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hi ;
0 '
I mfslafftr-'Soeflker ' of House
-rof Representatives, Is ;. : .'
H; Named By Court
Opposition To Colburn Is Held
'Sufficient To .Warrant
Course Pursued
After-denvW ail Of the three peti
tions presented for the appointment of
a temporary admlatatrntor te take cos
tfoVef the estate of the late Queen
LiUuolalanl att)t permanent admin
istrstor is appointed, Circuit Judge C.
W. 'Aahrord yceterdsy earned II. Lin
coin Hrtlstein ta aft. The appointee is
spealieVof the house of representative
of tka '. legislature fend ta one of the
wirtw -prominent iguree ia Hawaiian
pAbHVlife. He la a resident of Xo
hala, Inland of Hawaii.
'The bond lied, baaed en an estimate
of the 'value of the Queea 'a persona)
effects,-, liat of which had keen pre
sented ta tka eourt. ia la the earn of
i:!5.0OO. Pcadlatf the time what thr
temporary administrator ran qualify
and take over control of the property.
Col.' Curtis P. ' taukea. who Menaced
the Queen's affairs while She M alive
will, renaia la possession of the Wash
ington;' Place property aad ita eontente
The appointment trouht to jpon
elusion, the opening skirmishes of thr
session, of the Queea' estate, la the
proceedings just closed three separate
isterest were entered ia the lists ia
the flcbt for temporary admiaiatrator.
: and these will b arrayed against eaeb
other' ia the coating straggle.
Attack On Coibort i '
Ia the flash just closed two of the
groups, the faction- bejiind the old will
said ta have beaa drawn ia 1009,' and
the interests representing Prinee Ka
hio. who la elaimaat as next of kia.
united against the third group, that if
supporting the. soealled new will aaid
ta lava beea executed August 29 last,
th will that has beea attacked as a
forgery. The whole fight was oa the
appointment of John P. Colbura, who
is. named administrator la the alfeeed
' new wilL . -
- naiie loioora st artorueys woa ar
aai s. I M . S . ' a. At -
t rat two rnnada ia the- light; the eoun
la announcing a decision after a third
aad: flnal point had beea threshed out
declared that the-opposition that had
beea raised against the appointment of
Colbura was so strong that as a mat
ter of fairaeae and justiee for all. con
cerned the eourt felt justified In going
fmtid of Jbe ease and naming a who!
ly disinterested' party.
Henry gmltk Warned ' '' . ''' ..'
' -Only one pams waa offered whea the
eowrt-called upon the attorneys present
ta suggest . names of disinterested pel
sows, Attorney W. O. Smith suggested
the name of .Henry Bmith, clerk of thr
circuit court," but the eourt held that he
waa not wall qualified for the duties oa
Jhrsler grounds.. It was then that
uIl'B-. Athford named II. I Holstein.
- The attack to prove that John Y. Vol
tmrn arwot a fit parson to hold tha post
pf .tnmporary administrator, that -was
C(pi')ed yesterday, did sot materialise.
tri,eort -before adjourameat the day
befurw aad stated thst means of su
cMofnllr opposing Colbura 's ' appoint
lut'.ltj Vu to show that be was a person
unfit 41-the place. , ", .
WMneaa Bear
"While a cartaia amount of testimony
was1 offered, the matter' brought out
could not ba construed as, a personal at
ta:h o Colburn. , It was confined ta an
effort to show that ill feeling existed
bpfwren Colbura and Prinee Kuhio, .a
ileuae tinder. both wills as well as a
priaicipa) ia one of the actloos before
the eourt. ;i,' .
posing the m, will were aawilUay to
ssnwk their batteries and were sav
ing their awamnitlon for the roal en
gagenent. ' .'
AttorneyiD. L, Wthington was thr
first.. Witness called. He testifiel con
ceraintf Colburn 's former connection
. . . v 1 1 1 . . . .
wit a ine Bapioiani r,aiaie ai treasurer
and manager. Colbura 'a withdrawal
from ' the poaitloa, the wltneas ststed,
was. ust voluntary. ' Jesse Makainai,
the-rreseat treasurer af tha estate, was
snitB witness called and he testified
oaier'oiag the same ineident.
