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Prlc. Hawaii bads... 6.90 113S.0O
I it ptrvlonj nou- . :
tloa. ......... t.M 1140.40
Nov. 2r, ifti7 Lout twenty
four hours' rainfall, .00.
S- I I . 1 k I . !
1 Tomj'orntiiro, Win, 69 Mai.
a I 1 J IT
; 79. w eatber, rlear.
Vor. X. Kb.
Honolulu. Hawaii territory, t FRtDAY, Kovsmber 23, :; 1917. -semi-weekly. ;.;
WHOLE NUMBER : 4689 "l . Lf i
t ' - r' - " ' -- -
ITALIAN ' artiUeryrien nave brought all available' gun up into
Alpa to hold back ' pit on-preIng Hun hordes and to-sava the
1 ' -,J
the mountain fastnestet of the
it.- c...-r..1 f r.! , tl:.
v uum wvk fu vn-ji uviuh aiiiu iu- sv uic ucauwiiu viiy ui ciutci tun
picture; thowa Italian loldiera drawing, pushing, dragging gUnt up over the rough mountain trails
i iuiiiie wimi uicy imiii w tiicvuin wiuuui nnu ptay against mcj enemy,
, A': ( .;,..'-.. ,v' ;1 -
t ' .
1 '
Big Guns Fire Point Blank At
Advancing Tanks But Are
Captured By Infantry ;
NEW'YORK) November ,23-( Associated rreas)-ln their drive
' to encir.cle Cambrai the British army of General Haig - was
' 'still pushing forward last night and such rest as the Tommies were,
able to secure they took among the corpses of the enemy on the
blood-soaked field of battle; ; ' W.irQ
; " The British advance proceeds unchecked and its force is tiot
spent. -At only one point Have the shattered Huns succeeded in
recovering any ground from which they were driven and this was at
Kontain Notre Dame, which was retaken by a counter, as announced
in the official British report issued in Ixjndon last night, which fur
ther said that with this one. exception the gains made on Wednesday,
and a part of those made yesterday had been ponsolidated.
Yesterday's fighting was largely a repetition of the brave work
and the irrisistible dash of the
the taniplayed a tremendous part, in the conflict and swept'for
wurd oiJr all obstacles.' always sending terror ahead as they ap
proachedi, Alon'gsidraiul behind these came the infantry, while the
i 'vavaTry" participated' M.nn brilliant engagement arid brought sevA
'eral decisive , victories to the British color.l lashW and tabring
. v;. Creaking- and lifting' df the; loweririg'cloudi brougiit au oppori
.tunity for the air fleets render valuable assistance yesterday, j Io
this.respect the -Britons .heavily outnumbered the Huns. , Eleven
British aircraft have failed.to returu while five German aircraft were
teen to have been shot down. .
A six-mile wedge has been driven through the Hun line to with
in, two and a half miles of Cambrai extending from the south near
Niergnias along the west and, well to the north of the objective
The main German positions are threatened and Cambrai is being
rapidly made untenable for the enemy. Up to last evening more
than nine thousand prisoners had been brought in. The. battle was
ftifl going on along both sides of the Escaat River. " .
By band to hand fighting, preceded by the rumbling, thumping
tanks the Britons stormed Flesquieres. on the Baupame-Cambrai
road, two and, a half miles west of Cambrai and near. Marcoing.
Here the Huns fired seven large guns, point blankr at short range
on the approaching tanks. The encounter1 was terrific, The British
infantry, cheering as they ran, dashed forward, captured all sccn
of the guns, killed the crew of three of the guns, while the other gun
crews fled precipitately. .
Similarly the Britons stormed and took Preiny Chapellc at the
point of the bayonet. .
At Rumilly the cavalry especially distinguished itself; It dashed
upon the German fortifications, sabred gunners as they stood, took
the batteries and Bwept on madly into the streets ofhe town.
