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Abolition of . Entire Present Sys
tem of Handling Public Lands
Suggested by tdwlnp. Woore
not part with title
Haiku Man Explain His Plan In
Open vLtter To Members of
Visiting Congressional Party
Th land problewt'in Hawaii I re
ceiving more eereful attention and con
sideration today tbaa ii ever baa b
fora, and statement! made recently by
member of the visiting Congressional
party indicate that conscious effort
wilt b made to solve 'it, despite tbe
, effort of certain reetioariee to im
pose' their own selfish mill upon the
peoioe-.-- , - ....
Edwin 0. Moor, of Haiku, Maui, ie
one of thno wbo have been giving
mush thonght to a solution of tbe prob
bn anit'lMi believes be baa found it
lo th armlttion of tbe entire present
system at handling public land and
the substitution Of something along
. tbe line ,f a ainety-aine year leaning
tyrtera, l which the government would
never part with: the land but which
Would enable tbe bona fide homesteader
to obtaia and use it. .Mr. Moore ban
expressed bit view la dhe form of an
pee letter to the vinitin congress
en, which reada an fellows:
' Haikr. Maui, November 14, 1917.
."' . Gentlemen: Home of us, who believe
that for tbe ke of the future welfare
of the Territory af Hawaii every proper
, atep should be taken to increase the
. anmber of independent eitir.cn farmert
in the Territory! have eeme to feel that
change to the land lawa la necessary.
Tbe preseht law regulating the home
steading of publie land iff the Terri
tory make it too eaar to obtain title to
bomefad, and consequently eonati
. tate an invitation to simulators,
i Til reeult I that when a homestead
tract la opened there are many more ap
plicant thee lota, and a, large propor
tion of the appliranta have not the least
intention of making their home upon
toe aomeeteats, or or rarming mem.
They build a (hack, atay there occasion
: ally, iverbup, -at the end of the re
quired two years secure the oat hi need
Ail ai tn their residence, nav the as-
.. aeaaed value, and ieaae the homestead
to a corporation or an alien. Tbe legt
' tiinate farmert, who might' have had
the homesteads ! rod - mad . homes of
them, are largely crowded out at tbe
drawing ry ranee aporaiaiors.
Thi condition it not peculiar; to
hotneet catling in IJaWnii, . It haa occur
red else where,, aud the remedy . for it
bat been 4ioveved end npplied The
remedy I for tbe government never-to
part with the title, and to require eon
tiauoaa reeideaee by the bometteader.
In Mew Zealaad the 6 year renewable
Inm Mil Is. Ii m ,jtrm ,MU.lMnS vsnlltrs-
meat, hat- succeeded In securing the
desired end the peopling of the land
with -real farmer, . We are conflent
that In Hawaii. airuilnr arrangement
would do the eaine. ' - ,
, , A bill (ii. B. 128) wa introduced in
the last legislature covering thit. We
. airvatij jiatr m jirwi miua jn w uw
.for up year lease' without rental, re
quiring continuous residence, restricted
'to very email area. - Revised Laws of
Hawaii, 115, Chapter 30, Part , Sec
tion Jod, and following.) It. B. J2K
would nave added a aew part rart da
-.litfeving from the present Tart 6 in
'requiring an annual rental of 4 of the
aaaeeeed vau of tbe laud, and enlarg
ing the area to be taken. It It a safe
' gueeei that, no speculator would be at
tracted to such a proposition, vet it
tk real farmer, tie is a secure in bis
pomwaaio at though he held fee simple
title, d all hie (anually email) capital
'it Ka ma. I fur linnMivMnients. Hani be-
' iug required t purchase tbe land. The
i requirement that be maintain his borne
eouunnouslr on the mMiioswau is no
- hardship to the real farmer because he
doe that anvway, ami be is as free to
all out If he want to leave as any
other farmer, the only difference being
' that. Instead of selling bind be tell his
improvements on tne jami me tana
- having eoat bim nothing in the first
..1... m A MAfc KjilAniri titr 1 1 film
' Vram the taadoiut of the govern
ment, tbe small annual rculsl is a jut
one of the people the exclusive occur
paocy of piece of public luod wh'u b
cuuld have' been leased for revenue if
;i ai.tfc Iijiaii hftni)KtafldMd. snit the
W V ' - - " ,
' araageiuent of the goveruinent always
retaimng title makes tmre that, should
the botnttsteading ever fail, the land
nill return U the guveruuienU The
government 'a greatest aiivautaue "1", of
course. he securing of a rural citi.eu
popalotioa, .