Colburn himself on the stand gave
tmrtlmonr to the effect that although
had differences ia the past with
Priiti' Kuhln. h VMfainAil BA-feelinirj
of malice. It was after hearing the.'
decision.' ' , '
'. rn otcuriD ccTaTC
V, Xf; - .
'Oaf. result of tha death of Queea
l.liiuokalsni is that the Bishop Estate
Is eancnea ey nnmper' 01 vaiuauie
1 ulcere of real estate, the value of
which has been variously estimated,
as well as valuable fishing rights. Thean
vpVO)rtls are situsjsd oa Kauai, Ha
waii and Uabu . -
. 4'ndir,tbs terms u the will of the
Iwte hfrs. tternies Pauahi Bishop, these
properties were bequeathed tp Queea
UlhioValsut "to hold for the term of
htm hatursl life" sad after her death
the-wiU provided that they shall revert
to the estate. -.
' . ' ' .,.,..,,
-, ,1nir.urtMi.d a 1 uAnuc
i.T, murderers who eommitted
rrimps-dusiag the pant few weeks sre
Still at large, and the' peraon respon
sible for the vandalism at tute Liluahio
tomb le awaits finding. The mur
.... .i .1. . r. .... . t .:u
Sfld the murder of the Chinaman at
IVslliahu are being "investigated",
aerding to a statement made by Hher
1(T Hose yesterdsy, . He also said that
th, police department is working on
eiui's that are shortly eictel to lead
ta the aiiurpauuainu af tha individual
.. ;.''",! 'II I f- ' ,,
Officer To Take Charge of Insur
ance Bureau In Honolulu
. Authorized By Washington
The first appliratioa of the art of
ooogress to aathorixe war risk pensions
for the troops stationed ia (he Hawa
iian Department , was made yesterday
when a cablegram from the war depart
ment at Washington was received b)
General Wiaeer, commanding the local
department, authorising the selection. of
aa officer of a rank not higher than a
captain to take eharge of the insursncc
bureau,,, .This wilr be newly created
office in Honolulu. . '
The act entabllKhed la the treasury
department a bureau to' be known as the
bureau of war risk insurance, the direc
tor of which is to administer and en
force the provisions of the act, and re
quirea all married mea in the service to
immediately commence making an allot
ment of his pay of $15 a month. Thr
provisions of Article II apply to all en
isted men ia the military .and nava
forces of the United Btates,' and pro
ride that allotment of pay, shall, sub
feet . to certain conditions and limits
ions, be compulsory as to a wife, a for
mer wife divorced who has not remar
ried and to whom alimony has been de
creed, and a child, and voluntary as tr
any other permon. The divorced wlff
way, however, If she eoaseata and show,
the has ability to support herself ant!
the children ia her custody,' waive the
Compulsory Allotment
The monthly compulsory allotment
which is to be required of eligibles is
the army, here shall be ia an amoun.
Mjual to the family allowance, except
hat it shaU aot be more thaa half th
pay,, or lees thaa . 115. The enlisted
man is not barred from making addi
tional allotments of his . pay for tb
ame purpose, after the compulsory por
ion has beea made.
This allotment goea as an' allowance
the man's family from the time 01
enlistment to death in or one month
titer discharge from the service, bn
sot for more thaa one month after fhr
present war emergency. No family al
iowanre under the allotment system ws,
made prior to November 1, but the act
is ia full foroe and effect now. The fam
ily allowance payable per month shal
be aa follows: ' : .
Ia the ease of a man, to his wife (in
luding a former wife divorced),-and
to his child Or children, if there be i
wife but no child, $15; if there be s
wife and one ehild, $25; if there be r
wife aad two children, $32.00, with
oer month for ' each additional child
Provisions are made if there be no wife
bat children. Other provisions relat
'o payments for grandchildren.
Death Compensation
- Ja case of death while in service, ei
eept for personnl miaeonduct, tlx
monthly, compensation 'for the widoe
sr. child shall be $2.V f or the widov
alone, and $33 if there is a widow am
one child. A widowed mother will re
eive $20 a month. For total dlsabilit;
results from aa injury) the eompenss
Hon to himaelf if he has neither wifi
nor child living shall 1m $30; if a wif
bnt no child, $45, and if a wife and on
ehild, $55. In case there is a wife an
three . children the allowance is $75
There are provisions for entire . help
(cue requiring the services of a nurs
or helper. The injured person Is al
entitled to resaonable govern men ta
medical, surgical and hospital service
and with such supplies, including arti
fb ial limba, trusses aud similar appli
anres as may be deemed neeeasary.
