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Five Witnesses r Have Been. tJr
., lt, Will Be. Subpoenaed Fronl Ter
ritory of Hawaii and Books
'o j and Paper AreJUso Required
.',.'. Vforatiog of Neutrality of United
i States In Effort To Foment
devolution' In India Forms the
Basis of Charges
,21 U-; (Associated tVess) ,
Trial of what is known as the
,fndia Conspiracy Case", was be
' gun In the federal court yesterday
when, thirty-seven of the forty-r
two who were indicted upon
' charges of conspiracy to violate
the neutrality of the United States
were placed on trial. ' Dismissal,
, of the indictments against five
were secured ' by . their counsel.
Among the thirty-seven who must
face trial are GeorgRddiek, for
mer Consul fpr Germany In Ho
. nolulu, and II. A. Schroeder, who
was an employe of Hackfeld &
Company, with which Rodiek was
also connected, and who acted for
the interests of Germany for a
time after kodiek was relieved
' front further sen'ice "as Consul for
Germany. --
, Jeast' . five witnesses' have
f ...... ,i, , ,
. been or will be subpoenaed from
';'' the Territory of tfawaii . to give
, , testimony m the case. . These in-.
( "elude F; W. Klebahn, with Hack
, fetd & Company, in. the shipping
department ; John Siler, a former
clerk in the same house;, Harol
1 ( C. , Kill, also iv former Iackfeld
' tmplglyej.Sarangatiadr Das, an'
Indian- employed- n ptaikUtion on
i tW-IUnl pt Maui vhemiat, and th
. . wifft of tl Ut nancd..' : ',
Eodiak ia- represented by, Theodore
Boeke, na eoanael, and there are fifteen
Crma of attorneyi employed by the de
". ,fendaata.;'i) .i i tj-, n .'. 'i.i v - ; j:
.' , ladietmenta. againit. M. Martinet, a
' well-to-do r'aident of 8an Diego; Leopol
Michel and fonaer part owner of the
: i JVlaerirk,' U eaael which figured
' largely, the proceedings, : of . the al
. . t leged -eonepiracyj? a resident of thia
eityt Erneot.CV JCnona of New York.
Jtulph Kuas anil the defendant Howard
. '. wero diatnisjed, and then the work; of
' aerorinf a. jury to try the remaining
i thirty -aevea jointly started and made
.' good progreaa for the prooerution, al
: : though wbea ehallenges are, entertained
from., the defense the number secured
r; "yesterday may be greatly reduced.
.. . Other avidenee wauted from Honolulu
.. wilt be .documentary , and. will be fur
- nlshed by book and papers for the pro
t wluotion of which avbpoeua dure tecum
. hae bee inaued.
- ; . ,0:hr defendants known ia Honoluln
are the .former , commanders of the for
mer (lermaa Veesels, Ahlera and Hot
. etuia. It ia aaid that at least ISO wit
ymtm fhif be, callwl and that the tria
jitay -eontiMe on for as long as throi
ntouthx, though a mere speedy endin)
ia within, the bounds of possibility,
i, fho rasiifleatlons of tha ease in which
:; the.thirtT-aeronfdefendants jaxe now be
ing" tried,, attend . back' to a period
months before the United States hai'
. aovored diplomatic relations with Ger
,. many. They are aaid to have starter
. through the machinations of a group ol
liwliaa student of the "baboo class'
' and to have, extended from Ban Fran
cisco through, the rUa rooms f twe
', groat vnivermtie of the Stat of Cali
foruia to IniUa, to have Involved Oer
mat offieiahlum extended even to her
lia brought into ita rank Sinn Fein
era. It cam to- nothing, however, at
far a direct' results were concerned. '
Vast ouantitiea of documentary' evi
deace will be presented by the proseeu
' tion, it is saiX . The United States At
toruey aad his assistants who will eon
duct the prosecution express the strong
v et cenfidenee of securing a (rumjter ut
eoavtetibna. -d ' .yfr -- -.
