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e jii-i!H;.iiii.
i ns 0F,vriacE
ft i-'itS i 'wTrt A :fm7r
I h i '' - ! 1 f ' 1 . iH II
v , I .
' r . ,... - ' tr-j.l Fa.
uui ci mucins vi iiaiivc anv M'U
V land Are Called, Imperialistic
and v Confidence Placed In
Masses Alone l-i. ,; ,
Commander t In Chief of Slav
-. Armies Assigns Reason Tha
- Advantage Has - Not Seen
' Taken of Disorders In Russia
t ETROGRAD, . November 26
: JT : . (Associated Press) Em
phatic denials that Russia U con
. templating entering into a sepa
rate peace with the Central Pow
ers or has eVen considered Iso
: doing and that any offer of an
armistice will be made to those
wixr wiiuuui cuiisuiiiiik wic
Allies were made by Lenine yes
terday when he publicly explain
ed the meaning of the order of
the ' Soldiers' and . Workmen's
delegates Council relative to ne
'cbtiations for an armistice and
through" such armistice for peace.
i , "The order was issued,' ; de
ciarea j-enine, in accordance
with the policy of democracy that
the masses should act for them
selves and because we distrusted
' T .- U ' fl
all bureaucrats'. . .-'.,.
" Russia doc not rnniemDlaie
and has not considered anything
Ctt J T,-f !
oi xnc tuna, cciorc signing ven
an armistice we wouia communi
cate with, the imperialistic gov
' - r c t' r-
Britain proposals such that the
reaction thereof would place those
. governments in direct opposition
to the great masses of their own
people." ; ' ' ' ' J.
Speaking after Lenine the en
sign and the commanders in chief
of the armies both asserted that
the reason that. Germany - had
failed trt take aHvantacr nf th
j tt. .
T.. .i : w. i s-
vussi is uctnusc mc vjcrman
proletariat is with us and would
not auow official uermany to
hamper in any way a single ele
ment of our cause."
.. Last evenintr the nmrossaitnra
oi tne Allied rowers field a pro
longed conference at which they
considered the armistice propo
sals which Russia is preparing to
offer to their governments
through them.
. : proclamation wnn-n wa
signed "Sniridnnir. Chairman r.1
V . v.
the Assembly and addressed to
'the army delegates appeared yes
terday. It said in part that an
4 L - 1 a .
, exiraoramarv assfmhiv ' iiiri
opened" and requested the at
tendance at a conference of the
delegates of all the Russian
peasants. :' ''
; ..jurr; 7 v .".
PABJH, . November 24 (Asoeitd
T,res) The bureau of tuberculosis of
tli American Ked Crom fh Parii i eon-
fffrrin with . th . ltVnk antliAMiiM
(bncrrnioc tiio care of women aha th
lra in Franco affeoted wHb tubereu
Ijiis. It i oxpMted that the American
tuUrculonii bureau ibortly will begin
work on a nooeial institution whore it
will take rare of a certain poinber of
thciie pcf. The Edith Wharton sana
torium for tuberculoma patient, whirl
ii separata institution, will be ready
for aticnta November IS.
. ...,( -v ,.' ;,
WAfimNOOTN. Npyember 2fl (Ai
socisttl Prci) Announcement it made
by 'Secretary McAdooi that the treasury
department will soon begin the issue
of tvaigry eejrtificat.ei in B indefinite
amount wbirh win t9 duo June ?5 and
may be used In the final pa'yinent 0 ill
come taxes, . In this way those wlo 1
ire to irartically . rnk jinyipes of
their ineome taxes at this tiis nwy
sec are the eertiflcates and deliver therp
over In payment of taxen when these
rt) payable.;.- '. ; .-, . . .1
Prindess TatiarA Reported in"4
Have Escaped By 'PrettndctJ
Marriage nd Jo Be Enrouti
Te United States; May Stop
In Honolulu; : h j,. s
. HEW YORK, Ifowmber
(Assodatod Prens) prlncaat T
. ttaaa Eomaaoff, second aaughtar of
Klcbojaa, former Cir f an Busala,
, in reported to bar sacaped front
' her prison kom in Siberia, to bars
' mad her way to J?pn and to be
now on rout to How fork. -Accordinc
to a Kaiaa dvinui,
, a member of the Busman relief
board here, Tatlana, second daoxh
- tcr of tao deposed Csar of ttosnia,
. . haa succeeded In oacaplnK fropi ott
berta. This lndlTtdnal sy that"
h managed to do this tnroagh a
flctltlont or "mock mMTi(".
