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- HA WAT! AN r, 7F.TTE. TUESDAY, ' NOV F. M R F. R ' 20 1 0 1 7. S KM f VF. F. KT.Y.
J w.
M v.
K ! r,.
hi" n
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- fl
1 ...
1 1 "f f
I J"
' fill IL'TEREST
r, Thousands Flee From City In
;;;V,Fear ttuniMay Get Within Biff
. Gun Rang Before French and
.Britons Can Cooperate ,-...
Western Front Quiet -Otherwise
. Except For Artillery Duels ant
, Minor Raids But Allied Often
' ' iiye Is Forecast r
NEW YORK. November 17
(Associated Press) Con
ti'n'uance the critical situation
' ori ' the 'Italian front overshad
. owed in interest the new fron.
v any of the other theaters ol wai
: tyestef day," ;".;""..' " '
y On the west front there was in-
, tense artillery fire reported in the
Tasschendael sector with indica
;' lions of cbming infantry actirit'
. , and a new drive by "the Allies. In
- other -sectors the day was quiet
, beyond artillery (Juels and raid'
of minor importance.
Whether the aid of the Allie?
,,y yr le on time to check the Hurt
, adyance: before St' reaches strik-'
V ' !ng 'distance of. Venice is the most
serious question of the present
campaign on the Italian front.
' Again, yesterday the Ausfro-Ger
I mans drove with greater vigor in
" !, an effort to c"ut their way through
, toward Venice before the Allies
. Y cart' render' effective aid. AlHec'
".tribi)s continue to be. sent bj
' .,.tJ .bowarjd jthe front and the
trooji trams are being followed bjf
, trains loaded with large guns anc'
f Along the Piave River the Ital
; ; ;;iacs' ".held the enemy back and
threw open the flood gates of thit
: V river 'and the Sile, northeast o
' V Venice, flooding a district twelvt
miles in Width and threateninj
; " the Teutons with a peril such a
overttHk them on the. Yser front
. This move, it is 'hoped, -will hole
l back the enemy at least until th
aid of. .the Allied reinforcement-
is made, effective.
That the 'situation is alarming
.was indicated by telegrams whicl
' thePope sent to the Centra
; Powers asking that their com
manders on the Italian front, am
,'. the Western front as well, be or
.-: .dered to follow the dictates of in
.y terrutional law as to protectior
of women and children ant
; against the destruction o
' ' churches, cathedrals and othei
J buildings devoted to religtou.
Further evidences of alarn
t j 5 were shown' from Venice whert
";.' it' MteS; reported an exodus of be-
' iween 150,000 and 200,000 peopU
' had '' occurred and the street
were reported as nearly deserted
Those remaining were reporter
' as calm. - The exodus was occa
- , sioned, it is said, by the fear th
Huns would come within rangi
' of the city with their , big um
'..'before the British and French
forces could ; combine 4 with the
v. Italians to check the advance. ;
. Vnlf hn . ufferd M murk ftom
; air raid that the. thounad wrre i
. -willing' rhanres of bombardr
. nent. It ia aluo taken for graat4
' that tun mtMHK of tha Poj refcrrwj
enxwlBlly . to aica. . i '
Brli reported officially" that ' tha
.tow of Otwiioo had, bee taken and
that vu the tt tank of the Jtava,
. Ufa tlie Adriatic, a tboiiaand Italians
had i btu made i priaoaera. ,
,- '. -r -v .
;.WA8HINOTOH, November IT (A
i aot-iatO'l Prem) llrlu from the roimr
. iiicm in awiTtalaing when exoriiitant
. ; -j pri'litu are eiag charged i ankej' by
.'v .the revenue tiureao, .In a print'! MtattK
.. nieiit i"wue i'Htif.lay the bureaii Kxkc4
, all voniiuitK'r te . report all intau
Mhrfu retail pricen re inflated: be
, yoii.l what niight be wnrtantecl by the
. tur tae. i .
tmw department details
WAHHirSuTON, 'Xif,cmbr 1J f Aa
orialed pre i)-Tue full iitorT of tha
!ruie of tha- (ifnii fnmmrne taid-
er (SeiidW haa beea obtained b tha
imivt departmrtit from Captain Haldor
SmitK of the Aawrioaa achonner R. C.
