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Tistrrwv 1
,n. n. vrfcATiu.it 1.. .-a r.
Not. l J!'17 I iH tvrn'v
four , hours. rnuifnll, .1 .'
Temperature, Win. 70; Mid
80. Weather, pt. aloudy.
M" OentrtrtJa at. T. per II. t
niM, HaWaUaa kiUl... M) 1131.00 ..
.... TAI 140.W
" . ii ii i i it ' liii i i i-'ii i
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v V 'V V . V,V..:V. V. W V
-v V- ;i- - r., WHOLE NUMBER 1 4690 , .
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BllK 1
Forces At Front Neglected, Sup
, "plies Are Exhausted Men Mu
tinous and It. Is Feared They
iWiU Raid Cities For Food ;
Ambassadors of Allied Nations
, Are Prepared To Demand
Passports and Start For
home If Peace Parley Begins
NEW YORK, November 2
(Associated i Press) -Bloody
civil war threatens Russia. The
, Majtimilists. indBolslie-Vikis are
going ahead with their plans for
an ' armistice and have ..the sup
port of the- soldiers. At the fronts
there is such a shortage of provi-
flona and the. suffering is bo acute
that it is feared the soldiers ' will
come m and "enter and raid ' the
cities to secure ' what they need.
The, ambassadors of the Allies
are 'jrcpared ,t6;mmediatefy de
- mand .their passports In case Jius
,i hall pnter ito'an,, .agreement
with the ' CfntraU Powers for n
armistice, liteitare some at tne
disquieting -wport"tnat, were re
; tci ved J yesterday ?nd last flight
relative to the crisii in; Russia.
Russia is on the ,: verge of "a
bloody civil war, said despatches
received by1 way of Copenhagen.
At the various fronts, - Russian
newspapers, say, . soldiers are with
out food arid. on Northern Pront
they are dying from cold and
hunger, Commanders report that
from all the fronts that supplies
arc exhausted and fear that, goad
ed to desperation by hunger, the
starving soldiers will soon come
in upon the cities and raid them,
Seizing what they need. They are
rapidly getting away from con
trol of their officers.
During the late disorders in
Pctrograd and Moscow and while
the quarrel over government has
gone on, the armies at the fr6ut
have been neglected and 'all but
forgotten except when their sup
port was sought. The inevitable
result, following the cessation of
the (tending of supplies, Was ex
haustion of resources, hunger and
intense suffering with consequent
loss of morale.
With one dissenting vote the
congress of the second army
passed a resolution which gave
approval to the plan for an imme
diate armistice as preliminary to
peace and pledging its support to
the colors of the' Workmen's and
Soldiers. Council Delegates, now
in control, and assurance that in
no event will it lend its support
to Kerensky, was the report
which was received from Petro
grad direct. ' ,
Preparations . for depart urc
from Petrograd were told in des
patches from Ilapar&nda that
reached Copenhagen and which
said, that it had been decided that
in the event of Russia opening
negotiations for peace with Ger
mtnj or ny or all of tbo Central Pow
ori tb smbauadora of all of tbt AJliad
nation! would Immediately damand
Ihcir pasaporta ami - would lov thn
country fvrthwUb.
i close Arm
Seven and a Half Centuries of
' Moslem Possession of Holy -;;;
s City Is Nearing Its End
Less Intense Fighting On West
and Italian Fronts and Ally
Reinforcements At Hand -
NEW YORK, November ST-fAaao-elated
Pre) Cloaei and tiffliter the
British forreg are drawing la aod about
Jaruwilem, and Monleni. eontrol of the
Holy City that baa luated for lis and a
half ernturtei U nearinj Itt end. Re'
porta from the array of the Pafeittina
received In London laat ich! laid that
the following up along the line of the
Jaffa-JeruBalem Railroad and .the Brit
lh foreea yeaterdny took Bittir, a ata
tien aix niilea aouthweat of Jeruaaleaa.
