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' 4-';
t :
, ., .1 . - -, .. . . i . i ,
Kuhio, ; At iristartce of 'Cohort
visional Party, Cables Urging,
,' , Encampment Be Prolorjped
.: 'i Ti ,
' FOR I flNfiFR TR4!NlWf
gricultural Work Would Mot Be
Interfered - With,' Nation'
Chief Executive Is Told -
'the President, ' i' :; i
VWsshington: ,m v,-f ,.
v "I hare beeai directed- ty ins
Visiting senators and eongreja mm to
ur to yon that they bkr Inspected
camp of National Ouard of Hawaii
and believe it lmpratlve period of
lntenslvs training bo extended to
at least three months Organisation
1 ons of beat hvs orer seen la ths
field but. geographical location, 6f
varloaA units on the. several Islands
necessitates coordinating acaaoa of
training. ., It will ost. government
flXty thousand dollars return men to
various., lalanda .-. and; isreaanemble
them for emergency duty-i .Train
ing to data does mot Jit them for
regular duty.' Only four pmesot of
personnel .engaged , in agricultural
pursuits ...and nxtending . tima of
training will, not , Interfere in food
production... Information of any ac
tion , you - may take should .-. . reach
headquarters Hawaiian' Department
tnnnodlntely in order a to id nnnec
eaaary expense breaking camp and
transporting .troops front , present
camp to, home station. Commanding
General HawtRlaa Department and
Governor of Hawaii In,, full accord
regarding extension of period of In
tensive, training.,. Same 1. desired
by all officers ana. man, -'..'.'.-.'.
... kalaioaka6l.
" Delegate to Congress from Ha
r wail" v .
Harbor, foard Approves Tenta
' t.'ve. Aare'emoht With Inter-
Island To Usi Structure !
Ths building of a new wharf Is Ku-
Ho Bay at kilo, for which 150,000 ha
befh 'appropriated end which has been
one of, the big "projects before the har
bor board for some time, was advanced
a stop at yesterday's meeting dt the
harbor board , when 4' tentative sgree
nieat With the IntcVldnnd Hcnmehip
company wit presented and approved.
Anting thstrma w, 8, Hobisr will
A direct appeal 'was msds yesterday
afternoon ' to the " President of .the
I'nited Ftnte tor authorize the Hawa
iian National duard brigade to remain
in eamp for two weeks longer, the re
quest being made personally, by eable
by Delegate Kuhlo, acting at the re
quest, of -the members of the Congres
sional Party. '..''
The message was forwarded under a
rush order. to. President WUson and a
reply requested as soon as possible, In
oider, to ioresta.ll the breaking up of
the. camp, today ' ,; :,v - '
: , A'i the members of the Congressional
Party witnessed the fine review at
Camp LiliqokalAnj yesterday, and many
.prsooally'ongatulated General John
son for the-excellent showing ajid then
. (Useusaed wMw him the matter, of aa ex-i
tenaipn'of the eamp period. The son
gresamen bad discnased the matter with
Delegate Kalunlanaole, who was strong
ly in favor of retainipg the guardsman
in eamp for a much longer period that
they might at this time be trained thor
oughly in the. wo.rk to which they might
bo called later for active service.
Kubp Farors Setentlon
The Delegate was strongly . of the
opinion that aftef so much expenditure
to . create and establish the earop and
for transportation, the best results
would not be attained by breaking up
the samp now. The cost of maintain
ing the guard would be small, compara
tively, now that the initial eost bad
been absorbed. , , .. .
- 'These opinions .were voieed by many
guard officers and as s result the sena
tor, who has twiae visited the eamp and
inspected ita personnel, decided that he
might eut ths .Oordian knot and auk
Prenident Wilson direct to order the
guard to remain in eamp. .
'J-The National ' Quard is now in
camp, finishing ita first two weeks pe
riod," said . ft-nator , Poindexter, "and
we learned that. both officers and men
were anxious to remain in camp foe s
longer period for training. The expense
of ewembliug the entire brigade here
from the four larger islands wss heavy.
They have scarcely . had . time to get
down to their preliminary tasks, and
ore juNt in readiness for real training
hn -they have to be sent back to their
homes. If they are. to be .called into
service later the expense would be dou
tie. In .order to save, that and give
them the benefit of continuous training
' for the aetive service, to which they
may yet be called, we have asked Pres
ident Wilson to order them to remain
in camp. . . ', . .
Tew Are Agricultural Laborers . .
, "I bsve culled the President's atten
tion to the fact that agricultural work
would not be interfered with by their
remaiuiug in eamp. , Investigation dis
closed that only four,' pereoiit of .the
men in ramp are agricultural laborers."
While Henator Poindexter was , in
Camp I.iliuokalsni en Monday it ,wj
huped .that he would send a message
then to the Prenident. After seeing the
review yesterday and - being satisfied
with the shewing made, he and the
other senators and representatives felt
that t was due to these men that tbey
receive a longer period of training
against the time when they may be
sailed into active service.
' The sending" of the message pleased
Oenersl Johnson while many guard of
ficers expressed their approval in n
joyous demonstration.
An automobile driven aid owned by
K. Kopke was badly damaged on the
VaWlua Rond yesterday morning when
it skidded snd( erashed Into a tree. The
cceulins who' were Mrs. Paul Isenberg
nnd Mnjor Snd Mrs. Edwai'd Koike of
Kauai, escaped injury. According to
K. Kopke, Hr.wlio is the major's fath
er, the car was driven Out to the side
of the road to pass an array truck and
the front wheels struck a rock. Both
riyht wheels were "dished" end the
. fender and radiator smashed, ,Tba ear
was fully insured. '
that five rlamwa of men mav be mai
up according to President Wilson 's de
sire, for rent classiftcstion. ' '.
