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" I". AT : MrV
It V
i. Attorney t For- John Colburn Score
'' .'.Tu n:i-
m iiiijjui i4iu rutins ,in ..
. A :'. ' Ftcfirninary Skirmish'; ; '
t FIGHT icNTER?lioW Si '
Present-; Hearing Does ' Wot .Go
; InV Validity -pf ' Documents
, Filed Ih Court By Contestants .
Charges of. f rati J abl forgery in con
nection .with one of th ! Lllluokalaul
wUlsthe ;One, Bald to have "been 'exe
ut4;'ugut ,,29 last, marked the eec.
oni day'! proceeding of ,the. Queen's
Wjll ease in the circuit court. yesterday.
The fight at the present time continue
to' be'over the' appointment of. tem
porary administrator, to act ' until the
real struggle starts, and after a number
of point h4 been threshed out by the
attorney yesterday indications pointed
that John OuOjoriJ .". the Jjjxecutot
named' in the will that I under fire,
'tnayb named to ac temporarily, wn
, low the eprtowing interests are able to
, ', show that ha" 1a a 'person' unfit to fii:
the pout, i- v' v: '. ., y m.( . w i' V' i ,.,
Despite the charge ' mad and tho
questioning of the algoatur of the 1917
will, the attorney support. ng this will
wan thtft technical po.uts that wero
'disposed toPyest today; ' ? .-.
Th Jhree VetiUoo !.jj, .',
The three petit&ns' before the 'court
In the present proceeding are; Flint,
the petition asking thnt Colburn be p
pointed, filed' in connection with the
1917 will;1 seeopdj th petition asking
for toe ' appointment of Cob Curtis I.
laukea and Delegate Jonah K. Kalnnla
naole as" temporary administrator, filed
in connection with- the no-called; old
will, the one unid to hare been executed
December 2, 10,' and third ,-tho 'peti
tion of peltate "Kuhlo in Which he al
.lego that the QUeeu died" intestate and
that he 1 the Queen's legal heir, anil in
which Ti auk tobe appointed tempo
rary artmiaiatra toc .(- .
Three Cornered Tight
A the--real conflict , of the three
group, the fight over the two will, and
the hearing of all' cotitentioin,' may aot
be held- until a-periodof pnblrtatioa
elapiie under the law, the court haw
been reluctant te let down the bar an 1
admit evidence that might keep the1
case' going for days, and has sought to
limit -the eeope'of. the present Ivearina)
te the single matter of th appointment
of a temporary administrator, without
going -into the question of the validity
or . iiocumenra that have been intro
duced. Thia will be done when the trial
open December 21 next. ;
Aeceptihg the documents in the ca4
as they stand,' for the present, the at
titude of the court has been ' that the
will bearing the later dnte and it
notiomnanyins petition skin;' thtt Col'
bofn" be named temporary admiiiixtra'
' tor,' hdrve' the best thnding.
Cblbtirn Scores Point ;
Opiioeing thia, the contention was
raised' by theTattftflH'y'' of the other
two group-that Colburn should not be
named - because he' was an jnterestcc
party in the Contest that had arisen.
This contention ws' not' acepfed'' ah)l
Colburn retained his standing, marking
the first poinf that the,' attorneys of
the 1917 will scored. The naming of r
disinterested person to act a temporary
administrator was .suggested , several
times,'. ,, - i. .. -. .
The legal guns "of ' the two proups
were then turned en the-1917 will it
self and the signature that appeers oi
the margin of each of it pages . Wiih
brought into question, ' The court hehl
then that if Colburn' appointment
were ta be aueMasf ully opposed in thl ;
manner, it would, bj noressary to sho
that tha will bore' some palpable flaw
and that a, '.'cursory, examination. "
would give rise' tA the, belief that i
was fraudulent. Over' objections that
were offered the attorneys of the
JD09 win were 'then' permitted .to io
trodure' n'litnired 'amoeet of evidence
by which they soupht trt show thaf the
signature - to ' the 1917 will' was a
forgery. jij '. :..ei'- ., .
W. O. Smltb T8tlfit '
Mrong npport''wa given to this nl
legation "when' Attorney W. O. Hmith.
who 1 a prominent figure in much of
Hawaii' history, took the stand and
after examining the 1917 will, express
ed the'bcKef that 'the eignature to 1
had 'not b6enwritfe'n byi I.lliuokalani
Following this Statenii'nt a list of
twenty or more ddeument all purport-
r ing te have been nignedby l.iliuuka
lunl and many , known 'tn have been
signed by her .within the ijaet eight
yeey wertj offened ,in, evidence. The
,'l'HirJB biht'ektjliifeiwnces WfvreeH
these' signatures and those' in the 1917
( wifl was yd a matter proierly
'belonging' to sHie coming trial of the
ease. ..V.H iV '. y
Mr. Wbb Tettinei'
The latest ignjtnr offered ocenrred
in a book that 'lied been 'given by the
Oueea.- to- bet tctoni Mr.'4 T.ahilnhi
'Webb, Mrs, Webb, 'the-only other wit
nes called,; ideutlfled .: this signature
w hich she Riild she had seen the Queen
w rite and said It had .been made March
;ir'lHt; the day on which she had re
ceived tho book,.- The only purpose of
Mrs. AV'ebn ' testimony was to estab
lihh exactly the date on which the
li;:iiiiture had been written,"
Hespife' the charge made' and the
etitlonce' Attornevf huilth' hud offered.
culling tho 1917 will' signature into
iiiii'Htion, after, the wdidy clash over
the. mutter -"f thoignature, the court
held that' ColburiiJ standing in the
contest for tho appointmeut as tern-'
poriirv adminintrtitor "had not "been af-'
ferted.' Jliat befortf sdjoutnment the
court' peintci nut a final mean of do
frn t in Colburn V apKiiutiuunt that ro
.limias. This consists Of -slgiwing tlint
Colburn Is not; a lit person m whom to
impose the trust. ' .