i.- . . Wet o'
. 1... .t- A I...L
i an nivauiDKe) ' yu uuiu
;tle government and tbe real homestead
' rr, )be fairness of it, add the fart that
)t ba succeeded eUewhere, make
trog' ai pesl to tbos nusclfishlr in
teretteu Hawaii future. The House
rf Bepreeeatatives iHed the laeajiure,
bur. the Heuate threw it aside to make
; way for Hesate Concurrent Beeolutioa
14 'heie to tease the best agricul
tural luuds of the Territory to planta
tion for 2u year without the possi
bility N for withdrawing the land for
loinestvadiug during that time. This
wisasur the House refuted t aoivrar in,
but in epite of it failure in tbe Terri-
'turial Icgisluiure, aud of tbe fact, as
evidenced by newspaper comment
throughout the islands lliat practically
nt one in the Territory aside from the
great corporate interests favored it, it
watt .'carried very secretively over the
heads of, the legislator! and the people
te yHi at Waslnniftou, and appeared as
. H. B. 473- in the UMtiouul House of
Kijirescuiatlvet. '
Tk,e report on the committee hearing
at Wslilgtna show how clearly tbe
members vf congress saw through the
rbeuie, end the failure lo pass tbe bill,
art e xpirit evidenced at that hear
' lag, but ivsu ua hoiut-sUaders a coufl
Military and Naval Participation
Well Planned and Splendidly
' Carried Forward
Arrangements for' the participation i
anil the actual, pantlctpstion of the
military and naval organization In the
ceremonies of yesterday lent much, to
the dignity and effectiveness of the
ceremonies following the funeral serv
ices in the throne room. Those arrange
ments were perfectly made and were
asv perfectly carried out.
Long before the funeral services in
tbe throne room commenced, all Hono
lulu waa on 'tiptoe waiting for the
order: that won Id tend hundreds-upon
hundreds of men and women, soldiers
and sailors, girls and hoys, patriots
ail, on their say from the former Jial
ace ground oni King Street to Nnu
ami ad the mausoleum where the body
of Llliuokalanl, the last crowned head
of Hawaii, wa to be laid to its Una!
rest.' - V,.
" The organisation of the military and
naval forces In the order in which
they were to march in the mournu.
procession, under the command o
Colonel Carnahan, Twenty Ufth lnfan
try, wat carried out by Major Chsrle
1L Bonesteel, who had lein delaile
by departmental order for those ditie
Though arduous,' these Hrrnugi-ment
were carried out in an efTicicnt man
ner, and when the command to inar'-l
was given the procession moved in per
feet smoothness.
Military Band Beady
Equipped with full marching order
both the military and navnt , force
were grouped in the Waikiki end o
the eapitol grounds shortly before nlm
o'clock. : Colonel Carnahan and hi
staff occupied . a position adjacent t -the
main drive.,''' to li ready t.
lead the way when tbe parale move
off. 1 Immediately . behind was thi
Coast Artillery Bandr and then in oi
dcr, a squadron of fourth t'nite.
States Cavalry, under the command o
Major Kbiel; a battalion of First sHel.
Artillery, commanded by Captain Ir
win; the Second Infantry Baud, an
the Second Infantry troops, nnilcr reg
imental commander Lieutenant Colon
Bowles; a detachment of U. Marine
and U. H. Nave, commanded by Lieu
tenant Tuttel," - the - V Artiller;
Band, a detachment of Jnpancse blue
jackets, under Lleutenaut-Commamle
K Ooto; and a provisional battalio.
of National Guardsmen f- Kawai
loa, tinder the commani .ieut.-Co!
Oustav Rose. ' ;
The 150 Japanese marines, who wer
assembled n the extreme-left of tb
palaee grounds, attracted eonsiderabUl
attention a they went tnrougn vanoy
movements when being assembled Ii
early morning. They; too, were equippe.
ia full marching order and arrange
in three5 sections commanded by lieit
tenants B. Kamure, T. Ogura and M
Ijuin, ' Kemark eulogistic of the efli
cieney of the eons of Nippon wer.
made by Colonel Carnahan to the com
mending officer- when the troops wer
brought to attention. This is believe
to be the first occasion on which a de
tachment of Japan's forces has born,
arms ia Hawaiian Territory, '
Tbe other military organ i tat ion
which participated in the procfssioi
were: tne Kamehameha School Cadet,
Punahou Academy Cadets and Ilouolu
Itt Military Academy Cadets. Thes
were formed just outside the main ei
trance to the palace grounds becau
of insufficient space Inside. In all tlicr.
were approximately K00. uniforme,
men in the procession. ''.
dence that the congress will not permi
the corporations to secure possession of
the la ml that should be homeateaded
and that a rhange in tbe existing lam
law (wlii.-h have ia large part failci
of their purpose) will be made by cou
gress if the change suggested bids fsi
to really accomplish the desired end.