'This claws) flcation places first those
who are. phynioally. aide to be-drafted
for, active service; then tome those
who have dependents; then 1 there are
those who are engaged in agricultural
work: following are those who are en
gaired ' in necessary, essential, work
which benefits the government while It
is at war and Anally there. are those
who are actually engaged, in work that
requires them,' to remain . with their
work and not be drafted into the army.;
This will be tedious work .but .-is
necesnary and must,. b .. accomplished)
without delay, it. -will i require each
man to nil out cards giving this-in
formation so that the nve . classified
lists may be nlled out. : - v . i . T j
'. Information which reached Honolulu
yesterday from-Washington concerning
ths prospect for an early all for. the
iraft quota from Hawaii, is. negative.
.This eoufirma the Advertiser's story
concerning the non necessity for call-
ing -a quota, wnich was published 1 on
Wednesday morning, coming front U
hue, where Angus JErly, . secretary '"to
Delegate .Kalauianaole statell this to
be positive. . -. , , ' ,
,.The reports now received from Wash
ington asHert that the quotas for the
regular , armv and militia . have . been
niiea lor me nrsi (lrsu ami iua Ha
waii has already dons her full duty
V- - it if i-i..r .,,,,.... .. i, .
'Mf T-
While riding a bicycle along
tenia near River Street about
o'clock yesterday afternoon.v Chung
Chock, a aixteen-yesr-oli Chinese youth,
ran into- Abble Moy, a part-Hawaiian
'girl of about ten years, knocking both
ber and the sevsn month-old - baby
which she was carrying to the pavei
ment.. ' v t.
. Occupants of an automobile which was
psrked slong the curb near by. hastened
to the. child's assistance, and .seeing
that thef baby 'was - Injured. About the,
heed, placed the two victims and, the
rider of the bicycle in the car and drove,
them to the police station, .. , . ,
. Abbie and the baby were taken to
the em urgency hospital hud Qhong Ap
peared before Desk , Sergeant, Poaha,
lis was heht until, the. extent of. jthe
injuries to the, child was. ascertained,
after, which he was. .turned over to Pro
bation Officer Joseph t,enl, ,'
, The baby was found to, have, a slight
contusion on the forehead and Abbie
bad her loft leg badly bVuisetl. No. oue
U held to, blame for, the unfortitnato
accident, anil. Chong was only placed in
Leal 'a care pending the healing of the
urcen iiiust i.iaaC -
Classification of . : : .
-- i , ..
Hawaii's Draft Men
FiVe . Classes', :,"o! UTJibsel divert
: umbers ; Will Show Profes-
' Slorts,1' Dependencies ' and
Whether Or Not Engaged In
Work Benefitting nation
. ', ,- -v .M.i. :i. ; ''.
V No orders have y beeii reef IveJ by
Mnlor Francis Oseen. nelertivs draft
oflleer for -Hawaii, for sailing qnota'j
or, ins men or Hawaii who have already
been given their draft numbers, but
every man on the list to indicate his fy0! nl hgreement to the dirors
profession, labor and dependencies, , so 1 'PmlmnJ mc,in
lAlle 1 (iiicviunin vtuirn will nem
next Tuesday. The, tentative ; sgree:
ment binds the steamship Company to
Use' the hew wharf for a term of Ave
tears and accept rates that are to .be
determined upon by the board. If these
terms, ars accepted by the company's
.lireetors he survey work and the work
Of. fixing the exact location of the
whsrf will be started. ,
. The shore end of the new whsrf, it Is
stated, is In be located abont-2.r0 feet
southwest of the south end of Kuhlo
wharf and extend outward in a north
wentetly direction at an angle 'of forty
Referring to the proposed 'work, nt
Ifilo the harbor board's snnunl report,
which hB ,iust Wen issned, after set
ting fprth the need of a new whnrf at
flilo, sSvs.'"Thei smoiit spri'ojirinted
s totally Inadequate to meet require
aients but Will ne ucd to bet ad van-
ftucS, and the plan would 'be to-con
struct a fint unit of the proposed new
strueturs, lo consist of. a ano foot
length whnrf on concrete piles nnd re-1
quest a sulflelent smotint from the next
legislature to eoraplnle the structure.
J-, 'V'viL-'t ;:"' .-
tfnless dtherwise notified by United
Ptstes Marshal J. J. 8mldly, Sarang-
fnadhar Das snd bis wife, who were
served with . a . subpoena summoning
them at fan Frahcisco as witnesses in
the Hinds plot trial, will arrive in
.Honolulu from Maui Dv the Inter Island
steamer Mauna Kea Tuesday morning,
and depart for the Coast on the next
out going steamer. ...
DaSj who is a chemist for the Maui
Agricultural Company at Pais, and his
wifs are wanted as government wit
nesses in the Hindu plot case now on
trial n ,Hn Frsaelseo, Jn which Qeorg
Kodiek, former German consul here, and
Heinrich Sehroeder, who was secretary
to Bodiek, are among the many defen
dants. Marshal Bmiddy said yester
day, that Mrs. Das is somewhat of n
linguist, being able, to speak fluently
about . sigbt different languages.