'FRANCE,. Wovember 20 (Associated
Presa--Uerman slfell smashed through
the roof of a chateau on the Freoer
front wherev American regimental head
quarter bus been establinhed and ex
pUdd loairle,- doing much damage
f-eversl orHoers were there, including
f rolnno .but none w h"-t. Ann'H
ncrrow r"cpe o,eurred when a shell
. dropped ia s road behind an American
. f end .P,',4',,'f. fhrannel flvln'
rver troop while they war stopped
'for mens on the road killed ou aur
wounded thro others.
Secretary Angus Erly . Say's Ter-
ritory Has Furnished In Militia
ana . enlistments Ail But Nine
Of Quota Crowder Informant
LTffTO, November 20 (Special
U Tha Advertiser) No draft U .
oanartt from Hawaii la the state- ,
Bient for which Anfrua Erly, prt
Tato aet rotary of Dalogat Kuhlo,
t raeponalblo,,' Tlie territory will.
' tot be called upon to furnish any
men for the aocond draft, or If It
la asked to, only nine will bo need- ,
od, , - .. , . .
, It la aaid the mUiti' force of
tha Territory and tha namber who
have air Ml y nllatM from her
- mak np a number which provides
f or 4 who, might required to
. mak up Hawaii's quota for th
second draft except alna. ' -. .' -
Secretary Erty txys that h has
this ' Information from Provost
Uanhal Orowdor JilmaelX. ., -.
. What wat II wall' quota for
the first draft has never been .
mads known In th Territory be-
yond the statement that th num
br of man in jfce national guard
xceeded It when combined, with
sn'Jatinents 'mads, and no annoanc-
. mant, so ftx a haa been heard.
has boon mads as to the quota for
the second draft, s t . .
, Until the draft quota for Hawaii is
ordered front Washington and the local
draft board caanot. act apes the names,
Major Green, selective draft officer will
refus to permit Filipinos (o ienve Ha
waii fo h , Coast, . Six , Filipinos,
j hose , names were , in . th draft list
made application yesterday for per
mission ,to. loav tho. Island for bas
Francisco, and' were refused. .
'.The major, ia denying the applica
tions, ,oggested, th4t the party before
lira pass the . word ' along . to their
friend sad. -te Filipino gonernlly.
jtajor Green asserted that a large num
JCT of Filipinos ' had left the Inland
inoe the draft npmbers wer drawn,
md tbore appeared to le a movement
i'or a larger erodus, due, ia large
nwasure, to fthe bonus , money , which
Vhry " received as " laborers on planta
tion. .' . r ,
Home of the Filipino said they want
ed to go to iSan Francisco to spend
their tnp"y. .It was , his , expreaaed
Opinion that Filipinos thought , by. go
ing away they might escape the tall
to arms.. His contention was that at
though the "goverament would keep
rack, of them ia California or wher
ver they went, it aUo involved eon
uderable expense and tabulation of
esords. Ho stated also that in the
syCjOf Hpaniards. seeking to leave at'
this time, tte some action would bo ap
plied. ' : . ' v
Visiting Congressmen Reach Ka
uai In Best Spirits
j j j .1.' ' " '.V
LrnUE, November 20 (Special to
The Advertiner) No better weather
'or the trip to Kauai than that enjoy
d by the congressional party could
lavs been anltei and the visitor sr--ived
h-ire in the best. of spirit and
vers extended the heartiest Nf wel
ome." Arrangement Were splendidly
nad and .were excellnntly earried out,
, Huroesteadin' will be brought to .the
tteiitiOn of the legislators ever mors
Irominently than on the Island of .Ha
jaii and local speakera yesterday prom
aed that the Hubjret would be present
ed with the utmost frankness.
,x . r tlml , . a .
WASHINGTON, November 80 (As
tociated' J'n-ss) Testimony recently
riven before the Interstate Commerce
Commission indicated that railroad fe
mritie have doclined less than others
.ad that the operating revenues from
'are are far iu excess of the estimator
.'i led by the roads when they asked for
rate increases. v ,'
Up to Kept. .10, this tentimony show,
d, the operating revenues were 283,
KKI.OOO, whereas the, estimate was onl.i
2;5, (M0p0(XI. It is .claimed this, prove
-hat the roads are not in dangerous
lnancial circumstances. .'
