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. HAWAIIAN , GAZETTE. ' FRIDAY, ! NOVEMBER 2., 1917. -SKM I-VT.fJCLV. . ;, ; "r ,
Head of Japanese Parliamentary
Mission Proposes -Concert To
Prevent Fortification of Pacific
Ocean Lands .V.';; -j l;
two co u ntrIeTare NaV- t
Commissioner Asks Why' Spend
Millions and Cites Border Be
tween United States and Can
ada' As Example of Plan
P ORTLAND, November- 22
(Associated Press) Pro
posals for a , Pacific' concert be
tween the- United -States and
Japan to the end that there shall
be no fortifications in the Pacific
Ocean were made by Commis
sioner Mochizuki, head of Japa
nese parliamentary mission, in a
.speech which . he delivered here
last night. His .suggestions came
with a startling suddenness and
his hearers hardly knew how to
take them some t putting their
trust In' hi-v . assurances while
others stilj, felt a lingering doubt
of the Japanese not fully dispell
ed by the achievements .'of Vis
count, Ishi! and "his mission. -'; -'-'
The commissioner's utterances
last evening were the most sur
prising of the many surprises
which the Japanese Commission
ers hare given to the people' of
the United States, and J have an-i
swered one1 of bis purposes at;
least, have: 'made, the , people
A guarantee that, the .Pacific
Ocean ihalt forever b frefrbif
fortifications, is the 'suggestioi
made last night; and ja $uppor'fr pi
the proposal an earnest, plea 'and
strong arguments were advanced,
by Commissioner Mochiyikw :: In
part he said:.-' , ."V '.i'
VV e of Japan are faced by the
necessity of retaining Marshall
Islands and : the .other. 'islaVids
which we, have take from' Ger
many. '-. , , '
"You of the United States have,
Guam and the Philippines.
"Why should our two nations
spend millions each in the forti-r
fying of these possessions? Whyl
should we race, to see which na
tion can ' build fattest 'and con
struct the1 most and the longest
line of floating fortresses?
"Let us banish the distrust of
the past fdr which there has been
no real cause and come to an
agreement that the possessions
of the: two nations need Hot rbe
and shall not be fortified against
'ach other. : ; ' V'WV''H''
" Why not have an understand
ing like" the one between the Unj
,ted States ftnd'Canada' where you
have no fort along your borders
and no war craft in your Great
Lakes? , ,;-v'-'' -. ;'
"I ran see no reason, can you! The
T'nlted State arc tibt la conflict either
geographically omrereiallr or politie
ally. WeWwell be friende end show
our t runt la tho friendship of one an
other. It would mv million to u
both. It i a atop .in tha way of inter-national-disarmament
sad Ike peest of
the world a well." ,
COPENHAGEN, November 21 (A
anciated IteniORegulationa 'by ' 'toe
Gennea goveYnioeat. 1ljng for the re
port on all' properties ia Germany be
Ihnging to enem.r eltir.en. have been
ertended toj Amef jean. Property of
such a nature will be used ai the bails
for financial reprisal. ',- ' ''.!
TOKIO. 'Nov. 1 rSiMMjial to Nitibh '
.hjii-j. enoiioi, newly appointed mu.