I'rani there they proceeded forward and
with eomparatively little , reaiitance
captured Ain Karim, - whirh ia only
three and a half mile from tha eity,
At other point the advancing Britlnh
ar within the auburba and frantically
await only the order to proceed 'with
It in vent men t.; . .' v :
Bwiaa Borders Cloaad - - " -.
One of the moat a en if leant announce-
tnenta of yeaterday came from tfeneva.
It aaid that the Italian border had beea
deelared clawed Indefinitely and that
the cloning of the Germain and'Auatrian
border waa to follow oon,' ' No. good
or individuala wi)l be allowed 'to paa
in either direction. ThU will leave
only the French lorder open , for en
trance to and eiit from HaitBerland.
On the , Western front and in the
Italian theater there wa lens of intense
activity than hue .been aeen in aevaral
(lav .'. h ' : h . .'. ".
In the Caaibra) ' aertor von lllmlen-
burg made no further effort to -retake
Im bowittoJia-wliUfc ' nan lot ao tua
BrltlU had nJ!IOrtUaity 0 Onaoli-4
wi iu.' rruM wriw wr
portunity afforded to the Vrem-li
and they bel-t tha pomtious whk-b they
acquirod on Sunday.
German Force Spent
' Assault on Brenta I'eake by the
Atmtro-Oermane were repulsed, accord
ing to report from Rome while Berlin
aaid that the Italian front wa quiet
except for local engagements, clearly
indicating that the first dash of the
Teuton trips ha spent itself.
The crisis would seem to have paaaed
for advice from the Italian Headquar
ter told of the arrival, of lnrjfe rein
foreomenta . of ' French " and British,
.These despatches said that marching
night and day, bringing with them
huge supplies of gun, ammunition and
food, the Alliea are rushing reinforce
ments for Italy.-
Solid rank of Franco-British infan
try aod artillery and great numbers of
upply train were aeen within sound
of the battle raging oB the northern
Italian front.
It la announced that the night unl
tlay march wjll end with the reinforce
ment ready for battle to snpiwrt ine
Italian force under their heavy fight
ing. ibtIsToiW
WASHINGTON, November 7 (A-Bw-iated
Press) Slackers of thu
L'uited State In. several of the Allied
countries and slacker of those several
countries will probably be rouudt-d up
and brought into aerviee either with
the United States or with their native
Kinds witbiu the next few months.
Secretary Lansing announced thut he
will have ready for the approval of con
gress when it assemble, next mouth
several treaties relative to enlivtinent
and conscription to be eutcfed into
with as many of the Allied countries.
The treaties will enable the carrying
out in foil of laws of any of these na
tions relative' to daft and conscription.
... " "-
WASHINGTON. November i (As
sociated Press) Secretary McAdoo to
day announced that under tbe trading-with-tbe-enemy
law all insurance com
panies incorporated in Germany or .any
other Of the Central countries und do
ing business in tbe United Stutcs must
be liquidated, escept life iimirauce
companies, which are allowed to cou
tinue their existing contracts.
r- -f
MANILA, November 26--( Annouiat
ed Press) Tbe Philippine tiational
bank I iastiiag paper bills of a frae
tleaal denomination, owing to the short
nga of coin in the ielandi.
W OMEN of the Auxiliary Army tec sad sights. i they follow closely in the wake of the ad
vancing Allied armies as they art now doing on the Cambrai and Verdun fronts. . Here are
shown two of these women who carry aid to the ttrickin and wounded looking at a cross erected
in a cemetery by tha Germane to British victims of the' war.-..-It is from art official photograph taken
back of the British linei somewhere in France.' -'V '.! i1-'- : i'-. v ,
A . a. I
r . r.