.WAWIINQTON November 20 (Ai
oelated l'feas) Ilenry Fbrd, notod
iuto mnnnfaeturer and former paeiflst
Sas agreed to aid tbe V. Hi Emergency
Fleet Corporation by entering a deal
for the , stamlardizution of part to
ipeed np shipbuilding. Ford is already
building small (hip parts in hi mo
or factories.
'- '
When you have a bad rol l you want
i remedy that will not ouly fci. relief,
'ut effect a prompt ami jicruionout
ure, a remedy that is plesHur.t to take,
k remedy thst contains nothing Inju
rious, i'hauilierluin ' Cough liemtoly
neela all tbcoe requiremeiits. It acts
Nature's plan, relieves the luugf,
ids expectoration, oieiis the e.-'r.lii;i:s
nd restores the jiystem to a healthy
oiidition. This remedy has a world
vid sale aud use, and cau always be
(npeaded upon. For sale by all dealers,
tensor, Smith Co., Ltd. Acts, for
ilawaii. Advertisement.
a k . .i. 4 . J-t .'A
III I A 'Ml fll ILFK1
Effort - To ' Be . Made To Induce)
.; 3,uoo,uuo f oreigners To
Study English '.
Americanization la
Oatober i KK-War
a . sigoiflcant. fea-
turs of ;tlrt fhird America', First"
campaign-announced today; by the de
partment of the laterlor borsaa ' of
edueStloB. This -ahiqiie plan ,1s already
being worked out. in New . York.. City
by an official of the national commit
teo of On hundred which 1s sssoela
ted with th bureau as advisory coun
cil on America alsation. ...J.? '.i'
The aim of the third campaign will
be directed toward stimulating ths H;
quisitios of the, English", language. by
all immigrants, and toward inspiring a
genuine allegiance to th I'nited States
on the part of all ejtixens.' ..' . , , -
Ofliclal records show that approx
iroately 3,000,000 foreign -born whites
residing in the 1'nlted Htate do. , not
speak tnglihs ' Only, a small . number
of these -bavS attaadod eveuliig school
to iearn the languago Uidispensabls'tp
employment, . biiaines and, social rela
tions In this .country. Concerted effort
will be but forth fo indue these ,im
mlgiantr to learn English, anil, scquir
a' knowledge of tha govel-hmept, insti
tution h. ideals of. the United Htate.
America's part ijj the war and th sbf.
ligations of an immigrant to th country.-during
the. 'war.- offloia) of j th
uurenO believe,. Should,, be made clear
to all those attending evening school.
To give thia information, will be aa
important phase of the war American-
izatiOn plan.
DueitO conditions that have arise i
as a result ; Bf " the, '. war Bet ram Gl
Rivenburgh, land . commissioner whs
haa just returned, from a trip -to Ha
waii with ; th party of visitiag conj
gressmeai advances, the view; that tk
Territory shoald hold, An to all .of its
sugar lands, i He urge,. Immediate ac
tion by ongresa to keep ths lands, of
the Territory-intact, so as to cause
so decrease in , th production ot
sugar at this time.-v.. -.v.' j
' In talking- oa the: qoestipn of Iandf
ho added that conditions, any -chsng
after tho war, when sugar lands snay
be given out for homesteadlng. ' Ths
eommiasloaer- contended that la aotnsv.
steading tha government . for a long
time realises little or no revenue from
land.-' . t,. . i
Ths Commissioner .' stated he' - wal
going ahead with the work ' . of . diav
posing of between, 0000 and 7000 acre
for homestcading, It is land .thai
does aot grow sugar but isy bs com
tend valuable . for , other . purposes
Homestcading . of . this . charaster, he
says should be encouraged, as it will
increase ths resources of the Tcrrir
Joe Woodward, a . stevedore, . had
pnt of hi fingers terribly . crashed
while working at Tier 0 yesterday af,
ernoou. . The injured member eaughi
in the heavy tackle while beef as-b
ng dointed from the ship to the wharf,
tnd it ia feared that amputation, be ,
ow the second joint will be 'neeossary.'