It is to offer a suggestion of tin
change thut is needed that this lettci
is written. :
, In considering this whole question a
related to Hawaii it Is necessary to re
iiici-iUt that in no other part of tin
I'nited States as far as I know, Is ui
etfort t'irig made to homestend lani.
when- wealthy corporationa are eager to
get the land ami are able to outbtd tin
mull i:iun for it. Special aafeguarjn
ire nci-csiiry here to make sure tha
whe land goes to a legitimate homestend
er in the first place, and that it etayt in
he hnnds of him, or another legitimate
hoi lesicailer. ' '
li is also iiecesKBry, I regret to any,
remember that no law, however good,
amounts to much u ulcus It ia enfprcel.
. nr goteruura of t bit Territory bad
,'n-ty striven to enforce tbe-existing
1 id laws in spirit wad in letter, the
history of boinesteading . fn - Hawaii
. 0..1.1 have been different. - Any new
n help out the situation must be
so f rallied n to be very binding opou
our public officials ill its enforcement.
. .i-. upnuiac, , '
1. The present laud laws are not sc
ouidisliug their purpose.
L'. u Uetion by cougV?i will eon
litii'.e un uct of oinistioo that will re-
u t iu sqiiiiuderiiig a large part of the
. ui. lie laud to spo-ulstors which luod
ill cveutuully go, indirectly, ' to the
oriorutiuns. -
.1. The crucial defect in the present
laws is too short residence require
ment n defect accentuated by too lax
uu enforcement of what requirement
I here is.
4. The doing away with tbe Bight
of purchase lase and the Special
II oiliest cad Agreement, and the aubtti
tution theretofore of Homestead Least
with Rental, along the linea of H. B.
I'Jrt, Hessii.ii itt 17, is esiectfnlly tug
gested. Ill this connection the bind
In ww of New Zealand, and the experi
ence of thut rouutry with houieateadiiig
may be helpful, .
Very respectfully jroiiri,
It may be impossible to prevent n
accident, but it is not impossible to be
prepared for it. Chumberlaia'a I'ain
Bulin Is not beyond anyone's puree, and
with a bottle of this liniment you are
pre ns red for most anything, tor tale
bv all dealers. Benson, Smith A Co,
Ltd. Agts. for Huwaii. Advertisement,
Everything Else Subordinated To
It During Congressional
; Party' Tour of Hawaii
Schem To Place Control In
. Hands of One Man Will Fail 7,
Completely, It Is Indicated ;
Member of the Congressional part
returning from the Big Island yester
day, tired ' bnt . hapiry and satisfied
have brought back to Honolulu wirl
them almost as many suggested sola
tin of what has suddenly become
"the land problem" s there wer ier
Interviewed on the toor of Hawaii. The
solatioot ring from7 nlthdrawing al
ne land from homestead nd re leas
iug it to the corporations on the be
nhtainebla terms, to Cutting, up til tb'
plantation lands and giving every land
'luagry men In Hswaii whack at It
some of the solver would make th
erqtliring of homestead titles as slmpli
snd easv a possible. V hi It others woiib
apply tbe P year lease system lo 1
mibl'le land and give no titles what
"ver to anyone,
On the week's tour nf Bewail every
biag was subordinated to the "Is
rwbleT.4' :fcAecompati.ving the offlcle .
Iclegatlon , were the Oovernor, who
noliey It alleged to' tie written into th
nronosed amendment to tbe lnnd'la
ibollslilng the twentv five rltixea petl
ion clansei Frank E. Thompson, wb
Irtftad the ioint resolution which tb
'egislatnr defeated and who it credit
d with drafting the bill o th Mint
ine Introduced In congress; Sento
"hilllngwortb, who sponsored the join
evolution in. the local senate! In
"emmlssioner Rivenbiirgh, Territori
Trensurer McCarthy, Territorial Survej
ir Wall. S. JC. KansVanui of the Ian
. WaHnce .B. Farrlngton, fidn
tebntet" of, th Governor, and a fev
ther booeter for the plan. The fev
there of the . Islands Torn Committe
'iad no direct intimation that the ton
vanito be made as exclusively for tb
'and cmestion s it could be made anV
't took at leant, twenty-four hourt f
hem to put two nd two together an
inderttand the complete eenrio fo
"hi-h the were supposed to supply th
Sackgrmind. V- "'.'.'