Retainer pV dliubkafan ('Says
t ii pi:-L . xrt ti . i in:l-CA.i '
if rj intess ; ineresa . wiijua
i Belllveau Secured Signature
How' the now celebrated "'tiew will"
of Queen Jjlluokalahl,' the' one i the an
nouncement of which came a a bomb
shclV .almost immediately, after 'the
Queen' death, was. prepared, and all
of the hitherto hidden interestea detail
in connection with the drafting of, the
document are revealed in a statement
made last aight by Mr. Laura Maka-
kulkslani:'1 ' v-' 'v' .! 'v-' .-,"
; Mrs. Makakuikalanl, once a promi
nent figure in 'court circle nnder the
monnrchy; wa formerly Mr. Ktnoa.
iter husband, (lovernor Kanoa, admin
istered the affairs of Ktuoi nnder the
monarchy; ' -. --';f. ,-.?
The statement which review k con
versation that took place in the course
of walk lth ' "I'rinces"" . Theresa
Wileoi, is elf explahatory and 1 as
follow: ,- ' , . - '-.r-.;. ;
TneUteaeni ':
''It wa Haturdny evening, earlyj
tb' day, before, th .funeraTot Her
Majesty. 'X am ' wilklHg" with Mrs.
t'heresa Wilcox- toward . th church
wnere th Queen' body lay. . She told
me sboot thia will that she aaid ahe
had composed. ' bhe composed 'it ' and
orougbt t te the Queen and said th
Queeu had approved it, . i
' 'Mhe said' she' had brought a"wifr
nesses' Kain' KamaUala and Kealoha,
Drought them to the room of the Queen
nd she stayed outside' watching- hor
chance to go ih. Hhe . saw iLahllahl
(Mr. ; Webb) walking out of the
Queen' room. Khe then went lototh)
room, she said o trie, and the Queen,
Waikiki and Anaola were all present.
She aid she showed the Queen the will
she had composed and the Queer nod
Jed her head Had approved, and she
beckoned to the twd altnosse td eome
In. They stayed there and the Queen
signed the papers, turning the pages
over and ' over. 8he said the Queen
said she Jiad no pen and Theresa said
she gave her' a fountain pen to aign
With, with the two witbesse 'standing;
Had B Bly . . ' . v
"There naid te5Qneen ha 'sent
for berto'draw up n new will nod said
the Queen' had told her. everything' and
did not Want f.ahilahl of Curtis and
bthere'at'asblngton rinee to see her,
arid naid she had to W ly and watch
her' chance 1ft get into' the Qncen's
room. , '.' - . ; . . ..
.''She1 told me the Qtieen ent for her
and I asked her who the person- was
the Queen sent,' but she' said "No.- I
woof tell yd, but it wa not Pabipaht.'
frShe'sald I drew hp' the will myself
and took It to the Qucfn and read it
to. the Queen, 'who podded ' approval,
ahe said. ; ' ' " , ',.
List of Nana .
' "Therein, told mq she made' up "the
list of names in the will for the Queen
t sign, J asked Theresa how the Queen
put me int Theresa said, ' asked
?ne uueen, don't you think of Laura
and so I was put down as Laura loa
ibu!a..' I told Theresa the Oeeen never
In her life called me I .aura, but always
-ailed, me by my Hawaiian name, Ke
kunnohl. ,.
"I asked "her about IMnee Kalania
nole and she told me in making up
he list she said ahe hud just put him
?own fnr.-00n, as she was the nearest
heir and second cousin. .1 sf id she ws
not. onlv a distantdndin and had to
0 far bark for that relationship,"
,.;,,' ; .. ..
Phot6yrkaphers ' Uns1!; Demon
, strates Brand Spelled. With
. Capital D' Need Not Worry
"Make, the world t safeV for demo
nracy,',' is' the national ilogan today.
Hawaii is already safe for democracy,
if oue may jqdge by the accompaiij ing
picture, taken en the Big Island re
eehtly during the visit there of the
Coiigrviuiii'iinl Tarty,; .,"
; The record of the camera plute re
vealed the countenance of the juriNti
Who sit upon the high and the low
benches and dispense justice. The one
lose Democratic judge who failed to
have hia features revealed, la this hia,
torie pitftura was Judge' Edinga of the
ulreult eOurt f Maui. ' The others were
air from -Hawaii and Ouhu!