. The act also calls for special aid ii
the ease of dismemberment, or injuries
to sight and hearing and of other in
juries causing permanent disability
and the injured person shall .folio
such course of rehabilitation, reeduea
tion and vocational training as th.
United Btstea msy provide. If suel
course should prevent the injurediper
son from following a substantial gain
ful occupation while taking same, r
form of enlistment may be reqnirei
which shall briog the injured person in
te the military or naval service.,
War Klsk Insurance .
In order to give every eomiuiseiouei
tfieer anil on listed msn and to ever."
member of the Army Nurse Corps (fe
male I and of the Navy Nurse Corp
(female) when employed in active ser
vice greater protection for themselvC
and their ilH'udeiits, the Unite
Slates, upon application to the bureai
and without medical examination shal
grant insurance against the death 01
total permanent disability of any suel
person iu any multiple of VK), and no
less than $11)00 or more than $10,000
upon the payment of certain Secifie
premiums. Hui-h iusurauce must be sp
plied for within 120 days after enlist
ment or after entrance into- or employ
moot in the active servji-e and liefor
discharge or resignation. Any persol
n the active service on aud after Apri
.8,' 1817, becomes disabled or dies with
in the 120 days after April rl, Is en
titled to the to have beeu granted in
.uraoee. navable to such twrnoo ilorin:
bis life iu mouthly instalments of tjii
The war risk insurance and the allot
uient system apply to members f tli
regular' army ami the national arm
and all branches that are not specifier,
as having couueetion with the nios
uonsDii-uous orgsnixations and units.
With an army of neatly fourteei
thouoMii l iiiru statioiurd b, re and witl
a goo. Ily proportion coniiug under thi
provisions of the married men 'a class
the work of the iusurauce officer wil
be uo sinecure.
- 1 1
COPENHAGEN, November 21 fAs
sociatol Press) Ho serious is the. fuel
shortage iu Germany that concerts, lec
tures and public meetiugs at Munich
have been prohibited for the months, of
December, Januury itn.l half of Febru
ary. There ix not enough find 10 bent
Authorities Order Arrest of
Master of Schooner :,
. Churchill ;w
Charges made br rnembers of the
crew of the sehoonn Chnrchill, which
went aground on October 25 oa-French
Frigate shoals, that the vessel wss
deliberately wrecked by her captsin,
Charles Oranr.ow, with, the aid of Fred
Wilson, second mate, Inspired Honolu
lu navy officials yesterdsy to rablf
sn Francisco ordering the srrest of
Captain (rransow - and -his two sons
pending further investigations. Wil
son, who is now at Kahulul, Mnnl. as
one ef the crew of the schooner Char
lee R. Wilson, bound fori the Fiji 1'
lands, .has also been ordered arrested
by special . wireless to Mlaj-shal J. J.
4middy, who is visiting Matii. He will
arrive here this morning.
Affidavits msde by John; Wessick,
jarpenter of the Churchill, i Otto An
lerson, able seamaa; H. Munch, cook,
ind IJeutensnt Ferris, U. H. plsin
ly indicate tba CaptaiA Oriwizow de
iberately destroyed his si ip, . but
shether for the insurance on it or in
lehalf of the Oermaa cause .has aot
been determined. Oranxow is . Oer
nan born, and in view of the fact that
.he Churchill, at the time of ?ho oc
urrence, was " carrying a caxgo of
opra consigned .to the British 'consul
it Heattle, navy ' officials are aitxlous
o ascertain the motive for the ship's
lestruction. When here Oransow aaid
e was a naturalised American, butt he
vaa unable, to show any papers to this
"ffect. ''',''.' i''
tfionch Arrested yesterday
Yesterday, H.' Munch, cook of the
ost vessel, who has been at large since
is arrive! la Honolulu following the
rreck, was arrested and held as a
ritness on the .strength of a sworn
itatement made by Otto Anderson,
ible seaman that Munch saw Captain
Iransaw and his son pour a can of
arrafln oil into the forward hatch and
t fire to it. ,K. Ramos, slias Pedro
5omo, ia also said by Anderson to be
tware of this fact. Bamos left for the
bast last week on aa oil tanker, and
e may be returned to Honolulu.