ister from Rumania to Japau who ar-J
rlve.l here a few dnya ago, was formatt
ly presented to the emperor yesterday
uonvjEomn steamer goes
Wireless Received; In Honolulu Tells of Disaster' and Asks That
? ;Watch Shall Be Kept For Boat Possibly Heading This Way;
:V Fifteen Are Saved In, Ship's Boat Picked Up , ; ' ; (
' '' -,v.. ' ." '
- 'Kemaffea eent to Honolulu from 0omt point at- were re eie..1 Jaat eight
telliSg Offcthe founderiaf of a Norwegian etpaniM ami the renooe of a pnrt of
the erew. The meenaire a(d there might be another nhlp'iiboHt afloat end making
foe Honolulu and aVl that a lookout be kept for it. The meinnge anya
The Norweglaa eteamer Thor foundered in n storm, it position being )atl
tude 84 North, longitude 181 West. . v -
r. One boat with flfteea f the rrew wa virked up this morning in Lntitnd'r
31 North Longitude 16Q Went. One more boat mnv yet he floating and steering
a course toward Honolulu, Mease take alt precautions for saving her. '
The aptein, two mates, ateward sad purser were in the boat which waf
pki w.k'''"9-v V ..:' ''ft''1
Hatiaiffis, Criticised (For Lack
Hfebf Middle Class Owne
I.intE, "November ; '51-i-(Spelal 'to
The Advertiser) At a meeting held in
im mimwj vvmt nitirravRllvv ill Li
of New Vork nrged that the Undivided
patriotism of the people and of all of the
people be ehowa in every way that may
be asked in the conduct of the war.
l ''.Proposed change in the homestead
ing law Received another severe set
back at the hand , of Senator. Myers
of Montana who enoke forcibly on the
subject and the absence In Hawaif of
land ewaem and home buiidere.of the
middle elase. . ,yt- ,
Compares 'yVttfc Iluada r ', . C 1 , '
"Vou iBtint have a lack of su h res
idents .In the Territory of Hawaii,"
said Senator-Myera, "Just a tliere it
a similar lack In Russia and Jdeiieo.
That lack ia those countries has pro
duced present conditions of revolution,
strife and anarchy.
,4,If you want to be an integral part
of the American Union aad take your
proper place ia the honor roll Of our
great aad splendid commonwealth 1 you
must gwt
middle elase and
Return, Home By Way of Siberia;
;H. Radicals. Offer All. Peoples ; . ii
Immediate Armistice; :
November, 2a-(Aa-soeteted
i foeM)Oo'nsular , despatches
tay that the disorder which have bee a
oeenfrihg U Odesevfor the past sev
eraj day hive finally been cheeked. '
. Americana are leaving Petrograd for
nome. The first party, eighteen
.number,, have departed, from the Rue
sian capital, leaving la a special ear
aoet they will proceed by way, of Si
beria and thence cross the Pacific.
Whether they are. women and children,
leaving at, advised by . Ambassador
FrancJa the despatch did not state.'
a" Petrogtad. the "pohtleal aitoatioV
M juue it aaangeii,,? i tie , Maximilist
and . Bolshevikia are in, control. . l)ea
patthA ? that a political eommuBtaue
ha been ..issued . . whinh savs: '.'The
Workmea, ' Sailors , and Soldiera'.
council nas assumed the power and the
obligation to offer to all of the people
engaged in tbe terrjble war aa armis
tice U take, effect immediately on ail
front ahd -during which terms of
peas can be arrangad. ,
The Swedish press carries news that
Kaledtne'a army of Cossack is now
proceeding to Moscow, buthis news
I not confirmed.
General Brusailbff former Rusxiun
eonimaBder, has been wounded in the
leg by a shell which hit hi house in
Moscow during fighting there.
' ...
Drastic Regulations . Against Un
7 .y. riatuf alized ' Germahs
WASHINGTON, November 21 ( Aa
ioriated Prcss)-Today j the last day
upon, which Germans iiojt Wlly natu
ralised and who came to the I'nited
Ktateh ' line' wart wat declared, may
'ili'-Wah1ngton. After midnight
tonight 11 wh. Germans will le in
terned. ,
' Drastic regulation of enemy aliens
In the United State and a plan for a
oatlon-wid guard against' war-plotters
and , German , mischief -makers are re
vealed in order today from Attorney
Genera)ijGrfatry.i relating to the con
duel of the aliens; ,r i. i
Tbe:for4- allow private uurds at
dockl and pierund bar alieu from sc
ces to them. I'ulted HloAe murahals
are. iupewlsiBjf .ts removal of the
enemy aliens from the "oue" from
which they are barred. '
Army commander have been reliev
ed of the. duty of assigning troops to
guard industrial - works hod railroad.