Made, and three other aiarinera who
landed at Tatuila in aa opra boat Sep
tember 2 after being . marooned
Moieha Inland by the maater of the
Hadt ht ht raider grounded and
F aoaaaoaea.
' n ftuMnj formerlv the Amertena
Orip Paaa f Balmaha, belonsed to the
loeton Lumber- Co and waa ia tha
fa rVotia treda before tha wae.- Af.
or the war,brk ouf ahe a ai put bn
im- awtimii ftajr and waa rap-
Aore bf the Rrltixa and a nriie affirar
I a put aboard her with inatrnrtiena
! tak her to JCirkwalK Heotland. ' On
h way, aba waa raptured by a Oef
taa nhmaiine nod neat to Bremen.
. nd tttH not an m reider. A picked
( ran- plarrd aboard, aome af whom
:poke Norwegian, and aent out into the
HlttBtic, under- ,th, guiaa of a Nor.
retina) ehip.
Torwc-ia BUnd Works
The rune worked ao Well that after
avinff Mreaien on December St. 1PT6, " on August J the ihip wna driven
he Headler waa held trp by tha Brit ink hard and font anhore. , The three Am
uxiliary erniaor HighTaad Scot; e-. eriean eaptainn knd gone ashore with
(mined and banned, ftailora' identiflcn- the (ierman olflrorn on a piraia, and
-Wn-bouka laaued by tha vNnrwcgia the priaonern eve, left en the ihip
,-oTemmcnt wer furniahed the men,,1 Cannon were Bred to tell the party the
Itkorgh they- probably wore taken anip in danger, but when they re
roat raptured Norwejrian veuel and .turned they .; foond the-propeller twlat
firaa to tha men who aeeined to fit the ed m the coral reefa and the veaael be
teaeriptiona glen. c Tkeae, together --hn. , After wnrkir-s all after
with, pic I urea of . Norwegian kinga and noon they gave hrr tip aa loet and took
'-:ueena, gave the ahip the appearance ! rn.ttui.g tht-y eould move, In
f NoTweginn. .v ..., , i j j clu.iiiij the boatv gear and wirelena
J nptain mJt learned that, , while The wir?e plant, . a very powerful
ringing in the Atlantie, thirteea ahipa,'on. waa net tip between two eoeoanat
..alued by -tha Oermana at ),(KM),(H)0 treea. It waa ennipped with aending
Ptur,H tna
aelOrrtna It. K, tflade, the American
KhoOtter A. Johnson, the American
.wnooner. Manila and tha French arhoon-
r Luteee. ; , . .. ,;.
talla of Own Captain.
i ' Relating the avry of the capture of
jia ehip, the 8'a.le, Cuptaia Hmi.h aaidt
I "I Wl 'Brdwr Auril 24. 1917.
od proceeded without nnv incident
aatil tha evening of Juun 17, when I
jma ; ia latitude about, two north!
jnd lengitu.to 450 west. On- tha
Evening of -Jane 17, V about flvef
jelocJ , the necoad mate reporte-I : to
m tax a aluo waa
Vent -on deck and looked- aft
""I -
ItnnUy a I -came oa deck, they fired
iRia, anL t warn tno-ahl fau abort
bout two mllea. - She -wan about eight
nilea off. There waa - heavy aqoall
Itartiiig - te'- eatwar.l--w4na favorable
jo thia time and I thought it fKMsible
.. get away and kept holding am. - But
ike. kept tring n nit at intervals of
ibout. 6;ve to tea aiinuten, and waa com
t t -on .Tna. fast,- ' t-s; I.' , I
Mtte ntath ihot, ared about fax
S Vlck struck Tery -clone, patwiag the
-Sooa And aplashing water oa -the ship.