It is said that in this a'dvarice along a front of more than thirty
miles on Wednesday and somewhat shortened" yesterday, the British
employed the services of 200 tanks, the largest number used in any
engagement since Great Britain first introduced them. ,
Facing the loss of further ground from the attacks of Wednes
day and. yesterday on the' Aisne front, the Germans launched great
counter attacks against the French in the lattcr's new positions, but
each attack was repulsed with serious losses. v
Berlin's official report' yesterday said the battle' between the
Brhish and Germans ;n the new sphere of activity southwest of
Cambrai was continued. The enemy has not succeeded In breaking
through the defense and has gained little ground beyond the front
line. ' ':.'. ' . T ' -''.:.,
Several of the British tanks which were in action have been shot
to pieces. -:. ., '-. ' . .
On the western bank of the Escaat River the Germans have
driven the British from Anneux and Fontain Notre Dame. On the
last bank they have forced the
touth of Rumilly. ... ,'."r
London will celebrate the great victory of its brave sons under
General Haig today. Bells will ring and chime joyfully and flags
will flutter gaily from every housetop.,' In the churches there will be
held services of thanks-and it will be a day given over to praise and
rejoicing. ! ' ( ' ' .
OHAKI,, TdlnnesotsTTiovember 22
(Associated preas) For uttering
disloyal remarks, on btratemeyer, a
naturalised American eltiaen, was treat
ed to coat of tar and feathers here
last night. ' New of hi traitorous ut
terances atlrred citizen of thi town
to ancer and be wa aelaed and given
i ' he salutary punishment. He ia of
Qermau extraction.
Britons on Wednesday. Once more
ASSIST - ABLY. . 'r;!;h ; V ,
British into their former positions'
BERLIN, November ttfr Associated
Press) -Bsron btein has succeeded
Hchwander Kailopot a uhder seeretary
of stte. ; '.
' v. . "., -
TOKIO, November 3-(8m)elal to
Nlppu Jijl)- According to despatches
from Peking, the Chines premier, Dan
kizu. has again tendered hi resignation
to President Heng Konchow. Oshichlu
has been appointed . mloister of the
army department.' '
"Peace Governments Insists Up
on DTTering of Armistice and
'Disintegration of Country Ap
pears To Be Progressing, -
" 'kW TO BK, No vein be 2.1-(Aiio-ointl
frrM) Officer of the Ocrmaa
army, are connected With thoM-bf the
JJolslioViki rtnjf i the ronnon report
in retrograd, i told by iHvid Jonklee,
the former terretar of Kereult sad
who U now in Ptofkholm, ' whence- ha
made hf wnjr after the downfall .of the
premier and hi cabinet. . ,
' rvtnrmiiition that an ariiatlce thnll
be Rough t is evidenced by .the de
patchri that rame throu(h from Perrtt
gTad yeeterday and ' lat niRht. Th
peace party government,. ordered Gen
eral Bukliomin to . open negotiation
wit the commandera of enemy nrmie
for a immediate armintii-. TbU.h
declined to do nd was ordored deposed.
Xnit' on Armistice 0 . ".. -
t.ai-t ni(jhl Lenlne iiwiSfd fe procleina
tiori directed to the army ami navy in
whih he explained the deppaitloa of
BuhhOminaaylnn that it'waa ltecauxe
he had refused to offer an armiMiee and
to ank the A I lie to ioin-ia .Boaaia'a
offee, tf aald that the atrengeat ef I
ffrti of the revolutionary party woH '
b directed to the miiintenattfle of mill
kr discipline, and urged ti conperA
Hon of the eoldier ami sailors of the
array and navy in enforcing y.lem. i
--iTVspatehei from tjiie ' varioiw rniban
iea ssld that np to last night they had
heenl of ao offer ef any armietice. - i.
Pull control of Metcow by -the.Bol-ahe-Vikia
is told la a deepwUh whk-h
came front:' Haparanda by way, of Co
penliitea A Bolahe-Vikl prta ageary
i Petrograd Mid that all Kerens
Jty 'a forces had enrrfrnlered mH a om
plete victory had been won Jn Moscow.
The Ukrawiane were aald have sent
130,000 troop agniaat Kaldiaee.