The department of wa has a general
pian ts cooiteraie .win tUe btate sy-
tern of. lateraal control, o tht the
Bghtfng force. ;of the bZA State.
will nnk hm. h,ib -w .i
Z i . m .
? 'dLr!i:P" ",1 . T' "i'"Ury '
troops made up of exempted druft meii
oiu soiuiers ana oiners.
It uiay be' imposHlble to prevent an
accident, bat it is not im liOMSiltlri to ltd
prepared for It. Chambsrluiu's Pain
iUalm is net beyond anyone ' purso, and
with a bottla of thl. bnfuieut vou are
'prepared Jtor.most. anything. WrsaU
by all ; dealers. Benson, Smith A Go,,
. Lita, Agta. ror tlawaii.Advenisement.
Owners of Homes
them to l,e land owners and home
builders. ' .
No Changs In Law 4 '
: Seaator Myers added that be favors
law that will get the greatest possible
number of homesteader in the short
est possible time end doe not favor
a government landlordism which he
characterizes as un American, unpatri
etie and more like a monarchy than a
republic. .
. Until the legislature shall memorial'
lise congress he said, there Will be no
changes in tha present lawa a con
tained in the Organic Act.
, The Governor "roasted" the rival
financial interests of Kauai for not
getting together and said that his ad
ministration was ready to enforce the
haw while at' the same, time .attempt
ing to meet the Boancial responsibili
ties of the Territory. ,, v. V
K. H. W. Rroadlie'nt, manager of thp
Oroya Karm I'laetntion urged the gov
ernment to conserve the water supply
aa carefully as it sonpht to conserve
the land. '- ' '' ' .
" 1 "' ': -;.' -i'
Plans For . Self Government For
. Erin Continue Halted In Mak
ing; Report Awaited '
COPENHAGEN, November 21 (As
ted Press) There is much speculation
in Dublin a to the meeting of the
Grand Committee of the Irish Conven
tion which are taking place In Trinity
College. It i expected that the com.
mittes soon will renort to the coriven-
tion, and by then it should bej possible
to form a pretty definite guess as to
wnetner the convention can aeeorpuso
the work entrusted to it .
The convention having debated at
large, with a very free, Interchange of
views, the varioua aspects of te Irish
question, directed its. Grand Committee
to attempt, to evolve a plan or 'plans
Tor submission to the general body. If
the committee can do that, the difficul
ty' will have been surmounted and an
agreed result seem eertain. ' f
: The . committee Is really a smaller
edition of the convention, ' containing
representatives of all the patties and
lucJudlng its best ' minds and mqa't ex--perieneed
men.' '-Whatever it agrees to
recommend is likely of adoption by the
Convention.- Several reference-. ,Liv
been made in publio speeches by mem
bers of the convention to its -work.
They have eome from Ulster men,
Southern Unionists and Nationalists,
government nominees and county coun
cillnm. Vhey have all been sanguine
in tone.
The Unionist Press in Belfast which
is known to be iu touch with some lead
ing members of the eonventiou con
tinues quite irreconcilable and rumor in
Dublin, which privately discusses the
speeches at the convention as freely as
if they bad appeared in the news
papers, furnishes no suggestion that
the Ulster men have a yet agreed, to
a plan of settlement.
Unlike the Nationalists, the Ulster
delegate are bound to consult their
organisation outside and a meeting has
been held between the , delegates and
the Advisory Committee appointed by
the Ulster Unionist Council at which
a full discussion of the situation took
place. During his recent visit to Lon
don Sir Horace l'lu'ukett aw the Prime
Minister and it is supposed Informed
him of the prospects of the convention.