Che I rouriaded that there wasn't any
unhand I lowered down the npankcr,'
tiewea uwwa- topaail, aoiated American
lag,' and bora- to ; About screw o'clock
he raider waa np alongside and asked
.vhat ship. - I laid him what rt won,
od he told mi: to lower down aaih,
and stand by, and he would aend aa
Ulcer aboard me,- Shortly after, the
rie officer came aboard, and a doc
' or and about tea men. .These officers
ere in Uniform. They told me to leave
he ahip.and to go oa board the, raider,
tml they. would. give ma time in tho
norniag to pack my clothea. ,.
SH tUm Aboard i j:,''.'. ,"c .,
I VThey took aU "our men aboard the
-niuor cwnit g n'os. nm morninif
t went bark on. board, with all my
tnon aa.l packed np. We left- the ship
our belongings, Juna 18. We were
': at on bonrd tho raider again. Shortly
vfterlsaw from the raider that they
,ut hole in the masts and placed dy
namite bombs in each mast - and put
Ire to both enda of the. ahip aad left
icr. I saw the masts go aver the side
nd the ship waa burning; from end. to
';nd.'-aud the raider steamed away."
t Captain Smith said the -raider waa a
jfollrrigged ship, of steel -or Iron," about
-.300 tons, propelled by oil-burning en
gines. ' Her captain Was Felix -Ontf von
f j TOKIO, November . 1 (Specipl , to
?Iippn Jiji ) That the "special rigbti"
hf Japan in China, which were formally
-eeoguized by the TJoivd Htatea goy
trnment as the result of aigning by Via
rount K. Inbii and feeeretarv 'of State
Leaning of an agreement between the
'wo countries, doe mot mesa that
fapan has any particular ' rioht- to
-hreatea the independence ' and integ1
;'ity of Chiua,- wna the eapianation ot
'he pout made by Baron 0. Hayasbi,
Japan's minister in Peking.
4. According to tha despatches from tha
phiaese capital-the Japanese minister,
tetiag tupoa instructions froas foreign
Sfflee ia, Tekla has arranged a- eonfer
jne. today, wjth.i tha proper, Chinese
rutkorltiita ia aa effort o unroot tha
pause of uUunderethaiHng of Japan a
and A merlon's aims. iH (av! the ns
. 1. . . . t t ' . L.
suranee- that 'neither. Japan, nor taa
United FUtea baa -the leant malice to
Wfrd Clitu in 1heirreeengroemint
. T . p ,
f mt 'i umr iir i hiSffi f hrr
'- !'' u - m.."- -:'..'-.'
' . LONDONY November , Associat
ed I'resn) Thst the independents and
sorialiata of the Oeraian reiekstag will
ask ihf relchstag president to eonvoks
ft . smwj to disrass the peaea offer
madft by tho Bolaheviki leader In Pe
troyrad, Lenine, is the gist of n Am
Sterdam report l.vi .'';''' ''' '',; i"''
teje;:.RODiN' ii,iuSv.
a'pAR, Kwmber Aasoclntod
Pre-xi-s-Aut'iivis . lto.lin.'v tba: world'
faaiou aeulpVor, is ill, with tojlgentioo,
pf the lungn.-ilis conditiutt is grave,
:. .'. ' ' , '
LuCknef, (Aetive ' Captaift-I.iuteBaat
n i.inirenant. Alfred Kline:
Ttit0 tMTIrer, Kicherd fr'loM. Thero aUo
M 'thief : encinoer, a navigating
lientenanty a mate and a doctor. All
toid, hereomplrmont waa B8 oflteer and
men. Mounted between decks ahe enr
ried two- 4 inch rnna (10.5 eentinetera)
' and two machine ftunn. Tb name on
.'her bow waa Irmn. 1 '.
When the mea from , the Wade ar-
Hved- aboard the raider they found
- nrltana,. l.
eehooner A, B. JnhnnoA, of Pan Frnn-
rUeo, aitueeJr three d.ira before. - On
July 1 Hmith. etated. the vhooner Ma-
rlla..wa eeptnred anT drnmnited af-
ter the ten onienra and ne had been
ttltii off"
Aboard the Heeadler. he
raM. Won a
Hollander who had been
trken .tT the firt ehip raptured , and
kept abonrd because he hod made
an , lnen'tin) remark to the enptain
about Oerwian money, . , . i; '
eta Ko Sbipa-
' For about three, weeka the - raider
-kept beating up and down looking for
I pawing ahipa. Meeting none, - they
went nouth to Mopehn on July ' Si
nenored on tha lee aida of tk ialnnt.
and receiving apparatua and without
.dimeui'y they were able to hear Pago
1'agov Jnuin, nnd' Honolulu. ' .
tn Auct ia. Captain Smith re
lated: the &ermun officer fitted np and
armed a araall boat and utarted for the
Cook Inlands-or the Fiji Inlnnda, where
they , toped to rapture aa American
hip and come- back for the crew.