: wLen asked whether more supocnas
would be served in ths Islands in cmi
nection with .the Hindu , plot, Marshal
Hmiddy. said he, cpuld say nothing de
finite ss o this as be .was awaiting
cable instructions from hiau Francisco.
sn tt t y tj: y-"
Garder Island ; Waintaihs Repu
tation -For Hospitality .and f
, Weather Adds To Charm
The Garden Inland made the greatest
kind of a pleasant impression upon the
members of - the . Congressional party,
who returned . from ' Kfualyesterdny
morning ' after " , JWo busy,: event
ful days' spent there. The KsuSisnS
played 'hosts, is I regular Kauai style,
than which no greater prnise can be
given, 'while the visiters were so en
roptored by the' reception given, them
and. the beauties of the land displayed
on .every hand that thejr plodded a solid
support to ths KawillwiH harbor project
and anything eUe Kauai mieht ask.
- The, pawnge to and from Ksiial was
through unfriiuliWd sees, even ths land
ing at Nawiliwili benig through placid
waters, somewhat to the regret of the
ksmaoinns. A shower or two came
down during the second dny on Kauai,
bnt not for' lung enough to, seriously ,
Pifnrrirnge the plsas and not sufficiently
hard to -make the excellent roads in
nny way hard going for the scores of
Viisy ' automobiles thnf sped here and
there, with the guests.
Tho members of the party were en
tertained st the homes of the Ksusisns
during their star, ' while there were
numerous ruttcheons, two of the' note
worthy midday feasts being at Wal
mes and Niumnlu. the latter being the
residence of .Sennor John Coneyr -one
of the beauty spots of Kauai. . Visit
were pndd to many of the schools, where
tl'fl pupils . won unstinted praise , for
their dril'S and. exercises nnd the teach
ers and the school system were congra
tulated, over, and .over again for the
results attained. At every school vis
ited. on or mure' addresses were made
by tJiJi congressmen. . ,;;',..'.
. ,Tho Kaiiftl: committees, responsible
for the unlimited plenni'e given the
distinguished guests of the Torritory,
were:, .-". '. w ' ' i , '
. Finanee--J, M. Lydgate, W. N. Stew
art. C, Maser.
Transportation H. Bohrig, F. Weber,
( We i mea) C W. Spits. . '
Kntertniument C. H. Wi'eox, T.
Itmndt. Jiu'sre L. A. ;Iickev,
Public Affairs H. IX Wlshard, E. H.
W. Broadbent, S. Robinson. , ,
. r.. - . . ssssfc, 4. sJhF.lf ksw
Wrecked . Vessel Was -. North of
v. Trade Belt and Ih Course
a of Variable Winds
.Following the receipt of the wire1
less messaRe Wednesday night telling
' - Mosul ul n, jtiy stub 11,001.
Investigations. Being' Conducted
By interests Fighting For Lr
-;-v-.i Queen's Estate -' 'I
H. Lincoln Holsteln.' speaker of the
; house of representatives, who Was ap
m a 1 . 1 a . . , v . , .
:sThn- . i.i r.T pointed temporary administrate of ths
steamer iThor ami tlie rescue of psrt of . 7 ;
her crew snd SHkini; that a lookout be
child s wouud
The schooner Annie Johnson, one of
the Matson Navigation Company'
auxiliary eruisers, is being' repaired ni
San Francisco, according to recent
mail advices. It is reported that when
two days out of .Mahukoni, from
which port she was Bound for t lie
Coast, one of ber prqgteller shafts
broke, thus slowing her schedule! time
somewhat. ..,'";
, With her port shsft and as-listed by
sails, the Annie Johnson made the trip
from Mahukona to San Francisco i'l
eighteen days, whereas had not tl,
shaft broke, she would .have compu ted
the trip in much less timS. , .'
. . n
Quick work on the part of tha federal
fooil administration has', saved thou
sands of beef cattle from perishiug in
the recent drought iu the southeaster-!
part-of Texas and New Mexico, ami
the work is being continued uutil the
drought jconditious are . over. ' ('uttle
were dying on every hand from lock of
food and water until .the food adiniuis
tratinn requiaitioued .. stock cars in
which they were shipped to parts of tlio
country where feed and water could be
Less than forty hours elapsed after
the food administration received word
of the deplorable conditions before the
1300 requisitioned Cars were moving in
to Texas to bring out the. threuteued
herds. Additional ears are being requi
sitioned ami sent forward as fast us
possible uutil sll ths sattle are shipped
out of the drought country,
Be careful of ths colds you take at
this lime of the year. Theyaare parti
cularly dangerous.. - A . neglsttted col j
may mean a winter-long, pld. Take
Chamberlain's Cough. Ueiiisdy M once.
For sale by all dealers, ktensuii, Smith
V.Co-, Ltd. Agts. for Hawaii. Adver-tiseinvnt.
'' ' -:i.: t I .i ''' ', r
In the annual report of the hoard of
harbor . comnitMgioners Which- has just
been published, receipts fpt the year
arS given' as l.'J:(,HHtii5 and expendi
tures $277,722.00 The receipts show
an increase over (none of the preceding
year of 13,627,1H, the major part of
which, the report states, is from the
port of liilo at which .receipts for the
year. totalled lP;it7.l9. ,.,Ths murked
iurrease .at this port is derived princi
pally from the. .Kuhio , wharf, which
has almost oiuUutly been, in use since
ths Hilo railroad wharf was i hjeU.