i At. the left is Judge C. W. Ash ford
pf the first circuit court, Honolulu, and
Its presiding' judge," who recently was
uipped bf the war fever anJ expressed
a desire to go' to France as an am
tinlsacc driver.. Kext to him la Judge
Vaughan, firat judge of the United
citatcs district court of Honolulu, who
to Hawaii, from "Down South"
when President ' Wilson began filling
out the" lists' anew. Beside him is Cir
cuit Court Judge CUni K. Quinn of the
ireuit bench of Hilo, whose rlae to the
ermine' has been rapid, he having work
ed hlli'way up';fron' baljitr of a Ho
noluliv eourt to the bench. Jo the cen
ter, i., Judge roindexter,. aeeoml judge
Of the Coited tstate eourt, who bails
from Montana,' and next to h!m is still
another Moutherner iu the' peison if
Circuit Judge H. B. Kern u, also of the
first judicial circuit, at Honolulu. The
next one is Judge J. Wesley Thomp
son of the circuit court of West Ha
wi ii, at Kailua, who wa elevated to
the bench front the federal' attorney 's
pftWe in Hon'o'ulii, Ljisf, but not least,
Is Judge Delbert E. Metxer of the
ditriet court of Hilo, one of Hawaii '
old guard of Democrats, f.
l'raetiually all the judge of the Isl
ands were ou Vacation u tour with
the Congresaionel Tartv exeeut Circuit
Judge Hen u of. Honolulu, r who besides
vi iKiuQTing u circuit eourt, has the in ill
tit'uriou duties of a "Judge Ben IJn.l
any" In the juvenile court of Hono
lulu. .
waneioria Deed To Property of
jjwng was HeitLfiy supreme,,., eryed lnhAcmy, Navy
- i Court To Be a Forgery,.; 'K,Kt ;jnd Guard
' In connection, with the fight? for the! , rapaikoiy to.-; It
poseessien of the entstJi a riuifi ttlllv....) m 1. in v.. .
jiokalnnl, Hawaiian and other havelbeV on ft roll of honor: of me ed
Calfed to mind a tk tmm
which has been dimmed by the ye
nut wntch in a measure ' parallels
rnrKes mnue in ttie present eontrO
rersy the once irreat fors-erv ess that
arose J connection with the estate c-f
King Kaiakaua. . '
' The Mtensive pro'perties'; ebntrolled
nnoer tne Ksplolani Trust were ( the
take or that contest and had the de
cision that was given beea vered
there would today be ' ad Kapiolnni
T"t, , . ,,.,'.
, By the terms of Kelakaua 'will bis
estate wa left to the Queen Dowager
Kapiolani. Following Kaiakaua '
death" June 4, 1892, and after bis will
had been probated,' a elaimaht to ' ex
tensive tracts of land, a considerable
part of the Kalnkaua estate, 'arose in
th tieraon of 8. W. Mahelona who al
leged, he had burehaed the lands in
question from' King Kaiakaua for the
sum Of fSOOO. V
' In pport of this Mahelona ' pro
duced a deed ' he asserted had been
signed by tho King; He 'declared the
transfer . of the property, had taken
plaee November .15, 1890, ', ." ,
When the deed was cancelled in the
lower court a the. outcome of a- enit
the Queen Dowager , , filed, , Mabcfona
carried 'the rase up to (he supreme
court.. A part of the final decision U
enlightening. Jt run as follows: ';
.'A document purported to be a con
veyance of land bf Hi lat Majesty
King Kalnkaua -to the defendant for
a consideration of 50()ft' 8n th 19th of
November, 1800, In the presence 6f
tb.ro? witnesae. The' evidence showed
thaf the King, his alleged 'amanuen
sis, and one, of the 'alleged witnesses,
were not nf the alleged place of te
eution of the' document at tho' alleged
time thereof;, expert witnesses testi
fied that the signature t6 the document
was not that of the King; the alleged
grantee took o, step for nearly two
years to assert hie alleged rights 'nn
er'the document; and the testimony
pf "the alleged grantee and subscribing
witnesses was such as to impeach ts
verity. Held the document ' was w
forry and should 'be eancfelled.' ':
. - " ' " -.t s- " y. '
"Caning the Kaiser" Tb' Be
. Sung Jo Tune. of"March
. Ing Through; Georgia".
The follbwiifg s tfio 'pro'gThm for the
annual'meetlng of the Maui Teacher'
Convention, which will be hed' at the
I'aia' government school building on
lYiday, November . 30, , beginaing- at
nine o'clock in the morning; , ,
9:00 )a. m. . Martial Moie, Pi
Kchmd Prcheetra. ; Invocation,!-, Kv
Rowland B. Dodge Tatriotie program
led' by teachers and pupils of tbe.Pnia
Kchool a follows? Hoiig,' "Ameriea,"
nil present; Flag Halute all present.
' ' I pledge allegiauc.e to'- my flag' and
the Bepublie for which it stands,' one
Nation,', indivisible, with' liberty' ami
justice , for all." Recitation,, 'Lin
coin' ; Gettysburg Address." ' Hong,
Oh Beautiful America. " Song,1 V Can
ning the KaUer," all present '
9:40-LpatrioHe Beadiirg,. Mr, lielen
MAr Linton. - - .('
SjSOAddreaa,. "Th4 lirsf' Dutr'ef
Ihe. War Time Teacher," Bev. A. Craig
Bowdisb. .. . - .i ...r, -..
. 10:05 Work of the Alexander House
Settlement', in connection .. with t,ht
8c hoot Ilafground, I B. Mathews. '
10! 16 Moral Education in the Pub
lie Schools, Mis HU1. f -
10:30 Recess. Inspection of the
educational exhibit. . .'