with her father's former chamber
lain. roUowlst this "marrlnaV
bo says, the princess was given a
! rroator degroo . of freedom. She
was permitted to learo Tobolsk
with her hnabaod," bat tbey had
explicit crdors not to altempt to
leave . the immodlau,. territory,
whero her father and family art ,
', practicaUy prisoners, i, : " ;'
: sor time a tor tka supposed
marriage obedience wan ' glren to
these orders urtil ail sospictot) was
lolled M rasIL Tboa, seeing ft fv
or,ble chancoy an oscapO wm un
dertaken with success: The couple
mad their way to Harbin and
thane to Japan, whence they have
taken or will take passage for tb.
y. TJnttod Stat, ; ,. . ,
' The prtneesa, ttbia person aays, la
' now nnder the cnapoxonaga, of f
. Denver woman and may be expect
ed to reach Now York early in Do
eember, Vhen she wiU Uk np Rus
sian relief work, v
' Immediately upon reaching Ja-
' partos soil tha protons of the mar
riaga was . abandoned, , and V
princess, traveling' incognito,' -cored
th chaperon ago of the Den
. yor wonian; -, ' y. :
. ' ' -.'. ' n "
Doctor Hexner or Rockefeller
Foundation' ' Announces lm- ,
! Pfoyement on wSayarsan'r
rJULADKLPHIA, November 25
(Associated Press)--Dotor.nexhef, of
tho Rockefeller foundation announced
yesterday that' he bat found and per
fected an improved snbatituto for
' Balvarsan ", anf that he is prepared
to furnish the formula for it prepara
tion to the medical fraternity without
eosWor oharges.. : ' ' , ' i
Sinoe ' the. war fSaJvarsan" now
reeognUed as one of the most efficient
remedies for vimleni venereal dis
eases has been very difficult to .obtain,
tfinre the announcement of its dseoV:
ery physicians have been working in
the nope' of securing a substitute and
of eliminating the objectionable quali
ties of tho medicine usually with lit
tle remit. The discovery made and
announced by Flex ner will result . in
greatly reducing the ex pepse of .treat
ment with the remedy, place. 'If in the
control of the' legitimate . prbfesslon.
and tend tq eliminate quick practition
ers who have prryed upon ufferrrs
under false pretenses while' "Salva
saa' was a' proprietary' medicine' and
foreign owned. - ' ,
'riaivarao" wi ' discovered ,; by
Paul Ebrlicb, a Qerman physician, i
ISO and its name was patented in
this country in 1911.. !,.
LsONPON, November 15tr-(AspIai-
ed prss)-r-Several prominent British
seulpiors' are among the'1 voluntary
workers at a new war factory lut
opened , in London to provide ' special
splints and similar devices' for injured I
soicliers. ' . ' '. ' .." .-. ,
. xne flints are made ebieriy or wster
proofed papier- niaehe '.from, .plaster
easts taken from ' the patients ' them-
selves, and are light as air and. perfeot-
Btung as couJiiarcii wjth. the old.wooi
and Wather splints: ' ' ".,. ).
In the' surriral boot department, ..Vol-
nntkry women workers' uude1 ttie .guid
anceof professional boot-makers. , will
turn' out - leather ' and' metalreinforced
tootf for eonvalescents.v V ;:
BAN JUAN, Porto Bicd, November
24 '(Associated Press The net is being
dmwp dally a little closer about the
alien enemierf tyi a.t large' la : Porte
Eir o. 'Cejrtaia' persons .' a ail - neutral
firms suspected of having a hand is
alleged use of Spanish mall boats sail
ing from thjs port for frpaln are kept
under snrveillanre. panith snips are
searched and crew and' passenger ex
amined both by authorities.- By the
last mall boat to Ne York, three Oet
mans who had managed to get out of
American -ports and had1, been' captured
here, were sent back as prisoners. It
is said that recooimeadatlons have been
made to Washington for more stringent
measures, in . dealing . with' esDiona&r
- t - ' .