. lit- was given first, aid , by , BhlpTs
"Surgi-on Clark, who was near. at. the
luie of the. onfortunat accident,.
11 -
WASniNQTON, November
soeiated Press) Renewed warnisgs are
beinir posted in the navy yards of the
United Htates. at the, direction, of tb,e
navy department, warning all employes
and others therein to bewars of spies.
The warning eantion employes npt V
talk of what is done, i being dona or
is plnnned, that there are "enemy arx:
"very wlier,. -; Don't' discuss naval af
fairs, movements of. ships or cargoes
with strangers, or foreigners. .Don'
trust anyone aoknown, . f ' , i
EI. PA60,' November ?0 (Associ
tad l'reii)-Americaas wore fired on
last week by Mexicans 'while banting
northwest of here. ' Jetr Olave. an A
rican wa shot through th,legs.
Mi s MOINEH, Iowa. November 20---Ah
iated I'ress") Th constitution!
lnieniliiiciit calling for prohibition, -in
Ton a appears . to bw been ' defeated
'.v n vote of SJ. Th election' Wa
held October 19. but was n cjof that
the r.-xult ha just been deternilsed. , '
PKKINO, NovemlMr 20--(Assoc'inted
TresB) President Feng Kwon Cheng
Will P
t i . ' 1.'- 1 . . !
. j ..i . i . . ;
bns accepted the resignation of Tuntniis
liu .iiii a minuter
of war but Tea
rctaius th premiers
tit? tTtV If
ULfA 1
Partial llctCirni tlid.vv TfarfoVrt
than Three.Out t Five velars
VWaht i:qons Bahlohcrf. Fr'om
- cay And Hajofity tsrowr;'
h ANQfcLESjt NoVettW'fl-(A j
ooiated; Fres)-r-Tbi -;key; will , g
"dry' April 30 ast U .thfS Jnd,i
etlon of jhe rejorn from he, ''refer
endam election whfth Was held jester
day'.". Thus-far the vera, 1 three toi
two, a'gaiust' the continuance of ,'th
saloon. Wtth'. thirty-sis precincts still'
t b heard Xrom the Jtosst is 60,82"
"dry?', and.'2,fl27(,,t,,; majority
f .10,300 . which it seems impossible to
overcome .aud . with tetsra that have
some in lata tending, to- swell .rather
than 'decrease, th recorded, will, of, the
people as against, k saloon, ridden eity,
, The ltiop which, as held yepfer
day .resulted -.from .offorta wbicK, ifpt
started Jsamwdistoly .after tho entrsncs
of .the United. States ioto thfwar-tO
secure a pasenge . Of . aa ordinancs by
the icity,, and eosntyx; pflei) , which
would close, sajoona. in l Angeles or
t least restrict tbci to the mostjimt
ited, harm. .For a time there wer in
dicatioas that the ordinance denaaded
woull. ,be paised. ' JW.. substitut. ( was
Offered. or the first amendment by the
mayor of ths eity bot was not acted
upon,:-..i.',, vrrv-j. -'A v ,i
Matter Long DUcnassei ' '-',' !
, After, long delay, aadrfie' petitlcfn
for" a rrf ervnduis v election kad, sires
largely signed, the Anti-Saloon. League
gave the county official a time, limit, tt
act.; Tha- stand was-then taken . that
they acre ready 40 pas aa rdinaoc4
if they could b assured that a referejii:
lum would aot be invoked by the'liquot
interests and their follower. ThU a;
Urance. could, otWe1-Obtained.- .j," :.y," 1
Soarht JPo B.-,ys Jtsponio .-,t.,v., 'j
'.Th' efluntyi legislator thea'.declvpeil
to pasaSSny tnsasur tnd- gav 'aa -th
roassa that if th. city, and eoanty:wai
to be. put to tke axpens ,of a .reforcnl
dum election -m . an, event, (be. peopl
might as well decide, the question, for
thsmselVe la "th first Instanr. t This
course was pursued.,-ths Auti-Haloo
r'J . ' . : i .i ' - j , .1. ..