. Home of the affidavits in possesion
if naval officers assert that Captaia
Iranzow waa warned of the presence
f land but he made no attempt to
avoid it . Others declare that Gran
tow ordered Keeond Mate Wilson, just
efore the ship waa abandoned, to bore
t hole in the forward hatch, pour par
rati a orj the rags below and set fire to
'hem. ' . -i -
rhrew Bottle Overboard
la bis affidavit, John Wiseick, ship's
arpenter, states that every day for
I. week before the wreck, the captain
'00k a bottle, put a written message
,b it and threw the bottle into the
tea. It is believed tbst this was done
in order to give an idea of the Iocs
Jon of the Chnrchill if wrecked.
Lieutenant Ferris, who took a "pleas
are trip with Captaia Bice of the sam
ps n which rescued the crew, confirms
he report thst Wilson bored a hole in
he forward hatch. His affidavit ssys
hat he ssw the performance and on
sklng Wilson the reason was told
hat he (Wilson) wsnted to get some
king out of the hatch before leaving
the vessel.
He also states thst Captain Oranzow
trnt down into the cabin a few min
ites later, and when he ascended a
biff of smoke came with him. "The
aptain seemed surprised when I call
.d his attention to this," says Wilson.
3arly Suspicions Aroused
Kven before it ass known that the
avy authorities were investigating
he wreck, the contradictory stories told
iy (Jrnnxow after his arrival' here from
he shoals, excited the suspicion of
everal shipping men of Honolulu. He
s said to have told Captain Foster,
harbor master, and Lben Low of the
Oahu (Shipping Co., that the vessel waa
not afire when he left. Out in spite
of this he has signe.l an affidavit at the
Bishop Insurance Co. that the schoon
er was burning ulien abandoned.
Royal Baking Powder makes it possible to pro
duce appetizing and wholesome cakes, muffins,
corn bread, etc., with fewer eggs than are usually
required. - . 7
In many recipes the number of eggs may be re
duced one-half ortnore. and often left out alto
gether with excellent results, by using an addi
tional quantity of Royal Baking Powder, about
a teaspoon, in place of each egg omitted - Try
the following recipe which is a practical illus
tration: 7' , .7; '7- . : . .; -77
I raps lour MRRCTIONt.-rlala and 'sift dry Iw
4 tMspeoos feorsl Baklof Powdsr aswlisnts, add milk and iroltsd shortM. 1
t tablespoons suar ina and btit until smooth. . Bsks in
I tsaspoon salt (rMsad miUTiB tins la hot ovsn W to
I cup milk miautss.
t tafelsspoons shortening '
, The old method called for 2 eggs
You must use Royal Baking Powder to obtain
the best results. r
New book of rscipes which economise in eggs and other expensive
Ingredients mailed free. Address Royal Baking Powder Co
I3S William 8t, New York; U.IA.
- Made from Cream of Tartar, derived from grapes,
and adds none but healthful qualities to the food.
No Alum No Phosphate
Former Mayor Lane
Will Go To Kauai
To Be Small Farmer
Sells .Honolulu Home and Ah
' swers Call of the Land Has
Acquired Homestead On Gar
. den Island and Will Cultivate It
Prom the mayor's chair to. home
steader's place behind the plough Will
be the transfer of the activities of
Hon. John C. Lane, former mayor of
Honolulu, for the ea-chief official of the
city administration ia disposing of hi
attractive town house On Miller Street,
ana expects rater on te go to Kauai to
prove ap his homestead near Kapaa.
Whea the .Fates, la the persons .of
many voters - of Honolulu, decided
against Mr. Lane remaining longer a
mayor, and he was succeeded ia office
by a Democratic Victor, Mr; Lane cast
his eyes toward the mountains and the
valleys, . and adopted the slogan of
"Back to the Laad' although he had
been a city man practically all his life.
ine lands or Kauai, fertile and adja
cent to towns and villages and coa
necteil by a splendid road system, ap
pealed to . the former mayor as the)
have done to many Hoaolalans ia thi
past tea years,. and he applied for 1
piece of land, and hfls been assigned t
part of the- Garden Isle .which he wil
develop into a farm, and possibly in
the larn te come his place may beconu
as famous as the . hospitable home oJ
"Jach" Coney, Alexauder McBryde at
Lawal Beach, and the doxena of other
in 'various parta of this attractive
. The Lane home on Miller Street, be
tweea Hotel and Beretania Streets, ant
near the University Club, was former!