Tond Hone Blasted
., It, may be stated, however, that what
ve'r .hones those back of the eehenv
nay have e,"rtsined when tbev aalle'
wnv for Hawaii were thoroughly dir. 1
ipnted before the ronyressinnal vial
rf d'tsembarVed from the Mannn Ke
terdty morning. There 'appears t
'n a. treneral awmeent fint'the.-Ynr'
nt "attemns" heretofore : made
naa the land- he-e not been generall
Hiceettful, but-that there should no
Se pled lu th hnds of any on
nan the p'lwer to decide who thoul
nd who shcmld not nhtsin publie land
the Territory of Hawaii appea
equally , to be agreed upon and th
tgreement is that such a tbig is m
imerlean;-onrosed to the future we
re of Hswaii and impossible of st
lou eonsldeiition by congress.
One, of the specious argument fre
uently poured ieo eongrcrionl en
ran something like this: Within tb
next even years, by which time mn'
f the p'antiitinn lenses will have e
dred, there will be thousand of yoon
Itlxen of .Ispnnese parentage read;
nd e'lgible to ennlv for homesteads
ith tbe result that the public lane
Hswaii fit for esse cultivation wi"
ithin thut seven vetrs pass large!
'nto Japanese bands.
rogr Backward
At Urst this argument . iropree
iny of the visitors, until it was point
id out that under no condition woul
't be possible to ennnciat or enforci
i policy whereby the American eltUen
f these Islands could be divided at t
nrentage. with one class being eligibl
is bomektcaders and the other.- elat
icing barred. Any such a policy woul
ict t a boomnran. If th thousand
nf coining Japanese voters fire not t
e trusted as land owners, neither ar
they to be trusted at voters, t tb
met who will ultimately hold th ba)
ince of power politicnlly in Hawaiian,
lominate the legislature and tbe roun
ty governments. Barriug American o
Japanese piirootoge , from 1 th ' Un
would be tantamount to acknowledging
that tbey are dangerous citixent, th'
ultimate result of which would b tb
degrading of the political statu of Ha
wuii and the replacing of tbe territor
ial form of government with on i
which, the residents of the Islsnds woulc
have no right of franchise. Thit wouli
lie progress burkwardi, effectuall)
squelching the hopes the majority en
tertaiq of eventual statehood for thi
Territory. 4
What wfll probably' result from thi
stress laid upon the local land tituatioi
by tb admioistratiqn will be tb p
pointment of special committee '
congress to make complete and im
partial investigatiou, for a report t
congress upon which that body may act
It may result in the administrate oi
the publie lands being taken out of thi
hands of tbe territorial autboritiee am!
placed in tbe band of th federa
bureau, of the luterlor, ' wbote direct
representative will be empowered tt
determine. matters of homesteadinj am
whose authority will be, broad enongl
to allow him o take up' each particu
lar question arising, on it individua
merit. It seems to be a consensu ot
opinion among tbe visitors that no gen
cral legislation can be mad to wort
when each particular section of tor
Territory bat its own particular twist
ini ouirkt.
Trio Wft Handled
The various committees on the Bif
island bandied their end -of the ar
rangement for tbe congressional visit
til unexrfptionn.1 shape up to the limtti
of tbe authority delegated tu1 them
"Hrtieulsr prnise Is due that co(nmiJcjr
having la charge tbe automobile ar
raegements. To hnadlo a Vf'.y "
ty to tcveuty visitors, which ran up to
hundred with the local folks escort
Irk the visitors about, i big task at
any time, bat when It includes bring
ing su'b pnrty nearly two hundred
miles across lavs, flow and through
a apafaely-pnpnlated tountry, th task
I one that calls for very complete or
ganisation, and .plenty ef e re fid and
constant supervision. Tb arrange
merits of the. oimltte worked out
so smoothly that few' of tb visitors
realised bow very much bad necessarily
to be done. There wa not a hitch
sever serious delay and -not even
minor accident during all tb stay of
tb party en Hawaii.