I li inar he imnoanTble to .'nrevent an
accident, but it U nnt 'Jinpoasibl to be
prenarel for it. Chamberlain's' Pain
tialju is not beyond anyone ' purse, and
aaM vuiite vi il ' ,liniiieni yya are
prepared for moat' anything. For sale
by all dealer. Benson, Smith Co'gisn steamer Krooustailt had been de-j
Ltd. Agts. for Hawaii Advertisement, troyed by a submarine in tk wr ton..'
. 1 -r
Dahicjs Scck$ Spcciat Becognj-
tlQrt For TnOso' Distinguished
. Mf IflMlPfl y-boatt
I-WASHllTOTOX, November1 8 (A
soriatfi) rrens)r-Oft'fr' aat rrewo of
the two United BisU-s destroyers men
tionfd as having rendered sigpally ex-
reilent service in dealing with Herman
submarines are to have their meilals of
srtnirr wen if they cannot receive them
rrom Ureat Britain as that govera-
I Secretary ..of , avy , ,panpls an
nonuced rentrrilaV that' he hsil taken
t trrliiiinary; stpps to eecure melas
isr (no piqn tor whom be had to reiu
tho honors. 0ffore.1I , i)y Ureal Britain,
lie believed that thone men. ami ethers
wW may suhnuDtly be fonnd forth
of ; sjtnjlar, honors ihroUKh signal :Sor:
vji:c Venileted in the campaign agalnet
JdVmsriuiutf, shonll have nl will have
peial nifilals awarded them. , ,V'.
, flreat Britain mentioned the offirer
aid crews of two tl'f troy erf as worthy
oj( tecial recognition and propoeetl to
awarj meoais 01 Honor to eacn man.
Sfetrtary Daniel had no recourse but
to inform the Itri t nh government that
the laws of the DoitPd State bavo not
vjpt been so smro'lcd as, to permit of
it, I le then started his efforts to se
cure a reuognitioo. of. their services at
rif fT-rTrt r
Thirty ' Aviators iVho : Claimed
tour: Victims Each Finally
t Meet Death In Warfare ; ,
PAKIS; Kovember 23-(Asoclat1
Prese) Thirty' Oerman military avia
tors each' pj whom had bronght down
fOflr. or. Brore of their adversaries,' ao-
eordincto tho Oerman count, have been
destroyed by the Ententf Allies' air
men eynng hi past year, s establish
ed by information collected frtfm the
mortury columns of Oerman papers
The list includes: -
l.itntonsnt Werner Moss, of Crefeld,
ith 47' machlnea to his credit, Csptaie
Boclke with 40, Lieutenant Woff, 33;
ijieutfinani rcnaier, m; i.ieutenant ai
menroeder, 30;' Urutetiant Jtichthofen,
4 ; Lieutenants Wiatgens and Bslda
miis, 18 each; Lieutenant Frinkel . 17:
(.ieutenaiit Immelmana and Lieutenant
Dsssembaeb, 14 each; Second Lieuten
ut . Nathaniel 14; Second. Lieutenants
Festner and Pfeiffer and Lientenante
Uansebott, Hohndorf, Afigi, and Tut
sohaat 12 each I JJeutenants yon Ken
da.L Klrmaier, Theiller sni) Serfert,. 1 1
eseh; Lienteaant Thulxer and Captain
Behr. 19 each I Lieutenants Leffers and
Scholte,' 9 each; lieutenant Parsehan
and Second Lieutenant . Schilling,
acb) Second Lieutenant Immeimann, 0,
Lientenan. Kiesinger 4. . s.. (.. .
, The record of the airplanes' shot
down by these men' are contented here
since the. Germans are held to have
counted every adversary machine thai
left the -, air during, figlif. without
assuring themselves that It bad been
'oftLAHOlfA 'CITY, Oklahoma, Nov
ember 26 (Associated Press) Run
ning at full speed into an obstruction,
which had been deliberately placed, on
the tracks, a' passenger train was last
evening derailed several miles' outside
of this city and two persons were
killed. . . , ' , ;
Immediately upon receipt of the
news of the outrage a posse waa formed
aljij sent by, a speeial to the scene pf
the wreck, taking bloodhounds with
them- On arrival the dogs picked up
the trail apd, with the posse' after
them, went away baying, In hot pur
suit of the .miscreants.