Billions -.Required
i'.-WASHlNGTOk, November 27jHAoeiatedrM)-Wit, .ihej gVnating of a
furtherredit 'ot neven and a half. trillion lul)ar to Belirium, yeMti-r.luy It, wa
aunouured llwt lha kn thu far wad
ahnuf linlf.f Kluf m .,iiatil .almJiClia juiihA Iluu. bul.rtA
, lnt treftl,rr .irpnrt iwat ctimatKi) that tlKKpnlinarv txyefM, jiieluilttin
( war xpent0ri Jjii Hot imlud(nt loiinn to b wade to tha Alllra, for tlia j-ar
betrfiDne Jalr I neM will Iw 12,7)0,000,O0O n.J that the eXpraxM for tha lrr-
eut fincal Vrar, ruding Juue :U, will le $ 2,:i:ifl,(KKI,0(H) aUo ut Incduiliug lou
made to the AliitHi. .. - t ,
Becrotary McAdoo furthor nnid thut he cHtimated that U'would ncrnrv
to ixaueifeonde and treamirv certillratOH in the amount of tru hillioua of dollar
before the and of tho prexoiit fisral yenr. V,
The ttPanury depart mi'iitj have all tht' other departiiientii, Jiua been lmy
durinff reeeM OH PHtiinatea of war and otlier iiii esnnrY oxjienditure. with a view
to haviug thi'tH ready for roiiKreHH Immediately upon itn aHaemblinjr and to be in
a Maition to apeedily aner auy iiitHtioii that may be aiikod. . '
1 :o:
AMERICAN AHMV FRONT, November 27 AHSoclatod Press)--Sol.lier
as well as sailor are deprived bf the privilege of weiiriug well earned decorations
tendered to or bestowed upon them by the Allied Nntious. ' The failure of - u
grcss at it special sessiou to pas the bill that wax introduced t6 rnnble the
wearing of such decoration works it hardships on nil branches of the servii-e.
Thelr'hope is that action will be taken early iu tlx- regular session which will
enable them to eu joy the honors that are offered to t ln-m.
Fifteen, American officers andMiien who recently made a yplendid and sue
cessful defense against a Gernuin night raid and put the enemy to flight n the
nijfht of November 2 have boen ordered decorate ! with the French war crow.
They will be unable to wear these doeorutious until congress permit it
This follow immediately after the expressed ilesire of Orcat Britain to deco
rate naval o Ulcer and men "of the destroyer fleet for distinguished services.
WASHINGTON, Novemi- r .,(l (As
soriutej ' Presi) Farther te;s were
taken toduy in the pluns to pool tho
eastern railroad on a war basia and
MHilly later to put them under the
direct control of the federal govern
ment. -,
The vice-preahlenta aud Bc.tive op
cratirg expeti of the eastern line are
gathering here to perfect the plan for
pooling the roads, and to draft tenta
tive plans for government control if
the pooling agreement 1 not sufficient
to solve tbe present grave problems,
4 . . e i -
LONDON, November 2 fAssoeiated
Press) Sir I.eauder Starr Jameson
hero of the Jameson raid in tbe Trans
vuul in 195, died today. Jameson, who
whs ii Hootch physioian aud became an
official administrator iu the British
Transvaal, led a military force into
the South African republic to support
the I itlamleis, or roreigneia, ugaiuM ,
the Hoers. i
Congressmeu Dill, Milter, Jubusou of
Washington, Timberlake, Tavlor of Col
orado, Stephens, Goodwin and ex-Con
greiemen Htnut and Hicks, orrive'l
home today from their visit to rJurop"
and tour of the trrm-hes in ' Ki unco mui
,. i . '4
' . ..:
i r
r th Allint ainounl Xo ,':.Kt3.otH).Hm.
WASHINGTON, November i ( As
(H'iiitecl Press) Discussing, the inter
nationnl situation, Senator - Stone of
Migxmiri, cuuirman of the foreign af
fairs committee, of the upper house,
su id today: "
" I , 'duration of war by the l'uited
Stnti-s againat - Austria,' - Turkey ami
Bulimia are exceedingly advisable and
would simplify the situation, which is
now ttuonialon.
",Vc are in' fact now'. twar with
Gcrmuny's allies.'! He says that eon
((rcH h ou I1 barmoniae it policy with
the executive branch of government.
Senutnr Lewis of Illinois, comment
on t lie statement ef Senator Stone,
said tlint the United State ahould at
tin- httiue time be careful to distinguish
between the Austrian and the Hun
riu us and Bohemians, a well as
tweeu the Austrian and tba Poles.