ingue pviKifHiB wrra.. iiu inn inf
mnchinery of .tbs law. proceeded to-ifh'
holding of the election, yesterday Sad
arfisi const report oo iat last
Jiihk dompihy saitt :f p Ko vY H
Ovvrierlit Partf Craft That
i- Onc tatf iei'Jl$l4nfJl Coiqr
.What air be.th'efaie of the vaeht
Hawaii, eceoUy soM andet .aa order of ;
the circuit court and again sold in parj
yesterday, Is, ai qujbstkitt in Which Hono
lulu sportsmen may. well be interetrted,
Ths, araft .that srrjd, tho Hiaiis
colors in the great trtns Pacific race
nd that ws built .here, with Supserit
tiona . collected, f rom i nioro' than, '700
subscribers i1 tt' 4 ,now half,
owned by the City 3snk Company While
ths b;her half i held by individuals, i
,; Xht tour ardr,..ts sell ths tsso)
was granted when application ws snade
by the trustees who controlled it, thf
TranaPaciflo;ychi; Baca Cgtomittee. It
was recited that a1 purpose in building
the. yacht was to, give publloity to, the
Inland's by eriteribjc Jn .trftns )'a.-iJtf
aces, and that 4 pn f ' these ht
been held for several, years,' the yacht
was filling" lntovrliuse rie steadilf
depreeiating. la Valsa' while .the aojta
of maintenance were, becoming onerous
Xhe eommittes composed r of udP
Benty: E, Cpwner,-Willlan JB HcJneij
ny ,,aml CharW.,T; aVilder .was
thorised toustien. tbe,boM off, and, at
a sal helic al ,the. auetioa- rooms,. pff
James .T. Morgan the yacht; that hd
beea bui't at a eewtapptoaimating i'ilk-
000 in 1608 ' wa knocked,' dpMrn
Captain t Harry Evan of . th .pier .pa
trol for 2730, ... , p .--." i" ':.'f : v
:'.,.It la now. slated that Captsia Evans
mad the. ourchase oa a speculation i.n
which Fred Kiley, Harrv- Maia and s
Japan ee by th name sf Kawat were.
Interested.) . - .V i t -'j ,
1 -Mills stated last, night,, thai he .and
Kawatet ths Japaaws had disposed of
their -interest in ths iyaekt-ajooaatinf
o half to the Citv Junk Comnnnyan
hst Qlptain 'SvMi tad disposed of
his 'ousrter' interest- to' wien at' Fort
Qhwfte. MoMrs. ' Tenner anil - Asque
sad that ICiUf .haJ retained his inter
est In ths Boat. ' J ,:."-' vi
Mills asserted thsf the, boat aad been
'mind to Meed considerable equipment
before Jt could be test to ' sea and
would reotjlre . a , cohsidrabl " ontlay
to outfit her for an aeenn f oysgs. . -
r'i 1 V- .V'
'. y'Vi'.- ., v'.i-.v.-.'i
, Herbert nf'Ayres'loft lor Ban FraA
fclco on the lasl steamef snd ' espeets
to be gone some time, extending 'his
stay-away', frqn tha Islands probably
a year o w. ,V:epmpanWisg Mr.
A res : wersJ hi :.couls-Mi, Julia
Vince, who will rcfura t her kom In
England, iid 5hl kddprbd dasgbter.
Virginia, , who wijli attend .a maiulaad
school. ''' , ..'v i . ? .
r. Ayrea, woo na. been wen
ewpaper man and porft . t i Hone-
lulu the past nineteen, years has re -
th P
eesveo nwterg .Mier ,tj( asaocjae At th, t,m, of th6 arrvfl, of the
btmself witljsoe big mainlrind "ing 'shipment, local stores were practically
stable snd may " attach himself to rieuet6d,.d price of Jspauese nece
Merry' Nvada string t th coming .itles rose in some instances two hun
Vlainana raet meet. Walfo. As -a fob- d rod 'percent, Despite the high rate
lower sf th turf gam. Ayrea has but .for charters at this time, th Urge sup
few' equal in Hawaii- A a newspaper 'ply af Japanese foodstuffs now on hau l
a .has- wida . sofiualnUaat , and
I many friend, S lar(. nuaaburf; whom
l were at th dock to bid hus aloha,,':
BJ1B1 ora
k .1 i I . . . .