10:55 Instrumental music.
1 1:00 Solo, Mr. 1 C. Jones.
Discipline, George 6f. Bay-
' 1:25 Equipment and Illustrative
Xfntter In Relation to Btory Work, Ben
jamin O. Wist, - .
. 11:40 First grade1 Story Work, Thr
Brst Method of Teaching It It Dra
matixatlon, Mist Lurene Cook.
. . 1 1 :5.T ;-r " Summary ' ' for teaching
English; p. 20' of the . "Revision fo
the Course o' ft udy. 'V ia it Prac.tica'
and Effective! . Miss Mary E. Fleming
. 32:10 'Ouejitloiui and' Answers
Teacher wul be given an oppprtuuitj
to . ask question (or ' they may' lend
them , td the' program eoihiaittee, un
signed, . if they prefer) and they will
be subject to open discussion. '
12:30 Remarks,, D. C, Lindsay
Business Meeting.' Song, ''The Htar
Spangled .Baniier,' all present. Ad
jjournmeut. " ." -.
. , Leaders will be waVoed when they
have used all but three minutes of thcl.
tim allotment.
NEW VOftK, .Vovciiibe? 2di-'(Assb-
eiated Press) Another famous Au-
irslian athlete has made the greAt'iac
rifice ' for, - according to' late renortt
from 'the' Europeuii front,' .'(.Veil' Ueolv
was killed in a recent charge. At the
time' of his death llealy was an' adju
taut, baviig aehie'ved aa exfellent rec
oril for kn-avory ' and ' 'resourcefulness
under 'stress of severe fighting. llealy
was one of the best of the Australian
middle distance swimmer and at the
time of bis .death held several Antiiio
dean records ot distances ranging' from
p .mm yarinij ai one tioie lift Jkis
iriBw(i. wui iu a ii.-ort ror ion yards
i' oiien w'aterV Vut hi time wa bet '
tered by I), P. Kahanainoku, the Hawaii
expert, recently. ' ' 1 ;
Many Men Educated There Have
ed theri' who hav joined the I'nited
8tate Army and Nav and' the Na
tional 'Hoard of Hawaii. ."'
- The new i makes a grave error, how
ever, Srhenjit announces that the song
"Aloha Oe'.wa composed bv the late
Queen iJliaokalani when she' wa I in
1 risoned in the lolani falace some time
after tho overthrow iii 189.1. The nong
was en-ip0sed during the reign of Ka
lakada In'the early eighties, while LI
liookalenl Wa regent; ber royal brother
being then on his-tour tot tha world,
say, those- who allege the late Queen
was it, author. The outhorship'of this
popular aong ha been disputed often
and there, really seem no agreement
over its authorship.' , . ... -
The i following note are f root last
Monday.' Papaikon bchool Newat ,' x
Nwn Koto I: ';;.;.-, . ;. r.;J
VWith thia number, a new board of
editor take .charge.. We intend, to
work hard, and make every number of
the New just a little better than the
one before. . W ak for the helji of all
the phpile foe it is"npon them that
the suecese of our paper depend. ' ' ,i
Yesterday, November 18. the- Dia
mond P eroseed bat ' with the Pnueo
team. We 4o not kaow the result, but
w bdpe-'eu boy returned with fly ins
color. Another game will be played
on Sunday November 25, against the
Waiakna team. '. - t., ,''.,
i' V'The warm- afternoon have brought
warn Of ' wasp to the school. Bmall
boys think it great fufi to tie thread
to .them and let them go. sailing through
the. air. '"If may be sport for thelwya
but we ar quite, eur that the waspn
do not think it very, funny. The boys
seem to' like'. to: 'play J with the' Waspe
but the girls are not quite a fond' of
them.', Fo' somtf reason they ' do not
like to have'thetn in their hair or dowi
their bnck. .. ' , ',
- "Whenoiir bov of' tbe national
guard' left for 'Hity, crowds of people
were at the railroad station to see them
off to the training c,nmpv A number of'
children showed. their, patriotism '.by'
waving- American flag to our depart
Ing sojdlof fioTi Aitiopff the departine
boya.wprtfa Imthber'T 'former pupile
f the1 Tanaikf echboU' ' ' .
Boll of Honor . .... . r-. ,V
",The;foH6ng is a list, though in.
Complete of urmcr pupils of the P,
psikou sehodt9w nerving Uncle Hum'
Varirfhnl (luard of Hawati-e-Alfred Ig
nacki, Frank Correa, 'Hatsuichl ' .Tni.
eawa, -faifieifB Chiqnital Tom Kaukal
tMvld Punojei, - (eor!e l.iborio, . Oeti,
'iuke.Kafa, KfyK'eru"Matunni(a, Kalien
KanaahelotrJr,no'Wikly Joseph Me.
deiroe, Oi-orpe Kahaiiaj 'nited Htatt
Army-Joeph 'Pavia, - Manuel . Costa
I'nited Ptefe Navy John Liborro, Joa
quim Furtadi). ... .
"The eighth grmle will be en'ertaie
ed by the eventh grade at a Thanks
giving party to be held a the achoo'
'rewiies, Hnt-uHnv, 'ovnmber 2-f.-Twisted
OnivAloh O" N.;
Mf)ot of- respect for the -memory o'
)h Into Oueen Liliookalanh, 'the hnv
ernor pf he-Territory declared Frlda
November Ifi, a legal h6lidsy. : flu'
school flag has been at half-mast tlur
'ng the..'wek for the same Reason.