.- Of the' expenilitures the report lists
$27,780 on.aeeount of seeiuV salaries
sod ,$78,il64.)2,'J,or .maintensuco ami
additions to landiug aud wharves
throughout ths territory. ,
Ths report covers the period -July 1,
1916,. to. Juue o0, 1917 and the largcNt
iiuproveuieut ' contemplated for . the
Uouolulu waterfront .mentioiioil Is a
new concrete wharf dosiguateil as Pier
2 on .the Waikiki - side of the harbor.
Lit is to be 802. feet ,0'K with u outer
deck pfty-seven feet wide supported on
reiuforc-ed piles. . The reort rovers f
st of )esser improyeineiits along ths
waterfrout and also give tubulated
statistics of receipt hud expeaditure
aud a. synojisis of shipping throughout
the territory. . . ,, ; . .
, Extensive dredging work in Kahulnl
Hartior, Maui ami extensions o the
Nawiliwili wharf at Kauai aro de
scribed in the -rejort, v
dutch Vessels released
Because of a fear lliat' they wouW
sot return tq American trade, aud that
they would deliver goods tq the enemy,
the, United States has .been holding a
large number pf Putch ships for a long
time, but fecently, , arcoMiug to the
Daily Joufual of , Coin men- of Noveih
ber 10, the government has coiiie to an
upderetaiijling with the Dutch Shlppiug
CommiBsioa and has' released thn hold
on all of the ' Vessels in the Atlantic
with the xreptlon of one, a , large
liuV-, . ., ,.. i .' "
, ,Tbf ,l bcn no rhunge in the
running of the Dutch ships ou the Paci
fic, , however, although veveral have
been bold up teinporqrily to swait the
ruling of the Shipping Board. t
'' .', ',. , , '
j .Vri'tisti'iiji Oliocr Joe tettl. was amon-;
me passengers returning iroin a visit to
the OsrUeu Islund vestcrday.
Master's Findings 'Question His
Accounting and Ask Trust
Company Take His Place
John F; Colbum, whose ncms figured
prominently in the fight for temporary
administrator Jtn the Lmuokalanl r.s
tate pioeesdings, Is brought under fire
by V. . Davis, master, in aq amended
report ou affairs of the estate of David
K. and Helen Ijliyokalnni Kawanana
koa, minor children of 1'rinoe David
Knuannnakoa, deceased brother of
Prinne Kuhio. .
C'olburn has been trustee of this es
tate. In the master's amendod report
filed yesterday in the circuit court bis
removal irom rms position is recom
mended, aud it is further recommended
that he be at-ked to give an accounting,
particularly of a disparity . smountimx
to about' $10,000. that it, has stated
has appeared in the records of the es
tate. , .', . ' .
The master's amended report is oi
the annual accountings filed by Cobnirn
in '.onnoctiiiii with the estate for a pe
riod of .six wars eovering the period
frum February , 1911, to D.cemtjer, 19U1.
In coiinectioa with oue of ths uccount
inpi filed December 1909, it. is stated
that, the trustee, was ordered to give
a bond in the sum of $1000. The mas
tor's reni'rt states '.no record, can be
found that thin bond has ever been ex
ecuted. ' .
According to the master's findihj
t In- trust'',. hIu'uIU be charged With s-Ji,
L'tMI.H5, of uliii h sum he may claim com-
missions totaling $$35,48, .and another
nmount in tlie sum of $81.30.
"The lui.-tee bas iu no way shown,"
the ri-'(iii loiiliuucs, thtt be bus in
his porK'KHii pr control any furtli-r
sura than the sunt of $20,650. He should
bt rciuiir d to promptly aocpuiit for th
dilTcrcni'i' between the suid $26,650 and
the $.'!L',::i0 (less .whatever eommis
siotiH, etc., the court sllows him), wlii''h
Will'be some HO.oao.. The trustee has
not in any way slip w a. that be hss this
nqiouut or any amount spproximating
it on hi. n, I or under his control."
The iipnintment of another Individ
ual, firm or corporation; preferably
trust i-oiiipun.v, to succeed to the trim
tei ship ul' the estate .it another rucom
nieiiiliitinu of the report. , v
-i -
Funds For Work" Prpvided By
Sale of Bonds
I - .s
Active work In ronneTjion with the
tn i I I i n k of n new wharf and approach
at 1 1 linn, llnnd of Maui, will prolialily
bo started in the near future, as funds
for the work have now been. 'provider!
tlirniiKlj the sale of bonds and have
been ordered set nside for the purpose,
us stated in a communication filed yes
ter.la.v at the meeting of the 'harbor
liouid. The communication was a no
t ili. ul ion issued by the flovernor to the
territorial auditor, '
The IioihIb issued,!. for'. the"barpone
iiinoiiiit to $7i5,ooo aud carry four per
ii nt interest. They were taken up by
Then. lure II. Piivles k Co., representing
i-lii'titH mi. I owners of the Kseleku Hu
;iir eiMiipaiiy. Acting chnirmau of the
board W. It. Hobby will leave for Mil
nn shortly to make, a preliminary in
spertion iu connection with the work.
kept for $nothcr ship's boat whfrh was
afloat and prolmhly making for Hono
Inlu.' a rescue bunt wss despatchsd yes-
terdsy ,to attempt to find the. second
host, load f ship recked sailors. The
Trior foundered early in the week In'
Latitude 34 North and Longitude 101
West..,; .- ',.-- '
Owing lo the ciMMorship, no mention
can be made of tin' vessel whirh was
Sent1 to search for the missing members,
of. the erew, sml thin is probably se-
eonntabie Tor the nnme of the vessel,
whieh- picked up the fifteen men in
the ship's boat not being given in ths
message telling of the foundering of
the Norwegian stesmer. '-.-i - . j.' ' -
When rescued the fifteen men wers
found to. have traveled ons hundred
sod eighty miles in a southerly direc
tion from the wrei-k toward Honolulu.