Sir Horace remain very .hopeful of .a
successful result. ;
El PasotViifBe '
Most On
Thanksgiving Eve
JCL. PASO, Texas, November 12
( Associated - Press-) Hvery ' sol
jliee ; lu the . fcl I'aM dlsic will
have aa invitation vto be the guest
of au Kl Paso organlxation on Thsuks
giving uigbt if the. plans of the sol
diers ' welfare and recreation cpni'mit,-
. ., " - v
?a?i ,i0W, Vy haV "I1
fc-Tn il tTXTZV" ""
inouve on that night for the trooper
is wors out. - au or the women 'a or
llieiu. . A uuailicr of elaborate musi
' literary progran.s ar. be!
terary programs are beinv
planued. The soldier, will be sent
written iuvitation and will be guests
of In. nor of the clubs on that night.
NEW VORK, Nov. 21 (Associated
Prerts) Ten tlimiMAml tnm, -
stored here for the Rusainn governnimit
ba- bei n seired bv the American food
administrator aud "will be placed ou the
local market immediately.
Report For Week Is Less Favor
"able Than a Week Ago But
i('May Be Spasmodic Effort.(To
Recover Ground Then Lost
LONDON,. November L'2 -Assm-inted
Press) Heavier toll was taken Issl
week by the Huns In their campaigt.
of submnrine rutblcssnemi. While thl
hopes of last week that ths i-mpniKi
was at an and of nenr its end wer
dampened the losses did not begin ti
approach those of early ilur of las',
summer and of the lute Hju-inj; end an
veil below the average of the campaign
'aval observers said It miht he a spas
iodic effort and the results have fol
lowed added force pot forward nftot
the failure of the previous week.
Report of the disasters of the week
ending November 17 iasued by the Hrit
ish Admiralty say thet there were tei
vessels of over MOO tons lost in the
submarine warfare and "v.-n muier.
The report furthir sny Mint o-i Nov"
ember 18, in the Mediterrnncan. a Brit
ish patrol boat was sunk hy n i,nnnrine
with a lose of four officer sad flvi
men. ' ' ..-
I'atiin losses for the wck Avere ore
large vessel sunk anil one damaged
s torpedo but kept sflont and tow
ed into port.
Britrsh losses from the i nmpnirn of
rutlilessness since Februnry 1!) hove
been aa follbws:
Over Under Weak
Week. ,. . f,".
b. 2 , ''i. ......
Mch ,. ....... .
1600 1600 ly
Tons Ton Total
1" r! 21
14 0 2.1
Ul 4 17 ,
Id h 24 '
I" 7 25
1 U 31
17 2 19
19 9 28
40 13 5.V
.1 i:i Bl '
24 22 46
18 . 2!l
18 9 27
18 1
15 3 18
22 HI :i2
27 fi .12
21 7 28 '
IS S 20
14 .1 17
14 4 18
21 1 21
18 21
19 2 21
U 1 It
15 H
18 5 22
20 :t 2:1
12 0 18
8 20 28
i:i 2 15
11 2 111
14 "'' 2 Ifl
12 v. 7 10
1 T 'V II)
H ''4' 18
1 ' 5 ' ii
Mch. 2.1
Apr. I .'
Apr, 8 ,.
A 1 -
Apr. ti U;1
Apr. 5.
May 6 . j,-.-. . . . .
May 1.1
Mnv 80-,
May 27 .
June 2 .
June ,f . . .'
Jnne 10 ,
luae 2.'l . '.,.
June 30
Julv 7 . . . ,
Jul'v 14 . .
July 21
July 28
Aug. 4
Auk. 11
Auk- IS
Aug. 25
Sept. 1
8ept. 8 . . ,
Sept. IS
Sept. 22
Sept. 29
Oct. 7
Oct, 14
Oct. 21
3ct. 28
Nov. S
Nov. 12
Service Between Garden Islanc
and Honolulu Will Be In
- creased Immediately
The Jiitr Island -steamer Kiiiiiu will
make two tr',w a week instead of one,
beginning next Monday, November 2tl.