There wts a noticeable lack of pa
triotic display, for-' which the local com
mittees re not to blame. The Oover
nor hsd been ' requested to ' permit
half holiday .for the school children
long tbe Hawaii Consolidated Bail
way, ia order thai the very successful
ffirs nf tbe previon congressional
visit might be, repeated, with the cb.il
Ifen greeting the visitors en route to
Pauilo and listening to short speeches
V the congressmen. Tb Governor's
wirelessed reply was sharp ' ' No. ' '
HIS wireless to tbe -Hilo committee
snidr Tjsnd 'question more Important
hsn school exercises. 'J. , .
Smothering Influence
The tsenuenne nf this everlastirg
inieetlou tf the Jd question wat that
outside -i f tke-railway ttlon them
elvci imiI s building nor flagpvte
tlorm the wliob' line ditplnyed tbr ns
lo:l eclrs:. not note, of ny rntrl
le mucin- ens rcard; not a resident of
the c.-untry between Hilo and Pnnilo
ivou g"t a pnsriag glimpse, of tbe eon
resamen, -. .-' '4- -.t '''
The same smotheiing influence,' or
mme ether influence, kept the ' Itllu
Saadamen and other mnsictaas from
playing tbe National Anthem at any
time, while no local speaker tonched
xeept most incidentally upon the fact
hat Hawaii la standing ready with all
th rest of tbe Nation to down Prus
in tyranny and squelch Germanism (
Homo and- abroad. . '
But th visitors enjoyed everv min
ite of their stay oa th Big Island,
evertbeleta, , and reached Honolulu1
oud in their praises of the most gener
o hospitality they stnte they have
tver received, ia any plaae front any
leople at any time. There wa just
noogh of set program to permit the
people as a -whole to. express their alo
i to th men from the ntienul sen
it and house and to allow the visitors
o met residents of all classes, but not
k much of m program that the visitors
Hiuld not accept many of tbe private
avitationt poured ia upon them by
be residents of Hilo. Time wa also
jivea for bathing at the splendid Co
nnt Islaad" beach,' for visiting the
icenie pointt in the. vicinity and even
'or a bula danCe.niite aufficeat to tnt
itfy all furiosity Regarding thefrrligi
us aatnre" of Oitt-institution. .-
Tb trip front Hilo t H6noliilu wa
nsde over a Sea fliat -aearcely rippled,:
he voyage along )be btiaptlful Hama
tua eoast lute-thje glorfous sunset of
he. channel , to llhhainl 'and under;
Waxing stars 'unfit Th sunns , over
Diamond Head.-., being every moment
sntovahla. , ' J '
The LyeeuTn' rxclure tbeaterat Ka
tuluL' MauL wa .destroyed by fire 8 t
urday ;.- night, according to a wireless
message received 'yesterday by Atexan
ler Baldwin from Jolin , J. Walsh
manager Of the Kahului store.' There
were no eatualtiea. -
Senator William T. Robinson, whu
came down from Maul oa the Claudinc
-tunday morning, said at the Alexander
Voung Hotel last night that prior t
heir departure the fire was noticed
d tbe vctsel was temporarily held up
ut not long enough to glean the tul
itent of tbe damage.
The fire it sajd to hsve stsrtcd in
he camera room pf tbe Lyceum while
tie usual futurday aigbt show was on.
Fortunately, tbe. audience escaped. Bu
little, if any, furniture was saved. A
' eral reels of J'llms caught fire the
blaze spread at lush a rapid rate tha
.il attempts to save tbe building proved
.'ut ile. 4, '.
When the Clnadine left there wa
very- indication' that , a - Japanese ret
aurant adjoining, th theater and four
ther wooden shop would be demo)
ithed by the flames, according to Hen
it or Robinson. But from the tono of
he cable received by Alexander A
Baldwin, the blax'e- was apparently
beaten back in tiai to save tha balance
of the property..- . ;
The Lyceum Theater I reported to be
owned by fsam Weller of Maul, but no
details of the . insurance could be
learned lust night.
Although a number of concrete build
iug have been erected in Kahului with
in recent months, there wat none In the
vicinity of the conflagration, and . is
regarded at remarkable by residents of
Kahului now in town .that the adjoin-'
ing property was aaved.
.' 5 , ..,'.. .S.SS.
Major Bonesteel, U. 8. A., detuiled
by tbe Hawaiian department, to co
operat with Major Green, aid lo the
Governor, in arranging th funeral b
sequies, while hewing close to the line
yetterday to earry out tbe official pro
eedure and order of procession, wn
also extremely eoqrteous la giving tin
Hawaiian societies, particularly, eyerj
opportunity possible, to view the inri
dents occurring' at. and near tbe Cupt
tol. Tbe result was agreeable through
out. v..','.