?-"' V'i -
-i, CBKJ8TIANA,, November 2 ( Ao
soeiated Press) Au account !( the
siaking of two- Onuas submarines by
at Lerwick In the Hhetlanda' with fite
Or six Oerinan prlnooer. '.The ship one
morniog came suddenly upon a U-boat
wQich was in the4 act of finking a salt
ing ship. The periscope of the subma
rine waa amaahed with a shot and the
U-boat began to sink. At that moment
another U-boat appeared, and. fired two
torpedoes' al the patrol, but ,bpth
missed. Meanwhile a destroyer arrived
on the acme and was fortunate enough
t make a nquare hit on the seeood U
boat. Only a few iurvivors could be
picked up.' ! . ,
' TOKIO, November 24 (Hpeeint- to
Hawaii Hhlno) Impending ehenge
ieT the Japn$ae' embassy at Peking
wer yesterday told by the foreign of
ict in, the annonneemeqt tht Jiaron
O. Btyanhl -hai JtpndfTed hi resigna
tion, as ambafiador. . The Chineap gov
frnment was- adtiaed of "pending
cuangea in the peronneiqf the stJ
of tbf ftgatiohtPekiae. J
. IjONDOV, 'November 20 fAssoriat'.
ed Press) Announcement ' was made
,ly Lloyds yesterday that 'the Norwe-
cruiMi atrois off tb Shetland Islands,
iwprinted in .the Norwegian' papers.
The Af tohpoeten ' despatch' says:. '.
?f,,An armed atrol shlovhaa arrived
Air Raicf' Doc' Not Serve to Quell
; Rising Hope that Follows
; to'ng ; Continued .Holding pf
; Enemy In Check;
VtlyiCH, NoVethbet A.aiwlat-
d PrertYTak'inji: advahtsge" 'of the
bright .moonlight Ahstro-QeTmaa air
era ft conducted another raid against
the city bat unlay night' and for near
ly. ao.Jkonr.. bombed n.tbe.ti,c4tMwMbul,
itotug; anion, damage. . . ,
I)o?pi1e this air- rik following only, i
few'iiights after another, tbe, feeling
of,.larni -'.thai has held the rosidimts
of Vrtiice. those who have remained
stejlfa"tly. herej In .the fare, of .greaj,-
er lwriin, unowa signs or anniemeni., ,
. nnen newt 01 tne. ueiesi . l ine
Iialiao, army across tho froutier csme
to this city, the more timid began to
pack their belongings! A trie rxteut
of' the disaster Itename known , they
left and otheva' followed. - As time has
gone on and the Italian army. has auq-
ceaafully held the "enemy in rheek back
in the .mountain passes, the panic ha
died down.- - No" IpOKr do soldier ref
ugees., go through. . instead .forces ad
vance, into the , mountains , to relieve
tnd strengthen., tboe already, there.
Train of .woun'led .. are : brought in
dailv and tha leas aevarelv iniured teQ
of the .aplendkl defense, that is' being
offered arl are hopeful of driving bark
the enemy, hordes. , Jhty a'ert tnat
wbilo the lotmes. to the .Italian army
are great thou of the Anstre-Uennau
are far greater and that they believe
the enemy will' at, length fall back in
discqnragenient. v . ,. . . "
Scrrcify of Fish Is
To Lick 01 Protectibri
.1 f
n 1
Hawaiian Authority Says" That" If
Fry and Spawning Fish Are
Protected There Will Be Quick
Increase of Supply of Edible
Fish' In Island Waters -
Boeaestions for tha (ntorovement of
the fish situatioa in the Territory have
been offered by Mrs. 'rJmina Nakuina,
who 1 one of the pest living authori
ties pn Hawaiian hiatorv sad eustoma,
and who take a lively interest in the
fish question at it stand today. Mrs.
Nakuina is" the owner of fishing rightoi
ok the eonat'of one of the other inlands.