"The hte tieloved Queen we a, bor
on OaUu . in 1k;)!. Whe was of roya
!lood and, so whs educated at the Roya'
ehool, .Honuli. Hhe was a very in
tellitnt woman.- v ; r.'- "
t "Herreinn beuan after the doatV
nf her brother Kini X'alakaua. in 1SSI
and ended in 1SUL- .When the monarch-
was overthrown, the Queen w". ,lmnrin
ned "d during that time ebe'rotf
Hawil''s bout known song 'Aloha Oe
( "Th Queen's funerrvl took ., plnc
Vehterdav'and she now lie beside he-
'brother Knlakaua. ,
X' ' " ' '' -
'HIL(, Nov ember . li One ' of thi
nuht pleuiiiiiit feature of the reccu
ybtlt of, the. national soUios' to Uh
Vas tho opiiortuiiltjrtaen" VyJ"Re6re
(ieh'tativ Welty Reprienttive'Trea
rv, Vi, It. Fintdn -and ' tfp&k
; Joist ei ii nf , the territorial peuajn.
: egresent'stiVcs' te'viit-the Hilo Board
ng Kchool. -, ,4i-s;;l'i.T:Vt-Vii.;.1!
- The visit wiis an uuex peeled 'one-oi
:hl part' of the principal of that toisti
'ution, Levi C. Lyman, but the strong
irH were mude.none the less wolcomi
when thev dropped in last Yhursdu '
aValnir'-' ' 'e I V .:
fbe whole (i1iY was luspecle'd n.
wock of' the etudeota examined
The trniaing that the boys are gettin'
in'VociitioiiHl lines delighted the .visit
ori, who declurejtoita' whoVooa
rressionul piicty should, hove, been in
j'ited to iis(ect the school' A '4
Congressmen Welty and Treadw.
:,dflrsseil the boys ' and .gave then
Ood advice," T.tfi'1nasvwer''t'otJ t(
Sopatrtntiit'arid 'to'alwayi etcKsV tba
'ove oMhcir bind thn't'thiy re"fhmou
tot. v.K. f'airlngtou aleo had 4."fT
Vrds to sii.v to the hid and he avi
'Vtn . -. rn.t fVr,, tM-
ed' to with interesfTj Actih'Pincfpa)
on .g did. all in his! poerVIo btn
he iito-s evrfyrhiHg InTeoalieetiox
with the Vhodli'-.-l i - t-'i,
-.1? f ,V-r 0.4. i-
a': rlVfe'iitBfii pofti
71... golfer,' thV, foot .If II 'pla'yej fand
the all mihitr '-athlete kbdw the value
or 1, 11 hiii ner lain iwin tiuini, it is
jiist the thing for b' doii 'ftar a
hard game. All soreuesa . dlHaniienr
like uuigie ami sprains 'and swellings
tire i-ureii iu one-rntra less lime than
l' any otluir treutiueiit... For aale bv
uH dealers, llenson, Kmith $ Co., A.
Agts. for HBwil.--AdvertUeineut.'
General Says Unlawful Fof-' Polfce
Officer To Arrest Soldier For
V Buying Or Having" Liquor
'Woldier who, ii- contravention of the
law of the I'nited stntes, buy or have
In their possession intoxicating liquors
must not .be arrested by police officers
of the City of Honolulu,' according to
a recent dictum r General John P.
Wjaser, com mn ml inr the Hawaiian 'de
partment., .Boldiern who bnv or have in their
possession intoxi'iiting liquor will be
arretted and -prosecuted, assert United
Htate Attorney . C. Huber. , ,.
General . Wlsser's interpretation' of
the law wa expressed in a letter ad
dressed' to the chief of polioe oa Mon
day last. In Which he quoted the pre
vailing liquor law In reference to sot
diets, and Isked thnt local police, offi
cer .'bo1' instructed not to arrest any
nrl formed men on either of the fore
going ro tints; The communication was
referred to Attorney Huber yesterday,
who wholly diareuarded Wisser's r-
queetValid told the poliee department
a ro aneaa and mnke the arrest as
heretofore. ..ii' t
Attorney Hnber has communicated
hi actio In connection with .General
Wisseea letter te the attornev seneral'a
department at Washington with a to-
qnesT-Ti a necision be given ia the
matter-that - will clear the atmosphere
for all time.; 11 expects a reply today.
i im uwimnir ne is communicating
with General Wisser, pointing out the
prevailing conditions and stating how
the work of the liquor inspector and po
lice department will be hairioered if
such a state of 'affair existed. " I
feel. certain that General Wisser acted
ith th tery best Intention,.' satd
Mr. tiuber yesterday. "He already has
IVen me asanrahce of his cooperation
in helping to suppress the illicit sale of
liquor, to "soldiers, and I feel Sure he
will appreciate my 'stand. " . - ' '.,-'
When 'General Wisser wa tDnealed
to last, "night he refused to dlst-us the
question - beyond stating that h was
still in edmmonicatinn with Attorney
Hubervv';-"''";' " t'-.;' t ,
If the refluent which General Wisser
ibade in hi letter was acceded -to it
would ' mean' that soldier-' could go
ihead and hmrchase as much boor.e as
ifliey'desirerLtand also have barrels in
Sheir -poieel0tt' if they wished. ; Th
vendor, of course, would lay-himself
-tpea' toaroKecution, hut without the
1.. 1 1: 1 1 1. . . 1 1
wiuitr bv m wuocra 11 is vcrv igiproua-
jo that a conviction could bo secured.