The 'Thar wna Inst reported as having
arrived st San Francisco from a voyage
to Manila and Hongkong on. October
18, which establishes the belief that
he .was again bound for ths Ortent
when she foundcml.
, At .the time of the wreck, the vessel
was Just, north of the treda Mt snd
in ths coarse of variable winds,' She
was too far south tn have bees follow
ing the greet circle, it , is believed.
Capf. O.. Hansen is uiven'ss master In
the latest .1017 shipping guide. The
ISof was owned by the Wllhelmsons
eompany of Norway and she was built
in Stockholm iu 1!I07S Oross tonnage
was 4730, length .159.9, with 52.6 and
depth 24.7. w .
; 1 " " - A - i i . . - i
" fty str. Ms n ns Ken. NoremrStr 20:-
t'kiOM HAWAII- M. Terskswa, Mrs. Ah
Mat and chlhlren. Mrs. Malti-rre Slid Iwo
children. Mrs, II. Mnrtim suit t- cldl
dren, Mrs. Know, II. 11. Kim. Mrs.
Hum, Tt. K. Myers. T. K. Harnsrd, Miss K.
llletil, Wo l.e, Hee lijr. Mr. snu Mrs,
Ink eo sml Infant. Misses Tsken 12). John
I -on Is. U. tiotelhn, Miss A. Wjillehus. Vs
msffsta. FuJIhsra. Mr. sml Mrs. Hoarea,
H. lUmnnd, V. lllnwhl. Murloks. Mrs. Ns-
sta end two ehllilren. Captain 1'ereso,
lr. anil Mrs. Osaka ami tv children.
Mrs. A. ' I.. Oude. Mrs. K. White. F.
W. Vsllle, O. It Miller. W. K. - Heine.
Mn)r OresK. O. N. I.eser. Mrs. I.sm. Miss,
Pearl tx. K. B. lierslil. A. Frltscfal. C.
fThmusM, Ji to. WlnelirH-Kh, T. t'nnnlus
hsoi. Mslilsn Mr., NNhlso Jr.. 8. Mlranio
tn, Joe (Viarss. A. Husrex, M. ! Ms(Um
Hr., M. lis Msttoe Jr., M. Unvotes, Nags
ta Br., Nairats Jr.. K. Mirsshlru. If. Khl
nilsn. K. Ksliiookfiiiut, Frank Tires. A.
AliHst-d. M. He -lie Hsnlos, F. Siorrega,
V. 1'sterclla, O. Hreonus, A. Haumafon, A.
Jndsiiinlou, J. Snloinnn. Ihso. K. Vinsa,
Msreeilkt Marcon. l'eilro. raltrlna Sshu
Isnl. Krraen f'nsjn. T. Bcrtclo, Ovsda,
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Mr. snd Mrs. K. Nsimo snd Infant,
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FHOM MAl l Hv. J. V. Villlers. Jmlke
C, C. Cnnrsil. J-'.nos Vincent.. T. -Hiiniokl.
Mis Kj Kunnoks. Miss F. Nlsblklila. Mr.'
sun mm. i,. iier'wi-t. Mr. sml Mrs. M.
Nn lists. P. K. Wilson. K. Kaio. M. Us
mails. Mr, ami Mrs. Kuknila and Infant,
N (lyatns. V. risdn. 1. Inonjre, M. rar
vnllin. Krunk Ciw-valhii. . MIm A. Lindsay,
Lieut. Tie l.s Nnx. Kukuclil. W. P.
J. A. Kerr, Mrs, Vsiuayoshl, Kluui bt, i,
By str. I.lkellke from Ksual. Novetaiher
'T K. Mlvske, Oknrs, H, KmsfuJI. T.
BhlniHilB, J. H. rhamller.' Ah llnjr, II. p.
Munlock, Mrs. U. V. Baldwlu, T. Ksaa-sn-a.
Ry str. Manns Ua from Ksuat, N'mrn
her V'.' Mr. J I.nicsn snd two children.
t. Naksl, V. KhWo, H. J. .Rmltb. 'T '
By str. Clsmllne fnuu Maul. November
Tl-4 K. Hhermaa. Mrs. A. I'. Ixias. H.
Ktreulieck, Mrs. lte(VH. A. tovena.. Mr.
sml Mi's. II. (Ishlrrt. . Mrs. TMlysU. Mine
Mlyata, Muster Mlysta, Miss Miysta. T.
Aklur, Ab Tli-k. K. 4UHen, I.. II. Ijirnen. II.
I.lpnmu. J. I-:. Usnnon. A. llsnelierx,. M.
Htnikawa,. MIsS Aret-Hter. II. I. Arrester,
Mrs. Arrxster. licorits Ikwla. H". IVeckert.
A. TIihisi, Knwahsrs. I. K Flenilus'. U.
It, Weller. J J. Hiiiblily. ( khis Fat. '
By str. Kllnnea from Ksnsl. Nuremher
r: (lovernor iinkbsiu, ttenstors Meyers.
Thompson. I'lilmlexter, Itolilusoil, U Hind,
Corres. Ileiiresentatlve Klstim, I.nmleen,
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V. Htone. J. W. Brtnliiit. 8. M. Ksnakaunl.