Count von I.uckner, the maater, waa in
j eharge.. They were, never henrd
pnn at Alopcha Inland. , ... .
Wlrcler Moraaga Intercepted
; After their departure, wirelena mea-
aagen in eod from I'ngo- I 'a go to the
i American consul were intercepted and
the 'German crew believed the Count
had been captured. On September S
a .. French' trad ins; schooner from Pa
peete, the Luteee, put in at the island.
First' Lieutenant Kling took a motoi
boat and machine gun and raptured the
ship." .fhe-knd a-large rargo of flour,
salmon and beef and a supply of water.
Kling aad bis crew - dismantled ' the
wireless' plant aad .left- the island in
the. Latere i that nicht,- leaving, forty
eight souls,, iacliidiug the Americana
the crew of the Frcnth trader and fourr
aativea of tha island.- Hcant provisions
and bad at hat, were left them. Be
aides these, they found a few eocoaouts
but the great number of rata on the
iitlaad dotroj-e-l them. There wa
plenty of AbIi arid turtles. .
A email boat, had been left behind
nnd the marooned men fitted it up. The
captain, of the Maui la r with 4 "mail
crew started out in the loat for Ta
hiti 00 8epteuiber H. Tbey failed to
reach Tahiti and returned exhausted or
fopteuiber 16. Captain Hrnitk with three
mew took tho smalt boat and manngetl
to reach iai;o Pago ten dayn later. :
Marta Ara Dostroyad - -. ,
Captain . tfinith. said that after the
Secaillur was abandoned the Oerinaa
1 nwni n ik.
mast m that passing vessels might not
,i?ht them. Thev were unable to sink
th, Manila a she wan loaded with, lum
bet and the .Icreli.-t Sow probably ia
1 i,a to ' naviiratiaa. Although - tht
Heendler may be n wreck, it ia possible
that bet 'guns still are in position U
use. ' ' '. 1,
Renent despatches indicate7 that the
captain of the Heeadler and Ave of' hir
crew were -aiturel on He pt ember 2'
off the Fiji Islands by Fijian eonstnbu
lury. -What became of the men whr
left 'Mopeha Island iu the Luteee - if
not. knwn.'r ' ', ' ,Vt '
TOKIO, November 16V (Special ta
Nippo Jiji) Tha soldiers of. the pror
ince of uei Chow today revolted
against tha Peking government. - .
A concentrated attack npoa the city
of Chunk King, ia the province of Bice
Cbuan, ia now in progress, and tha oe
eupation of thcVeity by the attacking
forces is momentarily feared. The
city garrison, which atill remains loyal
to Peking, appears to be unable to hold
out any longer. ... .'
' The revolutionary . forces ara sow
overwhelming and dominant in ths
aonthera' provinces in China. The join
ing of the Quel Chow troops ia the
revolutionary movements has caused
tha Peking government to lose its in.
flueaee and bold ia the affected parts
-of the tsauVleaoiae repubUe in mark
ed degra,i'.. , ..' j . . .
The bank notes Issued by the Chin
. r ; . . 1 . . .
fee communication Hank, a rovern
aient institution. sufferd , a decided
drop .today on tlfe I'oking? money mar
ket aud have become almost worthless.
, . ... . ... . .
WAKHINOTQ.V. Npvem'ber Ifl As
miriated l'iis Draxtie regulations to
rest rlut eiifiny aliens in the I'uited
ritutes are being considered by ' l'reai
dent Wilson, and bis cabinet. - -
'V "
1'KKINQ, November !( Associated
rresa-rV4tb. revolutions threatening
iu various provincea and dissatlafaetion Ilelgiuui imI the BkIkiuus -ami th a
wkthiii.the cabinet tke-Cbinesu 1're.ia- triuiinutiiiu that the L'uitvd. mates aid
ier lius resigned. . to Bt'Igium should. uotceaso.