Attorney Huber declared ' yesterday
ifterdoon lhaf he would say with assur
tnce that there will be no alteration in
tha Is and that soldiers would be ar
psteit either for buying liquor1 oy hav.
ng it in their -possession, as has been
'he ease in the past. 1,,
r.,-v,: ... , ;
14 n' rf i.-.-
re Those of Men Placed' On
, Draft. List ot, Territory;
, Nineteen names., of. men who' were
ilaeed on the draft list of the Territory
n November 1 are a Chinese poxzle.to
Major Francis Green,' selective draft
iftV.er for Hawaii, and check aa he may
he .Is unable as yet to place them-in
-.heir limner order.' .
- 1 -, - - t, , ...
'r The arduous duties' of arranging for
1 royai tunerni mterrupteit tne routine
vork of checking Bl the draft, numbei
'ists made on November" 1, but. he' ii
; tain at hi lenk,L which is now cleared-
if old pnsses. Invitations, plniu' for.'fu
icral , processions , arid ' Jong ' listH' of
inmes of people asking' for .invitations
mil he has uotbing before ' him ' but
igurea and then nreet figured, eac upne
icing a number opposite the nam, of
1 man who may be drawn iuto the tNa
;ion amyservlee. ,'l
J But lij 'the! long- list of 8l05 namet
here are nineteen names which wil1
.ot, .stay , out, or .rate canupt apnar
tntlv lift -nut' in "anv 'roliimn ' anles' v
.-ry ' number nd name- on the list' of
,-uoh .island is checked up and account
d'for. 1- i I.' '.,,'J. j-'
"Thi Is somethftig1- like " the Jolcl
13 uur.zle that once Kent tne entire
toutioV-lri "a' ttd bf frenxif tryiu'to
;etii4eii"ti th,. loser ..holtf, -Jhe
We ehift niid siiift these 'numbers and
r-heek Mi 'eeheek'. th.,.lit J but atill
buse nineteen' names, seem, to keep'u''
''uesTnn."M ' V' - '- . ,
. " We Will wiirV'tWrnj 9ut ?' exaitly!
towever, in a short -Urn, but 1. niver
Jia,d to do so mucb check rtfg' in tn"
ijfP.-. ... ...:
AN AIR.ffcrTtER Miti
, In lejter,, wr.itten from., Toronto,
Canada, to Robert 'Hair'' of ' Honolulu,
Tommy Ktewart, won,' of ' Dan- RteWprt
v.K.-.-i.-' '"..i.r.iL :.' 1.11. -i '
i wie it Miunrniinjiiffiion ,iviis si a
1K Ueutv J4;. .Crn0n 'ia a ,nihewof
ir Kdward Carson. . The flight "was
miWe,-j;-tl teetttrf' gale and U a
pindlig"aiioWH(orm,,the letter atates,
and lie tutor introduced thrill by rut
iing"pit!, jnumbci' of sjunts whlle'tbd
uHchihe' was at 'an elevation of 3000
feet. i-',!' ' Vi-S. tj ...tj- .
The Htewftrt ,ure a family pf fight
ers." Don' Ktewart 'the'fatrVwil a
member of the JJordqh rdlef, pipeditloit
and' beside Tyniny tiwant, vo join
ed the Canndian forces in Vam-Oiijrer.
be has another son lighting at the front'
The letter. any that pf fitfty men (that
left Vancouvi'r ' fo Toronto Toa(my
stewurt wiis one- of tbiev fA receive
the grade uf subotid air mechauia'nd
he mills t but tho three nil are Honolulu
Hcots,' ', -'. ... .
naic iainiuu rsiiMii iu .au rvi'iHT. in
which,, bo 'wits' aii actof. .Jt woa yoijng
'cei. p ur , iium , uuij uii innnic
HitfaiiaiYs of.'
Passlflg of Monarchy
StranoVSn'ape '&id'C'o$ A.surh
ed By Lunar Luminary 'Believ
ed By Superstitious To Be Por
tents Relating To i.Liliuokalani
Lying-low ' Jn the heavens tod ap
parently resting upon the neean at thi
edge-of 'a haxy h orison, the moon oa
Monday ' night', assumed so strange a
shape, resembling a shallow a ad long
rescent- and ' deeply ' golden in color,
that Hawauaps watehed ,, it Intently
from the Villi end the shore, believing
it to' be another mysterious symbol, re
lating' to the departed Qneen ad th
mesauge from the, hesven of th 'past
ing of-the monarchy. ' ' -
The, latter Idea generally' prevailed
among Hawaiian becajae of tho rhapc
and color of the crescent which' was
(startlirtgly like, the crescents whic!
adorned the feather abuutaa"-' of the
King and Queens of Hawaii, . - " '
Throughout the Tylnir In state period'
snd the late obsequle for Qheen L-illu-
oaaiani ta ctesrenta upolt the dnxent
of ahoulas worn by casket watchers
became familiar, to all in Honolulai '.'