FOUi.0 ill DEATH
Ijiqulry Ciscloies That Vie Oarne
ATo a Natural End Through "
t..v,vUv 'Heart Failure '
- Lying face downward - with - a hogs
brtfas o his j-lght cheek and th rock
upon, which his head was restlngS-or-
ersd with blood, Pavid Lrtiht. a. mounted
police officer, living, in Kakaako, was
Kund dead at ix .o'clock .yesterday
morning in. ths rear Of a newlr con
stmeted and vacant eottate oa Wala-
lae Road, near. Moiliili Park.. Quite by
aecldnnt,,a, Hawaiian .cams aeross .Ls
ht 's body, which wss securely concealed
from observation from th street, while
his horse wat tied to a tree in the yard,
snd hi hat, revolver, club and flash
light lying oa a pile of lumbar on ths
cottage porch. .' ',;
Th condition or ths ofllcer af ie lsy
ad Isd th Hawaiian ts snsneet foul
play, and hs immediately telephoned
police headquarters. Officers were des-
patched.to the seen and began to work
on ths case which they, at th time.
fully bsltevsd to be one of murder. .
Natural Psat w' , .,-7 , ,v - J
Jo t" Jneaatiin tke boly was taken
to, Jh ysmergency , hospital wher Dr. K.
G,,Ayer held a -post mortem examina
tion and pronounced, death to b due to
natarnf eaasos. , Pome .,, tune . ago JLahi
was thrown .from hi horse in th am
district and received injurlea which ne
rCltfttl his keening -t his coom for
many mantbal . The, theory . wss ad-
yaaceiL yesterday, that th injuries sus
tained at that time affected tha heart
soil decesseO, had never properly recov-
iren,,.., tt ,. .-s.,.. N t- ..... v
. Luhl left bolise headauarters Tumulav
ttlght .at eight o'clock In good health
and proceeded direct to his beat,, which
isjn the vlclnltr.of Moiliili Park, He
reported to keadquarters at nine-twenty
d 'clock,, and,-according to orders should
have, reported, again by telephone each
hoar-until' four is the. morning,, when
bis beat asdsd. . . , .".
Ths hours sped by bat no further re
ports same fronv Lahlr aad although
Sargesdt.M. H. Plunders, who was on
4nty, thought it trange, ha made as is
fairies, or iaVcstigationa. Sheriff ,Boe
said yesterday .that it wk aot. an ub
suSl thing for officers to fail to report
eaqh hour, regularly. "They -may some
times r to sleep ,on 'their beat or go
home thinklo, ,tbey hav reported," he
Xuhl. who- ra4'lwentv-eirht rears of
age, Is survived by a wife and two chil
dren.. He was sppointed to ths police
force On .June 13, 1912, se a guard at
the conntv.-UiJ. ..Later on ho was an-
oi.fited fc patrolman, then a' motorcycle
oniSer and two year ago a monntod of-
Sheriff Aaerta Private Wilson
' ' Stibbed. Prhatff Bradley To
Vjpeath Saturday Night ;
i . vi- . Jrj;' ). ;..; . .,':
-'.While 'Private Bradley, a colored
soiclier . of the Twenty-fcfth ' Infantry !
who wat stabbed to" death in the Han
Aatghio.Hall. Vlnojrd Street, at two
'cJock ' upday : morning, Met.-, in the
morgue awaitinir burial,' Private Wil
.ron,' ajso'.of the T.wentj-flfth, and who
i( Recused, by nhcritr KosC or commit
ing he rnqr.e, I receiving treatment
t..yie .department hospital, Fort 8haf
!er for to hasty jtashes, so his arm.
bi .not knows (ow the frscas earn
au'need,,but oo the. arrival of the am
bqlance'rom fne emergency, hospital
Sunday morning; Bradley was sprawled'
pn the floor in a pool, of blood with p
gaping .wound ia his ' . chest, 'ilson
sM.nearby with hi arm -badly slash
.00.1." He immediately . received truat
meot aqd was then aen to Fort Shaf
t'i',t'' -'i . -
"Kheriff Eos said yosterdsy . that the
pslioe tVcpartment has. sufficient.. evl-i
Icnce.-to, prove,, that, Wilson .stabbed
Bradley .to death, and aa sopn as he Is
convaloaecQt, he will be charged with
first degred murder. .