Treswirer' McCarthy, W. K. Wsll. I. F
Child. C. T. rrliiL-le, Mr. lireen,' llr Hunt,
U. W. lies. AbkuW Krly. W. Hi Deem.
Inseii 1 ,-n I. Ittehsrd Union. Thomas Me
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C. Smith. A. .T. Hiiwanl, V. Vt. IHehl. Mrs.
)'ini, Mrs. Won le Kliee. Miss Winn:.
Hum.- Kee. Chnnif Kee, Ihssc laua, Mluulu
liiua.v Jtiilire- Kuimhee.: John Muliliel, Ksuk
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Mr. sml Mrs. It. Israel. Hr. and Mrs. K.
S. Vonns smt- lufuut.' Msster Yiinnar. Mis
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Kiuiiya Hrjliiilsn, USIrs. K. K. Hlndle. Mrs.
4. M. UilxNts., T.ie Torres, Joe AkhIrt,
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Noveuilier il Mr. and Mrs, Hamuel Ksu
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Mrs. Klisl CiUIiui-u, Mr. lUllro. B.NK. Jiebo
IteM. U V. IthurW. He' Vis Nitin. Charles
Hall, It. II.. .Booth. . Mrs. June. I'aptalsi
.iinsiier. n . n. iiisaHnimn. Mr, wiinsin
Bueslier. Mrs. (ieorue Wilbur. 1". II. Cooke.
N, C. Hilioeuln'iK.,C. M. L. Nelson, II. I..
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Mis 111ml, H. M. l'et-k, J. A. k. Vlr-Ha,
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Avery.' Hubert Hind. Mrs. A. IJaiyla. Ml-"
M. lliiill'lalle, Miss K. KiMtl'lKlle, Mr. M
J. Molilw, Mr. IIeurliiis. Mr. It. M. Llml
sn.v. Mrs. K. II. Ilevens. Ms. .and Mrs.
Hubert MeWa.vne. .Mis Mary llort. T
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By sir. I.lkellke fur Km mil. Ksvunilier XI
A. JiiioliH. H. i Wilson, Mrs. II. K,
Hone. J. Kniisa. Ir. V. 8lelinan,' 'Mr.
Ynllle. K, M. Cheiithaiii. I J. Miinilnu.
Thorns Ouokea. Krunk Correa, York Fou
Kiini. Mr. Unrld Nulkal. J. (lonio.
4 .
There was no session of the lfouoliilu
Stock and Hiuid Kxi'liaiige yesterday,
iiuiny of the members going to Cam p
l.iliuokaluui to witness the military re
view. ' .
estate of the late Queen Lilluokalant
by Circuit Jodge C W. Ashford, will
probably present the ond of 85,000
fixed by Ihe court today and f6rmally
qualify for the post. When this form
ality ia completed letTers of .temporary
administratorship will b issued t bint
by. ths eoart sad he will tsks 'posses
si on of ths property now held in, the
charge, of .Cob Curtis P.' Taukea, whs
wns formerly msnsger of the Qusen's
our. - - t r ' - :i
-, In ttra siesntims the fortes . repre
sent lug the various groups of. claim
snts In; the ease are . gathering in
rrcrnstios,: for the rretirt strufffjls
that is to open December il. the date
fied tot ths bearing of H the various
aHlbns that have beerl filed. .. '
Search is r.xhaurtlvs '-i '- i 1 . W:' - ,''i
l'robably eery, scrap f ranef to
which the Queen set ber band in late
years will lie. ferreted out and brought
intn.-eoitvt. It. is skated that, steps
have bei n tsken i by alt thres of .'is
nroeps of Contestant to employ hand
writing experts snd they will --alo
pf-jdue mmlieal experts, .it is ststsd, to
testify (inr.erning the Queen's physi
eal contlllion in the months preeoding.
her ofarn . . ... ; xj ,ic
. Agents, working for the, three, in
teref jn the case axe carrying, on in
vestigstions that , embraes evert inei
dent pt ths Qseea's last day nd
great, pa it f ths inquiries on foot -is
eentrn-d bt events tbst , oeaufred' 'at
Wsshington llaee through the letter
part of the tr.onth of hist Angus-, 1
. Undoubtedly the - opening . of -the
struggle will see the adherent Of the
so-called old will, ths one' of 190B,
aligned, - with - Prinee Kuhlo 'a . end ) of
.trie ngnt, in en attack, on me "nw
will" or lm. Which was brouffht sn
der 4re .in ths recent preliminary pra-
eeedings. , . J.f ths efforts of ths two
groups . succeed, a second stsoj of the
truirol will eotfaa witk a atsah. .K.
twen ths supporters of he JB0V will
and Prince K Ohio's forces, 'i:- ' : ;
Photographing Document -' ' "
.' The . work of. photographing all ths
important documents in the case- SOS,
tinued vesterdav! andor-the .direction
of Hs'rrv A. Wilder." cierk .'of Judge
Ashford 's court.' jThis wss ordered by
the court so the .possible disappearance)
oi any or (ns aoeuments would not I
feet ths esss.'"'-v , 'U'-Xr
.Preceding the .signature ta the 3917
will, aa4 to ha,v . been, signed by, the
Queen -Augnirt, 20, the; latest, slgssture
so' rsr-presented; fa court appears in
a oook,;'awu By Hawaii's Queen."