Tbe major's arrangements tbroug'
tbe various otticert assigned bis as
sistknts were also carried out to tlx
letter, indicating tb .excellent manner
in wbiea be brought th omeers inn
eoferen ' the dsv before the nbfe
ftlts. The Capitol ground wer well
smoked atter, and tb arrangements a
tbe mausoleum 'well carried eut.
. ;. '.. -
, ;..'; .-'' ' ' ' inv.aw
HILO, November l-IPapaikou once
more proved' to be the Meter in th
plantation tennis Joumsment-, which
took edare oti Hunday latt oa the Wsi
nakn court... ..:
-'The final match was a (In one and.
the Papaikou boy beat the Wainaku
second team, by a tally of 6-1, 6 8, no
vantage sets being played in this tour
nament. ' f f. . . . Yi "
The Walnaktt first team,, which held
th tourjuanicnt. enp, was outclassed
by tb second team ffbrhtb 'same
plantation. Franer and Cran represent
ed th "Seconds'", while Forbes and
Grievw represented the "Firttt" In
fair style, according, to the expert who
attended tbe games. '
; For 4be winnera on Sunday, McCall
and On.lt played good tennia when they . , Latt Friday something akin to blood
won the day't honors. ' pulsnning developed from a scratch on
For.Mlakalau, .Peter end Mriln the head of tk old trainer and th next
played fine tennis, defeating th Pe-'nny It wa found aeceaeary to remove
peek eo first team, ' him to the hospital, where he died. ,
The; present occasion, i the second , if- i ' . - k -
one on which the Papaikou team has
won the cup, and, if they can hold the
trophy in the next . tournament ; they
will become the permanent possessors
of th beautiful cup. - ;
' There waa a good, crowd to see the
gomes Inst rMinday and the spectators
became excited over some of the plnys.
Schroth's Attempt To Beat
Pomeroy's Time Fails i
BN FRANCIrCO, November R
Visa. Haxel Cunningham, Center Club
iwinwner, and nurse at the Fairmont
Hospital, awsm across the Golden (late
vf sterility moaning and back. Miss
Qiinnlngnam-'mnde the distance in 1
hour -'13 niinutes aAd S3 seconds. Yes
terday wus 'the first time a girl has
made Jhe round trip. ..'. ..
Although Georg8chroth nf the
Riverside Club, Sacramento, fuiled to
break the record made i by Walter
Ponieroy for the one way trip, he came
within five minutes of equaling l'ome-roy'-
record .'for' the round trip.
Hchroth's time ' for the distance from
Fort Point to Lime Polm was 24 4
oiinntes. Hi time, for tbe round trip
wa 1 hour and 7 minutes. Pomeroy 's
record for the one wny wa 20 minutes:
and .44 seconds. Mound Hip, 1 . hour
and 9 minutes. i
' Th feet accomplished by 1 Miss Cun
ningham is remarkable in view of the
fact thit she hss been swimming only
two months.
Schroth 's failure to break Pomeroy 's
record i attributed to the cold water
sad a tide rip which held him bark on
the I.ime Point side.
Oulv dues durinu tbe trip wat Miss
unninvham teinuted to invn ui. end
that was towards the end when the
remem tiered sue had a patient for
eleven o'clock.
Captain Marcinl, of the Fil'pino team
ef the Pacific League, is t ime junk it
promoter. He ,it now iu nmp a,t Ka
Hiiilou, and yeeterday arranged1-with
fevt-rul .Maui baseball magnate to
cave 1 1 tin lulu with bis team for, Wui
liiku on W(lneslav, icciiiljer fi.
Th.- Filipinos while in tbe Valley Isl
and will engigi the A'l Maui, stsrs in
three list ties, the. games to be plsyed
on Tliuitday. Fritlay mid Haturd iy, t ie
Filipinos probably returning to the city
in the Claudinc Sunday morning..
The All JJaui stars recently walloped
two Hilo teams and did if ehainCfU ly,
for the Hlg Islanders did not even have
a look-in. Mari-inl hat also arranged
for a trip to Kauai around Christmas
time end one to Manila' durinft ' the
greet carnival there the early .art of
next year. , 1
would sell yacht
BOSTON, Notemlc 7 Owirrrs of
the oi l ra iug tchoon r America cabUtl
Hir Thiiiuis Lipton tiwley ', that they
would sell tbe veisel to b m, p o'llel
it wns ma nteined as a yacht or niarine
museum. Th- mess"e wet Iu-.answer
In an offer ninde by Sir Tbomas slior
time ago to purchuse the f ft moos rat cr.
sociated Press) Frnid Contro'ler Hoov
er today recommended that the r"''
nd navy go on
a ration that wouia
' i.1. ' '
conserve food.