Another, largo shipment' of Jspspese
foodstuff haa arrived la Honolulu from
the Orient, and Pier 16. i crowded from
one end to th other with the various
article which comprise one tf tb. larg
est cargoes of it kind ever shipped to
Only two abort moqth ago a scarcity
In Japanese edible was experienced by
the local Nipponese residents, and by a
concert! effort1 on tb part of local
Oriental 'merchants "the Toyo Kisen
Ksbtha was persuaded to charter a vea
nl a ths high prevailing rate to suiv
ply th needs of the Mikodo's subject
in the Territory. .. " ' .-. .
Following shortly 'the arrival of the
first cargo, of Japanese foodstuffs, an
other yeMiel was despatched from Yoko
hama with a similar cargo. Then it was
that a third wa sent to Hawaii from
ths Orient that tha local merchants
ght lay In a supply for the time when
bottom, for this purpose would bs aa-1
Obtainable, i
iu th Territorv I said to bo im-atlv re.
soonsihle for a
the retail price.
material rsduvtiou in
i? iVf 'sUt.iM.i Ait ' 'S
,". sit- . -
icrriut raiue tonuuues wa
Efforts To Drive To Venice
. : Are Unabated : :
f ,v ., , - v f ..-.
l EW YORK,; 'November ilAssocia
IN -strong pressure 'of the Austro-German hordeai crowding down
apoti Italy as did trie Hurts of old, the Italian forces held tenaciously
and resisted manfully yesterday and h'eld "back 'the mbdertvl tuns
successfully practically; along the entire Ime.,- ? '; ,J j , ;
v At tiightfall lass nigTit the; Italian line feti.ll-.lield, the big guns
still boomed and the' results' of
accd for days?' was still iri abeyar
; .y. . :'jt ITALIANS HOLD
' In yesterday's fighting the Italian troops continued a ' splendid
iffensive on the eastern side of th Asiago' ptateau.'-Oit this sector
on Monday And yesterday the Italian arms were signally successful
and the1 enemy "was, beaten back! in i series of Kand tc hand co'n
licis,''" .. '.:'; :'X' '! "-,v-: v:
On the Northern front, between the.ria ve and the Brenta, Rivers
the Teutons continued the aggressors -.and - the ' Latin soldiers held
them back on fields that.tvere drenched. with blood, v In 'this,' sector
tremendous massed forces of Austro-Germanf harj been gathered
and these were thrown incessantly against the "Italian positions.
Especially in the vicinity; of Monte Tenera and Monte Tomba vya9
this true and at thdse points', the heaviest fighting "of 'the dav. oc
rurred for here it was 'tha, the' drive against Venictt was chiefly
directed. Four separate and distinct attack's were launched against
Monte )Tener'aahd 'all were repulsed. Losses 6rr both .sides were
rrhmense but Ihe Teutons; suffered mqgt .severely: -rfV V
OrTiciaf German repbrts told of Italian attacks directed against
the positions which the Germans had taken on Monte Tpmba hav
'ng been repulsed; ' '"-' fly''-' '.j:j.':t -' '.'-"': '' ; .
, Austria1 has sent demands for; informatibn to Italy inquiring
whether Venice1 is or is not fortified cit. ,This is"" interpreted to
be. ah effort on the' part of Austria to have a ready excuse . for any
(.iTiages whic,h the attacking Teutons may be. able to inflict upon
the, city and to Jjustify such damages s; might conie to the city from
bombardment. ; Following after so many air raids ,as. the city has
suffered it is regarded largely as iTsubterfuge coming at this late day.