A federal fish hatchery would not be
necessary bore jf proper , protective
measure were taken for the email fry
and the fish with roe, says Mrs. Na
kuina.. It is owing tQ the fact tht
any one who' wishes has been allowed
to go along the shore and scoop oat the
fry by netfuls, and also to watch and
net the adult fish in the spawning sen
eon, that there is .at present a scarcity
of fish in Hawaiian water. ;
' aire. Nakuina state her readiness to
surrender the fisheries of Honomuni
nd Hana; which she holds, pn payment
of their valuation,, but hay that she
tropes the day when that will be .done
will be far off, a i ber opinio tbf
throwing open' of all fisbing right to
the public would mean the speedy ex
tinction of aH edible fish.- . , '
The . appointment of a federal fish
commissioner, with power to apoint
fish inspectors for every district of the
island . beaebesj i said ' by Mrs, Na
kuina to be one, of the necessary stopn
to the preservation of 'the Hawaiian
fishes, especially f the present private
fishing right art abolished. Hi duty
should be to conserve the fishe pf the
Territory and to promulgate nnd en
force rules for the protection aud prr
servatioo of the young fish. .,
If the private "fishing rights are abol
ished, and no official U appointed who
could . protiulKite " protective, regula
tion and punish all infractors therepf,
Mr. Nakuina' says that fish will be
come, scarce and, higher in price until
tbey are no' longer obtaJnlle, The
present conditions . are , deplprnble io
their lark of protection for you ag fry
and fiah in spawning time, in the opin
ion oi. Mr a, Nakuina, and. tb appoint
ment of a fish' eommissioner capable of
giving them adequate protection would
be advisable whether the fiehin rights
re maintained or not. . ..The chief use
to which ber fisbing rights have bepn
put' baa been to protect the' fr)r and
fish vrith roe from pot fiahrr who are
on ike watch for quick eatebes, regard
leas ofthe damage Joue to the -future
supply of fish! : :
... -e
Iluns Fprce Girl -
To Pilot
Plane Over France
HELENA, Montana, October. .'JO A
letter received today from Dr. Philip
O. Cole of Helena a- snrgeoa with the
American eipeitionarr ' force (in
France, ay a Oerma bmnbing plane
recently forced t descend in the Am
erican sector; proved to be 'piloted by
a gir) of sixteen, who said she was
compelled under penalty of death, flrnt
to learn to fly and later to guide bomb
ing planes over the Kntent front. 'Hue
aid many other girls were operating
war plane under the tame circum
stance. .'''., ;; ";
MONTBBALj November 8 (Asso
ciated Presf)-rCbsrles . Monrtte, , ar
rested and eorivleted of complicity ip
the plot which resulted in the dyna
miting, of the home of ljrd, Athelatou,
editor of th kiontreal X'r, wle pn
Paturduy aentenred to ife imprison
Campaign To .Raise -Thirty-five
Million Dollars Brings Four
teen Million , More " V-i
WAhH&aTONy November Jd (A
soeialed. Irc)-More than' forty-nine
minions 04 aoiiars-waa reaiiteil tn tnl
great campaign carried on by the Y, M, J
t'. A. of the country, to raise a gf
illions of dollars -waa realised in the
bndget fond for th carrying on of th
war- and the armv sad navv work of
the Association. - Although - the f am
pnlgn' clrisea' last;, Monday night; final
ooounceme'pk of the rilts ha await
ed the. reci' ipt.pf belnted returns and th
figuring of conditional subscriptions np
on certain amount, being .raised -from
ether sources. , ' ,. j-
,, The war fund campaign, of the y. M.
C, A. li'sted itW right -days! It was pur
ppso4 to riae thirty-live million dqllam,
aud businrns men of every eity, anl
town in the country participated active
ly to lHing about its siirceas, The result
has bern that forty, percent more than
yas mljrd bus been scented. ' '
n .'- " . '. .
AV A SH IN OTONi November 2(H-(As-soeiatcd
Press)- Reglobhl ' milk' con
trol boprds have been determined upon
by ,the food .administratis. , s ,'
It is only after long consideration,
many conferences snd numbers of con
agitations witb head of. the .various
dairy industries that the food adminis
tration hits reached its conclusion that
there muat be control' of distribution
and' price asked for milk. There has
been an iqsiatent. public demand for
ction since the price of the commodity
advanced with other foo.la after the
entrance of the Upitei 8tate into the
) 1 ) i" I I ..n 4.:
ti t
"TOKIO, November 24 (Hpecial Vto
Hawaii Hhiupo) Bolaud 8. Morris, the
recently arrived American ambassador,
today -visited Hhimoda, the harbor in
which lay the American fleet under
command of Commodore ' Perry ' aixty
ve' year ago on the; occasion of his
memorable' visit which marked the be
ginning of the new- Japan and the end
of a hermit nation.;, u
'The new ambassador made a brief
address in which he commented on the
immense and fortuitous results that
followed that vixit and commented on
the uninterrupted friendship that haa
since existed between the -two countries
and which in the past few weeks baa
became firmer and more secure than
He wsa very favorably received and
has made an excellent impression.
t ,a i ,i a- . i . .