The .book aecordlnr te testiasonv. oik-
en by Mrs. Lahiluhi Webb St the i re
cent -hesrinir. was breseated tA her- b
the Queen March 31 'Ust.i' Mrs- Webb
testified that she! saw the Queen' write
the signature In the book. ,The page
with ths signsture will he among th
photographs. The, writing jpf -this sig
nature is shaky and almost ellegible,
differing entirely' in . this respect from
the signature which appears on the
yanous pages ox the 1K will.' .':
Question Clsared TJn t i.A
In ths course of ths re'eeht 'proceed
ings the eourt st obs point offered the
cement : foss eftses have esisted in
which a person has directed another te
in a win because of, iilnesS-'ATJ ia-
capacity- to ' write.. . Thl brpugbt W
toe quesxion, wnernef the ttorotys of
the 1917 will would hold that the
Quoen received 'assistance., When1, sbs,
signed, bat. this i question, wss set; at
rest when, one , of -the attorneys stated
that the Queen Bad written her-signs
ture alone and unaided. '. Other state.
ments of attorneys of th s : 11J will
indicate that,, a 1 reason, .that will be
advanced why the' fcignatuW to "'th
iw win is in bold, and Bowing , char.
acters U contrast to the, sppearajits,
oi oiner. signatures js tnH the Queen s
coudition underwent' a ehsngs in ths1
Inst days of .August avues it 'Is "sold,
she rallied strojigly and for a f sr dtys
appeared to bsve recovered fair, part,
of her strengths ,'.." ' ' -V-'
All those who were -tlose . to the
Queen in' the mouths , preceding ber
death Will be, called jss jvitnesses' It
Is stated that' differences ' sad lapses'
in the accouuta. of some. f' these, form
a big part pf the inquiries tbst ars be
ing conducted,' , - ' '
Doubt Nsw-WUL H'v .f,t.S
Mrs. Mary- Kolomoko.'of l.lUookalaii
Street, Waikiki, , an atred i retainer .of
the Q ueen aid one of ber lifelong com-,!
panions, recently expressed the bejlef"
mi ,vm . inii .iw is.no tbthsntl.
"Princess','., Theresa,. Wilcox (B)Jjvaii
lo whose fAmily the, buljk of the estate
is bequeathed by the terma 'of. the 1W17
wiH were neyeroa.' terms' of friendship
with. the late Queen, Mrs. , KoUioku
asserted. She seid. thst , fn ,all ,ths
years shs was with. the Queen, the 'lat
ter never even talked of "Princess"
ingress.. ,,,, ..., "l i'..V ,'.'
- Z rl P W-V TT -5u-V
' STOC-t
. .. , . .
I- y: .f v'.V .
Xlei. A rtsrilwin, ttd. ..
fcH risnrstion Co.
Haikn 8ng. Co,
Haw., Agr. Co, ...at,,...
iisw. i , m p. in .
Haw. n. Co. a
tlnuukss Sniar Co. ,.,.
r)nrmr Mngsr Cat. . ,- J. : .
Ll .. ...I. L... MuM P.- tfW
abuku rlsntatton Co. .
ekahe Hngsr Co. (..a.
Ill' PUR. IP.
. Hrrfls Maasr Co., Ltd
Ushtt Sugar Co. . '
Otaa 8iKsr Co.. Ltd. .
I'aanhs Siisur Plant. Co.
Psetnv Knsnr MUI .
I'sla Ptsntatlna Co.
1'efieekee Kugsr Co.,
Flnneer. Mill Ce. .
Hs a carlus Mllllsa; Co,
naisiua Asrru. a. .
WsUuku Husar Ce. . .
'f sttRCKtLAJtlCOlrB
-..- ,. ' . , '
Ends Deret: Co.! t til
1st leans Assess. T0 Pr)
2d Ine I'ald t'a .. ....
Mews f-.'St-r, t.4 I'M..
Hslks F. If, Co., Com
Isw. rott, Hy. 1
Isw. Coo. Br. 0i B ...
Haw. dm. Br. Cum.
Hswallss) Klctrle C.
iisw, i-iDosnpie co, ,
Hon. B. il. Co,, ttd
II .... - , . , r
.i..h. ,.n" .!. .....
Hou. K..T: ar L. Oe. ......
ium'i.iiiDil r, ci. , . r, ,
MmtUl lll, KM. J.....
Oahu Knllwsy IJod Co.
I'sirsar Mnnner Cj ,
BelKina-Iilmllof. I'd.
rwinv rill
Tsajonc ,0ak KuUber Co
Iteici Wsik ' t.- D.i 8M..
isHinus &iiccn 10,, us.
Hawaii -Can. By.
Hawaiian Irr. Co., .. ,
Haw. Tr Vf6 Kef. ll18
Haw Ter. Ilih. Jibd.
HSW'Tef.' Pith. Imp. 4
tiMriea -IMS ...
imv, ierr W7r ,
niio irias.ro., Ttil.,' .
riontiKita ins. Kxtt- rtrz, ,
H.iKiilrt Oaa Co., Ltd.
Hkn.l U a.m. A.
Miitioa .imp, iit, Bui...
- ' - nn. vw. mm
Mnttisf Tel. As .
Jt. IL. Co.. 8 . v
Oshn ua Co.'. rk ......
tkss Bus.vCo.', 0
Psrirtc (3 11a no A FT ('.,
Paelfte Hugsr MIU '.,
aa carios Mill. Ua., vjk
175 .
. J,
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J7B ....
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. . .
BT .
1 S-s s S
s s
Vxi'l -1 BKTWRfcM tUAttD8
V Mcllri1e. aurj, 8 OU! I'loiwr, 1V Vt m
H. A . Cai 50, 40.S)! TCwa, 80, 2S.0O;
Oahu Hug. Co.,rl, CMUO, J0L00. ,
.','., .' kmin tit.ra '. . .