Playing,' and' Singing pf "Star
Spangled Banner"' Halt
1 Panic In Convention , j
- -.- v-
CBTCAOO, November 17-(AaocI
ted Press) By the prompt action: of
Campnninl'a orchestra and the crowds
In the gallery;, what, might 'well have
been ma of the most disastrouii panics
ia history waa averted yesterday ia the
great auimorium sunning wucrc sr
convention of the Inhoi federation is
continuing the most Important session
ia ita taistenea. ' 1. ; . '-:'
It was aoon after the morning ses
Mnr hadr been ealled to, order yester
day tkst" a antell of Datoka waa aotieed.
ft resembled the odor given out by
uvninir fuse and quickly (rave rise to
hn mpresmoa tnat a bomb migkt' he
onneali-4 iipme where about tha build
iugi Tba delegates and the erowd be
inr more and more nneasy aad were
tarting toward the exits when the- or
hentia "beenn plarinjr tSe ' 'War
ipangled Banner' -la the gatlery the
irowd, which bad not yet sensed tha
tause ,.pf : the aneasiness down 'Stairs,
gsn to sing tha patriotic words and
hese were token- up' by tha delegates
is well and the great ban shook' and
trembled with the harmonious notes, v
Thus wss a threatened stampede
jvoiiled. - While the audience and dele
gates aang an investigation waa madev
tha cause of the- smoke discovered aad
at tha elosa of the la-d stanxa the ao
nouncement waa made that there wa
no danger
Hear of British) Air Boarid Ob-
jecls'To Manner In Which
. - News Was Given Out ',.1
, . LONDON, November . U (Associat
ed ;' Prs8)--Iuternal troobfe in thr
eabioet are rising . ta ., inconyenif ner
tJoyd tieorge and his government.' Tea
terday Viseount Cowdrar, chairman' of
the air board; handed tha peemlef hin
resignation.' This action waa taken? ws
a consequence of the publication- wf
'he. lettrr of Lord Northeliffe, Tbars
day, ,in hicb he refusod w eontmiselon
knd gave his reasons , as differenaes
of opinion'' which he held with J.'oyd
Cleorga wati've to certain s;overnment
Ib htlf reslgaatioa- Viarount Cawdray
irotests "V i.Ioyd Ci cor pre because the
first iutfrsstion that was given, of in
tended ebangea in the cabinet came
from tbe letter which Northeliffe gave
ut to the press instead of having come
from the? premier, direct to him.-
' Others, of tbe cabinet are said to be
taking a similar stand and complica
tions are quite possible., .y
Cj t-.
i .'." ',. .- ! .- ;' : ;;;'' : .'
i TOKIO,' November lfl (Spoclnl 'to
Vtppn Jiji) One of tbe worst elect rle
ailway accident ever recorded In
lapan occurred yesterday near tbe
own of Hashimota on the Osaka-'Wa-:aysna
eUxtrie railway, in which two
ars carrying scores of passenger -met
n a head-on collision, v. The terrillfl
:ora of the crasU completely destroy
d-eacb ear.: Kcven persooa. were in
itaiitly killed and sixty etkera wera in
jured in the accident, ;,- 'fv
W 1 .rrirr:;
BIO JAN EI BO, November L7w-( Asso
ciated PreMx.) llrstil 4a' ready to go
forward - with ' reprisals .' -against Qer
many for the'eosta and losnea which
have been put upon .the , government.
The president ' yesterday afternoon
signed the bill , which- provides for re
prisals and specifies the acts to be
taken. . v-.-l.-' :V- '.. '"
' Uerman banks and other commercial
houses, concessions aad otjier interests
ure affected, by the bill aad there are
orovUioae for the internment of 'any
Hermans whose liberty might be deem
ed as inimical to the interests of the
country.';.;; .. . ,, j;; '..