A new eiiii,weekly sailing whedule lim
bec n prepurcil by the Iuter Isliin.l of
fices, ii.v whiih tU Kiuau-wi1l lie run
after she m rives from Kauai, ('mlc-i
Ihft new srhi. IiiIa thi immI Im
to leave here on Mondays and Wednes
lays ror Kauni, wbereus ander the ul
4che.(liil nIic lias heen mnkiitr nnlv
trip to the Harden Islsnd each Week,
leaving here on Tuesdays and returning
on SumlnvM. , t "
'Beginning on Monday the Kinau wil
leave with mail, passengers and freight
at five o'clock In the evenjbg, arriving,
at Naniliwili the followiug liiornin
She will iend the whole day diw-hurg
ing ami taking mail, freight and paneii
gers at Nuwiliwili, Kolou and Aliukiui
Hlie will leave Nawiliwili on the Mtmc
eveniug for this port, arriving here tin
next morning, thus completing the firm
The following da, Thursday, she wili
load lien- nint begin her second trip
leaving here for I'ort Allen at jlhe sum.
hmir 11s mi the firut trin On uri-i.-i.,.
thorn Thursday morning she will lun
man, rreigni ann paHheuger at 1 or'
Allen mill Xntl-iliwitl unit tiu..tiur,riii,.
freight at each of the other ports a
.1. 1 1. 11 . .
file iiinni-n rucii i-hii. wil r riiiay t-lu
will loud Migar at Wuimeu, and at foiii
j'cloik that afternoon lie will leuvi
hut port fir I'ort Alien, again leaving
1'iirt Allen nt five o'clock, 'returning
here the next morning, Saturday.
It Iiiin lieeii found uocessury for tl
new iliiine to be'mude, hpt only fin
tliH lienet'it of the liMMxeniem t.ii I'm
the cprrving of the Isliiml prodiii tn a
czar is hmm
NFJW YORK, Novemlicr 21 (Asm,
cialed Press) The New York properti
of Nicholas KomaiiofT, ei-Citnr of l(n
sia, was attnehed yesterday, result 1 n,
from n suit l n murine trausort:il i"i
service cniporatiin for 2 800,000. Tin
suit is based on alleged lirench of nm
tract by the emperor, runstituting Hi.
Kusniuu government.
Three United States Naval Offi
cers and Eighteen Wen Go
Down With Chauncey Fgllow
ing Collision In War Zone
.WASHINGTON, November 22
.,..( Associated Press) As tho remit
. of a collision on Monday, three
.United States Naval officer wont
to the bovtom with tho United
Bute, torpedo boat destroyer, are
tho advices received last evening
. from Admiral sims. The collision
occurred In the war tone, he said
In his cablegram to the navy da
' part ment.
- Uoutenant Commander Walter
Eeno, Lieutenant Charlee Weder- '
.burn, Ensign Harry Skinner and
eighteen enlisted men woro loit,
the bulletin of the nary depart
ment announced at the aaaie time
reporting publicly the cablegram
of Admiral Sims.
With what vessel the torpedo
boat destroyer collided, whether'
It wraa another ship of the United
gutes'navy or not, whether any .
were saved from the little fighting
craft the bulletin does not say
' It merely announced tho disaster,
tho casualties and the ocenrronco
' In tho war roue. Later detail
re expected today, the bulletin
RAN FBANf'Isro, November 22
(Aseorialed I'ressi Only, two day
were required to m-cure a jury to try
.he thirty-seven alleged conspirators to
iolate the ' neutrality of the I'nited
states by foment ing a revolntion in
India and among whom are Included
oorg Kodiek ur.,1 H. .V. Kehroeder of
lonolulu. ,
While the exiiminntion of jurors went
dowly during the morning session of
the court It wan speeded up in the af
ternoon and rapid progress was made.