BoWie-ViM Canaot Lt Vr. V
David Hofkiee,. KcrcnskyN im'r clary
In aii 'jnteYview' In Htockbolm expreasvd.
theflwlief ,)hjt'the bokbe-Vikis wonl.l
be mabl(r to Bialiitaio tbeif powers llo
ferecaNt Ihoir early fa)l and said that
in lii. opbiiou the 'f'rtare govenHnewt
irf Bussiesew raif ept Id) - forced '. coh
Bhute . peae bt Ueee Would t
pfatnk in ilm platforiv that a demand
'be: made tipofa the AUiea that they hjatn
state their war alma. i' ; ...
Hiwkiee nTtrlbtates the Anal downfall
of Kerenskr to the misdirect human! -
turtanism which he showed - to thoee-
wo were -engaged In. railroad work. '
Vatlon Disintegrating ' "
BuMia is breaking up politicaUy.
Obminitisiouers rcjreeutiug. the "Lit
tle Bussians," r,t'kraniana of South
east Kuseia, have succeeded .' In eon-firming-
the Independence of Ukraine,
and .rWO.OOO tfcraniaa trooo who have
been serving on the front are said to
have been recalled. ... '
II is reported that the military chief
governor of Kiev has hastily deported.
- The duma, which has been sitting in
Moscow, has .. dissolved. -The mayor,
who waa threatened with arrest, is in
hiding.- . C - '- ' .'': " -v
- A breanlt In the soldier and work
men's delegate council of a country
wide scope is .threatened. There are
now in isten. two central commit
tees, each ; claiming duly, constituted
authority'.; 1 . i
- ..' ii ' ii f '
JX)NDON, November 63 (Associa
ted Press Warm expressions of ad
miration for th war method of Great
Britain wero ' expressed by Colonel
House, head of th delegation from the
United Btate to the council of the
Allies, before hi departure for Paris
yestordavIa a publie statement which
lie issued sad gave to the press gener
ally, be ai4: . ' v ! ' ".'" :
"We have beeu- wonderfully im
pressed by the . remarkable system and
war machinery which Great Britain has"
put into operation and keep moving.
It is splendid and is an example of
efficiency speaking in th highest term
of th democracy of yyur country."
IJXCOL.N. Nebraska, Novomber. i2
(Associated Press)-t-Governor-' Ne
ville of Nebraska has resigned to get
Into active war service. Hi) resigna
tion is effective immediately uoou the
acceptance of th services of the Her
enth reulment, National Ouard. for ac
tive duty. He is colonel of th regi
ment.' " . ' i ' , f -
;.':'. '
PEKING, November 28 (Aaoei.d
Press) For tb publication of article
that ar termed strongly anti-Japanese
in tone and tending to rouse a spirit
of antipathy toward a friendly, nation,
tho (laaette wa today ordered to sus
pend publication lndflnltel ' ;
' . My- ' y, . ; -.
LONDON. November - 23--(AeociB
ted Press) During the period of the
war 1$ British vessels h'v.,been rr
ported, .'lost without trace,"' the ad
miralty. yesterday reported jri ah offi
cial anuomu'cmenf which' it mmle rel
ative to ships and shipping conditions.
Of these the smaller percentage disap
I'csred in the war aono. "-By far the
larger, proportion were lost ia other sea
and make up the usual and frequent
losses that urine from the neutral perils
of the ecu.
In the neck ending' November 17
I French shipping losses from, the Hun
submarine campaign wero . not large.
The ofticiul report announcing the loss
of one vesse! of more thaav IfiOO tons
burden nnci two fishing vessels was re
eeived here last' night. f.
TOKIO, November. rSpocUl to
Nippu Jiji) Plan to increase tb pres
ent size of the army and navy. of Japau
are ' UBilev way today in the ' Imperial
diet. The change In the Japanese army
system by wBicn the army to be in
creased from twenty to twenty-five
guiidsn, corn, ha already been
adopted, ami I. Kato, minister of the
navy dejartment, will tender a plan to
the sesman. today Which, It' Is believed,
will bo approved for tho addition of
eight batleships, ' o'ght cruisers and
eijrht toriedo boat destroyers.