Rare Specimen Oldest Residents
. About rijiht o'clock Wednesday I
morning, November 21, a Chinaman
named Aaeu caught a very extraordin
ary flak specimen in a net off Kihel.
He has the creature in a tank and
hopes to be able to preserve it alive;
says the Maui News.
The body of the specimen is about
eight inches in length, six inches wide
and two inches thick, and the meat i
soft somewhat like that of a jelly fish.
Tha predominating color is pale red,
bordering on pink, and it is very pret
ty. On the lower aide the color is
about the same, except that here sr
white spots.
All aropnd the nh are delicate fins,
resembling those of a gold fish. When
swimming these spread out, and when
the fiah is at rest they fold up' close
to the body.. ; .
Native fishermen from far nd near
have flocked to the Aseu place to in
spect the strange creature. The very
ojdest of tbem declare that they never
saw or heard of anything of the kind
being found on Maui before.
' -i -i '.? '. '
Manuel Kardinha, with his two eldeat
children,-went fishing on the bench at
Maliko, Maui, Saturday night, Novem
ber 17, going out oa the rock and leav
ing the children in a cave, aay the
Maui News. The sea rose high, washed
into the. cave and the children scram
bled out and went higher up. Tbey
waited until tbey were very tired and
then went home arid told their mother
that their father had not returned. The
police were notified and , have been
searching ever., since, but . have found
no trace, of the man.' Hardinha is a
Peddler in the Haiku neighborhood, lie
has a wife nnd four children.
: r-'
LONDON, November MW(Asiocla-'
lea t'reas -1'lcKpocketa re reaping
ket re reaping a
run iiarveat in I -on
crowds gathered in tub stations and
various pluee of refuge give them an
unusuul opportunity. I
. ;:. ' 1
' ' f
! V''i ?'
. : -ii. ..'
Gain and Italians Iaflict
'. - ' ". .. ;.
, , . . . . ... " V :
NEW YORK, November 26-7(As8ociated Tress) ;In two sec
tors of the Western Front' and in the Italian war theater the
results of yesterday's fighting were, distinctly favorable' to the
Allies. The encircling movement of the 'British at Cambrat pro-;
gressed" well,' the French" launched a strong arid "successful offensive
which took two lines of German trenches and the' Italians not only
held back the Austr6-Hungarians successfully but by counters and
offensive tactics succeeded in inflictjng Serious damage' to the en
emy plans.. Another encouraging' feature of the day's' fighting
in that theater was the fact that there are signs pf a'subsidence in
the violence. of the attacks, which were hurled, Against the Latin
positions. -'. V: ' V " ' ' " ' " -'. .' ' ;
; . 0 POSITIONS1 RETAKpN r . ; !
In' the Cambrai sector the1 heaviest figfiting again occurred in
the vicinity .of Bpurlon and Jthe Bourlon Wdods. ' On,Saturday the
British forces took the woods, were later dislodged, returned and
secured advantagous positions on higher ground: From those posi
tions they yesterday launched fresh attacks, having been reinforced
during the night. Bourlon was taken and held and a part of the
woods was recaptured. '. ' ! "''. 't ," ,
. . . FRENCH ARE VICTORS !: ! ' ' '
French 'forces in the Verdun ' sector ihflicted a-heavy blow
against the Huns yesterday. Early in the morning an infantry attack
was made upon" a new salient of the enemy front and for several
hours the battling proceeded with vigor, the French verve and spirit
carrying them forward and well ' into the. enemies' lines. The first
cttack took the first line of enemy trenches after hand to hand en
gagements. ; German reinforcements undertook to recapture these
positions but were driven back and following in the wake of their re
ireat the French; advanced into and took the Germans' second line of
defenses. In the course of these engagements eight hundred prison
ers were taken. All Teuton counters in efforts to retake the lost
ground were successfully met. ' '
; .. , isv ON, ITALIAN FRONT
Following a heavy barrage the Austro-Germans launched strong
attacks against the Italians' in the sector which lies between the
Piave and the Brenta Rivers where'for days past they have tainly
tried to make the breach that would open up the road through the
Venetian plains and to Venice.. These attacks were repulsed with
a repetition of the heavy losses which have been daily inflicted on
i.hc enemy in the Vain assaults which have been made. Yesterday
it was noticeable that there was something lacking in the enemies'
attack and the fighting was notjof the whirlwind character that has
pieviously marked it as the most desperate engagement in which the
Italian soldiers have yet been called to participate.
