo Haa Co., Ltd.,
llonokaa Hua. Co., rm .
Hnnoluln Oas Co.. Ltd. Sa!
Kauai By. Co., fla ,
Msna Imp. Dlst. 5U
MeBryde 8iigjir Co., Sa ,
Mntital Tel. in . . i, i...
Oahu R. L. Co.: 8
Oshu Hu. Co.. frL
Olaa Hue. Co.. L
l-aclne Diisih) V. Co., I
Pacific npir Mill Co., s
Man Carina Mill. V. :
- . i
101 u
ia ,-7
. .
io .
104 U ,
101 vj
ttsw'n. l'luea, 60, 39.00; llaw'n Huar,
.lVfu.uo. -. .
BOAltT) BAr.Kfl -
Pfoneer. 5, .10.30; IL 11. 4 - M. Co., 5.
18.00. ' ' ' .
-f-. ' Keptember 14. I0IT.
M analysis Iteeta (no advices).
: Parity- .
tW Cent, (for Han-allan augara) .... 0.00
- , j NOTICE .
Peiieeken Huaar Co..' will pay as extra
HvMnul of . A alui-e
' i novemoer at, ivn.-
Klnesisire . ...j ,...r1.2S
New York , U1J0
NKW YORK. Nm-ember in-Br Asao-
Hated Pi-eioi Kollowluf are the opening
Slid closing quotations of stocks la Ule
eir orK liiarsrt yesternay:
AiuvHrau Beet
Associated Oil . ,
Alaska (iol.l ,
Aiuerb-an IH-ouiotlre . ,
Auierlran Tel. Il Tel. .
A mei-K-a u HinH ter . , , . . ,
American SteW Kdry. ..
Auacmiila Coer
Atchisou Hallway
Until in lsiniiotive . .
IliiltliiHira A'M
Betblellelll Mteel "B" . ,
I'nllforula. Petmleuiu . .
Centrnl Ij-ather
Cnnaillan I'silllc
Uv M. & Kt. Paid .
iMo. Knel A Iron
Crm lble Hteel .
Cuba Huitar Cane
Krte onnnon .
(iimerul Klocliic
(leneral Motors tnew) ,
Ureal Northern pfd. .' .
luti'iuatloual Tauer .,. . .
IndiiHtrlal Ali-olus , ....
Keniicciitt Co.r . .'.,
MlilKh Valley llullroail ,
New York Central . ,.,
I'eiiUM.vli sols ., ...
Kay I'oliaolldated .
Reading coiiiumu
l(i-uMU- Iron coiuuiou .
Koutliern Pavllli- . .... .
Htiulirbakcr .
Texas OH
1' lilt il Htati-4 UublM-r .
1'iiioti Pucltlc
('lilted Htatea Kteel
I'tal ....A.....
'( I'lllou .
WestluKliuuso .
5a 'a
. w
i a i a'
70 V,
Oiia-T Clu,
in I I nit
i HAN KHANC1KCO. Novemlwr ll (Asso
ciated Prewsl Kotlowtiif are tbri npenlne
and closlna .ootslon of suinr and other
stiH-ks In the Man franclavo market yes
terday: ,
'HAN ' FR ANCISCO, November 9-r
The launching a o'f the flrat couorete
ship' to be lmilt ilk 'this - city ia being
awaited with interest, "despite the ee
reey surrouuding tile affair.. Cod c ret e
vessel have been successfully launched
ia NoraVay for some time past. ; 1 ;
This sort of ship must be launched
It'eel uiVvjhipping .meu dnkjare." ; After
-such launrbing the vessel is kept afloat
by - watertight cuinpartments built
above the deck. - "
A the vessel is much heavier than
these compartments, she t "turns
turtle" in the water and tlus rights
herself. '
You should not eat food of any kiud
When bilious, take a full itose of Cham
berlain's Tablets unci drink plenty of
water. That will cleanse the stomach,
move the bowels and soon rostore the
system te healthy conditio'. For ante
rfy 0,ll.4l4Kfcra,tt4fUH(in, tmi ft J.-o.,
Ltd. Agts. for Hawaii. Ativeitiaeiuout.
llaw'n Com'l Huuar . .,
Hawaiian Huuar -Ce. .....
llouokaa Huasr . ......
Ilutclilusou Wauu- Co, ..
OuUu fu(,-sr Co. . ......
Kiiftcla t'oier ,
Onouiea Hunr Co. , ...
olaa HiiKsr Co. .......
Paauliiiii Huaar Co. ....
HoUOlulU Oil .
Honolulu Plantation , .
Open- Cloa-
lii lax
84 U4
t t.....
27 B7
-0 0
51 M
17 17
t....i. t
4.7.1 4.87
.48 .47
Bid. tEi-Dlvldened. tl'nquoted.
Ilouolulu. November IB, 1U1T.
. I . w p
lion. ( on. oil ,1.H3 4.00 S.sO
Knaeta Ciier O.Oo'' B 12 3"
Mineral Products , ., .OA ,m .07
Mountain Klua . ... .OS .00 .00
Montana BluKliaiu . . .47 .4M .47
Mndeia Jllulns . ... .13 .: .:?
Miidora. .Tlisk, 7r;' intfl. !; till, noil,
3.M; Mouutaiu KUi, 800, tic.
". ": - '
; . ; i
- :- -. ; i'
!. ' '

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