, r or, tni reason the at range, gleaming
crescent ' moon illusion, standing ' o
clearly out or the sky ia the b'nrkneie
of : night,'. seemed to Hawaiian specta
tor to .symbolise the entire history pf
royalty and its decline in the Island.
Jjust a on Sunday, when the .casket of
the Queen had beep eondgried tg -Its
nirhe in the royal , erj-pt ,ig Nuuano,
the shronded crown on the eatafalqii
wa broken off just ' a ' ,it ' lef t; the
ground,' and as the gentle' il.rlr.xle'.' of
rale fell the night before the fubetal
whil crowds were waiting to' enter
n.aw-aianao . ennrcn to. see . th royal
cfcnket-4thrh incident tiifvintf to lhi
XI - rift, tt a. 4. ! ' Af- II.
nAMiing xf Liliyokalani and the, anon
tlHE, Kaiiaip November i&Tiroi
by the influence of the worthy example
of the'- Hanamaulu " School," tho !: Ewi
fcVhool children have collected f-231 for
the benefit fthe suffering) and needy
children of Belgium.,: -,' ,v .' ,t,. -.--
. A delegation of little, tot "frOnv the
Filipino riundny School, ' Kiaua.'yam
to the 'home bf the manager,, JJr, JJy
ers on Hqnday brining tbeir-contribu-tion
bf -gl.05 ito the, Bedpros. .1
their dainty Filipino dfesae' thay niade
i picture a pleasing 'a wa their
;enerons tnissionu. ci j --v' , - '.'. - x
Mm. H. 1. . Wlshard"i Rfcv Ing knit
ting lesson to the girl of the public
cbool. bhe flndr that they are -on
.hiisiastle 'and 'anzibut to '.learn. V Hhe
'akek them Id classes, a 'fe at a time',
and give them careful '-personal at'
Vntion, land 'she i report v that, .they
"eatch on" qtrickly'Thla eommend
xblei effort Is to the, rertd that these
Jrls may be more efficient la Bed Cross
work. ':,.... ',.'''')'' Y' Xp.'-in;
An important bif'ef hef loot -taken
by the Mokihnna Club at the'meeting
Of last,' Wednesday, wis1 generous' ap
propriation' from' the fuhd' -realised
from the fajr of dental attention 'for
the children ;of the public schools' of
Uline. Kspy of these- ehlblren1 are
sadly ia need of suck ittentiony'ao
for lack of it their live may be more
or less seriously handicapped; ' Art af
rangement will be, made witk" PoetoT
Branch to give a. eertaln 'nufmocf of
hours a week. to. thr need of fhe 'ehfl
drea at the request ',0 Mia 'Kublig,
the community nurse.'.- '.".'.' ' ' '
November 20 (Associated Tress) An
other rlush o' American ooldier and
Oermnns on th French front. has oc
curred, with one American -killed. The
fighting took place in i "Jim Man's
Land" between- patrol parties The
American patrola have .been active for'
the last two nfghtaV'.and th artillery
fighting ha also been 'brisker,
s -.:; kV ';..'. '
Call a HWt' :
If you drink beef or liquor even
moderately, look oat
ble. Alcohol will we
in time and then yoo mar expect liri
nary difm-ultic, haf Hi-herheainatlc
kiche.v Themnatlc
uttacks, dUzy spells 1 nefvouspeibi,' ;or
sick' heudnclie: UiHi't! a'ait'.fdTjwri
troubles. I'se Doan' Haekache Kid
ney Villa.' Tbey hetp'vyvhk kidneys,
whiitrver tho'cahse.i Thousands (hank
l)oa 11 's for quick relii-f. ' .
When Tour taR la Mn--Ki-me-n
ber the Name." -(Don't (imply sk for ( bf ety and cjpect to remain at least
a tidoer remedy-HUli' Mln-tly for ck.; .. ',. , ,
Doun's Racktclte Kidney Fills and take- '' :.'.',' '-' .' V?
110 other). Uoan'a Uacksehe Kldrtet' W." C Avery, inspector general of
I "it 1 me wdd y till draggbith and stoiw .'si-hivols, will leave in.; the Mauna Kea
keepers, or Will be muUvd or teiMiit af.'lhlk aitfrniua tiir Hilo'mid will nika
j price by the Holtlster' lintgf .' or,'
hciium Hmitb Co.V' agtOita for ' the
I If it 11 1 in 11 IhIiuiiIs, (Advtrrtisehient 1
Committeo o7 iaparics'e' Associa-'
v v w e iwom'i r s ;..
1 deayorXyPJanters v
, Proposal of higher svagea of fof
change In'the- bonA System 'were ye
terdsy presented to th Hawaii Bngar
Planter' Association "bf ' the ' Japaheso
iiiurr wngr qucsynii association. ibi
action followed the "acceptance and ap
proval ef the report of .the cotnmlttee'
appointed by the latter association af''
ter the- presentation of' such tepOrt at
a meeUngfirbicH ,vaa held last Patnr
dy eveeing. Tie-ftropaisls were eom
mnaicsted.U writing and go at length
into the aituation. - The rommitteo
which took up the negotiation ia com
posed of Dr. T.Adlsmiira,' K. Wada,'
B.'. M'asbiml and C.' Elgl.' ., , ' .(
- The-' tnot: Important request ' mad
-In-the ' proposal bat have been ' pre
seated to. the Hiwajl ftiga'r Planters'
Asaeciatioo re. ror a removal or tie
restriction)! that .'are; provided in the :
twenty day of workelanse to 'which
objection ha 'long-been offered. Thi
.clause! was 'Inserted In the bonus scree-
hment in. order to pro.vide 'stability
-or labor tbat wa otherwise not to be
jseeured and only the regular worker
participate in the bonne payment un'
d(r the present system. - .'