the .home pf the late John Gna, and
there, the mayor has entertained in his
way. j-:
The home has beea disposed of to Dr
W. C. Hobdy, who intends to establish
his offices there, probably in a fe
months. Dr. Hobdy came to Honoluh
years ago as head of the United Statet
Public Health Service and resignet
from, the service to practise the profee
aion of medicine here. He waa th
physician to the late Queen Liliuoka
Isnl, attending her until she pasted
away on rovemDer 11.
. : 7.
-, The record on exceptions 'was filer1
in the supreme eourt yesterday in th
case of Philomena Silverhora, executrix
of the estate of Alexander MeLaln, ver
sos the Pfecifie Mutual Life Insuranei
Company. The suit ast brought to eu
force the payment ef $1000 insurane
pn the life of Alexanddf Mcltia, Thi
company refused-' to make payment
holding that the proofs ef death offere
were not sufficient. It was asserted
that McLain had fallen off of a boat ii
San Francisco Bay and' while a body
: J a . 1 1
was recoveren arier nis aisappearano
it was never fully established, the in
surance company contends, that th
body twas his. The plaintiff lost ir
the lower eourt and then carried the
ease into ths supreme court.
,The Bishop , Insurance Co. does not
know for what amount the Churchill
was insured, but as they' were instruct
ed to Ascertain if there, was any proa
peet of salvaging the' cargo, it is as
sumed that the .copra was covered bj
iasurance. The firing of thi; ship, how
ever, prevented any attempt at salvage.
By a strange coincidence the
Churchill is owned by Charles Nelson
k Co. of San Francisco, also owners
and operators of the". Maverick . and
Aauis I.arsen, two vessels which arc
shrouded in mystery. Both the 1st
ter ships figure in the India conspiracy
cases now being tried in. San Francis
co, and in which Genre Bodiek and
August Kchroedvr of Honolulu are im
plicated. '. " '
' SPORTS : i
. ; J ' - !
r pt v nnnnnAfi o a n r
Prospective Runners In Christmas and New
J.- Year Turf Events Commence Training i
''. ";'v'". ;; At Kapiolani V:Zc;&J;
' ,; i. '-.,'. .'-. "I. i "' " v ' 7 .-'.
-'--'. ' - . . , . " . .- . ' . ' - : '- ,
tTospects of excellent sport la con- Maui'a Prospects (- - - -
icction with the year-end race meetings Mu' be well represented at the
o he conducted ender the directipn of ; l"f kP'1 tnotinp. Jpr. U. C. nbtjer-
a n .'"IJ Wl" end the three-year-old Will
tohn B, Grace at Kapiolani Park, are 0wpn ,nd Copra to the races, while
issured by the programs for tiristmas ! Angus. McPhee, will be represented , by
ind New Year's Days' racing officially Mary Jay and his crack two year-old
aede public-yesterday and which art .Waimr'a, by Prolie out of Sumptuary,
is follower , 7 ' n ' ; 1 Another runner from Maui will .be
Che Chrlatmea Card , , ' lovilo, which is a winner on local
Bicycle race, One mile, open to Ori- ('" ths popular Louis von Temp--ntalsr
three prises. sky colors but whuh has not been seea
...i . t J ii Ion a course for a couple of rears. Do-
hree heats ia Ave; purai $400.
Half mile-free for all; purse 250 of
,hi.k sin . w. ..--
Bi furlongs,' Hawaiian bred mules,
cihi 123 nmrn.l.- run .n.l n.ir.A
iioo i . : -
. Half mile Roman race, enlisted men:
mrae 1S5. of which fJ goee te the
Hyt furlongs, free for -a 11, weight for
ige; purse t-M of which $50 goes to
he second.- ' , - ., J.
tfew Tsar 'a Program ,
; Bicycle race, open j three prizes.
Trotting and pacing, green ' horses,
est two heats tn three; purse $300.
; Three-furloags, two year old, fillies
o carry 115 pounds r and colts 118
Miunds; cup and purse of $100.