It was a surprising incident that so
few challenges Here exercised after the
noon recess and so few talesmen ex
cused. This morning the prosecution will
pen its ease, end I'nited States At
torney Preston will present hi case
to the jury and announce what it will
be the purpose of the prosecution to
If the case proceeds on as rapidly
as nm tne jwom of securing a Jury it
. t.. u
month. we"k" "",","d 0
, j - - -
Sonoma and Ventura Are Two
of Them, Is Report
Three more vessels sre to be takes
ivor by the government, according to
silviees from the niainlnnd recently.
The Bonnina aud Ventura, of the Oce
inic Line, hav been named as two of
tlu'iii, and are expected to he taken
ver on their arrival Ht San Francisco.
According to the report, thee vessels
ill be taken off the Wnn Francisco
Sydney run and possililv placed in the
tluntif, although it is suid that the
'ormer will resume the present " run
All of the American' liners, it is re
norted, ure to be taken from the Faci
le for active service 011 the Atlantic
Drean, and in place o them, nine
itenmers from the Nippon Yusea Ksi
shu line will be used to ply between
Seattle, nn, I the Orient.
As the Japanese have agreed t
i.orts will lie handled by the Japanche
iu the near future.
LIT! D Dllll n lUJinr
The Inter Inland Me'unsliip Compnnv
m i considering the letter of the
lionnl of harbor conimissionere in which
re in which
asked if it
the shipping -company was
would enter into an agreement with
lrf'HUo. The'LrrnfotT-
sire to proceed with its plun under
.pi.rpriations anthoriaed by the lust
legisluture unless some ugreement' wn-
lc Kisiut ore unless some ugreentent' wni
-o 11. I i I t
It ii reported that the Inter Islun l
directors fnwr the use of this' wharf
providing the proposed pier has whan'
shed erected over it. Superintendent
of 1'nlilir. Works Hobby, who is nl"
chairman of tho harbor boardf is author
ity for the statement that the wh.'iif
ulicil will le built. From ftilo conic- -i
npiirt that the company so favom 1 1 1 - -lliin
that it is willing to tmrshase
0(10 worth of territorial bonds, a tli -money
for buililinif the wharf comes cut
of bond issue moneys.
moves the cause. Used the world over
to cure a cold in one day. Tbt aigua
ture oi K. V. CKOVK is on each b .v
Manulnctund ly tic i'.VKIS V 8II
C1N CO.. S'.. Miuis, M S A.
' . , ' -" . 1 - ' "
Forces of Von Hindenburg ShaU
j tered and French Also
Strike Telling Blow
WASHINGTON, November 22 (Assot-tatetl Press) In the
C'aniiirai sector of the Western Front the most telling and
effective blow yet tlirected against the Teutons was delivered yes
terday by the British forces of General Haig and under the com
mand of Lietit.-tien. Julian Byng. Von 1 1 indenture's line wa
umashed and broken along a thirty-two-mile trout 'and penetrate I
t0 ,a.,ePlh of niore lhan five miles. At nigbtfall tlie triumphant ad-"
vance still continued, General Pershing was present to witness the
While the British were striking this deadly blow the French
opened a strong attack north of the Aisne taking strong defenses
and making prisoners of 175 in a gain of a quarter of a mile.
On the Italian front, the situation was unchanged, according to
German reports while in Palestine the British have advanced to
within five miles of Jerusalem and the fall of the city in imminent.
Last night the British cavalry were at Bourlon Wood, just
west of Cambrai. and the British advanced lines were within four
miles of Cambrai in some places and less than five "in others.
further "strategic 'retirement", by von Hindenburg appeared, in
evitable.' ' : - ' . .' :'''-.s' ...':." ''
, vj;.n the face of a cold and driving rain storm the British advance'
was made. .While the preparations had been made by the artillery
fire of-past days when the actual drive commenced there was no
indication of its coming in a quickening of .drum fire or . intensify
ing 01 tne barrage. Instead of the customary cover curtain of artuV
lery the attack was of a "steam roller" type and the much dreaded'
British tanks and the infantry drove fprward together, an irresistible'
and uncheckable element that drove terror into the hearts of the
-Huns. , v-'; .' '.