The plan adopted for an army of
twenty-five rorp Includes a system by
which each gnndao will contain two di
visions aud each ., division three regi-
PAIJIS. November 2 ( Associated
1'ress) The Pari edition of the New
York Herald report that 200 Amer
icsns who are uniformed In the rauks
of the ambulance driver' have been
rounded np by th America authori
ties, their passports taken up and the
men ordered to enlist in active service
or face the consequences of a return to
America. Five of those registered as
' Hinbulunee drivers, missing from the
Americaa roll.ii-
l.-- 't-v
Proecutwn OutVmes
ainsi Hindu Plotters
' BAN f'RANCiaOO, November' 23--- told jn detail of th history of thesu
(Associated Pre) Opening the ease' vowels. , .
t .1. -. .' " v . i ' i t: ' Kleveu carloads of arms and amrnu
for the government here today in th itiol, wfr. vun.,mMd in New york
Hindu , 'evar plot '. trial, ProMcutin uni Hao DieKo, he siid, by Capt. von
Attorney Preston '; heaped charge upon ' I'apeh, the ' former' attui-he at Wash-
1 : j. v . ill
charge against Germany. " t
. Germany, he ' declared, had helped
to finance a ,wldesread plot for the
overthrow of British rule and had en
couraged the proposed trainiag and
arming of force in America to effect
a revolution, in Hidia. , ; .:
" Missions composed of Hindu were
sent from here," he said, "to Germany
and other, point -in order to sewure
finances -to aid .anv 'arniwl expeditioa.
People In Ban Francisco sent .-. money
to' Manila, carried on active recruit
in ( campaigns, and planued to send
foree to the Inllian border for. iuteua
Ive : training. ' Under - officers K - from
Amortea. ",.'.:' , : f .' ';. '
. ; Attorney Prestoii then read : clip
ping from the Gaiar, a revolatlonury
Hindu tmpC r, in part as follow:-; .
"Rifle and blood will take th place
ef pen and ink in ladia. The tira has
com to transform India into a great
happy-and peaceful nation."-"; ,
Kain Chsniiraj. editor 'of the paper
from which the clippings were taken,
is a defendant In the ease.' It develop
ed today -that the tederal goveranisut
has been working- on the case for two
year. ,, '' :'. v.-; , -t. ' '
Continuing ' his' statement', Prestou
larml th plot of ;' th' Hindu and
Germ, which resulted n the voy
age of the ' mystery ships" Maverick
and -Annie Larsen on the Pacific. lie
ZURICH, November 28 (Associated
Press) News has reached here that
One' of the largest and most' Important
chemical work la Germany, that of
the -Grlesheim Klektron; near Frank-fort-ou-Main,.
waa - destroyed 'in a
terrific explosiou on Tuesday night.
BCDAPKST, November 82 (Aso
elated Ptcss) Dlfcuasiog the war bud
get in the lower hous. Member Wew
kerle said that tb war expenditure
now amount to sixteen billion of
kroner but expressed confidence in the
resource of th country ,, to carry
through the financing plans on foot..
ihgton, who ' wrs ' afterward rseslleil.
Thousand of dollars, were transfer re
for the-';use of th German agents.
14,000 being telegraihed te 8an Fran
cisco and Los Angeles and placed at
the disiosal or the purcJiasing agent.
The transfer was arranged y nieu
who carried curreucy concealed alwut
them. . .;
He reviewed the wanderings of the
Maverick and the Annie Larsen aud
the failure of the alleged attempt to
get the cargoes to India.
In anticipation of the arrival of the
ammunition there, he. said, trenches
and tunnels were : built , st Bangkok.
8iam. -The Maverick at one time car
ried five Hindus, 410,000 in gnl. and
revolutionary literature, for use in
stirring up rebellion. ,
"King George" waa the password
used 'to gain admittance for the plot
ter and their agenta iuN the (ieriuHti
consular offices ' in ' mainland I'ntted
States, ' Houolulu, .' Maui la, Hatavia,
Hliaughsi, Aotoy, Bangkok, Nsukiug,
Peking and Yokohama , and other
places where German partieiputed in
the conspiracy. . ..