' Five furlongs, Hawaiian-bred, weigh
!or saw; purse $200. . - 1 '
Hair-mile, three-year-olds; purse $200.
One- mile, mules, gentlemen riders,
veight 150 pounds; cup to jockey anu
)nre of $i0 to owner., ,
One mile, free-for all? purse $.150, of
vhich $50 tfoes to second. :',
Racing will start on each day early
a the afternooa and it ia expected
nst tne. attractive programs arrangeu
vill draw large crowds to the classic
Capiolani Park course,
lorsee At the Track -
Already a number of horses are in
raining,, both thoroughbreds aad 'har
ness horses.
At tw it atatilaa' C. W Jndil I,
retting the fast pacer Denervo into
tin rva fnr what tirnmii a ha tha
hardest contested race the son of De
aonlo has ever bad with Tom HolUn
er's champion, Welcome Boy, and
hese (wo good pacers have tried con
tusions both here and on Mauai on a
lumber of occasions.
Welcome Boy is being trained and
Iriven by Jack Gibson, who, everyone
s glad to hear, has entirely recovered
hi. .... i.n.u;n. i.
tow entering upon his twenty-first
-ear of race driving in these Islands.
Zorine, owned by Mrs. P. M. Hwan-
y, and a recent. Importation from the
3nast, is also being trained by Judd,
tnd may make a third race ia the
'ree-for all pace, ' though this pacer
.vill hardly have come to hand suffl
ieutly to appesr to best advantage at
he coming meeting. '
Another pacer in eharge of Jiidd Is
l green prospect of which little is
Frederick Anderson of Wsialee has
he parer Carmalita at the city stables
n charge of Clarence Kichardaon, an
ild time conditioner who has come
ack to the game after a lengthy
apse. Kii-hardson is also looking after
i black trotter, a mare which has yet
'O mflkp hr tftahnt nn th tragic
Johu Colburn.III has a green pacing
itallion at the ty stables which ap -
tears to be coming to nicely. He is
y Boosevelt out of aa imported mare,
Another horse at the city stables is
i big black pacer said to be owned by
i Huwaimn sportsman. and the iden
ity and. record of which appears to.be
hrouded in mystery.
U the Racing Stables
Over at the racing stables MaxWat
ilns is galloping Haunte, Kemark, Pe
er Post, Drcumery sud Dinuer Bell,
'Irs. Walter Maifarlune's newly as
pired yearlings, and which will make
heir turf debut in the baby race on
Vew Year's Dny.
In the same string are Florence Bob
rts, holder of the Canadian , record
or five furlougs, and the classiest ani
nal ever imported to these Islands;
nd I .a lion ton Water, full brother to
he famous . Bubbling Water, and
touiids and pounds the fustest pony la
lawaii today for ho is but a pony.
Kosella will also bear Mrs. Mscfsr-
lane's popular colors at the meeting,
nouga oi mis mares racing merits
ibsolutely nothing is at present
mown. Plie is bred well euough for
C. Tyler is galloping Mary Louise,
t two-year-old chestnut fillv. and
Terinont, a three-year-old chestnut
colt, both owned by Charles W. Lucas
of S'iu Ksnch, and which have never
started in a rare.
Tyler is also in charge of Umpqua.
I.oretta, a two-year-old filly br rmp-
us out of l.olita; and the Dillingham
wo-year-oi(i wnuta.
At Ktfwailoa, Ooldea Spray, a 'full
rot her to Oneonta, and which won
'xpectedly at the last June meeting.
is neing cpiKlitloned under the watch
ful eye of Yoshite. He will be entered
. ,w v vvuw sv van irv eruv7IVS
in the six furlongs and mile f reef or- .
ill events, and it may be taken or
;rauted that this good looking horse '
is a much better animal than he has
lecu given credit for being.
rue Bcnoneid Kunnsrs i
At rkhofield Barracks J. Brown, who
sine here with a string of runners
rum Reno a year ago last August, is
raining Hatisf ax, Capt. B. K D.
IovIm's old flyer; Airline, which ran
t Tia Juana last year, and an un
linowu mare. Contrary to general re
iorl Hutisfax waa not sent to the main-inn-1.