In this sector both side are" busy reorganizing their forces after
a protracted engagement in which each day's fighting had seemed
more severe and straining than thevlast. .
Decisive reverses were administered to the Huns on the banks
ofthe Piave and on the As'ago Sector. Attempts were made to cross
P' - he Piave at new points with the
I. . ..
tempts were completely frustrated and the Austro-Hungarian ad
vanced forces were annihilated.
In the Asiago sector the Huns
morning but were beaten back and the Italians then followed up
their advantage with a countef which put the enemy to rout.
Signs were noted along the whole of the Italian front that there
was a weakening in the offense of the enemy and it'was evident that
the. slaughter that has been inflicted upon them during the more
severe fighting of last week is weakening both stamina and man
:. LONDON, November 86 (Associa
ted j'ress) The complete uppresslon
of pleasure riding by automobile and
the restriction of gasoline consumption
to' strictly necessary purpose, i aimed
at ill a series of new petrol regulation
just issued. After December I, it will
be illegal for any automobile owner to
drive his car OK' rely for bi private con
venience. ' , , (
.'f a policeman : are an automobile
standing outside hotel or thetre, it
will be his duty, to f.nd the owner and.
investigate the use which he is making
of hie ear. If the car is being used for
any purposes other than those provided
lit the new regulation,, th owner will
be prosecuted. . . . ; . y ,, ; I . . ( , ; . .. .. ',
MKXICO CITY, November 80--(Abso:
eiated .l'rea)-r-Th government is ne,
gotiating to purchase the bouse in the.
State of Ouanjuato where Miguel Hi?
dalgo. the liberator of Mexico from the
rule of H.ln, was born. .The house
now is ruin and the plan 1 to restore
it a a publie monument.
many"priests with .army
HOME, November 28 (Associated
Tress) There are 18,000 priest with
'the Italian forces according to official
statistics.. One thousand are army and
navy chaplain and the remaining 17,
000 are combatants, ' - i
PAZO OINTMENT- is guarauteed to
cure blind', Weeding, Itching or pro
money reiuhded.' ftjanufacturecj by
U. S. A.
use of pontoon bridges. These at-
'a . t . a . . i r ' I
launched a furious attack in the
LONDON, November 20 '(Associated
Frenn) Ten yeara ago the public trua
tee was put into eommisaion by the
state to ea.re for willa and estates and
to aduiinieter them-at fees only sufR
eient to (liable the department to pay
its way. In. the but three yqars dur
ing which the country has been at war,
the business of. the department has
doubled and 12,000 trusts valued at
10,000,000 . are' being administered.
After ten years working there is a sur
plus of cash, over expeuditure of only
23,000. . :
At the outset of the scheme, profes
sional opinion eoudemned it to hope
less failure. ' , , -
' 8AN FKANCIHCO, November 20
( Asaociutod l'reaa) The barkentinH
Hawaii,' engaged in tho nitrate trado
with Houth America porta, Imd a narrow
eacape yesterday wlillo rounding . into
the (lolden Uuto. A tug urrivod at the
time of need and just a she waa about
to ground, got a ljne to her and saved
her from probuble total loas. -
ATHENS November 20 (Assooi
ted fresaJ-r-Nearly all of Turkey', an
nual revenue is now taken tip by tho
payment of intercut eu her national
debt, according to the report of the
Turkish- milliliter of flnanre in tho
course of .the .-debate in the Turkiah
parliament on the budget for 1917. Tho
totul debt was given a . 2.)7(0()0,OIO
puunda oil which the interwt charges
are 18,000,000 pounds. The total reve
nue for noxt year is entimuted at only
l'J,8l)0,000 pounds. '

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