DrJ.Collis Browne's
' ' Act lis a 0rra t
t : the coir ipecin l .
Tha Palllaitlvw In JBUlAtOI, OOUT, HKUMATIa.
Cos,ississ nstissl TmUmi sospssns sss asms.
. 3otil m UanUt r sH Cs.iUs I Sols Msnuoum.t -k.
Piusi m kuUst lIL U9. ta. I J. T. Davsssost, Ltd., Louden, I S-,
iWcll-known Horse
Im rv
Trainer Dies
WAILl'Kn, November . , 10 -.Jjrr7
Broderiek, one of the oldest and best
known: horse -.trainers, In th Islands,
died at the Malalani 'hospital, Wailnku,
at eleven;' thirty-live yesterday, morn
ing. Th funeral took place from the
Cat hollo Church, ' Wailukn," at - nine
e'eloek this morning and interment was
4 the Wailukn cemetery.
Broderiek came to the Islands many
er-eg. and. trained., horsjea for sev
eral Jream,'''. being longest and best
known iu connection with the string
of H. A. Baldwin. Afterward h was
si the Porker Ranch,; on nwaii.
handling horses . for Msnagcr A- W.
Carter. - . I
- WAILltKV. November 1 fn tb
semi finals of the mixed donbl tenni
tournament played last Saturday, af
temcHui on the courts of the Punn
Atbletie Club, Kngle-Cutirh beat Hw
ver Cbillingworth, 9-4,. 4 i, fl 3. 7 ,
I 4. - - - -.'.-. .. ,
Fngle-Concb had ' been picked for
winners and they started in by taking
the first set In good style. The second
ot went to Knwyer Chilllngwortby with
Knte-Couch taking the third net. -Then
started the herd grin it 'tor tbe fourth
set. '-.- .',''.;...-(
Although - Engle Conch at several
periods of the . gam had the advan
tage ever their opponents, they, were
unable to win the game that would
give the set, nhtcb finally . went to
.Saayer-Chilliugworth, after playing
some Of the best tennis that has ever
been seesi on any of the local sniurts.
At this jieriod it wan no dark that it
wns necessary o turn pn the electric
lights. '. ,- . .-, -
Kngle-Conch started the fifth ae by
game went fo Kngle-Coueh, with tb
sixth- game to the . winner. Hawyer
Chilllugworth tben took the next three
getnes In succession, making the score
3-4, with the final gam going to Engle-
. Couch.. -. ...
Charles Conan umpired the match
and '- bis work was up to VJ usual
standurd, which is always excellent.
Alf ed liunscn and KennetU 8niifU
weie tbe linesmen. ' t -, ' . ' . .
Im the Indies singles, for the' Burns
Cup the following matches were play,
ed during the week: Hart beat Foster,
rt-.l. l Campbell beat Baldwin,.
10 and Kosecurns beat . Zubrltkie, 0 4,
'l. - . .'V, : ..-', : ;
CAMBRDGK, Massachusetts, Vprem
l.er 7Tlie Harvard informal football
team will go to Newport on November
17 to play Coptuia Black; Naval Re
serve eleven, it wa announced, tonight.
It was said that tentntive plana for a
game between the Newport team and
ti e Bnttou Nuvy eleven had been aban.
doned. iL
-n '
ST. LOiriH, November 7 Chief of
Police Young said today that tbe Fu
ture City Athletic Club, which hat been
stegiug boxing bout every week for
several years, would be closed. Police
last night stopped a fight at th club
between Hobby Anderson of Duquola,
Ilrliiois, niiil jijiimy Reagan -of Ban
Francisco. ' '
. 1 ,i ,i
eaaaaasMmw ' '
HAN FU A NOI8CO, , November 3
Miis Dorothy Bums, formerly of tbe
I oi. Angeles Athletie Club, cr rived yes
tertluv from the citrus belt. t make her
home in this City. Mitt Burnt ia known
ss the fssti'tf girl swimmer in the eoun
t'y, Imving established new American
marks for the fifty and one hundred
turd iIhhIihb last September, in Hono
iu'u. and her moving to Han Fnaelseo
p'Oees it fnreninst iu mermaid aquatic.