Airline ' is; by the well known
1100 '-. " imuiiin, woui suouiu anorn ine ma
Half mile, ilawaliftn-bred, weight for .wner ' e""t liue on the cond
ige; purse $200 of which $50 goes tol'0"; '! relative merits of the
ka ivnii.l . v 1 Stock. . . , ' ' ' . .'..-
10 MIll.UUhULU
I.v'' 'Vb7 8,,eo out ' tvina, one of
. ;v ' 1" pnrcnasea.oy
j Mrs. Walter Maifarlane. - " ' ...
' Tj' "eeting at 8prcckels
. Park, Kahulul, at the end of this
I month, which should . afford the Maul
' H '
Visitors Dive And
Swim At V
Coeoanut Island .
Duke Kahanamoku ' and News
paper Editors Take To
Water Like i Ducks .v .
l ,nL0 Kgvember 15 A number of
visiting congressmen were taken down
to Coeoanut Island yesterday. to wroo
the mermailll i. the briny deep. The
i,-i,iin,. .itkmit ......i;nn tu. inn
th M H th wer , ,
oa vUit to the VoId (wimmjac no,7
, mmmw h,.v i. .i,. v.... Tl. u.n,
to enjoy the divina boards and tho
"shoot the chutes" as much As aatives
to the manner bofa. , Many of the gen
tier sex were present, and some of their
costumes were stunning.
Uuke Kahanamoku, the . champion
swimmer, was present, and swam and
I dov thrashed around as if - he
! was enjoying . himself immensely. ' A
motor boat was tearing around the bay
a short distance away, pulling surf
boards, on which expert ' swimmers
rode through the waves at breakneck
speed. ' ,
Borne of the Hawaiian boys aboard
recognized the Uuke, and came chug
' in' the W called to
j B,m- t H ,.wam ou w,th w1J,'nf
overstroke in a jiffy, and climbed
aboard of a surf board, the motor com
menced to chug, and the boards rushed
through the water at high speed. . Of
course, on the turns the boys were up
set occasionally, but the Duke dida't
seem to worry, whether he. was under
the water, or on top of it.
R. 0."3datheson of the Honolulu Ad
vertiser, and Wallace - B. Parrington
or the Mtar-Buiietm, swam, out as
bravely aa if newsjiaper men were ac
customed to setting into, deep water;
The visitors were charmed with the
beauty of Coeoanut Island, aa all visi
tors are. However, one real nice look
ing senator (there are several of tbem)
said that black eyes were more than
eoooauuts. He aaid he loved Hilo, and
everything that was Hiloesque, includ
ing C'ocoauut Island on a summer aft
ernoon. ' v . , . , s nicecmt I c
LIHUE, Kauai, November 20 Miss
Christoplierson, of Kilanea and - Miss
Catcs of I.ihue met in the semifinals of
the ladies' singles last Saturday after
noon at the I.ihue courts. Miss Christ
opberson won the instch with three
straight sets.
The work of Miss Christ opberson in
this match was excellent while that of
Miss Cstcs was decidedly below her
usual good play.
The finals of this tournament will be
played off on the Uhue courts next
Saturday sfternoon. at three o'clock
.between Miss Christ opberson aud Miss
fljengier ot tvesaua. ...
LIHl'K. Kauai, November 20 What
promises to be a decidedly interesting
game of hull will be played at McBryde
next Huuday afternoon at two o'clock
berween the AU-Japaoese and the All
Portuguese. .' ; '
The teams will be made up of the
best players the island affords of these
two' nationalities. This - means that
about the best ball tossers on Kauai
will be seen ia acttnu next Huuday.
HILO, November 15 At a meeting
of the Hilo Basketball League, held
yesterday afternoon, it was decided to
not play any more caines until Hatur-
Jmawry 6. the reason being that
. i . . , . .
?1.wa"'r J,,"-Vr"ii e w,th tue
Nat'""' .X,U8rd to Honolulu.
Thoroughbred race horses are prized
pretty highly these days. August Bel
mont has bis champion 3 year-old
Prench-bred Hourless insured for $H3,
000. Omsr Khayyam', a rival, has s
policy calling for $L'0,000 in case of
death. Campllre, champion 2-year-old
of If IA. is insured for l(K).IMM). The I
(iftiri'ii do ant even represeut the Value)
fnlted Htntcs Attorney H. C, lfuber t '
snid yesterday 'that he. had, hot yet''-?
lesrned whether or aot the President 'a '' ''
recent proclamation, placing rutthef re- J .
atnetions on uermau aliens tn the Uni
ted Htates, will be made to spply to" f
Honolulu. He is Inclined to belev cf
that it will, hut the fact that . the
regulations have not been. cabled here :f.
leads him to believe that they cancel . :,
be of any great' importance. ' ? . '
The area ' around "f6rts and '-"oilier
government military , posts from which j . '
alien uermans are at present excluded ;
in. viiv-ubii u,it i-vumwij mn wwminm .'