United States, British and French consuls will remain' in Venice
until the last but the Japanese cohsu). Iias.'iilrpady, gone to Rome.
; In Palestine thc.British forces' ate proceeding rapidly in the sur
rounding of, Jerusalem which wilj. immediately presage the fall of
he Holy City. .To the Northwest of the city the British forces are
nly twelve miles away arid , to the west, along the railroad from
faffa they are but fifteen miles but-frohi the center'f the city.
; ' . Meager details, with claims conflicting have,, been received of
mother naval engagement off Heligoland,. British claims are that
a number of mine sweepers were destroyed in an. engagement on
Monday, v Berlin reports deny' this, 'assert no mine sweepers were
lost and that one fishing vessel alone is missing. '
" Berlin reports also claim vicfotias in Macedonia west of the
Vardar River, to have penetrated French trenches and taken num
bers of prisoners. , '','"... . ' '. .' '-' ' '
' Air and sea raids have been made by the British in Gallipoli
recently and yesterday's reports said that British monitbrs reported
'Jiey had hit the Turkish warship Sultan Selim, formerly the Ger
man ship Goeben, and that an axplosion aboard the hit craft was
noted. A;,. ; L.; . ' v. J
The, Germans made a' hot attack today on, a front a kilometer
ong;it the Verdun; sector north of Caurieres, wood. ( They pene
trated some advanced positions 'butweje moktly expelled.
Britain Extends Franchise
Rights To Women anil Soldiers
IX)NDON, November 21 (Associat
ed Press) Extensions of ths right, of
suffrage were voted, by the bouss of
commons yesterday, to both, men and
women. Women were , given rights
not previously conferred upon them aud
in the ease of soldier and sailor the
age limitation was lowered, . ; .' , '
, Without a dissenting vote the bonne
of .common yesterday .went on record,
for the extending to women of the rluht
rETBOGEAD, , November , 20 (As
sociated Press) That A.-1 KeronsVy,
deposed premier, Is live and safe with
troop who are loyal td bis cause Is the
substsuee of. an unconfirmed' report
here. It 1 said that two corps of loyal
troop ar at I.dgaduga and that Kef-
ensky 1 with thetn,"preparlng to light
........... ,.. r
on.. . , ,i . , - . - -.
Bccaase e Its teste snd ' lasaiiva aflsct.
LAXTIVa HOMO Ql'ININQ will Mlotiod j
better than ordinary Quinine,' , Docs nptiaius i
.icrvousoMS. mot riasinf In th swsd, .It- (
enibs, iher is olf ss BrsvS, Ovijlna.'
f b lgo"ni C4 . V.'. tro-; oa ",' '
. . i. v .
m. . m a. w xl
the great conflict which haa now
syanceA.V'-';,':.-; ''V '
of franchise la municipal elections or
franchise npan th asais term as those
which tbey ,now enjoy ia tha ease of
jiarliamentary franchises.
..This sub jest, disposed of the matter
of .lowering the age, limit for the right
to.1 Vailot for, enlisted soldier and sail
ors .was. eoasidered favorably and ths
franchise .wss extended to man, of .those ,
classes who ore of the age of .nine
tceu year instead of twenty-oae years
' , ''" ''"' ' :-;-':------.v-- ;;V ';
OTTAWA November (Associat
ed Pre) The Drne of O.' Potter of
Hawaii appears among' tno list of cu
suslties of Canadian troop given out
today. ' ", -. i.' '-- . ,
While the location of ths fighting in
which Potter lost bis life is not given,
t wss probably oa ths French front,
' with the Canadian contingent there.
LONDON, November 2oV-(Assoe.iat.
rd, l'eii).Hoiirk Law, announced In
tha hoiin of sommoos today that ('the
poverament , has. information . officiallv
that President Wilson hss cabled Col
eiiel Jlouee, ehairmao of the Amerleaa
eomrhlssion, sad Oen, Tasker H. Wist,
ftbjsf. of staff, aad wem.lier of the com
mission,, to attend the first inter-Allied
war eouncit" ',
. r'
, t

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