,10 sassJnn turuocrow. , , '
; 1 . .. BUtiAK QUOTATION! , ' ,,' ...
v'iiilV-'?' '. j ' oeptembef 14, 11T. .
M analysts beets iuo advices). ... ' .
Partly if v iw :(,,' i -..in:.'"
, M Cent, (for Flawallsa surar) a go
" -tv J November 10, 1017. '
Wngapot v ....... .......... Bl SB
rjew., loth. ., 0L40 '
. : ' .-. ..'..! 1 .. .:' .!
p '.., 11 , 1 1 ,1,, .n.11 1 ,ii n,n ,i. ..11 tl
xpT f OHIW Norenilier 23 v.. (By Asso.
ttl frena-railcrwlag- are the opening
Mid closing qnotations at , stocks, ta , the
New York market restenlaTI ' 1
, ...I
Atucrfceaj Xuirar. ttet
Amerl-ae Beet ,
Asaorlatad OU . ...
Alaska '-Uulil . .....
Americas Locomotlv . i....i
Aiuerli-au Tel. Telv
.ncaai aineiter ........
AtMerti'Mi Xtar Kdry ,i.
tuaeowUa CoiHiee ,
tWilwiu flail Way .' .......
iiaiiiuiiire oi viuio t ;.'...
HotlilHheut 'IHMl B'. ..
1 aiiiuruia retnaeum
1 eurrsi tatner-u
Canndlati I'ac-ldc .
f'r M.Wk-rft.' Panl
Cvlo.- Vri A Iron
tirneinic nteel . ..;..,....
JMha MussrCami , .k.i.
hrle lOiuiiioa . ...
Uaasral iMn-UtcV. c..k,
Heneral 'Motors (naw)
tira Nnvtliarn pfd.- v;..v
iatornatlunsi l'er ......
Inrinstrtat AteotiiS-; '...i...
Kaaoawtt foiee ..",',,.
lhlgti ValTey Hallniad ...
New Vaek- Central, .
KaySU.nsatMlats4 .1,...
lUnaUliig eouiiinia t
Urfiiitillb'.lTiii evmmon v V."
HoiSlwrn Pacluc ........
tm on . .j '. ... . . .-.
Vnlted pistes Rnblwr , . ...
Pnl"", I'si-Hle : U ....,. .;
I mieii ruaienimn
y csr 'i ..ti,.,.,,
WiMUril union-
Westinghonae ,
A A. -...
iXfikisfEb securities:
HiHioliilUt .Noveuibcr Si; 1BIT.
: OIL " '
Lllon. Cent.OU'.'
: MIKING.;; ,,'
Hngels- Copper v .
Mluersl I'lfHlucte
ISoeutsta 'King ... ,
Monuiis niuuksiu .
Another ,'of tb.UVenV M MXM '
nnA futaina., XTv. . t . .. 1.-1.'. '1 1 . ... ' . . 1 .
" iMA-m. iVin JUBKBSUI-
knluni -whs" was the wife -of - tha
Hovernor ,(f Kguat rUtd recently,
that "Princess") Theresa ,ba4 grafted
me iw win, aeeorung to n. gtstenient
she had niade In conversation with
Mrs. Makakuikalani,
i i.
4 00
j. j
, .tst
.4-1 ,
KAN FltANCIMir,, November 8&-Ae-dated
l'rK-l'iSloMu , are, the .oirtng
nnd chwlug inmutioii ot sugar sad other
tiM-ka Iu the Han Francisco market je
tenlnv: '
pueik- I Clos-
lug mg
lliiw'n t'osi'l Hugnr .
Iliivvullun HiiKsr Co. ,
lloiiokns Kugr
linn IiIiikoii riuxiir Co,
Klluues , - . .-
1 mil 11 Suissr Co
Klillelx Cnper . . . . . .
ti..inwi Kugtir Co. . ,
(Hum Suiiur Co
t'liinilinn Ruicar (to. ,.
Honolulu oil . . . .
Honolulu I'lsntatlon .
una tEt-UlvWeosd. JCuiuotsd.
ftALRrt' ' '-"' k. -:
'. Montssa , :Imghsm; aU 44e: Usdrra
tiol.l. wm, Ik'; KugeU Conner. tl4, SOU;
Jloooliila OIL, 3070, 3 0;. Uouutaln Klug,
170, c. .1. .- mfv-.- 'J ' ,v'
. . Quotations on ths following rtew York
enrli aUM-ks, as wlrelasBed to The Adver
tiser by 'Utonebsia Co., hrei ,
vi eunas-- ieir-
- i. -, . . . 1 .
BIS Led us .'.....
tIsillMll . '. . . , . . . .
:inina Coiir . ........
Hsrgrsvea ,
I mm lllonxini ,,,,
Jeroilis Verde .
Jliu Hutler .
Msrsh . i. .......
Mother Uifte
Rsjr Hercules . ........
Uhm-uo Kula ,
Hex Con ,,
Kilver King Cons. . ....
JSiiHk luxtennlon , ,.
Hlefaiuund (.'upper 1
Karr Lake
(iraiwan Hold . ........
' .07
1 Ml
il.i-iu .m
.on .00
.11 '.VI
It.'JA . M
i.rmi; 1 So
U .H!Vk
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4.TU 4.7(1
4 W1 .4 (Ml
T.87H 1071)4
. 1 ; . .',; . .- ... :
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