M.V YORK, November (Asso
ciated Press) The American, Red
i 'loss announced today that it will ex
tend its war relief activitie to Japan.
It Iimh necepted the off or to take St.
Luke's International Hospital at To km
iu ease of need for its use by Aineii
can forces.
WASHINGTON, November 20 (As
sociated Press) Tbe comptroller of the
treasury has approved a plan of the
Hoover board to take sugar held in
this country for fnrciirn accounts mid
use thu goveronieot'a fund in pay men t.
, ....
' - V , ' )i
''.'. I
oiate.l -Urnctie rnrt tUment ti
the maunfasture of hiitonuibileV'. fjf1
deasure and similar unnecessary use
is reconraiended hy the . National De
fense Advisers in a letter which' they
sent to various' governmrnt dep-irtmeut
yesterday. This lettor point out the
nn- Atentiul qualities of (vcli ears, that
the output of the' factories i required
for machines Which ran be pnt to use
ful purposes, the apace required la thei;
tr (importation from factory t-i delivery
point is needed for essentials ' the
apace taken in transportation of 'inch
material to the factories could be bet
ter used and there would be a curtail
ment rather than an increase ' in the
quantities of gasoline, oil and fuel
I inr puipiwes nut benebicit'l.' to tlv" p'tv
efnment ami the nennle as a whole.'
. - - u ..'..
Citizens By Tens of Thousands
Greet Returned Mission
TOKIO, November I'd (Special to
Nippu .liji) A tremendous welcome
awaited Viscount K. Ishli and hi ofti
clal party when they arrived safely at
Yokohama yesterday iu a T. K. K.
liner, having returned home from .an
ofUcial visit to the l'uited States on au
impurtuut war mission. Many promt
ncut men in Japan, including Viscount
1. M'utouo, miuiatur of foreign affairs,
were at tho wharf to greet the Isha
mission. ' ' '
Tho success of : Viscount '. Ishii iu
performiiiK hi mission to the United
States is highly complimented by the
Tokio ' reus, whiub in general baa tak
en the . occasion of Ishii 'a return to
express satisfaction toward the new
Japanese American pact over China.
Viscount Ishii will be received in
audience by Emperor Yoshihito in a few
daya and his personal report as to the
conference with Secretary of 6tat4
Lansing, which has. resulted in the
signing of tbe uew agreemept between
Japau aud the United States, will be
made. '.
MINKOLA, Long Island, November
(Associated Press) Mrs. Blanche dc
8a a lies, who shot aud killed ber hus
baud, "Joliuuy" de Saullne, famous
Yule ipiurterhack, aud later iu the
consulate service in South- America,
testified in her own defeuse today iu
the murder trial. Mrs. de Baulbf, who
is of part Spanish blood, declared tlia
she could remember uothing of the
killing. She say she went to ber bus
baud's apartmeuts to get their child
and that he told her he would not give
the child up. '! felt stunned and
something wa wrong with my bead.
That' all 1 remember," she teatifie I
.( ;
'. fl'i. v
Avowed Purpose To Protect
. Japanese Residents Wo"!:l
if Carry Out Agreement Willi
United States and Protect
t T0KI0. November 2& The Japanese government has ie-.
cretly decided to send armies to Siberia. : One is to be. sent
to Harbin and another , to Vladivostok. Tho avowed purpose of
tha sending of these troops will be the protection of Japanese
who are resident in these two 'seaports. ; v- . -- V; '
' , " . ' :
11..- l.l- ...V,:..L ... -
Ills iuichl V lliv nr lyvvnvxi tan v.vi.... "J
Shin'i is jevidently pf (arjfreattr import than its wordmg'indicdtes.
It in -to evtyilent, manifestation, on the part bl the" JapaneC "gQvrt--v
mtnt,. ot;-.ft intension uv up to
between -V8Cvunt lshir ta8d Secretary of btate I-aning wluie tne
japWiltMkm; wat jn..hXTtcfyrvhc jiatrcdtngof the '
-PArl.t tieiL ' :' ltlmav Ia-tfcriakea' as an. latent. to ca.rry out the..