.. ,. ,. . i ... , ,i ; ' ,t c
1 PARIS. November 17-(AasoeiateJ
Press).ruClemeneeatt has bia " cabinet
formed and is ready ta'aasnma the
premiership of Fraare. i Little difficul
ty was encountered- by the pew. lead
er in obtaining the support and the ac
ceptances whieh he desired. 'He an
nounced that he hoped the eoaduei of
the wl would be favorably influenced
by tbe 'course which the new govern
ment will pursue, , v V .:. v a b-, ',
.. . h
V A HI I I N OTON, Novendwr '( As
soeinted Press) Aid to BelfiiUm is not
to end but will so stendilr on as nouded
and as tho United .Mates isxable to
give it. , v .y ' t ' r-v' : K
i'rcftiiieut Wilson n,. 4 turtiiii.iy vpmt
vetre emireMed km dt-tuttNynipathy !V
nrv nir
Article Jit Bcrfm Paper aya If
Jerusalem Be Taken, Onen-v
; l.V''tal Policy ;is! Lost-
' COPEN KAQEN. November - J I ( A-
ociatea' i"rese. . Mritisa succeases
iignlnst'; tho ;Turkr In PnleMine; are
viewed, with alarm in Oermany by mili
Ury experts, even if no governmental
action ,has Veen taken, to reader, sid
to the. TttrkjV.---. - j )..-, ..:..;.' -'.i.v, .
1 1 a Berliw wewiipnper, 'Cnptaia -toe
atxmah direct ' spedne ' attcntlca '
the' importanenynr the 4-eeent Britisl;
t,stna In Palestiiie. - He p-otn ont that
the capture of Jerusalem would threat
v the entire 'Oriental policy of the
Germane ' -'.-.t ..' '
' - There ha bee no Indication given
tha ' article - asserts, that- the govern
moats of German v and Anttria bavc
."ity intention of fending asaietanea. t
the Turks oa that front where hv in
i"ts that the situation appear! ta fx
liighly 'critical ' . .. - ',
' - t ...,.,.. I..,- .
Senator, Myers Savs iPeopfe of
; Territory Should Express
Wishes Before Action,
! IlILO November 19 (Special to Thr
Advertiser) Hawaii 'a mad problems
the righta ' of citlsens ' to insist en a
livision of the public fawdn as ?asf '
the leases' on; such land expire,-and
homiest ending in general continue 'ta b
the. chief, topics of discusidon among
the vrsitinT congressmen and Senator
Myersf of ' Montana, an kvowed frien
of hoineeteadlng. romos' forward witt
the anggnntiow that1 this; be mad ae
'rseue iM the next territorial election an'
meantime- the present laws be allowed
to stand but be atrictbr enforced.
On tbe- ianai af the hotel last aiuhl
there was wa informal debate, on- the
land aud i'honiesteadiug. - questions in
which a number' of the- rongreseiona
harty ;- Vnrticipated.' 'They ', expressed
tbemsolves' freely ' hut "none was snore
entepokea than was--Henatar Myeea. He
niale it evident that the arguments of
wbat Judge sAahforil- has termed the
I'admlnistratiwn 'lobbv hnv pot- in
0ue'd hia fiew and that he will
oppaia any nmendme&ts ta tha -organic
act aurh-a jMs- kaowa th -administra
tion' i.destrea -' aauV ban" Already sought
thrdughi-;''. Land ' 'qmmliiiohor' Riven
burgh wblV he waita" Wa-AluJgta.
Henarbr Myeva suirgcst that the pea
pie of - Hawaii shall ateeide this qnes
t'ren for themoetveH. He wmdw tbe tell
ing' poiDf in bis' aTgumewtn' tbMt ahu-e
taa. tegialatura at iU last session bad
reTused to make tbe reeoMmendat.ioo te
eongrosn that the . mad tawa ahouM be
ebanued to iiaect tbe'dcairet of tho flov
em or, enngrwsa would have uo right te
pas aweb amradnients.. f or himself, be
said, he wanted to fcrrnw the teal wish
es of .the people of the Territory- anrl
lie would vole ami aovise axmnsi, int
ivasiwiiM 'of aweb- 'tirnpose'tr wmradnients
t tbey-cnoin. up at the aokt eetutioo.' -
-Mske the matter o' bemestea-ung nan
the msthoits to be employed in home'
stendipa an- tsxue in the nent election
Lwaa the- advice w-hich he gttve. - Witl
the uetK sattled ly the voters ton
Cross could teel that it had an expres
sion from all or tne people aua no
from, certain factjons.