Hon e of the gentler .iqieed swimmers
iiow i Inlnied by the north include
pi-anies Cowe'ls, Dorothy Burns, Ruth
i ts i.e. aji s. t ens uecn snu miss lxu
Dunkhitm. -i--c- . - -.
Cheeks and arrests
Tb test lmdy known for
ssV ' '- '.
I. R. Myers Resigns, Will Take.
, Vacation and Announce Fur
; : ' ther Plans later W
' ..Tr.-r. . (SV
, 3. It. Myers, manager J of Kllanea
Plantation has resigned and wK b
saereeded fey L. D. Larson, U th advlc '
received from visitor from Kauai yes-;
-tprday. Mr. Myers, plan to '.taka 'a '
vacation ' immediately ; and fcaa apt
fully determine!) upon bit subtrqueat
plaa.' '-' '-, ': , ' -' , -. .
J. B. Myers has beea aaaaager af
Rilnuea plaatatton for about ten year
and for tw years prvlous)v',had been
hand overseer. . ft-f; ;, Vi, '-.
L. D. Larsen, who 1 to become tb
plantation managr( ha beea' agricul
turalist, at the,, planter', experiment
station. , He came ; her'f direct 'from
college and haa beea connected ' With
tbe experiment Station' for about seven
years. When he first entered it em-,
plov It was as atsistsnt .pathologist
ind he held that position -up to two
years go whe h bees me associate
igrieulturulist and later agrienltoralist '
hea Mr. Maquia resigned 1 9 take th
tiansfcment er 'Konnks.
' V i
Castle ciCooIie.
Tw Plantarlna Compaay : -1 i
W.llnka Arrlcultttral Caw'l44' - ;
,'.; Ai.im Bugar Co Ltd. ..if
Kehala Hngar Coaipeay . X
. WabUwa Water Compaay, ltd.
Pulton Iron Works, of BlL'i! "
- Bsbeoek 1 Wilcos Company - ' ;
Oreen's Fuel Economiaer Col:ay - '
. . Cbaa. C. Mor A Co., Engiaeer . n .
will not' buy . muc.a the ;wr 41.;
Whea normal 'im ratarn'.tt prv
bably will buy5(rvt to- 100 or
than It 'doei now. ':'' -t.rf t-lt-'i' a
' .'.: ;':r.r;Vr''-i
'8fr The""pr,'B eksaj
Hollars, against tb lime' they Jl e
worth a lot iuor.' ', ' . .-
'.:, - . '.''.vjAi'Aj4;
W pay 4 latar t y . ; . -
'',"'1'. ' v ....... - ?. V t , ;. l , y
Matckaab. anf Tott (
'.: from Mvntrenl to Liverpeol,'.
, I' tendon and Olatgow via th
and St. Lawmc Routa -THlC
'..' -.. end ,,"
1 By' 'tba popular 'PTlo" '
-bteamert from Vancouver,
Victoria or Bcattlaf
For foil Inf jrmatton apply. tsy i'v '.' .
ThcoIL Davies & Co. Ud
flenl Af nt Caaia-Pactft By. Cf.
:V.';.BONOU'LU, n0j-
Sugar: Fictors
Bwa, Pla ntatlon 4?o. jv.. . ;
Wainlua Agricultural 0 Ld.; ',
. Apokaa 8ugr Co Ltd.;
' Fulton Iron. Works of HI. Leul
Hlnk mum Punipt ' ' ' ' ' .' 1 ,
Wettern Centrltygal ' : : .-'
BabeaeX A Wiieo Boiler :: a
' Oreen't Fuel Keouomlr . ' '
Marsh Bteam Fumpt, .-;,' .'
V MattKn"Navlgtion Cn.
.. Plasters' Liu Hblpplng Co," ,.
Kohala Sugar Co, . .; -.
, . - BtralKEB OAW.'.?.;
ehlsery of every dccrlptia td t
order. '','. ' '''.' ' . 1
y-. ..,, ; son . wxiatLT
Zasnad Tudyi aad rrUya . : '
(Entered at the Poetoffle of lloaolala,
T. H., aa aarand-elaM watt.)' -
anrB80BXFTI0ir"BlT3; .
. Pai" Year ......U.Vw,, i-i08
Per Yar (forelga) ...' .( , ;
Psvslile InvarUbly U Ad vest. C ''
' , :- ''OvVV'l'S-' '''':..''.',;

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