Mr-tialied .Monroe Doctrine oifJapan, the .kvoingjOie Orteiit Jor
UtiHc u ho are now in Dossension.'which of course, excludes Germany.
Japan's purposed action the
. . C .L u ' . .1 ... U . .. U l.
a military, factor in the great war
has undoubtedly leen precipitatea oy me insistence oi me p.usin ,..
ultra-radical factions upon n immediate irmistice with a. yiew to
peace, the jnissibility of a separate, armistice and i a . tcparate'caee ..
n spite of the denials of any isuch intentions, which; come from. Pe
rugrad. -.' ." .' '" j?rti
It would appear to be the purpose of Japan to prevent the. porta
of Siberia falling intd pro-German hands with the resulting; sehdirig
out of German raiders to prey upon the commerce of the Pacific,
t will be easier to prevent such vessels leaving SibcriArJ. ports. In
he event of pro-Germin control, than it would be to capiore or
lestroy them once'they had left port. : ';--.';i ;,' ' " ;
tions piled up on the docks and
and Vladivostok which railroad
ing moved, imports from both the United States and Japan, . , It is
to be expected that the armies which Japan will send to those two
points will-take adequate precautions, again in case of a separate
armistice or peace,' to see that such supplies and munitions 't may
not reach Germany. , .
In this way the move of Japan would be made in the. defense
of herself and of. the allies, the latter by preventing munitions to
reach the enemy and of herself in preventing the departure of raid
ers. In the same way it would be in the defense of the commerce,
of the United States and of all other nations whose vessels are now
plying the waters of the Pacific. . ' V'
From a more remote point of view occupation of Siberian porjs
I... I....... ..,...11 nKctlufnltr nra I if .1 tb 'Px.1lfr.tia fftfTli 111 Vtl T UT J
i japan nuuiu suoujuiit y iijuul iuv avwvwi.o , i win , 4 u . n.j
securing a sea port on the Pacific in the result bf very distant po-
sible but improbable eventualities.
The purposed action has nothing in it for the United States to
ear and much to insnire confidence.. It esueciallv shows' that Taoln
is awake to the obligations which are imposed upon thu country v
by this most recent agreenient and purposes not to shirk any such
esponsibilities, ' y ; , , ; j .v . ' t'
AMKBIOAN FLOTILLA BASK, November 27 (Asamlated Pre): '
with tbe arrival of United Htates destroyer briuging with them ofti
cers aud crew of a German submarine full details of the reeeut ainking '
o' au uuder sea era ft and the rescue of all handa by American destroy-' '
ers were made public yesterday. ..'
The submarine wa sighted by the dest rover before It could launch
a torpedo against them successfully and immediately subject ed to
rattling fire which caused it to submerge In an effort to escape but ' '
"depth charges" disabled the uudersea craft aud it aauk rapidly, bump
iiiii unuii tho bottom of the sou. . , y
Kecognizmg that his era rt was gone aul takiug ins only fuauce tha
tiermau captaiu lust no time iu emptyiug hia tank aud tbe boat rose to ' '
the surface. " ' . .
Without coats, hats or shoes, officers aud crew immediately Cam .. '
on deck aa it rose above the surface, holding jup their hand and shout- '
iug "Kamerad." One of the destroyera quickly passed a Ua to the '
stricken craft and took it in tow but It almost immediately ank again ,
aud the line parted. The German were picked up by small boat a ad .
brought aboard, all racuel, but one died later a tbe result of veJour, '
lie was buried at ee with full naval houore. . ' '
; '
a - mA i..niM,kl b .1 la will
tnc letter pi me. agrccmcni mauc
evident realization of thtf serious- ,
te.aAM III. ..AllncA' nf'Wltiti1!! .
and govern'mentally as Veil. It
in the warehouses of. both Harbhy
congestion has prevented Irotn be,
'." -'V',..7.v--.';-i ' '

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