Bonui Tor AH . ... '-. --'. . .. '..,
t e...k. .:l.' 'i.. . : . tl
i. r ilj ti. .. - . ..
(N.D mk inui rn iinnrpn wna innva h
plantation before the end of the bonus
year, ' Under present arrangements' one :
third of . the bonus for each month' ia
f payable at the end of . that mopth and
the other, two-third is payable at the
11.. v... ..
ltW .KWHUV Till.. .. , ' ...
It J Claimed that the hveraire nliinta-
tioai laborer earn from. 20. to a
atontb and .that livlncr cost ara' t-' HI
aod that it eonti a m.rrittd'min with
. . r - --sri - - ' w -
' aLll.t . Alt DA a ' ' It 1 .
' -"WI,'-' :., .-. i' ... '..,
Dar- Hnnerlea Needed.:.. -..' ,-': '
'Another .' point made I ' that, there
k:. .ni;
wrv-luiivrr wQQsaave wive ann enu
dren -bad whose wive are unable" to
breause of the -care required for the
children- To 'remedy.,, thi children'
home or day nurseries are asked. -
rtie'p'oint is rained, that the plun ra
tion Jiave made estraOrdiunry profit
rri tn past year and that it la their
natural duty to eharo those profit with
1.1 'j.- . . .
wiwr p -cunimsing- saysi -
''The orosent bonus system ia ia fact
a ort of hiirher wad nrdvisina.. tint
- r m r .
lhiM a rMiA.1 m. n ii.. .H..i:..i:na '
- . ..",-. ,M V 1. D .M1 TMIWH
f - the svstem .. suh ' in th rui nf
meo who-work-nnder-twenty- day and
wamet . under ' fifteen day . a month,
BO anicwa uieir regular wage ia not $24
a month,, aed" further anlewt they eon. .
Vuue to ,work ia tka'.sama plaututioa
untthe en4 of the year." . 1 ,
Clang Wacrimln4tory,- ,);..., ' ' .. . i I
. '?On the whole theTM'e'Beut bonus sys
tem is a discrlnilnatery method ; of
treeing laborers," and tha paragraph
naa.ny aeciaring in syatem aoe not
encourage oUJigeuro among laborers and
ip not gl.ving the hghor wage tbat tho
Association r.equeeta. .
JtM no oin week atfo 'that the
first meeting w held in Honolulu' a
which '.aa,'organization 'was formed to. .
seek, higher-wage for the laborers on
life plantations.',, The firat meeting re
sulted in. something a fiasco, aa the
(jommUtee named to -prepare , and pre
sent requests, or some of the member
of , tho ,coiiimitte; deqlined . to go, for
A-AV.t. tk Ik, .a Ia... . Tl. .. k.'
a rcuxganiuttiou. biui-e purh eorgani
nation Jittle publicity has been given to
the matter from tho 1 association. . but
there have been Japanese editorials in
th. Japanese papers front time to time
and the question has in that and in
othor wnya been ,' kept alivn. by tha
jHin, v. , ', :i. , .'v '.
, There, have also been letter written
by ;,Boval , I- Mend and other of th
I'lanters' Assoviatioif, netting forth the
planter' view of tho' aituation. 'j.-.; '.',
.'' Vv' ' ' . (. . ' 1 . '',' '' ''
kyt -.-i
., . Urge-' shipmentof , beef srtd mut
ton' consisting -of ' eighteen hundred
quarter' arrived in Honolulu 'recently
d a llner fron' Australia'., ' The. ice
house :crgo W. eonsigned to j the
army," and it , . required " from 1 early
morning until late at aight to remove
it from Pier:v:r,i;V v :
t-Theieo,. house pnee in which thi
WrgO Sri curried, had to be prepared
for. an,' equal amount of sugar which
Whs ,'takbn pn at this p0rt for-Coast
dell very , Ice bad 'to' be ' chopped from
the"jilpej 'and steam turned 'into tk
hold ' for several faonrs'before the su
gar1 could be loaded, as it eequire'n
absolutely dry apacA. ' '. 1
' ' None ; other than the army can puf
cle Veef ' from Australia' at this
tiine, an embargo having lieen'plaeed
on'U,' td insure a plentiful supply for
the - armies of iree Britain. Only
.. . . i-ii x" -n-...,t.t-
for kidney, trdu-'i ?'. hr m,"t toT Vf1' '!-.
akea the kdiirvi "r hs meat' for' Uncle'' Ham' sul
1 mar oxneer nrl. ! 0,er ueeB porehaacd In the' antipodes.
Q, Lindsay, school aommissioner
for the Island of 'Maui and adjacent
posaessions, was a visitor in the -city
recently and returned to hi : Valley
Islvnd bom Mondary-evening.
v-M; Cora ' I).. Foster of the Hama
kuapoko School, Maui, is a visitor in
wok tout of tbc 1 big Island school,
retiifiiiig t , llouolul probably nelt
Tuesday uioriiing. ; . .-. ,1
V '
'v.. A.

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