In Honolulu havebtalned special e'V '
mits, which give therd the rlghf fo" , 7
travel and reside, in , the business see-:
tion ef Honolulu, which "also i a re
stricted 'area, ,' Oertnaa alien are-also '-'
gives permits ' to' tfSVel ' f rem' oee'i isb v '
and to another, providing the-trip ia .1.
aot one of pleasure. , '. ; ''.-
Under the new instruction! alien Oer- T
mans are prohibited rora approaching ' -within
one hundred yards sf water-' '
""s,. docks,, railway termlaals ! 4nd) ' '
storage houses, , .'' fj' ;iy(j.
COPt'NHAGEN, October :. -Uso-. : '
elated Press)-i-The weariag of high- . .
heeled hoes by women street far'. eoA'A ; ,-
aurtors in rciiu wins pcn pronioiiew . .
in eonsequenee of the accidents litk
which women -'Conduotors Lsve been
killed or Injured. .:-. . ., l .
Castle &Cod!ie,
7"' ;;vUMrreo;;..ftv'r v:
ruoA; rACTois,' mtrrtHO - amd
Ewa Plantation Company Y . 2' - ' i f
Wailnkn Agricultural Co.; MO. , '
..; Apokaa Surtar Co., Ltd., . i"4
Knhala Sngar Cosspsny , v-
Wahiawa Water Company, Ltd. -
Ful toe Iron Works; of St. Louis
Babeoek Wilcojt Company ....
' Green 'a Fuel Ecouomlser Coraaaay
- Chaa. C. Moors A Cei Engineers ,
will not buy much these war dsys.
When normal times. roturn,, it( prof
bably will boy C0'to (100 vmore
man ii. uvn nun,
: r:
: ' , . ..
." - i ....' - i
8aye these present-day a.V cheap
dollars, against the- time they'll be:
worth a lot more. r T ,-'. ?
- ... . ,-...-' v ; r 7
We pay' A Interest .Vr . tf
Merchant and, Tort ttiu. Boaolul
. .' '--.' ,- -' ' ".", ' V-'.. '
, ... . ,--(. . .
from Montreal to Liverpool, ,
, London and Glasgow via tho
k and st. Lawrenc Bout
, THE WOKLD .':: ; i
- - -end .' ' '.
By the popular "Prineeaa'
Bteamcra - from Vsneeuver,
Victoria or rJeatUe. ,
7 ; .., .yi .- '.?;-.. , '
for full information apply to- -j"
Iheo. H..DjYhl&;Cor Ltd
1 Agents, Canhdjaa-Paeiflo y, Co.
: Cpmmis$jo;M
Sugar Fictcrsr-
Ewa Plantation Co. '7 ;v: .
,l(uWailua- Agricultural "Co;,-Ltd, .
.Apokaa eugarCd'Ltd''' V '
Pulton Iron Works of fit. Louie
Blake Bteara Pumps -.w.,.
Westers Centrifugals ' ,v"'.-.
Babeoek ft-Wiloox Boilers : ,
Green's Fuel' Keonomlser : "
Marsh Steam Pumps v ,, .,' .'
Mjfttsoa Navigation Co.
Pfanters' Line Whipping Co.'
Kohala Sugar Co. '3,;
chlncry of every description Bade te
order, '''.:'''''.V,'t'..i;...:.t.'
' ii j..--vw ".. 1 " 1
' Issued Tnasdsys and Prldayi .
(Entered at the Poatoffloe of Honolulu,
T. H as second-class matter.)
- Per Tear ... I , w.W ' N
Per Tear (foreign.) ...... 9.M 0 .
- sysre-ls-asahlv U. A"Ua'le , .'
tcspoasible for the tomb robbery.
IDS public halls.
stulliuu Tony Faust. ; '
at too Horses.

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