Plans For 1.ight Attack'; Next
Thursday Completerl .'.
Prepsrat ion are well uadttr way fot
tbe night attack with which the visit
ing congressmen are to be entertainer1
at Fort Hkafter next Thursday night
A company, -composed 'of ; picbail -'. met
from the regiment i be-ing drilled ii
the latest Kuropeau metliexls of attack'
iug a trench. -. -f- V. - ' iU.
- Major 1. B. fteanett la ia charge o
the work, and he hits assisting hiu:
three orHcera who have ".recently re
turned front a course ia Che grenade
school at Bchof.ehl.' There will be ma
chine gun experts on hand to assist- rr
that Importaut ' branch tf tha- attack
while aU the resources of tho Engineer
nd Signal Corps troops will be utilised
to render the attnsk' add ' defense at,
foa'lialbj as tioasible, " V
. One of the most interesting and irjtee
tacular feature of tbe V battle'' wil
be the lllumlnatiug bomb4 by which th
whole neigbborhool of the trenches wil
ba mada a
uade at bricUt as, day-
1 1 1 iVj ; !(-nl ; Aj l-j- i ' "C
more iM im
This yeas valuraatof tax ;f)ayn)aati
probably wtfl exceed those of Inat yaav
despite soaring living costs, according
o the estimate of Tax- Asseswr Cliarle
T. Wilder. ; Yesterday wna th "t da.V
on which- jmywents might be made tr
avoid' delincfueney, but it will be. sev.
eial days before a eompllatioa of thf
total payment ran bo compli'tad .Vtf
to WedlieadaV night a total of approxl
ntiitelv 4050,000, . including all -classes
'. of tat Pavements, had been made. '
I Tha 4luy in aoneaneing total . ol
ileatiaiia; ia ilt. in; largo measure to the
, heavy mmi a.vments.or uie Dig sugsr
coiuimjivys ami 'Other corj.ornus wno
Mod. in report,' ''' cheek covering
whole communities. ' A Urge number
of these' ro 119 beiog. checked up. ,
m a
J a. s. .w. a a a
TitrpAiTi irrt . r-1 r
I. r,,rln,r.n.
v -' -':' t Vf --
viitvvi J
iiu HeAgrees 10 Keturn
to' PetrogM But Is Said
To Ha ve
W W n mmmm WW
I 0ND0N," November 17 (Associated Press) Kerenskv and his
U fjovernment have fallen and the fall. Is complete and Irretriev
able, reports received from Petrograd yesterday and last night seem
o indicate beyond doubt; As to whether he is in the hands of his
enemies or has made his escape there' appears to be some doubt
' s reports on this point, differ, one telling of his escape and the
other that he Is a prisoner on the .outskirts, of Petrograd. In tho
streets the soldiers of new government were last night parading
he streets.7 rejoicing and celebrating their victory.' The army
eems to, be practically solid for the , Maximilist-Bclshe-Vikl gov
ernment Bloodshed and anarchy and the hurling of bombs in the
streets are reported . from other points in Russia. ' ; ' '
i . 'Advancing'! from Gatchiria Kerensky's forces are reported tc
ihave been met between. Tsarke-Selo and Pulkovia by the forces
rthichtod been sent from Petrograd. Ths battle-was reported
iarlieir in the week with the result not definitely given. It is now
-eported to have resulted in the defeat ot the troop? cf Kerensky
Who fell back upon Gatchina. :-
,-;'''.;A''.-AGREES T0G0 TO PETROGRAD r"
vr;'Whch Kerensky' learned' that the' officers bf the army which
ladUeen faithful to him had turned against him and that the men
vere on the point of desertion and ready to ge over at once to the
ipproachirtg forces of 'the Workmen's and Soldiers' council, he
jgreed to go to Petrograd, the report says.: But while a guard
0 take him back to the capital was being arranged he is said to
lave disappeared and is supposed to have left Gatchina disguised
jlj j sailor ' 'y -'" '.' ? ' 1 .( . j-.- ;','"' ;.'.