Through mud and rain the advance continyed steadily... Tlie
1 m line 01 neienera t 1 1 inn hn
1 - -
"ward the BritonH Prsd
wil uic iiitu oenma mem tne capturea points of Masnierre ftnd.
Marcoin, directly south and within five miles of Cambrai, Havrin
court, Flcsquieres and Graiftcourt, the drive, having been made upon
Cambrai frqn ta, outh, and west, J, t , . '! 'i--'.'i -.,v;
Before this bhslauchr. the 'Hutu vir foli;' w,t, : .1: il
1 last night broken and shattered.
with their, dead ami wounded. Thousands had surrendered. Yester
day afternoon in the house of commons itwas announced that last
cHori .rum tne ironi at noon tola
ing been brought in, and others going to the rear in a continuous
stream. At dusk the Huns were trying to hold, their last line of
.lefense before Cambrai and this had been cut at severahpoints. '
Over wire entanglements, over trenches, went the British 1 tanks
and with them went infantry and cavalry. The artillery showered
shells far ahead of them but not in an intense barrage. On reaching
the second defenses tlte resistance was less pronounced than at the
first. Jor the fleeing Boches had carried word of the disaster that was
overtaking-themnd the morale was breaking.. Taking the second
defenses the advance continued steadily onward, capturing minpr
positions here and there, clearing out dugouts of occupants, but ever
moving forward. ; The whole line west of the Canat dn Nord and the
liaupaume-Cambrai road had been captured and the advance pro
ceeded on still further. ' ' ' . v . ;, ,
The morning attack had resulted in the capture of Ben Avfi,
I p tn. 'ill Vrtr-1 on A Di'k... 'PK .fa. - - 1 A. a
-f other positions which the Huns had so fortified they
j1 '" ved them to be impregnable. .
nvm ni mm .
In admitting the disaster on the West front the Berlin official
report said that the German rear lines had finally succeeded in check
ing the British advance, but that the latter were still usine nowerful
f"rces ,n al1 of Cn,r r. The same official report told of an
J, ttat k -v the Frn:h the Aisne sector and declared that on the
Italian front the positions of the nnunsiner fnrrc ucr im,.H5n.i
.Uhoiigh heavy fighting had continued throughout the day - '
If thi4 nttarb tli ' Pr..,-li . ,n",.-;-.l ..x.4 . .. .' .1.-. !
I v..v v..,..a. niun duiu viiai utiaCKS 111
; force by the French in a driving storm had carried them 400 vard
:rward in a brilliant dash and that important positions had been
taken north of traonne'and Kern- Aub.tr. This gain wa, along a front
MX Utiles in length. ' , . , ' i, .
Washington officials consider that the drive made by General
1 1 . 1 . ,. . ., , ,
, 'i.'K aiiuj inuudj' i me ii-aicsi mow mat nas ueen tlelivereu
lot iermany yet in the whole course of the war, It is surmised that
the (ienfians on the West front must be short of ammunition and
Mipplies .taken 'from them to sujiply the Anstro-German forces on
1 lie I talian front.
! LONDON. November 21 -( Associated, Press)The British
mnit'j. in Palestine are maintaining their steady progress toward
liTiisalem. routing the Turks in all engagements. They' are now
nl live miles front the Holy i "it y.
A thousand Germans have been captured by the British in East
Alt ii a.
j I'AKIS, November 21 - (Associated Press) The daily Matin
;irries a despatch that the Au.strians have agreed to spare Venjcc
..ii the appeal of the Vatican. If taken it will be placed under the
;.ioiectioii of a patriarch. The only condition is it must b utide-i-m.led
in event of an Italian retreat. :,
th .a.M a l j r-.-.i
the day advanced and in the after
- b . ,,tk.i m- aiui u. . 11 1 .
Trenches they had held were filled
of eight thousawi prisoners hav-
-.j 1
1, t i

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