The affiliations tietwee the (ier
inaiis and the .Hindus - were ho pro
nounced, he declared, that all a Hindu
needed to do was to walk' through tho
entrance of a consular office, give the
number by which he wa designated,
aud be could get all the money ho
needed. - - '
AMKTKKDAM, November 22 (Asso
ciated Press) Official annouueemeut
from Borliu says that a new "barred
none" has bean established, this beiu
around the Awes islnud, and Hnrning
to shipping to keep out of this one hits
been issued, as was done before the
sei-ond campaign of " ruthlessness"
uns begun bv the -German snliiutirines.
. -
WASHINGTON, November J2 As
so-.iated Ires) The shipping bosrd
has adopted the Howard recruiting
plun in preparing to man the ships
which are being commissioned in thi
branoh of th servloe, '
Day Is Generally Satisfactory Af
though Teutons Gain i Small - '
Advantages At . One Or Two
Points During BloooyDay j ,
TUOCC Tn TVAn DV cmcmy
f lata am af b
Sleep In Caves Among ; Isicles
and On Snow Banks and Only - -;
One Meal a Day Is Available
But They Fight Bravely
ITASHINnTON,' 'Kovcrnbef V '
; V" 23 (Associated JVcss)'
Outnumbered three to two Italy's ,
fourth army under General Rob!- "-
lanf yesterday met '.he. full shock"
of the enemies great forces be- ,
tvre'en tbe Tiav'e and the Brcnta
RUcrs, It wis here, as oil pre-.
iCus days that the 'Hun hordes 'j
iut forth tlieiir most furious ef-, .
j.rts to open a road that will lead
tjicm to t-Venice. ' Reports iast . ;
f ight were, that generally ;the'rc-
UuUs .were highly satisfactor)" at-.. ' '
twougn at one; point sma,vt. prtg ,,
fj88 .'aVTt'i!! by .the tf 'cmj. ; ; y. :.
it' was. fiayAo( 4he bloodiest --r-
fighting of all this allguinary.l,
conflict. Success wavered and re--suits
fluctuated throughout.' life
day. .Three times the enemy aV '
tacked using its seasoned reserves'
and lcst fitted shock, troops and
three times they , were, driven .
back.' ;, ' ' ; '-.''. : '"" ' :''
The first attack. . made '. iust
as day was breaking, was met i ,
bravely as. the II uns, surged tip" ..,
over the Italian . fortifications.
They were met by tie bayonets'
of the Latin troops ;hecked, war- '
ered, fell back andTctired.' ;Theii .'
came a lull until about noon when , : .
a second attack in larger . force
was made. Again;4tli 'Teutons ' - r
reached tltt . trenches and again
they were bayoneted back -and :
retreated. Shortly before dusk; a '-,'.'
third and more violent attack was
made with the same result. , In . , '
the trenches, before them.'; nd':
along the stretch that separates . '..
the two frces the' down trodden .
snow is crimsoned with blood and '
heaped hisrh with eory corpses.
It was a day of terrible numerical
losses but those of; the' Austro- ;.'
Germans were th? heaviest, . . .
It was about Monte Fontana, "-
Monte Secca and Monte Mellata :
that . the heaviest fighting oc- ';
curred. An eye' witness who had, , v
just returned from the scene of
the MonteMellata battle last '
njght told a story of the splendid ' '
heroism of the Italian enlisted
men and officers and the terrible
i i.i.: i : i ' i. .
nardsiups which wicy arc enuur- j
ing without complaint. ., '''.: . !.V ;',
In these mountain fastnesses
where the Latin forces are hold- ' '' '
ing back the greatly outnumbef
iiift forces of the enemy the 6oJ-
v. v J. ... .,vtl wmviii
icicles hang. Their blankets' are ; '
stretched out on banks of snow
that has blown and drifted , ins '
from without. Only one meat a '
day is available for them but they.. ;
are determined to fight . to the :
death tn av tlirir nafiv Inn.l
and, repel the, Hun invasion.'.-' .'" '.':','
.i ,v'
... .. .
.': '' . ' '' . . ' )
," ' ' ' '
.'.' ' . -"

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