' Cenaral. Duhenkin 'then assumed command of the.Kerensky
orces and with the arrival of the regiments with which they had
e'cently . fought General Krisnoff was arrested together with other
nembers of ; Kerensky's 'fate staff. These pleadsd for mercy on
vhe, ground that they were not responsible for the resistance that
tad, been offered but. had. only acted under orders from Kerensky
vhom they had considered their superior officer and that when
hey had learned true conditions they had turned from him and
Aere ready to pledge their support' to the newly organized go v
"rnment. . . - y
0' Last night a Sumilovsky regiment just returned from fighting
the' Kerensky forces marched through the streets singing patriotic
iongs. Speeches were made on street corners and ihe speakers
declared that Kerensky and his Cossacks had been made prisoners
nd were even then arriving at the outskirts of the city.
v .Other reports said 'that Tsarke-Selo changed hands twice
.vithin three days. 1 News of its capture by Kerensky and his fol
oweri Was sent out but, fhe report of its recapture by the radicals
vas not received. ; v - !
: ; . Fifteen hundred Cbssacks are reported to have been killed or
mounded within, five miles of Petrograd yesterday and it is as
tumcd these were a part of the force that had been reported as
joming from Finland, , ; - v
In Kiev conditions of anarchy continued and a bomb was
hrown into a street car causing a considerable loss of life,
j Moscow was reported as more quiet.
V'VFrdm these" reports government officials take a very gloomy
lew of the situation, With the known declarations of the radical
jovernment for peace and its intention to present a plan of peace
ta Germany it would seem that Russia is completely eliminated
rom the reckoning as a fighting element in the alliance.
1 y From Amsterdam came reports-that the Reichstag, or the
joclalistic . elements of fhat. body are preparing to give 'consid
eration to Russian, proposals, next week and will heartily favor the
-naking of a separate peace with the Slavs: ,
- r It is believed that already Jarae numbers of . the Austro-Ger-
J nan troops have been drawn
jsen m ing naiian campaign ana
einforcements Will be taken from
igalnst the Allies on fronts where
I at ss .
eea 01 mem.
TJnder the latest approiriutloa of
150,000, ilns are beinir prepared in
the-army engineers' otrice, Haeaiitm
aepartment, for additional werk 00 the
Uilo brenk water. ,-Werk m the preced
ing contract eudeaj last Teesdsy.
L-.'f .' . .-' ZAXlA COU)s '
re care'ur of tha, voids yoti take ut
this time ot the year. - They are psru
.-iH 1
mr masti " .wintei out, roH, , , Tuk I sminntion arei Tony Ajjuiar, Oakland,
Olianilierlal'a, C.)iijH Uetm'.Tv ut buce.-soring 1, ordei1," KMIOj pr, K. II. AntjeC
k'or kle by all .Imlwi Beunon, Hmitk maonrUa l;'Vnt)eVMCo,' Vrl.il, order,
& Co.; Ltd. Agt". foVHaaaiU AJver-1 4S.1. and Cliorles Hosier, M. James, Mis
tUemeot. . , K . ' aourl,
- 1 r ; - ,
" - ', I' : ',,,,,, A - .' . .' A !!
Aga inst Him ,
away from the Russian front and
ihu expegiauoii is mat sun ouier
the northern' fronts to be directed
the Central Powers have greater
Tbrrr have been exempted and throe
have .been 'calle'i for examination by
the draft , board of . Pivision No.
Honolulu. Thosa exempted are: Harry
Kurisuki, transferred from . lis An
ioes. Serial No. 17, order, No. i'-Wi
JLVmet P. Coiinotly, Oaklaod, serinl
number, WJ, order, .1 1 t):i and Charles
(.iuIhuI Ktreet. Kan Francises, scrinl
807-1, order, joiih.- Those coliei ror h-
..-' :' -. '-!" '.
"V'HaaVVC(Ha-'tr-! ' V'- f

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